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Episode # 10812 ~ Jack confronts Billy about his alliance with Phyllis; Nick takes a stand with Sage; Marisa plays into Luca's hands.

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Billy: Go ahead, Jack. Do it. Hit me. It's not gonna change the truth.

Jack: What truth, Billy, that your obsessive need for revenge has hurt our entire family -- that truth?

Billy: No, Jack. That you let Victor walk all over you and me and everybody else that you claim to give a damn about, including Phyllis.

Phyllis: Stop right now! Stop it!

Jack: What, are you gonna protect him now?

Phyllis: Billy's right. You let Victor get away with despicable behavior.

Chelsea: Sometimes I forget how you and I met.

Sage: Oh. Well, that would be when I was pretending to be Mrs. Gabriel Bingham.

Chelsea: Oh, yeah -- one lie of many.

Sage: Well, it wasn't just Adam's lie. I was a co-conspirator.

Chelsea: Well, I mean, you did a lot to help him. It wasn't just acting. So, something must have made you want to go out of your way for him.

Sage: Well, uh, he looked like my best friend. That helped. [Chuckles] I don't know. You know Adam. He's charming and confident, intelligent, and underneath all of that, he's incredibly vulnerable. You know, he's -- he's a hard guy to resist.

Chelsea: You fell in love with him, didn't you?

Sage: Yeah. Yeah, I-I did.

Adam: You fell in love with me?

Kevin: Yes. Yes. Yes!

Mariah: Sounds like this life-changing idea that your Swiss girl with the dragon tattoo has is really rocking your world.

Kevin: I'm not telling you what it is.

Mariah: Fine! But don't call me when you need to be bailed out of trouble or jail.

Kevin: I'm not doing anything illegal. I'm just breaking new ground -- "wow, I never thought in a million years this would happen in my lifetime" new ground. It's unbelievable, unfathomable, un--

Mariah: I get it. You're excited.

Kevin: I can't remember the last time I was this excited.

Mariah: And all over some yodel-hacking girl you met in the alps.

Kevin: She happens to be a computer genius who has a huge idea. She doesn't even know how huge it is or how much money she stands to make off of it.

Mariah: But you do?

Luca: I'm starving. Do you want to go out, or should I order room service?

Marisa: I'm not hungry.

Luca: Well, we need food.

Marisa: I don't want to eat, Luca. I want to see my daughter. Take me to see Ava.

Luca: Well, we can't go yet.

Marisa: Why not?

Luca: I have a private investigator trying to locate her, and as soon as he finds her --

Marisa: As soon as he -- you said you knew where she was.

Luca: Yes. Well --

Marisa: Was that just a ploy to get me to come to Spain with you?

Nick: Whoa! Easy on the glassware, bud.

Noah: I'm sorry.

Nick: You want to talk about it?

Noah: Uh, talk about what?

Nick: Your fight with Marisa.

Noah: Good guess.

Nick: Well, you slamming the glasses around -- it's a good first clue.

Noah: [Sighs] No, I don't want to talk about Marisa. What about you and sage? You guys okay? I mean, she is supposed to be here and she's not, and you're not supposed to be here and you are, so that was my first clue.

Nick: Good guess, but let's talk about you first. What's going on with you and Marisa?

Noah: Well, Marisa told me that she's gonna rush off with Luca to go find their daughter, and, um, I lost it and I said some pretty harsh things.

Nick: Well, things have been pretty stressful between you two lately.

Noah: Yeah. Yeah. They have. But it doesn't give me the excuse to act like an ass. I need to make this right.

Nick: How are you gonna do that?

Noah: I don't know. I need to find her, and I need to convince her to come back and be with me and to leave Luca and never look back.

Nick: That'd be a big mistake, and you'll always regret it.

Noah: A mistake? R-really? You -- you think that I should just let the woman that I love go? Of all people, I thought that you'd understand that.

Nick: Hey, hey, hey. I understand more than you think.

Jack: Wow! That sure says it, doesn't it?

Phyllis: Look, I didn't -- beating up Billy is not gonna help a thing.

Billy: I don't need you to come to my rescue, Phyllis.

