Y&R Transcript Wednesday 1/4/17

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 1/4/17


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Stitch: Hilary. Hilary. 

Hilary: [Sighs] What's happening? What's happening? Is Devon okay? Is -- did --

Stitch: He's critical but stable. We gave him some medication for pain and keep his muscles relaxed. We'll have a better picture once the anesthesia wears off.

Hilary: [Sniffles] [Sighs] Last night... we almost lost him.

Stitch: It's not unusual for a patient in Devon's condition to experience cardiac arrest. That's why he's in ICU.

Hilary: Can I talk to him?

Stitch: As soon as he regains consciousness, I'll let you know.

Hilary: [Voice breaking] When is that -- when is that gonna happen?

Stitch: At least a few hours. Plenty of time for you to go home, shower, rest up.

Hilary: I'm not leaving this hospital without Devon.

Lauren: You're absolutely certain? You have double confirmed those numbers with new York?

And san Francisco? Great. Okay, thank you. Damn it.

Phyllis: That doesn't sound like good news.

Lauren: [Sighs] Thank you for coming here on such short notice.

Phyllis: You said it was urgent. Of course. What's up?

Lauren: All right, how soon can you get your new platform up and running?

Phyllis: That bad, huh?

Ashley: Well, good morning. You better have a good excuse, because you're late.

Abby: Is that any way to greet your daughter bearing gifts?

Ashley: [Gasps] Caffeine.

Abby: And sugar.

Ashley: Oh, you are my very favorite child.

Abby: Oh, I am your only child.

Ashley: [Chuckles]

Abby: So, who's late and for what?

Ashley: Uncle Jack. We have a meeting to prep for. And shouldn't you be at work, too?

Abby: Yeah, I was on my way, and I thought I'd just stop by. Is, uh, Ravi in yet?

Ashley: Why are you asking me that?

Abby: Well, he did kiss you the other night.

Ashley: Oh, so you're here to bust my chops.

Abby: Okay, only one of us in this room was kissed on new year's eve, and it was not me.

Ashley: Would you just stop? Ravi got a little carried away.

Abby: Hmm. Are you sure that's all it was?

Nikki: Where is Dylan?

Paul: He's not here.

Nikki: Yeah, because he's out on that assignment.

Paul: Why don't we take this into my office?

[Door opens]

Paul: Where would you hear something like that?

Nikki: Well, certainly not from my son. Sharon told me he was on a case.

Paul: Okay, Nik, what exactly did Sharon say?

Nikki: Sharon didn't say anything, but she was upset. And ever since she mentioned it, I-I have a bad feeling about it!

Paul: Dylan's fine.

Nikki: Well, I would like to know that for myself. I left him a message yesterday. He still hasn't called me back today. And I am worried. Where is he?!

Paul: I'm afraid you're not gonna be able to talk to Dylan while he's on assignment.

Nikki: Why? What is he doing?

Paul: I can't tell you that.

Nikki: Paul, I am his mother. You have to tell me something! Please!

Paul: Trust me, Nik. It is better this way.

Nikki: Better for whom? Oh, my God. It's something dangerous, isn't it?

Paul: Look, I can tell you this. He is absolutely the best man for the job.

Nikki: How could you let him do that? How could you put our son at risk like that?!

Paul: [Sighs] Nikki --

Nikki: He volunteered. Of course he volunteered. He volunteered. How could you let him do that?!

Paul: Come on. You know Dylan.

Nikki: [Sighs] And, of course, I'm sure he just jumped at the chance. After losing Christian, after all the lies with Sharon, and he was so hurt at Christmastime, the whole family gathering together, wrapped around a child that he thought was his. I just hate that he feels like an outsider peering in, and I hate that we have this rift.

Paul: Yeah, I'm sorry about that, too. But he does love you. And it's going to take him some time to come to terms with what's happened. And that's exactly what this assignment will do. It'll give him time.

Nikki: Maybe with some time and distance, it might help him.

Paul: I believe it will.

Nikki: It doesn't mean that I'm not gonna pray for him every single day until he comes home.

Paul: No, there's nothing wrong with a little prayer.

Nikki: Thanks for telling me.

