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Episode # 10820 ~ Jack forces Adam to pick a side in the Newman/Abbott feud, while Billy spirals out of control.

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Victoria: Chelsea. [Sighs] What's the big emergency?

Chelsea: I didn't mean to worry you.

Victoria: Well, you did. What's got you so upset?

Chelsea: Billy.

Victoria: [Sighs]

Chelsea: W-- wait, wait! Victoria, he's drinking.

Victoria: Yeah, I know. I'm well aware.

Chelsea: And he's gambling again.

Victoria: You should have called somebody else, Chelsea. If Billy needs help --

Chelsea: He needs you, Victoria.

Billy: I'll have a vodka, double, and, uh, keep 'em coming.

Summer: Oh, gosh. I-I can't deal with him tonight.

Abby: Billy?

Summer: Yes. I-I want to have fun. I don't want to hear him rant about grandpa and the whole Newman-Abbott mess, you know?

Abby: Yeah, but, um, I should still say hi.

Summer: Okay, you do that. I'm gonna be at a table far, far away from him.

Abby: Okay. Hey.

Billy: Hey.

Abby: How are you?

Billy: Well, I am about to be so much better.

Mariah: Here you go. Our signature drink tonight is a winter wasteland wallbanger. Any takers?

Abby: Sounds jolly, but I will pass.

Billy: [Sighs]

Abby: Should you be imbibing?

Billy: No, I should be drinking, which is what I'm about to start doing.

Abby: Billy, you already smell like booze.

Billy: Well, I did get the party started earlier. I was celebrating Jack firing me.

Abby: Yeah, my mom told me. She also told me that she quit.

Billy: Really? Well, well, good for her.

Abby: How could you say that?

Billy: Well, Jack fires me, and then ash bolts. He says he's acting to protect the family, and the family heads for the exits. That is hysterical. So, here is to my brilliant sister, Ashley.

Abby: [Sighs]

Ashley: Phyllis, hi.

Phyllis: Hi.

Ashley: What are you doing here?

Phyllis: Just came for my checkup. How about you?

Ashley: Uh, I'm here to see Ben.

Phyllis: Oh. Right, right. About the wedding.

Ashley: Yeah.

Phyllis: You know, um, wedding plans can wait long enough for you to express why you suddenly stepped down as C.E.O.

Ashley: You were there when I did the explaining to Jack.

Phyllis: I know I was there. And you offered up that vague excuse about pursuing other interests. Now, that was not much of an explanation.

Ashley: I'm busy with certain things.

Phyllis: Don't say that this is about Abby getting married soon. No amount of wedding prep would stop you from walking away from a job you've been fighting years to get.

Ashley: Phyllis, you always think you know me so well.

Phyllis: Well, I know you well enough that you're not telling me the whole truth. Now, what is really going on with you?

Luca: Yes! The offices I requested at Newman are ready. Let's go see them.

Marisa: Luca, it's so thoughtful of you to offer me this job, but I --

Luca: No, no, no, don't say you're turning it down.

Marisa: Well, after all the trouble I've had with Victor, I'm still worried about working at Newman.

Luca: No, don't be!

Marisa: If this causes trouble for you or for me, I don't --

Luca: It won't. The message has been heard loud and clear that the Santoris are to be treated with respect. Okay? So, no worries.

Noah: Guess I'm officially Newman's secret weapon.

Adam: Yeah, that's a good way to put it. Your job is to bring down Luca, all right, and get the Santori family out of our business.

Noah: Got it. Got it.

[Cell phone chimes]

Adam: Huh. Luca's actually on his way over here now.

Noah: Now? He's on his way over here now?

Adam: Oh, he's excited, you know, to see his new offices.

Noah: Sure.

Adam: Kind of a jackass that way. You know what? You should show him around, actually. You should show him his new offices.

Noah: You want me to show him his new offices?

Adam: Yeah.

Noah: Like an intern?

Adam: Yeah. Yeah, no, he'll get a kick out of the fact that you're so far down on the totem pole you got to show him around. You know what I mean? And be affable. Be nice. You know, your normal self. Show him your teeth. You got a good smile, right?

Noah: Get him comfortable enough that he eventually drops his guard. Yeah. Okay.

