Y&R Transcript Wednesday 11/18/15


Episode # 10800 ~ Time runs out for Adam, while Hilary suffers a setback.

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Jack: Since our third-floor tenants have moved out, I've allotted that space to the Newman executive team.

Billy: I like it. Far enough away not to bug us or interfere.

Jack: And near enough we can keep an eye on Victor. Just extending a helping hand doesn't mean we trust him. Ashley's right. We need to monitor his every move.

Ashley: Well, I'm glad we agree, since you made this offer without first consulting me.

Jack: Which you've reminded me several times since breakfast.

Billy: Hey, I really appreciate you signing off on this, sis.

Ashley: I'm gonna keep my eye on both of you. Now that you've put this in motion, you'd better be nice hosts.

Billy: Well, I got here early to make sure the cleaning was all done and the Wi-Fi's set up with a secure partition so they can't look in, and neither can we. All Newman has to do now is show up and plug in.

Ashley: Well, that's a surprise, you rolling out the red carpet for him.

Victor: What is this nonsense with a red carpet on the third floor? That joint hasn't been redone in 30 years, for heaven's sake.

Jack: Our former tenants had no problems.

Victor: Really? Furniture's fading. Wallpaper peeling off the damn walls. The faucets in the bathroom are leaking. How am I gonna conduct business in that joint?

Billy: Victor, everyone knows what happened to your headquarters. I'm sure that all of your clients will understand.

Victor: You know what I understand? You're having fun with us, aren't you, Billy-boy?

Ashley: I'm so sorry that our interior design doesn't meet with your high standards. Unfortunately, I have a very important meeting to attend to. Please excuse me.

Victoria: I'm sure we'll make do.

Victor: Really? Uh, may I have a word with you, jack?

Victoria: You'll just have to excuse dad. You know he's worried about the company and all the people at Newman that have been displaced. And with one floor, we can only accommodate the core group of executives and a few key employees. This isn't any easier on him than it is on you.

Jack: I guess that remains to be seen.

Paul: You're sure? You're absolutely certain? No. Oh, uh, I understand. Thank you. That was the fire investigator at Newman towers. His team has finished searching the building. They didn't find patty's body.

Christine: [Sighs] That's -- that's wonderful. I-I just don't know how it's possible. Jack said she couldn't have gotten out.

Paul: No, I know. Jack -- jack is wrong.

Christine: Okay, so, how is your sister? Where is she?

Paul: I wish I knew. Obviously, I'm -- I'm grateful that she made it out alive, but the idea of her out there all alone, you know, as unstable as she has been, without the proper care --

Christine: But we tracked her down before. We can do it again.

Paul: [Sighs] Yeah. But I'm afraid that patty is not the only person we'll be looking for. No bodies were found at Newman tower.

Christine: Ian? You're saying he didn't -- he didn't die in the fire, either?

[Knock on door]

Paul: Yeah, Chelsea, listen. We're kind of busy right now.

Chelsea: I'll keep it brief.

Paul: Okay.

Chelsea: I came to find out if Adam will be allowed to stay in the hospital until his appeal is heard.

Paul: You know, your -- your timing is very interesting. Yeah, we just got some new information that, uh, raises some very new questions about Adam and what happened that night.

Chelsea: What are you accusing him of now?

Christine: Lying, again. This time, about Ian ward.

Adam: Topher, what the hell are you doing here?

Topher: Shh! I had to see you. We have a problem, a big one.

Lily: So, how are you doing? How's Hilary?

Devon: Oh, she's fine, as long as I keep my distance from her. She gets upset any time I try to remind her of what we had.

Lily: I can't even imagine what you're going through. I mean, you finally get your wife back, and --

Devon: Only I don't have her back at all, because she doesn't want to have anything to do with me. She, uh -- she just wants Neil. And he's been with her day and night, being supportive and trying to help her get her memory back, and all I can do is hope that he gets through to her.

Lily: No, I get why you're frustrated. And poor Gwen. I can't even imagine how she feels, having dad so involved with his ex.

Devon: I'll give you one guess of how she feels.

Gwen: Why didn't you answer my calls?

Emma: It's been crazy busy. What's the problem?

Gwen: Dylan McAvoy's checking up on some lead you gave him.

Emma: Yeah, so?

Gwen: So if you had information on Hilary's case, why didn't you mention it to me?

Emma: I didn't even realize I did until Dylan told me that Hilary was treated with some far-out drug cocktail. I knew right away who they ought to be looking for.

