Y&R Transcript Monday 11/23/15


Episode # 10803 ~ The moment of truth arrives for Neil & Devon; Nick questions Dr. Anderson's interest in his family; Sharon's world is rocked.

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Devon: Gwen, what is this about?

Gwen: I'm telling your father that it's over right here, right now. Are you gonna tell Devon the truth, or am I?

Devon: The truth about what? The truth about what, guys?

Neil: I know. I know what really happened to Hilary.

Lily: Hey. I just saw Dylan leaving. Is there a new lead?

Hilary: Uh, yeah, maybe. He just went to search for Dr. Neville.

Lily: Here in town?

Hilary: No, in Ohio. I think that's where the doctor's from.

Lily: Finally, there's an end in sight to all of this.

Hilary: Yeah.

Lily: Why don't you seem happier about that?

Paul: All right. I will check with the authorities in Ohio. But, Dylan, keep me posted. All right.

Cane: I need to talk to you.

Paul: Sounds urgent.

Cane: I need to clear my name, and I need your help to do it.

Victor: Hi, Amy. Well, look who's there.

Faith: Grandpa!

Victor: Look who's there. Look who's there. Hi, sweetheart. So, what's going on?

Amy: Nick and sage had an appointment. I'm not sure when they'll be back.

Victor: Oh, that's okay. Listen to me. I'll stay with her until they're back.

Amy: Are you sure, Mr. Newman?

Victor: Yeah, sure. Find out what's going on. Tell me some stories.

Faith: You mean because of baby Christian? Sage cries, and she's sad. But daddy's being strong.

Victor: I'm sure daddy's being very strong, you know?

Dr. Anderson: You seem to be holding it together quite well. How on earth are you managing?

Nick: Just one foot in front of the other. Some days are harder than others.

Dr. Anderson: Well, if you ever want to talk, I'd be happy to help you work through this. I believe I offer A... unique perspective.

Nick: I appreciate the offer, Dr. Anderson.

Sage: What offer?

Nick: Uh, to help me with the loss of our son.

Sage: Well, didn't you tell her that we --

Nick: Well, I was just about to. We already found a therapist.

Dr. Anderson: Oh, good. Good. I'm pleased to hear that. Listen, sage, I'm sorry for not being more sensitive earlier. I-I can't apologize enough.

Sage: It's all right. Thank you.

Dr. Anderson: Well, please accept my condolences. And don't hesitate to contact me. After working with Sharon, I feel as if I've known you all forever. [Chuckles softly]

Nick: Uh, well, I'm glad Sharon has such a committed doctor. We should probably --

Dr. Anderson: Nick, look, I hope you don't mind me saying this, but I know how hard it was for you to recover after the loss of your daughter with Sharon.

Nick: Cassie.

Dr. Anderson: I'm so deeply sorry you have to go through this again.

Sharon: No. No! No! No!

Sharon! What is it?!

Sharon: There's no baby! I don't understand what happened to my baby! I need to know why my baby's gone! [Sobbing] Someone took my baby. Someone took him! Nick -- he must have done it. He did, didn't he? I've got to find nick. I want to get my child back.

Sharon. You're not going anywhere.

Sharon: Let go of this door! Let go! I got to go! I've got to get my child! No! [Grunts] Ohh.


Nick: I guess I shouldn't be surprised Sharon told you about Cassie, but...

Dr. Anderson: Well, it was a defining moment in Sharon's life. You and Sharon have experienced more than your share of pain, but I also understand you've shared a great deal of joy since you two met in high school.

Sage: Sharon went all the way back to that?

Dr. Anderson: We covered a lot of ground during her treatment.

Nick: I thought Sharon was in Fairview just so she could get her meds leveled out.

Dr. Anderson: Well, knowing a patient's past can help a therapist understand how she sees herself and the world around her. She talked a lot about your relationship. She also spoke a lot about your new wife.

Sage: She talked about me?

Dr. Anderson: I heard you two got off to a rough start.

Sage: Uh...yeah, I guess so, but, you know, we figured out how to get along eventually.