Adam: Yeah, and, you know, be on your best behavior with Marisa, too, okay?

Noah: Marisa's coming here?

Adam: Yeah, she's part of the deal. You're gonna reestablish a connection with her.

Noah: I mean, is that really necessary? Why -- why --

Adam: It's -- it's necessary because we're trying to bring down Luca, okay? We're trying to get some information that we can use against him.

Noah: I don't have a problem doing this to Luca. It's just that using Marisa feels a little wrong.

Adam: I understand what you're saying, all right? But you need to listen to this, though. The sooner we get rid of Luca, the sooner Marisa's gonna wind up back in your arms, okay? Okay? It's all right.

Noah: Mm-hmm.

Adam: All's fair in love and war. And business. All right? Welcome to Newman. You got this.

Kyle: I didn't even drop my bags off at home. I just came straight from the airport.

Jack: Then you got all my messages?

Kyle: I did, yeah. It was one shock after another -- the payout to Victor, Billy gone, Ashley gone.

Jack: It's gonna be challenging, no doubt about it, but it's also an opportunity for tremendous growth.

Kyle: Right, well, I'm here for whatever you need.

Jack: Well, good, because I'll be relying on you now more than ever, son. Starting right now.

Devon: Just thought you should know that dr. Neville is starting this drug research company.

Neil: Really? He approach you with that, too?

Devon: Mm-hmm.

Neil: Just do what I do. Tell him flat-out no.

Devon: Actually, I'm gonna invest in it.

Neil: You're -- why would you want to publicly get involved with that man?

Devon: 'Cause Hilary asked me to.

Neil: Why would she do that?

Devon: Because Neville's willing to expose you if he doesn't get what he wants.

Neil: So you're doing this for me?

Devon: Yeah.

Neil: Okay, that's not gonna happen. You cannot give in to this man.

Devon: Well, I don't have a choice.

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Devon: If I don't provide Neville with the capital that he needs, he's going to identify you as the person that kidnapped Hilary, and I can't let him do that.

Neil: I really don't deserve that.

Devon: Maybe you don't deserve it, but this is what I'm doing. We both made mistakes. We're in this together. And we just have to deal with it the best we can.

Dr. Neville: Well, I could sense the intensity from this conversation from across the room. Gentlemen. [Sighs] Well, Mr. Winters, I presume by now you've learned that your son has wisely consented to invest in my continuing research.

Neil: Yeah, I heard all about that. You better watch out. I'm gonna blow you out of the water.

Jack: Uh, get with Clifford's team. See what they've got in the pipe line. We may have to slow things dow--

[Cell phone chimes]

Kyle: It's just a text from summer. I'm supposed to meet her at the holiday party.

Jack: I need you to stay focused, Kyle.

Kyle: I am, dad. Just let me text summer back and then I can get right back to this, okay?

Adam: Do that. You should send her a really long text. It'll give your father and me a chance to talk.

Jack: What are you doing here?

Adam: [Sighs] I'm here to help. Considering you just gave my father a half a billion dollars, you can probably use all the help you can get.

Chelsea: I hate just throwing this on you, but it's sad to see him like that. I feel bad for him.

Victoria: You know what? Billy doesn't deserve your sympathy, and he sure as hell isn't gonna get any more of mine.

Chelsea: I mean, I-I understand that you're angry with him and you're disappointed.

Victoria: I'm done. That's what I am. I'm done.

Chelsea: Do you know that Jack fired him?

Victoria: Yeah, I know. My mom told me.

Chelsea: Billy is devastated. As much as he claims he doesn't need his brother's approval --

Victoria: Well, you know, maybe he should have thought of that before he pushed Jack so far that his own brother had to fire him.

Chelsea: I'm not blaming Jack.

Victoria: Are you blaming me?

Chelsea: No. Of course not. I'm just saying if Billy doesn't get help, if he feels like he doesn't have anyone else to lean on, this could turn ugly. I tried talking to him.

Victoria: Really? How did that go?

Chelsea: How do you think? He didn't want to talk to me. But maybe if you reach out, you can keep him from completely falling apart.

Victoria: No. Billy has to fix this problem on his own. I can't.