Paul: [Sighs]

Billy: Going up? You don't mind stopping on my floor, do you?

Jack: Actually, it's still my floor, though you are lucky enough to continue working there.

Billy: It burns you, doesn't it, having to see my mug every day because Victor forced your hand.

Jack: Nobody forced me to do anything. I simply put the needs of my foundation ahead of my ardent desire to have you and your partners out of here.

Billy: Whatever you need to say to look in the mirror and tell yourself you're the man, Jack.

Jack: I am the man. Jabot is gonna crush you, and I will have a front-row seat to watch you crash and burn.

Billy: How exactly do you plan on taking down brash & sassy, Jack? I mean, should I have the lab swept for bugs, make sure my computer's not hacked?

Jack: Oh, I won't have to resort to any underhanded tactics. See, I know what I'm doing. And sure as I'm standing here, you're going to implode like you always do. Sadly, this time you'll be taking Victoria and Cane and all their hard work with you. But I'll sit and wait.

[Elevator bell dings]

Jack: Please, after you.

Billy: I'll take the stairs.

Abby: Come on. It's totally obvious that Ravi has a thing for you.

Ashley: He is just a sweet kid.

Abby: Oh, he looked awfully grown-up in that tux the other night. Minus those goofy shoes.

Ashley: Would you stop it? He had a new year's eve moment. I really think he was overwhelmed by the whole thing. Despite the fact that he's brilliant, I think he's kind of naive when it comes to life away from a computer. Oh, maybe you're right, though. Maybe I should talk to him about that kiss and what it meant and what it doesn't mean. I don't know.

Abby: Well, be gentle with him, because you're right. He is very sweet, and I wouldn't want you to break his heart. [Chuckles]

Ashley: What about your heart? That couldn't have been easy for you the other night. We're at the same exact place you were married a year ago, honey.

Abby: And now I'm divorced, so yeah, there were a couple of wobbly moments, but it's a new year, and a new year means a fresh start no matter how badly I screwed up.

Ashley: Honestly, Abby, you've been nothing but the personification of grace and strength, and your mother could not be prouder of you.

Abby: Well, truth, I'm feeling pretty optimistic.

Ashley: Yeah?

Abby: When I think about Devon and his accident and what Hilary is going through, we have to make the most of every day that we have, even if that means moving on from the end of my marriage.

Jack: Oh, that makes two of us. I am here to report my last ties with Phyllis have been cut.

Ashley: You fired her?

Jack: She quit.

Abby: Wait, what?

Ashley: She quit?

Abby: She quit?

Lauren: You know, when the preliminary numbers came in, I thought that they were bad enough. But then, you know, I said to myself we'll have a very strong Christmas season, we'll be back in the black, and instead it's a disaster!

Phyllis: So we fix it.

Lauren: You know something? I always prided myself on being a competent businesswoman. When my -- when my business had a problem in the past, I had a plan. You know, I felt in control. [Voice breaking] I feel like it's all slipping through my fingers right now. I, um... did I get complacent? Did I stop paying attention? [Sighs] Fenmore's has lost a lot of ground. I mean, what if it's too much? What if I can't get it back?

Victoria: My goodness. What did that coat ever do to you?

Billy: Just had a fantastic conversation with my brother.

Victoria: Yeah? Did you do the Victory dance because we get to stay?

Billy: A little bit. I swear he lost all sense of humor. [Sighs] Did you talk to J.T. by chance?

Victoria: By chance I did a couple of times. So between J.T. and Reed, I'm totally filled in.

Billy: Okay, well, don't keep me in suspense.

Victoria: All you need to know is that Reed will finish out the school year here. He's my "problem" until the summer.

Christine: You wanted to see me?

Paul: Yeah, I want to go over this again. You personally briefed Dylan on this case, right?

Christine: Yes.

Paul: So he is fully aware that Fisk and all of his associates don't have a problem with, say, killing anybody?

Christine: He knew the risks. Where is this coming from?

Paul: Nikki was here. She knew he was on assignment. So he must have talked to Sharon, Sharon talked to Nikki. Dylan was not to say anything to anyone about this case!

Christine: Okay, and I made it very clear to him, and Dylan said he understood. Did Nikki know any of the details of the assignment? Did she imply that Sharon did?

