Y&R Transcript Monday 12/14/15


Episode # 10816 ~ Phyllis worries about her secret being exposed; Noah pushes Marisa towards Luca; Billy drops the ball with Victoria.

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Abby: So, we've picked a date, and we have compromised over the color scheme.

Stitch: And by "compromise," we mean I let Abby decide everything -- except for the shoes. Well, I'm wearing a suit, but my feet got to be comfortable.

Abby: [Laughs] He still thinks that he's gonna wear sneakers. Yeah. No. It's never happening.

Stitch: No? It's bad?

Abby: No. Okay. What's going on? You two have been giving each other death stares since you got here.

Victor: We were discussing your wedding plans. Let's stick to that, all right?

Abby: Great. It's another round of Abbotts vs. The Newmans. What's the fight about this time?

Victor: My sweetheart, let's not get in to it.

Ashley: We might as well just tell her. She's gonna find out eventually.

Abby: Find out what?

Ashley: Your father... has decided to sue jabot -- more specifically, me.

Abby: What?!

Ashley: Merry Christmas.

Abby: Okay. Dad, I am COO of Newman. How could you not tell me about this? What is the lawsuit about?

Victor: Your father's trying to recoup the money that was stolen from him by the Abbotts.

Abby: Well, there must be some other way to get back what they owe you.

Victor: I'm afraid not.

Michael: Victor has done some unbelievable things in his time, but he had you kidnapped and replaced by a drug lord -- this Marco Annicelli?

Jack: Yes.

Michael: And Marco Annicelli hooks up with detective Harding, and he is involved in -- in Austin and Courtney's murders?

Jack: Yes. He admitted to both before Victor had him shipped back to the Peruvian prison.

Michael: So Marco pays for his crimes, and yet you let Victor off the hook. Why, after what he put you and Phyllis through?

Jack: Victor threatened to tell the authorities about the people who died when I escaped and made my way back here.

Michael: You actually killed people?

Jack: No, no. But people did die in that boat explosion when Marisa and I escaped. As for Kelly... I don't know what happened to Kelly. That doesn't look good.

Michael: Foreign justice systems can be very tricky.

Jack: I didn't mean to harm anyone. I only did what I had to do to survive.

Michael: And Victor's been holding that over your head?

Jack: You bet he has. Well, no more. I tried to make peace with him. That bastard thinks he can get away with anything he wants to my family and I'll just stand by. I'm done.

Michael: What are you planning to do?

Jack: I'm going to admit to everything I did and expose Victor for everything he did at a press conference today.

Phyllis: What?!

Mariah: Here are the rest of the decorations. I think that we should put them up before the Christmas shindig tomorrow night.

Noah: Yeah. Yeah, sure.

Mariah: What's wrong? I thought I'm supposed to be "bah, humbug."

Noah: No, I'm sorry. It's just -- my head's in a different place.

Mariah: Your head or your heart?

Noah: I guess I thought that Marisa would have called by now.

Mariah: You know, there's this guy -- I don't know if you've heard of him -- Alexander graham bell. He had this crazy invention. Maybe you've heard of it.

Noah: Well, last time I talked on the phone with Marisa, she hung up, so if she wants to talk to me, she'll call.

Mariah: Or maybe she'll just show up.

Noah: Hey.

Marisa: Hi.

Noah: Um, hey. Uh. Listen. Those things that I said to you before you left --

Marisa: It was a tense time for both of us, but it's in the past, now that I finally found Ava.

Noah: Good. Uh, where is she? Where's your daughter?

Luca: She's still in Spain.

Mariah: What happened? You couldn't bribe someone to get her into the country?

Luca: I'm the one who had a problem with immigration officials.

Victoria: Daddy gave you this one last year. I was hoping that he would be here this year to help you put it on the tree.

Johnny: [Scoffs] Daddy!

Victoria: Johnny, I thought you were gonna build something for Daddy. [Grunts softly]

[Cell phone ringing]

Mariah: Did you have trouble with airport security? What -- you forgot to declare your hair gel?

Luca: Someone called your FBI and told them I was re-entering the country. They were told I was involved in a criminal enterprise.

Mariah: Do you have any idea who would do something like that to you?

Marisa: Well, my money's on Victor. He would do anything to keep me away from Genoa city.