Chelsea: But you want to help him, don't you?

Mariah: I don't think nick is gonna make it.

Summer: Has he been in at all?

Mariah: I haven't heard from him.

Summer: He's just probably not in the whole holiday spirit. I mean, this has been a rough couple of months for him.

Mariah: Yeah, some party this is turning out to be.

Summer: Well, I am still celebrating my almost-birthday, so it's gonna be fun.

Mariah: You know what's crazy about your almost-birthday, snowflake? Is I almost care.

Summer: Ah! Thank you. You know, you're gonna miss out, 'cause it's gonna be -- it's gonna be a lot of fun. Kyle is c--

[Cell phone chimes]

Mariah: Is that Kyle?

Summer: Yeah, he can't make it. He's stuck at work with his dad.

Billy: So, jack's relying on Kyle now instead of me and ash? Well, that'll -- that'll be the salvation of jabot. [Scoffs]

Ashley: Okay, you want the truth? I'll give you the truth. I have another project that I have my eye on, Phyllis.

Phyllis: A project that means more to you than jabot?

Ashley: It's better for the company that I leave.

Phyllis: You think leaving Jack in the lurch is a good idea?

Ashley: He's a very strong leader. He has you by his side.

Phyllis: Okay, this was an impulsive move.

Ashley: What does any of that matter to you?

Phyllis: It matters because you didn't give your brother any notice whatsoever. You didn't give him a hint that you were looking elsewhere. You left him stranded.

Ashley: I didn't leave him stranded. And you know what? I'm doing this for me.

Phyllis: And I get that, Ashley. I do. And I respect that. But I am asking you to please think about this. If you need some time off, take it. Relax, recoup, and come back. Jack needs you. This company needs you.

Ashley: I'm sorry, Phyllis.

[Door opens]

Ashley: It's not gonna happen. I have to go. Excuse me. Ben. Hi.

Stitch: Ashley, you have every right to be mad at me for telling Abby what happened in the fire.

Ashley: Why didn't you let me know first?

Stitch: Okay, I should have cleared it with you first, but I needed to be honest with Abby before we got married. I hope you can understand that.

Ashley: I didn't appreciate being blindsided. But I understand why you did what you did, and I respect it.

Stitch: Thank you. That means a lot.

Ashley: Um... there's actually something I need to ask you.

Ashley: Do you know dr. Simon Neville?

Stitch: Sure. Why?

Ashley: I've just -- I've been doing some research on him, you know, online. It sounds like he's maybe a miracle worker.

Stitch: What he did with Hilary was pretty impressive, sure.

Ashley: Right. I know. So, do you think that was a fluke, or is he the real deal?

Stitch: [Scoffs] I mean, the man is brilliant, but, you know, he's unorthodox. He takes huge risks.

Ashley: Right. Well, sometimes when you're dealing with cutting-edge science, I mean, that's what you have to do to succeed, isn't it?

Stitch: Okay, wh-where is all this coming from?

Ashley: Abby told you I left jabot.

Stitch: Yeah, she's surprised by it.

Ashley: Well, I'm looking for a place to kind of channel my creative energy, and as it turns out, Devon is funding one of dr. Neville's projects, so...

Stitch: Okay, bad idea.

Ashley: Why? Is he difficult to work with?

Stitch: He's still being investigated by the police. Look, what-- whatever your reason for leaving jabot, you're better off back there than getting involved with dr. Neville.

Dr. Neville: Mr. Winters, why would you follow through with that threat? It defies logic. Exposing the truth would only land us both in prison.

Neil: Hey, do you know how close I was to telling the police everything? Do you?

Dr. Neville: By all means, what stopped you?

Neil: Devon didn't want me to incriminate myself.

Dr. Neville: It's mutually assured self-destruction. That's why you didn't go through with it.

Neil: You see, I'm more than willing to confess if it puts an end to this blackmail. Back me up here.

Devon: No, no, no. Just let me pay this guy.

Dr. Neville: There, you see? Even after everything he's been through, your own son thinks we should keep the story to ourselves. After all, it's for the greater good. And you, Devon, and Hilary get to continue with your lives, and thanks to Devon's generosity, I get to continue with my research. And eventually untold millions benefit from future medical breakthroughs.