Phyllis: Shut up, Billy! I shouldn't have lied to you. Neither of us should have. But Victor was making fools of us. He thinks he can toy with our lives without consequence. He deserved to be punished.

Jack: And you didn't think I was ever gonna do that. Is that what you're saying? I have fought Victor Newman for decades. You know what I've learned? Getting down in the gutter with Victor is a losing proposition.

Phyllis: I disagree.

Jack: All it does is perpetuate the endless cycle of revenge our families have been locked in for years now. I would like that to end. I'd like to take the high road and negotiate some peace between the Abbotts and the Newmans.

Billy: Is that what you were doing, Jack, when you decided not to tell me that Adam was still alive? You were taking the high road? Because guess what. This latest round of revenge and paybacks -- that's where it came from, Jack -- you lying to me. You, you ingrate -- keep you out of jail!

Billy: You still don't get it, do you?! You covered for that dirtbag. You appeased him the same way you're appeasing Victor right now, and look what it got you, Jack. It got you a war anyway, because Adam launched paragon. It nearly destroyed both our families!

Jack: And you thought relaunching it was the solution.

Billy: Well, it's better than what you did...

Jack: Oh, come on.

Billy: ...Nothing.

Phyllis: Okay. Please stop this. Okay. We can't do this. We don't have time to dwell on this. There is a new threat we need to deal with.

Jack: What are you talking about?

Phyllis: Victor's suing Jabot. He wants payback for everything he's lost.

Marisa: You see this? This little girl is the only reason I got on a plane with you to fly halfway around the world.

Luca: I'm here for our daughter, too.

Marisa: If you know where she is, you'd better tell me right here.

Luca: She's here in Majorca.

Marisa: Where?!

Luca: Money must change hands before I have an exact location.

Marisa: You liar! You used our daughter to get me to go away with you!

Luca: No. No. I wouldn't do that to you. I swear, Marisa.

Marisa: [Sighs] If you're lying to me... I-I don't think I can take it.

Luca: I give you my word. You'll be reunited with your daughter, our little girl, very soon.

Marisa: [Sighs] I can't believe it's -- it's finally gonna happen after all these years. I...get to meet my baby. I wouldn't let myself believe it, that I would get to see her, talk to her, hold her in my arms.

Luca: Have you thought about what you're gonna do next? Do you want to go back to Genoa city?

Marisa: [Sighs] I don't know. There's not much left for me there.

Luca: Well, you could stay here.

Marisa: I don't know what the future holds, Luca. I just -- I want to be a good mother to my daughter.

Luca: I want to be a part of Ava's life, too. We could...raise her together, maybe here in Spain.

Marisa: I, uh... need some air.

Luca: Marisa, wait. I've upset you.

Marisa: When we left Genoa city, you told me you loved me.

Luca: I meant it.

Marisa: And you said that you would prove it by helping me find my daughter -- no strings attached. Did you mean that, too?

Nick: I'm not saying you should give up on Marisa.

Noah: Well, it kind of sounds like that.

Nick: Things have obviously gotten complicated.

Noah: Well, you know what they say -- "three's a crowd."

Nick: It's not just you, Luca, and Marisa anymore. There's a little girl involved.

Noah: Yeah, but, you see, that doesn't change a thing for me.

Nick: Maybe it does for Marisa. I mean, you said she and Luca went to find their daughter. Who knows what that means?

Noah: Is this you telling me to not give up on Marisa? I-I --

Nick: I'm just saying you need to give her the time she needs to figure things out on her own. She'll come back when she's ready. I know it's not easy, but it's what I'm doing with sage.

Noah: How is sage right now? I mean, I heard that she had a hard time at sully's christening.

Nick: Yeah. Uh...yeah. She's -- she stayed with Adam and Chelsea last night.

Noah: What?

Nick: Yeah. I think she's gonna stay with them for a while.

Noah: No, dad. I'm sorry, man.

Nick: Yeah. It's killing me. I saw her earlier. It did not go well.

Noah: So, you just... gave up?

Nick: I'm giving her the space she needs. I've been told that is the best thing I can do for her.

