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Episode # 10797 ~ Jack receives a cryptic warning; Nikki takes control of the situation.

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Nikki: Ah. Now, watch out.

Victor: [ Chuckles ]

Nikki: We may not agree on certain things, but...

Victor: Yeah.

Nikki: ...We're very good for each other in other ways, especially a time like this.

Victor: Baby... you and I have been through so much. But I think we draw strength from each other, hmm?

Nikki: I hope that nicholas and sage felt that at the memorial. And everything you said about christian was just beautiful.

Victor: Well... I wish I hadn't been so damned emotional.

Nikki: Well, it was obvious you meant every word of it. Everybody knew that. And I know how concerned you are about adam... newman enterprises, your employees... but I also know that just makes you fight harder...

Victor: Yeah.

Nikki: ...For the things that you love. And I will be by your side...

Michael: Victor.

Nikki: ...For all of it.

Michael: So sorry. Nikki, I'm glad I found you.

Victor: You get some good news about the appeal? Please sit down.

Michael: No. Good news never happens at this hour. Christine...was apparently in a snit about your friendship with judge lebrun, so she petitioned for a new judge, and, boy, did we get a doozy. She's a wife, a mother, a champion of family values, and -- wait for it -- sticking to the letter of the law.

Judge moxley: Thank you for coming at this hour.

Christine: Sure. I'm just so thrilled you're on the newman appeal. I couldn't ask for a more qualified judge to hear the case. You are the perfect choice.

Judge moxley: I am the absolute wrong choice.

Jack: Hey!

Adam: Hey!

Jack: I'm glad you're awake and looking good!

Adam: Yeah. My son -- he's an artist.

Jack: Wow! Look at that!

Adam: Yep.

Jack: A vibrant expression of...toddler impressionism.

Adam: Impressionism.

Jack: Brilliant. Brilliant.

Adam: Yeah. Yeah, he is brilliant. He's probably gonna be sending me a lot more of these when I'm in prison, you know? At least for the first couple years, and then it'll taper off and... eventually become never, won't it?

Jack: Hey, hey, hey, hey. He's not gonna forget you. Chelsea is not gonna let that happen. Besides, there's the appeal. I've already made a couple calls. I've talked to michael -- told him I want to help in any way that I can.

Adam: I appreciate that.

Jack: We are going to throw everything at this that we can. But if it doesn't go our way, we are talking about 10 years, and you've got to be prepared for that. You've got to get all your issues in order. To that end, you and I signed some papers making me... connor's legal guardian. Those are still legally binding. If you want me to protect connor from Victor, all you have to do is say so. I can do that.

Gwen: I texted neville to meet us here -- the same spot that we met last time.

Neil: Yeah? You know something? I hate all this mystery, not knowing if he's gonna show up or not. Hey...we need him to call. We need to do something. We need something out of him.

Gwen: Well, if dylan already found him or if he went straight to the police, it's over.

Neil: No. Don't say that. It's not over. Now, it's not good, but it's not over.

Gwen: [ Sighs ]

Neil: We need to warn neville to lie low for a while.

Gwen: I hope he took his own advice and he got out of town.

Neil: He's close by. I can feel it. Now, he may be a loose cannon, but his first priority is to hilary. He risked a lot by giving you those pills because I guess he really believes that without them, hilary's gonna die.

Hilary: You followed me?

Devon: Yeah. I was worried about you. I guess, you know, it's good that you're here, of all places. I mean, this must mean you're remembering something, right?

Hilary: Yeah. I think so.

Devon: Well, what have you remembered?

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Neil: Hilary, call me when you get this message. It's -- it's important.

Gwen: Maybe you shouldn't have told her the truth.

Neil: What? Don't you understand? She was remembering bits and pieces, okay? She needed to know. I was in virgin gorda. She fell. I found her and brought her home.

Gwen: And kept her under wraps for months, and now she's furious with you.

Neil: We got a bigger problem here. It's dylan. He's not gonna stop until he gets answers, and we need to give him the right answers.

Gwen: [ Sighs ] This is such a mess.

