Y&R Transcript Monday 11/16/15


Episode # 10798 ~ Victor makes a surprising announcement; Ashley fights her feelings for Stitch; Billy relishes in Adam's demise.

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Chelsea: I love doing that.

Adam: Mm. Me, too. You know, if I knew we wouldn't be interrupted --

Chelsea: I know. Damn those nurses and doctors -- always interrupting. [Sighs]

Adam: They're pesky.

Chelsea: The nerve. Very pesky. Oh, what are you reading, hm?

Adam: This? Uh...I thought it would be best to bone up on Elise Moxley.

Chelsea: Oh, the judge ruling about your appeal.

Adam: Yeah. She's one half of Genoa city's -- it says right there -- foremost power couple.

Chelsea: [Chuckles] Oh, really? Don't tell Victor and Nikki that.

Adam: Mm.

Chelsea: Let's see. Oh, she's married to senator Moxley. Let's hope she has a heart. Billy. Uh, hey.

Billy: Hey.

Chelsea: I thought you'd be busy today prepping for, uh, Katie's birthday party.

Billy: Well, we've got a couple hours yet, and you know how first birthdays go. They matter more to the parents than they do to the kid, so...

Adam: Why are you here?

Billy: I wanted to thank you.

Jack: Thank you, senator Moxley, for agreeing to see me today. I appreciate it. I'll see you at the club.

Phyllis: Hobnobbing with senator Moxley?

Jack: More like a fishing expedition.

Phyllis: What are we baiting our hook for?

Jack: When senator Moxley's wife was assigned to hear Adam's appeal, it sounded like it was a crushing blow.

Phyllis: Well, they don't call her "maximum" Moxley for nothing. What? The former reporter in me stays plugged in. What about her?

Jack: Nikki says Victor has no problem with the change in judges.

Phyllis: Why would Victor want the toughest judge in town to rule over Adam's appeal?

Jack: Why indeed.

Victoria: So, I was thinking about canceling the party, you know, just doing some cake and ice cream with Billy and Johnny. Katherine won't know the difference. And I'm worried that it's too soon after nick and sage lost the baby. Mom? Hello? What is it?

Nikki: Nothing. I was just thinking about something jack said yesterday about Adam's appeal.

Victoria: Maybe this party really is a bad idea with losing Christian and the fire and the court case and...

Nikki: No, darling. That's exactly why we should get together. After everything this whole family has been through lately, we need to cherish every moment together.

Victoria: Okay. Well, when you say "whole family," I assume you don't mean dad, given his bad attitude towards the Abbotts lately.

Victor: You know that I would not miss my granddaughter's birthday for anything. He

Abby: All right. So, I got you a bunch of these boring medical magazines and -- Ben?

Stitch: It's the end.

Abby: Ben.

Stitch: There's no way out. Ashley.

Abby: Ben, wake up!

Stitch: Oh.

Abby: Are you okay?

Stitch: Yeah.

Abby: You were having a nightmare.

Stitch: Yeah, I was, um -- I guess I was.

Abby: And you weren't alone. You were with my mother.

Ashley: You come highly recommended. Cora Ross is a good friend of mine, and she just couldn't stop talking about your services. Yeah. I can't wait to discuss the details. I want this to be the most romantic wedding that Genoa city's ever seen. No. No, it's not my wedding. It's my daughter's. And the man she loves.

Abby: You mumbled something about not getting out, about facing the end, and then you mentioned my mom.

Stitch: I did? Uh, that was -- it was a pretty scary fire. I was probably just remembering.

Abby: Remembering what?

Stitch: Remembering how I wanted Ashley to get away and save herself. So, what did you bring me to read?

Abby: But she didn't save herself. She stayed with you until I came back with Adam.

Stitch: Yeah, I know. It was -- it was just a dream, Abby.

Abby: No, but you were so panicked, like it was still happening. And listen to me. You are safe now. Whatever happened in that building, you can forget all about it.

[Knock on door]

Ashley: Here I am, as ordered.

Abby: Hi, Mom.

Stitch: You ordered Ashley to be here?

Abby: Strongly requested.

Ashley: She was afraid you'd get lonely if you didn't have a steady stream of visitors.

Stitch: Not true. Uh, I'm fine.

Abby: You are stuck. You're not even well enough to roam the halls.

Stitch: Abby...

