Y&R Transcript Thursday 11/19/15


Episode # 10801 ~ Jack clashes with Phyllis about her latest scheme; Cane wants Joe out of Lily's life; Adam says goodbye to Chelsea.

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Chelsea: The judge could let Adam out on bond while the appeal is in the works. I mean, that happens, right?

Michael: Yes, it happens. But our chances aren't what they were before.

Chelsea: Victor can't pull his support now.

Michael: You tell Victor he can't do something, see how that works for you.

Chelsea: But, I mean, we're so close.

Michael: Victor will do whatever Victor wants. And since, as I understand, Ian ward's remains were not found in Newman tower, and Victor no longer supports this --

Chelsea: Okay, stop telling me the problems, Michael, and let's figure out a way to fix this. I want Adam out of prison now.

Time to play with the other kiddies. Can't hide behind your rich daddy here.

Phyllis: Well, you just missed Victoria. Billy's in with jack. They're in a meeting, Victor.

Jack: Uh, we're in a meeting, Victor.

Victor: You're making plans for a company that soon won't exist. Do I have your attention now?

Hilary: You really don't need to be here.

Devon: Yes, I do. And it's not to crowd you or to influence you. It's just to make sure that you're okay. You know? If I had been with you on that damn hike... it's my job to protect you.

Hilary: You don't want to protect me. You want me to have flashes. You want my memory to come flooding back all at once. You want me to fall into your arms and say that I love you.

Devon: No, Hilary, that's --

Hilary: I just want Neil, okay? W-why isn't he back yet?

Devon: Just relax, please.

Hilary: God. Just stay away from me!

Lily: Hey, hey, hey. Hilary, everything's gonna be okay. Don't worry.

Hilary: Not until Neil is back.

Emma: Did you pay dr. Neville to treat Hilary? Did you have Hilary all along?

Neil: Wait, I just want to see Hilary get well again. That's all.

Emma: How did she end up like this in the first place, huh?

Neil: You know, if I could --

Gwen: Hey, are you questioning Neil? Because you have no business --

Emma: It is my job to look out for the patients. And you sure as hell have been interested in all this, asking about Neville.

Gwen: Because I care about Neil and his family. All anyone wants is for Hilary to get her memory back so she can move on with her life, and we can all move on with our lives.

Dylan: Devon hired me to help him find out what happened to his wife. You're right. I'm not a cop. But people have opened up to me because I do not have a badge. I got the lead on dr. Neville, right? I know that you're frustrated.

Paul: We're not just talking about Hilary's case, here. Is that Hamilton's tox screen? I'll take that.

Dylan: W--

[Both sigh]

Dylan: Well, what do they say?

Paul: The drug combo that Neville gave Hilary?

Dylan: What?

Paul: Her levels are up.

Dylan: Somebody's still dosing her.

Paul: The question is who.

Joe: Next round's on me.

Cane: No, I've already had enough, thank you.

Joe: Yeah? What qualifies as enough, after everything you've been through -- the fire, your arm? I don't think anyone's counting your empty glasses, cane.

Cane: [Chuckles] Well, in that case, if I had two good arms, I could drink a lot more, couldn't I?

Joe: Yeah, and like I said earlier, I'm sorry about that.

Cane: You know I could've died in that storage room in that fire, don't you?

Joe: Yeah. How'd you get out?

Cane: Well, there was this explosion. And then part of the ceiling collapsed, and the door popped open. And then I tried to run upstairs to lily and the kids and get to them in the ballroom, but I couldn't, 'cause the stairway was blocked. So I had to go downstairs, and I ended up in the loading dock.

Joe: Yeah, and you just walked to the hospital? Crazy stuff.

Cane: So... how was everything up in the ballroom? Hmm?

Joe: Yeah, it was chaos. People were freaking out. I-I was just trying to keep everyone calm, lead by example.

Cane: It must've been hard to keep a straight head, you know, with only a few seats on the helicopter.

Joe: Look, everybody was gonna get out. It just became a mantra. If not this flight, the next one.

Cane: You are a good man. So, I'm assuming all these heroics happened before you took Abby Newman's space on the helicopter, right?

Victor: We now know that Ian ward's corpse was not found in the fire.

