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Episode # 10804 ~ Victor wants Adam to play dirty; Dr. Neville is backed into a corner; Hilary worries about her future.

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Sharon: I don't understand. How is this possible? I-I-I have no memory of this.

Dr. Anderson: Well, I had to give you something for the pain to get you through the delivery. It must have interacted with your regular meds and caused you to be confused.

Sharon: But I have no memory of the birth.

Dr. Anderson: Sharon, this is what you've been waiting for. Aren't you happy?

Sharon: Yes. I'm so happy. My prayers have been answered. My son is born. Dylan's son. Dylan. I have to call him!

Dr. Anderson: No. Shh, shh, shh. Listen, all you have to do is enjoy this moment. I'll call your family and let them know that the -- that he's here.

Mariah: We're closed. Oh! Look who it is! Did you come to tell me you're still alive?

Kevin: I'm still alive.

Mariah: No need. The empty milk carton in the fridge gave it away. Why do you do that? Every morning, you pour all of the milk over a giant bowl of chocolate-covered sugar bombs, and then you put the empty milk carton back in the fridge!

Kevin: So, you're upset about the milk, or is this about something bigger -- perhaps a rogue sock left in the living room?

Mariah: It's even bigger than that. It's Sharon.

Kevin: What's going on?

Mariah: I am racking my brain, trying to figure out a way to get around the cone of invincibility they have around her at Fairview.

Kevin: You make it sound like they're holding her prisoner.

Mariah: Well [Sighs] Sometimes it feels that way. Maybe you can hack the security feed and find a way to sneak me in there.

Kevin: Breaking into a mental-health facility? That's a twist. I like it. It's gonna have to wait till I get back, though.

Mariah: Where are you going?

Kevin: That's what I came to tell you. I'm back on the paragon trail, leaving town for a few days to do some work for the Abbotts.

Mariah: The Abbotts? I thought you were working for Victor.

Kevin: What can I say? Everybody wants a piece of me.

Mariah: At work, anyway.

Kevin: Billy has a lead on a hacker in Geneva he thinks might be involved in relaunching the virus.

Mariah: Switzerland?

Kevin: Yep. Leaving tonight with jack on the Abbott jet.

Mariah: Fancy! And what does Victor think about all of this?

Kevin: Here's the kicker -- he's totally on board.

Adam: Thank you. You. I should have known it was you. Who else could pull off an after-hours prison visit?

Victor: The warden is a friend of mine.

Adam: Yeah. The warden's a friend of yours. Who isn't a friend of yours? Let me ask you a question -- how much this little powwow cost you, set you back?

Victor: I thought you'd be happy to be out of your cell, away from your cellmate.

Adam: Yeah? You must really want to see me suffer to come all the way down here.

Victor: You don't look so bad.

Adam: Guard, I'm done here!

Victor: Sit down.

Adam: [Sighs]

Victor: You're a very lucky man.

Devon: Hilary... if you remember everything, you have to remember how much I love you and how much you love me.

Hilary: All I remember is that I cheated on Neil. We broke his heart, and he never deserved that.

Devon: What about everything he's done to us over the last few months? You almost died!

Hilary: No. Neil's only crime was loving both of us.

Devon: I don't believe what I'm hearing.

Hilary: Well, you need to believe it, Devon, because I don't love you. I love Neil. And you need to accept that he's the one that I want to be with.

Devon: Okay. You know, Hilary, maybe you can forgive and forget what he's done, but... I can't do that.

Hilary: What are you doing?

Neil: He's calling the police.

[Grinding and rustling]

[Knock on door]

Dr. Neville: Hilary? Mrs. Hamilton, is that you?

Devon: Yes. Can I speak to chief Williams, please? Tell him this is Devon Hamilton.

Hilary: Neil, do something.

Neil: There's nothing I can do. I knew that once Devon found out that I was responsible, it would come to this.

Devon: Hey, Paul.