Dr. Anderson: Sharon was concerned about you and identified with you, struggling to find your place among nick's family.

Sage: [Chuckles] I wouldn't exactly call it a struggle, doctor.

Dr. Anderson: Well, Sharon would know, wouldn't she -- all about the Newmans and the ends they'll go to when it comes to protecting their own -- how they tend to close ranks, manipulate the lives of outsiders -- whatever it takes to shelter themselves and their empire.

Nick: All right. What?

Dr. Anderson: Oh, I'm -- I'm sorry. I-I didn't mean to --

Nick: First minute, you're offering up support and sympathy, and now you're talking trash about my family.

Dr. Anderson: I didn't mean to offend you.

Nick: I don't appreciate your attitude, Dr. Anderson.

Cane: You and your cops may have given up trying to find who framed me for extortion, but I haven't.

Paul: Okay, cane. You were charged because all the evidence points to you.

Cane: The evidence was planted.

Paul: That may be. But you know what? I still need proof. I need a name. And until then...

Cane: Joe Clark. Paul, you need to go and arrest this man -- I'm telling you.

Paul: [Chuckles] Come on, cane. You know as well as I do I'll need a hell of a lot more than that to bring Joe Clark in here.

Cane: All right. So, you want motive? You want motive?

Paul: That would be helpful.

Cane: Okay. All right. Joe slept with lily, and he's been following her around like a dog ever since.

Paul: I'm sorry, but that's still not enough reason to bring him in.

Cane: Okay. All right. Well, he's been the first in line to give her a shoulder to cry on when I was arrested, and now he's trying to convince me to cop a plea deal, which will get me out of the way.

Paul: Okay, cane. You know what I'm hearing? I'm seeing a jealous husband. Are you sure you're not trying to level the score to get even with Joe for sleeping with your wife?

Cane: This has nothing to do with jealousy -- it doesn't. I'm telling you, this man will do whatever it takes to have lily to himself.

Paul: To the point of framing you?

Cane: Yes. Paul, he tried to kill me... in the building, when there was the Newman fire.

Hilary: I just feel so overwhelmed. I don't know how to react to anything.

Lily: Hilary, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to bring it up.

Hilary: No, it's just that everybody keeps telling me how I am supposed to feel, but I don't. I...can't. I --

Lily: Are you talking about Devon?

Hilary: I'm sorry, lily. I just -- I just don't.

Lily: Hey, hey, listen, listen. Just stop trying so hard. I'm sure once your memory comes back, you'll remember how much you love Devon.

Hilary: See, that's just it. I do remember.

Lily: You remember the affair?

Hilary: I remember what we said, what we did -- all of it.

Lily: And you still don't --

Hilary: It doesn't change the way I feel. I want my old life back. I want my life with Neil.

Joe: Hey. Everything okay?

Lily: No. Everything's not okay. My -- my brother's marriage is crumbling right alongside mine. I feel like my family is imploding around me.

Joe: You know what? I think you need a break. Come with me?

Devon: What do you mean you know what really happened to Hilary? If you knew, why didn't you tell me before?

Gwen: You better not try and walk your way around this.

Neil: I know. I know that I can't this off any longer.

Devon: Put what off?! What are you guys talking about?

Neil: All right. I will tell you the story. But, Gwen, I need some privacy, okay?

Gwen: So you can blame it all on me?

Devon: Is this like a conspiracy, or what's going on?

Neil: No. No. It's all on me. I'll tell him that you don't have anything to do with this -- that you're not to blame, all right?

Gwen: That's the least you can do.

Devon: Hello?

Neil: All right. You listen.

Devon: I'm listening.

Neil: It was virgin Gorda on your honeymoon. I followed you there on the very first day.

Devon: And why'd you do that?

Neil: Because I hated the two of you for what you did to me. I wanted to ruin your marriage, Devon.

Devon: Neil, you showed up to our wedding --

Neil: I did, and I gave you a big speech. Yeah. That was all show. It was part of the plan. Do you understand that I wanted to build you up and that I wanted to tear you down to the ground? You were laid up in that hotel room, and I followed -- I followed your wife to the hiking trail, and I showed her a video -- that video of you and that woman at your bachelor party.