Gwen: Simon Neville.

Emma: Yes, that's what I told Dylan.

Gwen: Do you know where he is?

Emma: Dr. Neville?

Gwen: Yes.

Emma: No.

Gwen: [Sighs] I'm sorry I jumped all over you. I just -- this is a really intense situation, and you have no idea what is riding on me and Neil finding that doctor.

Neil: So how are things going with those pills I gave you? You remembering anything else?

Hilary: Maybe they're not working. Or maybe the past few months will always be lost to me.

Neil: Yeah, maybe you got to give those meds some time, you know, to kick in.

Hilary: [Scoffs] Maybe.

Neil: Hey, Hilary, I realize that you might be scared about remembering, and that could change everything for you. But you got to take them. They're a necessary part of your treatment. I mean, your whole life is at stake here, really. So, have you taken your pill this morning?

Hilary: No, not yet.

[Knock on door] Dylan, uh, what are you doing here?

Dylan: I am following up on a new lead.

Hilary: Uh, w-what lead?

Dylan: Neil... was supposed to tell you about it. Why didn't you?

Devon: Gwen is not happy.

Lily: Yeah, I figured as much.

Devon: She's jealous, and she's insecure, and she thinks that she has to fight Hilary for Neil.

Lily: I didn't realize she was feeling that threatened.

Devon: Well, I mean, she's just -- she's just overwhelmed by the whole situation, which I understand. As confused as Hilary is, I don't believe that she really has true feelings for Neil. I think that once she remembers the connection that we shared, she'll come back to me.

Lily: Hey, I believe that, too.

Devon: Enough about my mess.

Lily: [Scoffs] You want to hear about mine?

Devon: Yeah. Are things any better with you and cane?

Lily: [Sighing] Oh, I wish. He's still living upstairs here, refusing to come home. Has the extortion charges hanging over him. I would give anything to have his name cleared. Is there any news on the investigation?

Devon: I -- yeah. Dylan told me that there's a, uh -- a doctor who used to work at memorial who might be the one that was treating Hilary.

Lily: Well, that sounds like a real break.

Devon: It could be.

Lily: So why don't you look happier?

Devon: Because this doctor was conspiring with the kidnapper, and he was probably just using the opportunity to play dr. Frankenstein and make some money.

Lily: Wait, what do you mean, play dr. Frankenstein?

Devon: [Sighs] He gave Hilary some crazy experimental treatment and a bunch of drugs that probably messed up her memory. And now he's vanished.

Lily: I'm sure the police will find him.

Devon: I sure hope so, 'cause then he can lead us to whoever was holding Hilary, and we can nail them both to the wall.

Gwen: Emma, tell me everything you know about dr. Neville. Does he live here in town? Or did he ever mention having a second house or a secluded place that he likes to go to?

Emma: No clue.

Gwen: [Sighs] Did he ever mention a trip that he wants to take?

Emma: No.

Gwen: Are you sure, Emma? I mean, you guys worked together. You must have talked about something other than medicine once in a while.

Emma: Why are you asking me all these questions? Why is it your mission to find him?

Neil: Well, I guess I would've told her, but I was waiting to see if you found out if it's a-a credible lead or not.

Dylan: Oh, it is. We may have ID'd the doctor who was, uh, treating you while you were being held in Genoa city.

Hilary: Oh, really? Uh...

Dylan: Yeah. Yeah. It's pretty big. You mind if I ask you a few questions?

Hilary: Uh...

Dylan: Neil? You mind -- you mind giving us a minute?

Neil: Uh, but she's -- she's still recovering, Dylan.

Hilary: Neil, I can -- I can handle this.

Neil: Yeah, of course you can.

Hilary: Uh, I don't know how much help I would be, especially since I can't remember anything about the past few months.

Dylan: Well, hopefully, uh, a few questions may jog your memory. And you'll know more than you realize.

Paul: There were no bodies found in the rubble, none.

Christine: Which makes us wonder -- and that is a very generous word -- if Adam's fabricated everything he's told us.

Chelsea: Oh, come on. No way. Absolutely not. Ian ward tried to burn that building to the ground with Adam, me, and our son in the building. He would never lie to protect that man.

Paul: Uh, Chelsea, I know that's what you want to believe. But given Adam's track record --

Christine: He's lied about Delia, himself, anything to do with paragon.