Billy: Even though junior claims to have seen him in the ballroom.

Victor: Junior's also claimed that he had a fight with Ian ward and left him to be consumed by the flames.

Jack: But there were no witnesses.

Victor: I think the whole thing is a fairytale made up by my son Adam.

Phyllis: So now attempted murder is a fairytale?

Victor: My hypothesis is that Ian ward and Adam work together, that Ian ward has used Adam's story to fly under the radar. Who the hell knows if he was even there?

Billy: Which was my point from the beginning, not that anyone would listen to me.

Jack: Uh, we're so sure of this, why? Because Ian's body hasn't been found?

Victor: Because the virus is still doing damage to both our companies, jack. When we're on its tail, it just changes course and attacks again.

Jack: That doesn't mean that Adam triggered it. But you'd have to accept his story. And, of course, you can't give him the benefit of the doubt like a normal father.

Victor: Will you spare me your lecture on fatherhood? I'm telling you, the virus is in the jabot system and the Newman system. It's destroying both of our companies.

Billy: So, why tell us this, Victor? Why not just keep the information to yourself, let paragon do its worst to jabot?

Victor: What a ridiculous question. The virus is affecting both of our companies. We have a common enemy.

Billy: Well, you got me there. A common enemy is one heck of a bond, isn't it?

Michael: Before you ever came to Genoa city, Adam was devoted to destroying Victor. It has been his reason for living for so long. That, and winning Victor's approval. That hellish push-pull -- it has a primal hold on your Adam.

Chelsea: You think this is news to me, Michael? I know my husband. But I was there that day when Victor reached out to him. Actually, they reached out to each other. [Sighs]

Michael: That's the thing, isn't it? They both reach out. But it doesn't last, does it? Okay. I'm gonna head to the prison to meet with Adam.

Chelsea: Great. I'm going with you.

Michael: This is a legal strategy meeting.

Chelsea: I don't care. I need to look into Adam's eyes and know once and for all if he was willing to risk everything, a full life that we were able to have together -- if he was willing to risk that to get back at his father. So let's go.

Paul: Hilary, um, we'd like to talk to you for a minute or two, if that's all right. Devon, would you excuse us?

Devon: Yeah, I'll be right outside.

Hilary: What else is there, uh, to talk about?

Paul: Well, um, Dylan has shared some information about your case with me. And, um, as it turns out, we just received the latest tox screen. And the compound medication that was in your system before... is at elevated levels again.

Hilary: Okay, but I'm fine. I -- really, I'm fine. I just want to go home.

Dylan: Hilary, I know that you're scared. I mean, you woke up, and your whole world was turned upside-down. You don't know what happened. You don't know who you can trust. But unless you took those drugs without knowing it, you willingly took that medication. And whoever gave it to you handed you something very dangerous and untested. And we're not sure what their motives are. So help us, please. Tell us who gave you that medication so we can protect you.

Gwen: Are you on break? Do you even have time to be throwing around these accusations?

Emma: Yeah, I'll get back to work. You get back to whatever it is you're doing. I'm out of it.

Neil: Hey. I don't know what I would've done. Thank you. Thank you so much, Gwen, really.

Gwen: That's my sister that I'm lying to, just like I'm lying to everybody else in this town. And I could go to jail for it.

Neil: I know. I know.

Gwen: Why were you even talking to her in the first place?

Neil: I know. Hilary's tox screens, right? They're probably back by now. I figured your sister would know the results. If they find the medications that we've been giving her in her system, they're gonna have a lot of questions. You know that.

Gwen: So we better find some answers fast.

Neil: Okay. Come on. Come with me.

Lily: Dad, hey, finally. Hilary's been asking for you. But you can't go in there right now.

Neil: Why not?

Devon: 'Cause Paul and Dylan are questioning her.

Neil: About the tox screen results?

Devon: Do you know something about the test?

Neil: Well, I know what you do. I mean, I know that she collapsed. There -- there was a reason. I want to know why.

Hilary: You know there's only one way that I could've gotten that medication. It was dr. Neville.

Paul: How? I mean, w-where? Uh, did he approach you?

Hilary: I met with him in the park. He said that I had to take this medication if I wanted to get my memory back. He said that I could die if I didn't take the drugs.

