Y&R Transcript Thursday 1/12/17

Y&R Transcript Thursday 1/12/17


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Faith: Since we have Monica now, does that mean you'll have time to make me chocolate chip pancakes in the morning?

Nick: You got it. We can have snowball fights and horseback rides.

Faith: And doing our hair.

Nick: Pfft. Whatever you want.

Faith: Hmm.

Nick: You know, um, I'm sorry, kiddo. I know I've been preoccupied lately.

Faith: It's okay. Mom's been preoccupied, too.

Nick: Oh, yeah? With what?

Faith: Mom!

Sharon: Hi.

Faith: Have you heard anything from Dylan yet?

Dylan: [Chuckles]

Alex: [Chuckles] Hmm. Where's your mini bar?

Dylan: You know, if you, uh, wanted a drink, we could have stayed downstairs at the bar.

Alex: No way. This is a private party.

Dylan: Whoa.

Alex: You're not as drunk as you looked downstairs.

Dylan: Neither are you. But we can fix that.

Alex: What?

Dylan: What? Oh, no, I just, uh, had a vision of the Alex I thought I was meeting.

Alex: A guy with a bulging neck and a glock in his pocket?

Dylan: Yeah, pretty much.

Alex: Disappointed?

Dylan: What do you think?

Alex: I think you talk too much.

Lauren: How late is he?

Phyllis: Uh, five minutes, but it could be traffic.

Lauren: Or he could be adding conditions to our deal.

Phyllis: That's what's so weird about this whole thing. When the two of you met before --

Lauren: Oh, it seemed like a done deal. He was praising my abilities, saying Fenmore's was a fantastic investment. Didn't even need to look into my financial documents I had prepared.

Phyllis: Then out of nowhere he makes a 180.

Lauren: Phyllis, he was on board to be a silent partner. And then all of a sudden, he starts questioning my management abilities and saying that, uh, maybe he needed more of a say in the running of the company.

Phyllis: No, no, no, no, no. No, no, that's not good news. We do not need a micromanager from hell.

Lauren: No, we do not. But I need this deal.

Phyllis: Look, it is not unreasonable that he is asking questions. It's not like you're looking for pocket change.

Lauren: Yes, you're right. I completely understand. And I expected questions about marketing and tax liabilities and expense payroll.

Phyllis: He didn't ask you any of that?

Lauren: None of it. At first. And that's what I find so disconcerting, this sudden shift. I wish I understood what caused Hochman to change his mind.

Gloria: [Sighs]

Michael: I'm glad you like the food here.

Gloria: Yeah, fries are tasty. Not as yummy as the food at Gloworm. May my beautiful restaurant rest in peace.

Michael: Well, tasty gourmet meals -- I mean, that's just the beginning of a long list of perks that come with making the club your home base. They've got a spa and a gym downstairs, rooftop pool. [Chuckling] I mean, everything you could ask for.

Gloria: But I'm not asking for anything, Michael. I love living with you and Lauren.

Michael: Why?

Gloria: [Chuckles]

Michael: When -- when you could extend your stay here? They'd wait on you hand and foot. You'd be pampered. Not to mention the privacy.

Gloria: Michael, I appreciate it. I really do. But one night of self-indulgence was enough. The sauna was particularly invigorating. Now I'm ready to come home to you and Lauren, the bosom of my family.

Michael: Gloria --

Gloria: No. Enough. So, tell me, how did Lauren's meeting go with that, um, potential investor?

Michael: Uh, uh, not as well as she'd hoped.

Gloria: That's devastating news. But I'm not really surprised.

Michael: Why the hell not?

Gloria: Because is there ever really a perfect silent partner? I mean, they never stay silent for long. Unless you kill them.

Jack: Hello, you two. May I join you?

Dylan: What's wrong, Alex? You don't like what you see?

Alex: Oh, no. You're lovely to look at. And delicious, too. But first...

Dylan: What? "But first" what? Where you going?

Alex: If we're going to achieve liftoff... we got to have a little rocket fuel. [Sighs] So how about it, Derek? You ready to take this party to heaven?

