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Episode # 10792 ~ Chelsea stands by Adam, while Sharon fights back!

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Victor: Oh, boy. Here we go.

Chelsea: Adam! Oh, God! Thank God!

Adam: Yeah. Be careful with him, all right? He's hurt pretty bad.

Paul: I-I got him.

Victor: Put him down slowly.

Paul: All right. Let's get him down slowly.

Victor: Put him down slowly. Here we go. Here we go.

Ashley: [Coughs]

Victor: Are you okay?

Paul: Okay.

Chelsea: I thought I'd lost you.

Paul: Can you hear me, stitch? Stitch? Hold on.

Ashley: Ben?

Abby: Oh, God.

Ashley: Ben.

Paul: All right. Stitch? Can you hear me?

Sage: I should see him... hold him. His whole life... I never held him. [Whimpers] I just can't bear the thought of seeing our precious baby cold and... lifeless. [Crying] I-I can't do it.

Nick: You don't have to see him that way.

Sage: [Sobs]

Nick: Christian knew that we loved him. He knew.

Sage: I told him a few hours ago. Do you think he...knew? Do you think he heard me?

Nick: Yes.

Sage: You won't go in there, will you?

Nick: I won't go in there if you don't want me to.

Sage: I don't want you to.

Nick: Okay. Our beautiful boy -- he fought so hard.

Sage: [Sobbing]

Nick: That's what we'll remember. Al

Dr. Anderson: Sharon? Sharon? Hey. It's late. What are you doing out of bed?

Sharon: Um, I-I heard the alarms earlier.

Dr. Anderson: Well, it's -- it's quiet now. You can go back to your room.

Sharon: But the staff are still whispering, and -- and I thought I heard -- never mind.

Dr. Anderson: Sh-Sharon, where are you going?

Sharon: To see patty. I-I think I heard one of the orderlies talking about her.

Dr. Anderson: Sharon, I-I didn't want to upset you with this tonight.

Sharon: Did something happen to patty?

Dr. Anderson: Patty's been resisting treatment. She broke out of her room.

Sharon: She left?

Dr. Anderson: Look, there's certainly nothing you can do to assist in the situation now, and since we don't know where patty went...

Sharon: [Groans] She went to see Dylan.

Dylan: I'm sorry. I wish I had better news.

Jack: There's got to be something we can do! Ashley and Abby are still in that building!

Dylan: With the fire and the structural instability, there's just nothing that anybody can do. I'm sorry.

Nikki: Listen, a lot of us are alive tonight because of you, so try to remember that.

Joe: Lily.

Lily: I told cane that I didn't think he should be around the kids. How could I say that to somebody who stood by me through cancer and gave me two beautiful children? And for my last words to be so...cold to him, I -- I love him. I love him. I do.

Joe: I'm so sorry.

Lily: [Crying]

Paul: He's barely got a pulse.

Adam: All right. Let's get him out of here. Come on.

Paul: No, no, no! Don't move him! This is the chief. I need EMTs in the lobby ASAP. I've got more survivors, and one's in bad shape. Roger that.

Victor: Are you okay?

Ashley: I'm okay. Ben saved my life. Ben? Ben!

Nurse Stephens: Do you need more time?

Nick: No.

Nurse Stephens: We'll take care of him.

Sage: [Crying] No, please! Please! Don't -- don't take him to a cold and dark place. Please? I want him. I want my baby. Please, nick? I want my baby. I don't want him to go. [Sobbing] I want him.

Nurse Stephens: I'll find a doctor for your wife.

Sage: [Wailing] I want my baby! I want him! I want him! I want him! I want my baby!

Dr. Anderson: What do you mean?

Sharon: You said patty left.

Dr. Anderson: Patty spoke to you about this? She said she was gonna see Dylan?

Sharon: She needed to talk to him.

Dr. Anderson: About what?

Sharon: I don't know.

Dr. Anderson: Sharon, this could be really important. Exactly what did patty say to you?

Sharon: [Sighs] I can't remember. Maybe I should call Dylan.

Dr. Anderson: No. We don't want to disturb him unnecessarily. It's late.

Sharon: I can call him at any hour. He won't mind. It's been such a long, long time since I've talked to him.