Devon: How'd you get a video of me? From Colin?

Neil: Colin didn't have anything to do with it. I did. I-I set the whole thing up with that hooker. I did.

Devon: Why in the world would you do something like that to me?

Neil: Because do you understand that I had to have something, man? I needed anything to rip you two apart!

Devon: [Chuckles softly] So, you were the man that was seen arguing with Hilary?

Neil: Yes. Yes, I was.

Devon: And how far were you willing to go to get your revenge? What did you do to her?

Neil: We just talked, Devon.

Devon: You just talked so you could inflict as much pain as possible before getting rid of her?

Neil: I would never do that.

Devon: Did you push her off the cliff?!

Neil: No! I didn't do that!

Devon: Then how did she end up down there?!

Neil: Because she ran from me! She must have fallen. I looked over the edge. I saw her in the water. I raced down. Devon, I got her out of the water. I gave her mouth-to-mouth. I saved her. She wouldn't wake up!

Devon: Then why didn't you take her to the hospital?!

Neil: Because I panicked! I knew that if I said anything to anybody that they wouldn't believe me, that they -- they would -- they would not think it was an accident.

Devon: So, you're the guy that flew her back to Genoa city?

Neil: Yes, I did.

Devon: That was you?

Neil: Yeah.

Devon: You son of a bitch! You've had my wife the whole time and never said a word to me!

Neil: Yeah.

Victor: Ohh.

Faith: I made this so Christian would know I'll always remember him.

Victor: That's beautiful. Look at that. You know something? Although Christian is way, way above us in heaven, he knows you love him.

Faith: Daddy said Christian is in heaven with Cassie. It's good to know he's not alone.

Victor: Right. Right. How do you feel about all that?

Faith: I never even met Christian, but I miss him a lot.

Victor: Ah.

Faith: It's dumb to feel this way.

Victor: No, sweetheart. That's not dumb. I mean, if that's dumb, then I'm done, because I miss him.

Faith: You miss him, too?

Victor: Yeah. I miss him a lot. I was looking forward to seeing you and him grow up together and play together.

Faith: [Voice breaking] I was gonna be his big sister.

Victor: You would have been a wonderful big sister. I know you would have been.

Faith: This week was gonna be Christian's first thanksgiving.

Victor: You know, whenever you lose someone, that's -- that's very hard to deal with. But you know the best way to get over it?

Faith: How?

Victor: Well, I think the best way is to remember how many people there are that love you -- how fortunate you are, really.

Faith: Like Noah and summer and mommy and Dylan and Grammy and Victoria...

Victor: And on and on and on, yeah. You have a very big family. Family will always take care of you, no matter what happens.

Faith: Who's one person on my list I forgot to say?

Victor: Who?

Faith: You, grandpa.

Victor: No! Really? Come here. That's so sweet. That's so sweet. Okay.

Nick: You don't know us. Where do you get off talking like that? Sharon -- I don't know what she told you.

Sage: Nick's family has embraced me, especially in this very difficult time. They've been very kind to me.

Dr. Anderson: No, I-I'm sorry. You've misunderstood. I wasn't judging the Newmans.

Nick: Weren't you?

Dr. Anderson: No. I was just describing one aspect of what Sharon told me. And, listen, despite her difficult experiences with her family, she also told me that you two have made peace with your past. Look, she's determined to get well and to move on. I'm sorry for the misunderstanding.

[Cell phone rings]

Dr. Anderson: Oh. Excuse me. This is Dr. Anderson.

There was a situation with Sharon Newman.

Dr. Anderson: I'm on my way. Sorry. It seems I'm needed back at Fairview. It was good seeing you both. Be well.

Nick: Thanks for sticking up for my family.

Sage: Our family.

Neil: I thought when you woke up that you would tell everyone what really happened there.

Hilary: So you decided to keep me hidden until then?

Neil: I did, in the boathouse, in the property that I bought for you.

Hilary: My dream house?!