Paul: So you took the drug, and you didn't talk to anyone.

Hilary: Well, I didn't want to die.

Dylan: So dr. Neville has been caring for you. Was he the one holding you while you were in the coma?

Hilary: Yeah, I-I guess so. He was the only one that I saw when I woke up.

Paul: Okay. W-where did you wake up?

Hilary: It was, uh, a motel room somewhere. Um, I don't know where.

Dylan: Is there a reason why you didn't tell anybody this before?

Hilary: Things are just -- they're coming back, you know, in bits and pieces. Everything's just jumbled in my head.

Dylan: All right. Okay. I mean, did dr. Neville threaten you to stay quiet? Maybe there was somebody else, somebody who hired him?

Hilary: I don't remember anything else, okay? I woke up. He said that I was in a coma. He brought me out of it. You guys are treating me like I-I did something wrong. And I-I just want my life back, okay? And where's Neil, okay? Lily said she was gonna get him.

Dylan: If you can remember anything in the hotel room that might be able to help us --

Hilary: Please, can you just stop?

Paul: Okay, that's enough for now. Look, Hilary. I'm -- I'm really sorry that you had to go through this at all. But we will find whoever did this to you. You have my word.

Dylan: Hilary, remember that people have their own agendas. And if something doesn't feel right... it's probably not right. Trust your instincts, okay? Let us help you.

Jack: I don't suppose Adam has confirmed any of your suspicions.

Victor: He pretended to be shocked that Ian made it out alive.

Jack: Well, maybe that's 'cause he is shocked. Maybe it's because all of us barely made it out of that place alive. Ian ward may be a menace, but he's not fireproof. But, of course, you have to think the worst of Adam.

Billy: Well, to be fair, it's easier for all of us to think the worst of Adam, jack.

Victor: If you don't know by now, Billy, but your brother fancies himself to be Adam's surrogate father. They created a very close bond when they tried to bring me down and destroy my company. Do you honestly think Adam would hesitate a moment to throw you under the bus if it meant he could destroy me?

Jack: Whatever helps you sleep at night. So, what's next? How are you gonna punish Adam this time?

Victor: I don't give a damn about Adam. I'm very concerned about Ian ward.

Phyllis: I can help you with Ian.

Victor: How the hell can you help with Ian?

Phyllis: Well, Mr. Ward and I are just like this.

Chelsea: Hi.

Adam: Hey, baby. How are you?

No physical contact.

Adam: [Grunts softly]

Chelsea: What's -- what's wrong? Are you hurt?

Adam: Hurt? No, no. Here at camp cupcake? No. Never. [Grunts softly]

Michael: What happened to you?

Adam: Nothing.

Chelsea: No, you -- you winced. I saw you. That's not nothing.

Adam: Babe, I'm fine.

Michael: No. With your name and your money, it's like you have a target on your back. Of course, the guard should step in, but that doesn't always happen.

Chelsea: Is that true? Were you attacked? [Sighs]

Adam: I'm fine.

Chelsea: You have to do something. You have to stop it. Go to the warden or something.

Adam: Babe, listen to me. Just leave it alone, okay? Both of you, please. Leave it alone.

Joe: You know what? Abby was throwing a tantrum, holding up the evacuation process, convinced that she needed to save her war-veteran boyfriend. So I got on the chopper to keep things moving.

Cane: So you were saving your own skin, huh? 'Cause that is the Joe that I know. Congratulations, Joe.

Joe: You want to think that, go ahead. I can't change it.

Cane: That's a good point. Good point. So, why don't you tell me again how while you were escaping from a burning building in a helicopter, I was left in a storage room to die? Tell me about that.

Joe: Why are you so convinced I'm out to get you? I'm trying to be your friend again, cane.

Cane: No, no, no, no, no. What you're trying to do is get my wife in bed again. That's what you're trying to do. [Scoffs]

Neil: I know that you covered for me, saying that it was all Neville. Hilary, I am so grateful and so ashamed all at the same time. I never should have put you in a position to do that.

Hilary: [Sighs] Yeah, but...I got all upset and flustered, and I -- ugh, I told them that dr. Neville was keeping me in a motel room. They're gonna find him, and they're gonna know I was lying.

