Y&R Transcript Monday 12/7/15


Episode # 10811 ~ Victor delivers sobering news to the Abbotts; Mariah worries about Sharon; Chelsea questions Sage about her past with Adam.

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Victor: Well, the fire and the computer virus, you know, did some damage, but it's gonna take a hell of a lot more to bring down Newman enterprises. You bet. And the contracts are still binding. You heard it from the horse's mouth, all right? Yep. Thank you.

Victoria: Working the phones?

Victor: Nervous nellies, for heaven's sake. Nervous vendors. They are worried that the contracts are no longer any good. They don't realize that Newman enterprises will be stronger after this damn paragon virus disaster than ever before.

Victoria: It is good to see you so optimistic.

Victor: By the way, I was about to send you and everyone else in the executive committee an e-mail saying that we're gonna vacate the Jabot building, all right? We have already.

Victoria: When?

Victor: Last night. I can't stand being around people who wanted to destroy all of us.

Victoria: Well, in that case, you better come with me, Dad. I, um, I have a little surprise for you.

Victor: What?

Jack: Phyllis!

Ashley: No, it's just me. Sorry to disappoint you.

Jack: Hey, sis.

Ashley: Hey, yourself. Welcome back.

Jack: Sorry. I should have given you a better welcome. I just flew in from Geneva, went straight to the house. Phyllis isn't there. I come to the building and find out Victor left in the middle of the night.

Ashley: Wasn't that so gracious of him?

Jack: The kicker is that Ian ward got captured. Doesn't take long to do the math there. Obviously this whole trip for me was a setup. Phyllis and Billy sent me to Switzerland on a bogus tip so that I'd be out of the way. Phyllis decided she was going to set herself up as bait. She knew I wouldn't go along with that.

Ashley: Gets much worse from there, Jack.

Billy: [Snoring] Oh, Vicki, I knew you'd forgive me.

Phyllis: Oh, no, Billy, damn it! What have you done to yourself?

Mariah: You have got to be kidding. I will absolutely take you up on that offer.

Dylan: Well, godmothers get free coffee for life.

Mariah: What?!

Dylan: Yes.

Mariah: Why did nobody tell me about this godmother scam?

Dylan: [Chuckles] So, what's going on? You got the morning off?

Mariah: Uh, no, not really. I should be at the underground setting up.

Dylan: So, why aren't you?

Mariah: I've been kind of avoiding the place lately. Sage's mood swings.

Dylan: Yeah. You got to cut her a break.

Mariah: What I want to do is break her arm. Look, I know. I know that she is going through a hard time. But so is Nick, and he's not having meltdowns all over the place.

Dylan: [Sighs] Yeah. You know, when -- when Sage asked to hold sully right before the christening, Sharon and I were kind of holding our breath. It was -- it was a little tense. But we got through it. Just made us realize how lucky we are and, you know, it could have been us.

Mariah: You and Sharon can't feel guilty over having a healthy baby to love.

Dr. Anderson: You're so right about that. Guilt is a waste of time and energy. Then again, I felt badly for missing the ceremony, so I brought a little something for Dylan and Sharon's baby.

Chelsea: Connor really wanted to wish his daddy good luck on his first day at the office.

Adam: Is he still asleep?

Chelsea: Yeah.

Adam: Yeah?

Chelsea: It took forever to get him down last night. I think he knows we have a house guest.

Adam: Well, just let him sleep. Let Sage sleep, for that matter. She needs her rest.

Chelsea: Yeah. I was really hoping we could have a few more days together before you start serving your sentence.

Adam: With my dad as the jailer? Are you serious?

Chelsea: Kind of feels like you've traded one prison for another.

Adam: Well, you know, a deal's a deal. Newman needs me. I'm the right man for the job. But I will be playing by my own set of rules.

Chelsea: Okay. Does Victor know that?

Adam: Well...

[Doorbell rings]

Adam: I'll get it. Oh. Yeah, are we carpooling to work or some-- I forgot, you -- you don't work at Newman anymore, do you?

Nick: Sage texted me, said she was staying here. I want to see her.

Adam: Oh. Come on in. Here's the thing, Nick. Um... I can't let you see her.

Nick: I don't remember needing permission from you to speak with my wife.

Adam: She needed a timeout, Nick.

Nick: From me?