Paul: Well, well, well. Dr. Neville.

Dr. Neville: Uh, uh, forgive me. [Chuckles] Have we met?

Paul: We had a long discussion about orchids when you were pretending to deliver flowers at the hospital.

Dr. Neville: Ah.

Paul: No need for pretense now. I know exactly who you are and exactly what you've done.

Noah: Hi. Uh, Victor won't be here tonight, I'm afraid. I'm sorry.

Marisa: [Clears throat] What are you, uh, what are you doing here?

Noah: Uh, I'm working here now.

Luca: Marisa leaves underground to work at Newman and suddenly you're doing the same? That's a little obvious, don't you think?

Noah: I'm sure it can look that way, I know. It's a little embarrassing, actually.

Luca: Oh.

Noah: The truth is, I've screwed up a lot lately with you, Marisa, with my family. And when I came to my grandfather to apologize, he decided to give me a chance while Newman is rebuilding to, um, to prove myself, my loyalty.

Luca: By working with me?

Noah: Uh, more like to do whatever work is required of me at Newman, like staying after hours to show you guys your offices.

Luca: And if we choose not to work with you?

Noah: Listen, uh, Luca, I'm really trying to impress my grandfather here, so I promise you my personal feelings are not gonna be in the way here.

Marisa: You really think you can put aside our differences?

Noah: I mean, I have to try, don't I? I assure you, both of you, I'm not gonna get in the way of your work. I'm not even high enough up on the food chain to do that.

Luca: Well... we all have to start somewhere.

Jack: Boy, you got a hell of a lot of nerve showing up here, thinking you can set things right. This company wouldn't be where it is right now if you hadn't unleashed paragon in the first place, never mind suggesting to your father to lob a civil suit on jabot and my entire family!

Adam: A civil suit was the best option, Jack.

Jack: For Victor.

Adam: For you. Considering the alternatives my father had in mind for you.

Jack: [Sighs]

Adam: Listen, uh, I understand the size of the blow that's been dealt to jabot, all right? That's why I'm here. I'm here to make amends. I-I-I'm willing to do anything. What do you want me to do? I can consult. I can analyze deals. I'm excellent at that. I can find new investors for you.

Jack: But you do all of it on the hush-hush, right? Because we don't want daddy dearest to know about this, 'cause you're not leaving Newman, are you?

Adam: No. No, I'm not.

Jack: Okay, you take your offer and shove it. The Abbotts will take care of their business. Your business is with Victor.

Billy: You know, you have gone from wild child to soon-to-be-married COO. Of Newman enterprises. You know, I have got to tell you, I am super proud of you. That is fantastic. And then there's me. I get kicked out of jabot and completely cut out of Victoria's life, so there's -- there's that.

Abby: Billy, you can turn everything around.

Billy: Yeah, you think so? Yeah. Yeah, I can, can't I? I'm gonna show them all, abs, right?

Abby: Yes. Yes, you will. But first maybe you should cut back on the drinking, like, completely. You know, some people are fun drunks. You -- yeah, not so much.

Billy: Got to tell you, abs, I am sick of being lectured today, so, you know...

Abby: Okay, no lectures. Just please let me take you home.

Billy: No need to worry. Ever since they revoked my license, I got the cab company on speed dial, so I'm set. Oh, hey, humbug, let me get another glass of, uh, holiday cheer here, all right?

Mariah: Uh, yeah.

Victoria: I do want to help Billy.

Chelsea: Okay, so then --

Victoria: But I have to protect myself, and I have to protect my children.

Chelsea: From Billy?

Victoria: I don't know from one day to the next which Billy I'm gonna get. Do you understand that? I don't know if I'm gonna get the man that I can trust to move mountains for me and the kids or if I'm gonna get the Billy that lies and gambles and cheats and wants to bring my father down more than anything else in the world.

Chelsea: I'm not saying let him move back in. I'm just saying maybe throw him a lifeline, maybe let him know that you believe in him.

Victoria: Do you really think that's gonna make a difference?

