Y&R Transcript Friday 1/6/17

Y&R Transcript Friday 1/6/17


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Jack: Our proceeds from the benefit exceeded all expectations. Neil and I are very proud and very happy to give you this contribution for your jobs for all program.

Mrs. Harris: Thank you. Oh, my goodness. T-t-this is, uh... this will run our jobs training program for an entire year.

Jack: You and your program provide a vital next step for so many of our clients, helping them prepare to find work again after they've conquered their addictions. It's hard to rebuild a life when you're working in a vacuum. You need people. You need a helping hand.

Mrs. Harris: [Voice breaking] I don't know how to thank you, Mr. Abbott. Could I hug you? [Laughs]

Jack: Call me ja-- Jack. [Laughs]

Mrs. Harris: Thank you. Thank you. Um, I better go before I cry and lose all credibility. Thank you.

Jack: You're welcome.

Ashley: I want a hug.

Jack: I guess that could be arranged.

Ashley: Oh! Wow, I've never seen Martha Harris get that emotional, not ever.

Jack: We just gave her enough money to run her program for a year.

Ashley: That's so wonderful.

Jack: Hey, you got a minute? I'd love to sit and have a cup of coffee and tap your brain.

Ashley: Okay, what's up?

Jack: I want to talk about Fenmore's. The rumor is Lauren is reaching out to potential investors.

Ashley: But not you.

Jack: Since when has that ever stopped me?

Gloria: Whoa.

Lauren: What do you think you're doing?

Gloria: [Chuckles] I might ask you the same thing. Your company's in terrible shape, Lauren. You haven't been exactly honest about that, have you?

Lauren: What?!

Gloria: You have been jumpy and irritable since I got here, and I couldn't quite figure it out. But now it makes perfect sense. So how long's this been going on, huh? Does anybody else know? Like, for instance, oh, gee, your husband.

Victoria: You know, I thought that when I said you could live here, it meant you agreed to follow my rules, Reed.

Reed: Mom, chill. It's not a big deal.

Victoria: Your first day of registering at school and you pull a vanishing act? I mean, how is that not a big deal?

Reed: I didn't vanish. God, I told you I was with a friend.

Victoria: Yeah, that's the last I heard of you, and that was hours ago! You didn't respond to any of my texts!

Reed: I didn't want to bother you.

Victoria: Oh, excuse me? What? Someone is repeatedly trying to get ahold of you? It's not like that thing is ever out of your hands.

Reed: Billy knew where I was.

[Door closes]

Reed: Didn't you, Billy?

Billy: Yeah, uh, he called me from the guitar store at the mall and asked me to give him a ride home.

Victoria: Why didn't you ask me instead of bothering Billy?

Reed: I thought you'd be busy.

Victoria: Well, Billy is just as busy as I am.

Billy: It wasn't a problem, Vick, honestly.

Victoria: [Sighs]

Reed: [Sighs] Thanks again for the ride, dude.

Billy: Yeah. You think maybe you can give him a break this time? It's really okay that he called me.

Victoria: Yeah, really? It's okay? It's not okay with me.

Lily: [Sighs] How does a witch like Hilary get so lucky?

Neil: Devon is in serious condition. He has a head injury. I would hardly call that lucky.

Lily: Dad, you know what I mean. I just can't believe he doesn't remember anything. It's like he was finally ready to dump her, and now she's this saint that he's madly in love with.

Neil: Before you go in there and try to rectify things --

Lily: Yeah, I know, I know. We can't get him upset. I know.

Neil: Honestly, there's nothing we can do about it, sweetie. We're just gonna have to deal with it.

Lily: How are you okay with this?

Neil: You're putting words in my mouth.

Lily: Really? Am I?

Neil: Of course. Hey, come on. Devon deserves to know about what happened on new year's eve. Just not now. He's not out of the woods.

Lily: He left that party madder than I have ever seen him. And now she's in here lying, pretending to be this Florence nightingale. And you might be able to be patient and bide your time, but it bothers the hell out of me.

Hilary: Whoa, whoa. Drink it slowly. You just woke up.

Devon: [Weakly] Thank you. Thank you.

Hilary: Can I get you anything else?

Devon: No, just you. It meant so much to open my eyes and see you here.