Faith: Come on, mom. Sit with us.

Sharon: Um, I don't want to interrupt your time with your dad.

Faith: You're not interrupting. Is she, Dad?

Nick: Nope. Look at this. I even got you some hot chocolate, so sit down. And there's, um, doughnuts getting ready to get out of the oven, nice and hot.

Faith: Oh, yum. And while we're waiting, you can tell us about Dylan.

Nick: What about Dylan?

Faith: I was gonna ask mom if there's been any news. Has there?

Nick: News about what?

Sharon: Oh, nothing, really. It was just about his job. Boring. You know what? I am gonna take my hot chocolate and get a to-go cup because you don't get a lot of alone time with your dad.

Faith: But dad already said it's okay. And you look kind of sad, mom.

Sharon: I just had a touch of cabin fever, I think. You know what? I'm gonna take this and I'm gonna stroll through the park. I'll be all better.

Faith: But dad says warm doughnuts can cure anything. Don't you?

Nick: I do. But that's not just my opinion. There's actual scientific data to back that up.

Faith: See? Having doughnuts with us will make anything better. Even being worried about Dylan.

Nick: You know she's never gonna let this go, so you might as well just sit down.

Sharon: Okay. Just for a minute. Tell me one great thing that happened at school today.

Nick: First you can fill us in on Dylan.

Sharon: Uh, he's away on assignment. That's all, really.

Faith: He left his wedding ring and wallet at the house because it's something top secret. Right, mom?

Sharon: Well, that sounds a lot more impressive than Dylan is just away at work. Really, there's nothing to worry about.

[Loud crash]

Ravi: Hey. You don't know Swedish by any chance, do you?

Ashley: [Chuckles] What are you doing?

Ravi: Actually, it's, uh, it's very exciting. It, um, it occurred to me that by installing a standing desk in the new workspace, I can make it more ergonomically sound and increase productivity from 12.5% to 16%.

Ashley: Right, not to mention roomier.

Ravi: Exactly. But I've run into a little conundrum called "some assembly required." Faulty advertising. It really should say "major engineering required."

Ashley: Huh.

Ravi: Could -- could you pass me part c? I need to connect it to part J.

Ashley: Uh...

Ravi: Or -- or is it part w? I'm...

Ashley: Uh, are you aware that, um, we actually have people that do this?

Ravi: We do?

Ashley: Yeah. It's called maintenance. They'll put the whole thing together for you.

Ravi: I-I really don't want to bother other employees with this. I mean, I-I can han--

Ashley: Ravi, I need you to focus on JabotGo and other fantastic, brilliant innovations.

Ravi: As much as I want to make the most of this opportunity you've given me, inventive thought does come more slowly when the spine's out of alignment.

Ashley: Yeah, well, you just leave your spinal alignment to me.

[Drill whirs]

Ravi: Um, you're -- you're offering to -- to, uh...

Ashley: I'm offering to call maintenance for you, and I'll make sure they put it together.

Ravi: Oh, I see. Well -- well, thank you.

Ashley: Of course. And, um, in the meantime, your coding fingers are far too valuable, so step away from the drill.

Ravi: Oh. [Chuckles]

Ashley: Awesome.

Ravi: [Clears throat]

Lauren: What did you find out?

Phyllis: Hochman is still registered at the club.

Lauren: Okay, so he's still in town.

Phyllis: Yeah, which doesn't make any sense why he is so late to this meeting. He came to Genoa city to make a deal with you, right?

Lauren: Well, maybe he's visiting somebody else.

Phyllis: Like who?

Lauren: Like the person who made him question this deal.

Phyllis: Let's not be paranoid, all right? You are offering Hochman a golden opportunity. He is a smart businessman.

Lauren: I know. This is gonna sound strange, but I feel like I'm being sabotaged.

Phyllis: Maybe it's a good thing.

Lauren: No! I need an investor, and I need it fast.

Phyllis: Maybe Hochman's not our best choice. You said that you wanted a quiet angel, someone who respected your experience and would let you run things with their money.

Lauren: Right. And one of the main reasons that I rejected Jack's offer is I'm not gonna let someone come in and decide the fate of the company that I love.

