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Episode # 10807 ~ Victor prepares for battle, while Sharon gets her life back on track.

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Phyllis: Well, well, well. Look at all of these leaked Newman documents. What a pity.

[Keyboard clacking]

Phyllis: Yes! Gotcha!

Victor: Gotcha. Who exactly did you get?

Phyllis: Newman offices are on the third floor.

Victor: I came by to see Ashley.

Phyllis: She's out. I needed a quiet place to work.

Victor: Oh, yeah. Working on something sensitive and important?

Phyllis: I will let her know that you're looking for her. Thank you for stopping by.

Victor: I actually came by to see her to talk about you and Billy boy.

Phyllis: Really? What about us?

Victor: Seems to me the two of you are working on something -- something that involves me. And from what I gather, you've had some success.

Phyllis: You're right. Billy and I have been trying to track down Ian, and I just did.

Victor: Really? He contacted you?

Phyllis: I just posted a video on a secure site, and I just got an alert -- he viewed it.

Victor: Well, I'll be damned.

Phyllis: Well, you know what this means, right, Victor?

Victor: Uh-huh.

Phyllis: I set the trap. He took the bait. Now I can set up a meeting and finally catch him and get this done.

Victor: How do you know for sure that it was Ian ward who saw your video?

Ian: Ow! What are you trying to do? Kill me? [Chuckles] Ow.

Patty: No. [Chuckles] I'm probably the only person on this planet who isn't trying to kill you.

Ian: Ah.

Patty: I saved you, remember?

Ian: Of course.

Patty: From the fire.

Ian: [Chuckles] Yes. Of course I remember. I appreciate everything you've done for me, patty -- your selfless bravery, your tender care...

Patty: Mm. [Chuckles] You know I would do anything for you, Ian.

Ian: I know you would.

Patty: Well, let me start by responding to this witch Phyllis' video for you.

Ian: Well, thank you for wanting to protect me, but I think I better answer Phyllis myself.

Patty: Ian, she's laying a trap for you.

Ian: Oh, I'm well aware of what Mrs. Abbott's up to. But I don't want you to worry your pretty little head, okay? Phyllis may have set the trap, but I'm gonna spring it.

Chelsea: Wh-what's wrong?

Adam: I just -- you know, I mean, we -- we can't do this here, can we?

Chelsea: [Chuckles] Yeah. It's okay. Connor's with my mom. We have the whole place to ourselves.

Adam: No, no, no. That's not what I meant. Um...

Chelsea: What do you mean? Are you afraid this is too good to be true?

Adam: No, I just -- I think it's...too good to be a quickie on the couch.

Chelsea: Oh.

Adam: I was thinking maybe, um, I'd take you upstairs. Yeah?

[Door opens]

Dylan: Hey.

Sharon: Hi. How was your room?

Dylan: Oh, it was fine. Did you get some sleep after I left?

Sharon: Um, a little. [Chuckles]

Dylan: How's the, uh, little night owl doing?

Sharon: He's perfect.

Dylan: That's just crazy. I'm still trying to...just wrap my head around this whole thing -- that he's here. It just doesn't -- doesn't seem real.

Sharon: I know. But see this spit up right here?

Dylan: Oh, yeah.

Sharon: It's real.

Dylan: Is he okay?

Sharon: Oh, yeah. Perfectly normal, but, I mean, I'd be worried if he weren't spitting up.

Dylan: Okay, 'cause I don't -- you know, I don't know a lot. I have a lot to learn. But once we get this little guy home, you can teach me everything there is to know about babies. So, when's that gonna happen?

Sharon: Are you anxious?

Dylan: [Chuckles] Yeah. Yeah, I'm anxious. I want to go home.

Sharon: Well, I have to wait for Dr. Anderson to give me the okay to leave.

Dylan: Look, I know she's worried about your postpartum, but you're doing fine. I just don't see any reason that you and sully have to stay here anymore.