Noah: Okay. Well, I don't know who the hell told you that, but I completely disagree. Dad, giving sage space right now -- that's the worst possible thing you could be doing.

Sage: No, I-I didn't love you.

Adam: That's what you said.

Sage: I know that's what I said. That's not what I meant.

Adam: Why don't you say what you mean?

Sage: I never loved Adam Newman. I loved the man you were pretending to be.

Chelsea: Gabriel Bingham.

Sage: Yes. Gabe is the only man I've ever loved, besides from Nick, of course.

Chelsea: Of course.

Sage: You have to believe me.

Kevin: If I can pitch this new technology to the Newmans and the Abbotts, they will pay a fortune to get their hands on it, and when I broker the deal --

Mariah: You'll make a fraction of what you'd make if you stole it from her.

Kevin: I can't do that.

Mariah: Why, because you'd never do something so underhanded?

Kevin: No, I wouldn't -- not to her.

Mariah: Not to this girl? Kevin, do you want to get into her lederhosen?

Kevin: You make it sound like I'm some creepy, lecherous old man trying to take advantage of this young, beautiful girl.

Mariah: Wow. You didn't mention that she was young or beautiful.

Kevin: That's because it's irrelevant. I'm only interested in her computer skills.

Mariah: Yeah, right. I bet you want to get a hand on her skills.

Kevin: This idea right now -- it's just a concept. It only exists in her head, so I couldn't reproduce it even if I wanted to, which I don't.

Mariah: You haven't even told me what "it" is.

Kevin: I know, because I'm not going to.

Mariah: Okay. Give me a hint.

Kevin: No.

Mariah: Is it a time machine?

Kevin: Nope.

Mariah: A teleportation device?

Kevin: No.

Mariah: Is it a human "mute" button? You know, it would kind of be like a remote control but for humans, and then if they're talking too much or annoying you, you can turn it down to get them to shut up?

Kevin: It's not that, although that is so appealing to me right now.

Mariah: Are you seriously not gonna tell me what this is?!

Kevin: I'm not because I can't trust anyone with this.

Mariah: Not even me?

Kevin: [Sighs]

Luca: What did you find out?

I followed the girl for a week. She has the same routine every day. After school, she goes to Santa Lucia park with her mother for about an hour and then home.

Luca: So, she's probably there now.

It would be very easy for me to grab her.

Luca: No. We do this the way I said.

Noah: I'm sorry. I shouldn't be telling you how to deal with your grief. I've never lost a child. I don't know how that feels.

Nick: Yeah, I've been down this road before.

Noah: Yeah, I know. And I know what it did to you and mom when Cassie died.

Nick: That's what happens when someone's life blows up. You just try and hang on to a piece of the wreckage and hope you survive, and that's what I'm doing. I'm trying to stay afloat.

Noah: And trying to keep sage from drowning, and I know that that must be a-a heavy burden to bear, and I know that you think what you're doing is right. Well, I-I just can't do the same thing with Marisa. I can't. I can't just sit back, wait for her to come around, act like I don't care, like she doesn't mean anything to me.

Nick: That's not what I'm doing.

Noah: I know that that may not be your intention... but keeping your distance -- giving her time and space -- it can come off that way, like you don't care.

Nick: What if that's what she needs?

Noah: I'll bet you that mom wishes she'd fought harder to reach you.

Nick: It's different.

Noah: Yeah, you're right -- it's different, because the roles are reversed this time. You make sage feel, so she's pushing you away.

Nick: Son, I can't force sage to come home, just like you can't do with Marisa.

Noah: No. No, we can't. But Marisa means everything to me, so I'm gonna fight for her. I'm gonna fight for her. And I think you should do the same thing with sage.

Sage: Adam, every single time I laid in to you, it was because I was upset that you weren't Gabriel.

Chelsea: That -- that must have been a very difficult time for you.

Sage: Chelsea, I'm so sorry if I just made you feel uncomfortable. That's the last thing I'd want. You've been so kind and generous to me.

Chelsea: No. You didn't make us uncomfortable, sage.

Sage: I think I'm gonna be a complication, being here. You just got your family together, and now I'm here.

