Y&R Transcript Tuesday 1/17/17

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 1/17/17


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I don't like to be kept waiting, so where the hell is he? Drive 3.5 miles... why would I go anywhere with you?

Kevin: Cobra is still incommunicado. I gave Dylan a different code name. I-I was just trying to add some levity to a very serious situation. Okay, okay! I'll never do that again. As soon as I hear from him, you'll hear from me. Goodbye. [Exhales sharply]

Sharon: Hi, Kevin. I was just --

Kevin: Sharon, I don't have any news, and even if I did, you know I can't saying anything.

Sharon: I know. I understand.

Kevin: And you know that you're not supposed to be here.

Sharon: Yeah, um, Paul made it crystal-clear that I'm not allowed to have any contact at all with my husband.

Kevin: But you're hoping that I'm gonna bend the rules.

Sharon: Kevin, I'm just looking for some proof that Dylan is okay.

Kevin: [Sighs] Look, Sharon, I'm sorry, but even if I were willing to jeopardize this entire operation by contacting Dylan, I couldn't. I don't have any more information than you do, and -- and I have no way of getting in touch with him.

Nikki: Well, my goodness! This may be Victor Newman's biggest project yet.

Victor: Look at this. You know, rounding everyone up was not easy, but I think I pulled it off.

Faith: Why are you making dinner sound so complicated?

Victor: Well, my sweetheart, because it is very difficult to reach everyone -- they're everywhere! -- Under such short notice, but I think they'll show up.

Nikki: It's too bad that summer and Abby couldn't make it. I hope that Victoria can. She hasn't responded to my voicemail.

Victor: Oh, she hasn't?

Nikki: No.

Faith: Nobody listens to voicemail anymore.

Victor: What?

Faith: Try texting her.

Nikki: Call me old-fashioned, but I prefer to speak with my children in a real conversation.

Victor: Look who's here!

Nick: Hey!

Victor: Oh, look who's here.

Nikki: Hey!

Faith: Hey!

Victor: My goodness.

Faith: Hey, buddy!

Victor: Hello!

Nick: Hey, dad.

Victor: Noah.

Noah: Grandpa.

Victor: Nice to see you. Nice to see you.

Nikki: Hi, sweetheart.

Victor: Yes. So?

Faith: You guys are the only ones who actually showed up on time.

Nick: Well, that's because we ran all the way here. I was excited to see you.

Faith: No, you didn't. You'd be all sweaty.

Nick: Man, nothing gets by this kid.

Noah: Mnh-mnh. Always up for a party!

Nick: Yeah, so, what's the occasion?

Victor: I don't need a reason to have a party, do I?

Nick: Hmm, well, no offense, but, I mean, usually there is an agenda.

Noah: Oof, dad's a little cranky 'cause Christian woke up three times last night, kept him up. He needs his beauty rest.

Nikki: Oh, well, darling, you can just relax because tonight, I've hired a sitter to look over the little ones.

Nick: Well, I mean, Christian may be a little fussy, but I think faith is ready for the grown-up table, and maybe even Noah.

Noah: Mnh-mnh.

Nikki: I was talking about Johnny, Katie, and Connor.

Nick: Huh.

Nikki: Excuse me.

Nick: Connor. Is, uh... is Chelsea coming?

Victor: I think she'll be coming, yes.

Nick: Interesting. I mean, it's great. It's great.

Victor: Yeah.

Nikki: Well, I know it would mean a lot to your father if you could be here, and it is late notice, I know, but do you think you could clear your schedule?

[Guitar wailing loudly]

Victoria: Yeah, actually, we're gonna make it. It's a miracle!

Nikki: Well, don't get too excited, it's just dinner.

Victoria: You don't understand, we're at a standoff. I'm drawing a hard line -- no junk food for dinner.

Nikki: Oh, well, good for you!

Victoria: They're ganging up on me! They're insisting on hot dogs and French fries!

Nikki: [Chuckles] Well, neither of those are on our menu tonight.

Victoria: Good, then they'll eat something with nutritional value, and I won't look like the bad guy.

Nikki: So, how soon do you think you can be here?

Victoria: You got to repeat yourself. I can't hear you. Hold on. Hold on, mom. Reed! Turn the guitar down! [Sighs] Could you repeat that, Mom?

