Y&R Transcript Wednesday 12/16/15


Episode # 10818 ~ Ashley is visited by someone from her past; Chelsea questions Adam about his pact with Victor; Hilary approaches Devon with an interesting proposition.

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John: Ashley. My beauty.

Ashley: Daddy.

Jack: Billy's a grown man. He brought this on himself.

Phyllis: Billy just lost his wife. You just yanked his job from him. I don't know is this is the time for tough love.

Jack: This is exactly the time for tough love. He just put in jeopardy everything my father built. You mess with this company, there are repercussion, even when you're family.

Phyllis: Oh, jack. He went after Victor. So did I. I gunned just as hard for him as Billy did. So, what? Does that mean you're gonna boot me from the company, too?

Jack: [Sighs]

[Cork pops]

Adam: Whoo!

Chelsea: Ooh!

Adam: All right. What are we toasting to? The holidays? A toast to our son? Us? We should toast to us, babe.

Chelsea: How about the fact that you came home from the office today.

Adam: I mean, you know, it's go-- it's good. It's, um -- it's good. It's not romantic. I like my toasts to have a lyrical quality to them. How about your beauty? We could toast to your beauty.

Chelsea: No, listen. That's what I'm saying is you coming home from the office today is romantic. It means we have a normal life after everything you've been through. We're just normal people having a normal life. I mean, not that you and I are really normal, by any means.

Adam: No, no, no. And don't say that again. Lightning will strike.

Chelsea: [Chuckles] It's good, though.

Adam: It is good.

Chelsea: And I'm happy.

Adam: I'm happy, too.

[Knock on door]

Adam: And I would have drank to that, but, uh --

Chelsea: You know what? It's probably sage. She's probably lonely next door. Victor. Hi.

Victor: Hello, Chelsea. How are you?

Chelsea: Good.

Victor: My boy.

Adam: How are you?

Victor: You're celebrating already? How did you hear?

Adam: How did we hear what?

Victor: The Abbotts have conceded defeat. Victory is ours.

Devon: At least Joe was smart enough to cop a plea with Christine.

Cane: Well, he admitted to extorting money from you and for framing me, so...he's gonna start his sentence immediately.

Devon: Out of state, too. He'll be out of our lives.

Lily: For how long?

Cane: Minimum sentence is six years.

Devon: You don't have to be afraid anymore.

Lily: Thank you. Thank you both. Just being alone with him in that cabin -- him blocking the door and the look in his eyes. It -- I'm just really grateful that you both showed up. I'm glad it's finally over.

Cane: We don't know if it is 'cause we don't know who took Hilary. We know it wasn't Joe. And Dr. Neville makes no sense. So there is someone else behind this, and whoever it is, we will find them.

Neil: How many times are we gonna go over this? Somehow, that medication you're taking is making you think that you're in love with me, but you're not in love with me. You can't be. You're in love with Devon. You married Devon, and I refuse to come between you two. You got that?

Hilary: There is nothing to come between, Neil.

Neil: I can't do this.

Hilary: Then why did you even come? You could have said all of this over the phone.

Neil: I came here because you texted me to come over. That's why.

Dr. Neville: Actually, I sent you the text. Hello, partner. Long time, no see. Mrs. Hamilton.

Sage: Sorry. There's not much in the pantry yet.

Nikki: Oh, please. Don't worry about that. This is lovely. I just wanted to see how you're settling in. But we do miss you at the ranch.

Sage: I can't go back there, Nikki.

Nikki: Well, you know, sometimes healing is easier when you're not alone.

Sage: Well, I'm not alone. I mean, not all the time. And nick's not alone, either. We're both doing what we have to do.

Nikki: Well, I don't know. He seems a little lonely to me, just pained. And I don't say that to make you feel guilty. I just think that Nicholas feels things more deeply than he's willing to talk about.

Sage: I know. Right now, this is where I need to be -- away from nick and all the reminders. Sharon's doctor agrees.

Nikki: Really?

Sage: Mm-hmm.

Nikki: Living here, in this apartment that you used to share with Adam? She's okay with that?

Sage: Chelsea and Adam have been very wonderful to me -- supportive and non-judgmental. Chelsea even invited me to her son's preschool pageant. Guess she knows I'm not gonna burst into tears, so I guess that's progress.