Paul: Devon. I'm glad you called. Listen, we had a lead on dr. Neville. Dylan's following up on it.

Devon: That's fantastic.

Paul: We think Neville can tell us who was holding Hilary that whole time.

Devon: I've actually learned something about that myself, and I'd like to speak to you about it.

Paul: Yeah. Shoot. Go ahead.

Devon: I'd rather speak to you in person if you don't mind. Is now a good time?

Paul: Uh... yeah. I'm in my office. Why don't you come on down?

Devon: I'm on my way.

[Door slams]

Dr. Neville: Who are you?

Dylan: My name is Dylan McAvoy, dr. Neville.

Dr. Neville: [Sighs heavily] Well, Mr. McAvoy, as flattering as it is you seem to know me, I'm pretty sure I haven't had the pleasure. In any case, I don't appreciate you kicking your way in here like some kind of cowboy on steroids. There are apparently constitutional tenets that prohibit such things, the fourth amendment being chief among them.

Dylan: Yeah, well, I've got some questions for you.

Dr. Neville: I believe I should see some identification first.

Dylan: Yeah, and I should probably see some proof that you have a license to operate a medical laboratory in a motel room.

Dr. Neville: It's private research. It's perfectly legitimate. And it's also very sensitive, so, please, don't touch it.

Dylan: I'm not -- I'm not here to interfere with your work.

Dr. Neville: Oh. No? Something tells me you're not a police officer, either, which makes this breaking and entering and, therefore, a crime.

Dylan: Who hired you to treat Hilary Hamilton?

Dr. Neville: Well... that's, uh -- that's confidential, Mr. McAvoy.

Dylan: Yeah, well... I'm trying to be nice, dr. Neville. I don't have to be so pleasant. You wouldn't like me when I get angry.

Dr. Neville: I-I understand. The fact is I have no idea who Mrs. Hamilton's benefactor was. I was picked up by a dark car, taken to an undisclosed location somewhere in -- in the country. [Chuckling] I couldn't find my way back there if my life depended on it. I assume that secrecy was necessary, because, as you see, her treatment required a rather unconventional protocol.

Dylan: How'd she end up in the hospital?

Dr. Neville: Regrettably, there were complications. Hilary was in danger. She needed to be monitored. I couldn't do it. I didn't have the equipment. So I made sure she got to memorial, and I left her there. The end of the story.

Dylan: Mm, not quite. You left a part out. You came back to give Hilary more pills.

Sharon: I just want to make sure...that he's real. This is real? It's not a dream?

Dr. Anderson: Your little boy is real. [Chuckles]

Sharon: He's so beautiful. Look how content he is.

Dr. Anderson: Well, he's obviously happy to be where he belongs -- safe and sound in his mother's arms.

Sharon: You know, he's strong for such a little baby.

Dr. Anderson: Well, he's bright and healthy.

Sharon: Thanks to you. Thanks for making sure that I take care of myself and my baby. Coming here to Fairview was the best decision I ever made.

Dr. Anderson: I'm glad it worked out.

Sharon: It couldn't have worked out better. I can't stop looking at him! Who do you think he looks like?

Dr. Anderson: Oh, there's no question. He's the spitting image of his father. [Chuckles]

Adam: You think I'm lucky?

Victor: You're also a damn fool, you know.

Adam: There it is. Thank you, dad, for coming all the way down here to give me a complete character evaluation.

Victor: You're lucky because you have a wife who loves you enough to fight for you, although you've lied to her more often than you've lied to me, probably. Never mind your most recent deviation from the truth.

Adam: The truth? Well, the truth is I have a lot of regret when it comes to Chelsea. Not telling her that I'm the father of sage's baby is not one of them, and I don't understand why I would come forward with that information now. What purpose would that serve?

Victor: You know what's hard to believe? That Chelsea is willing to fight for you, although you've lied to her like crazy. When you told her the story that Ian ward had died in that fire and that the paragon virus perished with him, she believed it.

