Y&R Transcript Thursday 12/10/15


Episode # 10814 ~ Cane makes a shocking confession to Devon, while Dylan pulls out all of the stops for Sharon.

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Nick: Mrs. Newman, I'm home!

Sage: Hey.

Nick: Hey. I, uh, I brought red roses, which are the flower of love, and a bottle of Montepulciano, which I just love to say. Say it with me.

Sage: Montepulciano.

Nick: See? It's fun.

Sage: You didn't have to do that.

Nick: Sage, you -- you came home. I'm so happy, and I'll do anything -- I mean, just anything to make you realize how much that means to me.

Dylan: Why does it look like more is coming out of your mouth than going in?

Faith: Can we have hot cocoa later?

Dylan: Yeah, sure. Sure. So, sully, are you, uh, you done? Um...

Faith: And maybe cookies?

Dylan: Yeah. We can have cookies. Uh, maybe we can -- maybe we should try something else here.

Faith: And make some popcorn strings for the tree?

Dylan: Hey, why not?

Faith: Aww. Sully's got his own stocking! This is so cool.

Dylan: Well, I'm glad you like it.

Faith: This is totally perfect, because I made you a stocking, Dylan.

Dylan: What?

Faith: Okay. You ready?

Dylan: [Chuckles] Okay.

Faith: Ta-da!

Dylan: That is total Christmas awesomeness.

Faith: [Chuckles]

Dylan: Thank you, faith.

Faith: You're welcome.

Dylan: Is that my sock?

Faith: Yeah. A clean one.

Dylan: [Chuckles] Well, that's good.

Faith: [Chuckles]

[Knock on door]

Dylan: Okay. Here we go.

Paul: Hey, there. Hope this isn't a bad time for grandpa to visit.

Dylan: Perfect timing. Just hang on to your socks.

Sharon: Well, thank you for agreeing to see me here. You know, my schedule's been so busy with the new baby and holidays.

Dr. Anderson: I'm just checking in. No reason it had to take place in a boring office.

[Cell phone chimes]

Sharon: Yeah.

Dr. Anderson: It's so cozy here.

Sharon: Well, thank you. Oh, that was Dylan. I'm gonna be needed back at home soon. Is there some reason that you wanted to talk to me?

Dr. Anderson: No, I'm just checking up on you. How are things going?

Sharon: Well, Sullivan is amazing, and he makes everything else amazing. I don't want to be away from him for a minute.

Dr. Anderson: Why is that?

Sharon: Well, part of me, you know, it's just because I'm so in love with him.

Dr. Anderson: And the other part?

Sharon: Well, I know it's silly, but there's this little part of me -- just so tiny -- that fears I might lose him somehow. I know it's silly. It's totally irrational. Is it irrational? I mean, is there something wrong with my behavior, the way that I'm thinking or I'm feeling? Is that why you wanted to see me? You think I need to go back to Fairview? I

Lily: Hi. Uh, I was thinking that we could go Christmas tree hunting for the kids like the old days.

Cane: [Scoffs] You're kidding me, right?

Lily: I thought that we at least agreed to be civil.

Cane: Oh, okay. So you think that throwing some tinsel on a Christmas tree is gonna fix things? Stay out of this! Stay out of this!

Lily: Devon, it's -- it's -- it's fine.

Devon: No, it's not fine.

Cane: What are you still doing here? Go.

Devon: She works here, cane.

Cane: Really? She works here? Okay, so that means that she's your problem now.

Devon: Will you show a little respect, please?

Cane: She slept with Joe Clark. And not only did she sleep with him. She claims now that she has feelings for him. Is that right?

Paul: You and I have a lot to celebrate, little man. This is your first Christmas and my first Christmas as a grandpa. Boy, do we have a lot to learn.

Faith: You're doing great so far.

Dylan: I second that.

Paul: Aww. Look at that. I can't tell you how proud I am of you. I mean, I look at you and I see your family so full of love and laughter.