Hilary: Well, I'm gonna be by your side till I can take you home with me.

[Sighs] You've been through such an ordeal, and you -- you need time. You need to let your body heal.

Devon: Yeah. I was out for a while, huh?

Hilary: I was so scared.

Devon: I'm sorry.

Hilary: I'm just happy that you're finally awake.

Devon: Me, too. Hey. What's going on with you and Lily? Because it seems like things are worse than usual. Why is that?

Billy: What did Reed do wrong, exactly?

Victoria: He ignored my texts. I had no idea where he was or when he was gonna be home. It was also wrong of him to expect you to be his personal taxi service, just drop everything. You know how he arrived on the doorstep, right? The police brought him here off of a bus.

Billy: Yeah, and I think we got to give him props. I mean, he made it all the way here only paying part of the fare.

Victoria: Are you kidding me? You're no better than he is. I mean, at some point you have to learn to be accountable, Billy.

Billy: Guilty.

Victoria: No, I'm talking about Reed right now.

Billy: No, Vick, you're talking about me. Now, I may not be that kid's dad, but you can't help but see a little bit of me every time you look at him.

Victoria: I'm really glad that you're finding this so amusing, because I don't.

Billy: Look, I'm glad that he trusts me enough to call me when he needs help or when he needs a ride. It's better than thumbing it or doing a number of stupid things that I did at his age. And yet none of that explains why you're this mad because he called me for a ride. Yet I do have a theory.

Victoria: Oh! I really don't care about your theory.

Billy: Which is exactly why you need to hear it, okay? New year's eve, we had a moment. We almost kissed, and it kind of freaked you out. It got to you, and now you don't want me close to you and you don't want me close to your son.

Victoria: I can't believe you're bringing this up again. We didn't almost kiss, all right?

Billy: Mm-hmm.

Victoria: It didn't happen. And your theory is stupid. And this is about Reed. If he wants to be a part of this family, then he wants to be around --

Billy: He needs to listen to you and listen to your rules. I understand that. And while he's trying to figure out what you expect from him, you can do a better job at trying to learn a little bit more about him.

Victoria: Well, I would do that if -- if he wasn't always rushing off to come to you.

Billy: Okay, fine. When he calls me, I will pass it on to you. Does that sound good?

Victoria: Yeah, do that, please.

Billy: Okay, fine.

Victoria: [Sighs] Thanks.

Billy: Yeah.

Victoria: [Sighs]

Jack: The final report from the consulting firm.

Ashley: Jabot: Today and tomorrow." Very slick.

Jack: They are the best in the business.

Ashley: So what does the topline say, Jack, in a nutshell?

Jack: They say we are in an upward trajectory over the next five years, not just in finding new markets for our skin-care line but also in broadening our reach in the fashion world.

Ashley: And you think the next step is for us to buy out Lauren, even though her sales have been in a major slump.

Jack: Fenmore's is still a gold standard. Women are drawn to that store. They see it as a source of class and style.

Ashley: Mm-hmm. Mainly because of Lauren.

Jack: I would keep Lauren on. She would head up the creative team while we do the business work. It's a win/win for everyone.

Ashley: You can say that all you want, Jackie, and maybe even have the research to back it up. But, you know, Fenmore's is more than just a brand to Lauren, just like Jabot is to us.

Jack: This is business, ash.

Ashley: Ohh! Gee, I wonder who that sounds like.

Jack: Don't even think about going there.

Ashley: Jack, do you remember the times that we've lost Jabot or come close to losing Jabot, how agonizing that was for us? That's exactly how this is gonna be for Lauren. Now, maybe she is looking for an infusion of cash, but I'm not so sure she'd be happy being just another subsidiary under Jabot's umbrella.

Jack: Then I will have to artfully remind her that when it rains, an umbrella comes in very handy.

Lauren: Remind me to put a password on this.

Gloria: What in heaven's name is happening to your company?

Lauren: Fenmore's just had an off quarter.

Gloria: Uh-huh. No, it's more than that.

Lauren: I'm expecting a rebound by spring.

Gloria: Oh, come on, Lauren. How naive do you think I am? I have been in fashion. I know what graphs and spreadsheets mean. That little "off quarter" you're talking about...is a much bigger downward trend.

Lauren: All right, trends change.

