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Episode # 10806 ~ Phyllis is out for revenge; Lily plays a dangerous game with Joe; Adam's fate is determined.

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Billy: Here's the feasibility study for expanding into the south Asian market.

Phyllis: If you're looking for jack, he's in Geneva, tracking down a hacker connected to Ian ward. Kevin went along for the ride, so that's nice.

Billy: And jack says my plans always backfire.

Phyllis: You made up this lead.

Billy: He was on to us, so I created a little... diversionary tactic.

Phyllis: You diverted my husband to Switzerland! You sent him on some hacker chase.

Billy: Well, maybe he'll bring you back some chocolate.

Phyllis: Billy... this plan of yours... might give us some time to wrangle Ian ward, but that does not mean I am a fan.

Billy: When we get through with Victor, he's not gonna know what hit him.

Phyllis: I hope you're right, because I cannot wait for that psychopath to be caught.

Billy: Which one?

Phyllis: I don't know. Maybe we're gonna get lucky. Maybe they'll destroy each other.

[Footsteps approach]

Billy: Hey.

Victoria: And I thought the only one getting destroyed today would be Adam.

Chelsea: Hi.

Adam: Hey.

Chelsea: How are you doing?

Adam: Uh...

Chelsea: Are you still hurt?

Adam: No. Um... cameras, no touching -- all that kind of stuff. I'm fine. Sit down.

Chelsea: Are you -- are you sure you're okay?

Adam: Yeah. I'm good as new. I'm good.

Chelsea: You'll be good when you're home -- with me and Connor.

[Sighs] Maybe that's what I should have asked Santa for.

Adam: Well... I don't believe in Santa Claus, but I do believe in Victor Newman. You know, he came by here -- paid me a visit. I think our deal's back in play.

Chelsea: That's amazing news! I-I knew he would pull through. S-so, why -- why don't you look happy?

Adam: Why don't I look happy? Because I know my father. He's playing the judge card, but that doesn't mean that it's gonna go in my favor.

Chelsea: Okay. Can't we just...think "glass half full" for a little while? I mean, Victor -- he loves you, and he wants to help.

Adam: Or he's just trying to get my hopes up so he can watch me crash and burn in court.

Chelsea: That's sadistic. Victor wouldn't do that.

Adam: Wouldn't he?

Victor: Well, Michael Baldwin, this is going to be a good day. I can feel it.

Michael: Well, I'm glad to see you're in such high spirits. But please spare me the details about why you're so optimistic that Adam's sentence will be reduced.

Victor: Well, my optimism springs solely from the fact that I hired the best lawyer in Genoa city to defend my son. And, of course, then there's the fairness of the justice system.

Michael: [Chortles]

[Coughs] Excuse me.

Victor: [Chuckles]

Michael: [Chuckles]

[Cell phone rings]

Victor: Excuse me. You have some good news for me, I presume?

Elise: I have made a decision regarding your son's case. I'm afraid it's not going to be the slam-dunk you expected.

Victor: Uh, kindly tell me more.

Elise: I'm going to let Adam's sentence stand.

Victor: I wouldn't make a rash decision if I were you. You and I had an agreement.

Elise: Blackmail, Victor. It's called "blackmail." So you want to go public with our affair? I'm willing to take that risk. Meanwhile, I'm going to listen to the evidence and rule in accordance with the law. So, you better tell Michael Baldwin to bring everything he's got... or your son's going to prison for a very long time. In fact, I might even make the term longer, just for the fun of it. No

Christine: Well, we could not ask for a better judge. Moxley is gonna make the right decision about Adam's appeal. However, I have to admit I was a little worried when she wanted to recuse herself.

Paul: Well, you know, I have the -- here you go.

Christine: Thank you.

Paul: The ultimate confidence in the judge... and the star D.A.

Christine: Thank you.

Cane: So, what did forensics find on Joe Clark's hoodie?

Paul: Yeah. We got plenty of DNA -- Joe's DNA -- on the hoodie.

Cane: So now you can arrest him for extortion and trying to frame me, right?

Christine: I'm afraid that's not gonna happen, though.

Cane: So, what -- you're just gonna let him walk the streets so he's free to hurt somebody else? Is that what you're gonna do?

Joe: Hey.

Lily: Hi.

Joe: Wow. Seeing your face puts me in such the holiday spirit.