Dr. Anderson: Because that's what's best for you and your treatment, remember? Now, the call can wait till tomorrow. Besides, it's time for your next dose of meds.

Sharon: I don't like how the medicine's making me feel.

Dr. Anderson: Well, that's a common complaint, but, Sharon, the medicine is good for you and your baby.

Sharon: I said no.

Joe: Maybe he's in an ambulance on his way here. He'll be okay, lily.

Lily: You don't know that. He left me a message saying he was in the building. Well, it's been evacuated, and he's not here. A million things could have happened to him in there.

Joe: We don't know that.

Lily: What I do know is that cane is not here right now.

Adam: Now listen to me. I don't want anything about my escape landing on Michael, okay? It's not his fault. I forced him into it.

Paul: Yeah. Don't worry about Michael. You got bigger problems right now, pal.

Adam: Well, you know what? It was all worth it. I had to make sure that my wife and my son were okay.

Chelsea: You have to see a doctor.

Adam: Yeah.

Victor: Let us have someone look at you, all right?

Paul: After you see the doctor, I want to hear the whole story.

Adam: Well, I can tell you part of the story right now. I know who started the fire.

Paul: You saw someone?

Adam: Ian ward.

Cane: [Coughs]

Lily: [Gasps] Cane! Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

Joe: I'm glad you made it out.

Lily: What happened?!

Cane: Where are the kids? I just want to see the kids.

Lily: They're here. They're here. Don't worry. They're fine. They're not injured at all. I'll take you to where they're being watched. Oh, wait. You need to see a doctor.

Cane: I don't want to see a doctor. I just want to see my children. That's all I want to do.

Lily: Okay. Come on.

Chelsea: I thought Ian went back to prison.

Adam: Yeah, well, unfortunately, we're not that lucky.

Paul: So, where did he go? You think he got out?

Adam: I mean, the flames were pretty intense. He was hurt. I don't see how he could have made it out of there, but there's no way to be certain.

Billy: What about Ashley and Abby? Did you see them?

Victor: Ashley and Abby got out, too.

Jack: Wait, you're sure?

Phyllis: They're really okay?

Victor: Considering the circumstances, they're all right.

Phyllis: Where are they?

Victor: They're with stitch. He got the worst of it. He needed medical attention. But if it hadn't been for Adam -- he saved them all -- I don't think any of them would have survived.

Billy: Well, that doesn't change the fact that he should be behind bars.

Victor: Listen to me. That's not what we need to hear right now! He did not try to escape sentencing, as you so publicly ranted about! You owe him an apology, a large "thank you"!

Adam: Oh, look -- here comes my "thank you."

Christine: Adam Newman, you are now facing additional charges for your escape from custody. Go ahead.

Chelsea: Oh, come on. You've got to be kidding.

Victor: What are you doing?

Adam: I've done this before.

Chelsea: You can't be serious.

Abby: Is he gonna be all right? They -- they said his breathing was, um, labored.

Barton: I can't answer questions right now. You're gonna have to leave.

Abby: But I'm his fiancée. We just got engaged.

Barton: Congratulations. Out of the room now. Intubation kit. We're gonna have to place an E.T. Tube and put him on a ventilator.

Barton: Monitor him closely. Let me know immediately if there's a change.

Ashley: How is he?

Abby: Can we see him now? Can we -- can we go back in there?

Barton: Dr. Rayburn is in critical condition.

Ashley: Yeah, we know that.

Barton: He's got numerous injuries as a result of the explosion, in addition to respiratory problems.

Abby: Because of the smoke?

Barton: And gas inhalation, yes.

Abby: Is that why he's on a ventilator?

Barton: Well, that's what's keeping him alive at this point.

Abby: But -- but he's gonna be okay, right?

Barton: We'll do everything that we can.

Abby: What does that mean?

Barton: It means that he's got a long way to go.

Abby: You know what? Let me tell you something, Dr. Shelby. If you can't help stitch, then I assure you I will find a doctor who can.

Ashley: Abby, Dr. Shelby is just --

Abby: Mom, we are talking about the man that I'm gonna marry!

Barton: Who also happens to be one of the best residents that I've ever had. You don't think I won't do everything in my power to help him? I can't tell you what you want to hear, ms. Newman. Now, you're more than welcome to seek out another doctor, but it won't change the facts. We'll continue to monitor stitch very closely.