Sharon: Well, you know, she hasn't steered me wrong so far. So, I trust her to let me know when it's okay for me to go home.

Dylan: Okay. If you want to wait, we'll wait. I'm not gonna let anything spoil this for us.

Nick: Okay. I am almost done. Then we can go ice skating or see a movie -- whatever you want.

Faith: Whatever I want?

Nick: Yep. It's your day off.

Faith: Will you take me to see mommy and my new baby brother? You promised you would.

Nick: Yeah, I did. But, you know, Fairview has kind of strict rules about visitors. It might be too soon.

Sage: Might be too soon for what? Hey.

Nick: Hey.

Sage: Beautiful picture.

Faith: Daddy's gonna take me to see my new brother today.

Nick: Uh, Faith --

Faith: You promised.

Sage: Daddy always keeps his promises.

Nick: Uh, it, you know -- you know, um...

Sage: You should go. You both should go.

Nick: You sure?

Sage: [Chuckles] Yes. I'm 100% positive.

Phyllis: Is it so hard for you to believe I actually found Ian?

Victor: You found him, huh? Meanwhile, your husband is off in Switzerland looking for a guy who supposedly hacked the system and controls Paragon. You and Billy did that, didn't you? That's what you told jack.

Phyllis: My husband is following a legitimate lead.

Victor: While you and Billy boy are doing business here?

Phyllis: We share a common enemy. We want to destroy him. It is time for payback, and I am more than ready to deliver it.

[Computer chimes]

Phyllis: Speak of the devil.

Ian: Phyllis. How are you, my dear? Oh, life has been so dull without you. Just a fiery inferno and a narrow escape from death, no thanks to Victor's son. How is the toppled titan, anyway? [Chuckles] Are all the king's horses and all the king's men still trying to put him back together again? [Chuckles] Oh, all those little shattered eggy pieces. Uh, never mind about him. I want to see you. Follow your heart to the Genoa city motor arms. Room 24. I'm counting the minutes.

Victor: Where are you going?

Phyllis: Where do you think? To meet ward.

Patty: You're crazy.

Ian: [Chuckles]

Patty: Trust me. I know crazy.

Ian: Yeah. Though this be madness -- trust

me -- there is method in it.

Patty: Hmm.

Ian: [Sighs]

Patty: She's gonna bring cops. Which means Paulie's gonna show up.

Ian: No, she won't bring the police. Phyllis is too smart for that. But she will bring someone.

Patty: Who?

Ian: Victor Newman.

Patty: I don't like him. He's scary. Hi-his dog hurt my kitty. Um, you sure you want to see him?

Ian: In the worst possible way.

[Daena Jay's "The Gray" plays]

You've been drifting in and out of me caught between the two realities am I waking up? Or is it just a dream? And I've been drifting in and out of this painfully mistaking love for bliss staring through the deep one eye open, asleep what did you do? You pull me into the gray throw it away all I ever knew where, where do I go from here? Where, where do I go from here?

Nick: Thank you so much for letting Faith see her mom. She's been very excited to meet her new brother.

Dr. Anderson: Well, now that Sharon and the baby are doing so well, there's no reason to restrict her visitors. [Sighs] They're a beautiful family, aren't they?

Faith: Can we go in, daddy?

Nick: Uh...

Dr. Anderson: You know, um, I need to talk to your dad for a minute. Why don't you go on in and say hello to your mom and baby brother?

Faith: Is it okay?

Nick: Yeah. Go ahead.

Dylan: Hey.

Faith: Hey, Mommy.

Sharon: Hi, Faith. Come over here and see your little brother.

Faith: I don't want to get any germs on him. He may get sick, like Christian did.

Dylan: It's gonna be okay.

Faith: Hi, sully.

Sharon: [Chuckles]

Faith: I'm Faith, your big sister. He's so tiny.

Sharon: I know. You were, too, you know? And look at you now.

Faith: [Chuckles] Daddy says I'm growing by the minute.

