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Episode # 10815 ~ Lily plays with fire; Mariah questions her feelings for Kevin; Nick questions Dr. Anderson about her past.

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Chelsea:  [Sighs] It's a good tree.

Adam: It's a great tree.

Chelsea:  [Chuckles] Can we stay like this all night long, please?

Adam: Yeah. Are you kidding me? After all your effort decorating this place, we can stay here as long as you want.

[Knock on door]

Chelsea:  [Chuckles] Seriously?

Adam: Yeah, all right. I'll -- I'll get it. Whoever it is, I'll tell them to scram.

Chelsea:  [Chuckles]

Adam: Don't move.

Chelsea: Okay.

Sage: Oh, thank god. Heat.

Adam: You, uh...weren't sitting alone in the park again, were you?

Sage: No, no. My heat's off in my apartment. But, um, I'm interrupting something. I should go.

Chelsea: No. It's -- it's okay. Uh, what's going on?

Sage: I did something crazy.

Adam: What did you do?

Sage: Hey, neighbors.

Sharon: Is this... I mean, are you -- are we --

Dylan: Oh, you're right. You're right. In, uh, all the commotion with Santa, I left out one very crucial part. Will you marry me? Right now?

Sharon: Now?

Dylan: Right now. This second. Or sooner.

Sharon: Yes. Yes!

Paul: Oh, good! That way, I didn't get ordained online for absolutely nothing. Whoa!


Faith: Santa Paul can marry people and bring presents?

Nick: Yeah, he is full of tricks. I guess someone is staying here tonight. No worries. I will come and get you first thing in the morning.

Sharon: Oh, Nick. Well, we would love it if you would stay.

Dylan: Yeah, if you want. Please, stay. Absolutely.

Nick: Okay.

Mariah: Hello?

Sharon: Hey.

Mariah: Hi! Seriously, does nobody in this town believe in advance notice? This is all I could manage for a bridal bouquet.

Noah: Well, I did pick up the rings from the jeweler, because I am the perfect stepson and I do what I'm told.

Sharon: I love it. It's perfect. My head is spinning. [Chuckles]

Paul: Okay. Are we ready to do this?

Dylan: I've waited long enough, Santa.

Paul: I guess so. Let's arrange the furniture.

Nick: Noah, why don't you, uh --

Noah: Yeah, yeah.

Dr. Anderson: Oh. [Chuckles] My goodness.

Sharon: Oh. Dr. Anderson.

Dr. Anderson: Sharon, you left your phone at the -- at the coffee house. I-I'll just leave it here. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to intrude.

Sharon: Oh, you know what? This is gonna sound really funny, but...Dylan and I are actually getting married right this minute. And...


Sharon: You know, it's fate that you're here, because this wedding would have never happened if you hadn't taken such good care of me. So, please stay.

Dr. Anderson: I-I'd be honored. Oh, wow. This is not at all what I expected.


Paul: All right. Hey. Come on, you two. Get over here. Let's have the, uh -- the bride here. The groom here, perhaps.

Mariah:  [Chuckles]

Paul: All right. Now I'm going to read this very deep and meaningful wedding ceremony that I downloaded from the internet.

Sharon:  [Chuckles]

Paul:  [Sighs] Dearly beloved --

Faith: Wait! This is all wrong.

Cane: Kevin, where's the chief? We need to talk to him now.

Kevin: Oh, he's out playing Santa. He went to the Newman ranch, Sharon's place. If you haul it out of here, you can join him and be helper elves.

Cane: Uh, we figured out a plan to nail Joe Clark for framing me.

Devon: Lily's gonna get him to admit that he planted the ransom money.

Cane: Okay, but to do that, she has to be alone with Joe.

Kevin: And that plan backfired somehow?

Cane: And now lily's MIA and alone with Joe Clark. And that's why we need Paul, and I need Paul now.

Lily: What are you doing? Why are you acting this way?