Gloria: Mm-hmm.

Lauren: And it takes patience and hard work.

Gloria: Michael doesn't know about this, does he? Why on earth wouldn't you confide in your husband?

Lauren: [Sighs] He's just had so much going on. His cancer and being censured after Victor's trial. I mean, he almost got disbarred. He almost lost his livelihood. And the one thing that we could both count on was Fenmore's. I mean, he's finally back to being himself, you know? He's getting his practice back on track, and the last thing he needs to know is that my business has issues.

Gloria: Shh, shh, shh, shh. Don't you worry about it. I'll keep your little secret.

Lauren: With the right investor, I can weather this.

Gloria: Of course! Of course we will. We're not finished. And we're not going to give in to gloom and doom.

Lauren: "We"?

Gloria: Yeah! What kind of mother-in-law would I be if I let you go through this alone? Ha, no, no, no, no, no. We are in this together. And I am ready to go to work on this immediately.

Lauren: [Sighs]

Lily: It is so hard having to pretend like I don't hate Hilary's guts.

Neil: Hey, Lily. Why don't you go back to work? There's nothing you can do here.

Lily: I really hope he gets his memory back.

Neil: Hey. We have no control over that. But what we do have control over is how we react and to stay positive and get him well. Okay?

Lily: Okay. I'm gonna go. Just, uh, call me if anything changes.

Neil: Yeah, I will.

Devon: Hey, you would tell me if there was something wrong, right?

Hilary: Nothing's wrong. Everything's good. Everything is great.

Devon: Yeah?

Hilary: You are gonna make a full recovery. I'm sure of that.

Devon: [Sighs] My head hurts, but...

Hilary: You had a concussion. Stitch said it's gonna take a little while before all of your symptoms are completely gone.

Devon: How long is "a little while"?

Hilary: You need time to let your body heal, okay? You can't rush this.

Devon: I have things I have to take care of, like the show.

Hilary: No, no, I don't want you to worry about the show. I'm gonna handle everything.

Devon: I'm pretty lucky.

Hilary: No, I am the lucky one. We can learn from this, Devon. To never let anyone or anything get between us.

Devon: Nothing ever could, honey.

Hilary: You're right. I'll make sure of it.

Ashley: Hey.

Billy: Oh, you were so close to getting your lab back. You just had to cut a deal with Victor so Jack could have his benefit, huh?

Ashley: How'd you find out?

Billy: Oh, I hear things. Unfortunately for you, it looks like brash & sassy's gonna be around for a little while.

Ashley: Hmm.

Billy: Any regrets?

Ashley: I'd miss seeing you around here.

Billy: Aww.

Ashley: Life is more interesting when you're in it.

Billy: Wow. So few people feel that way.

Ashley: [Laughs] I did not get to say happy new year to you 'cause you and Victoria snuck out before the big countdown.

Billy: We had a sick boy at home, and once we got him to bed, we had to deal with another kid.

Ashley: Katie got sick, too?

Billy: No. Reed showed up out of nowhere.

Ashley: Really?

Billy: Yep.

Ashley: Wow. I thought he was in D.C. With J.T. And Mackenzie.

Billy: Yeah, well, J.T. Got a job overseas, and Reed didn't want to leave his school year and move halfway across the world.

Ashley: Wow. So he ends up on his mom's front door, huh?

Billy: Yeah. And I feel for him. I understand what he's going through. It's hard to be away from family, and he's got a bunch of friends here when he was younger.

Ashley: Mm-hmm. Kind of sounds like you're happy to have him back.

Billy: I am, actually.

Ashley: What about Victoria?

Billy: Well, she loves her boy, obviously. I mean, she's having a hard time with it, though. Kind of threw her for a loop.

Ashley: Well, I'm sure you'll be around to help out as much as you can, right?

Billy: Yeah. Not if Victoria has anything to say about it.

[Elevator doors open]

Billy: [Sighs] This is -- this is your floor. I forgot to press mine.

Ashley: No, you're here. Come on in. Come on, I want to hear more about Victoria and Reed.

Billy: No, no, no, no, no, no. Jack has a three-headed monster around here making sure I don't violate Jabot's sacred turf.

Ashley: Don't worry about him. I'm gonna buy you a cup of coffee.