Adam: It's the truth. For what it's worth, it's the truth.

Victor: Hmm. Apparently, it's worth a hell of a lot to her.

Adam: But not to you, of course -- not to you. That's why you came down here, right -- to tell me that?

Victor: You know why I'm here?

Adam: I have no idea.

Victor: Your loving wife accomplished something that very few people have managed to do. She convinced me... to change my mind.

Victor: If Chelsea is right that someone set you up for paragon's return... then that person is still out there, ready and willing to pillage the rest of Newman enterprises, a company that I built for my children and grandchildren.

Adam: So, you -- you believe me, then, that I left Ian for dead, that I have nothing to do with paragon's resurgence?

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Adam: [Sighs] Why the sudden change of heart?

Victor: Because Chelsea persuaded me to believe you. But there were some other inconsistencies that bother me. Why would you have left Ian ward alive when you knew that the fire could have killed both your wife and your son?

Adam: So, you think he made it out of there on his own and that he's running paragon? Is that what you're saying?

Victor: Maybe.

Adam: Maybe. You got someone else in mind?

Victor: Someone who would not team up with you.

Adam: Someone who would not team up with me? Well, that doesn't really, you know, narrow it down. You want to give me a hint?

Victor: Someone who preached forgiveness at your trial and offered to rebuild Newman enterprises with me.

Adam: You -- you think that -- that Billy...

Victor: "Billy boy" Abbott.

Adam: Huh.

Victor: We've underestimated him. He probably is a bigger liar than you ever were.

Mariah: Oh, naive, foolish boy. Nobody lies like Victor Newman. If he says he's on board with the Abbotts, then he isn't.

Kevin: Aww. It's nice to know you care.

Mariah: Well, if something happens to you, I have no place to live.

Kevin: Admit it -- you're gonna miss me while I'm in Switzerland.

Mariah: It's possible. But at least I'll know I'll have milk in the fridge every morning.

[Cell phone rings]

Mariah: "Unknown caller." I'm feeling lucky. Hello?

Dr. Anderson: Is this Mariah?

Mariah: Yes. Who's this?

Dr. Anderson: It's dr. Anderson from Fairview.

Mariah: Is Sharon okay?

Dr. Anderson: She's fine. In fact, she couldn't be better. I've called to let you know that you have a new baby brother.

Mariah: That -- that's not -- it's too...s-- I mean --

Dr. Anderson: It's okay, Mariah. I know Sharon thought she suffered a miscarriage, but whoever told her that was mistaken. She never lost the baby.

Mariah: Wow. Okay. Um... Sharon had her baby.

Dr. Anderson: Yes. A full-term delivery. She and her son are doing fine.

Mariah: Is she at memorial? Is Dylan with her?

Dr. Anderson: She gave birth at Fairview. And, no, Dylan wasn't with her. She still insists on no visitors.

Mariah: What?

Dr. Anderson: I'd appreciate it if you could let your family know about the birth.

Mariah: Can I talk to h--

Dr. Anderson: [Sighs]

Mariah: Hello? She hung up.

Kevin: Sharon had her baby?

Mariah: I have a little brother.

Kevin: [Chuckles] That's amazing! Congratulations!

Mariah: Thanks.

Kevin: What? Is something wrong?

Mariah: Why did Sharon's doctor call me and not Dylan?

Dylan: So, who's got you so scared that you would risk coming back to give Hilary more pills?

Dr. Neville: Being scared has nothing to do with it. I came back out of concern for my patient.

Dylan: Oh. Well, that's nice, dr. Neville, but even the most noble doctors need to earn a living. So, who paid you to treat Hilary?

Dr. Neville: Medicine isn't a paycheck to me. It's a calling. It's a passion. I pour my heart and my soul into my research. It's never been about the money. I happily devote my life to helping others, saving lives.

Dylan: To make up for the one you couldn't save. Hilary told me about your mother back in Ohio.