Sharon: Hey, where is your daddy?

Faith: Outside, talking to the doctor.

Nick: I thought I'd be ready to see Sharon and Dylan's baby, but I guess not.

Dr. Anderson: You turned me down the other day, but if you ever need someone to talk to...

Nick: You know, sage and I tried the therapy route, and it's just not my thing.

Dr. Anderson: Have you ever thought of going to therapy on your own, without your wife?

Nick: [Chuckles] I'm good. Thanks.

Dr. Anderson: Well, if you change your mind...

Nick: You know, uh... I guess it couldn't hurt to, uh, talk to somebody about this.

Nick: I'm happy for Sharon and Dylan. But it's hard for me to think about that and not feel, uh...

Dr. Anderson: Jealous?

Nick: [Sighs] Wow. When you say it out loud, it's even more terrible, but yes.

Dr. Anderson: Well, you wouldn't be human if you didn't feel some resentment.

Nick: I just know that Sharon and Dylan are in there right now introducing Faith to her new little brother. And I didn't get a chance to do that, you know? Christian died before Faith had a chance to meet him.

Dr. Anderson: It must seem so unfair.

Nick: It's harder for sage. She's trying really hard to get past this, to move forward.

Dr. Anderson: [Sighs] Nick, you're not responsible for sage's happiness. If -- if anything, you should be more selfish now. You need to grieve, too, and to maybe lean on other people.

Nick: Sage isn't ready for that.

Dr. Anderson: Then maybe you need someone else to turn to. Here. I have pretty strong shoulders. If you ever need one, all you have to do is call.

Sage: We are going to be packed on Thursday for the football game.

Mariah: Whoo! Go, team.

Sage: [Chuckles] And I want to have a lot of extra appetizers on hand. The more that people drink, the more they eat.

Mariah: I talked to Noah. We ordered extra wings, sliders, and mozzarella sticks.

Sage: Okay. Um...I'm gonna add some new things to the menu this week, mix it up a little.

Mariah: You know, it's probably not the best time -- a big game like this. You know, we're gonna be packed with our regulars. They want the usual stuff.

Sage: [Chuckles] Well, what if they want something a little classier? You know, why don't we have something on the menu like that? Maybe some smoked-salmon canapés or bruschetta?

Mariah: Yeah, I mean, whatever you want to do to the menu is fine. It doesn't matter.

Sage: It does matter, Mariah. It's the little things that lead to the bigger things that lead to the more important things.

Mariah: Look, um... sage, maybe this is a little much too soon.

Sage: Why don't you mind your own business?

Mariah: Sorry.

Sage: Just, you know, stick to serving drinks, okay?

Chelsea: Are you happy?

Adam: Am I happy?

Chelsea: [Chuckles]

Adam: Hmm. Let me think. I have no threats hanging over me. Last time I checked, there was no guard at the door, no one telling me that my time is almost up with you. I've got a lifetime of being with you to look forward to. Yeah, I'd say I'm pretty happy. [Chuckles]

Chelsea: Yeah. Can only get better from here.

Adam: Is that an invitation?

Chelsea: Do you need an invitation?

Adam: Uh, no.

Chelsea: [Laughs]

Connor: Daddy!

Chelsea: Oh. [Chuckles]

Adam: Oh, buddy. I mean, you got to work on your timing.

Chelsea: Guess my mom brought him home early from gym class.

Adam: Well, your mom's got to work on her timing, too.

Chelsea: [Laughs] I'll go -- I'll go get him. I'll tell him that -- that daddy needs his rest.

Adam: No, no, no. Don't even think about it. You're not leaving.

Connor: Daddy!

Adam: God. It's like the greatest sound in the world, though, isn't it?

Chelsea: Yeah.

Adam: All right. All right. No way I'm not answering him.

Chelsea: [Sighs]

Patty: [Gasps, chuckles] Wh-what's this?

Ian: Well, it's a one-way ticket to Paris. [Chuckles] And a brand-new passport.