Neil: Yes, because it was out of the way. It was quiet. I knew that no one would find you there. And you know what I did? I sat there, day after day after day. I prayed for you. I begged you to wake up.

Hilary: To save yourself, not because you gave a damn about me.

Gwen: [Sighs]

Hilary: Gwen. Hi. Uh...have you seen Neil, by any chance?

Gwen: [Chuckles] Yeah. I've seen him -- devoting every waking minute to you.

Hilary: Neil -- he really does care for you. And I know you care for him, too.

Gwen: Not anymore. He made his choice, so I made mine.

Neil: I kept Hilary hidden, son, but not to be cruel.

Devon: That's the cruelest thing you could have ever done.

Neil: Devon... that was never my intention.

Devon: I've been going crazy, looking for my wife this whole time, and my father's had her! My father's had her, trying to get revenge on me!

Neil: I let go of that anger.

Devon: The hell you let go of it!

Neil: I did. After Hilary was hurt, all I wanted was for her to get better, to wake up, to tell the truth. More importantly, I wanted you two to be reunited.

Devon: Why are you lying to me right now?

Neil: I'm not lying to you right now. I was in the boathouse with her. I too her there. I gave her medication. I sat with her 24/7, praying, begging that she would come back to us. You got to believe me.

Devon: And Gwen was in on this from the beginning, too?

Neil: Absolutely not. I tried to keep Gwen out of this.

Devon: But she found out about it, and instead of going to the police, she -- she what? She helped you?

Neil: No. She didn't do this. I did. Don't blame her.

Devon: Believe me, I blame you. And how 'bout Simon Neville? Where'd you find him?

Neil: After Hilary wasn't waking up, I knew that I needed professional help, so I called Simon Neville. He came in, and, Devon, he did it. He woke her up.

Devon: At what cost? He gave her experimental drugs that messed with her memory, and then she collapsed and ended up in the hospital!

Neil: But without Simon Neville, she might have died.

Devon: Neil, stop talking like you're some kind of hero, 'cause you're not a hero! You're a selfish bastard that kidnapped my wife and put her life in danger!

Neil: Okay, I deserve that you said that, but I did try to help!

Devon: To save yourself 'cause you didn't want Hilary dying on you and having people calling you a murderer! And you sure as hell didn't care what happened to me!

Neil: Wait, no. No. Every time I saw you suffering, it tore me up!

Devon: Did it really?! It tore you up?! How come you didn't come forward then?

Neil: Becau-- I told you!

Devon: I know you told me! You told me you were looking out for yourself! What would have happened if Hilary didn't wake up or if they drugs that Neville gave her killed her and she was too far gone?

Neil: I don't know.

Devon: Y-- I know. You would have saved your own ass and watched me spend the rest of my life in prison!

Paul: Okay. Now it's attempted murder? That's a pretty serious charge. Where's your evidence? You didn't even see the guy who struck you.

Cane: Who else would have reason to knock me out and lock me in a small room in the middle of a fire, Paul? Who?

Paul: Listen, cane, come back when you have some proof I can use.

Cane: All right, listen -- I'm not crazy. I'm not, all right? I have racked my brain to think who else could have motive, all right? There's no one else. He's the logical answer for all of this.

Paul: That doesn't make Joe guilty.

Cane: What about his past? I don't know the details of what happened with Avery, but you do. You know this man has a dark side.

Paul: That's not enough to arrest him.

Cane: All right. Okay. Don't arrest him. Just bring him in for questioning. And I promise you, if you talk to him, you'll see I'm telling the truth. He tried to kill me. I know that Joe Clark tried to kill me, Paul.

Joe: You want me to order another?

Lily: [Chuckles] Is that a serious offer?

Joe: Well, you devoured yours, and you ate 3/4 of mine. I-I-I'd hate to see you die of starvation.

Lily: [Chuckles] You know, I didn't think that coffee and chocolate would lift my spirits so much, but it has, so thank you.

Joe: Well, never doubt the expert.

Lily: And the company's not so bad, either. You've been a really good friend to me, Joe.

Joe: Oh, I've got mad friend game.

Lily: Yeah?