Dr. Neville: [Sighs] A little piece of history to sooth a nervous patient. I wouldn't make too much of that if I were you, Mr. McAvoy.

Dylan: Hmm. Well, Hilary also said that you were leaving town, so why -- why is she covering for you?

Dr. Neville: She's not covering for me. I told her I was headed back to Ohio.

Dylan: Then you should have stuck with that plan, because for a very smart guy, you've made a lot of dumb mistakes.

Dr. Neville: Coming back to Genoa city was not some misguided calculation. My patient needed me. My work here wasn't done.

Dylan: Do you know how much trouble you're in? 'Cause you're in a lot of trouble, doctor.

Dr. Neville: [Chuckles] You think so? I'm not the bad guy here.

Dylan: Then tell me who is.

Devon: [Sighs]

Hilary: Stop, Devon. Just think of Neil, okay? Not me, not you, not this warped sense of justice, okay? Just -- just think of your dad.

Devon: Let go of the elevator, Hilary.

Hilary: You can't do this.

Devon: Watch me.

Hilary: I'm not gonna let you turn Neil over to the police, okay?

Devon: You can't stop me.

Hilary: I'll do anything to save Neil. Just name it. What do you want?

Devon: I just want my wife back.

Hilary: You want your wife back? What, like, right here, right now? Okay. Fine. Let's do it.

Devon: That's not what I meant.

Hilary: Okay. Then what do you want, huh? You want me to move in with you? You want me to pretend to be your wife? If that's what it takes, I'll --

Devon: Stop it, Hilary.

Hilary: Come on.

Devon: Stop it. Stop it. Stop it, okay?

Hilary: [Scoffs]

Devon: Even if you don't remember loving me, you have to know this isn't the kind of man I am. All right? I don't want sex in an elevator. I don't want a fake relationship. I want you. I want my wife. I want the woman that I'd give my life for. I want the one person that knows me better than anybody else in the world. That's what I want.

Hilary: I don't know you, Devon.

Devon: You do. You're my soul mate. And that's why it's so hard for me to believe that you just pushed me out of your mind, that you've forgotten everything we sacrificed to be together. Just -- just please tell me that you remember and that you want me as much as I want you.

Hilary: So... if I tell you... that I share those feelings, those desires, you won't send Neil to prison?

Devon: No.

Hilary: Okay. I accept.

Devon: I can't.

Hilary: [Sighs]

Devon: I can't. I can't have you come back into my life knowing that you're just doing this for Neil. That's the man that you love.

Dr. Neville: I'm sorry. I have professional ethics to uphold, Mr. McAvoy.

Dylan: Yeah. Those went out the window the second you agreed to treat Hilary.

Dr. Neville: According to whom? When it comes to medicine, my motives have always been altruistic. They always have. They always will be, no matter what my detractors say. And I'm certainly not about to betray somebody who trusted me and my methods enough to place someone they love under my care.

Dylan: So, the person who hired you loves Hilary.

Dr. Neville: No matter what you think, you're wasting your time.

Dylan: Okay. Listen. I think -- I think you're a brilliant man. And I also truly believe that you care about helping patients like your mother.

Dr. Neville: Oh, please leave mother out of it.

Dylan: No, you can't, because she's the reason that you're so driven. She's the reason you want to be a pioneer in this field.

Dr. Neville: If I want the world to know what I did for Mrs. Hamilton, it's because I want to give other people hope. I want them to know that their loved ones can be brought back into the light, back to life. I couldn't do anything for my mother, but I can help them.

Dylan: I'd like to make you a deal. You give me the name I want, I'll make sure everybody knows about your work. Maybe you can get a reduced sentence.

Dr. Neville: [Laughs] How exactly would you do that? You have no authority.

Dylan: The police chief -- he's my dad. And he really wants to find out who held Hilary hostage. So, what do you say? You tell me who it is?

Dr. Neville: I'll tell you... on one condition.

[Cell phone rings]

Paul: Dylan, what's up?

