Y&R Transcript Monday 1/2/17

Y&R Transcript Monday 1/2/17


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[Door closes]

Christine: We have been trying to bust Luthor Fisk for years, and it's not just about he drugs that he's moved, but it's about the bodies he's piled up along the way. I want this guy stopped and in a cell.

Dylan: Yeah, we all do. That's why I signed up for this.

Christine: I just want you to understand what you've signed up for.  Less prep time means a great possibility of slip-ups. I can't have any slip-ups.

Dylan: Okay, I got it.

Christine: Okay, so you're Derek Young, right? You need to know every name, every date, every word of this guy's background. You need to know Derek Young's identity as well as your own, if not better. If you talk in your sleep, these are the words you'd say.

Dylan: Okay, then that's how it's gonna be.

Christine: [Sighs]

Dylan: What? Are you worried that I'm not ready for this?

Christine: Are you?

Dylan: Are you talking as the D.A. or my father's wife?  Because I've made it very clear that I am ready for this. So what exactly are you worried about -- me or the case?

Christine: You in terms of this case. It takes one second, one moment for you to think about Sharon and your life back here, and your cover is blown.

Dylan: My personal life will not be an issue.

Sharon: Hey, I'm sorry I didn't see you when we came home last night, but we had an early evening. How was it?

Mariah: Um, you know, it was an event. Please don't bother looking at pictures, though. It was just a bunch of people with money, spending it. Uh, do you want me to pour you some coffee? You know what, we could go out for breakfast or -- or lunch or we could go for a walk.

Sharon: Wow. Everyone's dresses are so beautiful. Oh, and I see Chelsea 2.0 in here. That's always exciting. I'm sure the event raised a lot of money.

Mariah: Uh, yeah, they auctioned off a tour at a vineyard in France. It went for like a bazillion dollars, so, yeah, it was a success. Um, the food was good, too. I probably gained like 5 pounds. So, you know what, I'm actually gonna turn that walk into a run.

Sharon: Wait. Mariah! What is this about? Hilary was the one who tripped you?

Mariah: Yeah. She did. It was hazy at the time, what with my battered face and broken memory, but... Hilary did it. She yanked a cord, and I fell like a ton of bricks on live TV.

Sharon: That's -- that's terrible. I mean, that's so awful.

Mariah: Yeah, she's the worst.

Sharon: And somehow she confessed that to the whole world with the help of a teleprompter?

Mariah: I repaid a favor.

Sharon: [Sighs] What about the fallout? Did you even think about the fallout?

Mariah: Hilary earned it! [Scoffs] If she didn't want people to think that she was a vicious jerk, she shouldn't have been acting like a vicious jerk! Whatever fallout happens, it's on her.

Sharon: I'm not talking about the fallout on Hilary. I'm talking about you. Did you think about how this would affect you?

Hilary: Devon. Devon! Devon! Devon! [Sighs]

[Doorbell rings]

Neil: Hey. I want to talk to Devon. He's not answering my calls.

Hilary: Well, he has other things to deal with right now.

Neil: I'm worried about him, too.

Hilary: Don't be. He's fine. Everything's fine.

Victoria: Yep. Well, Jamison's mom has both the kids, so if you don't mind picking them up, that'd be great. Yeah, I left both car seats with her. Thank you, Hannah. Reed! [Sighs] Reed!

Reed: What?

Victoria: [Sighs] I'm so sorry, was I bothering you?

Reed: It's cool.

Victoria: No -- [Sighs] I was being facetious. Look, never mind. I spoke with your father.

Reed: Okay. [Sighs]

Victoria: Last night, after the police showed up here on our doorstep because you...didn't pay the bus fare, and you got kicked off the bus.

Reed: I told you it was an accident.

Victoria: Yeah, but you also told me that your father knew you were visiting me. And J.T. had no idea, Reed. He was worried sick. He called half of your friends in D.C.