Abby: Look, I know how lonely and dull and boring it is just laying in a hospital bed, waiting to feel better. Look, and normally I would stay here and keep you entertained, but I have a birthday party to get to, and I promised Victoria I would get there early. But --

Stitch: Look, look. This is --

Abby: No. What kind of fiancée would I be if I just ran out on you and left you here all alone?

Stitch: It's really okay. I'm fine.

Abby: You would do the exact same thing for me. And after what I walked in on, you need as much T.L.C. As you can get.

Ashley: Why? What happened?

Abby: Ben had a nightmare about the fire.

Ashley: Oh, you did?

Abby: You two went through hell, didn't you?

Ashley: Yeah, we did.

Jack: Adam seems strangely confident about his chances of getting his sentence overturned.

Phyllis: With Moxley presiding? And Nikki had to have gotten this wrong. Why would Victor want her on this appeal?

Jack: Nikki said Victor was pressuring the judge to stay on the case.

Phyllis: What?

Jack: He wouldn't let her recuse herself.

Phyllis: What is his thinking?

Jack: Well, he claimed he wants somebody who's completely objective and competent and above reproach.

Phyllis: Wait a minute. Victor would never want that. What's his angle?

Jack: After all the high-flown words about objectivity and justice, Nikki said he was twisting the judge's arm as if he knew that she would rule in Adam's favor or else.

Phyllis: And that's what you're trying to figure out.

Jack: That's why I'm having lunch with the judge's husband today.

Phyllis: Okay, well, can you do it another time? Because there's been a lot of tension between you and Billy without you having to blow off his little girl's birthday party.

Jack: I will definitely be there, but first, I'm going to find out what leverage Victor has on senator Moxley.

Phyllis: Right, jack, back up here. If senator Moxley uses this supposed leverage and Adam goes free...

Jack: That might not be a good thing.

Phyllis: Hey. You've been team Adam all the way, pushing for him to have a second chance.

Jack: Adam risked his life to save my family. Yes. I think he deserves some leniency. But not if it means trading ten years in prison for a lifetime of servitude to his father.

Adam: You came here to thank me?

Billy: Yeah. For risking your neck to help Ashley and Abby the night of the fire.

Adam: Oh, yeah. No. That. That -- that's, you know, sort of my thing lately -- you know, rescuing people from burning buildings.

Billy: Although I'm not sure your heroics are gonna hold a lot of water with maximum Moxley, but...

Chelsea: So, you've -- you've heard about the judge for Adam's appeal?

Billy: Yeah, I did. Um...heard she's tough.

Adam: Heard she's tough. So, that's -- that's why you're really here, right? To gloat...

Billy: [Chuckles]

Adam: ...At the prospect of me spending the next ten years of my life in prison?

Billy: No, Adam. I'm not here to gloat. I genuinely am grateful that you helped my sister and my niece.

Chelsea: But...?

Billy: I'm not gonna deny that I'm pleased a new judge was appointed to hear Adam's appeal, a judge your father can't buy.

Chelsea: Wh-where is this coming from? You said it yourself. Adam helped everybody in the fire. I mean, he saved the lives of people that you love. Does that count for nothing?

Billy: Does my daughter's life count for nothing? Look, you said that you were ready to accept your punishment. A jury decided. A judge decreed ten years. I didn't think it was enough, not for what you did. It was some semblance of justice for Delia, though. And now here you are appealing the decision.

Chelsea: Billy, can't you understand that we --

Adam: Listen, this -- it's not worth arguing over. Delia's not coming back. Nothing's gonna bring her back, not even this -- what you call justice. Sooner or later, you might have to make peace with that.

Billy: You know what? Tell it to the judge.

[Door opens, closes]

Victoria: I see there's an article here about your friend the judge and her husband, the senator.

Victor: Oh, yeah. The Moxleys are no friends of mine. You know that.

Nikki: Mm-hmm.

Victor: But I certainly hope that judge Moxley will be fair when she decides the fate of my son. Now, what do I get Katie for her birthday?

Victoria: Well, you know she doesn't need any dolls or dresses or anything like that. But what she does need is a grandfather who will not throw the birthday cake at her daddy or her uncle.

Victor: Why would I do that? I'm a man of peace.

Victoria: Good. I'm glad to hear that. Because you were awfully rude to the Abbotts when they offered to help put Newman back on its feet.

Victor: That's because I don't like the Abbotts, nor do I trust them, all right? You know that.