Patty: Jean Lodge?

Ian: Yeah. You need a new identity.

Patty: Well, no. I-I-I like being patty.

Ian: I know, honey, but everybody's looking for patty Williams. You don't want to be locked up again, do you?

Patty: No.

Ian: Then trust me. All right? Now, this piece of paper -- these numbers -- these are the numbers of a Swiss bank account with enough money in it to help you start a new life.

Patty: Okay. I can't.

Ian: No. This is my way of thanking you for saving my life. I mean, if you hadn't helped me out of that fire --

Patty: Okay, you don't understand. I don't want to leave you, not when you need me the most.

Ian: Oh, patty. Where I'm going, you can't follow. You can't be any part of what I have to do next. I'm not very good at being noble, but I'm making this sacrifice for you. Here.

Patty: You're sweet. But guess what.

Ian: What?

Patty: I'm staying.

Ian: Patty... I have to make you understand. Revenge is bad for the soul. And I care about you too much to drag you down that path with me. All right?

Patty: What about your soul, hmm?

Ian: Oh. I sold mine to the devil years ago.

[Both chuckle]

Ian: So... here. You go. Live for both of us.

Patty: You really want me to do this?

Ian: Au revoir, mon amour. [Smooches]

Patty: Au revoir, mon cher diable. Bye.

Ian: Bye.

[Door closes]

Phyllis: If you show up with me, Ian will not admit to a damn thing. I have to gain his trust. I have to get him to admit that he's behind Paragon. And then, only then, you and I will go to the police together.

Victor: Mm-hmm. You know your husband didn't want you to be used as bait to trap Ian ward.

Phyllis: I may never have an opportunity like this again.

Victor: [Chuckles] How do I know that you and Billy are not planning to go to Ian ward and get the information about Paragon and then use it against me?

Phyllis: Because Billy and I want to destroy Ian. We don't want to go into business with him.

Victor: I almost believe you. Almost.

Phyllis: I don't know what else I can say, Victor.

Victor: I need more than words. I need to see for myself if what you're saying is true. And there's only one way to find out.

Dylan: Hey. Uh, you want to go in, see the baby?

Nick: Uh...yeah, I think I'm gonna let Faith spend some time with her little brother.

Dylan: Of course.

Dr. Anderson: I'm gonna go check on Sharon.

Dylan: Thank you for bringing Faith down. I know -- I know this isn't easy for you.

Nick: Yeah, I thought I'd be ready for it, but I'm not. Sorry.

Dylan: No. That's okay. I understand. Sharon understands. How's sage doing?

Nick: Yeah, she's, uh -- she's trying to get better, you know, move on with her life. We all are. It's hard. So, sully, huh?

Dylan: [Chuckles] Yeah. It was, uh, Sharon's idea. He's named after my army buddy.

Nick: Sullivan McAvoy. It's a good name. You're gonna be a good dad, Dylan.

Dylan: I hope I can be as good a father has you have been to your kids.

Dr. Anderson: You know, the baby's gonna need someone to sing to him and read to him, take care of him when mommy and daddy are busy. Oh, and someone to give him lots of hugs.

Faith: I can do all that!

Sharon: [Chuckles]

Faith: I already got something for sully.

Sharon: [Gasps] You did?

Faith: Mariah helped me. It's a welcome gift and a Christmas present.

Sharon: Wow. That's a lot all in one little bag.

Faith: Open it!

Sharon: Okay. [Gasps] Oh. I love it. I can't wait to hang it on our tree.

Adam: We did it. This is permanent. No one's ever gonna take me away from you or your mommy ever again. You understand? Hmm?

Chelsea: Hey.

Adam: Hey. How you doing?

Chelsea: Good.

Connor: Airplane.

Chelsea: I'm happy.

Adam: Come here, buddy.

Chelsea: We finally did it. We're finally a real family.

Adam: Nothing's ever gonna tear this family apart again.

