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Episode # 10810 ~ Billy spirals out of control.

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Chelsea: What's wrong, little man? You miss Daddy? Yeah, I miss him, too. But here's the amazing thing. He'll be home soon. Isn't that great? From now on, Daddy will always come home to us. And we have grandpa to thank for that. And we're really happy about this little arrangement, right? Not nervous at all about what grandpa will want Daddy to do in return. Nope, not worried at all.

Adam: It's uncanny, really. I mean, according to you, Victor's got this vice grip of doom over me, yet I don't feel a thing.

Ashley: Oh, I think you feel a lot of things.

Adam: Mm.

Ashley: You're covering because you think Victor has all the cards and that you don't any control, so why don't you just take control, Adam? What does Victor have on you? Tell me. What is he holding over you to keep you under his thumb?

Adam: Some alleged deep, dark secret, apparently.

Ashley: You're gonna try to tell me you don't have any? Look, if you and I were on the same side, I would protect your secret. I would actually -- I would help you deal with it. Can you say the same thing about Victor?

Victor: You have already thrown away everything that was dear to you with your own two hands -- your family, Victoria, the two children you share, and now you're all alone, aren't you, Billy boy?

Billy: You see, I'm thinking that worse than this is the time that your son ran down my little girl.

Victor: You mean after you left her alone in the car by herself at night?

Billy: And you knew that he was responsible. But you said absolutely nothing. See, that's when I felt like I lost everything, Victor. This -- this I can handle.

Victor: Really? You think so?

Billy: You know what the irony is in all of this to me? Your son, Adam, the one that you've worked so hard to protect -- he's the one that you should be worried about because that guy is a hate machine, and it's all devoted to you. You see, he feels it deep in his gut. And that's what makes him whole. So, Victor, you should know... Adam's not gonna stop until he destroys you, and that's something I can relate to.

Noah: What was that?

Victor: The rantings of a desperate man. Anyway, you tell your grandmother, uh, that I had an urgent business meeting to attend to, okay?

Noah: Yeah. Yeah.

Nick: Sage?

Marisa: What's wrong?

Luca: I don't want you to go to bed with me just to find our daughter, Marisa. I want this to be real, the way it used to be. This can only happen if you want me the way I want you.

Sharon: Sage.

Nick: Sage.

Sage: [Sniffles] Hmm? I'm sorry. I'm sorry. [Sobs]

Dylan: The baby's okay. You're both okay. It's okay.

Sharon: Maybe it was too soon.

Dylan: Too soon for what? For Sage to see the baby?

Sharon: No, for the christening, for all of this. You know, it doesn't have to be today.

Dylan: I can't imagine what nick and Sage are going through, but Sullivan McAvoy is a part of this world now, and he deserves his own special day, and today is it, okay? Today we get to celebrate being a family.

[Baby cries]

Dylan: Oh, it's okay.

Sharon: [Giggles]

Adam: You want to woo me from the dark side?

Ashley: I want you to know that you have other options besides Victor.

Adam: Yeah, I do. I could join forces with you against Victor. It's the same war. It's just a different side, right?

Ashley: Well, the difference is I wouldn't treat you like a minion. I'd treat you like an ally.

Adam: Ally. I appreciate your logic. Really, I do, but given our history, Ashley, I'm surprised you can stand to be in the same room as me.

Ashley: You really think Victor's a safer bet? He's a vicious, bitter, lethal old man, and you know what? He hurts the people that are closest to him. You and I are the perfect examples of that. The question isn't whether or not you and I are gonna be best friends, because we won't be. Believe me. Not ever.

Adam: Mm.

Ashley: But will I hold a sword over your neck like Victor does? No, I won't. Not ever.

Adam: Something interesting. I've always respected you. I have. You're intelligent. You're very, very charming. Negotiating skills are through the roof, but there's no secret, Ashley, all right? There's no secret. All of my ugly truths have been scattered all over town, on the internet and newspapers, and as far as my father goes, it's common knowledge that he helped me get out of prison. He showed good faith in me, so I'm returning the favor by going to work for him. That's -- that's all it is.

Ashley: When you decide you want to be honest, give me a call.

Billy: Hey, uh, keep it coming.

Noah: Hi. How you doing? Hey, uh, grandpa was here, but he left. He said it was an urgent matter.

Nikki: He left?