Ashley: And your prognosis is...?

Barton: The next 24 hours will tell us a lot. If you'll excuse me, there are other injured patients I need to see.

Chelsea: What are you doing, handcuffing my husband? He's injured, Christine!

Adam: I'm all right, baby.

Victor: Christine, what is this about? This is totally unacceptable! He needs medical treatment!

Christine: I am well aware of his condition. He'll go right to the prison hospital.

Chelsea: No! No, no, no.

Paul: Wait, wait, wait. May I talk with you a moment?

Christine: [Scoffs] Paul, tell me you're not pulling me away to ask me to go easy on Adam. Come on!

Paul: He just pulled people out of a burning building.

Christine: He escaped custody. He is obviously a flight risk.

Paul: And when he had a chance to flee, he didn't.

Christine: Oh, Paul. Nonetheless, he is still --

Paul: Listen, admittedly, he ran in that building first to save his own wife and child. But in the process, he ended up saving several other lives, and if it weren't for Adam Newman, this place would be filled with -- with people grieving the loss of a loved one. Trust me. I lost my sister. I know what it feels like.

Christine: I know. I know. I'm so sorry about patty.

Paul: So, what do you say?

Christine: I-I can't ease up on him. I can't give him the chance to escape again.

Paul: All I'm asking is for him to be treated here at memorial before he's transferred. Please. It's the right thing to do.

Christine: Take the prisoner to a room where he can be examined before his transfer.

Chelsea: Thanks, Christine.

Victor: Thank you.

Dylan: Hey. I was thinking -- uh, I was thinking about patty. You know, since the others got out, maybe there's a chance --

Paul: Yeah, I was -- I was hoping for a miracle, but, according to jack, uh... she never had a chance.

Sharon: The drugs make me feel...out of it, foggy.

Dr. Anderson: Look, as I explained, it's --

Sharon: I know it's a common reaction, doctor, but I just -- I'm forgetting things, and I don't want to feel this way anymore.

Dr. Anderson: You're sure?

Sharon: Yes. I'm going off the drugs.

Dr. Anderson: Fine. If you want to go back to acting erratically, potentially putting the baby in jeopardy, not to mention your relationship with Dylan...

Sharon: No. That's not what I'm trying to do.

Dr. Anderson: Well, then what do you want, Sharon?

Sharon: [Voice breaking] I just feel so out of control. I miss my family. If I could just see them or even talk to them --

Dr. Anderson: We agreed that while you're being treated, it's best --

Sharon: No, but I don't think that it's working anymore. I feel like I'm getting worse, not better.

Dr. Anderson: Sharon, you've been struggling with this disorder for so long that you can't see what I see. You have never been stronger or more together.

Sharon: I don't know. How could that be? I-I-I'm sleeping all the time. I'm struggling to put my thoughts together.

Dr. Anderson: You have to believe me. Sharon, you are making great strides. But you have never been more capable of being a partner in a lasting relationship or being a good mother to your child and to faith.

Sharon: Faith. I miss her.

Dr. Anderson: I know you do. And you'll see her soon. Sharon... that's all I want for you, is to be a good mother. It's behind everything I do. Don't you know that?

Dylan: [Sighs] Hey. No news from the site. You could have stayed with sage and Christian. If I hear anything, I'll come down there and --

Nick: [Sighs]

Dylan: What is it?

Nick: Sage isn't with Christian.

Victoria: Nick.

Nikki: Honey? What's wrong? Is it the baby?

Nick: He's gone.

Victor: What?

Nikki: No. Oh, honey, no. Oh, my God.

Nick: There were, uh -- there were complications. We came back to the hospital to see him, and... his isolette was empty.

Dylan: I'm sorry, man.

Nikki: Just remember that...

Victor: Come here, my boy. Oh, I am so sorry. I am so sorry.

Nikki: We all love you, sweetheart. And we love sage, too. She's one of us now. And you have your other children, and they love her, too, which is a blessing, because sage is really gonna need our support right now.

Nick: I just want to be alone right now.

Nikki: Okay.

Victor: [Sighs heavily]

Nikki: Oh, my God.

Victor: It's too terrible to imagine.