Chelsea: Yeah! Coming from you, absolutely. Those words coming from you, you -- you can get Billy back on the right track. Victoria, the kind of love that you and Billy have -- it is a rare thing. Isn't he worth fighting for?

Noah: There you have it.

Marisa: Thanks for showing us around.

Noah: You're welcome.

Luca: I'm very pleased with the space Victor's allotted.

Noah: Good. I'm glad. I'll pass that on to my grandfather. And, Luca, if there's anything else that I can assist you with, please let me know.

Luca: We certainly will.

Noah: Great. Okay, uh, well, if there's nothing left for tonight...

Luca: Oh, you have plans?

Noah: Oh, it's just -- it's a Christmas party at the underground. Yeah, look, I'd invite you guys, but I kind of feel like we've achieved maximum weirdness at this point, you know.

Luca: Indeed we have. You're dismissed, Noah.

Noah: Thank you. Good night.

Abby: I am so unbelievably happy to see you.

Stitch: Yeah? What'd I miss?

Abby: Well, it's summer's birthday, and she's bummed because nick can't make it, and then, well, her boyfriend might not be able to be here. And then, well, Mariah is Christmas Mariah.

Stitch: Oh, which is quadruple her usual grumpiness.

Abby: [Chuckles] At least. And then we got Billy over here, who's drowning his sorrows. And I keep looking at the door just freaking out, thinking that Victoria's gonna walk in any minute, see him, and completely lose it.

Stitch: Okay, well, did you call her, give her a heads up?

Abby: Yeah, I tried, but she didn't answer. You know, I'm thinking that this is why people hate the holidays. Not me, of course. Other people.

Stitch: Well, now I'm extra sorry that I was late. Hey, by the way, I-I just, uh, I just saw your mom.

Abby: Where?

Stitch: She was at the hospital. She was -- she was asking me about dr. Neville.

Abby: The quack that treated Hilary? Why would she care about him?

Stitch: She's thinking about going into business with him.

Abby: What? No, that's crazy. She belongs at jabot, and so does Billy. Look, once Billy gets his act together and uncle Jack calms down, he'll realize that that's where he belongs. Right now everyone's mad at everyone else, and they need to realize they are better together than they are apart.

Jack: Hey, order some dinner. We're in this for the long run.

Phyllis: Hey. I got a better idea. Why don't you take the night off, Kyle? Go to that party summer was so excited about.

Jack: Phyllis.

Kyle: That's fine. I can stay. I could help.

Phyllis: I know you guys have tons to do, but it's the holiday season. It's summer's birthday. You just got home.

Jack: Go have fun.

Kyle: Really?

Jack: Yeah.

Kyle: Thanks, dad. All right. I'll see you guys tomorrow at summer's official party.

Phyllis: Yeah. You're upset I just interfered with Kyle.

Jack: Well, I'm upset. Not at you and Kyle. At...everything. Jabot just lost half a billion dollars, I'm trying to rally the troops. I've just spent all day looking at the finances trying to come up with a plan to save this company, and... much as I hate to say it, I'm not sure I can pull this off.

Neil: Paul, are you arresting dr. Neville?

Dr. Neville: Oh, probably not. Why would he? I mean, an unknown benefactor, while shielding his or her identity, hires me to save a woman's life. [Chuckles] That's not a crime. It's something that should be lauded. And clearly Devon here agrees with me.

Paul: Is that so, Devon?

Devon: Well, I'm going into business with the doctor to help produce a new drug therapy for patients who suffer from neurological issues.

Dr. Neville: Well said. Yeah, I-I think I'll leave you to explain that to the chief. I've got some calls to make and start pulling my staff together. [Chuckles] I'm very excited about our collaboration. We're going to do great things.

Paul: [Chuckles] You know, I don't know what's harder to believe -- the fact that dr. Neville says that he doesn't know the person who hired him to take care of Hilary or the fact that, uh, you said he was going into business with you? Do you have an explanation for that, Devon? I'd like to hear it.

Devon: Paul, I don't believe Neville's story about the anonymous kidnapper, either.

Paul: You don't?

Devon: No. I don't. But I figure that if I go into business with him, I can gain his trust.

Neil: Yeah, Paul, I mean, we'll get the man to talk. It's one of our best options at this point.