Joe: Oh, amazing how you can just stand there with a straight face after you purposely just tried to tie one over on me, acting like you and cane are finished, pretending like we have a future.

Lily: Cane and I -- our marriage is not a marriage right now. There is a lot of anger and pain there. And with you, things are -- are so easy. So, there's no reason to be upset.

Joe: You let him convince you to try to set me up? He's been lying to you from day one about his own damn name! And yet, you trust him over me?

Lily: I can see that you're hurt and you're angry right now, so let's just go back to Genoa city and we can sit and we can talk about this, okay?

Joe: No. Some people don't know what's good for them. And they have to learn the hard way.

Lily: You're scaring me. Okay? And I know that you don't want to do that, because you're the kind of person who wouldn't hurt me.

Joe: No. I'm not like cane.

Lily: Okay. Then let me go.

Joe: Did cane even fess up for his actions? Did he?! No. He just continues to accuse and blame. And every time I turn around, it's more lies and -- and insults.

Lily: But you wouldn't lie to me, right?

Joe: Never.

Lily: Then tell me the truth. Did you write the ransom note to my brother? Did you frame cane to get me to turn against him? All of that so that you could win my love?

Devon: Now, what is this?

Kevin: The car's tracking system. Kudos on the late-model car. What direction was lily headed?

Cane: The plan was to go into the country and chop down a Christmas tree.

Kevin: That was her cover story? Dark road at night, a guy with an ax?

Cane: I know. It was her idea. She thought if she could get him alone somewhere private, she could convince him that he could be the man in her life.

Devon: We all know my sister is brave and maybe a little crazy.

Kevin: Yeah, I get it. They would bond and she would play to his ego, but no joke, I wouldn't hand that guy an ax.

Devon: We get it, Kevin.

Cane: Thank you.

Devon: Can you figure out where the car is going or not?

Kevin:  [Sighs] The car's stopped. It has been for a while.

Cane: Where? Where?

Kevin: Just outside of town. I'm sending you the exact location...now.

[Cell phone chimes]

Cane: Got it. Let's go. Let's go.

Devon: Okay.

Kevin: You're welcome.

Sharon: Sweet girl, what's wrong?

Faith: Sully's not here. You can't marry Dylan without the baby here.

Mariah: This is true. I'm gonna go get him.

Dr. Anderson: You sure you're okay with this?

Nick: Yeah. My daughter's smiling. I'll be fine.

Mariah: Not a peep.

Dylan: There he is. Come on, Santa. Let's get this going. Let's go.

Sharon:  [Chuckles]

Paul: Okay. Dearly beloved... [Sighs] Here's the thing. I mean, this is anything but a cookie-cutter union. I just can't read a boilerplate ceremony from the internet. I...

Dylan: You're gonna improvise?

Paul: Shh.

Dylan: Whoa. Gosh. Okay.

Paul: Here we are, right? We stand in a room full of a boatload of love. And seeing you both fall in love and make a life together and grow a family has been one of my deepest joys. If there are any two people on this earth that deserve to have happiness and joy, it's you two. So, I'm gonna shut up now and let you two say whatever you need to say.

Dylan: Okay. You mind if I go first?

Sharon: No. I --  [Chuckles] I'm still catching up. Go. [Chuckles]

Dylan: My whole life, I've wanted this -- you know, a family of my own. I know how precious this is, all of it. I mean, this -- this is what it feels like to be happy. And I know that now. You did this for me. And I just -- I want to give it back to you every day for the rest of our lives.

Sharon: I, uh -- I thought that I had ruined any chance at real happiness again. I'd had my turn, and it was over. But then there you were, my friend, at first, fixing my roof, making me laugh, and promising and proving that I could be loved, even with my flaws. No matter how damaged I was, even when I checked myself into Fairview, you didn't run. You stood by me and our baby, and here we are now, a beautiful family made of love and trust and faith in each other. And it's a miracle. I'm so grateful.