Nikki: I was just saying that we'll hold dinner until you get here. Good luck rounding them up.

Victoria: [Sighs] Okay, great. Tell dad this is the best idea he's ever had. Reed! Turn the guitar off! [Scoffs] Oh!

Johnny: I tried to make dinner, but it's super-duper hard.

Victoria: No kidding! Okay, let's go get you cleaned up. How did you do that?

Nick: So, inviting Chelsea was your idea?

Victor: Yeah. She's part of the family now.

Nick: Yeah, she is. And I'm glad she's coming. And I know you want to remember Adam and stay close to his son.

Victor: You bet.

Faith: And the king only moves one space, but the queen does whatever she wants. She is so cool.

Nick: Well, you know what else is cool? Fantasy football. Oh, yeah. I can teach you how to play, set you up in a league, draft your own team. What do you think?

Faith: Um, no, thanks. I still have a lot to learn about chess.

Victor: You bet.

Noah: You know more than I do.

Victor: That's a good girl.

Faith: There's an app that has tips from grandmasters. If you use it, in a month, you could be as good as me.

Noah: Oh.

Faith: Come on, I'll show you.

Noah: Oh, okay. Right now.

Nick: [Exhales sharply]

Victor: She is just adorable.

Nick: Uh-huh. You know you're creating a monster, right?

Victor: You know something, all I showed her is how to play, and she decided to take it seriously.

Nick: Oh, okay, well, I know how you operate. As she gets better, you're gonna start entering her in tournaments and competitions.

Victor: Son, if I see a talent, you need to nurture it.

Nick: Right, but let's not forget, at this age, fun is the most important thing, right?

Victor: I know.

Nick: Okay.

Victor: [Chuckles]

Nikki: He is right about that. It is just a game.

Victor: Faith has a gift. This is a wonderful thing to teach her. If she's good at that, she should develop it and come to her full potential instead of becoming a bartender.

Faith: And these are all the pawn openers.

Noah: Oh!

Faith: So, there...

Nick: [Sighs] Hey.

Chelsea: Hey.

Nick: Uh, you look, uh...

Chelsea: Thanks. So do you.

Nick: Well, I'm glad you're here.

Victoria: Everybody's waiting for us!

Reed: I got Johnny all cleaned up and dressed, and he looks pretty sharp, if I do say so myself.

Victoria: Great. So, what's he doing still upstairs?

Reed: He wanted to put his own shoes on. Tying your laces at his age is a pretty big deal.

Victoria: Mm-hmm. And what about you? That's a little casual for the top of the tower, don't you think?

Reed: I'm not going.

Victoria: What do you mean, you're not going? It's a family dinner. You can't skip it.

Reed: [Scoffs] Mom, it drives you crazy when I practice. If I stay, I can play until my fingers bleed without bugging anyone.

Victoria: I think you've practiced enough for one day, don't you?

Reed: Give me a break! I mean, I think I deserve a little reward for all the help I've given you with Johnny.

Victoria: Well, helping your brother is hardly going above and beyond, Reed.

Reed: [Sighs] Relax, I was -- I was kidding. I'll -- I'll be ready in a minute.

Victoria: Really? Good. Thank you. That's the right way to be.

Reed: It'll be fun.

Victoria: Yeah!

Reed: Yeah, see a bunch I haven't seen in forever.

Victoria: It'll be fun. It's a good attitude, honey. Okay. Hey, um, would you please put on a nice shirt? Oh, and a sports coat, too.

Reed: You got it.

Sharon: I shouldn't have to beg for scraps of information about Dylan. Kevin, put yourself in my shoes. What if it were Chloe?

Kevin: Okay, point taken. And, again, I'm sorry, I wish there was something I could do. Why don't you focus on your family that is here?

Sharon: Mariah and Noah are busy, and I'm not allowed to see sully. I mean, Christian. And faith moved out, so Dylan is all I have left.

Kevin: [Sighs]

[Cell phone vibrates]

Kevin: Oh, I'm sorry, one of the department servers is crashing. I have to handle this.

Sharon: Go ahead, do your job, I'll be fine.

Kevin: Well, the thing is, civilians aren't allowed to be in the chief's office alone...