Noah: Yeah, well, he was outside arguing with Billy in the vestibule. Billy left, then he followed after him.

Nikki: [Sighs] That can't be good.

Mariah: You're probably experiencing a lot of post-pregnancy hormones. You're feeling mushy and affectionate, but I am not godmother material. You have to know that, right?

Sharon: You are my daughter. Sullivan is your little brother. And you're bright and you're smart and you're loving in your own special way.

Mariah: Meaning cold, cynical, and not at all.

Sharon: You know, you're warmer and more loving than you want to admit. And that's okay because I love you exactly the way you are. And so does faith, so does Noah, and so will Sullivan. So, please just do this for me.

Mariah: Okay, fine.

[Both laugh]

Mariah: And I'm not being mushy here, but my little brother is amazing. He's just amazing. I could drop-kick that doctor that said that you miscarried in the first place. I mean, you went through hell over that.

Sharon: But I'm here now with you -- with our family, with Dylan.

Paul: Hey, guys.

Stitch: Hey, grandpa's here. Good to see you, Paul.

Paul: Grandpa? Geez.

Dylan: So?

Paul: So.

Dylan: So what is it -- grandpa? Papa? Chief?

Paul: Oh, it doesn't really matter. Whatever he wants to call me. Hey, Chris sends her love. Geez.

Dylan: I was, uh, worried you got caught up on a case.

Paul: And miss this? Not a chance. Wow. You know, I wasn't around to raise you or heather or Ricky, but I'm not gonna miss this. Not one step, not one moment.

Dylan: How about one diaper?

Paul: [Laughs] Well... I've been known to change a diaper every now and then.

Sharon: Paul, I'm so happy you could join us today.

Paul: Sharon, you look gorgeous, and for a mother having just given birth? People will want to know your secret.

[Both laugh]

Sharon: Oh, it's just happiness. That's all. And I know how lucky Dylan and I are.

Nick: Can I sit down? It's cold out.

Sage: You don't have to act like I didn't just make a total fool of myself, nick.

Nick: You weren't a fool. You were human. It was probably too much too soon. We shouldn't have gone.

Sage: No, we -- I shouldn't have gone, nick. You're fine with your nephew, but I lost it. Wounded bird. I'm so sick of being that person.

Nick: Look, we all handle things in our own way. I totally understand what it must have been like to hold sully.

Sage: No, nick. You don't understand. Because if you did understand, you would have let me hold my son.

Nick: I didn't let you hold him?

Sage: No, you didn't.

Nick: Sage, when we came back to the hospital that night, after the fire, seeing our boy was the one bright spot of the day, and then the nurse said --

Sage: I know what the nurse said.

Nick: Neither one of us wanted to see our little boy like that. You said you --

Sage: I know what I said, nick! I wasn't thinking! I never got to hold our son! Yes, I touched his hand through the isolette. I saw him with all the wires and the tus and the damn machines, but I never held him. I never felt him in my arms. I never nestled him here so he could hear my heartbeat the way he heard it inside of me. I never got that, and neither did he. And when I held that baby today, nick, I don't know how you can fix this. I wish that you could. Sometimes, I float out of my body and I look down at us and I see you trying to get me through this. And I don't know how to do this with you.

Nick: We do it together, one step at a time.

Sage: I've been alone my whole life, nick. Maybe that's the only way I know how to get through this -- alone. I just need to be alone right now.

Nick: We don't have to talk. You know, we could just be together.

Sage: I'm gonna be okay. I just need to be by myself for a while. [Sniffles]

Adam: Sage.

Sage: What?

Adam: Come on. Let's get you home.

Sage: I'm not going home. I'm not going there.

Adam: Okay.

Sage: Okay?

Adam: Okay, well, then you know, let's go somewhere else, okay? I'm not gonna leave you here alone. Come on. Let me help you.

Marisa: You don't want me? I thought this was what you wanted -- this room, this bed.

Luca: No, this -- this isn't what I want, not like this.

Marisa: Why not?

Luca: How do you not see it? I love you.. The whohiis -- it was a mistake. The blackmail, he mkming you. I thought I believed you'd remember why we were married in the first place. It was good then, wasn't it? Before my family ruined things? It was good with us. We could be good again.

Marisa: It was good, okay? It was wonderful. But we were kids back then, Luca. We grew up. I don't feel the same way I did back then.

Luca: We just need time.