Nikki: Well... that's very convincing. But I know better.

Sage: Nikki, I don't mean to be rude, but I'm really not okay with one more person thinking that they know how I feel about this.

Nikki: Honey, I do know how you feel. I lost a baby -- a perfect, beautiful baby that should have had a wonderful life. It leaves such a hole in your heart. You need love to heal that, maybe even the kind of love that created the child to begin with.

Adam: You know, I told jack to let it go, let Billy take the fall for what he had done.

Victor: Well, fortunately for us, he declined to do so.

Chelsea: A $500 million settlement? Can Jabot even survive without that capital?

Victor: It'll be pretty tough. Adam knew how to get to jack. He threatened to sue Jabot.

Adam: Well, I appreciate your faith in me.

Victor: That's why I brought you onboard. I trust your instincts.

Chelsea: Well, um, it's awesome. Congratulations, Victor. You finally have what you've always wanted. And I finally have what I've always wanted, which is my husband back home.

Victor: Yes. He's at home. And look how beautifully you have decorated this whole damn place. I mean, that's beautiful. Look at that.

Chelsea: But, you know, I just mean now that you don't need him at Newman enterprises anymore, so... mission accomplished. I mean, wasn't that the deal? Adam's out of a job now?

Victor: Well, what he decides to do in the future -- that's his decision.

John: You look a bit pale. And I know why.

Ashley: Daddy, I know why you're here. You're disappointed in me, aren't you? Because I let Victor decimate Jabot.

John: Mnh-mnh. The business is not my priority. You and your siblings are. But I really have to talk to you. Ashley, you have to admit what's wrong here. Honey, it's the only way.

Ashley: I want Abby to marry Ben. You know that, right?

John: Yeah.

Ashley: I want them to get married. I want them to be happy. I want them to get on with their lives.

John: I see. So, you fainted because of your daughter's love life. I don't think so.

Ashley: Well, I'm happy we agree on that.

John: You know, you are a woman of science, and you know what this is.

Ashley: I mean, it's -- it's low blood sugar. And I-I'm stupid. I should be carrying a protein bar with me all the time, every day.

John: No, no, no. You're not gonna find it in there. Now, remember who you are. You are a fighter. You're not a quitter.

Ashley: How am I a quitter? Why are you more concerned about me than you are Jabot, daddy?

John: Because you are. And with good reason. I love you.

Ashley: I love you, too, daddy.

Ashley: Oh.

Jack: You and Billy are completely different issues.

Phyllis: Oh, really? We both were after the same plan to bring down the black knight. You just banished him from the Jabot kingdom. Wh-why not me?

Jack: Billy is a danger to himself and to this company right now.

Phyllis: Oh, evidently, so am I. So, should I just go back up my box of things or...?

Jack: No, he just sucked you into his plan.

Phyllis: Because I am such a weak-willed person who doesn't know her own mind?

Jack: No, because he exploited your pain and anger.

Phyllis: Nobody exploits me. Not anymore.

Jack: You didn't want the world to know about Marco, so I settled with Victor. It was the only way to get out of this.

Phyllis: You paid Victor money after what he did to me, to us.

Jack: No. That payment was for the sake of our privacy and to keep my brother out of prison. Now that he's in the clear, I don't have to put up with his complete lack of self-control.

Phyllis: But you'll put up with me? Because you pity me? Because you feel guilty or you -- you need to protect me for some reason?

Jack: You're damn right I do. And I don't apologize for that. Phyllis, we are married. You're my wife.

Phyllis: And that's what this is all about. I am your wife. We took vows that we were gonna stand by each other all the way, but you didn't even make it to our wedding night!

Dr. Neville: I want you to follow my finger without moving your head. Well done.

Neil: Doc, are you out of your mind coming here?

Dr. Neville: Not at all. I'm just checking on a very special patient... who, according to what I read, received some first-class medical care by me.

Neil: Yeah? Is that right? The cops -- if they find you here, they're gonna arrest us both, probably Gwen, maybe even Hilary.

Dr. Neville: Except that's not gonna happen, is it? Well, Mrs. Hamilton, I can't thank you enough for everything you've done for me, for what you said about my work, your recovery in your interview. I mean, thanks to you, some people think I'm a miracle worker. I am touched. I mean, it's all true, but I'm touched. And I'm sure you are, too, considering she didn't out you as the man who had her stashed in a boathouse. You really should get rid of that canoe. I think there are things living in it.