Adam: Well, look -- I mean, it's a couple of nights in the guest room. It's no big deal.

Sage: I don't want to wear out my welcome, and, to be honest, I left Nick because I needed some time alone.

Adam: Right. Okay. Well, you know, I mean, in that case, um... our place across the hall -- our old place -- is vacant. Why don't you stay there?

Sage: Do you think I could stay there for a while?

Adam: I know the real-estate agent. She's a good friend of mine. I'll speak to her. We'll set up a lease. You stay as long as you want.

Sage: You sure?

Adam: Yeah, positive. Sounds perfect.

Sage: Okay. All right. I'm gonna take you up on that offer.

Jack: He also wants to be compensated for this latest round of losses -- the money he lost when Billy relaunched paragon?

Phyllis: Correct.

Jack: I told you this is what could happen.

Billy: Oh, good. Here it comes -- another lecture on what a screw-up I am.

Jack: You did screw up, Billy!

Billy: I stood up to Victor!

Jack: Yeah, and now we're facing a billion-dollar lawsuit that could bury our company.

Billy: Bring it on. I'm not afraid of lurch.

Jack: When is this gonna stop, Billy? When?

Billy: When I crush that self-righteous bastard.

Jack: What if he crushes you first? And not just you -- me, Ashley, everything our father built.

Billy: That's not gonna happen.

Jack: What, are you dumb or just naive?

Phyllis: Jack.

Billy: Oh, that's great.

Jack: You don't get it, do you -- either of you? This man just lost his shirt. You thought he was dangerous before? You watch now. This time it could cost us our father's company, all because of your insatiable need for revenge, without considering the consequences, not just for you -- for all of us. Great job. Dad would have been real proud of you, little brother.

Billy: Well, he'd be a hell of a lot more proud of me for standing up for the family name than he would have you for being such a coward.

Phyllis: Jack.

Kevin: Hey, hey, hey. I didn't say I don't trust you.

Mariah: Fine! Then tell me what the next big thing is you and Heidi are working on.

Kevin: You know what sounds good right about now? A peppermint latte. 'Tis the season, ho ho ho, and all that -- my treat.

Mariah: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Slow down, big spender. You haven't made a dime yet.

Kevin: Actually, I have. Chasing paragon has been a very lucrative side job -- two side jobs, actually. I'm collecting paychecks from the Newmans and the Abbotts.

Noah: Don't forget about me. I, uh, also paid you to help me find Marisa's daughter.

Mariah: Wow! Look at that! You can treat everybody. I'm gonna get extra sour cream on my burrito.

Kevin: Sure. I'm in the mood to celebrate.

Noah: Well, I hate to kill the mood, but I am not.

Mariah: What's wrong?

Noah: Kevin... I paid you to do a job, and you didn't do it. Now Marisa's run off with Luca to go find their daughter.

Kevin: Dude, I'm sorry.

Noah: Yeah. You look real sorry.

Mariah: Noah!

Noah: I'm losing my mind, worrying about Marisa, wishing like hell that I could help her find Ava. I paid you to do a job, Kevin. You didn't do it, Mr. Big shot.

Kevin: Hey, I've been working my ass off, trying to make sure that paragon doesn't decimate Jabot and Newman.

Noah: Good job! You failed, Kevin, just like you failed at helping me find Marisa's daughter.

Phyllis: Jack is not a coward.

Billy: You know what? The Jack I know never would have backed down to Victor Newman.

Jack: Yeah. How did going head-to-head with him work for you, Billy?

Billy: Well, at least I did something.

Jack: Yeah, you reignited a war between the two families and accepted no responsibility for any of it.

Billy: I stood up for the Abbott name, and I'm not going to apologize for that.

Jack: No, of course you're not.

Phyllis: We need to discuss a strategy here.

Billy: Phyllis, there's nothing to discuss. You think it's my fault? Fire me. I'll go after Victor myself.

Jack: He's suing all of us, Billy.

Billy: Yes, but it's me that he wants to see suffer. So I separate from the pack, he comes after me, leaves the rest of you alone.

Phyllis: We wouldn't do that to you, Billy.