[Both sigh]

Victor: Come here. [Sighs]

Billy: Poor nick. And we've been through this more than once -- losing a child.

Victoria: I think everyone was trying to be supportive of nick. They were trying to say all the right things.

Billy: And what about nick?

Victoria: He wanted to be grateful for their words. I think he wanted them to make him feel better.

Billy: [Sighs] All those well-meaning words don't mean a damn thing when you're in the middle of it. You know that better than anybody.

Victoria: So do you.

Billy: You should go be with your brother.

Victoria: I love you so much.

Victor: Do you think their marriage will survive this?

Nikki: Sage and Nicholas? [Sighs] Yes. Their marriage... cannot end like this.

Nick: I've been here before. I'm supposed to know how to act, what to say. I wish I had the words... [Voice breaking] To take the pain away. If only it were that easy.

Lily: You know, you should really get checked out.

Cane: I don't need to be checked out. There were people who were hurt worse than I was.

Lily: Well, you should see a doctor anyway, and then we can go home.

Cane: But I don't live there anymore, do I?

Lily: [Sighs] Cane, look, when I -- when I heard that they might have stopped the search, that I thought I could have lost you, all I could think of was, "I wish we had more time"... that we didn't end things this way, so distant with each other, like we were strangers. I just -- [Sighs] I want you to come home.

Cane: No, I can't do that, 'cause it would only confuse the children, wouldn't it?

Lily: What are you talk-- it's not gonna confuse them. They'll be thrilled!

Cane: Lily...

Lily: Look, we can try this like two people who care about each other.

Cane: Do we still care about each other?

Lily: What are you talking about?

Cane: I can't do this.

Lily: Cane, we can try.

Cane: I can't come home and pretend everything's okay after the way you turned on me. And I can't be with you if you don't trust me. I can't.

Chelsea: Adam could have run tonight. He could have let everyone believe that he died in that fire. But he didn't. He didn't run.

Christine: And so what? Do you think he deserves an award for that?

Chelsea: I think he deserves a little bit of credit, yeah. He stayed. And he helped people. And he didn't run when he could have, Christine. You know he could have. And now you're trying to deny him proper medical attention?

Christine: The doctors at the prison are perfectly capable.

Chelsea: You are punishing him for doing the right thing!

Christine: But he did the wrong thing two years ago. Look, the fact is he shouldn't have been at Newman tower tonight. He should have been in prison.

Chelsea: All right. Then stitch and Abby and Ashley -- they all could have died tonight if it wasn't for Adam.

Christine: [Scoffs]

Chelsea: Hey, what is wrong with you?! Don't you have an ounce of humanity?

Chelsea: Adam didn't take a life. A beautiful child died in a tragic accident after she ran out into the road.

Christine: Okay, and instead of just coming forward and admitting what he did --

Chelsea: Yes, Adam made mistakes, just like we all have. But the only crime he committed tonight was wanting to be with his wife and his son. That's what drove him to get out of that hospital bed. He just wanted to make sure we were safe, Christine.

Christine: You don't know that's what he was thinking, and neither do I. He lied to you and everyone else for months. He changed his identity.

Chelsea: Yes, and then he ultimately did the right thing, just like he did today.

Christine: And a jury of his peers found him guilty.

Chelsea: Yes. Yes. They convicted him. We know all about it, Christine. We were all there. They followed your letter of the law, the letter of the law that you laid out for them. What if someone feels remorse for what they did? What if somebody is trying to live a better life now? Do you really think Adam showed up here thinking everyone would just forget what he did, that the charges would be dropped? Is that what you think?

Christine: No, I don't think that.

Chelsea: No, 'cause that's not what happened. He came back here, knowing he was still gonna miss out on the next 10 years of his son's life. He came back. [Voice breaking] Doesn't that matter for anything? Don't you have some compassion in your heart?

Christine: [Sighs]

Chelsea: He risked his life to get out of that hospital bed, to go to that tower, to climb those stairs. He -- he went through the smoke. He went through the fire to help people, to save people. And then you allow him a quick once-over before you ship him back off to prison? We all know he deserves better than that. And somewhere, in the corner of your heart somewhere, I think you know that, too.

Jack: [Grunts softly]

Phyllis: Ashley and Abby are doing well. I'm sure she'll call us as soon as she hears something about stitch.