Joe: Yeah -- walk your dog, do your dishes.

Lily: Mm. Can you build me a house?

Joe: Why not? I'm free this weekend. I --

[Cell phone rings]

Joe: Joe the builder.

Lily: [Chuckles]

Joe: Yeah. I'm right in the middle of something. Sure. I can come down.

Lily: Something wrong?

Joe: No. It's Paul. He wants to see me down at the police station.

[Footsteps approach]

Dr. Anderson: What happened?

She got extremely agitated, demanding to know about her baby.

Dr. Anderson: The patient suffers from delusions.

She tried to run. I didn't want to sedate her.

Dr. Anderson: Well, thank you for handling the situation and for contacting me right away. I'll take it from here.


Victor: Look at that. I love that.

Nick: Hey!

Victor: Hey.

Sage: Hi! Mmm.

Nick: Were you and Grandpa waiting up for us?

Victor: Yeah. Well, we just did all of our "and they lived happily ever after."

Nick: Ah.

Victor: How are you doing, sage?

Sage: I'm hanging in there. Thank you, Victor.

Nick: Well, I'm sure this was fun, but it is way past your bedtime.

Faith: [Yawning] I'm not even tired.

Victor: Oh. [Chuckles]

Sage: Come on, baby. Let's go get you in bed, and your daddy will tuck you up in a second.

Faith: Good night, grandpa.

Victor: Good night, my sweetheart. She seems to be handling this rather well, I bet thanks to you.

Nick: It's been rough. But sage -- you know, she's tough, and, uh... we're talking to someone, trying to help us through that. That's where we were tonight. I think we made a good step forward.

Victor: Well, you two need each other more than ever now.

Nick: Yeah. Well, I appreciate you coming by, dad. Was there another reason you came?

Victor: [Exhales sharply] Yeah. It's about Adam.

Dr. Anderson: I know you're upset, but everything's gonna be all right. For now, just sleep. And don't worry. You haven't lost your baby. You'll see.

Nick: Let me take a guess on what you're gonna say. You're gonna start railing against Adam for lying about Ian and launching this latest attack of the paragon project on us.

Victor: You heard about that?

Nick: Yeah. I got the details from Vick.

Victor: What do you think?

Nick: I think you finally reached out to Adam. You know, you went to his trial, his sentencing, everything, and this is what he does in return.

Victor: Well... what if it had been your son? What if it had been Noah?

Nick: I think it would have killed me. It must be awful to have to turn your back on one of your kids, dad, but you have to cut Adam loose. You know I'm here for you. I'll do anything you need.

Victor: You'd be surprised to hear what I need. I, um... have not let Adam go.

Nick: How can you even say that after the way he sold you out?

Victor: You know... when it turned out that Ian ward hadn't perished in the fire, I was getting rather furious because I thought Adam had crossed me once again.

Nick: Because he did. And the fact that Adam worked with Ian to start the paragon project -- how can you even think about giving him a chance at taking another shot at you?

Victor: Because of Chelsea. Because Chelsea reminded me that Adam went back in to the fire to save both his wife and his son.

Nick: So, if he had been working with Ian...

Victor: He wouldn't have done that.

Nick: So you think that Ian is solely responsible for unleashing the paragon project on Newman enterprises?

Victor: Not solely. I think there's someone else behind it, as well.

Nick: If not Adam, who?

Victor: "Billy boy" Abbott.

Nick: Come on, dad. You don't really think that?

Victor: Yeah, I do. And I think I'm gonna have a hell of a battle on my hands.

Nick: So, you're gonna want Adam out of prison and... on your side?

Victor: Let me just say I think it's gonna be a very... dirty fight.

Nick: Which is what Adam's good at. And I'm not.

Neil: I would never, ever let you get arrested for a crime that you didn't commit. If the worst had happened -- you know me -- I would have come forward.

Devon: And you think the worst that could have happened was me getting arrested? How 'bout me believing for months that my wife had been kidnapped by someone who was hurting her?

Neil: All right, Devon.

Devon: I thought that someone killed Hilary! I thought that I had gotten my father back.