Mariah: It does have a very Victor feel to it.

Noah: Um...who did you leave Ava with -- a nanny?

Marisa: Uh, no. I, uh -- I left her with her adopted family. She's happy and loved in a good home with good people. It would have been cruel and selfish for me to rip her away from that.

Noah: Well, what was cruel and selfish was for Luca to make you believe that Ava was being mistreated.

Marisa: Luca didn't lie about everything. Ava's family isn't well off. There's a lot of love but little money.

Mariah: Really? Well...who's paying for that fancy private school she goes to?

Marisa: Luca pays for it.

Noah: Is that right?

Marisa: He's been looking out for our daughter for all these years.

Noah: Oh, I see. He's known where she's been all along.

Marisa: Luca lied, yes, about a lot of things. But he cares about our daughter.

Billy: [Sighs] Ohh. Ohh. [Sighs] [Grunts] "Where are you?" Why do you care? Ohh. [Exhales sharply] [Breathing heavily]

Phyllis: You're gonna tell the press what Victor did -- what he did to me?

Jack: He has to pay.

Phyllis: No, not like this.

Jack: Listen, it is the only way. Victor has to answer for his crimes, and I have to save my family's company.

Phyllis: So, you're gonna tell the whole world that I was duped into sleeping with another man for months?

Jack: I'm sorry. I don't have another choice.

Phyllis: Yes, you do have a choice. Don't do this. Michael, tell him what a terrible mistake he's about to make, please.

Michael: Jack, there are a lot of things to consider, and not just what you'd be putting Phyllis through. I can't promise you unequivocally that you won't be prosecuted for those deaths, and Marisa could be held accountable, too.

Jack: I'm willing to take that risk, and I will protect Marisa.

Phyllis: What are you talking -- you're gonna protect Marisa? You're gonna protect Marco's lover but not me? What's going on here?

Jack: The only person I want to see hurt here is Victor. Can you help me?

Michael: Uh...I could arrange a press conference.

Phyllis: Oh, my God. Michael. Michael. No. I am not gonna let you do this.

Abby: No, no, no, no. No. I-I don't want my families fighting right now.

Stitch: Yeah. I think they kind of are.

Abby: Well, I want it to stop. It's almost Christmastime. We're getting married. This should be a time when we're all coming together, not hurling insults or litigation at each other.

Ashley: Speak to your father.

Victor: Your mother's family brought this on. I have filed the lawsuit, and I will not withdraw it.

Abby: But what about my wedding? It's the most important day of my life.

Victor: Sweetheart... maybe you should consider postponing it, you know? Maybe springtime would be a better time.

Abby: You want us to postpone it?

Ashley: I don't think that's necessary.

Victor: I think it will solve a number of problems. The lawsuit will be settled by then, and you and stitch would have plenty of time to plan the wedding.

Stitch: Look, you -- you wanted the wedding of your dreams. If you want to take time --

Ashley: Absolutely not. You're not postponing your wedding.

Luca: I'm...going to go resolve this immigration matter.

Marisa: Good luck. [Sighs]

Noah: So, what's really going on here? I mean, you've just been leading him on, right, until you can get Ava and bring her here yourself?

Marisa: No. No. Luca and I agreed it was best to leave our little girl right where she is.

Noah: You and Luca? What, so you guys are a team now? What the hell, Marisa? I mean, the guy's been lying to you about everything. Now you're -- you're listening to him?

Marisa: Noah, he's not the coldhearted person you think he is.

Noah: He used your daughter to manipulate you.

Marisa: You're wrong. He was totally protective of her. He stopped an investigator who wanted to grab her and run, and when I wanted to take her away from her home, he insisted I hear out her adopted mother. He wanted what was best for her and for me. He convinced her mother to send us photos and regular updates, and, in exchange, he's gonna set up a trust fund for her.

Noah: I don't believe it.

Marisa: It's true.

Noah: I don't believe... that you're defending Luca.

Marisa: [Sighs]

Billy: Hey, hey, hey, buddy. I'm excited about spending some time with you and your sister this morning. You think maybe we could play, um, a, uh, quiet game?

Victoria: Johnny, would you please build that tower while I talk to your dad for a minute?

Billy: I'll be right back. Look, I know what you're gonna say, and I'm sorry, all right? I'm -- I...overslept.

