Y&R Transcript Monday 1/23/17

Y&R Transcript Monday 1/23/17


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Devon: [Sighs]

[Doorbell rings]

[Doorbell rings]

Devon: [Sighs]

[Knock on door]

Devon: Okay! I got it!

Neil: Hey. Well, I didn't expect to see you answer the door. How are you?

Devon: Yeah, I'm all right.

Neil: Yeah? You look tired. It's good to see you up and running, though. It took you a year to answer the door, so my guess is that the nurse is not here. Uh, what's going on? I brought you some breakfast.

Devon: I appreciate it. I'm not hungry, though.

Neil: Well, then you can watch me eat while we talk. Look. Your favorite. Latte.

Devon: I'm really not in the mood.

Neil: This is not gonna take long, man. I was just checking in on you about how your checkup went yesterday.

Devon: Yeah.

Neil: You're, uh, you're not here alone, are you?

Devon: I got a clean bill of health, and so no more nurse.

Neil: Yeah? That's good. Now, what about your wife? I can't see her rushing off while you're here alone --

Devon: Hilary is gone 'cause I kicked her out last night.

Lily: Thank you.

Hilary: Lily, I need a favor.

Lily: Really? Like I would ever help you while you're still lying to my brother and pretending?

Hilary: I'm not pretending anymore.

Lily: Oh, really? You told him the truth?

Hilary: I was planning to, but then he --

Lily: Hilary, I don't have time for you.

Hilary: Well, make time! Your brother needs you!

Lily: Why? What happened to him?

Hilary: He remembered everything -- our fight at the benefit, why he took off in that car, and he asked me to leave, and I --

Lily: Wait, this is great! He's finally seen the light about his two-faced shrew of a wife.

Hilary: Fine. Think whatever you want about me, but can you please --

Lily: Wait, wait, wait, wait. Why aren't you defending yourself? That's not like you.

Hilary: Because this isn't about me! This is about Devon. And that's why I need your help.

Craig: Thank you.


Lauren: Oh, I hope I haven't been keeping you.

Craig: No, not at all. I'm glad you could come on such short notice.

Lauren: Actually, I was going to call you because after careful thought and consultation, I think you are the perfect investor for Fenmore's. I wanted to welcome you to the Fenmore's family and tell you I cannot wait to start working with you.

Craig: Uh, Lauren?

Lauren: There something wrong?

Craig: I'm not gonna make the deal.

Phyllis: Thought I'd find you here.

Jack: Oh. Well, you didn't have to do much guesswork. We haven't been divorced so long that you'd forget that today is the day I work with my trainer.

Phyllis: Always a creature of habit, Jack.

Jack: Well, that's why it was so easy to find me. Look, I don't have much time to talk. Have a good day.

Phyllis: Hold on a second. I have a question. I want to know, what were you doing with Gloria last night?

[Door opens]

Paul: All right, I don't know if this is gonna help or not.

Christine: Hey. Any word?

Paul: No, not since the last call.

Christine: Nothing? I --

Paul: Dylan said he would call as soon as he made contact with Fisk.

Kevin: That was over 12 hours ago. At this point, I think it's reasonable to assume that something might have gone wrong.

Christine: Not necessarily.

Paul: You know, I'm worried. What if Dylan's cover is blown?

Phyllis: I guess you want to get home to that power protein smoothie Mrs. Martinez is whipping up for you, huh?

Jack: My favorite part of the day. You're in my way.

Phyllis: Well, we can fix that if you just answered my question.

Jack: Could we just stop this game?

Phyllis: When you stop being so evasive. That little tęte-ŕ-tęte with Gloria, was that more meaningful than I thought?

Jack: I'll use the other exit. You and I are no longer married. You no longer work for me. I don't have to clear my movement with you. What I do is none of your business.

Phyllis: It's my business if you're making a play for Fenmore's and using Gloria to get the information.

Jack: Gee, I thought you had officially moved on from me and my company.

Phyllis: Oh, I have.

Jack: Then what was this thing with Ravi? I thought you'd given up your fight to keep us together.

Phyllis: Oh, I've absolutely given up on that.

Jack: Then what was this with Ravi?

Phyllis: That was not about us. That was about business.

Jack: If you say so.

Phyllis: Hey. That is so slick, the way you criticize me so you can avoid answering the question. Why are you being so evasive? What is going on with you and Gloria?

Jack: Okay, fine. We were on a date. There. Happy?