Neil: Dylan got neville's name from emma, didn't he? So...what exactly did you tell your sister?

Gwen: I haven't said a word to emma. I wouldn'T. You know that.

Neil: Hey. You're under a lot of pressure. Maybe you needed to vent. Things have changed.

Gwen: I haven't changed. My feelings for you haven't changed. The only thing that's changed is that hilary woke up and she's in love you now. And things haven't been the same between us since.

Neil: Stop it. No. Okay? Stop. That's -- that's not true.

Gwen: The worst thing we can do is doubt each other. That's what you said. So why are you doubting me now?

Neil: You understand that we have to get to neville before dylan does.

Gwen: Neville's not the problem. Hilary could be talking to the cops right now.

Hilary: Neil bought me this property so that I can have my dream house. Had to see it for myself. Being here -- it... makes me realize how much neil really did care for me.

Devon: Does this mean that you're remembering more? 'Cause you didn't even know about this place until after you and I were together, so do you remember anything about us?

Hilary: No. No. No. I only know about this place because neil told me about it. I feel safe here.

Devon: How do you feel any kind of way about this boathouse if you've never even been here with neil for a minute? The only time you were ever here is when you rushed over after he had his accident.

Hilary: What accident?

Devon: He was trying to fix a faulty fuse box, and he got electrocuted and lost his eyesight for a while.

Hilary: We cheated on my husband while he was blind?

Victor: The presiding judge doesn't matter now.

Michael: I beg to differ. You said you had a plan for this appeal. If it involves calling in favors or making a donation, it's not gonna work now.

Victor: I will take care of the details, okay? You make sure you paint a very strong picture of adam. His actions the night of the fire were heroic. He saved people's lives. He could have high-tailed out of that building as fast as some of those people there. Instead, he turned around. He fought ian ward, who started this whole calamity. So, people are walking around right now that would have been ashes if it hadn't been for adam.

Michael: Yes. Yes. That is true.

Victor: That is very true. If the judge is who you say he is, then he will obviously look kindly upon the actions of adam.

Michael: Who she is.

Victor: What do you mean, "who she is"?

Michael: They call her "maximum" because she hands down the maximum allowable sentence -- "maximum" moxley.

Nikki: Elise moxley?

Michael: You know her?

Nikki: Oh, my god.

Victor: Hmm.

Nikki: As much as I can know anybody who runs the other way every time I see her at a charity event. Michael is right. Adam's appeal could be in serious trouble.

Victor: Michael baldwin, i suggest you earn your money right now instead of casting doom upon all of this, all right?

Michael: All right. I will get my brush and start to paint that portrait of a hero.

Victor: Please. Do it beautifully.

Michael: Goody.

Victor: That's what you get paid for.

Nikki: Elise moxley. Out of all the judges in this county, we get her. I don't know how you can still be so confident. You hate that woman.

Victor: Well, I wouldn't say, "hate." You know, a little strong of a word.

Adam: Well, I appreciate that. I appreciate you offering to step up for connor. I do. But I'm really not that concerned about Victor having that much influence over him.

Jack: Really?

Adam: No. No. I'm feeling pretty good about the way things are gonna shake out.

Jack: After just talking about being stuck in prison for years, to the point that your son wouldn't remember you?

Adam: Well, that was purely for effect. You know, to be honest with you, I'm feeling pretty confident about this whole appeal thing.

Jack: Good.

Adam: Yeah.

Jack: You're looking at 10 years, starting any minute now, and you're feeling lucky?

Adam: Well, I mean, i wouldn't call it luck, jack. I got michael on my side. If anyone can win an appeal, it's him, right? He's brilliant.

Jack: With maybe a little help from Victor?

Adam: No. No. No, no. You know, Victor's got his hands full rebuilding newman --

Jack: Oh, trust me, your father can multitask. He and I were up to our necks in paragon troubles, and he still found time to corner a judge in the hallway of the courtroom during your arraignment. Is that what you're expecting to happen this time? Victor's just gonna call in another favor?