Adam: Yeah. It's hard enough she's dealing with the loss of a child. She doesn't need to deal with failing her husband.

Chelsea: Nick, we're just trying to give her a safe place to rest.

Nick: [Sighs] Look, I know you mean well, but how are things supposed to get better between us if she's avoiding me?

Sage: Okay. You want to talk, Nick? Let's talk. Do you still love me?

Dylan: Well, thank you. That's very nice of you. I'll take it home and let sully help open it.

Dr. Anderson: I hope he enjoys it.

Dylan: I'm sure he will. But honestly, you've given our family the greatest gift. You took great care of Sharon, and you got her back to a really good place.

Dr. Anderson: You know, I'd love to get an update on how you all are doing.

Dylan: Sure. Come on.

Kevin: So, you gonna stare off into space all day, or what?

Mariah: [Chuckling] Oh, my God. You're alive. [Chuckles]

Kevin: Hi.

Mariah: Hi! I only texted you about a zillion times. I was starting to wonder if you were coming back at all. Do they not have cell service in Zurich?

Kevin: Geneva. But it's nice to know you missed me.

Mariah: Well, it's not that. See, I didn't know if you were coming back at all, so I sold all your stuff. But I promise I'll let you in on half.

Kevin: Well, that seems fair.

Mariah: Truth?

Kevin: Mm-hmm.

Mariah: I did kind of miss you. That's only because there was so much craziness going on here. I kind of needed somebody to help me sort it out.

Kevin: Well, you know I'm a master of sorting things out.

Mariah: So, how was Switzerland? Did you end up finding the hacker that created paragon?

Kevin: No. It was one dead end after another.

Mariah: I'm sorry. Bummer.

Kevin: Yeah. And the worst part was realizing that Billy engineered the entire thing. Jack thinks he wanted to get us out of the way for a bit.

Mariah: What?! So -- so there's no hacker guy?

Kevin: Oh, there's a hacker, only it's not a guy. And she's pretty damn amazing.

Victor: What is this? Are you serious? My goodness.

Victoria: I've been driving the crew day and night. The structural engineer says that the building is sound, but there's still a few cosmetic things that need to be done, and we're still a few weeks out from opening, but command central could be ready pretty soon. Um, family photos will be here in a little while, and I even stocked the bar with your favorite tequila.

Victor: How do I thank you, my sweetheart? This means a lot to me, okay?

Victoria: I know it does.

Victor: Whoa.

Victoria: Pretty soon, it'll be as good as new.

Victor: Yeah.

Victoria: Yep.

Victor: Well, I guess this was just canvas and oil, wasn't it? That couldn't survive a fire.

Victoria: I think it would take more than a few minor setbacks... to destroy this. Just like you.

Phyllis: I wake up to the news that you have been arrested for drunk driving.

Billy: [Sighs]

Phyllis: Made for a fantastic morning.

Billy: Well, I'm glad I could be there for you. How'd you find me?

Phyllis: I didn't know. I figured you'd be here. What in the hell were you thinking?

Billy: You know, you are partly to blame for this.

Phyllis: Excuse me? How am I responsible for your dui?

Billy: Oh, well, you're the one who pushed me to go to that christening, which [Chuckles] Made Vicki really, really happy. And then I got into it with lurch, who -- who, by the way, now knows for a fact that you and I resurrected paragon, so there's that. And, uh, yeah. Yeah, that's for the, uh, pep talk. I'm really glad I listened, Phyllis.

Phyllis: Vicki didn't give you any extra points for trying?

Billy: [Chuckles] No. No. No. She, um, practically commanded me to leave and I had no shot with her. And then, uh, Victor piled on. I went to the bar and Ashley wouldn't let up, so...

Phyllis: You got plastered, got in your car, and wound up in jail. Let me guess -- Vicki won't let you anywhere near the kids?

Billy: Huh. That -- that's -- that's pretty impressive. You know, um, maybe you could help me out with my football picks. I'm a little rusty on my stats.

Phyllis: No. No.

Billy: [Sighs]

Phyllis: I am not gonna let you do this. I am not gonna let you self-destruct again.

Billy: You're not?

Phyllis: No. Victor got what he had coming to him, and I would gladly do it again. But I need you to listen up to me right now. Jack is home, which means we have to face him and take the heat, so you need to get in the shower, sober up, and change into something that doesn't smell like a distillery.