Hilary: Okay, you both saved my life. And I would tell anyone that.

Dr. Neville: Well, I have a lawyer standing by just in case the D.A. Gets frisky. And, of course, it goes without saying -- I won't mention anything if you don't. Right, partner?

Neil: [Chuckles] Yeah. There is no partnership. Hilary has recovered.

Dr. Neville: Oh, no. She's done more than that. She's recovered and the word is out there. That's fantastic. It's an opportunity to change things for both you and me. If I'm a hero, you can be, too. That article means I'll be published. If I'm recognized as a visionary, there will grants, there will be patents. But that dream needs to be subsidized. The world is changing, Mr. Winters, and what I need is a grateful and motivated investor.

Neil: You picked the wrong guy to blackmail. You've been paid already. Now leave town.

Dr. Neville: [Chuckles] I thought you of all people would understand. Appreciate. Obviously, you don't. That is a crying shame. Mrs. Hamilton...thank you.

Hilary: Why didn't you just give him the money? You know he can out you whenever he wants.

Neil: You think he's going to incriminate himself in the process? Never gonna happen, Hilary.

Hilary: Well, what if he's just trying to help other people like me? He's the reason I have a second chance... to get things right.

Neil: You don't need to be grateful to Neville or to me. Good night.

Devon: I have to respect Hilary's decision. So, no, we're not going to search for anyone else. She just wants us all to move on with our lives.

Cane: Look, I understand that. The rest of us feel the same way. But whoever took her put all of this in motion, and without that, I would not have been framed, I would not have been arrested. There is someone still messing with us, and we are still paying for this.

Devon: I understand that. We are all in this. But Hilary's the one who lost the most in everything. Okay? And if this is what she needs to move on with her life, then so be it.

Lily: Yeah, but has she moved on? I mean, she's still clinging to dad, living in the past. That's not a marriage. Neither of you deserve that.

Cane: Well, if you've made up your mind, there's nothing I can say to convince you, so excuse me.

Devon: You okay?

Lily: He doesn't want to forgive me.

Devon: Maybe he just needs time.

Lily: It's not gonna change anything. He basically said that at the cabin.

Devon: Yeah, but, lily, you and cane love each other. There's always hope.

Lily: You love Hilary. Where's your hope?

Devon: That's very different. 'Cause, like I said, you and cane love each other. Hilary doesn't love me anymore. So it's -- you know, when you try to be with someone who doesn't want to be with you, it's just more pain waiting to happen.

Phyllis: I'm sorry for that honeymoon comment.

Jack: No, no, no. Don't ever apologize for that. If I could erase what happened, believe me, I would.

Phyllis: We both have been affected by what Victor did. He had you he-held hostage by a crazy woman who told you I was dead, and now you have to feel guilty because you did what it took to get your life back.

Jack: No, I have blood on my hands. I deserve my guilt.

Phyllis: But that's what this is about. You were coming back to your loving wife, and who was there? It was me, oblivious because I got sucked in by that pig. I mean, God, jack, you have to resent that -- that I swallowed the lies and the explanations.

Jack: We both have pain and rage and guilt and shame, but we have each other. We are here now. I am here with you, for you. We've been so far. We can go farther. But I need to know you're with me.

Ashley: Hey. Jack's right. If we let this tear us apart, then Victor wins.

Sage: You were with jack Abbott? Ma-maybe that's why Victor doesn't like him.

Nikki: Oh, well, there are many reasons why he doesn't like him, but that is definitely one of them. Jack and I were happy. The pregnancy was going so smoothly. Baby was healthy. There was an accident.

Nikki: Damn it, Victor, will you please listen to me?!

Victor: I'm not gonna listen to you, okay? I'm gonna talk to my daughter. Now, leave me alone!

Sage: Victor was there?

Nikki: Yeah. I went into labor. But it was too soon.

Nikki: The baby's dead?

Jack: He was just too tiny.

Nikki: [Crying] No! Oh, God. A b-- a boy that you always wanted. Oh, my God. I'm sorry. Oh, God help me. I'm sorry, jack.