Victoria: Overslept? Is that what you're going with?

Billy: It's the truth.

Victoria: [Sighs] You're hung over, Billy. You drank too much last night and you fell asleep in your clothing and you nearly slept through the time that you demanded to spend with your children.

Billy: You just described a very specific type of oversleeping, and, look, I'm here, okay? That -- that's all that matters.

Victoria: Do you know the only reason that I'm letting you see them right now is because your lawyer told me that he would take me to court if I didn't?

Billy: Well, I'm sorry, but you can't just go changing the terms of our agreement 'cause you're mad at me, Victoria.

Victoria: The reason that I want to change the terms is because I assume that you're probably still drunk right now.

Billy: [Scoffs] You want me to get my lawyer on the phone?

Victoria: Do you want to turn this into a court battle?

Billy: You mean the way that your dad sicced all of his attorneys on my entire family?

Victoria: If you want to blame someone for filing a lawsuit against jabot, don't blame Newman enterprises. Look in the mirror. You're the one that created this problem between our families, and I bet that Jack and Ashley aren't thrilled with you, either.

Victor: What difference does it make to you when stitch and Abby get married?

Ashley: Because Abby wants to get married on new year's eve, and every bride deserves to have the wedding they want.

Abby: Mom, that's very sweet, but --

Ashley: Didn't you say it was the most important day to you? Okay. And you've chosen a venue, right, but you don't think you can book it?

Abby: The Lausanne. It's elegant. It's the perfect size. It's perfect.

Henry: And booked solid for two years.

Abby: Henry, hi. This is my mom and dad. Everyone, this is Henry, our assistant wedding planner.

Victor: Uh, assistant? Well, how many assistants do you need to plan your wedding, huh?

Abby: Our fabulous wedding planner, Nona, is a very busy woman.

Henry: But not as busy as the Lausanne. It's impossible.

Ashley: Oh, that's a word the Newmans don't understand. Isn't that right, Victor? I mean, haven't you said yourself that there's no string in this town that you can't pull? So, why don't you prove it and make this happen for your daughter?

Victor: I still think it's best if stitch and Abby postpone their wedding.

Stitch: I don't want to turn our wedding into a battleground.

Ashley: I just am trying to give Abby the wedding that she wants.

Victor: All right. You'll have your wedding.

Abby: Thank you, dad.

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Abby: And I think I would like to stick to new year's eve.

Victor: And, while we're at it, why don't we suggest a different venue?

Abby: Okay. Where?

Victor: Top of the tower.

Abby: Will it be ready in time?

Victor: Well, of course. If I tell them to get it ready, it'll be ready.

Abby: Okay. Uh, thank you, dad. It's perfect.

Victor: Okay, my sweetheart. So, the two of you talk about your wedding with your planner, and your mother and I will adjourn to the bar and have a discussion. Thank you.

Jack: There is nothing you can say that will change my mind.

Phyllis: Michael. Michael!

Michael: I'm sorry. I know. I know. I agree with Jack. Victor cannot get away with what he's done.

Jack: Thank you, Michael. Please let me know when the press conference is ready.

Phyllis: So, you're just gonna completely ignore how I feel right now?

Jack: You and Billy went ahead with your plans without even talking to me.

Phyllis: Okay, that's different.

Jack: You bet it was different. You two were so hell-bent on revenge that you made a bad situation a thousand times worse! You riled Victor up so much, he wouldn't listen to reason! Well, he's gonna listen now. When I go public with this, everyone's gonna know what he did.

Phyllis: Everyone is gonna know what Marco did.

Jack: You have been telling me for weeks you want me to do something. You want Victor to pay. Hell, you went behind my back to exact your own punishment on the man, thinking I would never step up and do what I needed to do. Well, I'm stepping up. And nobody -- you included -- is gonna stop me.

Jack: Admit it. You have been furious with me for allowing Victor to bring Marco into our lives.

Phyllis: Jack... I lived with a stranger... a criminal... for months. I let him into our home, into my bed, and every time I think about it, I get sick. I get sick. And I am furious, but not at you. I [Sighs] Am consumed with hatred for Victor.

Jack: Then you understand why I have to do this?

Phyllis: Yes, and I want to see him brought to his knees as much as you do, but not if it means you going to prison.