Phyllis: [Scoffs] You and Gloria? [Laughs] Okay, all right. Sure you were.

Gloria: Hello, lover. Can't believe you let this one get away. I mean, he's a real tiger. Rawr! Hmm?

Lauren: I don't understand what changed your mind. Did you have second thoughts about the expansion plan?

Craig: Not at all. You've laid out an extremely solid business plan. I have no doubts Fenmore's resurgence will be immensely successful and make you and whomever you partner with a great deal of money.

Lauren: Well, now I'm -- I'm more confused than -- than ever. I mean, you're enthusiastic about my proposal. You think it's going to pay off. And yet you walk away?

Craig: It all comes down to timing.

Lauren: Between today and yesterday?

Craig: Actually, yes. After our meeting, I became aware of another investment opportunity.

Lauren: From one of my competitors?

Craig: All I can ethically tell you at this point is that I had to act fast or risk losing out.

Lauren: Why don't you do both?

Craig: I would if I could. But as of this morning, all my money is now tied up in that other venture. And I'm sure you'll find another financial partner quickly.

Lauren: Any recommendations? I'm kidding. I'm kidding. I wish you well, Craig.

Craig: You, too, Lauren.

Devon: So Mariah was so busy apologizing for causing the accident that she didn't realize she was filling in all the blanks for me. And the more she kept on talking, the more I remembered actually what happened.

Neil: I'm sorry you had to find out that way.

Devon: Yeah, I'm sorry, too, dad.

Neil: You're angry at me.

Devon: You and Lily and Cane. You guys all could have told me when I woke up.

Neil: I understand, but you had just undergone severe trauma.

Devon: Yeah, I also had a wife who publicly humiliated one of my employees and then lied to me about it.

Neil: Why don't you bring it down a little bit?

Devon: I just found out that my dad and my sister, the people who are supposed to have my back, kept something like this from me.

Neil: Hey. Hey, hey. What is it?

Devon: It's just a headache.

Neil: When was the last time you took your meds?

Devon: I'm off the meds. It's just a headache, though. It's fine.

Neil: Yeah, you were just hospitalized. Did you get any sleep last night?

Devon: I'm fine. I'm fine.

Neil: I'll bet you haven't eaten, either. Sit down. Sit down. I'm gonna get you something for your headache, all right? Hey, kid. Here. Here you go. Here. All right, we're gonna have to get some food in you, too. You're still recuperating.

Devon: Yeah. Stitch said that I'm --

Neil: When stitch signed off on you to go back to work, he was probably counting on that you wouldn't push yourself into a relapse, all right? And as far as telling you all about that fight with Hilary, the doctors warned us not to put any additional stress on you, that you needed to take it slow, that you would remember things or should remember things on your own time.

Devon: Yeah, that's the same story that I got from Hilary, too. And I understand why she'd want to hide the truth. But I think that my own family should do right by me.

Neil: Yeah. Well, we did what we thought was best considering your situation.

Devon: Is that right?

Neil: Yeah.

Devon: You thought it was the best thing for me to go home and start playing house with a woman who was doing nothing but lying to me?

Neil: Son... I know exactly how you're feeling. Probably better than anyone. Are you forgetting? I was married to her, too. She lied to me all the time.

Devon: No, I didn't forget at all. And I lied to you, too. So was this payback?

Neil: Keeping silent was me loving you. That was me trying to take care of you.

Lily: Why do you want my help with Devon? You think I'm gonna say anything in your favor?

Hilary: Of course not. But do you remember what the doctor said? That when Devon's memory comes back, it could be a terrible shock. Well, I think that it was.

Lily: Wait, what happened? Did he have a setback? Is he okay? Tell me what you did!

Hilary: I didn't do anything, okay? Devon -- he remembered on his own, and he blew up. He was so furious. I tried to calm him down. I really did, Lily, but he just --

Lily: So where -- where is he? Where is he?

Hilary: He's at home, I-I-I guess.

Lily: You guess?

Hilary: Well, we got into a fight last night. When he asked me to --

Lily: Wait, wait. This happened last night and you're just now telling me?!

Hilary: Because I am still worried about him, okay? [Sighs] You need to go. You --

Paul: Well, how hard is it? I need it by today!

Christine: The deal with Fisk may not have gone down as planned. Maybe the shipment was delayed.

Paul: [Sighs] He would have let us know. He would have called back.