Dylan: Hey. I found dr. Neville.

Paul: In Ohio?

Dylan: No. He's here in Genoa city. We're at the old lake motel on route 8.

Paul: I'll send a squad car.

Dylan: No. No. I told him it would just be you.

Adam: You think Billy Abbott is responsible for reigniting paragon? Are we talking about the same Billy Abbott? This is the same guy who can't go more than three minutes without imploding his own life? I mean, you really think this guy's capable of bringing down a multinational conglomerate like Newman enterprises? This guy, you know, probably can't even operate a light switch, let alone a computer. Are you kidding me?

Victor: You know, he's not flying solo. He has an accomplice -- someone who is very knowledgeable about computers.

Adam: You're talking about Kevin fisher?

Victor: No. He wouldn't double-cross me.

Adam: Well, if you think Jack's involved, I can tell you right now he's not.

Victor: Jack is not that knowledgeable about computers, but jack formed an alliance with me to fight paragon. And the forming of that alliance pissed off some people, especially his wife and Billy boy.

Adam: Phyllis. Billy and Phyllis.

Victor: An unlikely duo.

Adam: Yeah.

Victor: You think?

Adam: Yeah, I do think. They would love to see you suffer, though, wouldn't they?

Victor: This is very serious business, son. And I need to strike first.

Adam: You need to strike.

Victor: But I don't want to do it alone.

Adam: Right. Right, right, right. This is the part where you blackmail me, right? You tell me that you're gonna tell Chelsea that I'm the father of sage's baby... unless I help you.

Sharon: I can't wait for your daddy to meet you. He's going to love you as much as I do.

Mariah: Hi. Excuse me. Where is Sharon? How is she? How's the baby? I am not leaving until I see her.

Dr. Anderson: I don't blame you. I'd feel the same way if I were you.

Mariah: Great. Then let me see them.

Dr. Anderson: As you can see, they're both doing fine.

Mariah: [Chuckles softly] She looks so happy.

Dr. Anderson: She is. They're picture-perfect, don't you think?

Mariah: I thought you said she didn't want any visitors.

Dr. Anderson: Well, obviously, she wants to share her good news. Go ahead.

Mariah: Hi.

Sharon: Hi.

Mariah: Hi.

Sharon: Look! Isn't he beautiful?

Mariah: Oh, my gosh. Hi! He's gorgeous.

Sharon: Meet your big sister Mariah.

Mariah: Oh, my gosh. Hi, little man!

[Both laugh]

Mariah: I...can't believe he's actually here.

Sharon: I know. Neither can I. And when I heard that nick and sage lost their baby, I was just terrified that the same thing was going to happen to me, but it didn't. My son's here... thanks to dr. Anderson.

Hilary: I was just trying to talk Devon out of going to the police, but he won't listen.

Devon: You're not gonna change my mind.

Neil: No, no. Hold on, now. I'm not gonna try.

Hilary: Neil!

Neil: No, I'm done. All these lies and secrets that have been going around -- looking over my shoulder -- honestly, it's a total relief.

Hilary: But you don't deserve to go to jail.

Neil: Every time that I look in a mirror, I see a stranger, and it's someone that I don't want to be anymore.

Devon: Then you know what? If you really feel like that, you'll come to the police station with me and turn yourself in.

Neil: Yeah. Come on. Let's go.

Victor: I'm not going to add to Nicholas' and sage's pain by revealing... that you were Christian's father.

Adam: So...what? You came down here to -- just to remind me what it is that I stand to lose if Chelsea were to find out the truth?

Victor: The truth means a great deal to her.

Adam: Well, it's a good thing you're not holding it over my head, then, right? It's a good thing that's not happening.

Victor: Let me ask you something. Do you honestly think I would have called judge Moxley this evening to make sure that you get out of this hellhole?

Adam: You've been holding that Moxley chip in your pocket for years.

Victor: To get you out of here.