Paul: I see. Well, if you, uh, discover anything that might be helpful, you, uh, you can always call 911.

Devon: You got it.

Neil: Hey.

Devon: Hmm?

Neil: You -- you are playing a dangerous game, right? You have a suspicious cop on one side and a loose cannon on the other.

Devon: I can handle it.

Neil: Yeah, I'll bet you can. Hey, what's going on over there?

Devon: Neville's been boasting to Ashley that he can save lives, and she's a scientist, so I guess it struck a chord.

Dr. Neville: To what do I owe this pleasure?

Ashley: I have a proposition for you.

Phyllis: You're just feeling overwhelmed.

Jack: Rightly so.

Phyllis: Unnecessarily so. You can save this company. I have no doubt about that.

Jack: Don't give me false encouragement, honey. I need you to be honest right now.

Phyllis: I don't do false encouragement. I'm being honest.

Jack: Then you're not seeing things the way I am. God, if ever there was a time I needed Ashley and Billy at the top of their form, this is it.

Phyllis: There are other options.

Jack: And not just for their expertise. Do you have any idea how their sudden absence looks to suppliers, investors, never mind competitors? I need them here for a united family front.

Phyllis: You have Kyle.

Jack: As good as it is to be working with my son, he's not experienced enough to work at the level I need. No, Adam's right. I-I need all the help I can get, and I don't have any.

Phyllis: Adam?

Jack: Yeah, he stopped by.

Phyllis: You listened to him after everything he put this family through?

Jack: I kicked him out of here, but between you and me, I could use a suit with Adam's skills. Maybe I can talk Ashley into not retiring.

Phyllis: That's not gonna happen. I spoke to her. She made it very clear she's not coming back.

Jack: [Sighs] What the hell am I gonna do?

Phyllis: Well, I am gonna leave you to mope or pout or iron that white flag so it looks good when you wave it.

Jack: Hey, red, wait. Look, I'm sorry I yelled, okay?

Phyllis: Not the apology I was looking for.

Jack: Wait, wait, wait. What does that mean?

Phyllis: You stand there, you bemoan about the fact that you don't have the family members with the appropriate expertise, but I am standing right here, Jack. Last time I checked, our marriage vows made me family.

Jack: You know I believe in your talent, I believe in your instincts. You know that. Okay, so how do we dig ourselves out of this one?

Phyllis: You've lost two executives. You are replacing Ashley as C.E.O.

Jack: So now all we have to do is get a new head chemist.

Phyllis: Which we've got. McNamara. Ashley trained her. She was her right-hand woman for many, many years. You give her the right amount of money, you give her a title, she --

Jack: She would jump at the offer.

Phyllis: Billy. He is easier to replace in r&D.

Jack: You?

Phyllis: Yes. That was my expertise pre-coma. Imagine what I can do post-coma.

Jack: But we agreed that the stress --

Phyllis: Was maybe a little too much when I first came back, but what about now? Who would be better than me?

Jack: Nobody.

Summer: Hey. I thought you couldn't get away from work.

Kyle: Well, you can thank your mom for that. She talked my dad into giving me the night off.

Summer: Yay.

Kyle: Yeah.

Noah: You know, I got to give it to you guys. You do a really good job about keeping your relationship out of the Newman-Abbott fray.

Summer: [Chuckles] Yeah, well, we've had a couple of heated conversations in the past.

Kyle: Yes, but we are determined not to let that come between us.

Noah: Hey, Kyle, uh, how is jabot doing now that Billy and Ashley are out?

Kyle: It's intense. My dad's giving me a lot of responsibility, but, uh, I'm ready for it. And that, my friend, is enough talk about work. I have to buy you your first official drink as a 21-year-old when the clock strikes midnight.

Summer: Like I'd forget that.

Kyle: Well, it's a big choice. You better choose wisely.

Summer: I always do. I chose you, didn't I?

Abby: Oh. Hi. Hi, sis! Hi!

Victoria: Hello. Hi.

Stitch: Hey, Victoria. How you doing?

Victoria: I'm good. How's nick? Where is nick?

Stitch: Actually, he's, uh, he's a no-show.

