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Episode # 10817 ~ Jack reaches his breaking point with Victor; Stitch is forced to tell Abby about his feelings for Ashley; Nick opens up to Sharon.

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Stitch: When Ashley and I were together, trapped in that fire, I... we shared a moment.

Abby: Okay, um... a moment. Um... what -- what kind of -- of moment? Like -- like a -- like a sex moment? Did you have sex with my mom in the rubble?

Stitch: Abby, okay, this is-- it isn't about sex. But I told your mother I loved her.

Ashley: You don't have to do this, Jackie.

Jack: I want him to pay.

Ashley: But what cost?

Michael: You ready? Let's go. All right, everyone, please.

Victor: You stop him right now, okay? He thinks by telling the truth, he'll be a hero. If he reveals the story about Marco, this will bring ruin to all of us.

Phyllis: Sounds to me like somebody's really afraid to spend the rest of his life in prison.

Victor: I know you would love to see me behind prison walls. But if I go, so will your husband.

Phyllis: Victor, I tried to stop him, okay? I did. But apparently he is all about the truth. So, if I were you, I would pack a bag and get out of town.

Victor: You know that's not gonna happen. That's ridiculous.

Jack: As you may know, jabot and Newman enterprises have been under siege by a computer virus. The full story of destruction, though, cannot be told in balance sheets or quarterly reports or facts and figures. I've called this press conference to tell you the whole story.

Sharon: And, sully, what do you want Santa to bring you for your first Christmas? [Chuckles]

Faith: You always talk to him and ask him questions.

Sharon: Well, yeah.

Faith: He can't answer.

Sharon: Well, I did the same thing for you when you were his age. It's good for babies to hear people talk to them. It helps their brains grow when they hear language.

Faith: Oh. It helps him?

Sharon: Absolutely. [Chuckles]

Faith: You think if I had talked to baby Christian, he wouldn't have died?

Sharon: No. No, sweetie. That was -- that was just something else. Have you been thinking about Christian?

Faith: Yeah. I never even got to meet him. But I loved him. I would have been the best big sister ever.

Sharon: I know you would have. And it's okay to be sad. I'm sad about it, too. But you have this baby brother who loves you very, very much.

Faith: I wish Christian were here. But I'm so glad we have sully. We're really lucky, aren't we, mommy?

Dylan: [Clears throat]

Billy: Just one more chance. Just one. I'm begging you, okay?

[Knock on door]

[Door opens]

Nikki: Hi, darling! Don't you just love this time of year? I can feel the joy in the air.

Billy: Yeah. Oh, hey, you, uh, you want me to take those from you?

Nikki: Thank you. Yes. Thank you.

Victoria: Weren't you just on your way out?

Nikki: Oh, oh, Billy's leaving?

Victoria: Yeah, well, something came up.

Nikki: And I'm right in the middle of it, aren't I?

Billy: Something did come up, Nikki. Um... my future, my life with Victoria, it's all up in the air.

Victoria: Billy, now's not a good time.

Billy: You know what? That's not true, 'cause now is the perfect time. It's Christmas. It's -- it's about faith, it's about family. You and I got married once on Christmas eve, and I'm believing in us, okay?

Jack: I'm very proud of jabot cosmetics, a company my father started that our family carries on to this day -- respecting his vision, cherishing, protecting his legacy, and doing our very best to emulate the integrity for which our father was well-known. John Abbott was a very courageous man. His high ideals, though, were sometimes difficult to live up to.

Michael: It's okay. I'm here.

Phyllis: I can't believe he's doing this to me, Michael.

Jack: Sometimes courage is as simple as not being afraid to shine light on the truth, no matter how painful, no matter how detrimental to business as usual. Then again, sometimes... ...sometimes courage is about facing adversity head on with dignity... and grace. Something I learned about from my wife. I apologize. There will be no announcement today. Hey, hey. What the hell do you think you're doing?

Victor: The press came to hear a story today. I have a hell of a scoop for them.

Victoria: Christmas or no, you've lied to me for the last time. I can't do this anymore, Billy. I won't do it. Why don't you just leave before the kids wake up?

Nikki: Why don't I go up and check on the children?

Victoria: No, mom, there's no need. Billy was on his way out.