Reed: I bet he wasn't worried enough to give you a heads up, though.

Victoria: Yeah, because it didn't occur to him that you physically left town. I mean, what are you doing? What are you trying to accomplish with this stunt?

Reed: I thought it was obvious. I want to live here, mom. I want to live with you.

Victoria: Here. You need your vitamin C. I can only imagine what you ate on that bus. So drink.

Reed: I'm not thirsty.

Victoria: [Sighs] When I called your father to let him know that you were okay, he told me about the move to Warsaw for work.

Reed: Now? He told you now? I mean, considering you have visitation, don't you think it should have come up sooner?

Victoria: You're not an adult, okay? So you have to go wherever the custodial parent goes. It's just the law.

Reed: It's halfway across the world. And -- [Scoffs] What about my school and my friends? And, mom, I'd be further from you. But, I mean, evidently, you're fine with that.

Victoria: Oh, stop.

[Doorbell rings]

Victoria: [Sighs] Just stay there. All right?

Reed: Where else would I go?

Victoria: [Sighs] Oh.

Billy: Hey.

Victoria: You know what, now's not really the greatest time.

Billy: Oh, come on, I just wanted to come and check out the midnight rambler. How you doing, Reed?

Reed: Hey. Uh, you want some orange juice?

Billy: Yeah. Orange juice.

Victoria: Oh, Billy, we're a little busy right now.

Billy: Oh, you're not that busy. He just got into town. I didn't get to catch up with you. How is everything?

Reed: [Sighs] My life kinda sucks right now.

Hilary: Devon will call you when he is ready.

Neil: I want to hear that from him.

Hilary: Now isn't the time.

Neil: This won't take long.

Hilary: I just said --

Neil: And I already told you that I want to talk to him.

Hilary: Leave it alone, Neil!

Neil: You two -- you were fighting all night, weren't you?

Hilary: No. We didn't fight at all because... he didn't come home.

Neil: No text? No call?

Hilary: And, you know, I just -- I keep thinking... after everything that we've been through... this is it? That ridiculous stunt that Mariah pulled. That is what destroys us?

Neil: This is about what you did, not Mariah.

Hilary: Well, if he had listened to me, I could have explained.

Neil: That you're every bit as vicious and petty as people say you are? You deliberately tripped that girl.

Hilary: No, no, it wasn't -- it was like that!

Neil: You haven't denied that you tripped because you can't, can you?

Hilary: You know what, Mariah can give it just as good as she can take it, or if not worse. Considering what she did to your foundation, you should be there ripping into her, but no. Mnh-mnh. Instead, you're here, blaming everything on me. Everything that you and Jack worked for, she put that in jeopardy just to play the victim!

Neil: The foundation will survive just fine.

Hilary: Yeah, well, no thanks to Mariah because all she cares about is herself.

Neil: Are you listening to yourself right now? Do you hear what you're saying?

Hilary: You're right. All I care about is myself. But I care about my husband just as much, and I thanks to Mariah, he ran off, so excuse me, but I need to find him.

Neil: Maybe he doesn't want to be found. Did you think of that? Maybe you pushed him away too far this time!

Hilary: Devon, just pick up. Pick up the damn phone.

Christine: Keep personal information to a minimum. Fisk's men will have heard of you by now. We've been floating an alias for a while, knowing eventually we'd put in someone undercover. Untraceable. Let's hope you don't have to use it.

Kevin: You wanted to see me?

Christine: Yeah. Close the door. Kevin's your contact. He is the only one you'll be talking to with law enforcement.

Kevin: I set up a secure line if I need to reach you or if you need to reach me. You have the burners, right?

Dylan: Yeah, I got it. Use the burner phones once and get rid of them.

Kevin: Don't just get rid of them. Drive over them with your car, pick up the pieces, and toss them in a swamp.

Dylan: Okay, what if I need more phones?

Christine: We hope to not have you in that long. Your risk escalates every day you're undercover.