Faith: And cookies.

Paul: And cookies. [Laughing] Yes.

Faith: May I get us some Christmas cookies?

Dylan: Have I ever said no to cookies?

Faith: No.

Dylan: Go.

Paul: Look at this precious boy. Who thought a year ago you'd be a family man and I'd be holding this little bundle, this little bundle of McAvoy joy? [Laughs] My grandson. I'm never gonna get tired of saying that.

Dylan: Seeing that smile on your face, you can say it all you want. And, uh, seeing, uh, that you're in the Christmas spirit, any chance I can, uh, ask you for a favor?

Paul: [Sighs] Look at that, Sullivan. I mean, I just fell for the oldest trick in the book. He puts a beautiful, young grandson in my arms and then hits me up for a favor. How can I say no? Well, the truth is, I can't, so what is it?

Dylan: I want to give Sharon an early Christmas present. And it's something really special. But I need your help.

Dr. Anderson: Sharon, you're doing remarkably well. There's no need for inpatient treatment.

Sharon: Oh, thank God. Because I feel good, but, you know, when I got home, I did notice I felt a little off. I just wrote that off to having a new baby in the house.

Dr. Anderson: Well, that makes sense. You know, you're getting used to a new routine, possible postpartum issues. You know, throw in the holidays. I, um, I just want to make sure you're not getting too overwhelmed.

Sharon: I feel blessed and happy, and I owe you so much for helping me get to this place.

Dr. Anderson: You did the work, Sharon. You should be proud.

Sharon: You know, the time just flew by at Fairview. I went in so confused and unsure, and I came out happy and healthy and with a beautiful baby boy.

Dr. Anderson: Well, you know, many patients find that the time passes by a lot faster than expected. That's actually a positive sign. And the drug protocol we implemented for you allowed you to carry your baby safely to term.

Sharon: And I'm forever grateful to you for that.

Dr. Anderson: Well, you know, now we can get you back fully on your old meds, and it should be smooth sailing for you and your son.

Sharon: You know, I've never felt better, stronger, and more grateful for the things that I have. And even it's the little things that bring me so much joy, like baking Christmas cookies and hearing carols, seeing faith's little footsteps in the snow where she crosses the ranch over to nick's house.

Dr. Anderson: You and Nick live on the same property? You never mentioned that.

Sharon: Well, why would it matter?

Nick: So, Mariah's in charge of the, uh, holiday drink menu at the club.

Sage: Mariah and holidays. It's a strange combination.

Nick: [Chuckles]

Sage: Maybe I should spend more time there so I can oversee things.

Nick: No. Nah, it'll work out. It's kind of the charm of the place, you know. Besides, I like having you here. I'm just... I'm so happy. You know, last night, it's the way it should be, a lifetime of that. Just wrap it up, put a bow on it, and put it under the tree, because it's all I wanted. Will you dance with me? You know I can dip with the best of them.

Sage: I can't.

Nick: Yeah, you can. Just I'll lead, you follow.

Sage: I'm sorry, Nick. I can't do this. I can't be here in this house. It's -- it's so hard.

Nick: Yeah, look, I know it is. I know it is. But we took a big first step last night. You let me hold you. We made love for the first time since --

Sage: I know. It was so wonderful. And you're so understanding with me.

Nick: Just be honest with me, all right? Don't hide any of your feelings. There is nothing about us moving forward that's gonna be easy --

Sage: I can't stay here in this house, Nick. I'm gonna move back to the penthouse.

Nick: Why? I mean, last night was... I thought we were good.

Sage: Because our son is still gone, and everything in this house reminds me of him.

Nick: I took care of that. I-I boxed up the nursery. I donated the furniture and the toys and the clothes --

Sage: What? Why did you do that? What -- what are you trying to do? Pretend that Christian never existed?

Cane: You know, why don't you take all these feelings you have for Joe Clark and get out of my face?

Lily: Cane, please don't be like this.

Cane: What am I being like? You're the one that cheated on me, remember? You cheated on me.