Lily: Good morning.

Joe: Good morning. Can I interest you in some breakfast?

Lily: Uh...I'm right in the middle of doing the seating chart for this big party. You know how it gets crazy around here during the holidays.

Joe: Yeah. How 'bout some dinner?

Lily: I'm really swamped, Joe. Can we just talk later?

Joe: Lily... what kind of game are you playing?

Victoria: Who exactly are you hoping will destroy each other?

Phyllis: Our competition hasn't been playing fair. I'm ready for the karma to kick in.

Victoria: Which companies?

Phyllis: Actually, they're new to the game -- greenbow and Audrey cosmetics. Subpar product, purposely misleading branding. They're hacks. They're cutting in to jabot's profits.

Billy: Listen, um, Adam's sentencing appeal starts soon, and I want a front-row seat. I owe it to Dee Dee to see this through to the end, no matter how bitter it may be.

Victoria: I know. That's why I'm here. I was thinking that maybe you could use some moral support.

Billy: Thank you. That...means a lot. Um...give me a few minutes and I'll wrap things up here, okay?

Victoria: Okay.

Phyllis: You're playing with fire when it comes to Victoria.

Billy: No, I'm not. I've got it handled.

Phyllis: She was suspicious. She doesn't miss a thing.

Billy: Well, then, we keep diverting attention, Phyllis. It's all smoke and mirrors.

Phyllis: You know, maybe jack was right to worry about you. Your obsession with revenge might just backfire all over you!

Billy: We are this close to having Victor where we want him, and I'm doing this, with or without you.

Phyllis: Look, I want Victor to burn just as much as you do. But that means we play this smart. No one that we care about can get hurt in a crossfire.

Chelsea: Victor wouldn't go to all this trouble and try to get you out of here just to end up yanking the rug out from under you.

Adam: I mean, honestly, that -- that sounds exactly like something Victor would do.

Chelsea: Adam, you promised that we'd have a life together. You promised. This is our chance, so don't doubt this. Don't doubt Victor.

Adam: Yeah. Okay. Chelsea, you know, I really hope you're not forgetting this is the same man that went back on this promise once before. I mean, I don't understand what's going on here. One minute he wants me out of here, and the next minute, you know, I'm a liar and I deserve to serve every hour of my sentence.

Chelsea: Why are you so determined to believe this isn't going to happen?

Adam: History... sweetheart, history. And with this, you know, Victor -- this isn't exactly a "get out of jail free" card.

Chelsea: Connor and I just want you home. I don't care how it happens -- strings, no strings, a deal with the devil or not. We just want you home... safe, with us. That's all that matters.

Adam: You know if his Moxley gambit works, I'm gonna owe Victor a couple pounds of flesh. You know that. You're the one that saved me, though. Do you realize what you've done? You did something no one else has been able to do. Chelsea, you took on Victor... and you won.

Victor: I expect you to be flawless in court -- and brilliant.

Michael: That is my intention, especially the "brilliant" part.

Victor: Mm.

Michael: Our arguments are on point and very strong.

Victor: Strong enough?

Michael: What happened to complete faith in my abilities?

Victor: Don't underestimate what we're up against.

Michael: I know exactly what we're up against.

Victor: Hmm.

Michael: I plan on pulling every rabbit I have out of my hat.

Victor: Maybe we should add another rabbit -- a surprise witness.

Michael: This isn't a suggestion, is it? Who do you have in mind?

Victor: I'll let you know.

Michael: Judges hate surprises. So does Christine.

Victor: [Inhales deeply] I'll be in touch, okay?

Michael: [Chuckles] I've forgotten what it's like working for you.

Victor: You have? Well, you never know what's gonna happen, do you?

Michael: No. Bring on the challenges.

Victor: All right, Michael Baldwin.

Michael: Mr. Newman.

Victor: Do your best.

Michael: Will do.

Victor: Well, I'm glad you answered. Your family needs you.

Lily: I don't have time to play games, Joe. I have a job to do.

Joe: Well, maybe you have time to explain a few things -- like that call I got yesterday from your father-in-law.

Lily: I don't know what you're talking about.

Joe: You sure? Because he had to see me right away, or there was no deal, which brought me down here so that you could ransack my suite and look for, uh, a blanket, was it?

Lily: Yeah. I was cold.