Adam: Get me out of here? I appreciate that. [Sighs] But I know you. That means you want something in return, right? And in this case, that means you want me to help you fight Billy and Phyllis.

Victor: I need a partner... who thinks the way I do. Are you willing to do it?

Mariah: And never, ever, ever trust Victor Newman.

Sharon: Ohh. Mariah.

Mariah: What? He's gonna be living at the ranch. He's got to know the lay of the land.

Sharon: Well, yeah, but he's got plenty of time to get to know who Victor is. Right now I want him to get to know the people he's going to be close to, like his big sister. Yeah.

Mariah: Oh. Oh, wow. [Gasps] Ohh! Oh, my gosh.

Sharon: There you go. You're good. You're supporting his head, just like you're doing -- perfect.

Mariah: Oh, wow. He's...so little. I don't think your mom knows that I've never done this before!

Sharon: [Laughs]

Mariah: [Gasps] What if I drop him?

Sharon: Well, he looks perfectly safe in your arms. And I can't wait to see him in Dylan's.

Mariah: I-I thought you didn't want to see Dylan.

Sharon: What? Of course I do. Why would you think that?

Mariah: Dr. Anderson said you still didn't want any visitors.

Sharon: Well, that must have been a misunderstanding.

Mariah: Well, that's good, because I left him a voicemail on my way here, but he hasn't, uh -- he hasn't responded. I actually should probably text him.

Sharon: Okay.

Mariah: Hi.

Dr. Neville: [Sighs]

Dylan: Dr. Neville, just relax. Paul Williams is a man of his word. He said he's gonna come alone, and he will.

[Cell phone chimes]

Dr. Neville: Is that him?

Dylan: No. I've got to make a call real quick. Mariah. Hey, it's me. What's up?

Mariah: Finally! Um...Dylan... I have somebody that needs to talk to you.

Sharon: Dylan?

Dylan: Sharon, hey. What's -- what's going on? Are you okay?

Sharon: I'm fine. I'm perfect. Our little boy is here.

Sharon: Dylan, did you hear me? We have a son.

Dylan: Our son? Ohh!

Sharon: Dylan?

Dr. Neville: Easy. Easy. Easy.

Sharon: Dylan, what's happening?

Dr. Neville: It's all right. It's all right. It's okay.

Dylan: [Grunts]

Dr. Neville: That's it. [Grunts]

Sharon: Dylan, answer me.

Mariah: What's going on?

Sharon: I don't know. Dylan? Dylan, say something, please? Oh, my god.

Victor: You're not interested in my offer?

Adam: Well, you know, you can't blame me for just being a little bit wary, right? I mean, I've never been the go-to son. That's a spot that's always been reserved for nick.

Victor: Nicholas is grieving over the loss of his son Christian. He needs to devote himself to the rest of the family.

Adam: Mm. That's good. But the real reason you're here is because nick has a conscience, right? That's something that you're convinced that I was born without.

Victor: [Chuckles] Something like that.

Adam: Mm-hmm. Something like that. What about Victoria, you know? Did you ask her? She'd do anything for you.

Victor: Victoria has a problem. Her Achilles heel is that useless Billy Abbott.

Adam: So, basically, I'm all you got.

Victor: You're my choice.

Adam: Your choice? Okay. Well, I am flattered. I'm flattered, really, but, uh, here's the thing -- I'm not gonna stab jack in the back.

Victor: You won't have to do anything to jack Abbott. He's not our enemy. It is Billy boy and Phyllis. Are you with me?

Neil: Hey, Kevin.

Kevin: Hey, guys. What's shakin'?

Devon: Hey. We're looking for Paul.

Kevin: Oh, sorry. He's out.

Devon: Well, that's weird, 'cause he knew I was on my way to see him.

Kevin: I think he got called out on a case.

Devon: On Hilary's case?

Kevin: I don't know. He was gone when I got here. Something I can help you with?

Neil: No. That's okay, Kevin. We're gonna wait for Paul.