Nikki: Oh, my god. What are the odds? You didn't happen to come by knowing he would be here, did you?

Victor: Are you accusing me now of being omniscient? I had no idea, but since he's here, let me be civil with him. Excuse me.

Victoria: Mom, what the hell's going on?

Nikki: I don't know, but I intend to find out.

Abby: You're having nightmares about the fire, too?

Ashley: Well, of course. I've had my share. Ben's not the only one that's been haunted by what happened.

Abby: I had no idea. That's awful.

Ashley: That's why I'm trying not to think about it and putting it behind me, and I'm thinking about wonderful things, like planning your wedding.

Abby: Yes, yes. Let's talk about our wedding.

Ashley: Let's, because I just spoke with a wedding planner.

Abby: You did?

Ashley: Yes.

Abby: That is so exciting, isn't it, Ben?

Stitch: It is.

Ashley: She has so many great ideas. You wouldn't believe it.

Stitch: You don't have to do this, Ashley. It's --

Abby: Of course she does. She's the mother of the bride. And I cannot wait to talk to the wedding planner. I am thinking a destination wedding.

Ashley: What about on new year's eve?

Abby: Ooh, yeah. Like a candlelight ceremony in aspen.

Ashley: Yeah. Snow's nice, but what about white, soft sand in Mexico? Or what about a maharaja's palace in India?

Abby: Oh, a Bollywood wedding. Yes, okay. I would love to sit here and dream about our perfect wedding, but I have to go. I have a birthday party to get to.

Stitch: I'll see you later.

Abby: Yes. I will get back as fast as I can. And, mom...

Ashley: Yes?

Abby: ...Great ideas about the wedding.

Ashley: Lots more ideas where that came from, honey.

Abby: Keep 'em coming. Love you guys.

Ashley: Love you.

[Door closes]

Stitch: So, any other suggestions?

Ashley: Yes, actually. Everything that happened that night -- just forget it and move on with your life.

Stitch: So, you're not still thinking about it?

Ashley: About almost dying in that fire? Yes. But not about you.

Stitch: Ashley, you're a great mom, but you're a lousy liar.

Billy: Hey. Grab jack. We'll get out of here together.

Phyllis: Uh, he is actually going to the party on his own. He'll be there later.

Billy: Okay. Where is he?

Phyllis: He's conducting his own congressional investigation. He thinks senator Moxley might be in Victor's back pocket.

Billy: That son of A... well, that explains it. I just came from seeing Adam, and he was talking like...

Phyllis: What did he say?

Billy: It's not what he said. It's just -- he wasn't acting like a guy who's getting ready to spend the next ten years in prison. Y-you don't think that Victor is capable of -- [Chuckles] What the hell am I saying? We both know Victor is capable of just about anything.

Phyllis: If Victor pulls the right strings and Adam goes free, do you think you'll be able to accept that?

Billy: [Sighs] Accept it? I-I don't know, Phyllis. I mean... as much as I want justice for Delia, I-I can't shake this feeling that Victor is the real culprit here, that's he's the one to blame for Adam being... Adam, among other things.

Phyllis: If that's how you truly feel, why did you offer him workspace here at jabot? Why not leave him in the ashes of Newman towers?

Billy: For Victoria. I mean, it's just like you said. I don't want her stuck in the middle.

Phyllis: Ah. So, your idea of forgiveness does not cover the sins of the father.

Billy: Oh, make no mistake -- Victor will pay. I'll make damn sure of that.

Victoria: So, first, dad says that senator Moxley is no friend of his, and now they're over, schmoozing it up like they're old pals. What's up with that?

Nikki: Oh, don't even worry about it. Let's concentrate on Katie's party.

Victoria: Okay. That's a good idea. Oh, actually, you know what? I have to meet Abby at the house. But, mom, if dad and Billy get into it before she even blows out her first birthday candle --

Victoria: Honey, they are not going to do that. They both love her. Any animosity they may have towards each other will be put aside for today for Katie's sake.

Victoria: Okay. I'll see you there.

Nikki: All right.

Victoria: Bye.

Nikki: I love you.

Victoria: Love you.

Victor: Bye, sweetheart.

Victoria: Bye, dad.

Victor: Well, jay, that was quite a glowing piece about you and your wife in the paper. I mean, it made it sound as if you were Genoa city royalty.

Jay: I know your son's facing a long prison sentence, Victor.

Victor: Yes, he is, indeed.