Joe: So, it was just a coincidence that I left, you were cold, so you could search the room for...a blanket?

Lily: Obviously.

Joe: Well, then, maybe I'm just being paranoid. So...how 'bout we, uh, make a date for tonight -- pick up right where we left off?

Lily: What are you doing?

Joe: Cane's filling your head with lies, isn't he?

Lily: Actually, Joe, you're the liar.

Joe: Since when?

Lily: Cane found the hoodie in your safe -- the exact same one the guy at the ransom drop was wearing. So, do you want to explain that?

Joe: Yeah. He's desperate? He planted it?

Lily: No. I opened the safe myself. I saw inside.

Joe: So, that's why you slept with me -- so that you could plant this bogus proof.

Lily: No. Joe, I -- n-- [Sighs]

Joe: So, they must have planted it earlier. Colin calls me, gets me out of the room, cane shows up. Oh, wow. He must have been so surprised to see you in my bed. Cane discovers this damning evidence. You're the bonus witness. Wow. He probably almost forgave you for sleeping with me.

Cane: You said to me you needed evidence to nail him. I hand-delivered it to you. So, why aren't you writing out an arrest warrant?

Christine: The hoodie matches Dylan's description, but it doesn't mean it was the one worn by the man at the ransom drop, and an identical one was found in your gym locker.

Cane: You know he's guilty.

Paul: There is a bigger issue here, cane -- how the evidence was obtained. There was no warrant. There was no legitimate investigation.

Cane: I understand it. I do. But I had every right to break in to his room, Paul.

Paul: Okay. I'm gonna pretend like I didn't hear that, and as long as we're talking off the record, you're just proving why the evidence is inadmissible!

Christine: Paul's right. Yes. It's inadmissible in court, and I'm sorry if I don't have a winnable case.

Cane: All right. It was in his safe. Who keeps a hoodie locked in their safe unless they don't want someone to find it? Think about this!

Christine: I have to proceed carefully. I have already made the mistake of trying to build a case against Joe for a crime he didn't commit. If I charge him this time, it has to be rock-solid.

Paul: I'm sorry. Look. Listen to me. I understand what you're saying, and I also believe that your suspicions have merit. But this is not the way. You've got to let the police build and pursue a case against Clark.

Cane: There is no way I'm gonna let him get away with framing me.

Chelsea: All I did was tell Victor the truth.

Adam: The truth? Well, that's never gotten in my father's way before.

Chelsea: I just reminded him of the facts. You ran in to a burning building. You saved lives -- Abby's, Ashley's, Ben's. So maybe you just have to accept the fact that your father finally sees the good in you. He loves the man that you are.

Adam: Look, let's -- let's not mistake my father loving me for my father needing me to do something for him. And let's not forget all the times I've screwed the man over instead of sending him flowers.

Chelsea: Maybe he's forgiven you.

Adam: No. No. I don't think so. My father's more of an eye-for-an-eye kind of guy, you know? I don't know where we stand as far as who screwed whom over more, but... there's a very strong possibility that this is just Victor's way of grinding me into the ground for good.

Chelsea: I saw him, Adam -- the look in his eyes. He seemed genuinely afraid that you were gonna be destroyed in here if he doesn't do something.

Adam: Still, though, you know, I need to be prepared for the worst.

Chelsea: Okay, stop it. No more doom and gloom. This is how it's going to work. You are going to court today, and then you are coming home. You are spending Christmas with me and your son. Do you believe me?

Adam: Yeah. Yeah, I believe you.

Billy: I can't believe we're here again. That little bit of justice we got for Delia could be... wiped out today.

Victoria: You've been really strong. I know how hard this is for you and for everyone that loved Dee Dee.

Billy: Yeah. I called Chloe last night, you know, just to give her a heads up, in case things don't go our way.

Victoria: I hope she isn't headed to town and renting a car or anything like that.

Billy: [Chuckles] No, I don't think so. She, uh -- she promised to leave justice in the hands of the court, though... I can't say that I'm, uh, too convinced of that.

Michael: Oh. Victoria.

Victoria: Hi.

Michael: Billy. This can't be an easy day for you. I hope you don't hold my defense of Adam against me.

Billy: You got a job to do. Besides, there's only one person to blame for how this plays out.

Abby: Dad. Hey. What's the family crisis?