Jack: Well, listen -- they would have to extradite me first. Once all of the facts are out, that probably won't happen.

Phyllis: Probably? What? You're willing to risk all of this on "probably"?!

Jack: It will be worth it if I get what I want.

Phyllis: Which is what -- revenge?

Jack: No, justice. I get to tell a judge and jury about every despicable thing Victor did to you and me because he thought I was behind this cyberthreat to his company. I get to watch his face as he realizes he's not gonna make a dime -- not a dime -- from jabot or the Abbotts, and I get to watch them drag his ugly face off to prison for the rest of his life. He has more to lose than I do.

Phyllis: What about me, Jack? What about what I stand to lose?

Victor: I assume you got your summons?

Ashley: What does that have to do with anything?

Victor: I can tell by your attitude.

Ashley: My supporting our daughter has nothing to do with your lawsuit, but since you brought it up, didn't we agree you were gonna give me some time to convince my brother to pay you the $500 million you've demanded?

Victor: For your information, I talked to your righteous brother Jack. I asked him to pay me back $500 million that he stole from me. He declined. In fact, he declared war on me. And you know what I do when that happens. I make the first move.

Ashley: Oh? By what -- filing a completely baseless lawsuit?

Victor: You'll find out how baseless it is once you lose jabot. John Abbott would be ashamed of all of you.

Ashley: Don't you mention my father's name.

Abby: Really? Is it too much to ask that you forget all this animosity for five minutes and focus on my wedding?

Ashley: I'm sorry. Of course not.

[Cell phone rings]

Victor: Yeah?

Ashley: I'm sorry.

Victor: Where? I'll be right there. I have some business to attend to.

Abby: It can't wait?

Noah: When you left here, you couldn't stand Luca.

Marisa: A lot has happened since then.

Noah: Santori manipulated you. He used your child to force you to live with him when he could have just taken you to her right away.

Marisa: Luca regrets what he did.

Noah: I'll bet.

Marisa: Once we both saw our daughter, the truth came out about how long he'd known her whereabouts and her circumstances. He admitted it was wrong to lie to me. He's -- he's truly sorry.

Noah: He's sorry? I'll bet he is. He jerked you around for months. He owes you more than an apology.

Marisa: I owe him, too.

Noah: For what?

Marisa: I never told him he had a child. He has plenty of reason to hate me, and he doesn't. He's forgiven me. We've found a way to move past the hurt we've caused each other.

Noah: Marisa, please, don't get taken in by this guy.

Marisa: Noah... I am not some naive fool.

Noah: I'm not saying that.

Marisa: I know when Luca is being si-- you know what? Forget it. You don't trust me. You're gonna believe whatever you want to believe about Luca.

Noah: Facts? Yeah. You're right. I am.

Marisa: Well, you can do it alone.

Luca: I've never had a problem getting into this country before.

Victor: If you're implying that I had something to do with your detainment, I assure you you're wrong.

Luca: I don't believe you'd cause trouble for me now that my father's agreed to invest in the rebuilding of Newman enterprises. You wouldn't risk jeopardizing such an important relationship. But...

Victor: You think Noah's behind it?

Luca: He's let his lust for my wife cloud his judgment. He needs to be taught a lesson. Do you want to do it, or should I?

Victor: I'll take care of it.

Billy: I told Jack and Ashley to let me face Victor on my own, but they have this stupid idea that they need to look out for me.

Victoria: Um, it's not just that. They don't trust you. They know that if you go after my father on your own, you're just gonna make everything worse, just like you always do.

Billy: [Scoffs] Thanks for the vote of confidence.

Victoria: You can't argue with me, Billy. You know it's true.

Billy: Yeah. Yeah. You know, can I just go play with my kids now?

Victoria: Sure. Sure. Go ahead. Maybe you can explain this to them... and help them understand what you've done to our family.

Billy: [Booming voice] "I won't let you turn tower town into a playground for dinosaurs!" "You can't stop me!" [High-pitched voice] "Well, he can with my help!" [Normal voice] Supermom to the rescue! [Imitates dinosaur growling] And tower town was saved, and they all went for pizza. Ahh. And that's an awesome lesson in gender roles, isn't it?

Johnny: Hey, I like pizza, too.

Billy: You like pizza, too? Do you know what we're gonna do? We're gonna decorate the Christmas tree as a whole family. And guess what!