Devon: Okay, stop it. Cane, with everything you've been up to, you have no right to judge anyone.

Lily: You can be angry with me, but this is for the kids.

Cane: Oh.

Lily: Please do not punish them.

Cane: Okay. So now you're worried about the children.

Lily: Mattie and Charlie are expecting a Christmas tree.

Cane: Well, I will buy them one!

Devon: Lily, let's get out of here.

Lily: No, you know, I'm not gonna let cane scare me away. I have work to do here!

Cane: Oh, work? Is that code for getting back in bed with Joe upstairs?

Devon: Hey, that's enough, cane!

Lily: No, Devon, stop. I can't do this. [Voice breaking] I don't know why I keep trying to save things. I hate you.

Devon: You need to get the hell out of here.

Cane: Devon, I...

Devon: No, dude, how you gonna humiliate your wife like that?

Cane: I hated every word that just came out of my mouth.

Cane: Going off on lily like that, it was all for show.

Devon: It looked pretty damn real to me.

Cane: Well, I know it looked real, and it had to, because we knew we had to convince an audience of one. Joe Clark.

Devon: So you and lily set up this whole thing?

Cane: I'm sorry that fight had to look so ugly. It's just we knew if we could convince you, we could convince Joe.

Devon: Then tell me what the hell's really going on.

Cane: We have proof that Joe framed me for the million dollars that you lost.

Devon: What kind of proof do you have?

Cane: Okay. Inside his safe in his suite, he has a hoodie which was identical to the one the extortionist was wearing. Lily was there. She saw this. And Joe's DNA was all over it.

Devon: And did you take this to the police?

Cane: Yes. But unfortunately the evidence is inadmissible.

Devon: So you're telling me that Joe Clark is the extortionist?

Cane: Yes. We have means, we have motive, and I have opportunity.

Devon: And what's his motive? It was money?

Cane: No. His motive is lily. 'Cause he wants to get me out of the way so he can have her all to himself. Lily believes me. Tell me you believe me.

Joe: Lily! I saw what happened.

Lily: How could he do that to me in front of the guests and my staff? He completely humiliated me!

Joe: Cane's a jerk. I've defended him before, and I'm done. He doesn't deserve you.

Lily: Thank you.

Cane: You're a wonderful woman, lily. You don't need someone like cane in your life.

Lily: It's not just me. He's now punishing the twins. He's ruining their holiday for something that I did!

Cane: Maybe I can fix it. How about I take you and the kids to go get a tree? The bigger, the better.

Lily: Thank you. That's sweet. But Cane and I, we have a tradition where we go and we chop down a tree and then we decorate it and surprise the kids.

Joe: All right, well, I'm all about tradition. So how about we go create some holiday magic?

Paul: Wow. That's your idea of a Christmas gift? This is big.

Dylan: Yeah, it's big. Can you help?

Paul: I may be able to put it together.

Dylan: No, no, no "maybe." It has to happen tonight. Tonight. Are you good with that?

Paul: Um, yeah, yeah. Let's do it. Lookit there.

Faith: What are you whispering about?

Dylan: Uh, Christmas. You know? Oh, thank you.

Paul: Oh, yeah, me too.

Dylan: You should, uh, you should finish your list, by the way. Did you finish it?

Faith: No. Not yet.

Paul: What? What do you mean, not yet? You got to get it in the mail or the elves won't have enough time to put together your toys.

Faith: I don't mail my list. I flashchat it.

[Both chuckle]

Paul: Goodness.

Dr. Anderson: That Nick lives on the same property as you is just part of the bigger picture. Does he -- does he stop by often?

Sharon: Not really.

Dr. Anderson: And since the baby, has he visited with sully? Do you think he plans to in the future?

Sharon: Um, I think nick's working really hard on dealing with his own grief, and it's gonna be awhile before he'll be ready to spend time with my son.