Paul: Wow. That's beautiful.

Sharon:  [Chuckles]

Paul: Oh. It's me again. Um, uh, I'm sorry. The rings. We need the rings.

Faith: Pretend Sully was the ring boy.

Dylan: Okay. Thanks for the rings, big guy. Okay.

Paul: All right.

Dylan: No. Other one.


Paul: Sharon, do you take my son to be your husband, to stand by him, to support him, to nudge him when he should visit his father every now and then, and to humor him when he writes in that dog-eared journal of his?

Mariah:  [Chuckles]

Sharon:  [Laughs] I do.

Paul: And you, Dylan, do you take Sharon to be your wife? And I mean, by that, do you promise to take the trash out and the recycling and to get up when the baby cries and to love her more than any other human being on the face of this earth?

Dylan: L of the above.

Paul: All right, then. In the eyes of god and all the people here that love you, I pronounce you a very lucky husband and a very beautiful wife. Okay. Hey. Let's get on with it. Seal the deal, you two.


Paul: Yay!

[Laughter, cheering]

Chelsea: When you didn't move in yesterday --

Sage: Thank you.

Chelsea: Sure. We were kind of hoping it was because you and Nick had managed to work things out.

Sage: We didn't. There was a-a moment. Nick offered to bulldoze his house for me so we could start over fresh.

Chelsea: That's...

Adam: Ridiculous.

Chelsea: ...Sweet.

Adam: It's ridiculously sweet.

Sage: Very sweet. But it didn't feel like the answer. I just have to stop second-guessing myself, like dr. Anderson says.

Adam: Dr. Anderson is...?

Sage: She's Sharon's doctor from Fairview.

Chelsea: Oh. Have you been consulting with her?

Sage:  [Sighs] No. We -- we just had a chat in passing. She's been very kind since Christian...

Adam: Um, so -- so, this doctor, she told you you should follow your instincts, huh?

Sage: Yeah, she said that I should just, um, do what's best for the baby's father and what's best for me.

Chelsea: Well, if, for you, that's moving in next door, then --

Sage: I think it is.

Adam: You know what? Then that's what you should do.

Sage: I don't want you guys to think that I'm gonna be over here all the time, interrupting your private time. I promise you won't even know that I'm here.

Chelsea: Well, before you make that promise, I have to ask you -- do you like angels?

Noah: I have some champagne!

Mariah: Yes!

Sharon: Everybody grab some champagne.

Dylan: Sure, sure.

Noah: You want a milk?

Dylan: Here you go. Here you go, Nick.

Nick: Um, not --


Noah: Mom.

Sharon: One for everyone.

Paul: I'm good. I'm good.

Noah: I'll trade you the milk for that champagne.

Sharon:  [Chuckles] Okay.

Paul: Thank you.

Faith: Can I make a toast?

Sharon: That would be wonderful.

Faith: Okay. [Chuckling] To Mommy and Dylan. I love you so much.

Sharon: Cheers.

Faith: Cheers.

[All exclaiming]

Mariah: Hello. Hi. I think somebody wants to kiss the bride. Yes, we do. Yes, we do! Kiss mommy.

Noah: I think it's, uh, wedding photo time.

Sharon: Yes!

Noah: Everybody get together right here.

Paul: Short people in the front, tall people in the back.

[Camera shutter clicks]

Paul: Good! Awesome! Look at these beauties.

Mariah: Hey, there. Wow. So, you wanted to do a good deed, and you...ended up at a wedding. It's uncanny, considering a couple months ago, we didn't know you existed.

Dr. Anderson:  [Chuckles]

Mariah: And now you're toasting the bridge and the groom.

Dr. Anderson: Well, it's -- it's so gratifying to see a patient grow and thrive. It's why I do what I do.

Faith: Cheers.

Paul: Cheers, cheers.