Kevin: All right, cool. Just hang out here.

Devon: Are you having second thoughts?

Neil: No, man. I was just thinking I have spent so much time trying to avoid walking in this place, and now I am wondering why.

Devon: Well, going to prison isn't appealing.

Neil: You know something? I have been in prison for a long time -- right here, inside. And the strangest thing of all is I got to lose my freedom in order to set myself free. You dig?

Devon: Listen...

Neil: Hmm?

Devon: ...Whatever you say to Paul --

Neil: No, no. Don't say that. I am not gonna implicate Hilary or Gwen. You hear me? The story is -- I'm gonna tell him this -- it was my fault. I did everything. I was the jealous ex-husband who wanted revenge. I wanted to make you suffer. That's it -- end of story, clean and simple.

Devon: Yeah, and it's a true story 'cause I hurt you.

Neil: No more excuses. It's time for me to stand up and face the music and be a man. I know that I'm gonna go to jail for a long time, and when I'm there, I bet you that you and Hilary are gonna fall in love all over again.

Devon: You make that sound very easy.

Neil: That's 'cause it is. I'm not gonna lie. I don't want you to lie, because we have to protect the women we love and keep them out of this.

Devon: I'm not gonna say anything about Hilary or Gwen's involvement.

Neil: Then what's the problem?

Devon: I just imagined this day... you know, for months -- finding the person that took Hilary from me, making him pay, making him suffer the way that he made me suffer.

Neil: Yeah. You -- you got your wish now.

Devon: Yeah. But it's you. You know. And now the only way for me to get the payback I've wanted so damn bad is to send my father to prison.

Hilary: I don't love you, Devon. I-I love Neil. [Crying] I can't lose you, Neil. I can't lose you. I can't. I can't.

Neil: I never thought I'd say this, but I deserve to go to jail for what I did.

Devon: [Sighs] You didn't mean for everything to go this far.

Neil: Yeah, but they did. I have to take responsibility now, you know? I've been playing god for too long. I-I had no right to be judge and jury.

Devon: You also could have let Hilary die, but you didn't do that. You saved her damn life.

Neil: Yes, I did. But I did it for me. I wanted her to wake up -- I needed her to wake up -- and clear me.

Devon: Which she wants to do now.

Neil: But I'm not gonna let her do it. The guilt I'm carrying around for what I did -- no, man. I can't do it.

Devon: Well, if I send you to prison, I have to carry that burden.

Neil: But you're not to blame for my mistakes. You can't right my wrongs. This is my choice. It's not yours.

Devon: I-I... I can't go along with it, though. I can't. I'm not gonna let you destroy your life.

Victor: What is it gonna be?

Adam: Well, gee. It looks like my time is up. You know, here's the thing -- every single thing about our past history tells me this is a bad idea. But lucky for you, I like a long shot.

Victor: Let me remind you... you don't have much of a choice. Are you in?

Adam: Yeah, I'm in.

Victor: Hmm.

Sharon: Dylan, this is the third time that I'm calling you. Why aren't you answering my calls? Please call me back.

Dr. Anderson: What's wrong?

Mariah: Sharon called Dylan to tell him about the baby, and they got cut off. He probably lost service or the battery died or he just fainted from the news.

Sharon: No. It's not funny. This wasn't just a dropped call. I heard Dylan moan before the line went dead. I think he's in trouble.

Dr. Anderson: I'm -- I'm sure Mariah did not mean to make light of your concern.

Mariah: No! Of course not.

Dr. Anderson: It's normal for you feel emotional right now, but overreacting isn't good for you or the baby. Maybe I should give you something to help you calm down.

Sharon: No. I don't want any medication. I want Dylan. I need to make sure that he's okay.

Paul: Dylan? Dylan! This is the police! Dylan. Dylan! Oh, my god. Dylan!

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Colin: I got a business proposition that might suit someone of your particular talents.

Lily: What are you doing here?

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