Phyllis: Then, honey, you find a way to make that clear to Mr. Hochman. When he gets here, you remind him that this is your company and you still have the choice whether or not you want to do business with him.

Lauren: Oh, I will. If he ever gets here. [Sighs]

Jack: Well, I hope I'm not interrupting lunch.

Gloria: No, not at all. We're done. You know, Michael treated me to an overnight stay here at the club, but now I'm ready to go home. Nothing like family.

Michael: You got that right. So what can I do for you, Jack?

Jack: Well, uh, the foundation is going to send official notification for your tax purposes, but I wanted to say a very personal thank you for your and Lauren's great generosity the night of the new year's eve benefit. It was really very generous.

Michael: We're glad to be of help.

Gloria: I just wish you could have bid on that trip to France that Victor donated. I could have gone with you.

Michael: I would have taken Lauren.

Gloria: If she could have gone. My daughter-in-law's very busy these days.

Jack: Yes, meeting with investors. How is that going?

Michael: Oh, Lauren told me that you made an offer on Fenmore's. Well, it looks like we, uh, both missed out on having made the winning bid. Well, no hard feelings.

Jack: Just business. We all understand that. I'm sure the right offer will come along.

Michael: Oh, no doubt. Not only is my wife brilliant. She's a fighter. She will not stop until she finds the right fit for Fenmore's.

[Cell phone rings]

Michael: Oh, uh, I'm so sorry. Oh, excuse me. I have to take this.

Jack: Ooh, your lunch doesn't seem to be agreeing with you. Is it that or the fact that Michael might find out that you've been sneaking around behind his wife's back to become a permanent member of her company?

Gloria: For your information, Jack, I've already made inroads on our mutual quest.

Jack: Have you?

Gloria: I had a very interesting conversation with a Mr. Ben Hochman.

Jack: Ben Hochman? Lauren, I underestimated you. Incidentally, Ben Hochman usually gives money and then allows the people managing it to make it grow. That's the perfect silent partner for Lauren.

Gloria: Ah, would have been.

Jack: What did you do, Gloria?

Gloria: Gory details. Actually, there was a meet.

Michael: All right, well, I have got to bail out a client.

Gloria: Michael, why didn't you stay in corporate law? Dealing with criminals is so demeaning.

Michael: Innocent until proven guilty, Gloria.

Gloria: Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's what they all say.

Jack: I got that, I got that. The least I can do after your generosity at the benefit.

Michael: All right. Next time it's on me.

Jack: You got it.

Michael: And, uh, really, Gloria, rethink my offer to extend your stay at the club. Thanks again, Jack.

Jack: Take care. [Laughs]

Gloria: What's so funny?

Jack: Well, Lauren doesn't want you at work. Michael doesn't want you at home.

Gloria: You laugh all you want. I'm still your only shot to get your hands on Fenmore's.

Jack: In your dreams.

Gloria: I told you I would deliver, Jack. And when I do, I expect you to deliver. Ha.

Sharon: Okay, so tell me, what's this exciting thing that happened at school today?

Faith: Okay. I joined the chess club.

Sharon: Okay, I didn't even know there was a chess club.

Faith: There wasn't. I just started one.

Nick: I mean, is this our daughter or what? One lesson with her grandfather and she's on her way to becoming a grand master. Your grandfather would be so proud.

Faith: Aren't you guys proud of me, too?

Sharon: Of course we are, honey. Always.

Nick: Yeah, sweetheart. If you haven't felt that lately, you know, that's on us. We have wasted way too much time arguing.

Sharon: Your father's right. Time is too precious to waste it. Ever.

Nick: So, you want to show your mom what your grandfather taught you?

Faith: Do you really want to see?

Sharon: Absolutely.

Faith: Okay. Here we go. Let me get it up. There we go. Okay, first you have to choose if you want to play the black or the white.

Sharon: Okay. Which should I choose?

Faith: Why are you asking dad?

Sharon: Because he's the one who taught me how to play.

Nick: Don't worry, though. You're still probably gonna win. I am a terrible chess teacher.