Victoria: Billy....

Billy: I saw a plate of gingerbread cookies on the dining-room table. They look kind of naked. I think we're gonna have to dress them.

Victoria: Well, my mother's coming over later, and we're gonna be decorating cookies.

Billy: Oh, Nikki's not gonna mind if we get a head start, right? Right? Say, "Please, Mom?" [Chuckles]

Victoria: Okay.

Billy: Yay! Thanks, mom. She's the best.

Ashley: So, we're all set on the menu and the music.

Henry: We still have to order champagne, cake, linens, place settings. I'm heading out, and we'll keep you all posted. Meantime, you two need to make all the decisions regarding attire.

Abby: For the men and the women?

Stitch: Great. What about me? What should I do?

Ashley: Bye. Thank you.

Abby: Bye.

Stitch: "Stay out of it, stitch." Okay.

Abby: I'm sure there are plenty of lives that need to be saved between now and new year's eve.

Stitch: Message received. All right.

Abby: Well, I am officially freaking out.

Ashley: Why? Why are you panicking?

Abby: Because there's so much to do and we only have a few weeks to do it.

Ashley: Oh, honey, you have a wonderful coordinator and assistant and even more wonderful mother who's gonna make sure the whole thing goes off without a hitch.

Abby: Maybe dad was right. Maybe we should postpone the wedding.

Ashley: No. Absolutely not.

Stitch: Maybe we should at least consider it, you know? Not just 'cause of the lawsuit. You seem to have a lot on your mind right now.

Ashley: I can handle it, okay? I always do.

Abby: But I hate to put more pressure on you.

Ashley: Honey, this is your wedding. It's important. I'm not gonna let another fight between the Newmans and the Abbotts stop it from happening on schedule.

Abby: I really don't mind.

Ashley: Nothing is more important to me than your happiness, okay? So, please, let me deal with it.

Abby: If you insist.

Ashley: I do.

Abby: Okay. Well, um... I will talk to you later.

Ashley: Okay.

Abby: I love you.

Ashley: I love you, too, honey.

Michael: Hey.

Abby: Hi.

Michael: Hey, stitch.

Stitch: Hey.

Ashley: Hi!

Michael: Ashley. I'm glad you're here.

Ashley: Why? What's up?

Michael: I spoke to Jack. He told me everything -- about Victor and Marco Annicelli.

Ashley: Yeah. He just told me. It's disgusting, isn't it? Honestly, Michael, if the truth ever came out --

Michael: Oh, the truth's going to come out today.

Ashley: What are you talking about?

Michael: Jack is holding a press conference here. He's gonna tell the media everything.

Ashley: What do you mean, "everything"? You mean what it took for him to get back?

Michael: He feels it's the only way to take Victor down and save jabot.

Jack: I wasn't there to protect you from Marco. I couldn't help you then. I can now, and I can make Victor pay for what he put you through.

Phyllis: So, is this what this is about? This is about you getting revenge, making Victor pay, no matter what it costs me?

Jack: What happened to the Phyllis who would take on any bully, hell with the consequences?

Phyllis: I am the same woman I have always been! The world is different, Jack. Your life can be shredded in just a few images with a few sound bites. You expose Victor, you expose me. How long do you think it's gonna take for my public humiliation to go viral?

Jack: Honey, it will trend for a few minutes.

Phyllis: Oh, really? See, that's long enough for summer to hear and for Daniel to hear and the people I work with. I'll be the only woman in the world who didn't know she was sleeping with another man for months! How do you think that's gonna make me feel?!

Jack: Your story will elicit compassion, not judgment.

Phyllis: Oh, really? See, I think it's gonna elicit humiliation, Jack. Don't you care about that? Don't you see that?!

Jack: I understand that you're scared. So am I. We can get through this together.

Phyllis: No, you don't understand! You're not doing this as a team! You are doing this alone! Do you not see that?!

Jack: I'm sorry you feel that way.

Phyllis: [Scoffs] [Voice breaking] Are you just gonna go ahead and do this?

Jack: Yes.

Phyllis: [Exhales sharply]

Noah: I'm never gonna understand women. I'm really not. It's like you think they're gonna react one way, and then they do a complete 180 on you.