Sharon: Well, I -- I actually need a minute to get myself together, so I will just close the door behind me.

Kevin: Okay, fine, just make it quick. I have to save an expensive piece of hardware.

Dylan: [Sighs] Come on. What we doing here? I'm not in Miami for a scenic tour, we had business.

Alex: Stan, I can take it from here. Did you know he speaks four languages?

Dylan: Okay, you've been -- you've been running me in circles. Is this meeting gonna happen or not?

Alex: Have you considered the possibility that Fisk is standing right in front of you? Close enough to touch? [Laughs] Oh, my God! The look on your face! You must be a terrible poker player.

Dylan: Yeah, and I bet you always win. You're great at playing games.

Alex: I'm not Luther Fisk. Sorry to disappoint.

Dylan: [Sighs] All right, so what do we do now? How many more stops on this scavenger hunt before I get to meet your boss?

Alex: Mr. Fisk had a last-minute engagement.

Dylan: How convenient.

Alex: It's true. You're going to meet Fisk. I promise.

Dylan: Great. Call me when you're ready. I'll wait at my hotel.

Nick: I'm so glad you're here tonight, bud. Yeah, you're gonna get to hang out with your cousin, Christian. I really hope the two of you grow up to be best friends.

Chelsea: I'd like that.

Nick: So, what do you think tonight's about? I mean, it's got to be more than just dinner, right?

Chelsea: I have no idea. You know, and if my being here makes anybody uncomfortable, I can always leave.

Nick: No, uh, don't be silly. I mean, I want -- I mean, if you want to stay, then you should definitely stay.

Nikki: Wow, you look gorgeous. Is that dress part of your line?

Chelsea: Uh, no, I actually designed this for myself, but I'm considering make it part of the collection.

Nick: [Chuckles] Well, it is definitely a winner.

Victor: If you're serious about wanting to get into the restaurant business, work here, not that dingy bar.

Noah: Well, it's... dad's dingy bar. And, you know, I'm -- I'm glad to help him out, so I'm happy where I am, thank you.

Victor: Son, there's no future in that. I mean, you know how many years it took me to build this business. I was always hoping that my children and grandchildren, one of you at least, would want to join me.

Noah: You plan on taking the company public again?

Victor: Why the hell do you say that?

Noah: I don't know, I mean, there's just got to be some reason for bringing us all together tonight, you know, aside from family bonding.

Victor: You'll find out.

Victoria: Hi! Mom, I'm sorry we're late.

Nick: Hey, Vick.

Nikki: You're here. That's all that matters.

Victoria: Mwah.

Nick: Reed, man, good to see you. Heard it was quite an adventure, you showing up.

Reed: Well, my mom exaggerates everything.

Nick: Agh, it's a mom thing. I get it.

Reed: Yeah.

Nick: But I will tell you this -- if you show her some respect, she will back off a little bit.

Victor: Hey, you two!

Victoria: Hi, dad! Mwah!

Victor: Reed.

Reed: Hey, grandpa.

Victor: Want a glass of wine?

Victoria: Uh, yes, after the day I've had, please. I would love one.

Victor: And for you, I have a soda and a juice, come on.

Reed: Yay.

Victor: Here we go.

Nick: Juice.

Victor: There.

Dylan: Okay, uh, you're still not convinced I should have a meeting with your boss. Am I not high-powered enough to have a sit-down? Am I not a big enough name? Because, personally, I thought, in this business, that was a good thing.

Alex: You seem a little uptight, Derek.

Dylan: [Sighs] Okay. How many times you been burned? Your ex cheated on you, you don't trust men? Is that what's going on here?

Alex: If a man ever cheated on me, he wouldn't live long enough to regret it.

Dylan: Well, then I should stay on your good side. So, here's my phone. Here's my wallet. Go ahead and search them. Hell, search me again, if that's what it takes.

Alex: I believe in due diligence. So does my boss. That's why we've done everything we can to vet you. Your name checks out. So does your record.

Dylan: What's the problem?

Alex: No one we talked to could describe you. None of them has met you. Why is that?

Dylan: What do you want me to say? You know, I'm discreet, like your boss.

[Cell phone rings]

Alex: I bet whoever's calling can answer my question.