Sharon: Hmm, he's just being modest.

Faith: I like this, us having fun together.

Nick: All right. So what's it gonna be, Sharon? You want to defend or do you want to attack?

Sharon: I'll defend.

Faith: Grandpa says the best defense is a good offense.

Sharon: Yeah, Dylan always says that, too.

Paul: Something's off, Chris. This whole thing is taking too damn long.

Kevin: I hate to say it, but I'm with Paul on this. I'm starting to get worried, too.

Christine: Okay, because he hasn't called? Maybe he hasn't been alone or maybe he felt that he was under surveillance and didn't want to risk it.

Paul: Dylan would find a way.

Kevin: What if he's in serious trouble?

Christine: Or what if the silence is confirmation that he won the trust of Fisk's second-in-command?

Kevin: How many legal lines would you have to cross to do that? Or not. I'm just worst-casing.

Christine: [Scoffs] Or best case -- that Dylan's still in play because he's passed the test with Fisk's top guy.

Alex: What's the matter, Derek? I thought you came to play.

Dylan: What are you talking about? You're the one who's stalling. You know you dropped the ball on my favorite game.

Alex: Consider this a warm-up.

Dylan: Better yet... dessert.

Alex: Hey. What -- what are you doing?

Dylan: Yeah, room service? Yeah, I'm heading into an intense...physical workout.

Alex: [Chuckles]

Dylan: And, uh, I'm gonna need some serious fuel. What do you got? Uh, yeah, how about a couple of filets? Mm-hmm. You like garlic butter? That would be a no on the garlic butter.

Alex: Dessert? We have our own. But send up a side of whipped cream.

Dylan: Who'd you think I was talking to?

Alex: Pays to be careful.

Dylan: If you'd really done your homework, you'd know I would never wear a wire.

Alex: You wouldn't be the first guy who's tried to take down Fisk through me.

Dylan: Ow. Sounds like you've been burned before.

Alex: I have to protect my boss.

Dylan: As do I.

Alex: Now suppose you tell me who you really are and who the hell you're working for.

Dylan: Uh, congratulations and thank you. You just saved me a lot of trouble.

Alex: You're glad I found it.

Dylan: I'm good either way. My boss, however... you're not the only one with a suspicious boss. I was told to record our conversation in case there was any misunderstanding, and I'm not too happy about being kept on a leash. Are you? Nobody's watching. Nobody's listening. We can just be ourselves.

Alex: I like you, Derek. You're hard to get a beat on.

Dylan: I can't wait to show you. As soon as you arrange my meet-up with your boss and this deal goes down. Hmm. I don't intend to wait. And I think Fisk will agree.

Christine: Come on, talk to me.

Paul: I don't know. I was just thinking about one of the proudest days of my life when Dylan decided to follow in my footsteps and in the footsteps of my father by joining the force. I mean, I-I-I knew what this was gonna be like, but I didn't anticipate anything like this. And Sharon's right. This is all on me. I just hope to God I made the right decision.

Christine: You have done everything you could possibly do. Having the department standing by with backup and support, making sure that Dylan gets the job done and gets home safe, even if that means letting the bad guys get away.

Paul: So you made that clear, right? You told him that this case is not worth risking his life?

Christine: Yeah.

Paul: So he understands it?

Christine: Yeah.

Paul: Okay. You know, I'm sorry. This is not on you. I didn't mean that.

Christine: It's okay.

Michael: We need to talk.

Kevin: Sorry, Michael. Monitoring something for the chief.

Michael: I am here processing a client out on bail. If I can multitask to deal with a pressing personal matter, you can, too!

Kevin: Why? What happened?

Michael: Gloria is what happened.

Kevin: Nope. Not having that talk.

Michael: You are not dodging me again. Ever since I informed you that it was your turn to give Gloria a place to call home, strangely enough, I can't get you on the phone.

Kevin: I had my turn last night, and it has left me permanently traumatized. You could have warned me.

Michael: What happened?

Kevin: You put Gloria up at the club, and guess who was draped in a towel when Chloe and I went to the sauna for some alone time?