Christine: If he was alone. Paul, you have to remember this is his first undercover assignment, which means he's gonna be even more cautious, and there are always unexpected variables. You know that.

Paul: Yeah, I do.

Christine: Tell me. What did Dylan say when you spoke to him?

Paul: [Sighs] He was confident. He was sure he was able to find the location of the shipment.

Christine: So no issues with Fisk or his second in command being suspicious?

Paul: No. He said he was able to pass every test they threw at him. So, I mean, everything was a go. He made contact, and they were setting up the meeting with Fisk.

Christine: Okay, you can't get a better report than that. Now we just have to trust that Dylan is taking the necessary steps to be careful.

Paul: Maybe if it were still last night, I'd agree with you. But not now. It's been too long. I mean, what? No call, no nothing?

Kevin: Chief!

Paul: No update? What?

Kevin: It's an audio file from Dylan.

Dylan: So, uh, let's get to the pier and finish this.

Christine: He's clueing us in.

Kevin: Yeah, but which pier?

Dylan: Hey, I'm gonna catch up with you after I get the shipment, all right?

Paul: Come on, Dylan. Give us some details.

Fisk: Bring the car around.

Kevin: This is worthless.

Fisk: Take our friend Derek to pier 13.

Christine: That's it.

Fisk: Shipment's on the Esmeralda. Registered in Panama.

Kevin: We got him.

Paul: Okay. I'll call Miami PD.

Christine: No, wait. Hold off on that.

Paul: Why? We got to get him out of there.

Christine: I need to secure a federal judge and get a warrant.

Kevin: You're still worried.

Paul: When was that file uploaded?

Kevin: Uh, last night.

Paul: Kevin, this doesn't make any sense. He hasn't been able to reach out to us by now?

Kevin: Well, what if it's like Christine said? Maybe he got the shipment but hasn't had a chance to contact us without alerting the bad guys.

Paul: I would like to believe that, but I'm not gonna take anything for granted. Find out where he was when he sent that file. And I need you to contact all the authorities. We need to get Dylan out of there. The feds, the police -- anybody you can think of -- the fire department, if we have to. We have to get him out of there before it's too late.

Kevin: Okay. [Sighs]

Gloria: Hmmm! Looks like you had a good workout. All pumped up and strong.

Jack: Anything for you, babe.

Gloria: Yep.

Phyllis: [Laughs] Nope. There is no way that I believe for one second that you're sleeping with Gloria. You loathe her. And you cannot stand him.

Gloria: People change.

Jack: Yes, they do. After awhile, I didn't even recognize you.

Gloria: So we're dating?

Jack: She saw us together. What was I supposed to say?

Gloria: I just find it interesting. That's what you thought of. Or that you think of me in that way.

Jack: Hold on, hold on.

Gloria: [Laughs]

Jack: I don't. I was merely trying to preserve my shot at getting Fenmore's.

Gloria: I know, I know. Whatever you say.

Babe. Got to go to yoga.

Jack: Hey. Everything all right? Is there a problem with Devon?

Hilary: He remembers everything that happened. New year's, the fight, why he got into that accident. [Sighs deeply]

Jack: You told him?

Hilary: Um, actually, no. He found out before I could. And now he hates me. You were right, Jack. I should have told him the truth. [Sighs] And I tried. I really did. But he said he didn't want to know. So I kept quiet. And I made everything worse. As usual.

Lily: Hilary told me what happened. Hi.

Devon: Hilary told you?

Lily: Yeah, don't worry about that. But how are you holding up?

Devon: Uh, physically I'm fine. Neil even brought me some breakfast.

Lily: How are you otherwise?

Devon: How do you think I'm doing? I kicked my wife out yesterday. I was tired of listening to her lies. And before you remind me how many times you told me this is the way my marriage would end, I'd like it if you didn't do that.

Lily: No, I'm not gonna do that. You're hurting. And that's what I care about.

Neil: Yeah. That's why we're here, son. We just want to help you, that's all.

Devon: I do appreciate that, but this is something that I'm gonna have to get through on my own. We were talking about starting a family and planning our future. It just makes me think how did I even get to this place?

Neil: And, uh, have you come up with an answer?

Devon: I have, actually. And it's -- we just -- we started off wrong, you know? She was your wife. We had an affair behind your back.

Lily: No, look, let's not dwell on that.