Dylan: Go ahead. Tell my boss why I haven't met with Fisk.

Sharon: Hello?

Alex: Who's calling? What do you want?

Sharon: Sorry, wrong number.

Dylan: What'd my boss say?

Alex: "Wrong number." Supposedly. Funny though, it felt like the caller was expecting to hear your voice and covered when I answered.

Dylan: [Scoffs] I mean, my boss is the only one who has that number. Let me check.

Alex: I'll save you the trouble. It was a woman on the line. You said you work for a man. So I know you're lying.

Kevin: ...My recommendations for how we can avoid that happening again. I thought you were leaving.

Sharon: Oh, you know, I -- I made it all the way out to my car and realized I couldn't find my keys.

Kevin: Why would they be in here?

Sharon: Um, well, they have to be somewhere. I obviously dropped them. Maybe I'll find them faster if you help me look?

Kevin: Okay, I'll help you look.

Victoria: [Sighs] You know, I'm beginning to wonder if raising a teenage son is gonna be a lot harder than running a company.

Nick: Yeah, but it's a lot more fun.

Victoria: Oh, yeah, that's easy for you to say because you're so good with kids. You know exactly what to say to them all the time.

Nick: Vick, come on. You're brand-new at this. It's gonna get easier. I mean, it's probably gonna have to get worse first.

Victoria: It's gonna get worse?

Nick: Yeah. I mean, probably. I mean, maybe not. You never know. Maybe not.

Victoria: Yeah, maybe not. Maybe I will have the one 15-year-old in the entire universe that's actually easy to raise.

Nick: It's not gonna be that bad.

Victoria: You know, earlier, when you told him that he should show me some respect, I hope you really got through to him, nick.

Nick: Well, raising Noah taught me a few things about kids his age.

Victoria: Yeah, well, when Reed wants to talk about guy stuff, he goes to Billy for advice, the worst possible role model. I'm thinking maybe you could fill in. You could, you know, take over.

Nick: Take over?

Victoria: Just be there for him if he has any questions about anything?

Nick: Questions about what? Like, guy stuff? Cars? Girls? Sports?

Victoria: Yeah, yeah, yeah. You know a lot about those topics, right?

Nick: Well, I do know a ridiculous amount of sports.

Victoria: [Chuckles] Good. Okay, so, thank you, nick. I really appreciate this. I do.

Nick: Uh, yeah. Yeah, I'll, uh, help him out if he wants it.

Victoria: Thank you.

Nick: Hope he likes fantasy football.

Chelsea: I've never actually designed an outfit for a chess player.

Victor: Well...

Chelsea: Don't they just wear whatever they want?

Victor: It is a sport without uniform.

Faith: So, if I get good enough to go to a tournament, I could wear a party dress?

Victor: Well, of course you can. Why wouldn't you?

Faith: Okay, purple with sparkles so I'll look like a queen.

Chelsea: I love it. You will certainly stand out.

Victor: Don't you worry about the competition, okay? You just have a good time and you learn, all right? And then I'll hire Chelsea to make you a beautiful dress. How's that?

Faith: Yeah!

Chelsea: Deal.


Nikki: Genoa city high school orchestra took first place at the state competition last year. You ought to think about joining it.

Reed: Um, I don't think there are many orchestras with an electric guitar, grandma.

Nikki: But there are other string instruments. Maybe you could learn how to play the cello.

Reed: [Sighs]

Nikki: But you'd hate that.

Reed: Yeah, um, but it's cool that you get my thing about music.

Nikki: We have a lot of empty rooms out at the ranch. And it's big enough that you could practice your electric guitar without disturbing anybody else. You're welcome to come out any time.

Reed: Well, thanks, grandma. That's really cool. I think I'll have to take you up on that.

Nikki: Good. Mmm! I'll see you later.

Reed: All right.

Reed: Hey, Noah. Um, what's going on?

Noah: Not much. Just thought you could use a break from the adults.

Reed: Um, yeah, for sure. Uh, hey, did you go to Genoa city high, too?

Noah: Yeah.

Reed: Um, there are probably some of the same teachers. Who was your favorite?

Noah: Uh, ms. Wada, my favorite math teacher.

Reed: Yeah, she's still around.