Adam: No. Uh... he saw me leave that tower with stitch and abby and ashley. Honestly, I think he's just feeling a little warm and fuzzy toward me.

Jack: He should absolutely feel grateful for your heroism. We all are. But we're talking about Victor. There is a limit to his generosity. Sooner or later, he wants something in return. Has he already asked for it?

Christine: How can you say you're wrong for this case? You know the facts. Adam killed a child. He evaded the police for over two years. Plus, you're a mother. You know the sentence is fair. Look, this appeal is nothing more than a well-paid spin to distract from the facts of the case. It's unconscionable.

Judge moxley: You want to know what I find unconscionable? The fact that an elected official, an officer of the court, would pull strings to make sure this appeal lands with me.

Christine: I did no such thing.

Judge moxley: Look, christine, my schedule is already really strained. This was not an accident. Somebody worked it.

Christine: And back-door tactics aren't my style.

Judge moxley: I see. I hadn't thought of it before... but I know exactly whose style this is.

Nikki: Okay. Maybe "hate" is the wrong word. "Loathe"? "Despise"? All I know is elise and her husband don't exactly love us.

Victor: Sweetheart, this is a legal matter, okay? There's no place for personal grudges.

Nikki: When I ran for state senate... senator moxley backed jack, not me.

Victor: That was politics.

Nikki: And when you were accused of embezzlement and shooting jack wrongly, senator moxley had some very unflattering things to say about your ethics.

Victor: Look, be that as it may, if judge moxley is as upstanding as michael claims she is, she will see virtue in what adam did.

Nikki: So, you really think she can be impartial?

Victor: Yeah. I think so.

Nikki: Well [Sighs] I don't know. She has actively avoided me for years. I don't know what I did to offend her, but there is definitely a grudge.

Victor: Sweetheart, don't worry about a damn thing, okay?

[ Cellphone beeps ] Excuse me for a moment. Uh...

Nikki: All right. Well...I'm gonna go home. On the way, I have a few errands to run.

Victor: Whoa. Wait. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

[ Breathes deeply ] You mean you're coming home to the ranch?

Nikki: Yes, home to the ranch.

Victor: That makes me very happy.

Nikki: [ Chuckles ] Me too. I'll see you soon?

Victor: Okay, baby.

Nikki: All right.

Adam: Victor always has an ulterior motive. Hell, even his ulterior motives have ulterior motives.

Jack: Well, he's making a big play this time. He's opening his arms to you. Have you stopped to consider why?

Adam: Yeah, I did, but you know what? It's exhausting trying to stay a step ahead of that man. I have a theory, you know -- maybe an idea. I was thinking maybe there's a newfound respect. Paragon helped him see what I'm capable of when I'm not happy. Yeah, I mean, he was a little ticked off... but I think he was even more impressed. And if you ask me, that's a good foundation for a solid father-son relationship.

Jack: I'm afraid all paragon did was sharpen Victor's edges. I know this. I offered my help.

Adam: Bad idea.

Jack: Yeah, I thought it was pretty generous. Jabot's support while he got newman back on his feet -- he threw it back in my face, just the way he always has with you.

Adam: It's not just paragon, though, jack. I owned up to my mistakes. I didn't run from my punishment. I came back for chelsea. I came back for connor. Maybe he finally sees me as a man, you know -- a son that he can actually love. That's possible, right?

Jack: Adam, I know how much you want Victor to accept you, to respect you, to give you the love you feel he's always denied you, but every time he's given you hope that he can meet you halfway... we both know what happens.

Adam: You're right. And I'm just -- you know, I'm hopeful that maybe this is a different chapter. Hell, we don't know. It could be a whole new book.

Jack: Okay. Before you jump to the happy ending, though, how many times have I heard Victor promise to love you the same way he loves all his children? And somehow, you still get treated differently.

Adam: Have you spoken to my other siblings? Maybe "differently" isn't so bad.

Jack: You need to be careful, adam.

Adam: You need to be careful, too, jack.

Devon: Listen, we were in love, all right? That doesn't make you a bad person, hilary.