Jay: Full disclosure -- Elise doesn't tell me how to cast a vote in the senate and I don't tell her how to rule in her courtroom.

Victor: Well, I'm so glad to hear that.

Jack: Victor. What a surprise. I thought I was the only one scheduled to meet with the senator.

Jay: Good to see you, jack. Victor was just --

Jack: Just getting here first.

Victor: Don't I always, jack?

Adam: Chelsea, you should go to Katie's birthday party.

Chelsea: Without Connor?

Adam: Yeah, you can go without Connor. I don't like the idea of you sitting here, worried about me.

Chelsea: Of course I'm gonna worry about you. [Sighs] I was really hoping Victor's influence could overturn this prison sentence, but... oh, if this judge lives up to her reputation, you will be spending every day of those ten years in jail.

Adam: Listen to me. That's not gonna happen. Okay? It won't happen. Trust me. Now, go to the party.

Chelsea: You trying to get rid of me?

Adam: No. No. I'm not trying to get rid of you, but like I said, it's not gonna happen.

Chelsea: I know what you said. Damn it. You did it, didn't you? You cut a deal with your father.

Victoria: Do you think maybe we need a time-out space?

Abby: For Johnny and Katie? No. Your kids get along great.

Victoria: No. For our father and Billy.

Abby: [Chuckles] Hey, if either of them misbehave, just hand them a kid, and that will keep them in line.

Victoria: [Sighs] Remember when we were little kids and our parents used to worry about us? When did that change? Abby... are you okay? Is it Ben?

Abby: Physically, he's getting better, but...uh, now he's having these nightmares about being trapped in the fire. Mom's having them, too.

Victoria: It must have been horrible, being trapped in that room, thinking that they were gonna die.

Abby: Yeah.

Victoria: Do they ever talk about it?

Abby: You know Ben.

Victoria: Yeah, strong and silent. As always. What about your mom?

Abby: Mom told me that when the smoke was closing in and they didn't think they were gonna get out, she and Ben talked about his love for me. I was on his mind in what he thought were his final moments.

Ashley: I am not lying. Everything that happened that night, everything that was said in that room --

Stitch: Okay, we didn't just say those things. We felt them.

Ashley: Because we thought we were gonna die.

Stitch: Which only makes them more true.

Ashley: No!

Stitch: My feelings haven't changed. And neither have yours.

Ashley: Look, everything has changed. Everything. Because Abby's here. And you two are engaged to be married. By the way, could you please try and act a little excited about planning your wedding?

Stitch: Even if you're the one in my dreams?

Ashley: Actually, I think I'm the one in your nightmares. What is it about you, anyway -- you and self-sabotaged? Why can't you ever let yourself be happy?

Chelsea: When Victor Newman offers a helping hand, there's always a price. And saving his son from prison -- that must come with hellacious sticker shock. So, what's the payoff? What -- what does he want? Does he want unlimited access to his grandson?

Adam: No, Chelsea. Listen.

Chelsea: Did he threaten you? He did, didn't he? [Sighs] With what? I mean, what could Victor have on you that isn't public knowledge by now?

Adam: Maybe he wants the same thing I've wanted all these years, despite our best efforts to sabotage it. Maybe he wants a real father/son relationship. You said yourself --

Chelsea: I know what I said, and I really wanted that for you. But, oh, this just all feels wrong. I don't want him hurting you again. Victor Newman's fatherly love comes in the form of a carrot that he dangles in front of you to get you to do what he wants.

Adam: You're probably right, but what am I supposed to do? Tell him to go to hell? Spend the next ten years of my life in prison?

Chelsea: No. No, I don't want that, but --

Adam: Chelsea, listen to me. This is my last chance to have a life with you and Connor, okay?

Chelsea: Adam, I just --

Adam: And what if he is using me? Who cares? He probably is. I'm using him, too, right? Either way, I win.

Chelsea: I just don't want to lose you.

Adam: I understand that. Hey, come here. Come here. You're not gonna lose me, okay? You're not gonna lose me. Go to that party. Bring me back some cake, okay? Stop worrying so much. Babe... it's gonna be all right.

Chelsea: Okay. I'll go to the party.

Adam: Yeah?

Chelsea: [Sighs] But, you know... the past has taught me one thing. When you throw in with Victor Newman, one person ends up on top. And that person is always Victor Newman.

Victor: We were discussing the senator's wife and her well-deserved reputation for impartiality and fairness.