Kevin: If you need more, we'll deal with it then, but each of these is loaded with a recording device that's voice-activated. Learn how to use it before you need it.

Dylan: So I'm not wearing a wire?

Christine: Too risky. Fisk has survived this long because he is smart, and the people that are around him are very loyal.

Dylan: Okay, you know, a new buyer like me's gonna have to pass inspection.

Christine: So you need to get close with his lieutenant. His name is Alex Dettmer. Okay, now, we don't know much about him. We do know he's the gatekeeper. So if you can get past him, you'll probably get a meeting with Fisk.

Dylan: I'll do whatever it takes to earn his trust.

Kevin: So that's it? He's out of here today?

Dylan: The sooner we get in position, the sooner we get this guy.

Christine: If this goes south, get out of there.

Dylan: Feds have been going after Fisk for years, right? If I blow my cover, how long before somebody else gets close to him again?

Christine: That's not the point.

Dylan: No, that is the point. Because if we don't nail him, there's gonna be more drugs, more drug addicts, and more body bags.

Christine: Dylan, do not take any unnecessary risks. That's an order. One of those body bags is not gonna be you.

Mariah: It's not like I did this just for revenge.

Sharon: Oh, really? Exposing Hilary at a fundraiser wasn't an attempt to destroy her publicly?

Mariah: Hilary is a human cockroach -- nothing can destroy her. I did a public service. She has pulled a million nasty tricks and gotten away with it. She turned GC buzz into trash TV.

Sharon: GC buzz was already trash before Hilary got there.

Mariah: Well, that's why Devon bought it, so he could turn it into something different, something less disgusting. But Hilary's ego fed on every internet comment. She got down and rolled around in the dirt, cackling the whole time.

Sharon: Cackling?

Mariah: Yeah, you didn't see her at work. The way that she gorged on the nastiness. It was like a zombie with brains. You saw what she did to Dylan's interview, the way she sliced it and diced it to make everybody look bad.

Sharon: Which is why you left. That's why you quit. You walked away from the show.

Mariah: Yes, but Devon pulled me back in. He told that Hilary wasn't gonna be a part of it anymore. And because I had the nerve to sit in her chair and do her job, she sabotaged me. Sharon, I could have fallen and hit my head on a blunt object and bled out.

Sharon: Mariah, do you hear yourself? You were better than her. Until you weren't.

Mariah: I was really supposed to let her get away with everything that she's done to this family. To you, to me, to Dylan.

Sharon: Well, Dylan doesn't need you to fight his battles for him, and for you to sink to her level...

Mariah: Devon needed to know what his wife was capable of.

Sharon: Devon's married to Hilary. I think he's seen her at her best and her worst. His marriage is his decision.

Mariah: Devon didn't have all the information. Now he does.

Sharon: What do you think he's gonna do with that information? Thank you for making this very personal issue now public?

Mariah: Sharon, I cannot believe that you are fighting me on this. Hilary attacked me with a lighting cord!

Sharon: I know. It was a terrible thing. It was cruel, it was dangerous, and --

Mariah: Thank you! Finally!

Sharon: Well, I know that you wanted to fight back. I understand that. But I'm not gonna tell you that you went about it the right way. I can't. Just because one person acts like a senseless idiot doesn't mean I'm gonna give you a pass to do the same thing!

Reed: And this is completely out of the blue. Mid school year. "Hey, family. Let's all move to Warsaw. No big deal." And Mom agrees. NBD.

Victoria: Oh, of course, I know it's a big deal, all right? But it's also an incredible opportunity, living in a different environment, traveling, being multi-lingual.

Reed: Yeah, and that's better than being in my own school, in my own country, on the same continent as my own mother?

Victoria: I understand, all right? I do. But it's just -- it's a little more complicated than that. I mean, is there a girl you don't want to leave, is it friends, is it sports? I mean, just what is this about, honey?

Reed: Maybe one big move in my life is enough. Here to D.C.?