Neil: No, no, no. They're not going to, okay, 'cause we're gonna keep him far, far away. Now, I want you to try to get some rest, and don't you worry. And no more of dr. Neville's pills.

Hilary: No, no. I think they're working, you know? I'm getting flashes of memory. Maybe Gwen was right, you know? Maybe they will make me stronger. But then, Dylan, he's saying not to trust anybody, and I -- no, I don't trust anyone. I really -- I don't trust anyone. Just you. Just you.

Neil: Hilary, you can always trust me.

Paul: I'm gonna use all available resources for tracking down dr. Neville.

Dylan: Okay. You got someone checking the surveillance video in and out of the park?

Paul: Yeah. We will get this guy.

Dylan: [Sighs] Okay, look. I-I know that you have a lot of questions.

Devon: Yes, I do. What happened in there? What did the tox report say?

Dylan: It said Hilary had more of the drug cocktail in her system. She'd been dosed again.

Devon: How? When did that happen?

Dylan: Well, she's claiming that she met dr. Neville in the park before she collapsed.

Devon: That's impossible. That didn't happen.

Chelsea: How can we stop them?

Adam: I don't want to spend our limited time talking about this, okay?

Michael: We need to discuss the fact that Victor's withdrawn his support for your appeal.

Adam: He had ammunition against Moxley. He was gonna use it in my favor. And now he's wielding it like a weapon against me.

Michael: As I understand from Victor, you claim that you left Ian to die, which is, uh, attempted homicide, by the way.

Adam: Well, there's no body, right? So it's a non-issue. The point is, Victor thinks I helped Ian escape. That's why he's turned his back on me again.

Chelsea: Well, we need Victor's support, so we need to convince him that you didn't help Ian escape.

Michael: So I guess the question is, did you help Ian?

Phyllis: Ian is my biggest fan. He went from stalking Nikki to stalking me. So I guess that makes us twinsies.

Victor: As soon as you knew he was in town, you should have told us about it. We might have avoided all of this.

Phyllis: I met a fisherman in the woods named Fred. I think someone should've told me that a culty freak brainwashed my daughter when I was in a coma.

Jack: Point of fact, Ian and Adam created paragon long before Phyllis met ward. So let's not toss blame around quite so cavalierly.

Victor: Point of fact, I'm the only one here looking for a solution, all right? Kevin fisher is looking. I have the cops looking. I have an IT. Team looking for Ian ward, trying to find out who is behind the damn virus.

Billy: Well, since, you know, Adam's locked up, I think it's safe to assume that Ian is the guilty party.

Jack: If he could disappear from a burning building surrounded by policemen and firefighters, he knows how to cover his trail.

Phyllis: See, it doesn't mean that we can't lure him out.

Victor: Using what as bait?

Phyllis: Well, you're looking at her.

Jack: No way are we using you as bait for that lunatic.

Phyllis: We have to find him, a and I am our best bet to do that. If we do not stop paragon, we could be dealing with two dead companies.

Jack: So I'm supposed to let you just deal with this vicious criminal on your own?

Billy: She wouldn't be alone. We'd do whatever it takes to make sure she's safe.

Jack: I can't believe you're buying into this.

Billy: I -- it's a good plan.

Jack: Okay, that's enough. Victor and I need to discuss this privately.

Phyllis: Wait a minute. The two of you want the room to discuss my plan? Privately? That's fine. I will look after myself, because I always have, and I always will.

[Door shuts]

Victor: She's the only one with guts in your family.

Jack: Ian ward originally came to this town for one reason -- Nikki. Why don't we use your wife as bait? Not so appealing, is it?

Victor: Nikki already was responsible for putting Ian ward behind bars once. No need for an encore. Besides, Phyllis has gone to war with people worse than Ian ward.

Jack: Is that a reference to Marco?

Victor: Listen, let's stop all the nonsense, okay? We need to find Ian ward.

Jack: And then what?

Victor: Time will tell. Won't it?

Adam: The flames were spreading. Ian was unconscious. It was my last chance to get out of there, so I took it. I headed for the door. That's what happened.

Chelsea: I mean, it's so obvious. Ian used the fire to cover his escape. Victor has to understand that.

Adam: Mm, he doesn't have to understand that, sweetheart. He doesn't want to.