Dr. Anderson: The death of a child is a tremendous blow, as you know. The impact that it's had on Nick, on his wife, their marriage -- it's a devastating loss on so many levels.

Sharon: Is this nick's therapy session or mine?

Nick: I'm not trying to forget our son. I'm just trying to make it easier for you.

Sage: By erasing him? What? You gonna make the room a home theater, Nick? A mancave?

Nick: I just thought it would be one less thing you'd have to face.

Sage: Because I'm so fragile?! Because I can't deal with my grief as neatly as you can?!

Nick: No, because I love you and I thought it would help.

Sage: Did you give everything away?! All of it?!

Nick: No, I kept -- I kept the blue blanket and the little toy car that was mine that my dad gave him, the drawing that faith made for him, a-a couple of the gifts. [Voice breaking] Boxing up our son's life was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. I'm sorry. I-I-I'm sorry if it was wrong.

Sage: I'm sorry that you have to keep apologizing to me, Nick. All you do is try to help, and all I do is shut you down. You were right to donate all that stuff, okay? What are we gonna do with it, anyway? From the day I first moved in here, all I pictured was our life with Christian. I saw his highchair right there, throwing strained peas onto the floor. I saw him pick himself up by this table and take his first steps into your arms. I-I saw me sitting in that chair rocking him to sleep, singing to him. He would have been so loved. [Sighs] But, you know, with the crib being gone and the clothes and the toys... I still can't be here, Nick. I can't be in this house.

Nick: Then let's move.

Sage: What? No, faith loves it here. You've lived here forever. I would never, ever ask that of you.

Nick: I will bulldoze this place.

Sage: Nick, please --

Nick: Just say the word, and I'll do it.

Sage: No. Stop it. I would never, ever ask you to give this place up for me. This is my issue.

Nick: [Voice breaking] It's our issue. How can I make you understand that? Sage, I'm doing everything I can to make this work. But you got to help me a little bit. Unless you don't want it to work.

Paul: Oh, sweet dreams, little one. And you keep an eye on your little brother for me, okay?

Faith: I will.

Paul: All right. Oh! [Laughs] Wow. Doesn't get any better than that. I'll be in touch.

Dylan: Thank you.

[Lock clicks]

Dylan: Okay.

Paul: Whoa.

Sharon: Oh, hi, Paul.

Paul: Hi.

Sharon: I'm glad you're here.

Paul: Well, I was just leaving.

Sharon: Oh, you sure you can't stay?

Paul: Well, um, I wish I could. See you.

Sharon: See you. Well, he was in a hurry. Hi, you two.

Dylan: Hi.

Sharon: And you.

Dylan: [Chuckles]

Sharon: Actually, I should say "you three."

Dylan: You should.

Sharon: Oh. Look at him. He's a perfect, little angel. Did Paul say where he was going?

Dylan: Uh, no. But we have, uh, more important things to deal with, don't we, faith?

Faith: We need to make our lists for Santa.

Dylan: All right.

Faith: What's at the top of your list, mommy?

Sharon: I think I have everything in the world that I could possibly want.

Faith: What do you want on your list, Dylan? Or do you already have everything you could possibly ever want, too?

Dylan: Just about.

Nick: If you want space, I'll give you space. You need time, take as much time as you need. If you need support, I will be your rock. But if this isn't what you want... sage, what do you want?

Sage: I want to not feel like this. I want to be not broken. I want to be able to turn to you and feel safe, the way that I could before Christian died.

Nick: It's right here just like it was last night. And if we can string a bunch of nights like that together, I know we can find our way through this.

Sage: Nick... I love you so much. But you can't fix me. You cannot fix this. I have to fix it myself. I mourned my parents. I mourned Gabriel. I mourned Constance. And I survived. But this -- Christian... I have an ache that is so dark and so deep, it doesn't feel real. I don't understand it. I don't know how to get out of it. I don't know how to put one foot in front of the other. I don't know how to live the rest of my life.

Nick: Your life. Not our life.