Hilary: It is bad enough that I cheated on my husband, but the fact that he was blind when we did it is disgusting!

Devon: Hilary, it wasn't like that. You and I were in love.

Hilary: Were in love. Yes, yes, yes, I know. And that makes it okay? Is that how this works? You know, you give me a pass, and then you get to feel less guilty?

Devon: I felt guilty. We both felt guilty. But it's not like we just fell in to bed together for the fun of it. And we did everything we could to try and protect neil's feelings.

Hilary: Oh, except for the "sleeping together" part. That just...

Devon: You know... I don't know what to tell you about that. Things just happen. You and I belong together.

Hilary: You keep saying that. But if this love was so incredible, it was so undeniable, then why don't i feel it right now, huh?

Devon: Hilary, look into my eyes, all right? I've waited months to look into your beautiful eyes and tell you how much I love you and to hear you say those words back to me.

Hilary: Okay, enough.

Devon: Now, you have to remember something.

Hilary: Stop it! Stop it! Stop pressuring me! Okay? And stop looking at me like that.

Devon: Hilary.

Hilary: Devon, I swear to god, if you do not leave me alone, I am gonna disappear -- for good this time.

"The young and the restless"

will continue.

Jack: Wait. Why would you warn me to be careful?

Adam: This is Victor that we're talking about, right? It's like, "good morning," you know? "Can I have another cup of coffee?" Be careful.

Jack: Adam, if you know something --

Adam: I know Victor. If you extend an olive branch, he'll take it with one hand, but he's got a knife in the other hand, jack. He's gonna stab you in the back.

Jack: Okay. As long as nothing --

[ Knock on door ]

Michael: Hey, jack. Adam. I'm sorry to interrupt the party, but I need to speak with my client.

Jack: Yeah, and good luck with the appeal.

Michael: Yeah, I'm gonna need it.

Jack: Take care of yourself.

Adam: Take care of yourself.

Adam: You're working late.

Michael: Yeah. Um...hmm. I've got bad news, and you damn well better take it more seriously than your father.

Neil: I trust her to completely do the right thing.

Gwen: Why -- because she loves you so much? She could be talking to the cops right now. I am the one you should trust, yet you give me the third degree about emma.

Neil: Gwen, I need you to stay with me. I love you. Nothing's gonna change that. We need to focus on what we need to break free, and our best shot is getting hilary that medication so she can get her memory and her health back.

Gwen: And what am I supposed to do until then?

[ Sighs ] Hope that your ex loves you so much that she won't turn you in?

Devon: You don't really mean that you're gonna take off for good.

Hilary: Try me.

Devon: Hilary, I just want you to remember --

Hilary: I know. I get it. You want me to remember this -- this -- this earth-shattering, touched-by-the-god love that we supposedly had, and you have the pictures to prove it. I don't remember, and you won't let up. You won't leave me alone. Like, my god! You followed me here! If I didn't know any better, I'd think that I stayed away from you all of those months on purpose.

Devon: What do you mean, if you knew any better? Do you remember something about the time you were missing and who put you through all this?

Hilary: No. I just meant that I obviously didn't drug myself.

Devon: Well, how do you know about the drugs?

Hilary: Paul williams called me a little while ago. Just stop interrogating me, okay? And leave me alone.

Devon: Okay. Fine. I'm sorry. I'll stop and I'll respect your wishes.

Nikki: Oh, elise!

Judge moxley: Uh, I'm gonna have to call you back. Nikki. What are you doing here?

Nikki: Uh, I just wanted to talk to you.

Judge moxley: I'm sorry. I'm -- I'm late.

Nikki: It'll just take a minute. Um...I know that we are acquaintances at best, but i just feel like there is something between us, and i would like to clear the air. Have I done anything to offend you?

Judge moxley: N-no. Really, I-I'm not sure I even know what you're talking about.

Nikki: If I have done anything to offend you, I would like to apologize.

Judge moxley: No. There's no need.

Nikki: Well, actually, there is. I understand you'll be ruling on my stepson's appeal, and I would hate for anything between us to translate into a bias against him.