Chelsea: Well, that's not true. We just -- we just need some proof. What if we somehow could find Ian and just force him to -- I don't know, admit he was working on his own?

Michael: Ward broke out of prison, destroyed millions in property, risked hundreds of lives. He has nothing to gain from telling the truth. And even if he had that one brief, shining moment of honesty, he would only use it to incriminate Adam for attempted homicide.

Chelsea: Adam acted in self-defense against a maniac who tried to kill us all.

Adam: Listen to you guys. If I have any chance of getting out of here, you know it's gonna be about the appeal. It's not gonna be about Ian.

Chelsea: It's all wrapped up together. If we can find Ian, force him to admit that he was working alone, then Victor will believe you, and he will force Moxley to acquit.

Michael: Ian could easily take Adam down with him. It would all blow up in our faces.

Chelsea: Then can you do something? Because I would really love my husband to come home with me.

Adam: Okay, let's...

Michael: Look. Let me give you two a moment. Excuse me.

Adam: Thank you. You look beautiful. How are you, hmm? How's Connor?

Chelsea: Why don't you come home and -- and -- and see for yourself?

Adam: The fact that you have faith in me means everything. It really does.

Chelsea: I meant what I said before. Victor wants to believe in you. That day at the hospital -- it meant just as much to him as it did to you.

Adam: Well, I'm here now, right? So... maybe we should let that go.

Lily: And evidently, the doctor gave Hilary more of that medication.

Joe: Yeah, the -- the experimental drugs.

Lily: Yes. So if we can find that doctor and get him to admit that he held Hilary, then we can clear your name.

Cane: Of trying to kidnap Hilary, but I'm still the same piece of crap that tried to extort a million dollars from your brother, aren't I?

Lily: But you didn't.

Cane: Oh, I didn't, huh? You know, your faith in me is touching. It's a little late, but it's still very touching nonetheless, and I thank you for that.

Joe: Cane, your wife is trying to reach out to you.

Cane: Oh, really, Joe? And what is it like when she tries to reach out to you? You broke our marriage vows when you slept with this thing, and I took you back. I took you back nonetheless. And the moment I'm accused of something I swear to you I did not do --

Lily: You know what? No matter how many times I tell you I'm sorry, it is never enough for you, because you are angry and defensive all the time.

Cane: Okay. I was framed for something that I did not do. And then I was knocked out, and I was left in a small storage room, while it was on fire, to die. And I'll give you one guess who did it. Have a guess.

Joe: He's making a lot of accusations --

Cane: Oh, there he is. He's being a hero again, like he was up in the ballroom. Is that right? Are you trying to make things better for my wife? Is that what you're trying to do?

Lily: You know what, cane? I hate what I did to you.

Cane: Oh, really?

Lily: But the person that you've become... I can't be here.

Cane: I think she wants you to follow her. Why don't you just go?

Joe: You know, I'm gonna give you some advice, cane, whether you deserve it or not. And if you're half the husband that you say you are, you'll take it.

Devon: I followed Hilary to the boathouse on the property that Neil bought her. After that, she came back to the club, all right? Neil was upstairs with her at some point, but otherwise, she never came down, not between the time she came back and collapsed with you up there.

Dylan: How do you know that?

Devon: Because I own the GCAC. If she comes or goes, I'm gonna know it.

Gwen: Well, Hilary wouldn't lie about that.

Dylan: Yeah, maybe, maybe not. The question is, if she did, why?

[Door opens]

Neil: [Sighs]

Devon: Hey. How is she doing?

Neil: She's a little less worked up, but, uh, you know, she -- she wants out of that room.

Dylan: Yeah. Paperwork's being handled. Look, Hilary could end up here again if she continues to meet dr. Neville in the park, taking this medication. H-has she mentioned anything to you?

Gwen: Devon said that he would've heard from his staff if she left the club.

Neil: I mean, she's -- she's too wound up to be coherent right now.

Dylan: Right. But if she's gonna talk, it would probably be to you. So why don't you take her back to the suite and see what more you can find out about where she was being held or who the doctor might have been working with.

Neil: Yeah, sure. I can do that. Whatever -- whatever I can do to help. Gotcha.