Victor: There you are.

Abby: How can I help?

Victor: Sweetheart, um... your brother Adam is facing 10 years behind bars, okay -- away from his wife, away from his son. Now you can help spare him that if...you're willing to testify on his behalf.

Abby: Oh. Is that all? No way in hell.

Lily: Did you hear anything about the hoodie from the police?

Cane: The DNA was a perfect match, and it was identical to the one worn at the ransom drop.

Lily: So it's true? Joe is trying to frame you?

Cane: Problem is... as far as the police are concerned, it's inadmissible, so there's no proof. The good news is, though, that Paul at least believes me, so he's prepared to investigate. So, we just have to form a case against Joe now.

Lily: [Sighs] I'm such an idiot. What was I thinking?

Cane: I don't think you were thinking, were you?

Lily: Something else that makes me an even bigger idiot. I blurted out to Joe that you searched his suite. I'm sorry. I'm -- I'm sorry. I... he now knows that you're on to him, and he's -- he's gonna retaliate.

Paul: Can I help you?

Joe: Yeah. I'd like to report a burglary.

Topher: Hello?

Phyllis: Hi.

Topher: Uh, I was expecting...

Phyllis: Me?

[Chuckles] I'm the one who contacted you.

Topher: What exactly is this about?

Phyllis: Oh, I think you know. Your former boss, Ian ward? Or is he still your boss?

Topher: What? [Chuckles] I heard Ian's server was permanently disconnected, if you know what I mean.

Phyllis: They never found the body, which means there's a very good chance he's still alive, biding his time so he can wreak more havoc.

Topher: I haven't heard from him. Besides, when Ian started burning buildings, I bailed. The man went certifiable.

Phyllis: Yes, yes, yes, I know. He was bit by the crazy bug a long time ago.

Topher: Look, I already told Victor Newman everything I know about Ian, so... good luck with...whatever you're doing.

Phyllis: "Everything's" a very big word, Topher. Now, I bet if you just start thinking, you're gonna remember the teeniest, tiniest bit of information in that gorgeous megabrain of yours.

Topher: I don't think there's anything in this brain that would help you.

Phyllis: I think you've got something I want. And I'm sure I can be much more persuasive than Victor.

Abby: Adam killed Delia.

Victor: Sweetheart, you're repeating what everyone is saying. Those are not the facts. Billy boy Abbott left his daughter Delia alone in a car at night. That is criminally negligent. Adam afterwards hit her, accidentally, all right?

Abby: Okay. Even if it was an accident, paragon wasn't. How could you want to help him?

Victor: Because he's my son.

Abby: Well, maybe it's time you cut him loose.

Victor: Sweetheart, it's time to cut him loose? Are you serious? I do not turn my back on my children, no matter what happens -- especially not if they're in danger.

Abby: [Sighs]

Victor: I know I'm asking a lot of you. But you remember, after all has been said and done, he is your brother.

Billy: And Delia is your cousin.

Billy: Puppetmaster at work, trying to convince her to lie for you.

Abby: He wants me to tell the truth, Billy.

Billy: Oh. Oh, the truth? And what -- what is it, Victor's truth? Because we all know how this plays out, don't we? He always wins. But then that's what this is all about, isn't it -- you manipulating the truth so that your own special brand of justice prevails so that Adam can be free and walking the streets by sunset, or maybe I should say, "dancing on Delia's grave"?

Victor: You obviously don't know what you're talking about.

Chelsea: Adam is so sorry about what happened to Delia. Billy, you know that.

Billy: You know, when Adam said that he was willing to accept his punishment, I-I actually found a little bit of respect for him because he was manning up and there seemed to be this glow of genuine conscience. But you -- you couldn't accept that, could you? No, 'cause your family is above the law.

Victor: What Adam did was accidental! You know it!

Christine: Hello...everyone. Is there a problem?

Michael: They're ready to start.

Victor: I can't stand that man. Abby won't be testifying.

Michael: Adam.

Chelsea: So, why do you need Abby to testify? I thought it was all taken care of. I mean, we're gonna win the appeal, right? It's guaranteed?

Victor: Not quite yet.

Phyllis: You and I aren't so different, you know.

Topher: We aren't?

Phyllis: I was a webmaster once upon a time. I know my html from my http. I made the most of my nibbles and bytes every day. What? You have trouble believing that?