Judge moxley: That won't be a problem. I'm recusing myself.

Nikki: Why would you do that?

Victor: Well, you deal with her, and I'll get back to you later. Bye.

Jack: You got a minute, Victor?

Victor: [ Exhales sharply ] What do you want now, huh? Are you offering me your surplus office supplies to help me rebuild newman? Is that it?

Jack: No. No offers today. I just want to know what you expect from adam in exchange for getting his sentence reduced.

Victor: It's none of your business, none of your concern.

Jack: Adam is very much my concern. What piece of his soul are you after this time?

Victor: What do you mean, "what piece of his soul"? What are you talking about? I'm about to help my son. That's what fathers do.

Jack: "That's what fathers do." You've never done a generous thing on anyone else's behalf without strings attached. I'd like to know where those strings lead to.

Victor: Your paranoia is becoming delusional. Have a good day.

[ Knock on door ]

Neil: Hey. Hi. You didn't return my calls.

Hilary: Yeah, for good reason. I have nothing to say to you.

Neil: Hey, look. No. We wouldn't be here if it wasn't important, hilary. After you. So, I want you to know that i told gwen everything. She knows -- she knows it all.

Hilary: And you have no problem with your boyfriend's actions?

Gwen: I trust neil implicitly. I know he was only doing the right thing.

Hilary: I don't think devon would agree. I just saw him.

Neil: Why? Well, what did you tell him?

Hilary: I didn't tell him that his father kidnapped me and held me captive for months, if that's what you're worried about.

Neil: Why not?

Hilary: Because this is all so crazy that I haven't decided what I'm gonna do.

Neil: So, you're not mad at me anymore, and that's -- that's a pretty good sign.

Hilary: That's because i remembered something.

Gwen: How much you love devon? The wedding album worked?

Hilary: I remembered you taking care of me in the boathouse. What devon and I did was so cruel. But in the boathouse, you were so kind and gentle. I could feel you just trying to bring me back. It was you -- your words, your kindness. You brought me back.

Gwen: The drugs helped.

Hilary: That memory -- it made me realize that devon -- he might be my husband, but I look at him, and I don't feel anything. And in the boathouse, I could feel our connection. It was real -- so real.

Nikki: Well, adam's case is getting a lot of attention. It's all anybody's talking about. I would think you would be eager to take that on.

Judge moxley: You know, I've fought quite enough battles, and I-I definitely don't need this one.

Nikki: Well, how is it a battle? The sentence has already been handed down.

Judge moxley: You know what? It really doesn't matter, because as of 9:00 A.M. Tomorrow morning, I'm gonna be off the case, someone else is going to be on it. I mean, no one can make a judge take a case they don't want.

Victor: Well, of course you want this case, elise. And I'm sure you'll take it.

Adam: This judge moxley -- she's gonna make an example out of me. She's gonna uphold my sentence, right?

Michael: [ Sighs ] I'm gonna give it my best shot, but I'm not gonna lie to you. You've got a bull's eye on your back.

Adam: My father was okay with this? He didn't flip out? He didn't throw anything?

Michael: No. He was practically serene. I mean, I know he's used to getting his own way, but with judge moxley... he's in for a rude awakening.

Adam: Hmm.

Victor: I think this case fits squarely in your purview. You're one of the most respected judges in all of genoa city. You're respected for your objective rulings.

Judge moxley: There are many fine judges who have the time to hear this case.

Victor: But the point is that you will listen to the appeal and you will make a ruling that everyone respects.

Nikki: Victor, what are you doing?

Victor: I'm just merely making sure that judge moxley knows how high I hold her in esteem. She also knows the consequences of outside influence, but she also knows the consequences of a bad ruling.

Judge moxley: I will make no promises.

Nikki: That woman is afraid of you.

Victor: Really? Did you hear me threaten her?

Nikki: Well, no.

Victor: Okay.

[ Cellphone rings ] Yes, adam?

Adam: I need to see you.

Hilary: I don't remember much, just flashes, but you were there. You were pleading with me to get better, coaxing me back to life, to devon. How could you be so noble after everything that we did? It's inspiring.