Sage: No, Nick. I have to figure it out. I have to understand it before we make decisions that we can't take back.

Nick: So I guess I'm not bulldozing the place.

Sage: I love that you would even consider doing that. But it's not the answer. Do you understand me?

Nick: You're leaving.

Sage: Please don't fight me.

Cane: Even chief Williams agrees there's enough evidence against Joe to start a full investigation into him.

Devon: So you didn't do it.

Cane: No, I did not do it.

Devon: I don't think I can ever say I'm sorry enough. 'Cause you -- I mean, you've really been nothing but a friend and a brother to me. And I-I apologize for believing that you could put money ahead of friendship and family. Listen, man, um, if you want to go after Joe and make him pay, I'm with you.

Lily: [Sighs] Great. This cannot be happening.

Joe: Well, I -- there's no cell phone service.

Lily: Yeah, which means no tow truck. Oh, and now it's snowing. Fabulous. [Sighs]

Joe: Yeah, listen. You just stay in here where it's dry, and I'll head back to the main road and flag down a car. We'll be fine.

Lily: No, no, no. The Abbotts have a cabin nearby. We'll just, uh, we'll -- we'll walk there, and then we'll -- we'll call from there.

Joe: Okay, well, look, I'm -- I'm game if you are, so...

Lily: [Sighs]

Dylan: Isn't this something?

Sharon: The artwork you did there, it's -- I mean, it's dazzling.

Faith: Thank you.

Dylan: And complete with a "D" for Dylan. [Chuckles]

Faith: "D" is also for Daddy, which is what you are now to Sully and kind of to me, too. Right, Mommy?

Sharon: Right.

Dylan: No one can replace your dad. But I couldn't be prouder to be like another dad to you. Thank you. Oh, you're so cute.

Faith: [Chuckles]

[Knock on door]

Faith: I'll get it! Daddy!

Nick: Hey, you. Come here.

[Door closes]

Sharon: Nick, this is a surprise.

Dylan: Yeah. What's, uh, what's up?

Nick: Well, I was wondering if faith could come and hang out with her old man tonight, maybe watch some Christmas movies, uh, dig into that game I can never seem to beat you at.

Dylan: Oh, man, I thought, uh, I thought faith was -- was -- was staying here tonight.

Nick: Uh, yeah. Yeah, she was. Uh, but honestly, I could use a night with her. And, uh, I promise I'll have her back in the morning. Um, that is, after my world-famous chocolate chip pancakes.

Faith: Sage won't be there?

Nick: Uh, no. Just be the two of us.

Faith: Can I go, mommy?

Sharon: That sounds like it would be really fun.

Dylan: Yeah, you know, but we kind of had a whole, uh, whole thing set up here.

Sharon: Oh, we did?

Dylan: Yeah. Yeah, we -- we didn't finish our Christmas lists. We're right in the middle. We got to finish that. And then, uh, we had to string some popcorn, right? That's what you said. And -- and make some hot cocoa. So, I don't know, maybe, uh, tomorrow night is better than tonight.

Sharon: Faith, why don't you show your daddy what's on your Christmas list already?

Faith: Okay.

Sharon: Dylan.

Dylan: What?

Sharon: Why would you do that? Why would you not let faith go with Nick? He's obviously alone and he needs this.

Dylan: [Sighs]

Sharon: Look, our lives are so perfect right now. They're right on track. This is the least we could do.

Dylan: [Sighs]

Dr. Anderson: [Sighs] [Sighs]

Lily: [Sighs] I can't believe they still keep a key under the gnome. They told me about that so long ago.

Joe: So much for electricity.

Lily: Okay, I'm gonna try the phone. Great. Nothing. I cannot believe this is happening right now.

Joe: Well, at least we have candles.

Lily: Yeah, why not?

Joe: What's wrong?

Lily: Nothing. I just -- I was really looking forward to getting a Christmas tree for the kids.

Joe: Well, as soon as we can. I mean, look, there's a heck of a lot of other worse places we could be stuck. I'll make a fire. It'll be warm and cozy, just the two of us.