Mariah: So, let me get this straight -- you thought Marisa was gonna be happy that you sicced the feds on her husband?

Noah: I don't know what you're talking about.

Mariah: I knew the second that Latin lizard opened his mouth that it was you. That's why you had Kevin dig up information on the Santori family.

Noah: You know what? I really had no choice.

Victor: You didn't? Really?

Noah: Well, that didn't take too long. Luca got you on speed dial?

Mariah: I'll be over there, pretending to work.

Victor: What were you thinking, calling the FBI.? Didn't I tell you to stay away from the Santoris?

Noah: And I asked you respectfully not to interfere with my relationship with Marisa.

Victor: Noah, this is serious business.

Noah: Yeah, you're right, which is why I came to you. Bringing a corrupt family like the Santoris into our lives is very serious.

Victor: Noah... my grandson, I love you. But you didn't keep Luca away, you didn't have him detained, because you were concerned about Newman enterprises. You had him detained because you want Marisa for yourself. You want to keep her away from her husband.

Noah: That guy's a dangerous man...

Victor: Wait a minute.

Noah: ...Just like the rest of his family is.

Victor: Let me tell you something. The Santoris are willing to invest money so I can rebuild Newman enterprises. You may have jeopardized that right now.

Noah: [Chuckles softly]

Victor: Not only that, you have jeopardized the livelihood of all those people who work for Newman enterprises. That's irresponsible, son, just because you are absolutely obsessed with this woman. I'm telling you, stay away from her. She has a checkered past. Besides that, she's interested in another man.

Noah: [Chuckles softly]

Mariah: I hate to say it.

Noah: Don't.

Mariah: He's right.

Luca: The authorities won't be causing me any more trouble. Now I can concentrate on... making sure our investment pays off. Yes, sir. I'll keep you posted, Father. [Exhales sharply]

Marisa: Did you straighten everything out with the FBI.?

Luca: Transparency -- that's the key. I have nothing to hide. I let them know that.

Marisa: Do you have any idea why you were detained?

Luca: I spoke to Victor about it.

Marisa: And did he admit he was behind it?

Luca: No. But he had a good idea who was -- another Newman.

Marisa: Noah? No. I don't -- I don't think so.

Luca: It makes sense, Marisa, considering how he feels about me -- and you.

Marisa: If we'd tried to enter the country with Ava, she would have seen you handcuffed and hauled away by federal agents.

Luca: Imagine what that would have done to her. Clearly, Noah's willing to go to any lengths to get me out of your life. He doesn't care who he hurts in the process.

Marisa: Including our daughter.

Luca: What he doesn't understand... is we'll always be bonded by the child we share.

Billy: Aw, your cookies look just like you guys! Nice work, mom!

Victoria: Thank you. How's yours coming over there?

Billy: Ah, it's -- you know, it's a masterpiece, huh?

Victoria: Yeah? Oh! That's...lovely.

Billy: And how 'bout yours?

Victoria: Well, um... my eyes are crooked and I don't have a nose and my hair is messy, but...

Billy: So, a pretty good likeness, then, huh?

Victoria: Well, it's not very easy to do when you have a little wiggleworm on your lap. Oh, no.

Billy: No, no. Daddy to the rescue. I can fix it. I can fix it. Aww.

Victoria: Mommy's broken.

Billy: See? Little of this... a little of that. And... perfection. Our family's whole again.

Michael: Yeah. That's perfect. Thank you. Michael Baldwin.

Ashley: Jack.

Jack: You're not gonna change my mind.

Ashley: You don't have to sacrifice your future to keep Victor from going after our family.

Jack: There is no other way.

Ashley: Pay him the damn money, Jack!

Jack: And bankrupt us? No way!

Ashley: Look, I am in charge of this company.

Jack: I am the head of this family. It is my job to protect this family and our legacy. Our father asked me to do that.

Ashley: You know what, Jack? I'm not gonna let you do this. I'm not.

Jack: I'm getting enough resistance from Phyllis, believe me.

Jack: What's she doing here?

Ashley: She probably wants to see for herself that you're going to actually go through with this plan.

Jack: I am.

Ashley: Look how unhappy she is. I think she's even more unhappy than I am.

Jack: I wish she hadn't come -- or you, for that matter.

Ashley: I realize you think you're doing the right thing, Jack, but if the people you love most don't agree, then maybe you should listen.