Michael: Gross.

Kevin: Yeah, how am I ever gonna excise that image from my head?

Michael: Immersion therapy. All Gloria, all the time. That'll cure you. She'll be at your place tonight.

Kevin: That's not gonna happen. Chloe's put me on notice.

Michael: Tough!

Kevin: What if we go halfsies and we keep her at the club?

Michael: No, no. That offer's already been made and rejected. Gloria apparently is convinced that she can only be happy living with family. I've served my time.

[Pats shoulder] Tag. You're it. And remember, when you invite her, make sure she believes you mean it.

Lauren: I was getting worried about you, Mr. Hochman.

Hochman: Oh, please, Lauren, call me Ben. I would have gotten here sooner, but I just spent the last few hours reviewing all the financial stats with my team, and, uh, it just took awhile.

Lauren: All right. Well, let's sit.

Hochman: Great.

Lauren: I want to introduce you to my associate, Phyllis summers, the creative genius behind the enhanced web design and marketing plan.

Hochman: Oh, let me just say, Ben Hochman, and yes, Phyllis, indeed you are a genius. [Laughs]

Phyllis: Good to meet you.

Lauren: Let's sit.

Hochman: [Sighs] Well, let me just say that the new features on the website are cutting edge, and this new virtual-dressing-room concept is brilliant.

Phyllis: Well, the idea was to broaden our customer base and market directly to people who don't have the time or the inclination to come into the stores.

Hochman: Well, removing the human variable from the shopping experience can be a plus. In fact, I remember I was just talking to someone this past week that was saying that they were just all but done with traditional retail and with getting the sub par service that they received.

Lauren: Hmm. Well, certainly not from Fenmore's.

Phyllis: No.

Hochman: Let's get some drinks.

Jack: Did we have a meeting scheduled?

Ashley: No. I just wanted to hear about your rendezvous with Gloria.

Jack: Despite our mutual disdain for our former stepmother, she has proven to be quite useful.

Ashley: Gloria useful? How's that even possible?

Jack: Well, she has told me that Lauren is meeting with investors, among them the biggest fish in Chicago.

Ashley: Ben Hochman?

Jack: Ben Hochman. You know how deep his pockets are, yet Gloria is very confident that deal will not go through, leaving the door wide open for us to acquire Fenmore's.

Ashley: Well, Jack, that's assuming you can trust her information.

Jack: A leap I would never make. But if she can help Jabot acquire her daughter-in-law's company, well, it could pay off quite well for Gloria.

Ashley: Yeah, what's her price? Corner office, big salary, executive title?

Jack: All of the above probably.

Ashley: Yeah.

Jack: But Fenmore's is so lucrative, it would be worth it.

Ashley: What about the deals that are already in place, Jack, like your top moneymaker, JabotGo?

Jack: What about them?

Ashley: Why aren't you investing more in a proven success? Because it was my big idea and not yours?

Michael: Quit stalling and make the damn phone call.

Kevin: After sharing that sauna with our mother, I'm gonna need a little more incentive.

Michael: Are you strong-arming me?

Kevin: Yes, I am. In exchange for taking mom into my home, I'm gonna need free babysitting from uncle Mikey and aunt Lauren.

Michael: You'll have a live-in sitter with Gloria there.

Kevin: You know Gloria, and you know she shouldn't be around children. Okay, fine, she's all yours.

Michael: All right, all right! Deal.

Kevin: [Sighs]

[Cell phone rings]

Gloria: [Sighs] Kevin! You left the sauna before we could spend some quality time together. Even if we did have to share it with Chloe.

Kevin: Quality time, mom. That's why I'm calling. We can't get enough of that. So I was hoping you would, uh, come and stay with me for a night. Hmm! Uh, did I say a night? I meant several.

Gloria: You have no idea how deeply that touches me. What's Chloe going to say about this?

Kevin: You know, Bella's been asking about you since Christmas, and Chloe's willing to do anything to make that little girl happy.

Gloria: Well, we can't disappoint Bella. And now that your brother's as good as kicked me out of his place, it's nice to know that one of my sons cares. Mwah. Big kiss.