Paul: It wouldn't be that big a stretch to think that he may be lying about what happened with Ian. Maybe there wasn't a confrontation. I mean, honestly, we only have Adam's word that Ian was there at all.

Christine: He could've made this whole thing up to save his skin, and it wouldn't be the first time.

Paul: [Sighs] Okay, I have to go.

Christine: Talk to you later.

Paul: You want to --

Christine: No, I'll --

Chelsea: So -- so, what? What does this mean for Adam's appeal?

Christine: Well, I can't speak to that, but I suggest you say your goodbyes, because I promise you I will have him transferred to a secure location as soon as I can. And this time, Victor won't be able to stop me.

Jack: You'll have a nice view of the parking structure to go with your unacceptable furnishings.

Victor: Just for your information, my people are having difficulty recovering the hard drives from the debris. And my IT. People are assessing the damage done by paragon.

Jack: Okay. We're still monitoring our systems, but all signs are that paragon snuffed itself out during the blaze.

Victoria: I'm really starting to wonder if this whole shared-space thing is such a hot idea.

Billy: Oh, it's just first-day jitters. It'll be fine. Oh, that reminds me. I grabbed a new coffee maker out of our stash for your break room. Consider it A...early Christmas present or a late birthday present -- whatever.

Victoria: You're awfully giddy about all this.

Billy: Well, it's my idea. Why wouldn't I want it to work?

Victoria: What if dad and jack are in there right now, gearing up for a new war? Or maybe that's what you're hoping. Maybe you're hoping that they'll kill each other so you and I can take over the companies.

Billy: That's a good idea. I hadn't thought of that. No, that's not what I'm doing.

Victoria: But you are up to something, aren't you?

Ashley: Oh, my God. We have an emergency. Paragon's back.

Adam: Paragon's still out there. It's getting worse.

Topher: I've been watching it since the fire. With Ian dead as dial-up, I was hoping I could find a way to turn it off before someone else got killed. But someone on the outside is still controlling it, almost like --

Adam: Like... like Ian's still alive. What's the matter?

Victor: Boy, oh, boy, oh, boy, oh, boy. I was afraid of this. It's not over. The damn virus is stronger than ever.

Jack: What's it doing to jabot?

Ashley: It's attacking both of our companies equally. It's selling off our divisions. It's shutting down operations and interfering with the shipments in and out of our plants.

Billy: What -- what about this building? Is it safe?

Ashley: It's Ashley Abbott. I want to make sure that your team is on high alert. I want you to check all the electrical panels, the security system, the alarms, the sprinklers -- whatever you have to. Put another shift on it. Put two on it. Just listen to me. Make sure that this building is your top priority, the security. Do you understand me?

Victoria: We can't let what happened at Newman tower to happen here.

Billy: Hey, hey, we won't.

Victor: Jack, I don't understand this. You told me that your IT. People were on top of this, that there were no issues. Now we're being attacked again?

Jack: Are you implying that we missed something?

Victor: What I'm implying is that paragon is lying in wait, or whoever is behind the damn virus is lying in wait and ready to pounce.

Ashley: Ian ward is dead.

Victor: How do we know Ian ward is dead? How do we know he didn't survive in the debris?

Paul: Well, it looks like that might be the case.

Gwen: I'm just trying to help, Emma. [Sighs] I mean, everyone wants to know what happened to Hilary.

Emma: Yeah, it's terrible what that poor woman went through. How's she doing? Has her memory come back?

Gwen: Not really. She doesn't remember Devon as her husband, only Neil.

Emma: Well, it's always been a complicated situation, ever since you found out that Devon was using you to cover up his affair with Hilary.

Gwen: Lately, things have been getting a lot more complicated.

Lily: Do you want me to grab you a cup?

Neil: No, no, no. No, thanks. Caffeine is the last thing I need right now.

Devon: Hey, how is Hilary doing this morning?

Neil: Uh, she's all right.

Devon: Yeah?

Neil: Yeah.

Devon: Why do you look tense?

Neil: Why? Well, Dylan's upstairs questioning her. I mean, she says that she doesn't remember, but he keeps pushing her.

Lily: About what?

Neil: This doctor that he seems to think is involved.

Lily: And what -- you think it's another dead end?

Neil: Well, I think he's getting her hopes up, letting her believe this case will be solved when, you know, there's no concrete evidence. I mean, what do -- what do we really know about this doctor, anyway?

Devon: That he did medical research using the same drugs that were found in Hilary's system.