Victoria: Yeah, let's move the focus groups to Pittsburgh and do the copy testing in Atlanta. No, I-I -- no, you -- you go ahead. I don't need to sign off on it. I have some personal issues that I'm dealing with, so I may not be coming into the office today. Yeah, I know. At least we don't have to worry about being evicted.

[Electric guitar blares]

Victoria: What the...? Hold on a second, Cane. Reed! Reed, turn it down!

[Music continues]

Victoria: [Sighs]

Lauren: It's a very generous offer, Gloria. I appreciate it --

Gloria: Wonderful, wonderful! So where would you want me to start? My strong suit is managing people. I suggest I be in charge of all the buyers.

Lauren: What I was trying to say is, I believe in keeping work and family separate.

Gloria: Oh, come on. For heaven's sakes. I worked with Chloe when she was married to Kevin. There was no bloodshed -- until, of course, she started losing her you-know-what.

Lauren: You have such a big life. You love to travel and have adventures. I couldn't take that away from you.

Gloria: You're not. I'm volunteering.

Lauren: I don't think you're understanding what I'm saying.

Gloria: Okay, look at it this way. If I work with you, we both have an interest in keeping those bad numbers our little secret. And then we don't have to trouble Michael for all the things you've been hiding from him.

Lauren: Gloria, are you trying to blackmail me into giving you a job?

Gloria: [Chuckles] Me? Of course not. I'd never dream of doing such a thing.

[Doorbell rings]

Gloria: I'll get it.

Jack: Gloria. I guess Lauren drew the short straw.

Gloria: Nice to see you, too, Jack. A long time.

Jack: Never long enough.

Hilary: Where's Lily?

Neil: I sent her back to the club.

Hilary: That's good. Devon's sleeping now, so there's no point in us all hanging around here.

Neil: Let him rest as comfortably as possible...for now.

Hilary: What do you mean, "for now"?

Neil: You know what I mean.

Hilary: You heard what stitch said, Neil.

Neil: Yeah, I did. I did hear what stitch said, and that's why I sent her away, because I didn't want you two to get into it again. And don't think that you're gonna get away with any of this, 'cause you best believe that Devon's gonna know the truth eventually.

Hilary: Devon may never get his memory back from that night.

Neil: You better hope he doesn't.

Jack: I heard you were visiting. All of the cosmetics counters in town have sent out an amber alert warning their customers to check their face cream.

Gloria: That's funny, Jack. I hear all the lawyers are checking their wills to make sure you didn't fake any.

Lauren: Okay, let's just call this a draw and move on, all right?

Jack: Absolutely. How are you, Lauren? Though with a guest like this, I can probably tell you.

Lauren: I'm just fine. Are you here to see Michael?

Jack: Actually, I'm here to see you.

Lauren: Oh. Gloria, would you give us a moment? Gloria?

Gloria: No problem.

Jack: Sorry to come by unannounced, but you haven't exactly been returning my calls.

Lauren: Well, why don't you have a seat? I've been trying to catch my breath after the holidays.

Jack: Well, this being a brand-new year, I'll get right to it. I heard that Fenmore's was looking for investors, and I'm, frankly, a little hurt that you didn't call me first.

Lauren: Well, Jabot already has a fashion division. Why would you want to invest in Fenmore's?

Jack: Why would I not want to invest? It is Fenmore's. Your reputation is amazing. Your customers love you. And the opportunities for vertical integration are, uh, considerable.

Lauren: Hmm. You make an interesting case.

Jack: Shall I go on?

Lauren: Umm... one thing. There's something you should know, if you don't already.

Jack: About?

Lauren: About a recent hire I made to help me revamp my online presence. Up until a few days ago, she was one of your employees.

Jack: Phyllis is working for you now?

Lauren: She never said anything about it?

Jack: No, she told me she had a project she wanted to pursue, but she never elaborated more than that and I never asked.

Lauren: Yeah, so, uh, if this truly is the first you're hearing about it, I'm sure the last thing you'd want to do is be in business with your ex, and I'm sure you'll withdraw the offer.

Jack: You couldn't be more wrong.

Ashley: Coming?

Billy: Is this some sort of ploy to get Jack and me talking again? Because I don't want to go around and around with that man right now.