Paul: No.

Christine: So then why are you getting so upset?

Paul: [Sighs] I don't know. I guess... I guess I wanted to be the one to brief him personally.

Christine: Paul, you were in eau Claire. If I could have waited, I would have. You know that we're under a time crunch, trying to stop Fisk before that heroin shipment gets to Genoa city.

Paul: Yeah, I-I know. I get that. I guess -- I don't know. I-I guess I wanted to see him before he left.

Christine: [Sighs] I promise you he was well-prepped. He had everything he needed. And he knew exactly what he was getting himself into.

Paul: Come on, Chris. You and I both know the risks. I guess I just wanted to tell him I love him and let him know how proud I am. I just hope to God I made the right call.

Billy: Reed's your problem? That's a little harsh.

Victoria: Yeah, well, those are J.T.'s words, not mine. It seems that Reed's running here is just the latest, and they've been butting heads 24/7. J.T. has no idea what to do.

Billy: He's 15 years old. It's not a big deal.

Victoria: [Sighs] No, it's more than that. J.T. pretty much confirmed what you said. Reed feels like he's not very high on his father's priority list behind Mac, his half brother, and the new baby, oh, and then there's J.T.'s work, of course.

Billy: Yeah, and moving halfway across the world doesn't help that.

Victoria: Well, apparently this trouble all started before Europe was even brought up. [Sighs]

Billy: I think this is a good thing, okay? Reed's a good kid, and I stand by what I said. He needs your love and support and attention, and who's got a bigger heart than you? You have a chance to connect to your son in a way that his father wasn't able to.

Victoria: I want that more than anything. But what if I can't?

Phyllis: We've got this, and you have already made one brilliant move, and that is hiring me to help you turn things around. And that is what we're gonna do. Unless you're having a super-fun time in your own personal pity party here.

Lauren: No, I'm really not having a good time at all. Okay. No more fear. No more doubt. [Sighs] We do what needs to be done.

Phyllis: Yes. Good. That's it. Welcome back. I almost was worried.

Lauren: You know, my father trusted me with our family business. This is his legacy. I can't let him down.

Phyllis: That's it.

Lauren: Okay. All right. So tell me about your progress with Fenmore's new online presence and all the oodles of money we're gonna be making.

Phyllis: Okay, you buy me a cup of coffee in a warm place, please, and I will show you what I got. Come on. All right.

Ashley: So Phyllis came up to you at the new year's eve benefit and told you that she was out, that's it?

Abby: No big fight, no begging you to prove herself?

Ashley: And no threat that she's gonna take 50% of your share of the company when she left?

Jack: She did not even mention the divorce settlement. She said she wanted to make a clean break.

Abby: So what's she gonna do?

Jack: I don't know. She's working on some new project. Not sure what it is, nor do I care.

Abby: Well, that must be a huge relief. I'm very happy for you, uncle Jack.

Ashley: Is it too early for champagne?

Abby: [Laughs]

Jack: There is work to be done. Lots of it.

Abby: All right, well, I will let you guys get to it. Um, goodbye.

Ashley: Bye, honey.

Abby: I'll see you guys later.

Jack: Bye, ab.

Abby: Bye.

Ashley: Love you.

Abby: Love you. Bye.

Ashley: Hey, by the way, have you spoken to Neil about Devon?

Jack: Devon is holding his own. I think that's the best we can expect right now.

Ashley: Well, I'm no fan of Hilary's, but I do feel for her now.

Jack: I am headed to the hospital in a little while. I'll keep you informed. Uh, right now I'd like to talk about business.

Ashley: JabotGo. You need an update.

Jack: Actually, I meant Fenmore's. I've been doing a little digging. Holiday sales were a great disappointment, much lower than expected, this on the end of a bad year.

Ashley: Everybody has a bad year now and again, Jack. We had one not that long ago.

Jack: This is much worse. Lauren is gonna try to spin this as a temporary downturn, but Fenmore's is vulnerable. It's time to make our move.

Stitch: I understand you want to stay. There is nothing you can do.

Hilary: Devon wouldn't even be here if it wasn't...