Neil: How do you know about that?

Devon: 'Cause Dylan's been keeping me up to date. And he told me about this guy that used to work at memorial that fits the profile of someone who would do this, a neurology star with a real big ego and an unorthodox approach who got canned 'cause the hospital was uncomfortable with his methods.

Lily: That sounds like solid evidence.

Devon: I think the doctor is a damn good suspect. Now all we need is for the cops to do their job and find him so he can lead us to whoever kidnapped Hilary.

Neil: Even if we could do that, I'm not comfortable with, uh, Dylan pursuing that, you know?

Devon: Why not? He's not a cop, so he might actually accomplish something.

Dylan: So, the first thing you remember is...

Hilary: Waking up in the hospital, um, the doctors, the nurses. [Sighs] Dylan, I have been over this with the police several times.

Dylan: Hilary, I know. I'm sorry. I'm just trying to put things together. There's so many missing pieces to this puzzle, and one of them is how you got to the hospital. You don't remember anything at all?

Hilary: No. You know, maybe you have a clearer idea. What's your theory?

Dylan: [Sighs] Well, I think the doctor was treating you to get you out of the coma and just dropped you off at the hospital.

Hilary: Why?

Dylan: That's what I want to know. That's one of those missing pieces to the puzzle. I'm looking for the doctor now.

Hilary: Oh, so you know who he is?

Dylan: Well, like I said, I have a clearer idea, but anything that you could remember could really help us. Do you remember -- when you were out of it, do you remember hearing anything, any kind of sounds of voices, sounds of medical equipment?

Hilary: No.

Dylan: No? You didn't just wake up even for a second?

Hilary: Dylan, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, okay? I don't -- I don't remember anything, especially nothing about a doctor.

Dylan: Well, this doctor pumped you full of drugs to get you out of a coma. He used to be on staff at memorial. He's an expert in neuropharmacology, and he's known for his cutting-edge, experimental therapies.

Hilary: What's his name?

Dylan: Simon Neville. Does that mean anything to you? Whoa, whoa. Hilary. H-h-Hilary. Whoa, hold on. Hold on. Hilary. Hilary! Hey.

Neil: I mean, the way I'm seeing it, Dylan has no experience with this kind of stuff, no expertise. He should let the real cops handle the investigation, you know, the ones who are trained to deal with trauma victims like Hilary.

Devon: Right, but he's getting results. Any break that's happened in this case has been from him, not the police.

Neil: Oh-ho-ho, wait a minute. I mean, he's made a lot of mistakes, you know? What did he do? He lost your -- remember, he lost your million dollars in ransom money.

Devon: I didn't say he hasn't made any mistakes. But I trust the man, all right? And, I mean, you must trust him, too, or else you wouldn't have left him alone with Hilary in the state she's in.

Neil: Well, now, hold on a second, Devon.

Lily: Hey, Allen just called for an ambulance. There's an emergency in Hilary's suite. Come on.

Dylan: Come on, Hilary. Just hang in there, okay? The ambulance is on its way. Just hang in there.

Devon: Hilary.

Neil: Hey.

Devon: Hilary! Hey. What happened to her?

Neil: I told you, didn't I? I told you not to push too hard. I warned you to be careful!

Dylan: We were just talking. She didn't get upset until I showed her a picture of dr. Neville, and she passed out.

Devon: Hilary, baby, it's okay. Stay with me. Stay with me. Help's coming. Help is coming.

Ashley: Look, if ward is injured, he couldn't have gone far.

Victor: Paul, your men damn well better find him.

Paul: I have a team looking for him right now, and for my sister, patty. Apparently, she also got out alive.

Jack: What? That's -- that's not --

Paul: Possible?

Jack: You're sure?

Paul: Jack, no bodies were recovered. She must've gotten out.

Jack: Look, I'm grateful that she's alive, but I don't understand. She was pinned under a vending machine. She had no pulse, or none that I could find. It isn't that we left her there.

Paul: I'm not blaming you. Trust me. My sister is nothing if not resilient. Obviously, she was able to beat the odds.

Ashley: Well, don't you think it's kind of weird that both patty and Ian ward disappeared like that?

Victoria: I was thinking the same thing.

Billy: You know, maybe Ian didn't disappear from the wreckage. Maybe he was never at the benefit to begin with.

Victor: Excuse me. Are you accusing my son of making this whole thing up? Is that what you're saying?