Marisa: I'm sorry. I-I am. I truly am. [Sighs]

Luca: Then it's over.

Marisa: Luca. Luca, please.

Luca: Your daughter needs you, and you need her. And at least I can see you two together.

Marisa: [Scoffs] You'll tell me where she is?

Luca: But you can't do this alone. Those people she's with? I'll take you to her. And we'll get our daughter back together.

Marisa: Oh, thank you. [Sniffles]

Christenings are my favorite job -- welcoming a baby into the world, into a family, into god's love. The blessing, the miracle of love made flesh. It's a reason for us to rejoice.

Ashley: Look who's at the bar.

Billy: Oh. [Laughs] You meant me. I thought -- I thought you were talking about somebody cool, like -- ooh! Like jay z or Beyoncé? I'd be like, "what are you doing in Wisconsin? This is crazy!"

Ashley: It's the middle of the day, Billy, and you're drunk.

Billy: Yeah, well, we all got to be good at something, don't we?

Ashley: When are you gonna grow up?

Billy: I don't -- I don't -- I don't see what fun that would be, so --

Ashley: You have responsibilities, Billy, to your children, to the rest of your family, to jabot.

Billy: Yeah, well, I'm done, okay? So have a drink, join me, or walk out, 'cause you're kind of a buzzkill.

Ashley: Excuse me. Would you please cut him off and pour him into a cab? Cancel my reservation. My appetite's gone.

Billy: Bye, Ash! [Sighs] Well, mission officially accomplished. Buzz killed. But how could would that have been, huh? Geez. Jay Z in the bar. Listen, um, you don't need to worry about what she said with the cab. I got it, okay? Oh, oh! Found my keys. Oh! That -- that was, um, yeah.

Marisa: How -- how soon should we go? She'll be nervous. We'll be strangers to her. Maybe we should bring her some toys. And the-- these people that are caring for her -- will they fight?

Luca: Slow down. Slow --

Marisa: I need -- I need to know what we're up against.

Luca: Slow down. I have to book the plane tickets. We have to make arrangements.

Marisa: And then we go?

Luca: Yeah, then we go. Oh! You should probably tell Noah first.

Marisa: Noah! Yes! He needs to know. Thank you.

Chelsea: I have like a million questions. Oh. Hi.

Adam: She was at the park.

Chelsea: The park? It must be freezing outside.

Sage: I tried to go to the [Clears throat] The McAvoy christening.

Chelsea: Oh, God.

Sage: Thanks.

Chelsea: Um, can I get you some tea or something?

Sage: I don't even really know why I'm here.

Adam: You're here because you needed a friend.

Chelsea: I can't imagine what it was like to see another baby so soon.

Sage: I know you're trying. Everybody's trying. Thank you. But what I hear is everybody telling me they understand, and they don't. I know I'm not the only person that's ever lost a child, but this child -- no one could possibly understand what it feels like.

It's easy to see the love around the child today -- the grandparents, the friends, the godparents. You're up.

Stitch: Okay. Yeah. Sorry. We're ready.


Today, you pledge to love and you pledge to guide this child.

Stitch: We promise to support and guide him.

Mariah: We promise to love him and always be there for him.

And the parents?

Sharon: Precious child, we promise to always love you and to be strong for you.

Dylan: And to protect you and nurture you and guide you with love and faith.

Faith: Faith. Like me.


And now the part they never like. In the God, the father... welcome to the world, Sullivan Collins McAvoy. Grow and thrive in god's love.

All: Amen.

Nikki: Well, there is nothing more to say other than that this is a perfect child.

Paul: He certainly is.

Sharon: Nikki, I'm so happy that you were here today, and I want you to know I appreciate that you're such a loving, loving grandmother to Sullivan.

Nikki: Well, Victor would have been here, too, but he got called away at the last minute. But I know how much he wants to meet this lucky little boy.

Sharon: Mm-hmm.

Paul: May I?

Dylan: Please.

Paul: You know, as police chief, I have to make a lot of speeches. But I will say none so joyous as this. When I see my son and his son, surrounded by love, it is a moment that I never thought I would ever see. And, Dylan, when I found out that I was your father, you were the -- the biggest blessing in my life. And I thank you for that.

Dylan: Thanks.

[Cell phone buzzes]

Dylan: Whoa.

Paul: Uh-oh.

Dylan: What's that? What is that?

Mariah: You back on duty?