Stitch: What happened was an accident. Black ice, high speed -- Devon's lucky to be alive.

Hilary: Can you guarantee that he's gonna be okay?

Stitch: We're gonna do our best.

Hilary: [Sobs] I just... I just need him. I need him to wake up. I need him to wake up so I can tell him that I love him. I need him to wake up so I can tell him... [Sobs]

Stitch: I am sure Devon knows how much you love him. It's another reason he's a lucky man. So what do you say? Take a break?

Hilary: No. I can't go home like this. Not without Devon. No, I'm not going -- I'm not going home.

Stitch: Anyone ever tell you you're a very stubborn woman?

Hilary: I need to see Devon. Now.

Jack: With Fenmore's in our pocket, we would have increased control over distribution, increased market share. Think of all the cross-promotion possibilities. We would blow the competition out of the water.

Ashley: As in brash & sassy, who have had an exclusive contract with Fenmore's for years. And I have a feeling before the ink is even dry on your so-called "deal," if there is one, you're gonna terminate that contract [Snaps fingers] Like that.

Jack: It's business, ash. You know the deal.

Ashley: It gives you just a little thrill, though, doesn't it? Stick it to our little brother.

Jack: Again, it's just business. I take it you're not too enthused about this.

Ashley: I don't know, Jackie. Is this really the right time to be taking on something of this magnitude? We have a lot of other irons in the fire, Jack. It wasn't that long ago we had a cash-flow problem of our own, you know.

Jack: We are firmly in the black now. We have rescued our reputation. All numbers are on the upswing, thanks largely to your new app for JabotGo. Acquiring Fenmore's would only increase that momentum.

Ashley: You're hell-bent on going through with this, aren't you, Jack?

Jack: Somebody else is gonna swoop in if we don't.

Ashley: Well, how are you so sure that Lauren will even sell? You know, Fenmore's is more than just a brand to Lauren like Jabot is to us. I'm not so sure she's gonna want to let go of the family business.

Jack: I'm not so sure Lauren's gonna have a choice.

[Knock on door]

Jack: Come in!

Ravi: Ashley? Your assistant said you were here. I was -- I was hoping you had a minute.

Ashley: We're actually in the middle of a meeting, Ravi.

Jack: Which we can finish later. I actually have an appointment. Think about it.

Ashley: I'm actually glad you're here. I wanted to talk to you about new year's eve.

Victoria: I've missed so much with Reed, and I am happy to be spending time with him again, but I just don't know if I'm prepared to suddenly have my teenage son living with me.

Billy: What? After years of living with a guy like me, you're locked and loaded.

Victoria: [Sighs] It's not quite the same, Billy.

Billy: Hey, listen to me. You are a fantastic mother, okay? Listen to your instincts. Let Reed know how much you love him. You'll be fine.

Victoria: Well, J.T. Loves him, too, and look at how well that's going. And it's not like our households are that different. I have two small kids living with me, a demanding job. I want to give Reed the time and the attention that he needs, but there's already not enough hours in the day.

Billy: Well, lucky for you, there's me.

Victoria: No, Billy. It's not your responsibility.

Billy: Nobody's talking responsibility, okay? Reed's a good guy. We get along well. I'd love to help out. That's all I'm saying. You don't have to do it alone.

Victoria: [Sighs]

Reed: Hey, mom. Hey, Billy.

Billy: Hey, man.

Victoria: Hey, you! Come here! Mwah!

Reed: Mom, come on.

Victoria: [Laughs] Okay, listen. If you're gonna be living with me, then I get to kiss you whenever I want.

Billy: Get used to it, man. She's a stickler for the rules.

Victoria: How was your morning?

Reed: It was great. Um, I took a tour of GC high, got my class schedule, even ran into some of my old friends from grade school.

Victoria: Oh, wow! It sounds like you're all set.

Reed: Yeah, totally.

Victoria: Yeah.

Reed: Thank you so, so much again for having me. I mean, this is gonna be awesome.

Victoria: That's my boy. [Sighs]

Christine: The last time we talked about Dylan taking on this assignment, I asked you some really hard questions about his state of mind, and you were confident that he was the man for the job. So what changed?

Paul: [Sighs] I guess nothing. It's just now that it's all happening, um... I'm having second thoughts.