[Cell phone vibrates]

Paul: Merry Christ-- oh, no. That can only mean one thing.

Faith: Police business?

Paul: Yes, I'm afraid so. Okay. Yeah, better make this quick. Santa's very busy.

Kevin: Well, hot-wire the sleigh, big guy. Something's going down, and you need to be there.

[Car doors close]

Cane:  [Sighs] Son of a --

Devon: Well, they didn't just stop here. Lily's car broke down. Why didn't she call roadside service or something?

Cane: I don't know. Maybe she lost her cell signal or something. I don't know. Maybe lily thought they could go somewhere and they could talk and that she could get a confession out of him there or something.

Devon: Out in the cold, at night?

Cane: You know what? The Abbott cabin is nearby. Lily knows exactly where it is. She knows where they keep the key. It would be the perfect place that they could be alone and she could get Joe to talk.

Devon: Then what are we waiting for?

Joe: Cane did this to you. You let him get inside your head. He can't own up to his crimes. And then he tried to pin it on me, which makes no sense at all. Why would I go after your brother's money? I care about you.

Lily: Yeah. You care about me so much that you're blocking my way out of here.

Joe: It's the middle of the night, okay, the dead of winter. Where are you gonna go? Your car won't start. You'll freeze to death, lily. That's what I'm saying. You don't even know what's best for you.

Lily: Oh, but you do? You know exactly what I need?

Joe: Yes. To be with me, someone who respects you.

Lily: I know that you care about me. But I owe it to my kids to try to save my marriage.

Joe: Your kids wouldn't even notice if cane left.

Lily: What? Of course they would. They love their father.

Joe: There's something between us, lily. I can't make this up.

Lily: Yes. I will admit that we have chemistry. We do. You know, and, yes, you've been someone I can count on, but when I turn to you...

Joe: Several times. Because you wanted me as much as I wanted you. You were so brave, sweetheart, creating distance between you and cane because you know that you deserve better, because he's taken you for granted.

Lily: Yeah, you know what? That's what you do in a marriage sometimes. You take each other for granted. But you learn from it and you move on and you try harder. You'll understand that when you're with the person who can love you the way that you deserve to be loved.

Joe: No, no. Don't patronize me. What is with you women? Avery did the same thing, and now you. What more can I do?

Lily: You can let me go out the door.

Joe: Never.

Joe: Avery tried to blame me for something I didn't do. And now cane is doing the same thing. When is someone gonna defend me? When is someone gonna defend me like you defended cane?

Lily: Joe, there is somebody for you. It's just not me. And holding me hostage isn't gonna change that.

Joe: We're sitting here having a conversation, and yet I'm holding you hostage? Just like Avery insisted that I was stalking her. Meanwhile, she was in love with the guy who'd rather throw a punch than say hello. I'm not the dangerous one here.

Lily: You broke cane's arm.

Joe: I was defending myself. I'm the only guy in this town that won't throw a punch and ask questions later. So how am I the dangerous one?

Lily: Joe, stop it. You're hurting me.

Joe: You don't know what pain is.

Lily: Joe, stop it. Please!

Cane: Hey, hey! Let her go!

Paul: All right, Dylan. I got to take off. I'm sorry.

Dylan: Was it the call you got?

Paul: Yeah. Police business. So, uh, anyway, congratulations. You deserve all this.

Dylan: Thanks for doing this.

Paul: You bet.

Dylan: All right.

Paul: Love you, son.

Dylan: Yeah, be careful out there, Santa.

Paul: Will do. All right. Good night, everyone!

Noah: Good night!

Nick: Sharon? I'm glad to see you so happy.

Sharon: Nick, I wish -- well, you know what I wish for you.

Nick: I know. Uh, I'm gonna take off. And you, beautiful -- I know you want to stay here tonight, and I'm cool with that.

Faith: Okay. Thanks. Good night, Daddy.

Nick: Good night. I love you.

Sharon: Nick... are you sure?