Devon: That's the truth. We hurt a lot of people when we did that, and it was all justified because she was the one. I thought she was the one. No matter how many times she showed me that the most important person to Hilary was Hilary, I stayed with her. And you know something? She swears that she loves me. And maybe she believes that. But if that is the case, I just fail to understand how a person can put their own self-interest above everything and everybody else so damn often. I gave her so many second chances. I lost count. I don't have to tell you guys. [Sighs] I just never thought that being married to the love of my life would make me less and not happy. What happened on New Year's Eve, me letting anger take over, driving like a crazy person, not thinking about anybody else on the road, people's lives I could have been putting in danger, that's not who I am. I don't do stuff like that. That's not me. That's me with Hilary. My relationship with her has been destroying this family and me since the beginning. I-I wake up, I look in the mirror, I don't even like the person I've become. I-I shouldn't feel like that. That's not okay. This has to end.

Lily: You're making the right decision, Devon. This is a good thing. Right, dad?

Neil: I'm not so sure about that.

Devon: You're not sure, knowing what Hilary's done?

Neil: Son, I'm just thinking about you. You know, you're still healing. You've been through a tremendous shock. You know, it's a lot to absorb.

Devon: So you're questioning whether I know what I want and how I feel?

Neil: All I'm saying is that I think you should give it some time before, you know, you make a final decision. You got to wait until you're 100%. That's all.

Lily: Devon -- [Chuckles] Devon has given it time. We all have.

Neil: We should go.

Lily: Dad?

Neil: No, what did I just say? Why don't we give this man some time to think about things in private, okay?

Devon: Thanks for coming by, guys.

Lily: Yeah.

Devon: Love you.

Lily: Love you.

Neil: Bye, man.

Devon: Thanks.

Hilary: I was gonna be completely honest about everything that happened with Mariah, about our fight on new year's.

Jack: And what stopped you?

Hilary: Devon, actually. He insisted that none of that mattered, that we needed to focus on our future. He was -- he was just so happy to be alive and to be with me.

Jack: And you didn't want to ruin that.

Hilary: I didn't want to lose him. Seeing him in that hospital bed, Jack --

Jack: I know. I know. [Sighs]

Hilary: But when I took him home... things were better. They were better than they had ever been. We were just... grateful. We were so grateful. And I started -- I started clinging to the hope that even if Devon remembered, it wouldn't matter. We would survive.

Jack: You still might.

Hilary: [Sniffles] You know, he wanted to have a baby. He wanted to start right away. And surprise. I wanted one, too. You can't miss something that you never knew that you really wanted, right? Now I've lost Devon and I've... I've lost everything.

Phyllis: I could use one of those.

Lauren: Who ruined your day?

Phyllis: Your mother-in-law.

Lauren: Yes. Yes, she can do that. What'd she do this time?

Phyllis: My ex-husband. Or so they'd like me to believe.

Lauren: Oh, no. Jack and Gloria? No. No! No.

Kevin: Hey, chief, I was able to trace the ping from Dylan's audio. It came from a warehouse district in south Miami.

Paul: Okay, give me the address and I'll alert the locals.

[Door opens, closes]

Christine: I got a judge to issue a warrant. I've alerted the feds down there. They're gonna bring Fisk in. Where's Paul?

Kevin: He's in his office calling Miami pd.

Christine: What? I told him to wait.

Kevin: Can you blame him for being worried? If the shipment was where Fisk said it was in the audio, Dylan should have taken delivery and been in contact by now.

Paul: It's done. The locals are following Kevin's lead from his cell phone signal.

Christine: I really wish you wouldn't have done that. You may have just put Dylan's life in even more danger.

Phyllis: There is absolutely no way Jack would ever be with that woman. You should have seen them. The two of them were all over each other like a rash.

Lauren: Ugh. Glad I was spared that visual.

Phyllis: Yeah, you know, and he was making such a show that he was moving on with his life. I don't know why I was so surprised that Gloria was Velcroed to him after what Michael told me.

Lauren: Right. He thinks she's on the hunt for husband number... I can't even remember what number we're up to.

Phyllis: Oh, believe me, she wants to get her manicured claws back into that Abbott fortune.

Lauren: Hmm. And why does this bother you so much?

Phyllis: That is a question what has driven me to drink here today.

Lauren: Really? Finding any truth in the bloody Mary?