Christine: You're thinking like a dad.

Paul: Uh-huh. I just hope that he stays focused and he's not grabbing on to this to escape the pain from losing Christian.

Christine: All I can tell you is he was very much in control. He was professional and confident.

Paul: Of course. I mean, that's his default mode. But, Chris, what if I'm wrong? What if I'm missing the signs that he's not handling this at all well?

Christine: He was as ready as he will ever be. And he is gonna come home. And you're gonna see everything is gonna be okay.

Paul: Yeah.

Phyllis: Okay, so it's not only gonna be visually engaging and user friendly, but it is going to blow everybody away. Fenmore's newest online shopping experience.

Lauren: [Chuckles] So our customers upload a picture of themselves and they can see whatever outfit that we carry on their individualized bodies from head to toe, from front to back?

Phyllis: Exactly. It's like they're pulling something off the rack, trying it on without ever leaving home.

Lauren: [Chuckles] This is genius! I love it!

Phyllis: Well, I have to say that I was inspired from the JabotGo app. I mean, it was very successful.

Lauren: Yeah, but this takes that tech to a whole new level.

Phyllis: Yeah, it does. This is just the beginning. So we are going to reposition Fenmore. We're gonna make it a multi-channel company, okay, where it combines on- and offline business where it gives the ultimate experience to the retailer.

Lauren: [Laughing] I am so excited! Okay, please tell me that this app can be up and running by the launch of our president's day sale.

Phyllis: Yes. We can do that.

Lauren: Yes!

Phyllis: I'm very excited. I have so many ideas. I can hardly even sleep.

Lauren: [Laughing] Honey. Thank you so much. Thank you for your enthusiasm and your commitment.

Phyllis: Oh, hey, guess what?

Lauren: [Laughs]

Phyllis: This is not all about you. And this isn't just about walking away from Jabot for some random job. This -- this is my chance to show what I can do. And it just happens that I get to help one of my best friends take her company right to the top.

Lauren: Okay. Tell me what you need.

Phyllis: Well, to create and support something like this on a scale like we're talking about, it's gonna incur some heavy costs. There's no way around that.

Lauren: Yeah. Don't worry. I-I will get you all the money that you need. Because thanks to you, I'm gonna be able to keep my company... and my father's legacy alive.

Nikki: Jack.

Jack: Hey. How are you?

Nikki: I am in shock about Devon.

Jack: Yeah, we all are.

Nikki: What a tragedy. That was such a wonderful evening. You raised so much money for the foundation.

Jack: Actually, we did raise a great deal of money. We're gonna be able to help a lot of needy people.

Nikki: And I also want to thank you for letting brash & sassy stay in the Jabot building.

Jack: Hmm. Top of the tower in exchange for tearing up their eviction notice. I'm a man of my word.

Nikki: Yes, you are. And it pleased Victor to be able to help Victoria.

Jack: Meaning it pleased Victor to be able to extort me.

Nikki: Now, I prefer to think of it as my husband and my good friend coming together in mutual agreement that helped both of them.

Jack: Ever the optimist. Okay, I warn you, though. They may be able to stay in that space right now, but they are the competitor. I'm not gonna give them any more breaks.

Nikki: And I wouldn't expect you to. But I do expect that they can give as good as they get.

Reed: So what are you working on?

Billy: We're developing a men's body spray.

Reed: Ooh, count me out. I'm more of an au naturel kind of guy myself, if you know what I mean.

Billy: Ah, that's what that smell is.

Victoria: So tell me about school. What classes are you taking?

Reed: Basically the same things I was doing back in D.C. Um, except I'm taking every music class GC high has to offer. And they have so many.

Victoria: I know. That sounds great. What about sports? You're gonna try out for baseball in the spring, right?

Reed: Mom, I haven't played baseball since like seventh grade.

Victoria: I came to see you in that tournament. I mean, you were really loving it back then.

Reed: Yeah, that was like three years ago.

Victoria: Really? Oh, it was a long time ago. I didn't realize that.

Billy: What about guitar? You still playing?

Reed: Yeah. I'm actually saving up to get a new ax right now.

Victoria: What?