Dylan: Oh, man.

Paul: Yeah, well, I told them emergencies only. Well, excuse me.

Mariah: Oh, little guy! You are such a trooper.

Dylan: He did a great job.

Mariah: You did such a good job!

Faith: He's a baby.


Mariah: I know that. I'm just saying I think he's really good at it, okay?

Sharon: Well, you're biased.

Paul: Victoria, I need a second.

Victoria: What's wrong?

Paul: There's been an accident. It's about Billy.

Billy: Vicki, hey. What's going on?

Victoria: Do you even know what you're doing here? Handcuffed in a police station?

Billy: Probably should have gotten in that cab, huh?

Victoria: You didn't. You got behind the wheel of a car and you drove away.

Billy: But I'm in one piece, though, right? I mean, that's got to count for something -- a flicker of relief, like a tiny, tiny little flicker.

Victoria: The only relief that I have is that someone from the club stopped you before you pulled out in traffic. You did, however, manage to hit a post. I assume you remember that.

Billy: Yeah, it was a post, Vicki, it wasn't a person. It wasn't a little girl.

Victor: So, did the christening go well?

Nikki: Very well.

Victor: Good.

Nikki: Yes, Dylan and Sharon and little Sullivan, they were all very pleased with the proceedings.

Victor: I'm glad.

Nikki: So what was your urgent matter? What kept you from our grandchild's christening?

Victor: Just business, baby.

Nikki: I was telling everybody how much you look forward to an event like that, you know? Being surrounded by family, especially the kids -- you love that.

Victor: And just to make you happy, I will apologize to Dylan next time I see him, all right? Were you angry that I wasn't there?

Nikki: I just can't imagine what could have kept you from such a special event.

Victor: Sweetheart, nothing would have kept from that special event. You know how I love to be there, I love to be there for my grandchildren. But truth be told, I had an argument with Billy boy. He ran off, I followed him, hoping that I would find whoever he's in cahoots with regarding the Paragon virus. Instead, I found him here at the bar, totally inebriated. He left and I was worried that he would cause an accident, you know, being as drunk as he was. I asked one of the waiters to follow him, make sure that nothing happened. That's what I did, okay? I'm sorry that I wasn't at the christening. Now, shall we order?

Abby: What happened? Is it Paragon?

Ashley: Yes. No.

Abby: Okay, those are two different answers.

Ashley: It's part of the same disgusting mess.

Stitch: Okay, how about one piece of the mess at a time?

Ashley: [Sighs] Your uncle was arrested for DUI., And I'm not talking about jack.

Abby: Oh, my God. Billy. I-is he okay? Was anyone hurt?

Ashley: No. He's very lucky he's not in the morgue instead of a jail cell.

Abby: At least he can't hurt anyone in lock-up.

Stitch: So he and Victoria blow up and he gets loaded.

Ashley: You be careful what you say about my brother. You're not family yet.

Abby: Um, I'm pretty sure you would say the same thing, but how does that connect to Paragon?

Ashley: You do know that he was behind the latest attack, right?

Stitch: Then it's true.

Ashley: Oh, yeah. He confirmed it himself.

Abby: The way everyone is angry now, I mean, it's Newman against Abbott all over again, except this time, there's fighting inside the families as an added bonus. Great.

Ashley: Yeah. I wouldn't mind if the Newmans were attacking each other, though.

Abby: That stings.

Ashley: I'm not talking about you, honey. I mean Adam and Victor. I had a little talk with Adam earlier, actually.

Abby: Alone?

Ashley: Yeah. And it's quite obvious that Victor's holding something over him to control him.

Abby: Well, maybe it's just gratitude. Dad got him off of his prison sentence.

Ashley: No, that's not it. It's something else. And the two of you are on better terms, aren't you? So just hear me out. I was hoping that maybe you could talk to him, 'cause you said he was a hero. Maybe he sees you as an ally. Give it a shot. See you can find out what Adam's hiding this time.

Noah: Hey.

Marisa: Hey.

Noah: What's wrong?

Marisa: Nothing. Nothing's wrong. Everything's finally right. Luca's taking me to see my daughter.

Noah: Oh, he's taking you to see your daughter. Really? Now?

Marisa: Yeah. I know. He's not who I thought he was. I mean, the way he was acting before was cruel and cold, but the old Luca I knew -- he was still in there.