Victoria: All right. I get that. But running away is just reckless and it's thoughtless. It's just not like you at all.

Reed: Maybe I am reckless and thoughtless, but you can't say that because you don't know me.

Victoria: Oh, come on. That's not fair.

Reed: Not anymore.

Victoria: Hey! Reed, where are you going?

Reed: Going for a walk. But, don't worry, I'm not leaving the state.

Victoria: [Sighs]

Sharon: And that mattered to you. A lot.

Mariah: Yeah. I guess that's all true. So, what, you think he's gonna hate me now? I don't know. Maybe you're right. Maybe he will. Maybe I have just screwed up the only job I've ever been proud of, maybe I've lost a friend, maybe the internet thinks I'm a joke. But what I do know is Hilary was toxic. She used and lied to Devon. And I feel like he needed to know the truth.

Sharon: Tell me the truth about what you did, exactly. It said a teleprompter online? But what does that mean? You scripted her dialogue?

Mariah: I wrote the truth. Hilary tripped me and she read it out loud for the entire room. As a result, she made a confession that she never would have made on her own. [Laughing] It was beautiful. Sharon, you should have seen the faces -- look. If I had told Devon myself, in person, Hilary would have just lied her way out of it again. "Oh, baby. Mariah's just jealous. Let's go to the hot tub and make out."

Sharon: But as far as you know, Devon and Hilary have already made up again. And the only person who's gonna get hurt by this is you.

Hilary: You're just waiting for my marriage to fall apart. You're waiting for Devon to turn on me. As it wasn't enough that you locked me up in a boathouse. Oh, because, I guess I survived. I got better. And I made a life with the man that I love. Your son. So, you want me to suffer. You want me to lose him, too.

Neil: Hey. You know damn well that isn't what I want. I want my son to be happy. Like he has been with you at times. You know there's been a hell of a lot of drama in this family, and you have generated most of it. Hilary, look around you. Look! Look at all this stuff! Devon gave you everything that's in here.

Hilary: He knows that I want to work, that I want to pave my own way, and he respects that. And -- that is exactly what drives you and Lily crazy! Devon is his own man, okay? And he never caves for either one of you!

Neil: You forget that I know you better than most people. I know your history. Losing your mother the way you did, the mistakes you made because of it, the mistakes that people forgave you for!

Hilary: People forgave me? You mean people like Lily?

Neil: Other people! Other people gave you a second chance!

Hilary: [Chuckles] Wow! You know who else got a second chance, Neil?

Neil: Who?

Hilary: You!

Neil: [Scoffs] Yeah.

Hilary: [Laughing] Yeah, I almost died because of you! But your son protected you! You are free because of the decisions that Devon and I made! So don't you dare stand there and be self-righteous with me!

Neil: Come on! More anger! That's it! Be angry at me! Be angry at the world. But you know something, lady? My son is out there somewhere because of you. Because you went too far. And this might be it. Yeah, you might have lost the best thing that ever happened in your life!

Stitch: Talk to me. What do we got?

Male. 28. Air-lifted from a car crash. In and out of consciousness. Multi contusions. No apparent fractures. His I.D. says Devon Hamilton.

Devon: Help! Help me!

We got someone still in the car!

Devon: [Grunts] Can you hear me? We got you now. We're gonna get you out of here, buddy.

Stitch: All right, move him with the monitors for ct scanning on the way to surgery. Type and cross him for two units of packed cells and hold them till his blood work is back. Get him into surgery, now!

Hilary: Why are you still here?

Neil: Because my son still isn't answering his phone. Is that okay?

Hilary: Well, you need to leave! Because Devon's gonna be home any minute, and this is between us.

Neil: Hey. My son has unlimited resources. He could be halfway across the world right now, or he could be down the street in a bar getting drunk because of you.

Hilary: He's not you, Neil.