Phyllis: It's not jealousy. I... I am sad. I'm sad. When I married him, he was a wonderful guy. And what Billy and I did, it changed him, and I hate that. But if he found a good and nice woman, I don't think that would bother me because I want him happy. I just want him happy, even if he's not in my life.

Lauren: About that... there's a chance he may not be.

Phyllis: Oh, no, there is absolutely no chance.

Lauren: Unless you have to work for him again.

Phyllis: Nope.

Lauren: Yep. Craig decided to pass.

Phyllis: What are you talking about? I thought it was a done deal.

Lauren: Yeah. So did I. And then he just told me that he took another opportunity, which means we need another investor.

Phyllis: The only viable prospect on the table now is Jack.

Lauren: I'm out of options. You know, if we're gonna keep going on this plan and we are gonna launch this new platform on time... [Sighs] ...We need a major infusion of capital.

Phyllis: Okay, I hear you. Talk to me about all the reasons you didn't want to turn to Jack in the first place.

Lauren: Yeah. Well, I still have concerns. But under the circumstances, I owe it to my employees to at least hear him out.

Phyllis: I don't like the idea of turning to Jack. But this is your company we're trying to save, and I want you to know I am standing right behind you.

Lauren: Thank you. Okay. You know what? He talked a good game before. And let's just see if he can make me an offer I can live with. Okay.

Christine: The deal went down last night. Dylan informed us as it was happening. You have to let him ride this out.

Paul: You know, I am done taking chances with this. Fisk is a killer, and he won't hesitate to kill my son.

Christine: Yes, and we will prosecute and convict him with Dylan's help.

Paul: Chris, you have the evidence you need. I need to make sure Dylan's safe.

Christine: [Scoffs] You've got to wait, Paul.

Paul: For what?!

Christine: Due process. If the Miami cops go in there without a warrant, everything that Dylan has worked for will be worthless! You can't do this! You can't undermine him!

Paul: You know, I have done everything I can to follow your lead. But I can't do this anymore. I-I... I have done everything to get the all-important conviction!

Christine: And this is important! Dylan has sacrificed everything!

Paul: Well, he's not gonna sacrifice anymore! I am the chief of police and Dylan's father! And I'm shutting the whole operation down!

Christine: [Sighs]

[Indistinct conversation]

Lauren: Craig? What are you doing here?

Craig: Hi, Lauren. Phyllis summers, Craig Steele. Your plan for boosting Fenmore's web presence is extremely impressive.

Phyllis: Thank you.

Lauren: I'm confused.

Craig: I told you I had another opportunity.

Lauren: Right. That you couldn't disclose for ethical reasons.

Craig: Well, but since we've run into each other here at Jabot, I guess the secret's out.

Phyllis: So your irresistible venture is with Jack?

Craig: It was too good to pass up. If you're here to make your own deal, I hope it works out. Jack's a good guy. Ladies.

Lauren: [Sighs] Is that what you've been doing? Stealing my backers?!

Jack: Hello, Lauren. Phyllis. Coffee?

Lauren: I have been killing myself for weeks trying to get investors, and all the time you're going behind my back?!

Jack: Offering them opportunities.

Lauren: So you would be the only option left to me. Wow, Jack. That's despicable!

Jack: That's determination, Lauren. And proof of just how much I want to be in business with you.

Lily: Why would you do that? Why would you try to talk Devon out of ending things with Hilary?

Neil: That's not what I was doing.

Lily: Yes, it was. I was there. I heard you. He's finally ready to be done with her, and then you had to encourage him to keep her in his life.

Neil: Hey, hey, hey. Because ending that marriage is not so simple.

Devon: There's nothing more important to me in this world than being a good husband to you and to being a man who's worthy of your faith. I promise to comfort you, to support you, and to make sure you know just how much I cherish you every single day that we are together. I pledge my love to you, Hilary, for always, in all ways.

[Doorbell rings]

Lauren: You are a devious man, Jack. But to have the temerity to frame your ruthless tactics as flattery?! What you did is sabotage!

Jack: Lauren, if your other investors were really interested in committing to Fenmore's, they would not have been so easily dissuaded, would they?

Lauren: Well, that's just a very convenient rationalization.

Jack: More than any other partner you have been courting, I want to see this deal happen.

Phyllis: Why?

Jack: This is between Lauren and me.

Phyllis: Why don't you tell Lauren what you're really doing?

Jack: You're making this adversarial when it needn't be.

Phyllis: Yeah, well, my friend thinks what you're trying to do is take over her business, and I know you well enough to think, to hope, there is more to it.