Noah: Yeah, I'll tell your mom you asked all the right questions about school. What are you really into?

Reed: Guitar. Yeah, I'm so into it. I practice every day.

Noah: That's cool, man. Yeah, I used to play quite a bit, so if you ever need any tips, you just let me know.

Reed: Oh, man, I'd love that.

Noah: Yeah, um, there's an open mic night on Wednesdays at the underground. You should come check it out. I'll make sure you get onstage.

Reed: Oh, I don't think I'm good enough for that, but soon.

Noah: All right, well, keep practicing because when you make it, I want to be able to say that we're related. Cheers.

Reed: See you, man.

Noah: See you later.

Reed: [Sighs]

Victor: I just want you to know that you and Connor will always be invited to all the Newman functions, okay? In fact, I'd be disappointed if you didn't show up.

Chelsea: Thank you. That means a lot.

Victor: You know... I miss my son Adam a lot. I think about him every day. I'm just happy that for both Connor and Christian, he lives on. That gives me some comfort. And I really hope, from the bottom of my heart, that they will be as close as two brothers should be.

Chelsea: I hope so, too.

[Clinks glass]

Victor: Will you all join me in a toast? Yes, my darling. Sit over there.

Chelsea: Come here, buddy. Come here! Thank you.

Nick: Sure.

Katie: [Babbling]

Victor: [Chuckles] Look at you. [Laughs]

[Glasses crash]

Victor: Oops! That's okay. Don't you worry about a thing. Don't you worry about a thing. You probably all wonder why I asked you to join me here today. You're probably thinking of some kind of a ruse to have you to listen to one of my big announcements, life-altering news. So, since you all know me so well, why don't you tell me what this is all about?

Nick: You are buying the green bay packers.

Victor: Oh!

Victor: You're gonna stop meddling in our relationships.


Faith: You're building a castle.

Noah: You're appointing faith C.E.O.

Victor: That's a hell of an idea. Good idea. Well, you're wrong. I want you to realize that this wonderful family is the most important asset of the Newman company. What I would like to say is that I hope that we all come together like this because we've all been getting along much better lately than we have for many, many years, and it warms my heart. You're all more powerful and more valuable than your trust funds and my company. So...to the Newmans!

Nick: Hear, hear!

Victor: A family like no other!

Nick: The Newmans!

Victor: [Laughs]

Reed: Cheers.

Chelsea: Cheers.

Victor: Cheers, my sweetheart.

Nick: Oh, thank you.

[Keys jingle]

Kevin: Here. Found them. Mystery solved.

Sharon: Oh, thank God. Kevin, you're a lifesaver. Okay. Bye.

Kevin: Sharon. You almost forgot these again.

Sharon: Oh, yeah, it's been just one of those kinds of nights.

Kevin: Okay, will you take a deep breath? Relax. If I hear from Dylan, I will tell him that I saw you and that you're doing...well, and that you're worried about him.

Sharon: That might put more pressure on him.

Kevin: I think he'd want to hear it.

Sharon: Okay, you're right. Tell him how much I love him.

Kevin: He would definitely want to hear that.

Sharon: Thanks, Kevin. It means a lot to me. You're a good friend.

Alex: We'll get to the truth, Derek. Stan's fists are very accurate lie detectors.

Dylan: You know, uh, using muscle in this situation is just -- it's really not necessary. Okay. I'm gonna tell you the truth. Just have your, uh, guard dog stand outside. Come on, Alex. What do you got to lose? Stan's not going anywhere.

Alex: You have 60 seconds to tell me everything there is to know about that woman who called.

Dylan: Start the timer. I lied, okay? Just like you lied to me. I mean, it's what we do for a living -- you, me, Stan, Fisk, my boss Gavin -- we just lie.

Alex: Don't insult my intelligence by claiming that Gavin speaks in falsetto.

Dylan: Okay, hold on. That was Amanda, okay? That was Gavin's right-hand. You know, Fisk isn't the only equal opportunity employer out there, you know.

Alex: Sounds like Fisk should be talking to Amanda instead of you.

Dylan: I'm not gonna let you wreck this deal because you're jealous.

Alex: Don't flatter yourself.

Dylan: Come on. You're freaking out because you think Amanda's more than a business associate.