Jack: [Sighs]

Billy: Two kids down for naps? I still got it. [Sighs]

Victoria: You're a good father. It's just that...

Billy: It doesn't erase my screwups. I know.

Victoria: ...I can't excuse your behavior lately, Billy.

Billy: Look... look... I'm gonna make it up to you, okay? I will. I'm -- I'm gonna be the man that you deserve. I will be the father that those kids deserve. Okay?

Victoria: [Sighs] I really want to believe you, but fixing our family isn't gonna be as easy as fixing a gingerbread cookie.

Billy: Look, I know. I know. I do. But I will put in the work. I'm willing to do that.

Victoria: I feel like I've heard that before so many times.

Billy: Yeah, but this time I mean it, right?

Victoria: You mean it every time you say it. I can't, Billy. I can't go down this road again, hoping for the best and knowing that, inevitably... the worst is gonna come.

Billy: Don't. Don't, okay? Just don't...say that. Please? Listen. I want you to give me one more chance -- please? -- Just one more chance to make it up to you. I'm begging you, Victoria. Come on.

Marisa: I can't believe that Noah would go to such lengths to hurt you.

Luca: I don't want to dwell on it.

Marisa: That's very generous of you.

Luca: I want to move forward with my life. I thought you'd be doing the same.

Marisa: What do you mean?

Luca: Well, why aren't you with Noah?

Marisa: We, um -- we had a fight.

Luca: I'm sorry. I hope you can work things out, if, you know, that's what you want.

Marisa: Well, I don't know what's next for Noah. I just know that I can't move in with him right now. I need time to sort things out.

Luca: Well, I won't pressure you to move back in with me.

Marisa: Thank you.

Luca: Where will you go?

Marisa: Oh, I'll... probably get a room here.

Luca: Oh. We'll be neighbors. [Chuckles]

Marisa: [Chuckles]

Luca: That'll be new. And nice.

Marisa: Yes, it -- it will.

Luca: Well, if you ever -- if you ever need anything, you can always knock on my door.

Marisa: That's good to know.

Noah: You and my grandfather on the same side? Wow. Never thought I'd see the day.

Mariah: Let's get one thing straight -- Victor and I agree on one thing and one thing only, and that's that you need to take the blinders off when it comes to Marisa.

Noah: You've been pulling for us to be together.

Mariah: That is before I realized she is still in to her not-so-ex-husband.

Noah: They share a kid, okay? That's all.

Mariah: Noah, you can't trust her.

Noah: Look, you don't even know her, okay?

Mariah: Since the day that you met her, it has been one lie after another. First it was her ex-boyfriend/drug lord. Second, she forgot to tell you she was married. And, third, "oh, wait, I totally forgot -- I also have a kid." I mean, really! What's next?

Noah: She's had a rough life, okay? And it's hard for her to trust people. And you know what? You, of all people, should understand that.

Mariah: What happened to you?

Noah: What?

Mariah: You used to be the guy that could read people -- Austin, Harding, even Victor. Why can't you see that Marisa is using you? You are just one rich guy in a long line of 'em.

Noah: You know what? What is it that you think that you know about my relationship with Marisa, huh -- you, who hasn't been able to commit to anybody long enough to even figure out what love is? Hmm.

Abby: I thought that we were gonna go over flower arrangements and seating charts. I wasn't expecting things to get so...

Stitch: Intense? Yeah, things were definitely uncomfortable.

Abby: And weird, right? Not that I don't appreciate my mom's support, but why was she so insistent we get married on new year's eve? It wasn't just me, right? She was really pushing for it?

Stitch: She was. Look, I-I-I think I know why.

Abby: You do?

Stitch: It's because of me.

Victor: What the hell is going on here?

Phyllis: Jack's called a press conference. He's ready to tell all.

Ashley: Jackie, you don't have to do this.

Jack: No, he has to pay.

Ashley: But at what cost?

Michael: Jack, you ready? All right. Ladies, gentlemen.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Faith: Who do you think Sully looks more like -- Mommy or Dylan?

Victor: You're responsible for the downfall of your family!

Abby: Why did you lie to me about stitch's almost-last words in the fire? "o holy night" and later, Jordan and Adam sing for a duet you are not going to want to miss. It is the finale. Stay with us.

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