Nick: Yeah, I mean, she wants to stay here. Who wouldn't? It's fun.

Sharon: But you said you wanted some one-on-one time with faith.

Nick: Yeah. I'll be just fine on my own.

Sharon: Okay.

Dr. Anderson: This brings me so much joy. I-I can't even tell you. [Chuckles]

Dylan: Well, we're glad you could stay.

Sharon: Well, it was fate that you happened to be here, and I'm so happy you were.

Dr. Anderson: Keep doing what you're doing. It's working.

Nick: I'll, uh, walk you out.

Dr. Anderson: Oh. Sure. Thank you.

Nick: Yeah.

Noah: What's, uh, with the death stare?

Mariah: It's not a death stare. Not yet, but it can turn into one if need be.

Adam: Wow. That's some impressive scissor-work, ladies.

Chelsea: Connor loves to string these around the tree. Don't you, buddy, huh? It's his favorite holiday tradition.

Adam: Holiday tradition? When did that start?

Chelsea: Uh, today. [Chuckles] Is that -- is that a problem?

Adam: No. No, not at all. I think it's great. Love that. Sage?

Sage: Hmm?

Adam: Everything all right?

Chelsea: Um, you know what? I'm sorry. I shouldn't have brought him around you so soon.

Sage: No. Stop it. Please. This is wonderful. It's very therapeutic for me. Please don't stop.

Chelsea: Okay, well, unfortunately, he does have to stop, because it's past his bedtime.

Sage: Aww, no.

Chelsea: We'll see you soon, I'm sure. Can you say good night? Can you say good night, baby? Can you say good night?

Sage: Can you say good night, cutie? [Smooches]

Adam: So cute.

Sage: Good night, love.

Adam: Come here. Say good night to daddy. All right. Have a good night. Mwah! Good luck. Hopefully it's easier than last night. Putting him down sometimes is a chore.

Chelsea: Good night! Bye!

Adam: Now for a different kind of night cap. A little brandy, huh?

Sage: Oh, okay. Is this what families do? They put their kids to bed, pour some brandy, and stare at the tree?

Adam: You know, I don't really know what other families do.

Sage:  [Chuckles]

Adam: But it's what I'm gonna do right now. So... how about a toast?

Sage: To...mothers. I think I would have made a pretty damn good one. Is that...bad to say? Should I not have said that?

Adam: No. That's -- you're right. I mean, that's -- it's wonderful. It's better than, you know, being sad and moping around, right? It's nice seeing you with Connor. Sort of seemed a little lighter, you know? You had a smile on your face like you were having a good time. It's good to see.

Sage: Yeah, I'm starting to feel a little more human again.

Adam: Well, let's -- let's not go overboard.

Sage:  [Laughs] Oh, man. Why is it easier with you and Chelsea and Connor than it is with Nick and his children? What the heck is wrong with me?

Adam: Hold on a second, sage. First of all, there's nothing wrong with you, okay? g

Joe: This is a setup. You guys were in on this from the beginning -- to make me feel like I'm some abusive jerk.

Cane: We didn't have to try that hard, did we?

Joe: Have you even counted the lies, cane? The insults?

Devon: Hang on. Hang on. Joe, this isn't a setup. Lily had a tracking thing in her car. We got word that she was stuck on the side of the road, so we came to look for her. That's it. We know you've been good to lily, even if cane won't admit it. You care about her, and you've proven that in more ways than one.

Joe: Exactly.

Devon: And you had to show her who and what cane really is, even if it means setting him up. We get that.

Joe: Someone had to show her what he's capable of. You were never gonna leave him because of the kids. If I had it to do over, I would have framed him sooner.

Paul: All right. That's it. Joe Clark, you're under arrest. Let her go. Back up. Back up. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have a right to an attorney. If you cannot afford one, one will be appointed for you.