Billy: You are on your own, sweets, because I'm not gonna sit around and listen to Jack give me another lecture on how I screwed up again.

Jack: How could Billy not realize that reviving paragon could hurt us, too?

Ashley: Because the damage to jabot would be minor, unlike what was being inflicted upon Newman. For his plan to work, it had to look like jabot was being under attack, too.

Jack: Of all the harebrained moves... why would he do this?

Ashley: During the fire, when Victor urged Adam to disappear, I think something in Billy snapped. So they came up with this plan. They knew you wouldn't agree with it, so they sent you out of town.

Jack: You keep saying "they." Phyllis and Billy? They've been working together all this time?

Ashley: Yes. And they've been keeping it from everybody, including me. Look, I can somewhat understand Billy's motivation because it was personal, you know, because of Delia, but I don't understand Phyllis. Why would she antagonize Victor when she knew that you would get hurt in the process?

Jack: Did you ask her?

Ashley: Absolutely. She said he ruined her honeymoon. Now, what the hell does that mean?

Jack: I guess you have to know everything.

Ashley: About what?

Jack: Because of Victor, Phyllis spent our honeymoon in the arms of a ruthless psychopath.

Nick: Of course, I still love you. Sage, I do not want to have this conversation here. Please come home with me.

Sage: Nick, how could you possibly love me after everything that's happened?

Nick: I don't know what more I can say or do to make you realize we both lost a child.

Sage: I know that. But why is it pulling us apart?

Nick: Because you're turning to other people. You should be turning to...

Sage: I know. I should be turning to you, Nick, and I've tried. You know I've tried. But there's this thing in between us. I don't know what it is. I don't know why!

Nick: Sage...

Sage: Nick, you say all the right things. But we're just not connecting. We cannot come together over this. I don't know!

Nick: When Cassie died, I turned my back on Sharon. She needed me, and I left her to fend for herself. I felt like I couldn't... I couldn't handle it. I needed to get away. I was wrong. I did the worst thing you could do. Instead of turning to my wife, I turned to Phyllis. And I see you doing the same thing. You're creating all this distance between us, not just physically but emotionally. You're making all these ridiculous claims about how I feel?

Sage: So this is all my fault, then?

Nick: Do not twist my words. You know I'm not saying that.

Sage: Nick, when you do this to me, I feel backed into a corner, and we're not really acknowledging what's going on!

Chelsea: Sage, why don't -- why don't we go into the kitchen?

Nick: Chelsea.

Adam: Hey, um... I'm sorry. I-I didn't -- [Clears throat] I didn't mean to get in between you two by offering her a place to stay.

Nick: Well, that's you, right? Always the good Samaritan.

Adam: Nick, Chelsea and I want to help you, okay? We want to help you and Sage find your way back together, so... I'm willing to do anything. What do you want me to do?

Nick: Can you bring back my son?!

Adam: Your son.

Dr. Anderson: So you're not seeing any signs of depression?

Dylan: No, no. She's great. Sharon's like a new woman, or maybe like the woman she was before --

Dr. Anderson: Before she went off her meds.

Dylan: Exactly.

Dr. Anderson: But it really started long before that, didn't it? Her on-again, off-again relationship with Nick. It's really taken a toll on Sharon's emotional wellbeing.

Dylan: Yeah, I mean, you know, I don't blame Nick. You know, people change, relationships don't always go the way we want them to.

Dr. Anderson: True. Although I-I do find it telling that Sage is having similar issues to what Nick experienced years ago. Has he discussed that with you?

Dylan: Uh, that would be between my brother and I, wouldn't it?

Dr. Anderson: I-I appreciate you wanting to keep his confidence. But Nick has confided in me, as well. You know, it's not his fault that Sage is having a hard time accepting that Sharon has a healthy baby while she has to mourn for her son.

Dylan: Yeah, well, look, we want Sage to be a part of sully's life, but right now...

Dr. Anderson: She can't handle it. That's why, as harsh as this sounds, you and Sharon have to keep your baby away from her.

Victoria: Oh, that's perfect. So, do you think that you can work in a little bit of chaos?

Victor: Oh, sweetheart, I thrive on that. Will you join me?

Victoria: I would love to.