Kevin: Are you happy?

Michael: I am over the moon.

Kevin: Yeah, well, don't get too used to your privacy, because as soon as Chloe finds out about this, you may be down a Gloria, but you're gonna be up a Kevin.

Michael: Mm-hmm. Ta.

Jack: There. What do you think?

Ashley: I love the ad, and I'm very happy you're taking the campaign where I want it -- the teenage market, because that is our sweet spot.

Jack: I could not be more impressed with what you've done with JabotGo. Fortunately for me, your success is our success.

Ashley: Do you see my point, Jackie? You're so consumed trying to get your hands on Fenmore's. You don't pay any attention to the hard work that Ravi and I have been doing. It's annoying. Are you even aware that because of Ravi's updates, JabotGo has now passed the 10 million download mark?

Jack: No, I was not aware of that. How do I show my appreciation?

Ashley: Well, you can start by giving Ravi his due. You know, he's happy with that little broom closet of an office, but he deserves more, like a raise or how about a "thank you"?

Jack: Just because this kid has a crush on you, ash --

Ashley: Would you shut up? That has nothing to do with anything, and you know it. He's brilliant. Look, you can't afford to lose him, Jack, especially if you do get Fenmore's. You're gonna need him more than ever.

Jack: I will give him a raise.

Ashley: People need to know that their contributions matter.

Jack: Then I'll give him a pat on the back the next time I see him.

Ashley: Did you know that at the benefit Victor Newman joked around about hiring Ravi from us? But what if he follows through and you're so busy trying to get your hands on Fenmore's that you lose our best asset?

Lauren: Our loyal customers from tweens to society matrons still love to come in the store. You know, they want to feel the fabric, they want to try on an outfit in front of a mirror and maybe snag that pair of shoes or that sweater that they may have missed online.

Phyllis: That's true.

Hochman: Yeah, but the women I meet are all done with the brick-and-mortar approach, not to mention the underwhelming consumer relations.

Lauren: Oh, but Fenmore's has always had impeccable customer service. Ben, you are investing in a long-established enterprise with unlimited profit potential.

Hochman: Well, I have thought on it. And I am willing to make an investment.

Lauren: [Laughs] That is wonderful. With you as our angel investor --

Hochman: But I want 51%.

Phyllis: I wasn't aware that was on the table.

Lauren: No. It wasn't. What changed?

Hochman: I've done my due diligence, and 51% is the only way that I can make this work for me.

Lauren: I can't do that. Fenmore's is a family-run business, and a Fenmore will always have controlling interest.

Hochman: You won't get a better offer.

Lauren: We'll see about that. Thank you so much for coming in from Chicago.

Hochman: It was my pleasure. Thank you both.

Phyllis: Thank you. He's a pompous ass.

Lauren: Yeah. But what if that pompous ass is right?

Lauren: Why am I allowing Ben Hochman to make me second-guess myself? What is the one thing he had going for himself?

Phyllis: One thing we need -- money.

Lauren: Yes. And money is essential. But it does not buy you taste and it does not buy you success. Do you know what we have going for us?

Phyllis: What?

Lauren: We know success, we know fashion, we know retail, and we know what women want.

Phyllis: That's right. Give me some. Yeah.

Lauren: [Chuckles]

Phyllis: You know what? I applaud your courage. I know why you called the deal off.

Lauren: Yeah. I'm gonna have to do this without Hochman.

Phyllis: Fenmore's is going to need a major cash infusion or we are going to be forced to close some doors.

Lauren: I know. There's, uh, Gould, MacNamara.

Phyllis: Okay, if those don't pan out, maybe you want to reconsider Jack's offer.

Lauren: [Scoffs] Jack's not investing. Jack would be doing what Jack does best, and that's taking over. And I will not allow that to happen.

Phyllis: In that case, I may have another idea.

Ravi: If I violated company policy by making improvements to my office without permission --

Jack: No, no.

Ravi: I really didn't mean --

Jack: Ravi, Ravi, stand down. I didn't bring you here to make you walk the plank.