Billy: A chance, Vick. That is all I'm asking.

Victoria: I have given you so many chances. More than I can count. And we always end up right back here with you asking for more chances. So, no more.

Billy: Look, I did. I lied to you, and I admit that. And I am so sorry for that.

Victoria: I asked you to your face if you were planning something against my father, and you lied to me repeatedly. You said no.

Billy: Don't let my mistake ruin what we could have. Victoria, look at me. I love you. And I love our family. And I know how much happiness we could have. Come on.

Victoria: You should have thought of that when you were lying to me, maybe on your way to the casino or playing the cards or gambling the horses or, oh, let's please not forget the DUI., Billy.

Billy: Oh, no, no, let's not forget the DUI., Right, 'cause that is unforgivable -- all of it unforgivable. But your dad, who has you arrested on our wedding day and pits you against your brother and your sister and lies to you at every turn -- oh, and there -- there's some whoppers in that collection, aren't there? That's all fine, right? 'Cause that's dear, old dad. He gets a fresh chance every time. Answer me this, Victoria. How can you have more faith in Victor than you do in me?

Victoria: Okay, let's not drag my dad into this, all right?

Billy: How can I not? It's impossible. The man has his hand in every aspect of our lives!

Victoria: You see, that's our problem. You hate my father more than you love me and the children, and that's why we're done, Billy!

Billy: Want to take a shot, Nikki? Go ahead.

Nikki: I have no right to say one word.

Abby: You're -- you're in love with my mom?

Stitch: No. No, no, no, no, I'm not. Definitely not.

Abby: But -- but -- but you just said that...

Stitch: No, no. Listen. Listen to me. Hold on. I said the words. At the time, I thought we were gonna die. You know, I didn't mean it.

Abby: But -- but you said it.

Stitch: Look, there -- there was -- there was a lot of smoke. Not a lot of oxygen. Ashley and I were trying to stay alive, wondering if we were gonna make it. We just -- we just had a connection.

Abby: Yeah, a love connection.

Stitch: No, it was -- listen to me. It was -- it was -- it was a moment, okay? But what you -- the way I feel about you, this is forever. You and I are forever.

Abby: Hmm. Except -- except for that -- that moment. Yeah, are there any other moments that I should know about? [Sniffles]

Stitch: I love you. And I want to respect what we have. I want to start our life together with no doubts and no shadows.

Abby: Oh, my God. [Sniffles] Does my mom believe you? Does she think that you're in love with her? Is that why she's so -- so into this wedding, making it happen so fast? Because she wants to be the bride? Is my mom in love with you?

Ashley: This is not good.

Phyllis: What the hell is Victor up to?

Jack: Walk away, Victor. Consider yourself very lucky the truth did not come out today.

Victor: I'm indeed feeling very lucky. Jack Abbott is giving up. Wouldn't be the first time.

Jack: I had more than myself to look out for. People I care about were involved. But you wouldn't understand that.

Victor: I understand completely. You capitulated on all fronts, didn't you? Wise decision. And thank you for the $500 million that you invested in my company. Now let me tell me you, the public the good story. I guess my former partner disappointed you because he had promised a good story to tell. But I have a hell of a story to tell. In spite of the devastating fire that brought down Newman towers and in spite of the even more devastating virus that penetrated our computer system unleashed by ruthless, unconscionable competitors, Newman enterprises has now just accrued enough money to restart its business. And we shall soar right back to the top where we belong.

Sharon: Faith has really been looking forward to decorating the tree at Victoria's.

Faith: And the cookies.

Dylan: Oh, there's the cookies. One-track mind, kid.

Sharon: Thanks for taking her.

Faith: Oh, I have to get my reindeer apron.

Dylan: Well, I got to run, all right? I'll be at the coffeehouse if you need anything.

Sharon: Okay.

Nick: See you, bud.

Dylan: See you.

Sharon: Um, so what you walked in on earlier, faith really loved Christian, and she's sad. She misses him. And I'm sorry if that was awkward.

Nick: No, it's not awkward at all. You know, there's... there's nothing awkward about missing people you love.

Sharon: How you doing?

Nick: Sage moved out.

Sharon: Oh. I'm sorry.

Nick: Yeah. I've been on the other side of it, you know. After Cassie died, I... I left you, our marriage.