Abby: Yeah, and since we were basically here to just support him, there's really no point in us staying, right?

Stitch: Yeah.

Victoria: But, uh, well, you know, it is -- it's summer's birthday.

Abby: Oh, yeah, we can celebrate that tomorrow. This party is a bust, yeah. Let's get out of here.

Victoria: Abby, why are you trying to rush me out of here?

Marisa: We shouldn't have come here.

Luca: But the place I wanted to take you to was closed for a private party.

Marisa: Isn't there anyplace else?

Luca: Marisa, why brave the cold again if we can have a drink here? And if you're worried about Noah, he managed to be all right with us earlier, didn't he?

Marisa: It's not just Noah. It's everybody else.

Luca: Marisa, you shouldn't feel you have to hide from the rest of your friends just because you and Noah broke up. You did nothing wrong.

Mariah: Well, not so sure about that.

Noah: Hey, Mariah, uh, settle down, okay?

Luca: We just came here for a quick drink.

Noah: Yeah, yeah. Really, guys, it's fine. You know what? As a matter of fact, first round's on me, all right? Stick around. Please.

Mariah: Excuse me? But she's --

Noah: Excuse us. Mariah, come here. Please. Stay.

Mariah: Uh, of all of the bars in Genoa city, they had to come to this one? Really? Really?

Noah: Luca probably knows that I was here. It was his idea to come, okay? He's just trying to push my buttons.

Mariah: Okay, well, I'm gonna go push his buttons.

Noah: No, I'm not gonna let that guy get to me, okay?

Kyle: You mean the guy just waltzes in here with your ex like he owns the place. You're just gonna take that, Noah?

Noah: I can't afford to lose my cool right now, okay? We work together.

Summer: Wait. What?

Noah: I work at Newman.

Summer: Noah, why would you do that?

Mariah: You have been furious at Victor for trying to get Marisa out of your life, and now you're taking a paycheck from him.

Noah: You know what? The truth is, is Marisa broke up with me, and I have nobody to blame but myself.

Mariah: No!

Noah: Yeah.

Mariah: You can blame her, and you can blame Luca, because I do.

Noah: No, we're gonna play nice, okay? Nice.

Mariah: [Scoffs]

Noah: What?

Kyle: Who are you, and what have you done with Noah?

Mariah: What's really going on?

Noah: Look, I didn't want to admit it before, okay? But grandpa was right. I see it now. He was just trying to protect me.

Summer: By trying to run your life, Noah? Really?

Mariah: There's something that you're not telling us.

Noah: Just trust me. It's gonna work out just fine.

Stitch: Hey, Vick, um, we should follow Abby's advice and we get out of here. Okay. Maybe not.

Billy: Oh. That's great. You come to...kick me while I'm down?

Victoria: There's some things I'd like to say to you.

Billy: Hey, you know, how about -- how about you don't, you know, um, give me a hard time for having a drink or two... or three or... however many it's been? Why don't you just turn and walk away and leave me alone, all right?

Chelsea: Hey, I got your message.

Adam: Hey, honey.

Chelsea: Did you see Jack?

Adam: Yep.

Chelsea: Didn't go well?

Adam: Well, no, not really. He basically told me that I chose my own side, and then he told me to get the hell out, so...

Chelsea: Well, what did you expect?

Adam: Something a little more cordial than "go to hell," I guess. Hi.

Chelsea: I'm sorry.

Adam: [Sighs] Sorry, yeah, but you're not surprised, right?

Chelsea: Not really. Considering I attempted to help a member of the Abbott family tonight, as well.

Adam: Really? You talking about Billy?

Chelsea: He's a mess.

Adam: Well, what'd you do?

Chelsea: Call Victoria.

Adam: Good. You know, I mean, I think that's great. You let her deal with it.

Chelsea: Yeah, but Victoria said she doesn't want anything to do with him. Which I-I hope isn't the case. What? You think I shouldn't have butted in?

Adam: No, um, maybe. You know, I admire the effort, so...

Chelsea: Talking with Victoria made me realize something.

Adam: Yeah. We should mind our own business.

Chelsea: [Chuckles] No. That I can't take for granted what we have, not for one single second. We're so lucky that we're together again. We're so lucky that we -- we have another chance.