Lily: Yeah, I guess it's better than being publicly humiliated by my husband.

Joe: You look beautiful in this light.

Lily: So do you.

Joe: I know a perfect way we can stay warm.

Devon: Cane, you said that lily admitted to having feelings for Joe. Is that true?

Cane: That was all part of the setup, wasn't it, to make him think that Joe was a big man in lily's eyes.

Devon: Okay, so it was a team effort. Does that mean you're back together?

Cane: My wife thinks that I extorted a million dollars from you.

Devon: She wasn't the only one guilty of that.

Cane: I am her husband. In the moment there was some fabricated evidence, all of a sudden my wife just, what, she doesn't believe me?

Devon: Neither did I.

Cane: Okay.

Devon: And look where I am now. I'm -- I have my wife back, but she doesn't remember loving me.

Cane: Wait, wait, hang on a second. Wait, Hilary still thinks she loves Neil?

Devon: Yeah, she does. And all I can do is wait for her to get her memory back and try not to lose my mind in the meantime.

Cane: Don't do that. Don't give up hope on her. Don't do that.

Devon: The same goes for you and lily. You still love her, don't you?

Cane: She hasn't responded to any of my texts. She should be there by now.

Devon: What did you guys plan exactly?

Cane: Joe and lily were meant to go and get a Christmas tree and then go back to our house, and then she was gonna serve him mulled wine and mistletoe and -- and he would think that he could relax and maybe just tell her the truth. Why is she not responding to any of my texts? I don't understand why.

Devon: Well, what if Joe found out about your plan?

Joe: Well, so where were we?

Lily: Uh... yeah, we were just, you know, saying it's romantic and candlelight, just the two of us. So, I think we should just talk, you know?

Joe: Well, sometimes words get in the way.

Lily: No, that's -- that's -- that's not true. You know, we -- we fell in the bed so quickly. I think that we should get to know each other.

Joe: You know I'm crazy about you. What else is there?

Lily: Yeah, I-I think you're sweet, and I feel safe with you and protected. You know, not like with cane.

Joe: I like the sound of that.

Lily: Um, you know, I'm gonna try my cell phone again, actually, because there might be a sweet spot somewhere.

Joe: Well, I'm sure I could find a sweet spot.

Lily: [Chuckles] Joe.

Joe: What -- what's going on?

Lily: Nothing.

Joe: I heard what cane said at the athletic club. Is it true that you have feelings about me?

Lily: Yes. Of cour-- of course I do.

Joe: Then why are you keeping your distance?

Lily: B-because I just -- I-I want us to take things slow, and I'm still married.

Joe: To a man who publicly humiliated you. And that ring's never stopped you before.

Lily: [Sighs] Okay, well, you know, now that cane and I are over and, you know, I want to be with you, so I-I want us to do this right.

Joe: By not sleeping with me.

Lily: No. By waiting.

Joe: Something's off, lily. I... are you setting me up?

Sage: [Sighs]

Dr. Anderson: Are you all right? Mrs. Newman, is there anything I can do to help?

Dylan: I think it's a -- it's a great idea for you to stay with your dad. But why don't we finish our Christmas lists first?

Faith: But you and mom said you already have everything you want, remember?

Nick: She could also finish the list down at my place.

Dylan: How about cookies, Nick? I know -- I know you like cookies. How about some more cookies for you, faith?

Sharon: Yeah, I-I can wrap some up to take with you.

Nick: Uh, I think I'm good with cookies down at my place. We got lots of stuff, so... uh, let's go.

Dylan: Well, hold on. It's just -- I mean, it's so cold outside, and -- and it looks -- it looks like it's gonna snow. I mean, where's your, uh, where's your winter coat? Why don't you have your snow boots on?

Sharon: Dylan, are you all right?

Dylan: Yeah, no. Me? I'm fine.

Sharon: What's going on?