Victor: Oh, yeah?

Victoria: Mm-hmm. What's the first order of business? Gonna call the police and have Billy arrested?

Victor: [Sighs] He deserves it, don't you think?

Victoria: [Sighs] After Delia died, I think something broke in him. I think he's paying for that.

Victor: Ah.

Victoria: I told him that we're through, Dad. I kicked him out of the house. And if he doesn't get his head on straight, I will go to court and have his visitation reduced. Don't you think that's punishment enough?

Victor: He conspired to bring all of us down to destroy me and my company. Anyway, it's a start.

Victoria: [Sighs] He still has to face Jack and the rest of his family.

Victor: Oh, once he does, I'm sure they're gonna turn their back on him and he'll be -- he'll be finished.

Victoria: And that will be the end of it for you.

Victor: You know, there's an old, very wise saying. "When you try to kill a king, you better not miss."

Victoria: [Sighs] Well, I guess that's my answer.

Victor: The only question now is how do we retaliate?

Adam: We strike back as hard as possible.

Victor: That's a good start.

Ashley: So when Phyllis got back from St. Barts, she thought this Marco creep was you?

Jack: And Victor allowed her to believe it. And you and Billy and everyone else. It wasn't till I clawed my way back here that I could tell Phyllis about it.

Ashley: Jack, why the hell didn't you tell me sooner? I mean, it would explain a lot. That man's behavior was disgusting and erratic and --

Jack: Believe me, I wanted to tell you. I knew you didn't trust me, but I couldn't address it because I had this pact with Victor.

Ashley: My God, I'm so happy you made it out of that whole thing okay. And the fact that you and Phyllis are still intact as a couple is nothing short of a miracle. I mean, really.

Jack: Yes and no. I honestly thought Phyllis was over the need to make Victor pay for the whole Marco thing. Obviously I was wrong about that.

Phyllis: There he is. [Chuckles] Thank God you're home. [Sighs]

Jack: Good to see you, too, babe.

Ashley: I have a meeting down the hall. Call me if you need backup.

Jack: Thank you, sis.

Phyllis: Well, very, very lonely without you here. How was Geneva? Did you find out anything?

Jack: You know I didn't find out anything. You know this whole trip was a setup to get me out of the way so that you and Billy could sic paragon on Victor again.

Phyllis: And may I say it was ever so glorious.

Jack: What did you hope to accomplish? I mean, besides hurting a lot of people?

Phyllis: Have you forgotten what he did to us, Jack?

Jack: I haven't forgotten a thing. It doesn't justify what you --

Phyllis: The hell it doesn't. I'm gonna call this for what it is. Victor may have smirked for Kelly tormenting you or putting a stranger with your face in our bed, but I had the ultimate pleasure of seeing his life's work ruined. Billy and I mutilated Newman enterprises, and what's more, we enjoyed it. It made us feel like some tiny fraction of wrong that had been done to us was finally avenged. And I know what you're wondering. You're wondering, "was it worth it, Phyllis?" And the answer is absolutely yes.

Jack: I haven't seen this side of you for years.

Phyllis: It's about time, don't you think?

Jack: Angry and vengeful and -- we will talk about this later. Right now, I'm gonna deal with my brother.

Phyllis: You're not gonna find Billy in his office. Victoria kicked him to the curb, and he imploded.

Jack: How?

Phyllis: Dui.

Jack: Oh, God.

Phyllis: After he got out of night court, he went on a bender and finally passed out at the club. I tried to help him, but he is a total mess. Maybe you can reach him.

Billy: Give me a cup of coffee, um... hey, you're the guy from last night, right? The guy who didn't call me a cab? Look, do me a favor. Next time you see me in here getting drunk and I say I can drive, call me a cab. Coffee. Black. Hot. You know what? Um... on second thought... forget the coffee. Give me a, uh, give me a bloody Mary. Bloodier, the better. And this time... hold on to those.

Victoria: You want to sue jabot?

Adam: Well, you know, not just jabot. I'm talking about the officers, the directors. I figure anybody on the letterhead is fair game at this point.

Victor: That includes Billy boy.

Adam: Mm-hmm.

Victoria: And that also includes Jack.

Adam: That also includes Ashley.