Billy: No, no. No, it's okay. Jack's right. I'm to blame for this situation, so why should the rest of you have to deal with it?

Phyllis: Because we all want to see Victor suffer. Right, Jack?

Jack: Yes. But there's a better answer than the way you two have been going at it.

Billy: Oh, yes. Of course there is.

Jack: You made this mess, Billy. Stay out of my way while I clean it up.

Chelsea: Sage go out?

Adam: Uh, yeah. She said she had something to take care of and she wouldn't be back till tonight.

Chelsea: Oh.

Adam: Yeah.

Chelsea: Well, that was nice of you to suggest she move in next door.

Adam: Nice because it's the right thing to do or nice meaning she won't be here anymore?

Chelsea: No, nice that you care about her. It says a lot about your relationship.

Adam: Friendship. Sweetheart, our relationship is a friendship. You know that.

Chelsea: Yeah, I know, and you're doing what any decent friend would do, you know -- you're there for her when she needs you, and you're giving her a shoulder to lean on.

Adam: Right. Let me ask you a question. Um... are you jealous?

Chelsea: Stop it. No, I'm not jealous.

Adam: Really? Okay. Then where are you going with this?

Chelsea: No, I just -- sometimes it seems like there's, like, something more going on between you and sage that you're not saying.

Adam: Like what? What do you mean?

Chelsea: Well, you said you only slept with her once, right?

Adam: That's the truth. Yeah.

Chelsea: She says she's not in love with you, I know you're not in love with her, so... what is it, Adam? What is it you're not telling me?

Nick: Th-that's, uh -- that's me.

Sage: I-I-I see that.

Nick: Well, I'm glad you're here. I'd much rather see you in person.

Sage: You may not feel that way after I tell you what I have to say.

Nick: That sounds ominous.

Sage: I'm gonna move back in to my old apartment.

Nick: The place across from Adam's?

Sage: Yeah. He set it up. I'm gonna stop by the house a little later and get my things.

Nick: Your things? How long are you planning to stay away?

Sage: I'm not sure.

Nick: Why are you doing this?

Sage: I don't know. I-I just need to be on my own -- figure things out.

Nick: You know, if that were true, I wouldn't mind. But you keep turning to Adam. Why, sage? Why can you share your grief with him and not me?

Sage: I'm not trying to shut you out, Nick.

Nick: Well, that's exactly what you're doing. I've tried to reach out to you, but you don't want my help. You'd rather talk to Adam, which I find extremely confusing, considering the way he's treated you.

Sage: Adam and Chelsea understand that I need time. I thought you understood that, Nick.

Nick: I'm not trying to pressure you. I want you to grieve in your own way, even if that means pushing me away, but I'm starting to think I'm going about this wrong, because all this distance is just driving us further apart. We need to be together right now. At least that's what I want. I want to hold you. I want you to understand that I'm hurting as much as you are.

Sage: Nick, I --

Nick: So, I need to say this. Christian is gone. He's gone, but we lost him together. I've tried talking to ministers and therapists and family and friends. I don't want to talk to them. I want to talk to you. Please talk to me.

Kevin: Noah, there are billions of people in the world. It's a process. You can't expect me to find one kid when all you give me to go off of is her name.

Noah: You're a smart guy, Kevin. You know it. I know it. You're always telling everybody how you can figure anything out.

Kevin: I'm an expert in technology and deductive reasoning. I'm not a magician.

Noah: That's too bad that you couldn't use your talents to help save an innocent girl from a destitute life. I guess it's not as exciting or financially rewarding as corporate espionage.

Kevin: That's not cool.

Noah: It's a process, only I thought that you made Marisa's daughter a priority.

Mariah: Okay. Arguing is not gonna help find the kid. Now, you said that Marisa left with Luca, right?

Noah: He said he was gonna take her to find Ava.

Mariah: Okay. Well, find out where they went. And he needs more information, like a birthdate or something.

Noah: She's 5 years old.

Mariah: Okay, that's not a birthdate, so you need to call Marisa and find out.

Noah: Well, that might be a little difficult at the moment because she's not really speaking to me.