Nikki: [Sniffles]

Sage: You weren't with your son just like I wasn't with Christian.

Nikki: No. And that haunted me. I felt so lost. Of course, jack blamed Victor.

Sage: You and jack didn't make it.

Nikki: Honey, the point is when I say that I know what you're going through, I really do. Something like that changes you, and it changes your relationship. But that doesn't mean that you can't move forward with Nicholas. He loves you so much. He needs you.

Sage: Maybe what we have -- what we had wasn't strong enough to begin with. You and jack weren't meant to be. And maybe Nicholas and I aren't meant to be. Not every story has a happy ending.

Victor: You know, Adam can leave Newman enterprises any time he chooses. But I'm sure he'll take on something challenging, something bold and risky.

Chelsea: But not too risky.

Victor: Your husband is a chip off the old block. And we don't do anything halfway, now do we, Adam?

Adam: Mnh. We did have a deal to bring down paragon, restore some of the revenue that we had lost at Newman.

Chelsea: Uh, right. But that's over now.

Adam: It's over. Yeah, no, that's done. But, you know, now we have to use that revenue and rebuild Newman, make sure the world knows that Newman can't be defeated, right? That we're back. I mean, that's a -- that's a hell of a task.

Chelsea: But then, you know, when does it end?

Victor: Well, that's the point, Chelsea. It doesn't end. There's always a challenge, always something to be overcome. And that's what we're like. That's what makes us tick. That is what unites us. Cheers.

Devon: Hey.

Hilary: Hey. May I join you?

Devon: Yeah. Of course you can. Is everything okay? Is your suite all right?

Hilary: Yeah. No. It's fine.

Devon: Are you here for dinner? I can tell the chef it's you. He'll make you anything you want.

Hilary: No, I don't want dinner. It's something else, and I think you might be the only person who can help.

Devon: Whatever it is, name it.

Hilary: Will you, um, invest in Dr. Neville's research?

Devon: [Sighs] Why would I invest in someone who should be locked up?

Hilary: I'm alive because of him. I have my memories back because of him.

Devon: You probably would have had your memories back a lot sooner if you were in a hospital with a real doctor.

Hilary: You don't know that.

Devon: Hilary, the only reason I didn't say anything was to protect you.

Hilary: And your father. You don't want Neil in prison any more than I do. And Dr. Neville -- he only cares about his research.

Devon: So, he's blackmailing you? He's blackmailing all of us?

Hilary: No. Not in so many words. But you met him. You know him. He's unpredictable.

Devon: And that's exactly the kind of guy I'd like to be in business with.

Hilary: But he's also brilliant, okay? And this research means a lot to him. It means more to him than somebody else's freedom.

Devon: The guy's a creep. But he'll get his money. Just...tell him to call me.

Hilary: You're a good man, Devon. Thank you.

Devon: You're welcome.

Victor: Well, may this be one of many such Newman celebrations.

Chelsea: We can only hope.

Victor: Nice to see the two of you together. Okay? And by the way, tell Connor that Santa got his e-mail, you know?

Adam: [Chuckles]

Victor: And he will not be disappointed Christmas morning.

Chelsea: No, he won't be. He finally has his dad home, so...

Adam: There you go.

Victor: I'm happy for all of you. And I'm gonna say hello to sage. Apparently Nikki's visiting, so...

Chelsea: Oh.

Victor: ...I'm gonna check in.

Sage: Good. I'm glad, actually. She needs as much support as she can get right now. We've been trying to help her, but...

Victor: When I think of what she has lost, what she has gone through, she needs all the support and love we can all give her. Anyway, goodbye, sweetheart.

Chelsea: Bye.

Victor: [Smooches] Son.

Adam: Dad.

Victor: I'm proud of you.

Adam: You hear that? Proud of me. That's really something, huh?

Chelsea: Oh. Now you're talking. You didn't have much to say before Victor left other than the fact that you would be happy to stay at Newman enterprises?

Adam: Well, yeah. You know, I was overwhelmed by the old man's good cheer. You know?

Chelsea: Adam, if I had a drink of champagne every time he used the word "family," I would be passed out by now. You know he does that intentionally just to get to you, right? And -- and it works.

Adam: It's not done for my benefit, babe. He -- he -- you know, that's just -- that's how he talks. He talks that way. You know that. Family all the time.