Adam: Luck, sweetheart? Really? Do you have any idea what it took for me to get back to you and Connor?

Chelsea: Well, we need to make sure we work on it and make the most of it always.

Adam: Well, every day, every hour, every second. I'm never gonna stop loving you, baby. I'm never gonna stop showing you how much I love you.

Chelsea: How about you show me now?

Adam: Okay.

Chelsea: Okay.

Victoria: I came over here because I wanted to talk to you. I wanted to give you a chance.

Billy: [Sniffs] Yeah? A chance to do what? Um, apologize for existing?

Victoria: You said that things were gonna be different, Billy. You begged me to give you another shot. I-I guess all of this talk about proving yourself to me and the family was just a bunch of crap.

Billy: No, no. It was true. It was all true. Okay, and I may be out at jabot, but I've got, you know, other irons in the fire.

Victoria: Yeah, bets, you mean. Chelsea told me you're gambling again, Billy. It's just ridiculous.

Billy: Yeah? [Chuckles] Sold me out, did she? Then come running to you?

Victoria: This isn't about her, okay? She was concerned about you. She thought that I should give you another shot --

Billy: Look, I told you, I don't want to talk about it tonight, okay?! I mean, you can't even let up at a damn Christmas party! God!

Stitch: All right, all right, come on, man. Time to go.

Billy: Don't -- just -- off me, stitch. Come on.

Stitch: Hey, hey. Just trying to take you home, man.

Billy: Home? [Laughs] Home. You know, I-I would like that, to go home, but, um, she kicked me out. But maybe that was to make room for you.

Victoria: Billy, stop.

Stitch: Hey, that's enough, all right?! Stop it!

Billy: Why? I mean, you know, you were there before. Maybe you were there, uh, keeping her -- keeping her bed warm, right?

Stitch: Okay, you know what? Stop! You understand?

Victoria: [Gasps]

Billy: [Chuckles]


Billy: Uh, it's okay, folks. You can move along. There's nothing to see here.

Stitch: Come on, man. Come on. Let's go.

Billy: Hey, hey. Hey. Hey. Come here.

Victoria: Don't.

Billy: I'm sorry.

Ashley: If I do say so myself, I'm an exceptional chemist.

Dr. Neville: I'm well aware. Your reputation precedes you.

Ashley: I think I'd like to be a part of your research team. I mean, if you are really on to something.

Dr. Neville: I am. [Chuckles] Yes. I-I promise you. I-I promise you, if you're serious, if you agree to work with me, you'll -- you will experience a level of fulfillment, satisfaction you've never known before.

Ashley: Will I?

Dr. Neville: Yes. [Chuckles] I'm speaking purely professional. I -- what I'm trying to say, very badly, is... I like to think what I do gives people hope. [Chuckles] What we could do together might just guarantee it.

Ashley: I like the sound of that. You've got yourself a partner.

Dr. Neville: [Chuckles]

Neil: I'm gonna come on board.

Devon: With what?

Neil: Your business deal. I'm gonna oversee the business end of it.

Devon: But you hate the guy.

Neil: All the more reason. He used Hilary to force your hand. Now he's drawing Ashley in.

Devon: Well, I'd like to put him on a one-way flight out of town.

Neil: He's not going anywhere. So you know what? We're gonna do the next best thing. We're gonna watch and wait.

Adam: What are you thinking about?

Jack: What -- what is this? I thought we were gonna discuss a business strategy.

Phyllis: Not until after the holidays.

Jack: Phyllis. [Sighs]

Phyllis: Hey, you said you admired my intellect, remember?

Jack: Among other things.

Phyllis: Then I strongly, intelligently suggest we close up shop. We need to get away, Jack.

Jack: Honey, we got a mountain of work to do.

Phyllis: Honey, this is gonna be good for you, for us. I promise you we will come back stronger than ever before.

Jack: On to other things.

Phyllis: Thank you.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Gwen: I'm one of the few people who really knows what happened at the boathouse. You owe me.

Jack: You're in business with this guy, the man who was hiding Hilary?

Dr. Neville: Not hiding. Saving.

Billy: Why are you here?

Phyllis: Redemption.

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