Ian: Just the right bait... and the perfect cast of the line... and, boom, you've landed yourself a big one. [Chuckles]

[Knock on door]

Ian: Ah, door's open. Come in. Phyllis! Welcome to my humble abode. What it lacks in amenities, it makes up for in discretion. Wonderful to see you.

Phyllis: Hello, Fred. You look very good for a dead man.

Ian: Well, dead is the new 50. But look at you -- you look gorgeous. And, please, call me Ian. All my enemies do.

Phyllis: Okay, Ian.

Ian: I have a suspicion why you've come here. But before we get started, does Victor want to come in? Or is he gonna stand outside all night? [Chuckles]

[Door closes]

Victor: Hello, Ian. Weren't you afraid I was gonna bring the cops?

Ian: Weren't you afraid I was gonna shoot you on sight?

Victor: So, we each made our first move. What's next?

Adam: All right. First things first. We got to untangle this little -- massive -- this is -- I don't know. How do you get a knot this big? Is this how you put the lights away, babe?

Chelsea: That's -- I didn't do that.

Adam: You didn't do this?

Chelsea: No.

Adam: Well, who did it?

Chelsea: I think it was, like, an elf or something.

Adam: Well, they're rascals.

Chelsea: [Laughs]

Adam: They're rascals. Anyway, we're gonna get this untangled, we're gonna string it on the tree. We're gonna do the whole ornament thing. There's a whole science behind the ornament thing. You got to really -- what?

Chelsea: No, I'm just thinking about everything you're gonna be able to teach him now. How to ride a bike, drive a car, shave...

Anita: How to play the stock market.

Adam: [Laughs]

Chelsea: [Laughs]

Anita: What? A kid's got to earn a living.

Chelsea: Yeah, well, right now, the kid needs to eat some lunch, so...

Anita: Okay. Come on, Connor. Let's discuss your future over P.B. And J.

Chelsea: [Chuckles]

Anita: It's bright, honey.

Adam: Here we go.

Anita: And why wouldn't it be? You're a Newman! Mwah! Come on, buddy. Got just the thing for you.

Adam: She's fine. She's fine. Look, you can't blame her for being happy, right?

Chelsea: Nope.

Adam: I'm happy, too. I mean, for the first time in a long time, we -- we don't have anything hanging over us. Except...

Chelsea: Oh. [Laughs]

Adam: Looky what I found.

Chelsea: Actually...

Adam: What?

Chelsea: We do have something hanging over us.

Adam: What's that?

Chelsea: The deal you made with your father.

Ian: You tell me, Victor. All my plans went up in smoke. Literally. [Laughs] And I thought that Phyllis came over here to console me about that. Well, I forgive you for your subterfuge, dear. It's not as if I've never lied to you. But I'm really sorry to the both of you for coming all this way for nothing. Unless, of course, you'd like to do a little ice fishing with me. Too bad it involves taking a life. Poor fish.

Phyllis: You know, I'd like to say something. "Fred" may be a made-up name, but I happen to believe he still exists somewhere deep inside of you. You see, that stargazing poet, that wonderful man who was caring and encouraged me to trust my husband, to love my husband -- that gentle man is a part of you. He is. And you can have that man back if you just tell us how to disengage this Paragon virus.

Ian: So, I tell you all about the Paragon virus and you just let me walk out the door?

Victor: It's a hell of a lot more than you gave those poor people you left to die at Newman towers.

Ian: Hey, the only one left to die in Newman towers was yours truly, by your son. And after what I did for him... I guess your son junior wanted to take you down all by himself. Kids. [Laughs]

Sage: Hey, Mariah. I'm really sorry that I bit your head off earlier.

Mariah: You know, I have a habit of giving unwanted advice.

Sage: [Sighs]

Mariah: It's none of my business.

Sage: I know you were just trying to help, okay? And I really appreciate that, all right? Um, just doing this stuff keeps me -- keeps me good right now.