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Adam: Let's face it. We all have someone over there that we would rather not be the target of this, but we don't have the luxury of looking at it that way. This is not just business. This is survival of the fittest. Now, that -- that company, they launched that virus against us, and we were already weak. Now their reputation deserves to suffer accordingly. We'll be able to regain some of our lost profits. We'll be hurting them in the process. It's a win/win. That combined with the Santori money we were able to secure should be enough to put us back on top. What do you think?

Victor: I like the way you think, Adam. Simple and effective.

Victoria: If we're gonna retaliate, at least it's fair and legal.

Adam: Yep. It's unanimous?

Victor: So, when do we start?

Adam: Well, Victoria, with your help, I think we can start immediately.

Victor: Remember what damage that family tried to inflict upon us, okay? So, I'll leave the two of you alone. You decide when to do what. I need to go somewhere.

Mariah: So, tell me about this mystery woman you met in Switzerland. Is she involved with paragon?

Kevin: I can't talk about it.

Mariah: You... [Chuckling] You can't talk about it? Shut up. Why not?

[Cell phone chimes]

Kevin: Oh, my God, it's her. I have to get back to her. In private.

Dylan: Keeping Sage away from sully seems kind of mean, especially if it could help her with her loss.

Dr. Anderson: That's just it. Being around your newborn will only reinforce that loss. For Sage's own sake, she shouldn't be anywhere near that baby.

Nick: Since when are you my wife's doctor? Go back to Fairview and stay there.

Dylan: Nick, Dr. Anderson's just trying to -- trying to help.

Nick: Yeah, well, everyone's trying to help. And everyone's just making it worse.

Dylan: W-what do you mean?

Nick: Sage took off last night, and Adam and Chelsea took her in because she said she can't be around me right now. Now Dr. Know-it-all here says Sage can't even be around her nephew? What the hell?! Where do you get off?!

Mariah: Hey. Is everything okay?

Nick: I guess I'm the one who shouldn't be around people right now.

Dylan: Nick.

Dr. Anderson: No, let -- let me. Let me. Nick. Look, if -- if I came across as a know-it-all, I owe you an apology.

Nick: Great. We're even.

Dr. Anderson: Your brother's handing out free coffee. Maybe we should start there.

Nick: Start what?

Dr. Anderson: You seem like you need to vent.

Nick: [Sighs] You know what? Sure. Let's give it a shot, but don't say I didn't warn you. I don't even know your first name.

Dr. Anderson: Sandy.

Nick: Sandy. Fine. I'll get us some coffee.

Adam: Well, Victor wants this started like yesterday, so let's earn those retainers and get this legal ball rolling, okay? All right. What's the matter? You having second thoughts about suing Billy boy?

Victoria: Do you really think I want to see the father of my children suffer? Billy did bring this on himself, I guess.

Adam: That's right. He did. So what's with the look?

Victoria: You. I just don't know what to think. It's like a whole, new side of Adam. You want to bring in the lawyers and go to court instead of something more juicy and vengeful.

Adam: Well, it's tempting. I'm not gonna lie to you. But our father expects us to rebuild our brand here, you know, not just settle for simple vengeance. That's gonna take money.

Victoria: You know, I never thought I would say this, but I agree with Dad. Letting you go to prison would have been a big waste.

Adam: Well, I owe him, you know. The least I can do is reward his faith in me.

Victoria: Ah. There's the Adam that I know. The one that thinks he can snow me and get away with it.

Phyllis: Thought I might find you here. I was pretty sure you didn't have a meeting down the hall.

Ashley: I thought you and Jack needed a little time alone.

Phyllis: We did. Thank you. He just left to go find Billy.

Ashley: Well, it shouldn't be too hard to find him. Just got to follow the path of destruction. Leads right to the end of the bar.

Phyllis: You know this isn't all Billy's fault.

Ashley: I do know that. And if you're here to explain exactly why you got involved --

Phyllis: Ashley, I may give the impression that I don't give a damn what people think about me, and for 99.9% of the population, that is true. But I have immense respect for you.

Ashley: Well, thank you very much. What I was about to say, Phyllis, is if you were here to explain, you don't have to, because Jack did. He told me everything that Victor did, I mean, everything about Marco, and I just... I'm so sorry. I mean, I've always understood Billy's rage towards Victor, but now I understand yours, too, and I just wish that you trusted me to talk to me about it.