Alex: [Scoffs] That's ridiculous, I'm not some teenager with a crush.

Dylan: I know, you're a grown woman. I can see that.

Alex: So treat me like one. Prove to me that this Amanda person means nothing to you.

Dylan: Is that proof enough?

Alex: No. That's not enough.

Victor: You have to leave already, my sweetheart?

Victoria: Uh, yes, I have to prep for an early meeting with the distributors.

Victor: You do?

Victoria: I do.

Victor: Is it going well?

Victoria: Yeah. It's good.

Nikki: That's too bad. I hope the next time we get together, you're the first to arrive and the last to leave.

Victoria: Oh, mom, you're so sweet, thank you. Where's Reed?

Victor: Where is he?

Victoria: Uh, Reed, hey. Reed, we got to go. You have to finish your homework, honey. Come on.

Reed: I'm coming.

Chelsea: Where's Noah? I haven't even gotten to speak to him.

Nick: Uh, he went to check on Sharon.

Chelsea: Oh.

Nick: Yeah.

Chelsea: He's a good son.

Nick: He really is. Dylan's away on assignment, so he just wants to make sure Sharon's okay. He's always been really good at that.

Chelsea: Yeah.

Nick: Yeah.

Chelsea: Uh, well, it looks like the place is clearing out, so I'm gonna go.

Nick: Uh, you know, uh... I mean, I saw them pour this earlier. It is a '97.

Chelsea: Mmm.

Nick: It's an absolute monster. It'd be a shame to let it go to waste. Why don't you stay a little while longer?

Chelsea: Well, you know, it's wine. I can't say no to wine. [Laughs] Cheers.

Nick: Cheers.

[Doorbell rings]

Noah: Hey.

Sharon: [Sighs] Noah. Hi.

Noah: Thrilled to see you, too, Mom.

Sharon: [Chuckles] I'm sorry. Come in. I'm -- I am glad that you stopped by. I just -- I guess I was expecting someone else.

Noah: Dylan?

Sharon: Yeah.

Noah: Yeah?

Sharon: No. I-I mean... maybe.

Noah: Well, it would be a little odd for Dylan to ring a doorbell to his own house, huh?

Sharon: Yeah. It would be. You know, I've been a little out of it lately. It's been a weird night.

Noah: What's wrong?

Sharon: I don't want to talk about it, you know, but I could use a distraction, so tell me about you. What's going on with your life?

Noah: Well, I just came from an official Newman family dinner.

Sharon: Well, there's no cuts or bruises on you, so it must have been a pretty tame Newman get-together.

Noah: Everybody was on their best behavior, even grandpa.

Sharon: What was the occasion?

Noah: No one could really work that out. Victor just invited everybody, said that was it -- he wanted to see everybody.

Sharon: I guess my invitation must have got lost in the mail. Not that anybody would have wanted to see me.

Noah: That's not true, mom. Faith misses you. And I know it's not the same thing, but I snuck you some dessert.

Sharon: Yeah! Thank you! So thoughtful of you. Well, as much I would have liked to have seen faith, I-I couldn't have made it, anyway. I had something I actually had to do tonight.

Noah: What's that?

Sharon: Doesn't matter.

Noah: Okay, well, obviously you seem a little upset about something.

Sharon: Well, I'm not really supposed to talk about it.

Noah: All right. You might feel better if you tell somebody, and you know it's just gonna stay between the two of us.

Sharon: Dylan's working undercover. And I have no idea what he's doing or where he is.

Noah: Wow. Yeah, I mean, he knew he was on assignment, but that's the first I heard that he was undercover. Is it dangerous?

Sharon: Well, they're not telling me anything, so I can assume that it is.

Noah: That's why you're so on edge.

Sharon: I tried to contact him tonight. And that was totally against the rules.

Noah: What happened?

Sharon: I didn't reach him, but it was a mistake. I just have to trust that Dylan is safe, that he's gonna do everything he can to come home.

Alex: Don't stop. I want you. I need you. Make love to me.

Nick: So, the instructor makes everyone in the class take a vote on whether or not a dad can join the mommy and me group.

Chelsea: What?! Did you make the cut?

Nick: Barely.