Jack: I don't want to leave just yet.

Phyllis: You want to wait for Adam to come back to say goodbye?

Jack: Yeah, I'd like to say goodbye. I'd like to say thank you. I think he deserves a "thank you." Don't you?

Phyllis: What's bothering you?

Jack: I've been standing in this room, thinking that... somehow, my family managed to all make it out of that building safely.

Phyllis: You're upset we couldn't get patty out.

Jack: It was the most difficult thing I think I've ever done -- telling Paul we left his sister behind.

Phyllis: Jack... I want you to hear me. Patty attacked me tonight. She was not well. She hasn't been well.

Jack: Yeah, I know all of that is true.

Phyllis: So why can you not let this go, honey? Why can't you let this go?

Jack: There was just one moment there... where patty seemed lucid, where she seemed to know what she was saying. She told us she came to warn Dylan about something.

Paul: My sister died in a fire at Newman tower tonight.

Dr. Anderson: I am so sorry.

Paul: Save your sympathy. I want answers. You want to explain to me how a patient under your care could sneak out of here?

Dr. Anderson: Every precaution was taken.

Paul: Oh, don't give me that crap!

Dr. Anderson: We even placed patty in solitary after an extremely volatile therapy session.

Paul: You know what? My sister was very resourceful. But even she couldn't get out of a locked room in a secure facility without help!

Dr. Anderson: Unfortunately, patty convinced a sympathetic orderly, who has since been fired, to help her.

Paul: Oh. Well, that's not very comforting, doctor. I want to know why she was so determined to look for Dylan that she would run in to a burning building to find him!

Dr. Anderson: I understand you're upset, that you're in shock, even, and that you need to find answers to this.

Paul: She was making progress.

Dr. Anderson: She was, and I was very encouraged. But her behavior became increasingly violent and volatile. It is the nature of her illness, something that you have been well aware that patty's been struggling with for years. I wouldn't be surprised if it was patty who started the fire.

Paul: We know who started the fire, and it wasn't patty.

Dr. Anderson: I-I see.

Paul: So tell me why you would accuse her.

Dr. Anderson: Well, I was merely trying to illustrate the dramatic turn that patty took, and, given her history, it's not --

Paul: Oh, my sister's done a lot of terrible things. But sh-- she's very loving, and she was full of promise. That's why she was here -- so she could get some help. She was sick. It wasn't her fault.

Dr. Anderson: Look, if there's someone you want to talk to, I can recommend someone.

Paul: Well, I have a recommendation for you, doctor. You find a good attorney, because you're gonna need one. This isn't over.

Abby: I just keep thinking about if I had gotten to you and stitch sooner, that --

Ashley: You would have been stuck in the explosion, too. Honey, you can't think that way. Just forget what Dr. Shelby said. Ben is not gonna die -- not after saving my life. He wouldn't make me live with that, not after --

Abby: After what?

Ashley: After everything we went through. We thought we were gonna die.

Abby: It must have been awful.

Stitch: Let me say this. I love you.

Ashley: [Gasps]

Stitch: [Chuckles] Yeah. Yeah.

Abby: What did you talk about? What did he say?

Ashley: We talked about... you.

Ashley: The only thing on Ben's mind... was you. He told me how happy you made him... how thrilled he was that...

Abby: [Chuckles softly]

Ashley: ...He had finally found true love. He told me all about his hopes and dreams that he had for the two of you and your life together.

Abby: Well, I am very happy that you were there for him... and that he was there for you. You know, when you basically forced me to go get help... I knew that you were saving me, that you didn't think I'd make it back in time for you and stitch, but I did. I did make it back. And we have come this far, and I know, after everything that you've told me, that the reason why stitch has come this far, that he's fighting and that he will keep fighting and come through this, is because he knows what's here waiting for him.

Joe: I saw cane leave.

Lily: [Scoffs] All I wanted was for us to be a family again, for him to come home. I mean, I was willing to look past all the evidence against him and the questions about Hilary, and -- and he's mad at me? Oh, my God. Listen to how I sound. I'm still talking like he's guilty. No wonder he walked away.

Barton: I've patched up Mr. Newman and given him some pain meds for his transport.