Phyllis: I wanted to tell you. I mean, carrying that around with me and knowing that I had been fooled for so many months?

Ashley: At least you had Jack, right? I mean, he was a victim, too.

Phyllis: And you would think that's a bond, but it wasn't. If anything, it has made me feel more like Billy. Filled with the rage that just won't go anywhere. Jack can find constructive ways to deal with it, but I am not Jack. And joining forces with Billy to bring Victor down, that made me feel like I was doing something. I felt empowered.

Ashley: Okay. But what about Billy? I mean, do you think it made his life better or --

Victor: I understand your brother Jack is back from Europe. Is he around?

Dr. Anderson: Ah. Thanks.

Nick: Sure.

Dr. Anderson: It's nice of Dylan to hand out free coffee.

Nick: Yeah. It is. I didn't even think of handing out anything when Noah was born. He was so tiny. He was fighting for his life.

Dr. Anderson: Like Christian. Well, now Noah's a healthy young man. Summer and faith are both thriving.

Nick: Now Sage can't have kids anymore. It doesn't make my loss any less.

Dr. Anderson: No. But it does make it different.

Nick: What are you saying? That -- that Sage is better off with her ex and avoiding me right now? I mean, is that your professional opinion?

Dr. Anderson: Speaking as sandy, not Dr. Anderson, Sage isn't the only one who needs to heal. So do you. So, yes, I think spending some time apart might be good for both of you.

Kevin: Natalie, you are a genius. I really think you're on to something here. And if you're right about this, it's gonna be huge.

Ashley: Jack's not here. And it would have been really nice if you checked in with reception before barging in. What can I do for you?

Victor: Nothing, Ashley. So, how was the homecoming? Was Jack very happy to see you?

Ashley: Are you here on business? Because I can answer your questions. I am in charge here.

Victor: For now you are. Considering the enormous damage done to Newman enterprises by two of your executives, it's just a question of time before they oust you.

Ashley: You know what? Why don't you get out of here or I'm gonna have security oust you.

Phyllis: I know exactly why you're here. You want Billy indicted, don't you?

Victor: Interesting theory. I have something better in mind for jabot.

Ashley: How dare you? You come in here and you make all these threats.

Victor: There are no threats, okay? I'm giving you fair warning, which is far more than you deserve.

Chelsea: You know, the holidays, they really stir up a lot of emotions in people, even if you're okay.

Sage: Which I'm not. You know, this would have been my son's first Christmas. It's hard. [Sighs] Just walking down the street's an ordeal, you know? Seeing all the bright lights and the happy people. [Scoffs] But I still really want to help you with your decorations. [Chuckles]

Chelsea: Well, of course. You're welcome to stay here until you feel strong enough to go home.

Sage: Home. [Scoffs] Where's home, huh? Practically shut the door in Nick's face.

Chelsea: He'll be back.

Sage: I don't know. He's a little too nice to admit this, but Nick's probably better off without me.

Chelsea: Trust me. He's a Newman. He's not that nice. Besides, Sage, he loves you.

Sage: Yeah, it's not the right kind of love.

Chelsea: Is there really such a thing?

Sage: Yeah. When Nick and I first met, we had this...attraction to each other, this magnetic pull that we couldn't fight. And now when he looks at me, I just see his pity. And the more he tells me that he loves me, the more I feel like it's just a big lie.

Chelsea: Hmm. Well, feelings aren't facts. An addict told me that once. Made a lot of sense to me.

Sage: I mean, maybe if we had another child...

Chelsea: Sage, a baby is not a relationship cure. You know that.

Sage: [Sighs] Chelsea, I've seen what a baby can do. When Adam fought his way back from that car wreck, it wasn't solely out of love for you. It was because he so desperately wanted to be Connor's father again. The two were inseparable. You were family, and that was the most important thing. And that's why, out of all the lies he's told you and all the pain he's caused you, you forgave him and you took him back.

Chelsea: Sometimes I, um, sometimes I forget how connected you are to Adam.

Adam: I made a deal with my father, Victoria. It's not a big secret. In exchange for him getting me out of prison, I agreed to help him rebuild Newman. I'm gonna lend my expertise. Why is that so terrible?

Victoria: It just depends on who you ask.