Jack: The senator can't be pressured into voting against his convictions, either.

Jay: Why do I feel like we're at Wimbledon and I'm the tennis ball?

Jack: Sorry, jay.

Jay: No doubt you're both here because you're concerned about the case currently before my wife. But as I told Victor, I never interfere in Elise's work.

Jack: Must be why your marriage has lasted so long.

Victor: An example to us all.

Jay: Well, in any case, it's always a pleasure to meet with constituents, especially one as generous as you, jack.

Victor: So, you have contributed to the senator's campaign?

Victor: Oh, to both sides of the aisle.

Victor: Ahh.

Jay: That's just good business.

Victor: Yes.

Jay: Makes me wonder why I've never received a contribution from you, Victor.

Victor: Good question. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I know that you're a man of integrity and you can't be bought. You two gentlemen have a nice day.

Phyllis: That's why you offered to help Victor recover his losses. You're setting him up for an even bigger fall.

Billy: Let's just say that Victor's not going to get away with the pain that he's caused the Abbotts.

Phyllis: What about Victoria?

Billy: No. No, I will not jeopardize what I have with Victoria. She and those kids -- they are everything to me. Speaking of which...

Phyllis: Birthday. Right.

Billy: Yeah.

Phyllis: Okay. We'll discuss it on the way.

Billy: Wait, uh, we'll discuss what on the way?

Phyllis: How I am going to help you bring Victor Newman to his knees.

Billy: No, Phyllis. I think it's best if you stay out of this. You heard jack. He wants us all to play nice.

Phyllis: I admire him for that, but I have my own scars, and I have my own reasons to make sure Victor lives to regret his sins. So, we are in this together?

Nikki: You do have something on the senator. What is it?

Victor: Oh, I have nothing on the senator. He's an...upstanding man, you know. It's his wife. She had an affair.

Nikki: What?! Elise Moxley?

Victor: Yeah.

Nikki: The poster girl for family values? How do you know this?

Victor: [Laughs] Boy, are you interested in that piece of gossip.

Nikki: I am.

Victor: I have good sources. That's all.

Nikki: Whoa.

Victor: Shall we go?

Nikki: You know what? You go. I will meet you there. I-I have to get a gift for Katie.

Victor: Wait a minute. Did that shock you?

Nikki: Darling, after all these years of being married to you, nothing shocks me.

Victor: Goodbye, baby.

Nikki: But this came close.

Victor: [Smooches] See you later.

Nikki: See you there.

Elise: That's right. Your fate rests in my hands.

Adam: This isn't exactly... standard legal procedure, is it? The presiding judge making a hospital visit to the accused?

Elise: Well, let's be honest, Mr. Newman. I don't think there's anything normal about this case.

Adam: Well, I would agree with you there, your honor.

Elise: And I've gone over the previous ruling and the evidence and the testimony and I don't know. Either you have lived an incredible charmed life or you have a guardian angel.

Adam: No. No, I-I don't have a guardian angel. I've got a great attorney.

Elise: Yes, you do. I-I admire Michael Baldwin very much. But, you know, even acknowledging his consummate skill, it just -- it just defies belief that you would get off with a mere slap on the wrist.

Adam: Judge, I got ten years. Ten years is hardly a slap on the wrist. By the time I get out, my -- my son's gonna be through middle school. I'm gonna miss most of his childhood.

Elise: I'm sure Delia Abbott's family will miss quite a bit more.

Adam: Absolutely. I'm sure you're right. And that is not lost on me. I'll never forget that. But still, your honor, my attorney and I feel like there are grounds to ask that my sentence be...suspended or at least reduced.

Elise: I've already looked over all the extenuating circumstances. There's not enough to have the sentence reversed.

Adam: I see. Okay. Well, you know, I mean, if you've already made up your mind, why the hell are you here?

Abby: Cupcakes and s'mores?

Victoria: Oh, yeah. This is Johnny's contribution to the menu. He had a s'more at the lake house this summer, and that's all I've heard since then. "Mommy, mores tonight?"

Abby: [Laughs] That is too cute.

Victoria: Yeah, I wish I didn't find it so adorable when he has chocolate and gooey marshmallow all over his face.

Abby: Well, you've always liked your men messy.

Victoria: Yeah. They're hard to resist, I guess.