Neil: No, he's not. He's his own man. A good man that you might have finally pushed to the limit. You could have seriously injured someone that he cares about. That was a vicious, petty thing that you did to her.

Hilary: Okay, okay, okay. It was a dumb thing to do. I shouldn't have done it. I wish I hadn't. But Devon, he is -- he's gonna be home soon. And if he is across the world, then he will call me and I will go to him, and we will work everything out like we always do. And it's between us, Neil. So, if you'll excuse me, I have a show to keep on the air.

Neil: You're going to work?

Hilary: Yeah, Devon re-hired me to host "GC buzz," so that's exactly what I'm gonna do.

Neil: Of course you are. You risked your marriage for that job.

Hilary: [Sighs]

Neil: Hey, lady. You better hold onto it. Looks like you might need it.

Hilary: [Scoffs]

[Cell phone rings]

Hilary: Hello? Yeah, this is she. What happened? When? Okay, I-I'll be right there.

Neil: What's going on? What happened?

Hilary: Devon was in a car accident. We -- we need to go.

Neil: What?!

Billy: They grow up fast. One minute it's water blasters, and the next, they're running away from home, freaking out the entire family.

Victoria: It's horrible.

Billy: In the grand scheme of things, he came running back to you, not los Angeles or some other place, and considering it doesn't snow there, that's pretty good.

Victoria: That's not the point, okay? And you're not his step-father anymore.

Billy: No, I'm not, but that doesn't mean I don't care about that kid. I'm not gonna cut him loose just because I was a lousy husband to you. Come on, I can help you with this, all right? You don't have to deal with it on your own.

Victoria: Yeah, because I -- I can't handle my own son. So, please, Billy, please help me.

Billy: Okay, how upset at me are you gonna be, on a scale of 1 to 10? Because, right now, it feels like about a 12, and I'm actually on your side.

Victoria: No, you're not. You're interfering in a personal thing between me and my son, and you don't get a vote, anyway.

Billy: Okay. All right. No opinion. I'm just gonna be a sounding board. No opinion. But I do have a question. What is so bad about Reed being here? He's your son. You hated the fact that J.T. got custody, and now he's back. You two can be together.

Victoria: Yeah. Sure. But J.T. has custody, you know? And we can't just go around breaking the rules whenever we want.

Billy: Like me? Are you saying we're alike?

Victoria: Oh, God forbid.

Billy: Okay, I'm gonna ignore that part, and I'm gonna be serious for one second. I know what it's like to be an afterthought in the family of origin.

Victoria: Well, Reed is not an afterthought.

Billy: Did J.T. tell you that they were gonna move to Warsaw? And I'm assuming that he expected Reed to just go along with the plan. Come on, Vick. The kid is in high school. In his mind, he's 10 minutes away from being an adult. He's gonna spread his wings, and he needs a safe place to land, and that's with you here, in this home. Right now, you can be everything that that kid needs.

Victoria: You think I don't want that? I didn't like it when J.T. took him away from me. I hated it. I'm like a visitor in my own son's life. I mean, I -- Reed is not an adult, so he can't make these decisions. He -- he got on a bus here without any money to get here.

Billy: Yeah.

Victoria: I mean, what was he thinking? And what if something happened to him? I mean, none of us would have known if we didn't know -- we didn't know where he was.

Billy: You're scared, okay? I understand that. I get that. But he's here. And he's safe. And he needs his mom. I think you should be there for him.

Victoria: Yeah, well, you're not being a sounding board. You're injecting yourself into the situation because -- [Sighs] Because you -- you care about Reed.

Billy: I don't think this is about me caring about Reed. I think this is about us getting a little bit too close last night. So let's talk about that, okay? Let's deal with that. Let's talk about what happened last night.

Sharon: Will you slow down and talk to me?

Mariah: So you can describe in great detail about Hilary and Devon making up and how I'm gonna be on the outside looking in. Well, news flash -- that's the story of my life.