Sharon: I'm really sorry that you're going through this. No one should have to grieve the loss of two children in one lifetime.

Nick: Doesn't get any easier. I'm trying to be a better man. I want to treat sage better than I treated you.

Sharon: You're one of the best men I know, Nick. But even the best men aren't immune to feeling pain from loss of people they loved.

Faith: Mommy, I can't find my apron.

Sharon: Okay, we'll look together. I'll be right back.

Nick: Okay.

[Sully fussing]

Nick: Hey. Hey, hey, hey. Come here. Okay. That's okay. Come here. Oh, that's okay. Oh, that's okay. Hi. It's okay. I know. It's okay, buddy. This is supposed to be the time of sweet dreams and happily ever afters, you know?

[Sully crying]

Nick: It's okay. It's okay.

Stitch: Your mother is not in love with me, okay? She doesn't want to marry me. It's -- it's nothing like that.

Abby: Maybe she didn't say those actual words, but -- [Sniffles] But she has feelings for you, doesn't she? You guys slept together.

Stitch: Once.

Abby: Maybe she hasn't gotten over it. Maybe this whole time, she's had a thing for you. Oh, my God. I cannot believe that those words just came out of my mouth.

Stitch: Ashley does not have a thing for me.

Abby: [Sniffles] You know, I've noticed something between you two. A weirdness. [Scoffs] Now it all makes sense. Unless you're gonna deny it. But since we're all about truth and honesty...

Stitch: Okay, yeah, it -- it -- it's been awkward at times, but Ashley and I are good. She knows how much I love you.

Abby: When you proposed to me, she said, "oh, it's too soon," that we hadn't been together long enough and that I had -- I had a bad track record. Translation -- I was gonna mess this up. No, not this time.

You messed this up. You and my mom.

Stitch: Okay, nothing is messed up, abs.

Abby: Hmm.

Stitch: Okay? I just -- I'm just trying -- trying to be honest.

Abby: Yeah, yeah. Straight to the heart. Thank you so much.

Stitch: Okay, I didn't tell you this to hurt you. I told you this so I'd get it right! Build our marriage on honesty!

Abby: Marriage? [Scoffs] What marriage? You think there's gonna be a wedding after this?

Jack: No comment.

Phyllis: Thank you. Thank you.

Ashley: I'm so relieved. Jackie, what changed your mind?

Jack: I don't know. I-I knew I had the truth on my side, but I saw my wife and I realized sometimes it isn't as important to beat your enemy as it is to protect your loved ones.

Victor: Meanwhile you saved yourself years behind bars.

Ashley: Jack saved you, too, Victor, but he's not gonna hold his breath and wait for a thank you.

Michael: All right, jack. Where do you and jabot go from here? I can respond to the Newman lawsuit this afternoon.

Jack: No, no lawsuits, no fighting. We go with Ashley's deal. $500 million. And the lawsuit is dropped.

Phyllis: Jack, jabot can't take a hit like that.

Jack: We will be challenged. No doubt about it.

Ashley: It's not gonna be the first time. We can do this together. You know, Victor, just because you got money in your pocket does not mean you've won.

Victor: You're not the victims here. You came after me. You're the predators. You're lucky I accepted this deal. Otherwise I would have taken you to court, each and every one of you.

Ashley: Are we done here?

Jack: Spare us your little Victory lap here, okay? Michael, draw up a contract. In return for cash, Victor agrees not to pursue criminal or civil charges against jabot or any of its officers regarding paragon.

Michael: Whatever you say.

Jack: It ends now, Victor. No more wars, no more blood. I'm done with you. My family is done with you.

Victor: You just remember one thing. I will always protect my family and my company.

Jack: You will always protect your ego and your family be damned, and everyone knows that. You think you won? You have no idea what you lost.

Victor: [Chuckles]

Victor: Michael, I would like you to draw up the agreement and then submit it to me for my signature. And once I put my name on it, I expect the funds to be transferred to a Newman holding account.

Jack: Enjoy snuggling up to your cash register, Victor.

Victor: You bet I will. Meanwhile, I'm gonna celebrate with my family.

Ashley: I can't believe I have to plan a wedding with that man.