Mariah: Yeah. I mean, like I said, if -- if you think that you can handle it, I'll stay out of it.

Sage: I can definitely handle it.

Faith: Mariah! Guess where I was.

Mariah: Were you on the moon and you came back down on a rocket ship powered by sunshine and giggles?

Faith: No. I went to see sully. He's so cute!

Mariah: Yeah. I, um -- I met him the other day. He is.

Faith: I gave him the ornament. Mommy loved it. So did sully. I can't wait to put it on the tree for him. When school lets out for winter break, I'm gonna stay with mommy and Dylan and sully. Dr. Anderson said it's a good idea for me to spend time --

Sage: I don't know why Dr. Anderson would have told you that.

Nick: Sage...

Sage: No, I mean, it's obvious that your father needs you right now. Faith, you're being very selfish.

Nick: Sage.

Sage: Faith --

Faith: I didn't mean to hurt daddy's feelings. I'm sorry, daddy.

Nick: No, no, no. You didn't do anything wrong. Right, sage?

Sage: Yes, honey. I didn't mean to say that. I'M...

Faith: She's mad at me.

Nick: No. She's not. She's just, uh, going through a rough time right now.

Faith: I didn't mean to make it worse.

Nick: Look at me. You didn't. Hey, is there any chance you could make Faith one of her milkshakes she likes so much?

Mariah: I could. Uh, peanut butter and chocolate banana, right?

Faith: Yeah.

Mariah: Yeah? Well, the stuff's in the back. Do you want to help me get it?

Faith: Okay.

Mariah: Yeah. Come on.

Nick: [Sighs]

Sage: I know. I'm sorry. I screwed up.

Nick: No.

Sage: Yes. Faith is mad at me, and it's all my fault. Just like everything else.

Sharon: Everything worked out, just like Dr. Anderson said it would.

Dr. Anderson: Did I hear my name?

Sharon: Oh, yes. I was just telling Dylan how grateful I am to you for helping me bring my son into the world.

Dr. Anderson: I'm glad I could help.

Sharon: And, um, now that sully's here and he's safe, I want to bring him home.

Dr. Anderson: Sharon --

Sharon: No. My mind's made up. Dylan and I are bringing our son home. Today.

Dr. Anderson: Excuse me. There's something I need to take care of.

Sharon: What did I do?

Adam: What a difference a day makes. Or, in this case, a couple hours.

Chelsea: What do you mean?

Adam: Before I walked in to court, you were singing my old man's praises. You were -- you were telling me not to underestimate his love for me, and -- and now, after he's fulfilled his promise to get me out of jail, you're telling me I shouldn't trust him.

Chelsea: He's gonna want something in return, Adam. He always does.

Adam: Yeah. That's true. Well, what -- what could it be? You know, what -- do you think he's gonna have me clean his limo or clean out the dog pen or --

Chelsea: I think it's gonna be a job that's a lot dirtier than that. He's gonna want someone who doesn't take any prisoners when he decides to go after the Abbotts.

Adam: Well, I've been loyal to jack for years. That's not gonna change.

Chelsea: Well, it already has. Jack -- he -- he filled a void in your life. He was like a father to you, the father you never had. Now that you actually have one, you don't -- you don't need the substitute. Look, I know how much you've always wanted a father/son relationship with your father. And now you probably feel like you're getting it. Probably feels like an early Christmas present. Just remember -- some presents come with a price tag.

Ian: It's one thing to have your enemies want to destroy you, but your own son? Ooh, that must sting.

Victor: Mm-hmm. If it were true, perhaps, yes.

Ian: Well, as usual, Victor, you underestimate your prodigal son. Adam's smart. He's smarter than all your children put together. And he's not afraid of competition or you. Death doesn't even scare him. In case you haven't noticed, he's extremely hard to kill.

Phyllis: Like you.

Ian: Adam and I have a lot in common. [Chuckles]

Victor: You think you're funny, too, aren't you?