Adam: The emptiness will never go away. I'm not gonna lie to you. Nothing will ever fill it. But eventually, scar tissue will come. And, uh, you know, it's like a callus on your hand. It'll protect you from feeling any more pain.

Sage: You sound awfully sure about that.

Adam: I am. You're talking to a guy who came back from the dead, remember?

Sage:  [Chuckles]

Adam: I had lost everyone and everything I ever cared about.

Sage: You never gave up hope. You made a plan to get back, and it worked. But Christian's never coming back.

Adam: Yeah. I know. But, sage, you have hope. You do, and I know you feel like this is the end. I know what it feels like. This isn't the end.

Sage: I try with Nick. You know, I try, but all I see is misery and pain in the future. And I don't want that for either of us. Like dr. Anderson says, I have to do what's best for both of us.

Nick: I guess I took walking you out a little too far.

Dr. Anderson: Oh, but it was wroth it. Sometimes the snow can be like therapy. And it charges less than I do.

Nick:  [Chuckles] Faith might be able to make snow angels in the morning.

Dr. Anderson: Make them with her. Go sledding. Give yourself permission to be a kid again. Try to just remember what's still right in this world.

Nick: Am I gonna get charged for this?

Dr. Anderson:  [Chuckles] It's friendly free advice. But I can stop.

Nick: Yeah. You were right about that. I shouldn't have pushed. I should have given sage space, and she walked out. You're probably right about this, too.

Dr. Anderson: I'm sorry. I saw her earlier in the park. She, um -- she needed someone to listen.

Nick: Well, you are the professional. You listen to me. You listen to sage. You work at Fairview but spend a lot of time at memorial. You go to weddings in your off-hours.

Dr. Anderson:  [Chuckles]

Nick: Doesn't leave a lot of time for a personal life.

Dr. Anderson: I manage.

Nick: You married? You got a husband? Is there a Mr. Dr. Anderson?

Dr. Anderson:  [Laughs]

Nick: Kids? I'm sorry if it's personal. I just -- you know so much about me.

Dr. Anderson: No, it's -- it's a perfectly fine question. And the answer is I'm married to my work.

Nick: But you obviously know a lot about relationships. You can't get all that from books.

Dr. Anderson: There was someone. Once.

Devon: Hey, Paul, do you mind if a ride along?

Paul: No. Not at all. Chatty Cathy here is gonna be a barrel of laughs. Let's go, Joe.

Cane: Devon. Thank you for believing in me.

Devon: Runs in the family. Don't forget that.

Joe: Yeah, don't forget, lily, that I believed in you.

Paul: Let's go.

Cane: Roadside service is coming to give your car a jump. But in the meantime, if you want, you can wait in my car.

Lily: So, that's it? We're just gonna talk jumper cables now? I want to talk about us. Can you forgive me for doubting you?

Cane: I don't want to talk about this here. I just don't.

Lily: This is where we are, and I want to talk this out. Look, our plan worked. I did it because I want to show you that I'm behind you. I-I was -- I was terrified, but I got through it 'cause I want to show you that I believe in you.

Cane: You believe in me now. Well, before you believe in him, didn't you? And you believed him so much that you slept with him. But you did it twice.

Lily: Cane, come on. We both have done stupid, shameful things to each other, and we've found our way back.

Cane: You chose to believe him so much that you slept with him, and you believed him over me. And I just don't think that you and I will ever be able to get past that.

Lily: Um... I can find my way back to the car. Thank you for showing up when you did.

Cane:  [Sighs]

Adam: Hey! How's the little man?

Chelsea: Well, the little man is growing up.

Adam: Yeah?

Chelsea: Even though he's only two, it looks like he has his first crush.

Adam: Uh-oh.

Sage: Me?

Chelsea:  [Laughs] Evidently, your angels were way superior to mine.

Sage:  [Laughs] Oh, no! Well, I'm honored. But I should get going. It's late, and my apartment's probably warm by now.