Chelsea: But isn't that why you're staying at Newman? For his attention, for his affection, to feel like you're finally part of the family?

Adam: Babe, that's not a bad reason to stay at a job.

Chelsea: Just like that? You inflict paragon on him even though it completely risked me and Connor, and suddenly all is just forgotten and forgiven?

Adam: Look, it's hard to hold a grudge against somebody who got you out of a prison sentence. Look across the hall, all right, at sage. She's mourning the loss of a child. She's having marital problems. Look at us. I'm not stupid. I know what I have. I got you. I got Connor. Quite frankly, that's all that matters to me.

Chelsea: It's more than that, Adam. Victor has some hold on you. It's a thin line between love and hate, so... which one is it?

Victor: So, uh, why aren't you back at the ranch?

Sage: Victor, Nikki already tried that.

Victor: Well, if you don't want to move back, that's okay.

Sage: I'm good being here right now.

Victor: This is your old place, right? I mean, right across from a man you used to call Gabe.

Sage: It's helpful to have friends nearby.

Victor: Especially considering what you've gone through. And I guess you have some difficulties in your marriage to nick right now.

Nikki: But Nicholas loves sage.

Victor: You know, we Newman men are driven. We go after things. Sometimes we do it in a ruthless manner. One could call us self-centered. Very difficult to have relationships that last.

Sage: But nick has tried. Victor, it's me. I take responsibility for this.

Victor: Well, if you want to move somewhere else, you have my support.

Sage: Are you trying to get rid of me?

Jack: Victor hasn't won anything but some money. We have Jabot. We have family.

Phyllis: Minus your brother, who has just been fired. I mean, between that and the money, Victor's just dancing on john Abbott's grave.

Ashley: I think my father would have other priorities right now, Phyllis.

Jack: What does that mean? And why do you look so pale?

Ashley: Oh, I'm sorry. Maybe losing half a billion dollars doesn't exactly put color in a person's cheeks. But, you know, Jabot isn't really about capital, is it? It's about...passion and focus and the collective will of everybody involved, right?

Phyllis: That's your reaction to Billy being fired? Because you could actually reverse that decision as C.E.O.

Ashley: Well, I trust jack. As a matter of fact, I trust the two of you together. I think you can do what dad did, you know? I think you can rebuild Jabot again.

Jack: Yeah. The three of us can work together and make this happen. Yeah.

Ashley: Well, you're gonna have to do it without me, Jackie. I'm stepping down as C.E.O.

Jack: You're resigning?! I realize this Victor thing has been a really big mess, but take a vacation. Take a sabbatical.

Ashley: Jack, it's the best thing for me and it's the best thing for Jabot if I step aside, okay? I'm out.

Phyllis: Is this about Billy? Is this about me?

Ashley: No, no. And I'm gonna stay on the board, but the day-to-day -- I'm just not interested in it anymore.

Phyllis: Well, what about co-CEO.? Jack needs you.

Ashley: But he's got you, Phyllis. And I mean this with all sincerity. You both have so much passion and... you have a lot of brains, and you -- you can make this company great again.

Jack: Whoa, whoa, whoa. And what are you gonna do with your time? Wedding planning?

Ashley: [Chuckles] No, I think I'll find something to do. [Sighs] Dad would want this. Okay?

Jack: Okay, no, no, no. It's not okay. Something's wrong. Tell me what it is. We'll make it right.

Ashley: Look --

Jack: Don't make any decisions that you're gonna regret.

Ashley: I love you. This is the best thing, okay? Okay.

Victor: Why would I want to get rid of you?

Nikki: Victor certainly didn't come here to upset you or to convince you to leave.

Victor: Of course not. I mean, if you want to move, that's your choice. You can go anywhere you like. I'm just suggesting, in case the two of you don't find a way back to one another, then I'm there to help you. I mean, this is not the place for you to continue living in, is it? You lived a lie in here. You were married to Gabriel Bingham in here.

Sage: But that's over now, Victor, and Adam and Chelsea are happily married. It's very reassuring to see that. You don't have anything to worry about.

Victor: Okay, well, just know that if you need help, I'll be there to give it to you. Okay?