Ashley: Jack is outside the building in a meeting, okay? It's just the two of us. See? No Jack waiting to jump out at you, not even Phyllis lurking somewhere in the background. Everybody's moved on. Or have they?

Billy: I'm not mooning over Phyllis, if that's what you're trying to imply.

Ashley: No, actually, that's very good news, but I was wondering if maybe, uh, there's a reason Victoria does not want you to spend more time with Reed.

Billy: Well, I tried to talk to her about it, but I got nowhere. Thank you.

Ashley: And, um, out of curiosity, uh, are you wanting to spend time with Reed so you can get closer to Victoria?

[Cell phone rings]

Billy: Oh, look at that.

Ashley: Oh.

Billy: It's a telephone call. If it's business, I can step out. It's not a problem.

Ashley: Actually, it's personal.

Billy: What? You have a personal life, ash?

Ashley: Yes. I have plans tonight, Billy.

Billy: Plans?

Ashley: Yeah, I have a date, okay? I actually have a date.

Billy: Wow.

Ashley: He wants to know where we should meet.

Billy: It's about time you have a man in your life.

Ashley: Yeah, well, one date does not exactly a relationship make, but thanks for caring.

Billy: Well, it's got to feel good to have the possibility of somebody special in your life again.

Ashley: Are we still talking about me?

Billy: Oh, no. No, where it comes to Victoria, she makes no bones about where she stands, and it's far away from me.

[Music blaring]

Victoria: Reed! Turn it off now! Reed, do you hear me?! Reed, what was that?!

Reed: It wasn't my fault. This old house must have blown a fuse.

Victoria: Well, your mother's about to blow one, too!

Hilary: You and Lily are so self-righteous.

Neil: Yeah. You telling me that you didn't drive my son away in a total rage?

Hilary: You didn't give me the chance to talk to him. My husband ran off, and you wouldn't let me go after him.

Neil: Well, because he was so desperate to get away from you. And the way you were acting, I don't blame him.

Hilary: Who the hell are you to judge me? Assuming that you know everything about everyone. You know what everyone's thinking, right? You know what everyone's feeling. Well, maybe you're wrong, Neil. Maybe you don't know. Maybe Devon had second thoughts when he pulled out of that parking lot or maybe he was turning around and coming back home to me when he hit that patch of ice and crashed.

Neil: In the state that he was in, that's highly unlikely.

Hilary: Well, it's not impossible. Come on. Admit it, Neil. You have no idea what Devon was gonna do. You and Lily, you guys love to think the worst of me, so you naturally assume that Devon was gonna end our marriage. But I have to say, I'm not convinced.

Neil: [Scoffs] You're deluded.

Hilary: [Scoffs] Well, considering how Devon has been treating me today, how loving and grateful, I think that you're the one in denial.

Neil: Devon may be loving with you today, but you are living on borrowed time, my dear. See, even if he doesn't remember the events that led up to the crash, he's gonna find out that you did Mariah dirty on live TV, how you humiliated her to get your own way. Like a spoiled little girl. And that right there is gonna be Devon's wake-up call. He is gonna be disgusted with you all over again.

Hilary: Let's get something straight, Neil. I am Devon's wife. And I intend to stay married to him until he decides otherwise.

Mariah: Hey.

Lily: Hi.

Mariah: I haven't heard anything. How's Devon?

Lily: He's good. He woke up this afternoon.

Mariah: Thank God. I've been thinking about him all day. What did the doctors say? Is he gonna be all right?

Lily: Yeah, he's still in intensive care. He has a concussion and some internal injuries, and they said be very careful not to upset him.

Mariah: I'm sure he's plenty upset just from what he's been through and from finding out who he's married to.

Lily: Nope, Devon is deliriously happy.

Mariah: Happy?

Lily: Yeah. No recollection of anything leading up to the accident.

Mariah: Wow. I guess Hilary dodged a bullet, then.

Lily: [Scoffs] Not for long.

Hilary: Hey. It is so nice to see you getting so much rest.

Devon: Where's Neil and Lily?

Hilary: They, uh, they wanted to give us some time alone.

Devon: I'm glad that you're here.

Hilary: You were there for me when I was scared that I would slip back into that coma. Where would I be now that you're hurt, hmm? In sickness and in health, remember?