Adam: Let me take a wild guess at this. No more hospital, right? They're carting me off to prison until the appeal? We've been here before.

Chelsea: Christine is pretty fired up about it.

Adam: Yeah.

Chelsea: The reason, though --

Adam: The reason is that I'm public enemy number one. That's all the reason she needs, right?

Chelsea: Um, Adam, Ian didn't die in the fire. So he's -- he's out there somewhere, probably planning his next strike.

Adam: No. No, Chelsea. That's impossible. I saw him go down. He was buried in a pile of rubble. If that wasn't enough to kill him, he was surrounded by smoke, flames. T-trust me.

Chelsea: The search team didn't find his body.

Adam: I'm telling you. Chelsea, he didn't make it out of there. There's no way he could've made it out of there.

Chelsea: Okay. Okay, and, um... I mean, are you sure there isn't any more to the story?

Adam: You think I'm lying to you, don't you?

Your vitals are normal. I don't see anything wrong.

Devon: That's a relief.

Hilary: Yeah, I feel a lot better. You know, I probably fainted just because I haven't been eating properly. I-I promise I won't do that again.

Neil: We're gonna make sure that you don't.

Hilary: Do you think I can, um, head back to the club? You know, I can rest up there.

I don't think that's a good idea.

Devon: Yeah, I agree with him. Given what you've been through, we can't be too careful.

Emma: You wanted to see me?

Yeah, uh, I want these labs run on Mrs. Hamilton's blood samples.

Emma: Right away, doctor.

Devon: Hey, can you guys run another tox screen if you haven't already? Because it was really scary to see how many drugs were in Hilary's system when dr. Rayburn ran the test.

Good idea. Now let's all clear out. My patient could use some peace and quiet.

Devon: All right. You guys can go, but I'm gonna stay. I'm still Hilary's husband.

Neil: Yeah, okay. Give you some time, all that. I'll be out here.

Devon: Thank you.

Neil: Uh...

Dylan: [Sighs]

Neil: Hey. Hey, Dylan. Dylan. Okay, so, I just want to apologize for yelling at you back there, you know? I-I walked in. She was passed out. It was, you know, a kind of -- kind of heat of the moment thing.

Dylan: Yeah, no, I get it. No need to apologize. You were protecting somebody you love.

Neil: Yeah, I was. I'm glad you understand that. Sometimes I need to remind myself that you're just doing your job.

Dylan: Mm-hmm.

Neil: So, here it goes. I'm gonna apologize, and you're gonna accept, and that's just the way it is, so how about it?

Dylan: Accepted.

Neil: Good. And it's -- it's not like that picture of the doctor that she was shown would put her in the hospital. I -- who is this guy, anyway?

Dylan: Who? Who, the doctor?

Neil: Yeah.

Dylan: Uh, you know, it's just somebody who might be involved.

Neil: Might be? So you don't really know who for sure?

Dylan: Well, like I was telling Hilary, there's a lot of pieces to the puzzle, and this is just one of them. But if we're all trying to find the truth, we'll get to the bottom of it for Devon.

Neil: Yeah. We, um -- yeah, we will. We'll -- we'll definitely do that. So, I need to head out. You take care.

Dylan: See you around.

Lily: [Sighs]

Gwen: Lily, what are you doing here?

Lily: Hilary was just brought in.

Gwen: For what? Is she okay?

Neil: Yeah, well, she will be. We didn't want to take any chances.

Lily: Well, is she conscious?

Neil: Well, she's awake now. She seems fine. They're gonna keep her here for observation. They're -- they're running -- they're running tests.

Gwen: Lily, would you excuse us for a moment?

Lily: Sure, I'll grab some coffee.

Neil: What is going on?

Gwen: What the hell happened?

Neil: Hilary collapsed.

Gwen: Why, because of the pills?

Neil: I don't know. It's possible. We never should've just taken Neville's word that she needed them. And when you told her to take them, she didn't want to, because she doesn't trust you.

Gwen: Because I'm involved with you.

Neil: No! Because you didn't know what were in those pills that the doctor gave -- you should've found out exactly what were in those pills before you convinced me to convince her to take them!

Jack: Yeah, do it now.

Victoria: I'll alert security on my way downstairs and let them know about Ian.

Ashley: Thank you. Much appreciated.

Jack: IT. Is shutting down computers, the whole system.

Ashley: Do they think it will be contained?

Jack: It's worth a try.