Billy: Ax -- it's a guitar. It's the name of a guitar. That's what they call a guitar.

Victoria: Yeah, I knew that. I knew that, actually.

Reed: Yeah, um, it's a '56 reissue Stratocaster with a sunburst finish, swamp ash body, maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, tremolo bridge. It's super sweet.

Billy: Yeah. Oh, "sweet," that means --

Victoria: I know what "sweet" means, Billy.

Billy: You know, with the pickup in the bridge position and the amp cranked up, you're gonna be peeling the paint off the walls in this place.

Reed: Yeah, really. Cool, right?

Billy: Very cool.

Hilary: I'm so sorry, Devon. I love you. And I'm gonna stand by you. [Chuckles tearfully] Because this is where I belong. This is where I have always... belonged. [Sniffles] And there is... there is no place in the world that I would rather be. And you... you always stood by me. You protected me. You believed in me. You loved me. Lord. [Sniffles] God knows I-I didn't deserve it. Maybe [Sniffles] You'll wake up from all of this and you'll walk away. And I would... I would totally... deserve that. But no matter how you feel about me... I'm sorry, Devon, 'cause I actually don't care [Voice breaking] How you feel about me. Because I am not... I'm not leaving you here alone. [Sobs] [Sniffles]

Ashley: I'm so sorry, Ravi, that we keep getting interrupted. As I was saying --

Ravi: Please just let me speak first.

Ashley: Okay.

Ravi: I don't know what I was thinking. I mean, to kiss you like that, that -- that was so wrong.

Ashley: I was surprised.

Ravi: Me, too. I mean, why did I do it? You're my boss, and you're beautiful and amazing. I'm sorry. I'm -- I'm really sorry. Not that you're beautiful and amazing. That -- that was inappropriate. I-I really admire you a lot, and I respect you. I mean, if my parents knew about this --

Ashley: Your parents?

Ravi: Yeah, they taught me to respect women, not accost them.

Ashley: Ravi, you didn't acco--

Ravi: I really love working for you. This is the best job I've ever had, ever will have. But I totally understand it's not possible after what happened. [Sighs]

Ashley: What's this?

Ravi: [Sighs] It's my letter of resignation.

Ashley: Oh, it certainly is.

Ravi: What are you doing? I mean, you must -- you must want me gone.

Ashley: Never crossed my mind.

Ravi: Never?

Ashley: No. Not even once.

Ravi: [Sighs] Well, when you said you wanted to talk about the other night, I --

Ashley: I just wanted to talk to you so you didn't make a big deal out of that kiss. It was new year's eve. Too much holiday spirit, too much champagne. Perfectly understandable.

Ravi: Uh, you really are the most generous, wonderful --

Ashley: [Chuckles]

Ravi: I mean, thank you.

Ashley: No thanks necessary. Just keep doing the great job you're doing, okay? You are a very important and integral part of our team. Maybe just back off of kissing your coworkers and, uh, especially your boss.

Ravi: Absolutely.

Ashley: Okay.

Ravi: Thank you. I won't disappoint you.

Ashley: Oh, I'm sure you won't.

Nikki: So how are you doing?

Jack: Oh! Great. Jabot has some exciting, new products ahead, and I have an intriguing business venture I'm looking into.

Nikki: No, no, no, no, no. I meant you. Jack, not Jabot.

Jack: It's a new year. I'm looking forward.

Nikki: Uh-huh. You're also looking over at Phyllis.

Jack: I'm sorry. You deserve my full attention.

Nikki: Please, you don't have to apologize. After everything that woman put you through, I can't imagine what you must feel when you're around her.

Lauren: I am all for investing in evolving digital platforms and technologies. You know, that's -- it's almost cute, how you and Jack keep pretending that, you know, you guys aren't here.

Phyllis: What? Jack's here?

Lauren: [Chuckles] How did he take it when you told him you were quitting?

Phyllis: Well, he was happy to hear it, almost as happy as I was to tell him.

Lauren: It could not have been that easy. Honey, you fought so long and so hard to stay at Jabot and to stay close with Jack. You really have no regrets for walking away?

Hilary: Can Devon hear me?

Stitch: He's pretty sedated.