Gwen: Dylan's right. You're the only one Hilary trusts.

Neil: Yeah. Yeah, well, I'm gonna find out what I can, okay? I mean, really, we have to get back to our lives. You're right about that.

Devon: I'm gonna go find out about her release.

Gwen: Now you have to go back to holding Hilary's hand 24/7.

Neil: Don't you worry. This is all gonna be over soon. Okay? You have my word.

Hilary: [Sighs] [Breathing heavily]

Billy: Well, that's subtle. Good work.

Phyllis: Excuse me. How do we know that jack has not figured out what you and I are up to? He could be telling Victor right now.

Billy: Would you rein in the paranoia? Look, if jack suspects anybody of gutting Newman, it's me. And he's not gonna turn either of us over to Victor. Besides, Ian being too stubborn to die has got to be, like, the greatest smokescreen ever, because Victor is gonna go after ward, and we're gonna pillage his company. Win-win. That is, assuming that you're still on board.

Phyllis: Excuse me. What kind of question is that? After what Victor put jack and me through? No. Damn it. We are in this, in this together.

Billy: Mm. 'Cause it wasn't that long ago that you were grateful to Victor for waking you up from your little nap in Georgia. Now it seems like you hate him more than ever.

Phyllis: This is about payback, Billy. Payback.

[Door opens]

Victor: Jack is free for you to go back in....alone, okay?

Phyllis: I hope you reminded him and yourself that we're all on the same side here.

Billy: You did hear that, right, Victor -- that we're all on the same side against your son?

Victor: For your information, I have no qualms about that. Adam unleashed all of this on us.

Billy: Wait, wait, wait. I n-- I need to revel in this for just a minute. So, you're saying that I was right all along?

Victor: What I'm saying, Billy-boy, is that one punk recognizes another.

Chelsea: Even if we don't find Ian, I promise you we will find a way to make Victor help you.

Adam: No one makes Victor do anything. The fact is, I committed a crime, all right? And this is the way the system's supposed to work. So...maybe we never should've tried to fight it.

Chelsea: No. Don't say that. Don't say that. We have to. For us, for Connor.

Adam: You know, there is one thing that I did right. I gave Connor the best mother you could possibly ask for, didn't I? I need you to do something for me.

Chelsea: Of course. Anything.

Adam: Don't come back here.

Chelsea: What?

Adam: Don't come back here. I don't want you to see me like this.

Chelsea: Stop. Stop talking like that. You can't give up hope.

Adam: I'm not gonna give up hope. But I have to be here. I'll continue to hope from inside. You -- you stay away, okay? Maybe Victor was right. Maybe I can't run from my lies.

Joe: You're fighting an uphill battle here. You're angry and upset with everyone in your life, and they feel the same way about you. Stop dwelling. End this. Cop a plea to the phony ransom charges. Cut a deal. Do some time. But most importantly, stop putting your wife and your kids through this misery. Get it done.

Cane: Burn. In. Hell.

Gwen: Hilary asked me to be your pretend girlfriend. And now they're up there, and you and I are down here.

Devon: Gwen, Neil is the only one who can get through to Hilary so we can find out who hired the damn doctor.

Gwen: What if no one hired him? What if he's just some weirdo that already skipped town? I mean, Hilary needs to snap out of it and remember that she never loved Neil the way that she loved you. She needs to do it now.

Hilary: All of these lies and sneaking around -- god, betraying you when you were vulnerable and blind. Of course you wanted to destroy my marriage to Devon. What we did to you was so wrong.

Neil: You remember that?

Hilary: Yeah, I do.

Neil: And that's why you and Devon -- you fell in love with each other. You remember all those things.

Hilary: It must have been another me, okay, someone with no heart and no soul, maybe the same woman who came to town to hurt you. Because when I think about Devon, all I feel is guilt and shame and disgust. But when I remember love... all there is is you.

Phyllis: Go for it. Give me your best shot. Tell me why I should not go after Ian ward.

Jack: I don't know what Billy's planning, but it's a mistake. It is only going to take a very difficult situation and make it worse.

Phyllis: Billy's plan -- what is it that you think he's planning?