Nikki: We're both here for you. And if Victor is right, if this place turns out to not be a good fit, there is always room for you at the ranch. Okay? Now, we're gonna get out of your hair and say good night. You take it easy.

Victor: All right, sage. You take care of yourself, okay?

Sage: Okay.

Victor: Here we go. I'll take it.

Nikki: Thank you, darling.

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Adam: Let's get back to romance, all right? I'll -- I'll grab two new glasses. Let's do that, okay?

Chelsea: No, I mean it. I mean it. What -- what does Victor have on you?

Adam: Sweetheart, not every interaction with my father has something to do with blackmail, okay?

Chelsea: Okay. Does this one?

Adam: [Sighs] What do you want to hear? Sweetheart, you want to hear that you're right? You're right. Okay? You're right. It's like what you said in the hospital room the other day. I didn't want to accept that my father was reaching out to me. Ever since I found out that Victor Newman was my father, I've been on the outside looking in. I'm in the circle now. I'm in the circle. He wants me in there. And quite frankly, I think I've earned it. You want me to admit that I care? I care. You were right.

Chelsea: I just think that you can gain Victor's respect and approval without having to be his right-hand man. I mean, what have you said to me for so long? You've said for so long we need to have a life separate from Victor.

Adam: Yeah.

Chelsea: So, let's do that. Because, Adam, when he doesn't shine his light on you, there's darkness, and it scares me.

Adam: Babe, I don't need Victor Newman shining his light on me to survive, okay? I have this wonderful life. You -- you have your company free and clear. We don't need him there. I've got Connor. I've got you. We've got -- I know it's important, okay? I'm not gonna let anyone ruin that, and that includes me.

[Knock on door]

Chelsea: [Scoffs] Victor. It's like we summoned him by saying his name three times.

Adam: Just -- I'll tell him we're out of champagne, okay? Hold on.

Sage: Hi. Sorry to bother you.

Adam: What's wrong?

Chelsea: Let me guess. It has something to do with Victor Newman.

Hilary: Yes, Doctor. No, he is very interested in investing. It's the number that I texted you. He's expecting your call. Please. This will help a lot of people.

[Knock on door]

Hilary: Hey. If you changed your mind about investing --

Neil: No. Never. Never. I, uh -- I just hope that Neville runs far and fast. You know? Anyway, I didn't come here for that. I came here to apologize. I shouldn't have accused you of trying to get me alone in your room. I know that Neville -- he set it all up. I know that.

Hilary: I don't mind. See, I can admit that. Can you admit that it feels right to be alone with me?

Neil: Do you see what's happening? We're going around in circles here.

Hilary: Okay, yeah. You feel guilty.

Neil: Yeah, I do. I do feel guilty.

Hilary: What, about protecting me? Hiring the man who saved my life?

Neil: That never would have happened if I hadn't chased you to the islands on your honeymoon and shown you that video.

Hilary: None of this would have ever happened if I never came to Genoa city to blame you for my mother's death. But you forgave me. Okay, and your forgiveness turned to love.

Neil: Maybe you were grateful. Maybe you cared about me. But you fell in love with my son, and my son is still in love with you.

Hilary: It should have always been you.

Neil: [Sighs] This was a mistake. We can't keep doing this. Hilary, come on. No more time together, please. I got to go.

Hilary: You could have said that over the phone, too. But you didn't.

Lily: Hi.

Cane: Hey.

Lily: What's that?

Cane: It's the, uh, twins' schedule for the next few weeks. I mean, since they're going on vacation and, you know, holidays, the, uh, carpool won't be an issue. Would it be all right with you if I come over Christmas morning to see them open presents? Would you mind doing that?

Lily: Uh, how early? 'Cause I'm sure they'll be bouncing off the walls before the sun's up.

Cane: Well, I can come over before then.

Lily: And you're just gonna leave again?

Cane: Well, if this doesn't work for you, maybe we could change visitation scheduling or something.

Lily: No. I-I want you to stay.

Cane: No, I can't do that. It's not gonna happen. Anywhere, there's the schedule.

Lily: No, Cane. I-I... I just meant for the holiday. I want the kids to have one last magical Christmas before we tell them that our family's not gonna be the same anymore.

Cane: I don't think that's a good idea. You know, I think we should be honest with them, you know, straight up from the beginning.