Devon: I do. I do. About the show? You said that you were handling things and...

Hilary: Theo's recutting some classic GC buzz episodes.

Devon: Reruns?

Hilary: It'll be fine.

Devon: How long is that gonna be fine when you're about breaking news and --

Hilary: Hey, did you hear what I said? I don't want you to give this a second thought. Okay, it's just TV. It's not life. And I have my priorities straight. Right now all I care about is you and our marriage.

Devon: You don't have to worry about that.

Hilary: I am gonna worry about it until I get you home and back on your feet.

Devon: We don't know how long that's gonna take.

Hilary: Devon, you were in a terrible accident. It is a miracle that you're even alive. And yeah, it's gonna take some time. But I promise you, I am gonna be there with you every step of the way.

Reed: You find it?!

Victoria: Uh, well, it's either the red switch or the green one!

Reed: Green! Definitely green!

Victoria: Okay, here it goes. [Sighs] The second I switched the green switch, there was this hideous grinding noise. I think I did something to the furnace.

Reed: Must have been the red switch, then.

Victoria: I'm glad that you find this so funny. You're not gonna find it so funny when it's below zero and you're freezing tonight and you can't charge your cell phone.

Reed: What are we gonna do?

Victoria: I don't know. It's too late in the day to get a repairman out here.

Reed: Why don't you call Billy? He probably knows how to fix it.

Victoria: Why? Because he's a man?

Reed: No, because he lived here. He's probably dealt with the furnace before.

Victoria: Yeah, well, he's never dealt with having a teenager who thinks he's Jimi Hendrix.

Reed: Mom, just call Billy.

Victoria: No, Reed! I'm not gonna call Billy every time something goes wrong. We're divorced. You're just gonna have to deal with that, okay? Just stay put. I'm gonna try the red switch. [Sighs]

Reed: Five, four, three, two...

Victoria: Oh, my -- damn it! Oh! When I did the red switch then, I think I did something to the hot water heater. Don't say it!

Reed: Fine, I won't say another word. You know, if it gets cold enough, we can always just go to Grandpa's.

Victoria: All right. This is a one-time thing, and only so we don't freeze to death, okay? Help me find my phone.

Ashley: I'm gonna make you a deal, Billy.

Billy: What's that?

Ashley: I will not give you any advice about Victoria if you promise not to grill me about my date.

Billy: It's that serious, huh?

Ashley: That's a question! I get to ask you a question.

Billy: All right.

Ashley: So, are you and Victoria really over?

Billy: We had a moment -- a small moment -- on New Year's Eve, but it turned out to be a case of "Auld Lang Syne."

Ashley: That song always gets me.

Billy: Yeah. We should do this more often.

Ashley: I agree.

Billy: It'll be my second new year's resolution -- spending more time with my sister Ashley.

Ashley: What's your first?

Billy: Ah! That would be a question. Thank you so much for playing the game.

[Cell phone rings]

Billy: Looks like we're both popular today.

Ashley: Hmm. Do I even have to ask?

Billy: [Sighs]

Jack: Merging with Fenmore's makes sense for Jabot. It's just good business.

Lauren: Well, I'm not questioning your instincts or your ability.

Jack: Then you'll listen to my offer?

Lauren: I'd rather not.

Jack: Come on. Give me one good reason why.

Lauren: Because you are so skilled at what you do. You and I both know the best strategy for you is to buy out Fenmore's stores and then sell off my plum locations just for real-estate value. Well, I have no intention of watching anybody liquidate my father's legacy!

Jack: If you can't raise the money, how you gonna keep the doors open?

Lauren: Oh, I will find a way.

Jack: What if I offer you in writing a promise that I will keep Fenmore's intact? Will you hear me out then?

Lauren: I'm very flattered by your interest, but the answer is no. I am gonna hold out for the right kind of investor.

Jack: A silent partner. Good luck with that. Look, I-I admire your loyalty.

Lauren: Just not my smarts.

Jack: No, those are your words. I have nothing but respect for you as a businesswoman.

Lauren: Well, thank you for the compliment. And on that note...

Jack: This is a fair offer. Think about it.

Lauren: Thank you, Jack. It was nice to see you.

Gloria: You handled that just right. We have to keep Fenmore's a family business, and you were wise to turn Jack down.