Ian: [Chuckles]

Victor: The only thing you have in common with my son is your interest in Paragon and your interest in bringing me and my company down.

Ian: Victor, I told --

Victor: Stop your bull! You stop Paragon now.

Sharon: I shouldn't have questioned Dr. Anderson. She got me through my pregnancy, and I don't want to seem ungrateful.

Dylan: I'm sure she knows how much you appreciate all she's done for you.

Sharon: Did you see the way she stormed out of here? Dylan, I still need her.

Dylan: [Sighs] Okay, um...I'll go talk to her and just, uh, make sure that there's no misunderstanding.

Dr. Anderson: There's no misunderstanding.

Sharon: What is this?

Dylan: Discharge papers?

Dr. Anderson: Sharon, I was waiting for you to show me that you were strong enough to take care of yourself and this baby. Now you have.

Sharon: [Chuckles] Really? I can take him home?

Dr. Anderson: [Sighs] I wish you and Dylan and your son a long and happy life.

Sharon: Thank you. I just wish -- I wish everyone was as blessed as we are.

Sage: When Faith started talking about Sharon and staying with the baby in their house, it made me feel like she was choosing their family over ours.

Nick: Sage, she's just excited to be a big sister.

Sage: I know. I know. And she should be. And I don't want her to feel like she has to hide it from me. I need to tell her that.

Nick: No, I -- that's not a good idea.

Sage: No, I need to make her understand.

Nick: Sage...

Mariah: One milkshake, coming up.

Sage: Faith --

Faith: I don't want to talk to you. Can we go out and get a milkshake?

Sage: Honey, will you just let me explain some--

Faith: No. I don't want to hear anything you have to say. Can we go?

Mariah: Um, yeah. Grab your coat.

Adam: I know you're worried about me getting involved with Victor. I appreciate it. But you shouldn't be, okay?

Chelsea: So, you actually trust him?

Adam: No. No, of course not. But, you know, I feel like I owe it to him and myself to give this whole father/son thing a fair shake. That's all.

Chelsea: I'm just worried what it'll do to you if he disappoints you again.

Adam: Yeah. Well, look. Whatever the case, if he does disappoint me, I have you and I have Connor, and that's all that matters, okay?

Adam: Now...

Chelsea: [Chuckles]

Adam: ...Where were we?

Anita: Oh, Connor. You better get used to this. Even without the mistletoe, there's gonna be a lot of kissing going on.

Adam: [Chuckles]

Anita: Well, it's been fun hanging out with you, little man. But your g'nita's off the clock.

Chelsea: Come here, booboo.

Anita: Got some Christmas shopping to do.

Adam: That's fun.

Anita: You -- you don't mind if I use your credit card, do you, Adam?

Adam: [Chuckles] She's --

Anita: Do you?

Adam: You serious?

Anita: Bye.

Chelsea: Bye, mom.

Adam: Well, it's official. I'm home.

Chelsea: [Laughs] Oh, wait. We're not done yet.

Adam: Okay.

Chelsea: There's one more thing to do. Connor, baby, will you go give this to daddy? Oh.

Adam: Thanks, bud. Thank you very much.

Adam: All right. Well, I know it's early, but...

Chelsea: Merry Christmas.

Adam: Yeah. Merry Christmas.

Ian: Ah, ah, be careful with that, Victor. That's for gutting fish.

Phyllis: Ian, tell him how to disarm the Paragon virus.

Ian: I can't do that, Phyllis, dear. I'm no longer in control.

Phyllis: Oh! [Screams]

Ian: What the hell are you doing, Victor?

Victor: I'm in control now, Ian ward.

Ian: Come on. Let her go.

Victor: You kill Paragon or I will kill your girlfriend. What is it gonna be?

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Nick: Dad basically pushed me right out of the family business.

Abby: What?

Chelsea: You feel that way because you feel guilty?

Adam: Why would I feel guilty?

Victoria: You lied to me.

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