Billy: I'll bet Victor wasn't expecting this much excitement on the first day at his new digs.

Ashley: You're being very cavalier about this, Billy.

Billy: What are you talking about? Of course I care what's happening.

Ashley: Is caring what motivated you to reach out to Victor and invite him to rebuild Newman practically under our noses? 'Cause that would be very strange coming from jack. But from you, it doesn't make sense at all, unless, of course, you have an ulterior motive. Do you?

Chelsea: I know you wouldn't lie about Ian, especially not to me. After everything we've -- we've been through, I know you would never lie to me again.

Adam: No, I would never want to hurt you like that.

Chelsea: Good, because I-I don't want to see you get hurt, either. But I'm -- I'm scared, Adam. I'm scared about the fallout from this news. If that psychopath escaped the fire, it's gonna make everybody question your story about what happened that night. Or worse, people might think that you helped Ian escape. I mean, if Victor were to think that --

[Door shuts]

Victor: I do think that... and a whole lot more.

Gwen: I can't believe you're blaming this on me. I was just trying to keep Hilary alive. Dr. Neville said she could die without those pills, remember? And you were right there with me, trying to make her take them. I didn't make either one of you try and do a thing.

Neil: Hey, lower your voice. You're making a scene.

Gwen: I don't appreciate being attacked.

Neil: I'm gonna go check on Hilary, okay?

Lily: That seemed tense. Guess the tension of Hilary is really getting to you guys.

Gwen: You could say that.

Lily: Look, I know you didn't ask for my advice, but please be patient with him. I think that you're really good for my dad. And I know he doesn't say it, but I know that he's really grateful to have you by his side.

Dylan: [Sighs] Hey.

Paul: Hi. I was headed to Adam's room, but since you're here, I want to ask you some questions about the Newman fire.

Dylan: Uh, yeah, could it wait till later? I was questioning Hilary, and she collapsed. I'm just waiting for her lab results right now.

Paul: Well, thank God she's all right. But what were you doing questioning Hilary?

Dylan: Well, you knew I was gonna follow up on the dr. Neville lead.

Paul: Well, yeah, in an unofficial capacity, but that doesn't include questioning a kidnap victim!

Dylan: Okay, w-what's the problem?

Paul: The problem is there is a protocol.

Dylan: I know that. Nothing I've done is gonna hamper this investigation.

Paul: Well, no, you don't know that, because you have not been trained in criminal law! I don't get this.

Dylan: What's the problem? Why are you so worked up right now?

Paul: Okay. You might've missed something in the Newman ballroom. And if that is the case, a lot of innocent people are gonna be paying for that mistake.

Victor: Paragon is back, wreaking havoc, because of your conspiracy with Ian ward -- your continuing conspiracy with Ian ward, because he ain't dead. You lied.

Adam: No. No, I didn't lie.

Victor: Did you think you could play me so I'd keep you out of prison, and you could continue to do damage to me and my company?

Adam: I told you what happened. It's the same story I told the police. I walked back into that building, back into that blazing inferno. I came face-to-face with Ian ward. He was wearing a ridiculous devil costume. We fought. He tried to kill me. He ended up in -- in a pile of rubble, surrounded by flames and smoke. I swear to God, I thought he was dead.

Chelsea: Please, Victor. He's telling you the truth.

Victor: These are the facts. No one saw Ian ward that night. No one. No one found human remains amongst the debris. No one. Paragon is going full-tilt!

Christine: If your son was behind that, he won't be able to do any more damage, because he will be on lockdown in a state penitentiary with no connection to anyone. It's time, Adam. Your 10 years starts today.

Ashley: Something's going on with you, Billy. I want to know what it is.

Billy: Oh, my gosh. Nothing.

Ashley: I know damn well that you still despise Victor. Are you hoping that you can finish Newman off if you put a smile on your face and somehow convince the rest of us that you've changed your attitude?

Victoria: Changed attitude about what?

Billy: Hey, Vick. I thought you were heading downstairs to do some work.

Victoria: No internet.

Jack: IT. Shut our system down until we can contain the threat.

Victoria: Good thinking. So, what did I miss?

Jack: Ash, you okayed this arrangement yesterday. You have a problem now?

Ashley: I'm just trying to do the math, but it doesn't add up. You've been far too accommodating to Victor. We were all freaking out about the return of paragon, and yet you were very calm. Will you please explain that to me?

Billy: No, no. You seem to have a theory going here. By all means, spit it out.