Jack: If I have been a bit heavy-handed, if I have given you the wrong impression, I genuinely, truly apologize. What I want, what I'm truly after, is a collaboration between us.

Lauren: [Scoffs] Meaning you would be in charge.

Jack: No, I have no interest in running you out. In fact, this deal does not work unless you continue to run Fenmore. But somebody has to jump in and save your company or it's going to collapse.

Lauren: I am not gonna let that happen.

Jack: You can't stop that by yourself. Lauren, you are smart, you are driven, and you are determined to not only save your family company but to turn Fenmore's into something even bigger. That determination is something we have in common. No matter what the price.

Lauren: But that's where we differ. Losing a loyal employee is too high a price.

Phyllis: I understand how important this is to you. If it comes down to Jack or me...

Lauren: Phyllis, I'm not --

Jack: I have some idea of what Phyllis is working on. If she can deliver --

Phyllis: I always deliver.

Jack: If she can deliver, what she is working on, this platform, not only complements but enhances JabotGo. That is a win-win. Why would I balk at that? Look, you get the funding you need to keep Fenmore's thriving. I get to expand Jabot beyond anything my father ever dreamed. What do you say? We have a deal?

[Cell phone rings]

Paul: Kevin?

Kevin: No change that I can see. But maybe inside?

Paul: Yeah, this is chief Williams. Anything else? I understand.

Christine: What did they say?

Paul: They searched the location. Dylan wasn't there.

Kevin: Wait. But he had been, right? Dylan would have found a way to leave us a clue that he'd been in that warehouse last night.

Christine: Paul?

Paul: [Sighs] There were signs of a struggle. And bullet casings and traces of blood. Oh, God, Chris.

Jack: Lauren, we went over all of this when we discussed the terms on the Michigan facility. You're stalling, inquiring about minor issues when you know this is the best offer you're gonna get for Fenmore's.

Lauren: All I know is what you've told me.

Jack: And my word isn't enough?

Lauren: You put everything that we discussed in writing, and then I'll give you my decision.

Jack: You still don't trust me.

Lauren: [Scoffs] Given the way you maneuvered me into this position, honestly, do you blame me?

Jack: All the terms, everything we agreed to in writing. You will have it. But it is merely a formality. You know what you need to do.

Lauren: I'm gonna do what's best for my company.

Christine: I filled in the FBI -- what are you doing?

Paul: I'm going to Miami.

Christine: You can't -- you can't jeopardize this.

Paul: You know, Chris, right now I don't give a damn about nailing Fisk. The only thing I care about is finding my son.

Christine: Just think about this. The Miami feds will get us answers quicker than anybody.

Paul: Well, then fine. When they do, they can call me.

Christine: No, Paul, just wait an hour! They'll have arrested Fisk by then!

Paul: I'm not gonna be a thousand miles away when my son could be needing me!

[Cell phone rings]

Kevin: That's the secure line.

Paul: Are you there? Derek? Can you hear me? Derek? Trace that location.

Christine: Be careful. Good luck.

Paul: I'm gonna find my son.

Lily: I thought we were on the same page.

Neil: Well, we are. I agree that a clean break from Hilary is the healthiest thing for Devon.

Lily: Then why didn't you tell him that?

Neil: Because Devon is not in the right frame of mind to deal with it, you know? He's still recuperating.

Lily: Him making up with Hilary even temporarily will not help him recover faster.

Neil: You know, if that man ends his marriage now, I promise you he's gonna question that decision later. And what's gonna happen? He's gonna blame his injury, or worse yet, he's gonna blame us. No, no, no, no, no. He needs to take time to decide what he wants. Otherwise he's gonna have a lot of doubts, and that's gonna send him right back to Hilary.

Devon: All right, now that you've seen for yourself that I'm okay, you can go. Next time, just ask one of my family members to fill you in.

Hilary: There's another reason why I needed to see you.

Devon: And what's that? You gonna make some nice speech and change everything between us?

Hilary: I'm not here to beg for your forgiveness or make excuses, okay? I know that there's no excuse for what I did. I broke your trust. I destroyed our marriage. And I just don't want to hurt you anymore, Devon.

Devon: Cool. Leave.

Hilary: Well, I also wanted to let you know that I am not gonna fight you on the divorce. I think that it's the kindest thing that I can do. I love you, Devon. Enough to let you go.

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