Chelsea: That's not cool. You know what you should do? You should create your own group. You can call it, um...daddies and diapers, or something.

[Both laugh]

Nick: That's good. That's good. I've missed this.

Chelsea: What, venting about play group politics?

Nick: No, just, you know, hanging out with you, not stressing about the...elephant in the room.

Chelsea: Is this elephant wearing a new year's sash?

Nick: Yeah. It had the funny glasses. I mean, I know we promised not to act weird, you know... ...because of what almost went down at new year's. I got to admit, tonight was a little awkward.

Chelsea: More than a little.

Nick: Yeah. I tried my best to act normal. Don't think I pulled it off.

Chelsea: Yeah, I completely over-analyzed everything I said to you earlier.

Nick: Well, you should have seen me. I mean, when my dad told me you were coming, I almost started sweating.

Chelsea: I almost didn't accept your dad's invitation to come here because I didn't want things to be weird. [Sighs] Luckily, this extra glass of wine you offered helped me to chill out a little bit.

Nick: Ah, the one thing I did right today.

Chelsea: I just think we needed to get everything out in the open. One last time.

Nick: Yeah. And look at us now. It's like we went in a time machine, back to 2016, before we almost wrecked everything.

Chelsea: [Sighs] Yeah. The good ol' days.

[Both chuckle]

Nick: Yeah. So, to us. Staying friends. No matter what.

Nikki: Victoria's being so strict with Reed.

Victor: Well...

Nikki: I worry about it. You know, he might rebel and... it'll just be a mess.

Victor: Parenting is not a science, it's an art, you know. You know very well that I was quite strict with our kids because I thought it would make them strong.

Nikki: Well, that worked. They know that you love them.

Victor: Well, sweetheart, that's very sweet of you to say, okay? Yet I watched Nicholas and Noah, you know, joking around together as if they were friends. More than just father and son. I never had that with any of my kids.

Nikki: And yet, Nicholas' daughter would rather live with us.

Victor: Hmm. You know, there's got to be a happy medium somewhere. Maybe Victoria will find that with her kids.

Victoria: Remind me not to ever let Johnny have sugar at night. It took him forever to go to sleep.

Reed: Got it. No sugar for Johnny.

Victoria: I'm, uh, auctioning your guitar to charity.

Reed: What? You can't do that! That belongs to me.

Victoria: Reed, I'm just seeing if you're listening to me.

Reed: Since you brought up my guitar, I talked to Noah tonight.

Victoria: Yeah, I know. I saw the two of you talking. You know, he's a really good guy. You could learn a lot from him. And he's got a great dad. Speaking of which, if you ever have any questions, you know, like, guy questions, and you want to talk to somebody, your uncle nick -- he could be a big help for you.

Reed: And he owns a night club, which is pretty cool.

Victoria: Yeah, I guess. You're a little young to be going there, though.

Reed: Noah said there was an open mic on Wednesday, which, I mean, I was thinking about going to.

Victoria: No, I don't think that's a good idea.

Reed: Why? Noah's not gonna let me drink, and uncle nick owns the place, so how much trouble could I get into?

Victoria: More than you know.

Reed: I don't want to get wasted. I just want to play my guitar.

Victoria: It's not about that. Wednesday is a school night.

Reed: I'll get all my work done beforehand.

Victoria: No. It's not happening. End of discussion.

Reed: [Scoffs] Of course. Because if we discuss it, you have to actually listen to me.

Victoria: Would you do me a favor? Would you turn off the TV and your phone? Because it's really loud and I'm trying to work.

Reed: [Vomits] [Coughs]

Alex: Tonight's meeting answered all my questions. [Scoffs] Let's just say I learned everything there is to know about our new friend, Derek. Fisk has expressed a strong desire to meet you.

Dylan: How do I know you're not having a pretend conversation?

Alex: I guess you'll just have to trust me.

Dylan: I guess I will. So the meeting's finally on?

Alex: Tomorrow. You'll have the opportunity to meet my boss. Tonight, I'm the only one you need to please.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Alex: We're good to go. Fisk is waiting.

Dylan: Let's do this.

Ashley: Senior executive marketing consultant. No room for VP of poaching?

Hilary: You made a decision. Does it involves me?

Devon: You're damn right it involves you.

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