Hilary: I just want... I want him to know. I want him to know that I'm here for him.

Stitch: I realize it's hard in situations like this. But sometimes you have to put yourself first.

Hilary: I have done that [Sniffles] Way too many times already.

Stitch: What I mean is, you're not doing you or Devon any favors by not taking care of yourself.

Hilary: God, stitch, I am fine, okay? Really.

Stitch: When's the last time you ate? How much sleep have you had? You're a wreck.

Hilary: What if he wakes up? [Voice breaking] What if -- what if something happens?

Stitch: He is stable. He's had a lot more sleep than you have. Wouldn't it be great for Devon to open his eyes and see his beautiful, healthy, rested wife by his side? Huh?

Hilary: You'll call?

Stitch: We'll call.

Hilary: [Sniffles]

Paul: Wait a second.

Christine: Oh, gosh. It's freezing.

Paul: "Elvis has entered the building."

Christine: What does that mean?

Paul: It's Kevin's code. Dylan's arrived in Miami. He's getting into place.

Christine: He's safe.

Paul: Yeah, so far, so good.

Billy: I'm a Gibson man myself.

Reed: Ooh, old school.

Billy: Hey, don't call me old. I still got the moves, buddy. Check this out.

[Imitates guitar riff]

Reed: [Laughs] Windmill going.

Billy: Windmill. Do a little that. Do a little of this, huh? Hey, mom. Little of the air-guitar championship.

Victoria: Yeah.

Billy: World championship.

Victoria: That's great. It's really cute. At least it's not as loud as the real thing, right? [Chuckles]

[Cell phone chimes]

Billy: That's right.

Reed: Oh, it's from Lew. Hey, you remember Lew?

Victoria: Uh, yeah! Lew! Third grade! He fell out of the tree and he broke his arm. I remember him.

Reed: Yeah, he wants to chill. Um, that cool?

Victoria: Oh, um, yeah, sure. Just, uh, let me know when you're coming home, okay?

Reed: You got it.

Victoria: Okay.

Reed: See you, Billy.

Billy: See you later, buddy.

Reed: Bye, mom.

Victoria: Bye, honey. I don't know my own son.

Billy: You got a chance to get to know him all over again. That's a good thing. You got a 15-year-old boy that actually likes his mom, that wants to spend time with his mom. That sure as hell wasn't true for me. You know how lucky you are? You know how lucky he is?

Victoria: So, let the adventure begin.

Ashley: Hey, Ravi, how's that beta testing going? We have to get the new version out as soon as possible.

Ravi: I'm almost through making the adjustments we discussed. I'm gonna work late tonight, tweak the problem areas. If you're around, I'd appreciate some feedback.

Ashley: Oh, I've got dinner plans, but thanks. I'll talk to you tomorrow.

Ravi: Of course. Have fun. "Have fun"? [Sighs]

Phyllis: I have a lot of regrets...about a lot of things. Walking out of Jabot, that's not one of them. I was -- I was an idiot. I was a total idiot to think I could throw myself into Jack's orbit and somehow he would magically forget I broke his heart.

Lauren: You had to try. You loved him.

Phyllis: All that did was put us both through more hell. I just realized that I was fighting for something that no longer exists.

Lauren: Do you still love him?

Phyllis: I am regaining my dignity and getting my life back. I'm finding new purpose, and... I don't know if I can remember the last time I felt this good.

Nikki: I never thought I'd see the day where Phyllis would admit defeat, but thank God.

Jack: I have to admit, I'm looking forward to focusing on Jabot without all the distractions.

Nikki: Translation -- you're planning on burying yourself in work, and that is never a healthy option.

Jack: I am fine. In fact, I am planning on taking Jabot to new heights.

Nikki: Well, here's an idea. Why don't you take some time for yourself to heal, because you have been through a very traumatic time, Jack. Hiding your problems behind work can be just as damaging as getting to the bottom of a bottle.

Jack: Do I really look traumatized to you?

Nikki: I know. You always seem to bounce back.

Jack: I am a new man, Nikki. And soon you and everyone else will see I'm at the top of my game.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

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Chloe: [Clears throat]

Stitch: Can you hear me? Devon! Come on, pal. You can do this.

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