Jack: Ashley, would you help Michael with the language? I am done with that man.

Ashley: I know that this payoff definitely puts jabot in a precarious situation. But it's only temporary, jack. You did the right thing.

Michael: Yeah, a half billion dollars worth of the right thing.

Jack: I would pay any amount of money to have that smug bastard out of our lives. [Sighs]

Sharon: You two getting to know each other?

Nick: Oh, yeah. He's a good-looking boy.

Sharon: [Chuckles] Sorry. I thought he would be asleep for at least a few more minutes.

Nick: No, it's fine.

Sharon: Maybe he just wanted to spend some quality time with his uncle.

Nick: Your uncle Nick is looking forward to spending lots of quality time with you, bud. Yeah.

Dylan: Hey!

Stitch: Hey.

Dylan: Want some coffee?

Stitch: I'm good.

Dylan: No, no, you need some coffee. I've been living on coffee these days. You know, sully's up all hours of the night, so you're gonna drink some coffee with me. Your -- your Godson's a night owl, by the way.

Stitch: Like his dad.

Dylan: [Chuckles] Yeah. You add the holidays to the mix. I mean, look, if Santa married Sharon and me, I mean, where do we go from here but full-out Christmas madness, right?

Stitch: You got married?

Dylan: That's it right there. I couldn't wait any longer. Spur of the moment. Paul was there dressed as Santa. I mean, you know, he did the honors. It was -- it was perfect.

Stitch: Congrats, man.

Dylan: Thanks. What's going on? You afraid you're not gonna get everything on your list this year?

Stitch: I'm afraid the only thing I'm gonna get for Christmas is my engagement ring back.

Abby: Mom.

Ashley: Hi, honey. Sorry I don't have any time to --

Abby: No. Why did you lie to me about stitch's almost last words in the fire?

Ashley: What?

Abby: No, just please -- just answer the question.

Ashley: I don't really remember what was said.

Abby: No, stitch told you that he loved you. [Sniffles] Not me. He was honest with me, so now it's your turn. No more lies. Do you love Ben?

Nikki: Listen, I have done more than my share of damage while under the influence, things I can never take back or make right. So I'm certainly in no position to judge you.

Billy: I remember that talk that we had once, comparing our addictions -- your vodka rocks and my trifectas.

Nikki: It's 'cause we feel threatened, we're scared, we feel unloved. And so that's where we go. Our safe place. Sadly, it's not really a safe place for us or for anybody who loves us. That's why when you're ready, there is help out there.

Billy: [Scoffs] Nikki, the only help that I need is Victoria back by my side. That's all I want. Hey, you remember when my gambling was starting to get out of control? You -- you talked to Victoria. I mean, that could have ended us, but it didn't because she listened to you. Do you think -- do you think maybe you could talk to her again and, um, you know, nudge her my way?

Nikki: Billy, this is not your addiction this time. You attacked her father on a grand scale, and then you lied to her. You have hurt her very deeply, Billy. I don't know if there any forgiveness left.

Billy: Don't say that, okay? There has to be. Nikki, there's got to be, and I will find a way to make this up to her and everybody else that I've hurt.

Victor: Well, now, good luck with that, Billy boy. You just single-handedly brought your family down to its knees.

Billy: You did this to my family.

Nikki: Listen, guys, it's Christmas. The kids are upstairs. Can we please keep the peace?

Victor: I did this to your family?

Billy: Yeah.

Victor: You want to destroy me. You ended up destroying your own family. Thanks to you, a large infusion of cash is coming my way because your brother saw the light.

Billy: Jack settled? He...he swore he'd never do that.

Victor: I bet you $500 million he did.

Billy: You must have backed him into a corner. That's the only way he would have caved.

Victor: You backed him to a corner, Billy boy. You're responsible for the downfall of your family!

Billy: Merry Christmas, Victoria.

[Door opens]

Victor: Good riddance.

[Door closes]

Victor: Well, now... was this made for Billy boy? I love it. Mmm. It's good.

Phyllis: I know how important it was for you to be honest and get out from under your conscience.

Jack: Yeah, what kind of man would I be? What kind of husband if -- if I cleared my conscience at your expense?

Phyllis: $500 million. That's -- not so sure that deal works in your favor.