Mariah: What did you do?

Noah: I may have implied something about the methods that she used to convince Luca.

Mariah: I don't know why I'm trying to help you when you can't even help yourself!

Luca: Heavens, Marisa. Where are you?

Marisa: [Gasps softly] Ava.

Adam: Okay. Thank you very much. I'll let sage know. That was easy. Apartment's all set.

Chelsea: Great.

Adam: Yeah.

Chelsea: Uh, you know, we never got to finish our conversation about her.

Adam: Right. Um... the truth is, I feel bad about the way I treated her. Sage was the one that helped me find my way back to you and Connor. Without her, I don't think I would have been able to do it. She sacrificed everything, and all I did was think about myself and what I wanted. I never once stopped to ask her what she wanted or what she was thinking about, so...I feel bad.

Chelsea: You both have come a long way since then.

Adam: I still feel like I owe her...something.

[Doorbell rings]

Adam: I'll get that.

Jack: Chelsea.

Chelsea: Hi.

Adam: Did you want to come in?

Jack: You've been saying you owe me. I'm here to collect.

Noah: You think that it's okay to coerce a woman to come back to you with her child?

Luca: Back off.

Noah: Get out of here. I want you to leave -- now.

Luca: Not without my wife.

Noah: Your wife doesn't want you anymore, Luca!

Luca: It's her decision.

Marisa: Luca's right. It's my decision. Noah understands what I need him to do.

Luca: I know it won't be easy. Believe me -- I understand. But it's time let Marisa go.

Noah: If you hurt Marisa... I will find you.

Luca: I intend to love her.

Noah: Do it. Go for it. She will hate you every minute.

Luca: You heard my wife. She wants this.

Noah: She just wants her child back.

Luca: Marisa and I had something very special. That kind of love never goes away.

Mariah: If you keep accusing Marisa of sleeping with her ex, eventually, you're gonna get your wish.

Noah: I know. I'm an idiot.

Mariah: I didn't say that, but, yes, you are, unless you're trying to push her away, in which case good job.

Noah: I'm not, although that is what dad thinks that I should be doing.

Mariah: Nick thinks that you should push her away?

Noah: No. It's just... in his own way, that's kind of what he's been doing with sage. He thinks that if he gives her enough distance that she'll just somehow suddenly come around.

Mariah: Yeah. I bet I know who gave him that advice.

Noah: Grandpa?

Mariah: No, Dr. Anderson. She was in here earlier to drop off a gift for sully and then ended up staying to give Dylan and Nick unsolicited advice.

Noah: Really? Advice that you don't agree with?

Mariah: No more than I agreed with isolating Sharon from visitors.

Noah: I mean, you can't really argue with the results.

Mariah: Maybe.

Noah: You really don't trust her, do you?

Mariah: No, I don't.

Kevin: Hey, guys, I found something.

Luca: What are you doing?

Marisa: I overheard you talking to your private investigator. I came to find my daughter.

Luca: You can't just go up to her.

Marisa: I have waited long enough.

Luca: You may be her mother, Marisa, but she doesn't know you. If you approach like this, you'll frighten her.

Marisa: No more stalling, Luca.

Luca: No. We have to go through the proper channels -- do what's best for our daughter.

Marisa: Being with her mother is what is best for Ava.

Marisa: Hi.

Phyllis: Sure that's a good idea?

Billy: No, probably not.

Phyllis: I'm just thinking something other than a liquid breakfast might help you see things more clearly.

Billy: I see things just fine, Phyllis, and it's the same old story... Jack lecturing me about how he's always cleaning up my messes, telling me I need to fix my life, acting like my father instead of my brother.

Phyllis: He's just looking out for you, Billy.

Billy: Yeah, well, I don't need him to, okay? And I sure as hell don't need him to try and protect me.

Adam: Jack, you kept my secret because you were trying to protect Billy.

Jack: Which I didn't have to do.

Adam: That's not my point. My point is you kept my identity a secret because you're loyal to Billy, not me, because at the end of the day, the only thing that matters is blood.

Jack: Well, I'll try to remember that the next time your father turns on you.