Sharon: [Groans] Mariah. Hey. How many times have you talked me down, made me see reality? How many times you have tried to stop me from acting impulsively? I'm just trying to do that for you.

Mariah: I know. But you're too late. I already did it. And no matter how stupid it was, I just felt like I had to do something. I couldn't let Hilary get away with what she did to me.

Sharon: Okay. Next time someone hurts you, and there will be a next time in this world, just stop and think and then decide.

Mariah: You're right.

Sharon: Mm, for once.

Mariah: More than once. All right. No more hugging. I got to head out. But first, I'm gonna give patches an apple because then maybe somebody will think I'm a good person.

Sharon: You are a good person.

Mariah: Yeah, yeah.

Sharon: Okay, stay warm! I'll see you later.

Mariah: See you.

Dylan: [Sighs]

Sharon: So?

Dylan: I leave today.

Sharon: No! No! Today is too soon!

Dylan: The assignment is time-sensitive.

Sharon: Why? Where are you going?

Dylan: Sharon, you know I can't tell you for your own security.

Sharon: What about your security? How do I know that you're okay, that you're safe? Who's gonna look out for you?

Dylan: It's just how the job works. That's all.

Sharon: Let somebody else do it, Dylan. Please. Please don't go.

Hilary: Devon Hamilton. Do you know where --

He's in surgery.

Neil: Surgery?

Hilary: Is he gonna be okay?

Neil: What's happening?

Stitch: I got this.

Hilary: What the hell happened? What's -- what's happened?

Stitch: There was a car accident. Devon was unconscious when they brought him in. His condition is serious. We'll know more once his surgery progresses. They have to find the source of internal bleeding and fix it.

Neil: Where was he found?

Stitch: County highway, just outside Bristol.

Neil: What the hell was he doing out there?

Stitch: We'll ask him that when he recovers. But he clearly was going at elevated speeds. Troopers think it was 140.

Hilary: 140 miles an hour?

Stitch: Lots of icy spots on the roads. He careened off the road, and here we are. But now, it's up to the surgeon and to Devon. But he's alive. He's young, he's tough, and we're doing everything we can.

Neil: He never should have been in that car.

[Cell phone chimes]

Stitch: It's Devon's OR.

Hilary: Oh, my God.

Dylan: I'm gonna be careful. I'm gonna be cautious. It's okay. I'm not afraid.

Sharon: You know, that's what worries me, is that you're not afraid. You're not terrified. It's like you're numb.

Dylan: Well, maybe it's just because I've been there before.

Sharon: Or maybe you just need a distraction. You need to get away from this place, Christian being yards away and yet seemingly in another world at the same time. You know, when nick brought Christian over here for Christmas...

Dylan: It's just work.

Sharon: ...And then he said that there would be no more visits like this, I think your heart broke all over again.

Dylan: I'm not thinking about anything except for getting this bad guy off the streets.

Sharon: Because that's what happened to me, too. My heart broke all over again, too. Dylan, if you're taking this assignment and you're taking this risk because the pain is just too much... find another way to deal with it, please.

Dylan: Nick made his decision, and I can't do anything about that. But I can take this assignment. I can do my job. I can protect civilians. I can make the world a little cleaner and a little safer. I have to do this right now. I have to.

Victoria: Oh, my gosh. It's gonna leave a ring! I hate rings.

Billy: That's an excellent evasion technique because I know you don't want to talk about the kiss last night.

Victoria: [Sighs] What kiss?

Billy: Well, the almost-kiss.

Victoria: Almost is not a kiss, okay?

Billy: It would have led to a kiss if Reed didn't show up with his armed guard. We would have ended up on the couch here, waking up the neighbors.

Victoria: That is ridiculous.

Billy: Am I ridiculous? Well, probably. But am I wrong? Not so much.

Victoria: Yes, because you're just so irresistible.

Billy: Not to everyone. But you're not everyone. Okay, do I have to describe one of the most exhilarating, exciting, exhausting nights of my life?