Jack: I love you. I love our life together. If I'd revealed the truth... there would have been no going back. You were right. It -- it would have damaged us.

Phyllis: Jack, if I just trusted you, if I trusted your instincts how to handle Victor, I don't know --

Jack: Do not apologize. What you suffered at Victor's hands was unspeakably wrong. You wanted justice. I understand that.

Phyllis: The choice you made to protect me might decimate this place.

Jack: As long as you're not decimated, I'm gonna be just fine.

Nick: Sharon, he is amazing. I'm thinking I'm gonna learn a lot more from him than he's ever gonna learn from me.

Faith: Reporting for cookie duty.

Sharon: You sure are.

Faith: Who do you think sully looks more like? Mommy or Dylan?

Sharon: You know, I'm having a hard time figuring that out myself. What do you think, Nick, in your unbiased uncle opinion?

Nick: [Sighs] You know, I'm not sure. But I think he's gonna get the very best of both his parents.

Stitch: Well, I had the great idea to tell Abby that I told Ashley I loved her when we were trapped in Newman tower.

Dylan: Hmm.

Stitch: Look, I didn't want to start our life together with any secrets between us.

Dylan: Doesn't sound like the truth worked.

Stitch: Abby took off. Not too good.

Dylan: Well, I mean, for all the honesty that you hit Abby with, your feelings for Ashley were real. So where you at with that now?

Stitch: Whatever I felt for Ashley, it's... it's over.

Dylan: Well, look, I'm rooting for you and Abby to be happy. But I've learned from experience when you have those big feelings like you had for Ashley, you can't just turn it off.

Stitch: I know what I want, Dylan. A life with Abby. I made my choice. She has to make hers.

Abby: Ben wants us to have an open, honest relationship. [Scoffs] The kind of relationship that I thought that I had with you.

Ashley: You do have that with me, Abby.

Abby: Really? Yeah, 'cause when I told you that Ben and I were engaged [Sniffles] I told you, and you basically waved it off. You made me doubt myself, doubt our relationship.

Ashley: I'm sorry.

Abby: Is that because you wanted him for yourself?

Ashley: No, honey. I-I was happy for you.

Abby: Yeah. So happy that you practically pushed us down the aisle. [Scoffs] Is that because [Sniffles] He'll officially be off the market? Is that why? Or is whatever's going on between you gonna continue?

Ashley: Honey, there is absolutely nothing going on between Ben and me. You have to believe that.

Abby: Then why are you so crazed about us getting married so quickly?

Ashley: I just want you to be happy.

Abby: Do you feel guilty?

Ashley: Okay. You want the truth? I'm gonna tell you the truth.

Abby: [Sighs]

Ashley: When Ben and I were trapped in that fire and we were measuring our future in minutes, we did say some things to each other. But we thought we were gonna die. You have to understand this, Abby, because Ben and I, we care about each other, but you and Ben love each other. And I think you have the kind of love that can last a lifetime. And I want that for you. And it's right there in front of you. I want you to grab it, because you never know when you're gonna get this chance again, Abby.

Abby: So that's why you want us to get married so quickly?

Ashley: Yes.

Abby: It's because you want me to be happy?

Ashley: Yes. I want you to be happy. That's my ulterior motive.

Abby: But the wedding happening so soon with the Newmans and the Abbottts at war...

Ashley: Honey, the Newmans and the Abbottts are gonna be at war the day after the sun falls out of the sky. I mean, you could look for a million reasons to put it off, or you could just go for it. Ben loves you. And I know that he can make you happy.

Stitch: You're damn right I will.

Victoria: Hi!

Faith: Grandpa!

Victor: Well, my goodness, my goodness, my goodness! Aren't you as pretty as the sugarplum fairy! My goodness.

Nikki: Come here, love bear.

Victor: Look at that. So, are we gonna trim the tree and then later on you put some goodies onto the cookies? What do you think?

Faith: I have my special reindeer apron.

Nikki: Oh, boy!

Victor: I love that. You're so sweet.

Victoria: Let me get your coat.

Nick: Hey, mom.

Nikki: I can't believe you're gonna act like a bomb just didn't go off in this room.

Victoria: Why don't you run into the kitchen and check out the cookies and see if you can get inspired for decorating, huh?