Adam: Okay. It's a pretty long walk, though. You think you can hack it?

Sage: Yeah, I can handle it. Thank you.

Chelsea: Sage, um... Connor has this pageant thing at his preschool tomorrow. Would you want to go with us?

Adam: You know, I mean, if you feel like that's too much, you don't have to --

Sage: No. I-I'd like that a lot. Thank you, Chelsea.

Adam: All right.

[Door opens, closes]

Nick: So, this mystery man...

Dr. Anderson:  [Chuckles] Well, he wasn't much of a mystery. Funny, very handsome, down to earth, kind of like you.

Nick: Uh, so a dazzling smile.

Dr. Anderson: Absolutely.

Nick: He let you down?

Dr. Anderson:  [Chuckles] Well, it was the kind of thing where I was left thinking, "Well, I won't be doing that again." [Chuckles] Falling in love, I mean.

Nick: It was that bad?

Dr. Anderson: Yeah, the worst part about it was that he didn't take any responsibility. I had it in my head, you know, oh, but he's such a great guy. It must be all my fault. It was irrational, but loss can do that to you. The same way that you carry that guilt in you about Christian.

Nick: Yeah, well, we're talking about you right now.

Dr. Anderson:  [Chuckles] No. Neither of us is on duty. This is a conversation.

Nick: About you.

Dr. Anderson: This is why I became a therapist. You know, I thought if I studied hard enough, if I helped enough patients, I could maybe heal myself.

Nick: How's that working out for you?

Dr. Anderson:  [Chuckles] Um, I'm getting there. I'll tell you, for the first time ever, I feel like maybe I could try again. Oh. [Chuckles] No. It's fine. You -- you keep them. I'm gonna stick around.

Nick: You sure?

Dr. Anderson: It's my therapy. Good night, Nick.

Nick: Night, Doc.

Dylan: Darn it. I knew I forgot something. With all the wedding planning, I forgot about the honeymoon. So, what do you want to do? You want to go to the beach? You want to go skiing?

Sharon: Mm, I do have a place in mind.

Dylan: Really?

Sharon: Mm-hmm.

Dylan: Okay, well, name it.

Sharon: Well, um, it's comfy and cozy, lots of excitement and noise -- lots of noise.

Dylan: Lots of noise.  [Laughs] We're -- we're not going anywhere, are we?

Sharon: No. I'm not letting go of this... or you. Faith is in her room, and Sully's in his crib. And Mrs. McAvoy would like her husband to make love to her.

Dylan: Well, I should go find him.

Sharon: Oh!

Dylan: Get out of here!

Sharon:  [Laughs]

[Sully cries]

Sharon: Well, the honeymoon's over.

Dylan: Nope. It's just getting started.

Sharon:  [Chuckles]

Sharon: He wasn't hungry. He's just fussy, and I-I was patting his back, and nothing.

Dylan: Did you do the jiggle move?

Sharon: I did the jiggle, I did the sway, I did the "shh."

Dylan: Come here. Hey. Did we wake you up?

Faith: You have to sing to him.

Dylan: Really?

Faith: Mommy always used to sing to me. Um, you didn't forget how, did you, mommy?

Sharon: Remind me, sweetheart. Come here.

Faith: Hey, Sully.

Silent night holy night all is calm all is bright round yon virgin mother and child holy infant so tender and mild sleep in heavenly peace sleep in heavenly peace silent night holy night shepherds quake at the sight glories stream from heaven above heavenly hosts sing "hallelujah" Christ the savior is born Christ the savior is born silent night holy night all is calm all is bright round yon virgin mother and child holy infant so tender and mild sleep in heavenly peace sleep in heavenly peace sleep in heavenly peace

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Victor: You should consider postponing it. You know, maybe springtime would be a better time.

Ashley: Absolutely not. You're not postponing your wedding.

Jack: I'm going to expose Victor for everything he did at a press conference today.

Phyllis: What?!

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