Ashley: Okay. What if Adam and/or Ian ward have nothing to do with this return of paragon? What if somehow you found a way to control the virus yourself, and you're using it to finish off Newman once and for all?

Hilary: I could've done that. It --

Devon: I don't mind.

Hilary: Thanks.

Devon: Sure. Is there anything else I can get you?

Hilary: No. You should probably just...go. [Chuckles]

Devon: Um... listen, I know that you want me to stay away, and you want me to respect your wishes. And it doesn't make me feel good seeing you get so upset every time that we're around each other. But it kills me to think about you being hurt. I need to know that you're gonna be okay. So just please understand that I won't walk away from you now.

Neil: Hey, hey, Emma. Um, are those the lab results? What was in Hilary's system? Do you know?

Emma: Even if it is, I couldn't tell you that.

Neil: Well, when she was in the hospital before, um, she let me be part of every discussion. I'm the only one she trusts, you know? I'm responsible for her, just like I've been ever since the -- [Sighs]

Emma: Ever since when, Neil?

Neil: You know, she is my daughter-in-law, and I feel as if I should know what --

Emma: Oh, my God. Were you the one who paid dr. Neville to treat her?

Dylan: Ian cannot be alive.

Paul: Well, his body wasn't where Adam claimed it was in the ballroom.

Dylan: Adam. Adam? He could be lying.

Paul: Well, knowing Adam, that's a distinct possibility. But it isn't proof. I mean, if you had just had more time to look around up there --

Dylan: Well, I wanted to stay, but you said no.

Paul: It would have been difficult for an expert, but you're not trained in evaluating a crime scene!

Dylan: Paul --

Paul: Look, I'm sorry. I'm not frustrated with you. I'm frustrated with myself. I have given you a lot of leeway, and I-I wish now that I hadn't.

Dylan: What? Are you -- are you saying you don't trust me now?

Paul: [Sighs] No. I'm saying... you're not a cop. And I shouldn't be treating you like one.

Billy: The hell, Ashley? How could you accuse me of something like that?

Ashley: I don't want to be thinking this, Billy. But if you found an opportunity to completely erase Newman, maybe in your eyes, no cost would be too great, even if it hurt jabot in the process.

Billy: [Scoffs] Wow. I can't believe I'm hearing this.

Jack: That's not an answer, Billy.

Billy: Have you two lost your minds? Look, even if I wanted to do this, I wouldn't have any idea how to go about it. I'm not some computer genius.

Ashley: It doesn't take a genius to find a hacker, and you know it.

Billy: Okay. All right. Why don't we back up and have a look at this for a second? None of the computer people that we have hired have been able to do anything with paragon, right? It appears to be hack-proof. And as to me hiring my own hacker, I don't hang out on the dark web or whatever that thing is. I wouldn't know where to find somebody. You know what? And I'm offended I have to sit here and explain myself to you guys. I have nothing to do with paragon. I wouldn't do that to Newman. I sure as hell wouldn't do it to jabot.

Jack: So, what's the verdict?

Ashley: Victoria, have you had any questions about Billy's behavior at all?

Victoria: No, I haven't.

Ashley: Well, after that performance, I hope you don't blame me for thinking maybe he's up to something.

Victoria: I wouldn't... because I've been thinking the same thing.

Billy: Come on, come on. Phyllis, hey. Glad I caught you. Um... looks like our plan's hit a snag.

Christine: Please take Mr. Newman to the parking garage. There's a prison van waiting on the ground floor.

Chelsea: Wait. Hold on. Aren't you gonna get his side of the story first? Aren't you gonna at least question him?

Christine: We'll do that at the prison. Let's go.

Chelsea: [Sighs]

Adam: Chelsea... I love you.

Chelsea: Wait. Can I just -- wait. Hold on. Hold on! Victor, let me just go --

Victor: Sweetheart...

Chelsea: Why wouldn't you let me go to him?!

Victor: I'm trying to help you, okay?

Chelsea: By trying to, what, protect me from my own husband?

Victor: Listen. It pains me to say this. We can't trust him.

Chelsea: [Sighs] So what are you gonna do?

Victor: I'm gonna find Ian ward and end this disaster once and for all. I promise you.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Lily: No matter how many times I tell you I'm sorry, it is never enough for you. I can't be here.

Jack: I'm not letting my wife and my brother walk into Victor's cross hairs. Now, tell me what Billy has planned so I can do damage control.

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