Topher: No way you were ever a geek.

Phyllis: Maybe if you let yourself come out from behind the keyboards and the screens, you'd find out that you aren't, either. Topher, come on. Get out of the shadows. Use your computer skills for good. You could be a hero.

Topher: I don't know.

Phyllis: The hero always gets the girl. Wouldn't that be nice? Why don't we make you a big, strong hero right now? All you have to do is give me one iota of information that'll help us stop Ian.

Topher: There is one thing I might not have mentioned to Victor. Ian and I used an encrypted video-chat site to contact each other.

Phyllis: Topher, um... I have an idea. How 'bout you and me make a video?

Christine: A child was killed. And perhaps it was an accident. It doesn't change the fact that Adam Newman chose to conceal his crime and flee justice, and for that, he was sentenced to 10 years -- 10 years for taking the life of a child and for being a coward. 10 years will never make up for the loss of Delia Abbott, but it will help her family finally get some closure. So, judge, to sentence him to anything less would be a travesty of justice in every sense of the word.

Elise: Thank you, counsel, for your very powerful argument.

Victor: Your family needs you. Don't let us down.

Michael: A little girl is dead. It is profoundly tragic. But, as the D.A. Said, it was an accident. Yes, Adam Newman left the scene, but only because he did not realize he had struck Delia Abbott. He did not purposely leave her on the side of the road because that is not the man he is. The man he is... is the person who, when given the choice of whether or not to help people, chooses to risk his life to save theirs. The night of the Newman tower fire, he did not run from the fire. He walked in to it. Adam Newman believed his wife and son were in that building. And even though he had been hit by a car just days before, he left his hospital bed to find them, and when he made sure they were safe, he could have called it a night, but he did not. He went back inside with no thought for his own safety to help those who were trapped. Judge Moxley, with your permission, I would like to call Abby Newman to the stand. She is alive to testify because the defendant saved her life.

Christine: Objection. Whitewashing him as a hero in a blatant attempt to absolve him is bad enough, but a surprise witness who happens to be the convicted's sister?

Elise: I'll allow it.

Christine: Your honor!

Elise: Thank you. Thank you, counsel.

Michael: What is your opinion of your brother?

Abby: Do I have to answer that?

Michael: Please.

Abby: Um... Adam is all about Adam.

Michael: Except on the night of the fire?

Abby: That's true.

Michael: It must have been terrifying.

Abby: It was.

Michael: Could you walk us through that night?

Abby: Well, um... when the fire broke out, I was separated from my mom and my fiancé, Ben. And when I found them, they were trapped. Ben was very badly hurt. He was unconscious, and there were smoke and flames everywhere. My mom and I, um -- we tried to move Ben, but we couldn't so I went to get help. I thought that it was hopeless. I thought that we were gonna die.

Michael: But Adam fought his way through the smoke, fire, the destruction to help you all to safety. He didn't have to do help you, did he? After all, as you said... Adam's all about Adam. He could have kept walking out of the fire, away from his prison sentence, into a new life. But he didn't, did he? He had no moral obligation to risk his life. But this time Adam didn't run.

Abby: No. He didn't run, and we're alive because of him, and I'm very grateful.

Michael: Tell me, ms. Newman, do you believe that Adam... has suffered from his crime...

Abby: [Sniffles]

Michael: ...And learned from it?

Abby: I have to say, um... yes.

Phyllis: Okay. You ready?

Topher: Uh, yeah. Sorry. Uh... all set.

Phyllis: Hello, Ian. I imagine you're surprised to hear from me since the last time I saw you I was very angry. I said some horrible things. That's because you made a fool of me, and you know how much I hate that. But you were right about one thing -- I did want to see Victor suffer, and he is... thanks to you and paragon. You once said that I would sell you out to Victor without a second thought, and even though I have been angry at you for a long time, you're very wrong. I remember the man who made me trout amandine... and who told me to love myself no matter what. That's the man I'm trying to save. That's the man I am trying to warn right now. Ian, Victor is out for blood. He is setting a trap, and I am worried. I need you to contact me any way you can, if not just to tell me that you're still alive. Please.

[Cell phone beeps]

Topher: Well... if Ian's still monitoring his account, you'll definitely get his attention.

Phyllis: You're sweet. But Ian's a tougher crowd -- a lot more treacherous.