Neil: You do have your father back.

Devon: I thought that you had started trusting me again. Congratulations, though, Neil, seriously. You really succeeded in getting your revenge, 'cause I believed every single lie that you told me, from all the encouraging phone calls while I was looking for Hilary to everything you told me after, and everything you're saying now -- it's all lies.

Neil: Wait, wait, wait. I am deeply, deeply sorry for having deceived you.

Devon: Which time?

Neil: I meant it. I meant it when I said that I had a change of heart.

Devon: 'Cause your back was up against the wall. That's why you meant it. The only reason you're even telling me any of this is 'cause Gwen forced you to.

Neil: No. Gwen didn't force me to do anything.

Devon: Are you afraid of what I'm gonna do now that I know? 'Cause you sure as hell should be.

Hilary: Has something happened between you and Neil?

Gwen: He broke it off with me.

Hilary: Oh.

Gwen: Don't get too excited, Hilary. If you think that means you're gonna get your happily ever after, you're wrong.

Hilary: What do you mean?

Gwen: I mean Neil's going to prison. Devon will see to that.

Nick: This is why you didn't want me back at Newman enterprises -- you wanted me to focus on sage.

Sage: Everything okay?

Victor: Yes! Yes. Nicholas and I were just discussing how nice it is that the two of you have each other during this time of crisis -- support each other. Anyway, nice to see you. And I'll see you later.

Sage: Bye, Victor.

Sage: You all right? You seem irritated.

Nick: What Dr. Anderson said earlier about dad doing whatever it takes to protect the Newman empire -- truer words have never been spoken.

Sage: Did you and Victor have a fight about Newman?

Nick: [Sighs] Well, I think I just got pushed out of the family business.

Paul: So, why don't we start with the ransom drop? Where were you that night?

Joe: I don't even know what day that happened. I was probably working. I'm always working.

Paul: Well, you're not always working, are you? I understand you've been spending a considerable amount of time with lily Ashby.

Joe: Lily and I are just friends. Friends. She's going through a lot right now.

Paul: There was never more?

Joe: Look, I don't know what lies cane is filling your head with, but I've got nothing going on with his wife.

Paul: Despite your history?

Joe: I don't know where you're going with this.

Paul: You don't, huh? You relentlessly pursued Avery when she was engaged to Dylan. I really doubt that the fact lily is married would dissuade you from pursuing her.

Joe: I didn't frame cane for extortion. And I certainly as hell didn't lock him in a burning building to die so that I could steal his wife, just like I didn't rape Avery for rejecting me!

Paul: Sit down, Joe. Sit down! Is that what sets you off? Rejection?

Joe: You know I'd have no problem filing a suit against this department, this time for harassment. Is that a road you want to go down, Paul?

Joe: What happened between lily and I -- that was a mistake. It's over. She and I put that in the past. I thought you did, too.

Cane: I may have forgiven her, but I'm not gonna forgive you. You took advantage of our breakup to go and sleep with me wife, and for that, you know what I should do?

Joe: Yeah, what? What? You want to hit me, cane? If that makes it all better, then, by all means, go ahead.

Cane: See, Joe, I'd love to, but I'm not going to. That is gonna make you look like the victim here. You know that, don't you? What are you even doing here in the city still? Why are you here?

Joe: I've got business, all right? Is that all right with you?

Cane: [Sighs]

Lily: Have you lost your mind?

Cane: He did it.

Lily: Cane, this is ridiculous! When I first heard you accused Joe, I thought it was just drunken rambling, but now to get the police involved?

Cane: You do realize that attempted murder is a crime, right?

Lily: Why would Joe try to kill you? He has been great to me. He's been great to the twins, to you.

Cane: Lily, lily, wake up. You really don't think he's devoting all this time to you out of the goodness of his heart, do you? He wants more than friendship with you. He's trying to take you and the kids from me. That is what he's trying to do.

Lily: You need to wake up and stop blaming Joe for our problems, because you're the one who is pushing me away and destroying our family.

Hilary: How could Devon send Neil to prison unless he knows? Did you tell -- why would you do that?