Abby: [Chuckles]

Victoria: So, when he wanted to have s'mores for Katherine's first birthday, I really couldn't argue. Who knows. Maybe it'll become a tradition.

Abby: I like the way he thinks.

Victoria: Maybe he can help you plan your big engagement party. Or are you holding off on all that until Ben recuperates?

Abby: No, no. We're not. We're not waiting. And there's so much to do with the registries and dress and rings and flowers. Even the "where" is up for grabs.

Victoria: Well, at least you have the "why" covered. It's obvious that you're crazy about Ben. And I know he's crazy about you. Oh. Thank you. What's that for?

Abby: For reminding me how lucky I am. When I think about how close I came to losing Ben and my mom, and now what nick and sage are going through...

Victoria: You know nick just wants you to be happy. It's the same thing your mom wants for you.

Stitch: You're accusing me of self-sabotage? You?

Ashley: Yes. Yes. Your first marriage ended because you had to martyr yourself for the sake of your mother and your sister.

Stitch: Martyr myself? [Chuckles]

Ashley: Your wife left you because you neglected to tell her that you'd spent time in jail for killing your father. And you didn't tell her that you were innocent, either, did you? She left you, and you haven't seen your son since.

Stitch: Okay. This has nothing to do --

Ashley: And you know what? You did the same thing with Victoria.

Stitch: That is not true.

Ashley: You basically convinced yourself that Billy was better for her, didn't you? Didn't you almost push her into Billy's arms?

Stitch: How could I compete when Katie turned out to be Billy's kid?

Ashley: I don't know. But you know what? Maybe you should have tried harder. But instead, you walked away right into my daughter's arms. And guess what. You're doing it again. You're walking away because of a few things that we said. We thought we were dying. And guess what. I'm not gonna let you do it this time. You're gonna be happy, whether you like it or not.

Stitch: Okay, look... maybe you're right. Maybe I do walk away from what's good for me. But you do the same thing, don't you? You're running scared from what's between us because it makes you feel good. Tell me I'm wrong.

Ashley: You're wrong. I did not run scared when we were trapped in that room together.

Stitch: Now who's willing to martyr herself? [Sighs]

Ashley: Look, just listen to me, please. We connected for a millisecond when we thought we were gonna die.

Stitch: Okay, it was more than that.

Ashley: Listen, don't you get this? In the real world, this can only end in heartbreak.

Stitch: Okay, so it's -- it's okay for your heart to break as long as it's not Abby's?

Ashley: You know what? My heart is just fine. [Scoffs] I don't know what's worse about you -- your ego or your inability to appreciate what's right in front of you -- a strong, amazing woman that loves you who just happens to be my daughter.

Stitch: Look, I don't need you to tell me how terrific Abby is. And since you know me so well, maybe -- maybe you should know this -- I can't think about the future unless Abby knows the truth about everything.

Abby: And pretty soon, they'll bring out the cupcakes, and you can make a wish. And just between you and me, aunt Abby is gonna slip in a wish of her own.

Chelsea: So, Connor is home sick with a cold, so he couldn't come today. Is it okay if I bring him home a birthday cupcake?

Victoria: I think that can be arranged.

Chelsea: Okay. [Chuckles]

Victor: Well, look at that. Look at that beautiful baby. Look what I brought you.

Abby: Look at that.

Victor: Look what I brought you, huh? Yes. A big present for you. Oh, yes.

Abby: And a good present. You can always count on that, Katie.

Victor: You bet.

Abby: Hi, dad.

Victor: Hi, sweetheart.

Victoria: Where's mom?

Victor: She's on her way.

Victoria: Okay.

Victor: Well, my goodness. What a great day to be a Newman.

Victoria: Oh, Johnny's last name is Abbott. You know that.

Victor: [Chuckles] Well, we're all family, aren't we, Chelsea?

Chelsea: Hi, Victor.

Victor: Will you excuse us?

Johnny: This is my...

Victor: What?

Victoria: Dad seems to be in a pretty good mood.

Abby: It's kind of weird with everything going on.

Victoria: Nick's loss and the Newman debacle.

Abby: Adam going to prison.

Billy: Well, there she is. Hey, Katie, baby. You...don't look a day over ten months.

Abby: Where's uncle jack?

Phyllis: He is at a meeting. He'll be here a little bit later.

Abby: Okay.

Victoria: No tension today, okay?

Billy: Hey, the Abbotts tried. It's too bad Victor refused to meet us halfway. Hey, buddy.