Gwen: Neil wasn't the only one coaxing you back to life, hilary.

Hilary: What, you were there?

Gwen: Every day.

Hilary: I don't remember that.

Gwen: Selective memory -- how convenient.

Hilary: Listen, I have no control over what I do and what I don't remember.

Gwen: So take these pills already and get your memory back so we can all move on with our lives.

Hilary: I'm not taking those.

Gwen: You want to live in la-la land forever, making eyes at your ex-husband you cheated on?

Neil: Wait a -- no. Gwen, that's -- that's not necessary. Don't say that.

Gwen: Take the damn pills already. Join the real world.

Neil: Okay. Gwen... why don't you wait downstairs for me, please? Please?

[ Door slams ] Gwen -- she didn't mean you any harm.

Hilary: My memory might be shot, but my radar's pretty good, and she is not a fan.

Neil: Can I see those?

[ Pills rattle ] You need to take these, okay? The doctor who brought you back to us -- he's very adamant that these are part of the protocol that are gonna restore your health and your memory.

Hilary: So I can be some kind of guinea pig? I don't think so.

Neil: Wait. If you don't take these, there's gonna be some complications. See, this doctor is good, and if he says you need 'em, you need 'em. And I promise you, hilary, you don't have to be afraid of these affecting your health.

Hilary: I'm not afraid of them affecting my health. I'm afraid of them affecting my heart. What if it makes me love someone that I am not supposed to love?

Devon: I believe in these. I believe in us.

Hilary: Today and tomorrow? Hmm?

Devon: More than that, baby. We have months and years, decades. We made it to the other side. The universe threw us a world of hurt, and look what we did with it.

Hilary: So I guess we can just sit on the porch in our rocking chairs and ignore each other.

Devon: No! We can't do that.

[ Chuckles ] Just 'cause we have decades doesn't mean that we can waste one second of it.

Gwen: Vodka rocks, double. Thanks.

[ Sighs ]

Devon: We're making a habit of this.

Gwen: Mm-hmm. I so did not sign up for this. I mean, I've tried to be supportive and understanding, but...hilary.

Devon: What's going on?

Gwen: The hilary that I've heard about -- the one that trashed your whole family, the evil, manipulative hilary? She's back. Only this time, she's not fighting neil -- she's fighting

for neil.

Michael: Moxley? Really, christine?

[ Scoffs ] The one judge guaranteed to smash adam's appeal. You know what? Excuse me if I skip the high five.

Christine: You know what? I had nothing to do with moxley being assigned to the case.

Michael: Really? Because she seems like your people -- you know, smug, self-righteous, holier than just about everybody.

Christine: Frankly, I would take any judge that's not part of Victor's golf circle or back pocket. That's the only way we'll get justice.

Michael: [ Chuckles ] Justice. Is that what this is about -- justice? Or is it about winning? Because you know they're not the same thing.

Christine: Spoken from a man who's on Victor's payroll.

Michael: [ Chuckles ] I'm gonna give you such a fight on this.

Christine: Mm. I'd expect nothing less. But, seriously, in the interest of not having this turn in to a circus, I propose that we not come out slinging mud.

Michael: [ Chuckles ] You are going after Victor newman's son. Somebody's gonna get dirty.

Jack: Ooh, I've seen that before.

Nikki: What?

Jack: That look you get on your face whenever you can't figure out what Victor's doing, either.

Nikki: Oh, jack.

Jack: What is it, nik? What's he up to this time?

Victor: You know, it was very touching earlier. I mean, jack abbott was concerned about your well-being.

Adam: Really?

Victor: Yeah.

Adam: Well, I didn't tell him anything.

Victor: Of course you didn'T. So, have you thought about what you and I have discussed -- that together we rebuild newman enterprises and we heal our relationship?

Adam: I did, yeah. I thought about it.

Victor: So, what have you decided?

Devon: Hilary is not evil. She's a damn good person.

Gwen: If you say so.