Gwen: I just got the ball rolling. I left the rest for Neil. He's up in your room right now, coming clean.

Devon: You're tearing our whole family apart. And I'm not just talking about me and Hilary. What about your daughter? How do you think lily's gonna react when she finds out that you did this on top of her marriage falling apart? And cane -- God. You were just okay with him facing extortion charges?

Neil: I don't know anything about those extortion charges. I didn't have anything to do with them.

Devon: So, cane was just trying to screw me over for my money, whereas you -- you just -- just wanted to hurt me! You just wanted to hurt me.

Neil: I don't want to ever hurt you, son.

Devon: No, you did hurt me. You still are hurting me. You kept my wife from me, and now that she's back, you still have her.

Neil: If I can say that there's nothing that I can tell you right now that's gonna make you feel any better, but I was wrong. And I am truly sorry.

Devon: [Voice breaking] I know what I did to you was wrong. But what you did is criminal.

[Door opens] And I should call the police.

Hilary: You're not calling the police.

Devon: Hilary, you have no idea what he's done -- what he's done to you, what he's done to us, okay?

Hilary: No, you're wrong. I know everything.

Lily: Cane, please stop this and tell Paul that you made a mistake.

Cane: I didn't make a mistake.

Lily: What, just because you're angry at me?

Cane: No, I'm angry at Joe 'cause he's trying to take my life from me.

[Door opens]

Paul: All right. We're done.

Joe: Shall we?

Lily: Yeah. I'm ready.

Cane: Wait. Hang on a sec. You're letting him walk out of here? Paul, you can't just let him -- Paul, what are you doing? He can't just walk out of here!

Paul: I've got no choice. He never left the ballroom that night.

Cane: Okay. So he says.

Paul: So he says, and many other witnesses, including your wife, who can confirm that. So there is no way he could have knocked you out and locked you in that room.

Cane: So you think he's innocent.

Paul: I didn't say that. The way he reacted to my questions... I think you might be right. He's up to something, and he's covering.

Cane: Really?

Paul: The thing is, cane, Joe Clark likes a challenge. But, unfortunately, trying to take another man's wife is not a crime.

Cane: What about the extortion?

Paul: Without proof, there's nothing I can do.

Neil: The other night I told Hilary the whole story.

Devon: So, you know? You know everything? You know about the island? You know about him flying you back, about Dr. Neville?

Hilary: Yeah.

Devon: So...why would you want to defend him? Why would -- why do you want to defend a man that held you hostage and took months from your life, from our lives?

Hilary: Because Neil explained.

Devon: Uh, eh, okay. I mean... so all's forgiven? That's it? That's all it takes? Hilary... I get that you don't remember what we had together, all right? But you mean everything to me.

Hilary: I do remember, Devon. I have my memory back. And I still don't love you. And there is nothing that you can do to change how I feel.

Victor: Judge Moxley. Victor Newman here. Just reminding you of the conversation we had before. Please get him out.

Nick: My dad's about to get down and dirty fighting for Newman enterprises, and for that, he wants Adam's help, not mine.

Sage: Well, I think that's a good thing.

Nick: What, for your own father to shut you out?

Sage: Yeah, because he knows who you are. Unlike he and Adam, you have ethics and compassion. Isn't it better for him not to pressure you to do something you'd hate?

Nick: Then why am I so angry?

Sage: Because being rejected never feels good. Please don't let this consume you, all right? Victor's dragged you down before. Don't let him do it again -- especially not now, when we're trying to finally figure out how to deal with losing Christian.

Dr. Anderson: Sharon.

[Baby crying]

Dr. Anderson: Allow me to be the first to congratulate you on the birth of your little boy.

Sharon: Ohh. Oh, my goodness. My son. My baby...is here? He's really here?

Dr. Anderson: Yeah.

[Crying continues]

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Victor: Your loving wife convinced me to change my wind.

Devon: You have to remember how much I love you and how much you love me.

Hilary: All I remember is that I cheated on Neil.

Dr. Neville: Mrs. Hamilton? Is that you?

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