Victoria: Nobody wants to hear about Jamaica again, okay, Billy?

Billy: [Clears throat] I can feel the energy. I can hear the sound. The tingling thrill of excitement.

Victoria: God, stop it. That's so inappropriate.

Billy: What's wrong with talking about the good days? No, no, let me be honest. The fantastic, the great days.

Victoria: Billy.

Billy: You know what I'm talking about, don't you?

Victoria: No, actually, I do not know what you're talking about.

Billy: That night that we stayed up all night at the arcade.

Victoria: What?

Billy: You remember. You wanted me so bad. You wanted to beat me so bad. Badly? Both of them. And you tried.

Victoria: I hate you.

Billy: That's exactly what you said that night, but you didn't mean it. And you cheated.

Victoria: How could I cheat on a video game? That's not how it even works!

Billy: Well, maybe not for most people, but you're not most people.

Victoria: I did not cheat, okay, but go ahead, go on. Hang onto your sliver of your damaged male pride.

Billy: Pride? Pride? No, no, no. These are skills, babe.

Victoria: Yeah, you have mad skills, don't you?

Billy: Furious skills, and you know it. We have chemistry, Vick. You know that. And that doesn't just go away.

Victoria: [Sighs]

Billy: Where are you going?

Victoria: Away from you, okay? Away from this whole thing. I don't want it anymore, Billy. Take my word for it. I don't want to go backwards again.

[Door opens]

Victoria: Oh! Hey! There he is!

Reed: It's freezing out there.

Billy: Yeah, welcome to Wisconsin in January.

Reed: I'm sorry. I shouldn't have taken off from D.C. and scared Dad. I shouldn't have lied to you. Basically, I apologize for everything I've done the last 48 hours.

Victoria: Thank you.

Reed: Mom, I don't want to go back. And I definitely don't want to go to Poland. I want to hang out with you and Katie and Johnny, and I just -- I want to stay.

Victoria: All right. I'll talk to your dad, okay?

Reed: Please talk. He'll say yes to you. He will.

Victoria: [Sighs]

Reed: I love you, mom.

Victoria: I love you, too.

Hilary: I didn't follow him. If I had, if I had -- [Scoffs] If I had found him, if he hadn't been... if he hadn't spent the night in some ditch somewhere. You. You stopped me. You're the reason why I didn't go.

Neil: Oh, yeah? Oh, yeah, that's rich. You want to pin this on me. You do, don't you? Pretend like you didn't chase him away with all your smoke and mirrors? You're petty, you're low, he saw it and he ran.

Hilary: Okay, just stop it. Stop! Okay? He needs us. He needs me, and I -- God knows I need him. Oh, my God, if anything happens to him, I can't -- if something happens... he has to be okay.

Neil: I understand. I understand.

Hilary: [Sobs]

Neil: I understand.

Sharon: It's like last time you went away. When you were testifying in that trial. Only this time, you're not gonna be able to call me. And this time, you're not just waiting to go into a courtroom. You're hanging out with dangerous criminals. So it's actually nothing the same at all. You know, if you could just call me every so often --

Dylan: I can't. I can't. I can't. It's for your own safety. There's no contact allowed.

Sharon: Well, what am I gonna tell faith?

Dylan: [Exhales sharply] Well, just, uh, tell her I had to go to work, that I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to say goodbye, and that I love her. Always. And I'll be thinking of her, and I'll be thinking of both of you.

Sharon: What? Dylan. Don't. I know you can't wear it when you're on assignment, but you can just keep it in your pocket or something, so there's part of me that's with you.

Dylan: You'll always be with me. Just keep it safe for me, okay?

Sharon: Dylan. Tell me that you'll be back soon. Tell me that you're coming home.

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Victor: Reed suddenly shows up on your doorstep? What's going on?

Lily: It is because of you that he was in that car! If he doesn't make it through, it is on you!

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