Adam: Okay, well, if you're talking about Nick, I know that means sort of pushing him away, but his heart was never in this company anyway. And if you're worried about your role being reduced, I can assure you --

Victoria: Oh, no, no, no. I'm not worried about that at all.

Adam: Excellent. Then we can make our father proud together.

Victoria: Congratulations.

Adam: [Sighs]

Victoria: Your first day on the job and you're already talking the talk. I'm sure you're not playing the loyal son just because Dad kept you out of prison. I'm sure he's holding something over your head.

Adam: Victoria, in order for this to work, you're gonna have to trust me, okay?

Victoria: Some things may have changed, like your face. But there's one thing that will never change. I will never trust you.

Billy: Hey. Hey, yeah, what's the over-under? 44 and a half? Man, that's easy money. Uh, give me a -- give me a dime on the over and give me two dimes on --

[Cell phone thuds]

Jack: What the hell is wrong with you? Do you have any idea what you've done?

Kevin: No, thank you for all your help. All right, I'll be in touch. Auf wiedersehen.

Mariah: What are you doing?

Kevin: Huh? What do you mean?

Mariah: "Thanks for all your help. I'll talk to you later, Swiss Miss. Auf whatever."

Kevin: Is that really how I sound?

Mariah: Yes.

Kevin: Mariah, you're jealous.

Mariah: Please. I just don't want you getting involved with something like paragon. Once was enough, just like our sex life.

Kevin: I can't tell you what I'm working on, but I will tell you this. If it's as big as I think it is, it's gonna change the world.

Dr. Anderson: Thanks for the free Sumatra. I hope Sharon and sully like the gift.

Dylan: I'm sure they will.

Dr. Anderson: Okay. Bye.

Dylan: Thanks.

Nick: It's funny, isn't it, how Sandy's made herself indispensable?

Dylan: Sandy?

Nick: Yeah. That's Dr. Anderson's name. I mean, a few months ago, we didn't even know who she was. Now she's involved in all our lives.

Dylan: Yeah, I mean, she really helped Sharon. You know, she follows up with her patients even after they leave Fairview. Sharon and I owe her a lot.

Chelsea: Sometimes I forget how you and I met.

Sage: Oh, well, that would be when I was pretending to be Mrs. Gabriel Bingham.

Chelsea: Uh, yeah, one lie of many.

Sage: Well, it wasn't just Adam's lie. I was a co-conspirator.

Chelsea: I mean, you did a lot to help him. It wasn't just acting. So something must have made you want to go out of your way for him.

Sage: Well, uh, he looked like my best friend. That helped. [Chuckles] I don't know. You know Adam. He's charming and confident and intelligent. But, you know, underneath all that, there's this vulnerability. You just kind of can't resist him.

Chelsea: You fell in love with him, didn't you.

Victor: Newman enterprises is gonna sue jabot and all the Abbotts on its payroll for the damage done to Newman enterprises by Billy and Phyllis when they manipulated the paragon virus to destroy my company.

Phyllis: You cannot do that.

Victor: Watch me. I'm gonna bleed you dry, take every dime away from you. And the best thing -- it's legal. Tell Jack it's just business, okay? I'll see you in court.

Phyllis: [Sighs deeply]

Billy: What? Are you here to lecture me, Jack? Go for it, 'cause you're not gonna put a dent in me. I'm made of stone these days.

Jack: It's been over two years, Billy. Enough! Stop blaming every idiotic thing you do on that poor little girl who died!

Billy: You know, Jack, if you had my back just once -- just once -- that's all that I wanted. But no, you had to keep your hands clean, didn't you, while I did everything that you didn't have the guts to do!

Jack: I'm through, Billy. I'm through defending you. I am through enabling your every addiction, 'cause that's what this is. You are hooked on revenge. Well, I'm done. You're on your own now.

Billy: No, see, th-that's where you're wrong, Jack. See, Phyllis is on my side with this. She wants to see Victor suffer just as much as I do, but unlike you, she doesn't let her enemies walk all over her! Come on, Jack. What you won't do to Victor, why don't you do it to me?

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Marisa: You said you knew where she was.

Luca: Yes, well --

Marisa: Was that just a ploy to get me to come to Spain with you?

Nick: I'm giving her the space she needs.

Noah: That's the worst possible thing you could be doing.

Jack: You've been saying you owe me? I'm here to collect.

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