Devon: Gwen, she's been through a crazy, traumatic experience. She's dealing with a lot, you know? Sometimes we just have to have patience, as hard as that can be, and faith, and I have all the faith in the world in our love. That's why I know hilary will remember where her love truly lies. I'm counting on it.

Gwen: Well, you hold on to all that faith, and I hope it works out for you. I do. But if it doesn'T... if hilary thinks she's getting neil back without a fight... good luck with that.

Neil: No drug can change what you feel in your heart, and in time, you will learn to love devon. That's the man you're supposed to be loving, not me.

Hilary: Did gwen really take care of me in the boathouse?

Neil: Yes, she did.

Hilary: That's a huge risk, being involved in all this. She really didn't have to do it.

Neil: Well, she wanted to. She wanted to help you.

Hilary: She must really love you, huh? And you love her, too?

Neil: [ Chuckles ] All right. Truthfully... I have real feelings for gwen -- I do. But it's not about us, you know? Come on. It's about you -- getting your health back, getting your memory back, and the only way you can do that is, again, by taking these pills.

Hilary: And those pills are just gonna fix my memory?

Neil: No. They're gonna fix your life, so you need to start today.

Hilary: Even if I don't want to love devon?

Neil: You can't risk your life because you don't want to remember.

Hilary: Well, if I remember everything that happened, from virgin gorda to the boathouse, will I want to turn you in to the police? Hmm?

Neil: Hmm. It's possible. I don't care about me. I really care about you. And that is why... I really want you to take this medication. I desperately want you to get better.

Nikki: Victor's always up to something.

Jack: Well, this time it has to do with adam.

Nikki: Well, he's very concerned for adam's welfare.

Jack: Yeah, when it's for Victor's benefit. Look, he's obviously dangling a reduced or nonexistent sentence in front of adam, hoping he can lure him into a devil's bargain.

Nikki: Let me ask you something. You know senator moxley. Can you think of anything that Victor might have on him?

Jack: Moxley? No. He's an honest, straight-ahead, great guy, above reproach. Why? What does he have to do with any of this?

Nikki: Well, his wife is the judge handling adam's appeal, and Victor seems to think that's a fine idea.

Jack: Is that right?

Nikki: She wanted to recuse herself, but he insisted she remain.

Jack: I think maybe it's time this constituent checked in with his senator.

Adam: Before I commit to a deal, I want some answers.

Victor: To what?

Adam: This new judge, this moxley -- now that she's presiding over the appeal, michael seems to think that we have somewhere hovering around a zero percent chance of winning.

Victor: I think michael is overreacting.

Adam: You think so?

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Adam: Huh? She's a squeaky-clean judge, likes to polish every letter of the law?

Victor: I have lived long enough to know that everyone has a soft spot. And I happen to know judge moxley'S.

Adam: You got moxley on the bench, didn't you?

Victor: Let me put it this way -- whatever ruling she comes out with, it'll be respected because she is a tough, tough judge.

Adam: Plus, if she's in your pocket, I have to go along with your plan, right -- your deal? Otherwise, she's gonna hold me to every single day of my sentence, right? And the candle on that cake is you're gonna tell chelsea that christian was my son. But if I go along with the plan, I can enjoy thanksgiving, right? I can enjoy the rest of my life with my family. That's where we're headed with this, right?

Victor: That's right. Family is more important than anything, son. And together we'll make newman enterprises stronger than it has ever been.

Adam: You know what? Jack has been family to me. You want me to turn my back on him now, when he's always had mine?

Victor: Don't give me that phony-baloney nonsense. You go along with jack abbott, you think he's gonna be there when you get out of prison after 10 years? If you're lucky, your wife and your son will be there to pick you up, to meet you when you leave the prison walls. Do you think jack abbott can offer you a better deal? Are you kidding?! Do we have a deal or not?

Adam: Yeah. Yeah, we have a deal.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Stitch: You're running scared from what's between us because it makes you feel good. Tell me I'm wrong.

Jack: I thought I was the only one scheduled to meet with the senator.

Sen. Moxley: Victor was...

Jack: Just getting here first.

Judge moxley: That's right. Your fate rests in my hands.

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