Jack: I know you, and I know my brother all too well. He's out for blood, and he has pulled you into the inner circle. You just heard Victor talk about the army of people he has fighting for him. Billy thinks he's not gonna get busted. He will. Sweetheart, I know you want vengeance on Victor because of...what he did.

Phyllis: Because of what he did? Yeah. Victor's laundry list of sins is long. You should know that better than anyone.

Jack: I am not letting my wife and my brother walk into Victor's crosshairs. Now, tell me what Billy has planned so I can do damage control. Tell me everything.

Chelsea: Hi.

Victor: Hi, Chelsea.

Chelsea: I just came from the prison.

Victor: Oh, yeah?

Chelsea: Adam is telling the truth. He wasn't helping Ian.

Victor: [Breathes deeply] Do you know that he convinced me once that he was going blind to get out of prison? So what story did he tell you now -- convincing one?

Chelsea: Well, this is Adam now...your son, who ran into a burning building to save me. That was real. That happened. He was wincing, Victor. He wouldn't tell me who beat him up, but it happened, and it's gonna continue to happen. My husband should be with me, not in some cell because you just want to punish him.

Victor: Chelsea... he betrayed both of us.

Chelsea: Well, then disown him again like you always do. But please, please, convince this judge to set him free.

Victor: Sweetheart, you get on with your life. You raise your son. You forget about mine, all right? Best thing you can do. You and I thought he had changed. Hasn't changed one bit.

Chelsea: No, you're wrong. Adam has changed. He has, Victor. I thought you had changed, too. I thought you were finally ready to embrace your son and accept him. But it's like you just -- you just want to see the bad in him. Adam's not lying. I know it. And if you don't accept that, not only are we gonna lose him to prison... but we could lose him forever.

Adam: Oh. Aah. [Sighs] [Grunts]

Dylan: Do you notice something about this -- this Hilary and Neil connection?

Paul: What do you mean?

Dylan: Well, just -- just how dependent she is on him.

Paul: I know her memory's stuck in the past, and he's helping her through it.

Dylan: Yeah, no, I understand that, but Hilary freaks out when she's more than 2 feet away from Neil. And according to Neil, she hasn't given him anything that we can even use.

Paul: Right. I'm aware of that. I'm also aware that you're not working this case in any official capacity.

Dylan: Somebody drugged and kidnapped an innocent woman, and we need to find out who, and we need to find out why.

Paul: Mm, that we agree on. Why don't you have a seat? And you can tell me what you think about the -- the major players. We got Neil, Gwen, Devon.

Dylan: [Sighs] Well, uh, Devon is where he's always been. You know, he wants his wife back. But Hilary is shutting him out, and she's withholding information. Because I don't believe for a second she got the meds the way she said she did.

Paul: Hmm. You think Neil knows the truth?

Dylan: I think Neil got what he's always wanted -- Hilary's complete devotion.

Paul: Right. That leaves Gwen on the outside, doesn't it?

Dylan: [Sighs] Yes, it does. But I think she's more involved than we know.

Gwen: That should be you up there with Hilary. I mean, she never wanted Neil, not the way that she wanted you.

Devon: [Sighs] You know, if Neil's right and this is what she needs right now, then --

Gwen: What about what you need? What about what I need?

Devon: Gwen, are you really gonna be jealous of a woman who was in a coma?

Gwen: Why shouldn't I be? Neil is slipping away. And I knew that this was gonna happen with them spending so much time together and being so close, and the guilt -- all the guilt since this whole thing started.

Devon: What does Neil have to be guilty about?

Neil: All I had in me was rage. I had been blind a long time. And the first thing I saw when I got my sight back was you and my son together. It triggered something in me very deep... a fury. I am so ashamed of it now.

Hilary: [Sighs] How could you even be in the same room with me? [Sighs]

Neil: I'm not a saint. But from that moment, I went into an extremely dark place. You hear me? I confronted you on the plane. I wanted revenge then. But the plane went down.

Hilary: You went -- you went for help.

Neil: Yeah. You remember that?

Hilary: You never stopped saving me. [Sighs]

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Dylan: Nick and sage lost their baby.

Sharon: No, no, no!

Gwen: Your wife broke her vows when she was married to Neil. What makes you think she won't do the same to you?

Hilary: You should go away.

Dr. Neville: No, I'm afraid I can't do that.

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