Chelsea: So, uh, apparently you're the ultimate peacemaker. I heard about the deal you made with Adam. You know, I know how important it is for him to finally have a relationship with his father, but somehow, I don't think you're trying to keep him out of jail so you can just make up on lost father/son time.

Victor: Mm, what are you talking about?

Chelsea: Adam and I -- we don't have any secrets anymore.

Victor: Great.

Jack: Next time, we'll talk tax incentives.

Jay: [Chuckles] You're on. But as for the real reason you asked to meet, the answer is no, jack.

Jack: What do you mean?

Jay: Victor Newman has no hold over me, and as for my wife, she'll tell you that money can't buy justice. When it comes to Adam Newman's appeal, judge Moxley will be completely objective.

Adam: So, uh, you're here to tell me to drop my appeal? Is that it?

Elise: Oh, no, no. You should definitely have your attorney proceed with the appeal. I mean, it is your right under the law.

Adam: Okay.

Elise: And besides, we have to give the appearance of some kind of propriety, even though I think we both know there's nothing proper here.

Adam: Uh...what do you mean?

Elise: All right. This isn't my courtroom. And you're not under oath, so why don't we just speak freely. Your father is a very powerful man, and he's accustomed to getting what he wants. What he wants is for his son to have his freedom back, whether he deserves it or not. So, to put it simply... either you get your life back or your father sees to it that my life and my career are ruined. So, what would you do in my place?

Ashley: Please don't say anything to Abby. Please. You have to trust me when I tell you this is the right thing to do.

Stitch: No, it's not. Because you love me, and --

Ashley: Abby loves you! And you love her!

Stitch: Ashley --

Ashley: No. Listen, you cannot ruin your chance at happiness, okay? You can't. Promise you're gonna forget everything that was said.

Stitch: And if I can't keep that promise?

Ashley: Okay. If you just have to tell Abby your version of the truth, I'll tell her mine -- that there was no oxygen in the room, that we were delirious. I'll think of something.

Stitch: I told you that I loved you when we were trapped together, and then I said it again once I woke up here in the hospital. Look, maybe you've conveniently forgotten, but I can't. Abby deserves to know.

Ashley: Abby deserves to be happy. You deserve to be happy. And, damn it, so do I. Don't screw this up.

Abby: So far, so good. Dad and Billy are both here, and there's been no nuclear exchange.

Jack: Hello.

Phyllis: How was the meeting?

Jack: Well, the senator claims he doesn't owe Victor a thing. Which means either Victor is not as all-powerful as we thought he was or he has a different ace up his sleeve.

Chelsea: Knowing Victor, he's stacked the whole deck.

Jack: Thank you.

Billy: Yeah. You know, can we not talk shop today? For Katie's sake, you know, can we all just get along?

Victoria: Dad...

Victor: Yes?

Victoria: ...If you really want to give your granddaughter a present, won't you please reconsider the Abbotts' offer?

Victor: May I have all of your attention, please? This is a wonderful day, not because either of our companies have made a big profit or cut a great deal, but because we are celebrating my beautiful granddaughter's birthday. Katherine Newman Abbott. She's adorable. And in her name, I've decided, and the name of Newman enterprises, to accept a rather generous offer of help that was extended by the Abbotts to the Newmans in this time of crisis.

Adam: You got to believe me when I tell you I had no idea my father was threatening you with anything.

Elise: Oh, please. Don't. Don't insult my intelligence. Either you didn't know the details or you didn't want to know the details. In any case, I can just imagine you and your father having quite a little laugh about me. And all the while, poor Michael Baldwin -- he's filing motions for appeals when I think you and your father knew you'd never see the inside of a prison cell. Thank you. That's better. I mean, at least we can be honest. So, the death of a child goes unpunished and everything I believe in is compromised because of one mistake I wish to god I could take back.

Adam: I never meant to harm you personally. At all. I'm looking for a chance to redeem myself. That's all. I have absolutely no idea what my father has over you.

Nikki: I do.

[Door closes]

Nikki: The judge was having an affair. Victor told me.

Elise: Did Victor also tell you it was with him?

Next on "The Young and the Restless.."

Ashley: I wonder who we should be watching -- Victor or you and Billy.

Nick: I can't go home.

Dylan: What do you mean? To your house?

Nick: To sage.

Chelsea: Sorry I took so -- oh. Am I interrupting something?

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