Ashley: Yeah, you're not in trouble, Ravi. Jack just wants to talk to you about our, um, our platform expansion. Right, Jack?

Jack: Right. Ravi, sometimes when you're rushing to get a new product out or you're excited about shaping the future, even the most diligent C.E.O. can sometimes overlook the efforts of the people who sweat out the details that separate great companies from the also-rans. I want everyone on my team to feel that he or -- or she is appreciated. And to that end, if you need anything -- markers, staples, I don't know, a stand-up desk, beyond -- we're there for you.

Ravi: Thank you. Uh, and now that you mention it, uh, Jack... there is one thing.

Sharon: Well, thanks for sharing your dad-daughter day with me, even if faith did slaughter me at chess.

Nick: You were a good sport. You know, I'm sure faith made my dad's day by telling him she started that chess club at school.

Sharon: How do you feel about your daughter learning at your father's knee?

Nick: It's a little scary, isn't it?

Sharon: Yeah. But she adores Victor. There's no denying it.

Nick: And it's obvious he is crazy about her. [Sighs] You know it's just the two of us, right? I mean, you don't have to try and protect faith or pretend you're not worried.

Sharon: Nick, I can't talk about it, so don't ask me to. Please just go, okay?

Nick: No. Not until you tell me what's going on.

Sharon: It's nothing. It's just routine. It's another case.

Nick: [Sighs] Sharon.

Sharon: Okay, I'm afraid. I'm so afraid, Nick. Dylan could be in terrible danger.

Alex: Great. I will. Meeting's on.

Dylan: I like the way you work. I knew we'd make a great team. So where? Public place? Maybe a restaurant in south beach?

Alex: Mr. Fisk is no fool. The meeting will be at a place of his choosing.

Dylan: Hmm. How do I know I'm not walking into a trap?

Alex: You'll just have to trust me, lover. Like I trust you.

Ashley: Come here, you.

Jack: Um, what was that for?

Ashley: For giving our employee of the month a gold star.

Jack: In case you didn't notice, I also gave a gold star to the woman who was smart enough to hire him.

Ashley: I kind of got that in between the lines. Now we don't have to worry. We're not gonna lose a vital member of the team.

Jack: Did you see the look on Ravi's face? Believe me, he's not going anywhere.

[Cell phone vibrates]

Phyllis: Voicemail. Ravi, hi. This is Phyllis. We met at Jabot. You're in my old office. Hey, uh, I got an idea that I'm interested in running by you. Give me a call.

Kevin: Hey, would you mind humoring me for a sec? I have to rehearse something I'm gonna say to my girlfriend.

You proposing?

Kevin: Eh, it's more of a proposition...to let my mom move in with us. Okay, good, 'cause that's the same exact kind of face that she's gonna make. [Sighs] I'm a dead man.

Paul: Give us a minute, will you?

Yes, sir, chief.

Paul: Okay, what do you got?

Kevin: No activity from Dylan's burner phone. Not a single word.

Paul: [Sighs]

Dylan: All right. Let's go. Let's do it.

Alex: Not yet. A girl can't be too careful.

Dylan: Whoa. Okay.

Alex: I still find it hard to believe there's no woman in your life.

Dylan: Like I find it hard to believe that you don't have a beard and a prison tat. Just because this deal may be done...doesn't mean the party has to end.

Alex: I'm gonna hold you to that.

Dylan: [Sighs]

Nick: You know, I'm not gonna press you for details for Dylan's sake and for yours.

Sharon: But what I just told you...

Nick: Will not leave this room. I promise. I always knew Dylan had guts. I think I respect him even more now.

Sharon: I don't even care if he's brave. I don't care if he gets a commendation. I don't care if he gets an arrest. I just... I just want him to come home.

Nick: Dylan's gonna be okay. He is a tough guy. And he's gonna walk through that door sooner than you think.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Abby: You're taking Devon home?

Devon: Yeah, why wouldn't she?

Jill: Why did I do?!

Victoria: Butted in where my son is concerned. I don't appreciate that! Please don't do it ever again.

Reed: Something else I want to talk to you about, but you have to promise not to tell my mom.

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