Lily: I'm not asking for a lot. I just want to give them one last time together as a family. Just help me give them that.

Cane: Okay. We'll have one last Christmas together as a family.

Lily: Thank you.

Chelsea: So, what did Victor do now?

Sage: I'm not even sure that it happened. I think Victor just told me to leave town.

Sage: Well, he's very good at that. It usually comes with a big, fat check, though.

Sage: Yes. He -- he offered me whatever I want. He said that the Newman men are self-absorbed and always manage to move on. He said that you and nick are alike in that way. What does that even mean?

Adam: Well, it means he's a maniac, sage. He's a maniac that has to control ever single tiny little thing in this world. Listen, don't even deal with him anymore, okay? In fact, the next time he comes over, I don't want you to answer the door.

Chelsea: Thank you for showing up, my real husband. The Adam who adores Victor was starting to freak me out. So, why did you lie before?

Jack: It just wasn't like Ashley.

Phyllis: Well, honey, maybe it's about Abby's wedding. You know, her baby girl's all grown up.

Jack: Yeah, maybe. But resigning. Maybe after the wedding, she'll change her mind. I did appreciate her faith in us, though.

Phyllis: Yeah. We're gonna get through this, honey.

Jack: There's no one I'd rather get through it with.

Victor: Well, now, that warms the cockles of my heart. My goodness. All that love knowing full well you're poorer than a church mouse.

Hilary: That's all I needed to know. You still want me. And soon, you will admit it to yourself and everyone else.

Dr. Neville: Mr. Hamilton. Dr. Simon Neville. I appreciate you -- do you mind?

Devon: Hilary wanted me to meet with you, so here I am.

Dr. Neville: Your wife is an exemplary woman. She's strong, brave, and she's a devoted ally, which is exactly what I need now -- allies for my research. And if you're so inclined, I've brought some notes on some clinical trials --

Devon: I don't care what you have. My father could go to prison if you talk. So, for his sake and for Hilary's, I'm gonna cut you a check for your research, and then you're gonna leave my family alone.

Dr. Neville: [Chuckles] That's the, uh, easiest pitch I ever gave. Thank you.

Devon: And since they don't exactly have contracts for this type of agreement...

Dr. Neville: [Chuckles] To earthshaking medical breakthroughs.

Ashley: I'm sorry. Excuse me. Oh, hi. Uh, Ashley Abbott. What kind of earthshaking medical breakthroughs?

Dr. Neville: Uh, well, the kind that people spend their whole life looking for. I'm sorry. Miss -- miss --?

Ashley: Oh, Ashley Abbott.

Dr. Neville: Dr. Simon Neville.

Jack: Suddenly I prefer to eat at home.

Phyllis: You know, it is so wonderful to know that you have so much of Jabot's money. What is it? A third of what your kids sued you for? It's amazing the kind of bond you have.

Victor: Isn't it? I love your fighting spirit, Phyllis.

Phyllis: Yeah. You have Jabot's money. Is that filling that little black hole where your heart would be?

Nikki: I just want you to know that I regret how things were handled.

Jack: Thank you, Nikki. Jabot will be fine. We've been down before. We've fought back before.

Victor: I'll make sure that I find room for some of your former employees.

Phyllis: Billy and Ashley are already gone from Jabot. No one's gonna thank you for trying to destroy our company. So if you choke on a piece of steak, good luck on finding someone to give you the Heimlich.

Jack: That's a nice visual. Shall we?

Victor: You have a nice evening, you two. You know, I was gonna have fish, but I think I'm gonna have a good, juicy steak.

Nikki: Yeah. I'll be you are.

Adam: Just because I work with my father doesn't mean that I've all of a sudden become delusional, you know, a-and forgotten what he stands for, what he does to people. This is what he does, sage. He chases people away from our family, okay? And what I'm telling you is stop dealing with him altogether. Let me deal with him, okay? Now I'm -- I'm gonna go take care of my son. I'm gonna check on him -- the one Newman man who no one has to be warned away from.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Chelsea: Sage moving across the hall from us is a huge mistake.

Marisa: I'm quitting my job here, Noah. I'm going to work for Luca.

Luca: What's this?

Victor: I'm paying your family's investment back plus interest.

Luca: It doesn't work like that.

Victor: [Chuckles]

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