Phyllis: Hello, Ian.

Paul: So, uh, this burglary -- was there something valuable taken?

Joe: I'm not sure. I haven't had a chance to inventory all my things yet.

Paul: But you're absolutely positive you were burgled?

Joe: Yes, last night. I left my suite for about 5, 10 minutes. Came back, and my room was ransacked. And then today I find out from lily that cane was there.

Paul: Oh. Do you recognize that?

Lily: I can't believe what a mess I've made of everything. I'm really sorry.

Cane: Is Joe still interested in you, after everything that went down?

Lily: Guess.

Cane: Then I'm gonna need your help to clear my name.

Lily: Me?

Cane: Yeah. 'Cause if he believes you're still on his side, then there's a chance that he will slip -- let his guard down.

Lily: You want me to help you? Does that mean that... you forgive me?

Victor: I think we have a very strong case, thanks to the testimony of your sister. Are you willing to follow the terms of our agreement?

Adam: Signed and sealed, as long as it's still heard.

Elise: This has been a very difficult decision. A child has been taken, and a family will never be the same. And while my heart goes out to the Abbott family and the loss of their child, I must recognize that the defendant did not act out of intended malice or cruelty and has since shown remorse... and acted heroically. Therefore, I believe the original sentence was too harsh. I hereby reduce Mr. Adam Newman's sentence to 5 years' probation and 1,000 hours community service.

Chelsea: [Laughs]

Elise: However, there is one caveat to that arrangement. You so much as jaywalk, and you will feel the full weight of the law. There will be no more second chances, Mr. Newman.

Chelsea: [Laughs] Oh, thank God, Adam! Ohh. Ohh.

Paul: Does that belong to you?

Joe: Not my color.

Paul: Really? 'Cause it was found in your suite.

Joe: Oh. It was brought to you as evidence?

Paul: Evidence? Has there been a crime?

Joe: I'd hate to file another harassment charge against this department.

Paul: Oh, come on, Joe. I'm only looking for the truth.

Joe: I'll tell you the truth -- I'm innocent. Cane Ashby isn't being framed here. I am.

Cane: Right now my priority is clearing myself of these extortion charges, so...

Lily: I'm so sorry.

Cane: I don't think "sorry's" gonna fix it. I just don't.

Lily: I know.

Cane: Let's just, um... let's just move forward now and we'll see where this takes us, and, um... are you gonna help me? You gonna help me clear my name?

Lily: Of course I'm gonna help you. Of course. I will do anything that I can.

Cane: All right. Let's bring down Joe Clark.

Lily: Together.

Phyllis: Wow. Look at all of those leaked Newman documents. Such a pity.

[Gasps] Yes! Gotcha!

Victor: Who exactly did you get?

Victoria: I know you're not okay right now... but I don't really have any words to make this better for you.

Abby: Billy. Please don't hate me. I know that you're my family, but Adam's my family, too. I only told the truth.

Billy: Not gonna be angry at you for telling the truth, Abby.

Abby: [Sighs] Thank you.

Billy: Sure.

Victoria: I'm surprised you're not more furious.

Billy: Did this ever have a chance of playing out any other way? Hmm? You know, I-I knew that strings were gonna be pulled, favors were gonna be called in. It's the same old game.

Victoria: You're not angry at Adam? It's my father?

Billy: Chalk up another win for your old man.

Victoria: You're planning some move against my family to get back at my dad.

Billy: Oh, how can I do that?

Victoria: Don't start with the denials, Billy. Just stop it. Whatever you're planning, stop it.

Adam: Oh, look -- a tree.

Chelsea: Yeah.

Adam: Huh.

Chelsea: It wouldn't be Christmas without a tree or without you here to decorate it.

Adam: Yeah. Wow. I mean, this is great. You really did -- you really did think I'd be home, didn't you -- that you'd have something to celebrate?

Chelsea: Yeah. You, me, Connor...

Adam: Yeah?

Chelsea: ...Our future, our life together.

Adam: Let me ask you a question.

Chelsea: Mm-hmm?

Adam: What are the odds... of me... getting to unwrap... my favorite Christmas present a little early? What's the over-under on that?

Chelsea: It's good.

Adam: It's good?

Chelsea: Yeah.

Adam: Yeah?

[Speaks indistinctly]

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