Christine: Uh, thank you, Dr. Shelby, but... that won't be necessary. We won't be transporting Adam tonight.

Adam: Really?

Nick: I've been trying to pray. All I feel is...

Victoria: Emptiness.

Nick: I know I'm not the only person that went through this. I'm sorry if I made it sound like...

Victoria: You're the one that this is happening to right now.

Nick: Are you here to comfort me?

Victoria: I don't know if that would do any good. I know it's hard to accept comfort when you're still falling into emptiness and you've got nothing to grab on to, nick.

Nick: I just wish sage could have held our baby just once.

Victoria: Sometimes I wonder if that would have helped... or if it would have made things worse.

Nick: You never got to hold eve?

Victoria: No. I only saw her one time, through the NICU window. Then I remember I felt like sage. I was angry, and I was really, really sad that I didn't get to hold my baby. But now I realize that there's really no right way to handle this. Feel what you feel, nick.

[Cell phone rings]

Cane: [Sighs] [Sighs]

Joe: Hey. Any luck?

Lily: No. And who can blame him? I basically acted like I was doing him a favor by asking him to come home. This is my fault. I pushed him away.

Joe: Look, this has been an emotional, terrifying night. Give cane some space. He'll come around.

Lily: I hope so.

Joe: Look, I was right about him coming out alive, right? Want some help getting the kids home?

Lily: Yeah. Thank you.

Joe: Look, everything's gonna turn out all right. You got to trust me, lily.

Abby: You'll get better. And [Sniffles] We will get married. [Chuckles] But you have to get better. You know, um... my mom told me... what you talked about... when you were trapped and imagining the worst, and that love that you talked about... you can still have it. All you have to do is come back to me. [Sniffles] [Sighs]

Chelsea: Not smart, Adam Newman... running into a burning building in your condition.

Adam: Come here. Hey.

Chelsea: What were you thinking?

Adam: I was thinking that my entire world was in there. Had to get you two out of there, or die trying, anyway. Come here.

Chelsea: Let's all get together, huh? Oh-ho-ho-ho. Mm.

Adam: [Chuckles softly]

Nikki: We're a family, sage. You and Nicholas will get through this.

Victoria: I saw the look on your face when everybody in the family was trying to comfort you.

Nick: I know they were coming from a good place.

Victoria: I know. They mean well. But they don't know, nick. They're gonna tell you that life goes on. They're gonna tell you not to dwell on the loss.

Nick: That's the thing about grief. You can't -- [Sighs] You can't run from it. Sage and I are gonna have to deal with this together. We're gonna have to grieve together and be there... support each other... and never forget that beautiful little soul.

Christine: Oh, hi. I-I was so worried. I even sent Dylan out to look for you.

Paul: Oh. Uh, I just felt that I should call Todd and Steve and, uh... tell them about patty.

Christine: You were just gone for a really long time.

Paul: I went to see Dr. Anderson. I wanted to know what the hell happened. But all I got was excuses on why patty was able to walk right out of there.

Dylan: Paul. Glad you're back.

Christine: He went to Fairview. So, how'd it go?

Paul: [Sighs] I don't know what I was expecting. I mean, nothing that woman could say is gonna change anything. Patty's gone.

Christine: I know. I'm so sorry.

Jack: Paul, I wish I could have done more.

Paul: [Sighs] Thanks, jack. I just, uh -- I'm -- I'm grateful that you were there and tried to help.

Jack: You're a great brother. You were put through a lot, and you stood by her all through it.

Paul: I appreciate you saying that. You know, Dr. Anderson said that even though she looked like she was improving... she suddenly took a turn for the worse.

Dylan: In what way?

Paul: Uh, she wasn't too specific. She just said that, uh... she became completely and utterly irrational. I mean, after all, she did run in a burning building, trying to find you... for a reason now none of us will ever know.

Jack: Paul, that's the thing. The last words she said -- and she seemed very lucid at the time -- was a message for you, Dylan. "He can't trust her," she said.

Dr. Anderson: Rest, Sharon. Everything will be all right. Soon your beautiful baby will arrive.

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Hilary: I don't feel anything for you.

Dylan: How did patty Williams escape and end up dead?!

Dr. Anderson: What happened to patty has nothing to do with Sharon or the treatment she's receiving.

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