Lauren: I can't believe you were listening! What am I saying? Of course I can believe you were listening.

Gloria: Shh. Don't worry. My lips are zipped. I would never betray the boss's trust.

Lauren: I am not your boss! I never will be, so just knock it off!

Gloria: Hmm. With that attitude, you're bound to lose.

Lauren: [Scoffs]

Gloria: Jack is not going to give up without a fight. Believe me, Lauren. I've been down in the mud with him plenty of times! And it ain't pretty.

Neil: Hi, ladies.

Lily: Hi.

Neil: Got room for one more?

Lily: Yeah, of course. You want something to drink? You want coffee?

Neil: No, I'm good. Thanks.

Lily: So, any chance that Devon got his memory back?

Neil: Sweetheart, I would have called you if he had.

Mariah: Guys, I'm so sorry. I feel so responsible for what happened.

Lily: No, Mariah, don't. I told you.

Mariah: No, I know what you told me. But if I hadn't changed Hilary's script in front of all those people --

Lily: Then no one would know how cruel and petty she could be, and that would be a shame.

Neil: Yeah, Mariah, you're not to blame for any of this.

Lily: Yeah, she was vicious to you, and you wanted justice. There's nothing wrong with that.

Neil: You know, when the time is right, and Devon remembers what happened, Hilary will get what's coming to her. Let's face it -- there's nothing she can do now anyway.

Lily: Except make herself indispensable to Devon.

Hilary: I have some good news for you.

Devon: Can I go home?

Hilary: Uh, not that good. But you are coming off the critical list and they're moving you into a regular room soon.

Devon: Oh, yeah? That's progress, then.

Hilary: Yeah, I think it's progress, especially considering a few hours ago you were unconscious.

Devon: Yeah. Before that I was driving like a maniac on some random road miles away from home. I don't even know where the hell I was going.

Hilary: It doesn't -- it doesn't matter anymore. You know, you're back and you're alive, and you are gonna be just fine.

Devon: I know. I know, and believe me, I'm grateful. I just wish that I knew why I did that.

Hilary: Okay, shhhhh. Okay, you just need rest. Just rest.

Reed: Nailed it!

Billy: There you go. Now that you've mastered the circuit breaker, you never have to call me again.

Victoria: Good.

Reed: Don't you have something else you want to say to Billy?

Victoria: Thank you.

Billy: Oh, no, no, no "thank you" necessary. I'll just send you a bill in the mail.

Victoria: Ha ha ha, Billy.

Billy: And you, slash.

Reed: You know guns n' roses?

Billy: Come on, man. Before you were born. Listen, this is not your stage, okay? This is your mother's home, and your brother and sister live here, too, so you got to turn it down a few decibels, okay?

Victoria: More than a few.

Billy: And when you don't want to do that, here. Wear those.

Reed: Oh, my God. These are amazing. Billy, thank you.

Billy: You're welcome. And for you, old-fashioned earplugs.

Lauren: Jack doesn't worry me.

Gloria: He should.

Lauren: We've been friends for practically forever.

Gloria: Yeah, there are friends, and there are people who want you to think they are friends.

Lauren: Okay, paranoia aside, Fenmore's is a privately held company. Jack can't buy what I refuse to sell.

Gloria: Lauren, Jack Abbott will take that as a challenge, not an impediment. Believe me, I know how his mind works.

Lauren: I've handled the situation. Got it, Gloria?

Jack: No, Lauren turned me down.

Ashley: Told you she wouldn't be interested.

Jack: No, she will be, sooner or later. If rumors are true, we would be her best hope for saving Fenmore's. It's not over yet.

Ashley: We'll see. Bye.

[Telephone rings]

Jack: Yes, Pamela. Who's on the phone? You're kidding me. N-no, no, um, I'll talk to her. What the hell do you want?

Gloria: No, it's what you want, Jack, namely Fenmore's, and I can help you get it.

Jack: Now, why would you do that?

Gloria: Let's just say my daughter-in-law doesn't always know what's best for her.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Ravi: Ashley, hey. Uh, come in.

Ashley: What are you doing here, Phyllis?

Jack: What's in all this for you?

Gloria: Small role in company.

Jack: How small?

Lauren: I have not been honest with you.

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