Noah: The old Luca, huh? And how exactly did you get the old Luca to come out?

Marisa: What -- what are you asking me?

Noah: Well, you said it yourself, if Luca left town that you'd lost your last chance. So how'd you get him to stay, Marisa? Did you sleep with him?

Marisa: Luca came around on his own. He didn't want to have sex just to have sex.

Noah: And how would you know that? You offered? I mean, that is how you got rid of Marco, right?

Marisa: My daughter is living with terrible people. She could be in danger, and this -- this is all you care about? Noah, I am not pure. I never pretended to be. But you -- you pretended to understand who I am and how much my daughter means to me.

Noah: I pretended? I -- I --

Luca: Noah. Did Marisa tell you the good news?

Mariah: It was too close to the outside, it would have caught a draft, and it was way too close to the stupid espresso machine which we all know spits steam from 100 yards.

Dylan: Very godmotherly of you. I'm impressed.

Mariah: I need a cookie.

Sharon: [Chuckles]

Dylan: I think somebody else needs a cookie. Two cookies. Three cookies.

Sharon: Sweetheart, are you okay?

Faith: Daddy left because of Sage.

Sharon: Daddy and Sage are very sad right now. They miss Christian. But with time and lots of love, they'll be okay.

Nick: [Sighs]

Oh, I-I'm sorry, Nicholas. The family has gone off to celebrate.

Nick: Yeah, that's what I figured.

Then, um, you came back for another reason. Did you forget something?

Nick: Actually, I was looking for you.

Oh. Um...what can I do for you? I'm -- I'm happy to listen or advise, if that's what you need.

Nick: How can I help someone who doesn't want my help?

Sage: Thanks, Chelsea.

Adam: Drink that. It'll make you feel a little better, maybe, all right? Then you can stay for dinner. Or I can drive you home -- whatever you want.

Sage: No. I can't go home. Not yet. Nick's there, and he's probably worried, and faith is there, and I do everything wrong with her. I do everything wrong with everyone.

Chelsea: You're being way too hard on yourself.

Sage: I'm not. Everyone's just trying to help, and I punish them for trying. And then I hate myself for doing that.

Chelsea: Do you mean nick?

Adam: Why don't we change tracks here? What about one night with no pressure, okay? You have dinner here, all right? We take our time. You can spend the night, stay in the guest room. How does that sound?

Chelsea: Ye-- yeah. Yeah, of course.

Adam: Yeah.

Sage: No, I -- I don't want to do that. You just got your family back together. It's the only thing you've talked about since I met you, Adam.

Chelsea: We -- we do finally have our family back together, Sage, but I owe so much to you. I mean, you helped keep Adam alive when he was sick, so you are...welcome here. Honestly.

Adam: Yeah, see? Chelsea's right. Stay as long as you want. It's okay.

Stitch: Okay, so, just to be clear, you're asking Abby to spy on her brother?

Ashley: I'm not telling her to put on a trench coat and go sleuthing. But if Adam wants to offer up some information, I don't see anything wrong with that. I'm sorry.

Stitch: Yeah, then you'd be happy to use it to your advantage, against her father.

Ashley: He's planning a full-scale assault against my company, all right? So, yeah, I have to be prepared, and the best defense is a good offense.

Stitch: So that's how you are now? Draw up the battle plans before the first shot?

Ashley: Yeah, I guess that's how I am now. And you can take the judgment out of your voice, thank you very much.

Stitch: Yeah, that's not the Ashley I know.

Ashley: Oh, the Ashley you know? You don't know me.

Stitch: Yes, I do. And if you deny it, you'd be lying to everyone in this room, including yourself.

Abby: Okay, that was intense and uncomfortable, but, um, both of you seem to forget that I'm an adult with free will, and I say no to sidling up next to Adam and trying to get him to spill his business.

Stitch: I'm glad to hear it.

Ashley: Abby.

Stitch: N-- she said no, Ashley. Fight your own battles. We're not gonna be a part of it. We're not gonna end up at some drunk tank, hell-bent on vengeance against Victor. Billy's got that covered.

Billy: Your father set Adam free -- not the judge, not Michael, your dad.

Victoria: We're talking about you and Paragon. Do you know many people could have died that night in the fire because of Ian ward and because of Paragon? And you're okay with that.

Billy: Mm, I'm okay with your dad losing everything.

Victoria: So you just picked up where Ian left off. How could you do that, Billy?