Dylan: N-nothing. I'm just -- you know, just having fun. Don't want the fun to end.

[Knock on door]

Sharon: I'll get it. I'll get it.

[Knocking continues]

Sharon: Coming.

Paul: Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho! Ho, ho! [Laughs]

Sage: I met you with Nick at the hospital.

Dr. Anderson: Dr. Anderson. I-I want to apologize again. That remark I made about Sharon's baby -- it was -- it was very insensitive.

Sage: It's all right. It's okay.

Dr. Anderson: No, it's not. You suffered a tragic loss. I'd ask how you're doing, but, uh... you want to talk about it?

Sage: My husband tried to do a nice thing. He packed up our child's nursery so I wouldn't have to, and instead of thanking him, I got angry at him and... now I'm sitting here.

Dr. Anderson: You shouldn't blame yourself.

Sage: Well, then who should I blame? It's nobody's fault, and since there's no blame to throw around, I lash out at the person who loves me and is just trying to help. I just told him I needed time and space. I-I-I don't really know what I'm doing. I should just go home and be with Nick.

Dr. Anderson: May I?

Sage: Yeah.

Dr. Anderson: Maybe that isn't the wisest decision. You left because you instinctively knew you needed space. Perhaps that's what's best for Nick, as well. Time to grieve alone.

Paul: I understand you've been an extra special little girl this year!

Faith: I have. Most of the time.

Paul: Oh, I bet you've been perfect. Look at this. This is for you! Merry Christmas!

Faith: [Chuckles]

Paul: And this -- look here. Ooh hoo! Isn't this a cute thing. This is for your little brother. Hold on a second. Ho, ho, ho, ho. There you go. You're a perfect, little guy, too. Now, let's see what else we have in here. I think there's some more things for you. Yes! This is for you! Oh! Look here! This is for you!


Paul: Oh, and this is for you! Look at all this stuff! It's all for you!

Nick: I get it now why you wanted to keep faith here.

Sharon: Oh, you are the best.

Dylan: Well, faith's not the only one who's getting some of Santa's magic. There's still one very special present to deliver to her mom.

Sharon: No, I really don't need any presents.

Paul: Well, this is for you.

Sharon: Really?

Paul: I think you better open it.

Dylan: If I were you, I would do what Santa says.

Paul: Anybody in the mood for a wedding?!

Dylan: Merry Christmas.

Devon: Hey, lily, give me a call back as soon as you get this message, all right?

Cane: All right, so she hasn't been home and she hasn't checked in? Thanks. That's the nanny. There's no sign of her.

Devon: It just went straight to voicemail.

Cane: God!

Devon: Uh, what if Joe figured everything out? Would he hurt her?

Cane: I don't know, but he has a temper. I'm not gonna wait to find out. Come on. Let's go.

Lily: Setting you up? No! Cane hates me.

Joe: Oh, the big fight. Perfectly timed. Perfectly staged.

Lily: No, I would never choose to humiliate myself at work.

Joe: Even if cane asked you?

Lily: Of course not!

Joe: Whatever cane wants.

Lily: No, that is not true.

Joe: Even after you -- you covered for him after he ransacked my room?

Lily: Okay, that was a coincidence.

Joe: And convinced you that the hoodie he stashed was mine so that I'd be the bad guy! I'm not the bad guy, lily!

Lily: Okay. Joe, I know that, all right? So let's just see if our cell phones work so we can work on getting out of here.

Joe: After everything I've done for you. I've cared for you, I've -- I've stood up for you, I've treated you a hell of a lot better than cane has. And after all that, this is how you treat me? Leading me on, lying?!

Lily: No, Joe, you're wrong.

Joe: You're not going anywhere.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Cane: The Abbott cabin's nearby. It would be the perfect place they could be alone and she can get Joe to talk.

Devon: Then what are we waiting for?

Chelsea: Uh, what's going on?

Sage: I did something crazy.

Dylan: Will you marry me right now?

Faith: [Gasps]

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