Faith: Okay.

Victoria: Okay.

Nick: What's going on? Or do I want to know?

Victor: Just an impressive business coup, son. Let's not talk about business. Let's celebrate the holiday.

Nikki: "Impressive business coup"? Like you didn't just almost bankrupt jabot.

[Doorbell rings]

Victoria: Oh, hi, Michael. We're having a party. Would you like to join us?

Michael: I won't be long. I just need a signature to ensure that Victor doesn't pull an even more questionable move than usual.

Victor: Have a cookie.

Phyllis: Jabot will have to restructure. If we have to close some divisions, we can.

Jack: Let's not talk business, okay? Christmas is just around the corner. I feel like celebrating, celebrating us, celebrating our marriage, our future.

Phyllis: I love the sound of that. I do. But I'm not so sure I made Santa's "nice" list this year.

Jack: How about I help you make his "naughty" list? Oh, I think I can feel the Christmas spirit coming on.

Phyllis: [Laughs]

Billy: Thought you might be here.

Jack: You heard.

Billy: [Scoffs] Half a billion makes a lot of noise. I just -- look, I wanted to say I'm sorry for my part in all of this.

Jack: Your part? As if you're fractionally responsible for what happened? This was your brain child, Billy. This was your big idea.

Billy: Jack, I never thought it would escalate --

Jack: No, you never thought. You never do. You just act first and then apologize later. Well, somehow the apologies never seem to make up for the damage. Do you have any idea the harm you did to this company, to our family again?!

Phyllis: Jack. Okay.

Jack: You outdid yourself this time, Billy! Victor is dancing on our ashes. Our father is rolling in his grave. All thanks to you.

Ashley: I told her, Ben, that the only thing you and I share is our love for her.

Stitch: I'm gonna do everything I can to prove that.

Abby: [Scoffs] Like another serving of honesty? I don't know how much more of that I can take.

Stitch: Yeah? Well, there's more of that where that came from, because you are smart, beautiful, passionate. Nearly dying in that fire made me realize how much I wanted to live, how I want to live every day of my life with you.

[Cell phone chimes]

Ashley: Oh, uh, excuse me. I'm sorry. I got to take this. I love you.

Abby: I love you.

Stitch: I'M... I am sorry. I'm so sorry that we kept anything from you. I'm sorry that -- that telling you hurt you. It was the last thing I wanted to do. But I promise no more secrets, okay? Only honesty, love, bubbles, and mint chocolate chip ice cream. [Chuckles] And the good kind, not that crappy store brand. If you'll still marry me.

Abby: Okay. Okay, yeah. Let's do it.

Billy: I'll make this up to you. I will.

Jack: A half a billion dollars, Billy?

Billy: Yeah, whatever it takes.

Jack: Pack up your office. Get out of this building.

Jack: So that's it? I'm fired? We're done?

Jack: You will always be an Abbott. You will never work in this building again.

Billy: Look, jack, I'm --

Jack: I don't care where you go, really. Hell, wherever you go, it'll probably blow up. Only this time, I will not pick up the pieces! No, you have hurt this family and this company for the last time, little brother.

Phyllis: Billy.

Jack: Don't follow him.

Phyllis: Jack, come on. You didn't have to cut him off like that. He just wanted someone to talk to.

Jack: It doesn't have to always be you.

Victor: Just remember. Billy Abbott is responsible for all this.

Michael: Now we're done. The money will be transferred.

Victor: All right.

Victoria: Michael, would you, uh, like a cup of cider before you go, Christmas cookie?

Michael: I thank you for the offer, but I really don't have the stomach for it. Uh, besides, I have a Christmas surprise to plan for Lauren.

Victor: Give her my best.

[Door closes]

Nikki: So, what was that about?

Victor: Well, it's just that Michael Baldwin and I took different sides of this rather controversial issue, and one day he will know all the details and he'll remember that we basically respect each other.

Nick: I wouldn't be too sure about that, dad. Things seemed a little frosty there.

[Cell phone chimes]

Victor: They did, didn't they? Oh, yeah. $500 million is being transferred to my account right now. I think it's time to celebrate.

[Cell phone rings]

Ashley: Hi. Okay, so the money went through without a problem? Right. Thank you.

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