Adam: My father and I are fine.

Jack: Oh, I'm well aware of your new allegiance. I'm also aware of your latest endeavor.

Adam: You know about the lawsuit?

Jack: Did you think I wouldn't know about that?

Chelsea: Uh, lawsuit? What are you talking about?

Jack: Oh, yeah. Victor is suing Jabot -- more specifically, Billy, but I'm sure Victor doesn't mind bringing the rest of us down with him.

Chelsea: Adam won't let that happen.

Jack: That's why I'm here. I want you to tell Victor to drop this suit.

Chelsea: Of course he will.

Adam: No. No, I'm not gonna do that. Jack, the lawsuit was my idea.

Kevin: I checked all the international flights leaving Genoa city. Marisa and Luca flew to Majorca.

Noah: Spain?

Kevin: Mm-hmm. They checked in to a hotel a few hours ago. The area is really high-end. The hotel is five-star.

Noah: Oh, that's great. I don't really care about their accommodations.

Kevin: You will when I tell you what else I found.

Mariah: So, tell us.

Kevin: There's a school not far from where Marisa and Luca are staying, and at that school there is a 5-year-old girl named Ava registered.

Mariah: Nice work!

Kevin: I told you it's a process.

Noah: Kevin, look -- I'm really sorry about coming down on you so hard.

Kevin: You don't sound sorry.

Noah: I'm sorry. This is great. Maybe Luca's telling the truth. Maybe he's taking Marisa to find her daughter.

Kevin: Yeah, well, look at what else I found out.

Noah: What the hell?

Luca: Marisa, we must go.

Marisa: I, um -- I, uh... like your teddy bear. I bet he's been with you since you were born. That's why he looks so loved. Is he your favorite?

Ava: Yes. My mommy gave him to me.

Marisa: [Crying]

Ava: Why are you crying?

Sage: I'm sorry you're in so much pain, Nick. I don't know what to say.

Nick: Say you'll come home.

Sage: I-I need time.

Nick: I know what you said. But I cannot stay away from you.

Sage: Nick, please.

Nick: No. No more excuses. It's not working for either one of us. I love you, and I know you still love me, too.

Sage: Of course I still love you.

Nick: Christian died. Our love doesn't have to die with him. I don't want that.

Sage: I don't want it, either.

Nick: I want my wife back. I want us together... now.

Sage: [Sighs]

Billy: I don't need Jack fighting my battles for me, especially with Victor. I can hold my own with that... rusty old suit of armor.

Phyllis: I have no doubt.

Billy: Thank you. At least somebody has faith in me.

Phyllis: Jack believes in you, Billy.

Billy: Then he should listen to me. He should save himself from the rest of the family and cut me loose and walk away.

Phyllis: You're right. He should.

Jack: It was your idea to sue my family, after everything I did for you?

Adam: Jack, you've always had my back.

Jack: And now you're sticking a knife in mine?!

Adam: You're my friend.

Jack: Friends look out for each other!

Adam: That's what I'm doing, Jack.

Jack: By filing a lawsuit that could bankrupt my company?

Adam: My father wanted way more than to just bankrupt Jabot. He was out for blood -- specifically, Abbott blood, more specifically, yours! And he'd secured the means to get it.

Jack: What does that mean?

Adam: Luca Santori's family made a major investment in Newman Enterprises. Now, I have it on good authority that my father was gonna use that money to exact his revenge on the Abbotts.

Jack: So, this was your compromise?

Adam: I convinced my father to take up his disagreements with you in court. He loved the idea of having the law on his side, he loved the idea of Jabot suffering major financial loss, and he loved the idea of Jabot suffering public humiliation.

Jack: Oh, I'm sure he did.

Adam: Let me tell you what he doesn't know. I've got a built-in exit strategy for you.

Chelsea: And what is that?

Adam: All you got to do is cut Billy loose. Jack, you let him take the fall.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Noah: Luca has been lying to you. Something about the story about Ava -- it doesn't add up.

Chelsea: Do you really hate Billy that much that you would actually try to turn his own brother against him?

Ashley: $50 million to make this go away?!

Victor: You had a zero to that.

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