Billy: Because I promised Delia justice, and she deserves that, and so do I.

Victoria: Oh, my God. Stop hiding behind your daughter.

Billy: Oh, that's great.

Victoria: You took over Paragon and then you got busted. And then you drank yourself stupid and you got behind the wheel of a car. What if Katherine and Johnny had been in the backseat --

Billy: Hey, I would never put a child in danger, okay?

Victoria: How do you know that if you were that drunk, Billy? You're self-destructing again, and I'm not gonna let you have our kids around this. There's no way.

Billy: You're saying that I'm responsible for Delia, huh?

Victoria: No, I'm not saying that. But I know you blame yourself. You shouldn't, but you do. And the sad thing is, you act out because of it. Everything that you do is because of that. Billy, you got arrested for a DUI. So I'll tell you what. You take care of yourself and I'll take care of the kids.

Billy: Wait, wait, wait. What is that supposed to mean? What, are you taking me to court, Victoria? Are you gonna try and take my kids away from me?

Luca: Anything wrong?

Marisa: I was just saying goodbye to Noah.

Luca: Please let your grandfather know the Santori family is looking forward to doing business together.

Noah: That's what e-mail is for, Luca. You can tell him yourself.

Luca: Okay, then.

Marisa: Let's go get our daughter.

Luca: Goodbye, Noah.

Victor: My boy.

Nikki: Hey, Noah. Is everything all right?

Noah: Maybe grandpa can tell me that.

Victor: Is there a problem?

Noah: Grandfather, this new business venture that you have with the Santoris, does that have something do with Marisa leaving town?

Victor: You know what I just saw? She moved out of here with Luca. She had a smile on her face. That's not my problem, now, is it?

Victoria: Our children deserve security and protection.

Billy: Yeah -- yeah, they do, which is why they need their father.

Victoria: You're mad at the world again, just like after Delia died, and the choices that you made after Delia died.

Billy: I was grieving.

Victoria: Look, I know you're mad at Adam. I know that.

Billy: Oh, my God.

Victoria: I understand, and I'm so sorry. But I can't let you jeopardize our children. And I won't apologize for trying to protect them.

Billy: And I'm not gonna let you protect our kids by taking them from me.

The grief is fresh for you and Christian's mother. Seeing you both here today was a surprise.

Nick: Sage said she could get through it. I never should have believed her. I lost a daughter years ago, and that kind of pain -- it doesn't last forever, but I know you can drown in it. I know from experience. And I can't go back there again. But I don't know what to do. Sage is hurting, and it scares me because I don't -- I don't know how to get through it my way and help Sage get through it her way.

You love your wife. Hold on to that. Hold on to your own strength for yourself and for her. When Sage is ready to let someone in, she'll need her baby's father more than ever.

Chelsea: I'll go make up the guest room.

Sage: Thank you. [Sighs] Well, this can't be how you wanted to spend your day.

Adam: No, it's fine, Sage. We want to be here for you, you know? And, by the way, if I say something inappropriate or rude, let me just apologize in advance.

Sage: [Chuckles]

Adam: No one gets to tell you how to deal with this, okay?

Sage: It's easier with you -- to talk. I don't know why.

Adam: Well, I have your best friend's face. Finally came in handy, right?

Sage: It's not just that, Adam, it's -- I don't know. Something else that makes it okay for me to talk to you.

Adam: Maybe, you know, it's because you've seen me at my absolute worst -- saw me with a bandage over my face, missing my wife, my kid. You helped me through that, so anything I can do to help you through this, I'm happy to do it.

Sage: You know, I didn't just see the baby at Dylan and Sharon's christening. I held it. I held that perfect baby in my arms. Christian didn't get a baptism. He got a memorial. There's so many things that kid will never have, you know? And I held him. That feeling -- oh, God. I didn't even tell nick.

Adam: You want to tell me?

Sage: If I didn't give Sharon back that baby, I would have never let it go.

Adam: Come here. Come here. Come here, come here, come here. It's okay. Okay. All right.

Sage: [Sniffles]

Adam: It's all right. Shh.

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Adam: I can't let you see her.

Nick: I don't remember needing permission from you to speak with my wife.

Jack: Because of Victor, Phyllis spent our honeymoon in the arms of a ruthless psychopath.

Victoria: You better come with me, Dad. I have a little surprise for you.

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