Y&R Transcript Tuesday 11/3/15


Episode # 10789 ~ Victor & Jack are forced to work together to save their families, Adam makes a bold move, and Ashley is caught in the line of fire!

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Mariah: And the mom was really surprised because she had just stopped for gas at the last gas station. It was almost like the gas just disappeared, like someone or something wanted them to stop.

Charlie: Did a ghost do it?

Mattie: Maybe it was a hole.

Mariah: No, no, it definitely wasn't a hole.

Nick: What you doing, fisher? Scared of a little ghost story?

Mariah: So the mom stops. She checks to see...

Nick: What is that?

Kevin: I was doing what Victor asked me to do -- making sure that the building wasn't being sabotaged, and the elevators go out. Cane goes to check on them, doesn't come back. Now the Wi-Fi's going. My cell phone is out. And then this freaky image comes up on the screen.

Nick: What the hell do you think that is? You think the paragon project's back?

Mariah: The kids start walking towards the house to see if they can...

Sage: Hey, I don't mean to alarm the kids, but I smell smoke in the hallway.

Stitch: Didn't you guys hear me? There's a fire. We have to get out of the building right now.

Abby: Good one, hon. You had me going. Everyone, he is just kidding.

Stitch: Listen to me! This is no joke! There is a fire!

Billy: We haven't heard any alarms.

Stitch: I pulled one. It wouldn't work. Look, man, this is real. I was just in the middle of an explosion a few floors down. Ah!

Abby: Oh, my god. You're hurt.

Stitch: Okay, look, forget about me. The elevators are out. Try your cell phones.

Victoria: There's no way to call out.

Chelsea: What?

Nikki: Oh, my god. What is happening?

Victor: This is paragon.

Jack: What else could it be?

Chelsea: Oh, my god.

Jack: Chel-- Chelsea. No, we have to stay together.

Chelsea: I have to get to Connor.

Jack: Chelsea --

Chelsea: Let me go!

Michael: That -- that is medieval.

Christine: You know it's the law. A prisoner has to be handcuffed if he's gonna be transferred to the state penitentiary.

Adam: Which is not happening tonight.

Michael: No, no, no, no. Your transfer has been postponed until your doctor agrees to release you. In the meantime, it's not like he's capable of making a run for it!

Christine: I think he's more than capable.

Michael: He was hit by a car! He almost died on the operating table!

Christine: Yeah, but he didn't! Not now and not two years ago when the car he was driving crashed and burned. He survived. He escaped. And he got a new face and a new identity. Well, guess what? It's not gonna happen again. Not on my watch.

Dylan: We finally find Hilary after months of searching, and we still don't know what happened.

Paul: Right. I'm hoping she's gonna remember something soon.

Michael: Christine, in what world do you think this man can get out of his bed and do harm to anyone?!

Paul: Gonna find out what's going on. Wait here.

[Cell phone rings]

Michael: Well, you cannot transport him! He is not --

Dylan: Hello?

Patty: Hi. Dylan. This is your aunt patty. I'm in town, and I really need to see you. It's important.

Dylan: You're in town? I thought you were at Fairview.

Patty: Well, I-I left Fairview for the evening to attend the Delia benefit. Meet me at the top of the tower. It's about Sharon. You'll want to hear what I have to say.

Excuse me. Ma'am. Ma'am. The elevators are off limits.

Patty: Oh, well, I-I forgot my invitation, and I gave a very large donation, so I'm sure they'll have my name on the list upstairs.

Yeah, the elevators are out. You can't go up that way.

Patty: Oh. Okay, well... oh! Well, that's no problem. I'll just take the stairs. I could use the exercise. I've been cooped up recently. Thank you.

Michael: Physically restraining my client could impede his recovery.

Christine: Oh, and I forgot. Where did you get your medical degree?

Michael: All right, Paul, talk to her! Please! My client is not a flight risk!

Paul: Michael, let's have it quiet. If Chris wants to play this by the book, that is her prerogative. But keeping a prison-bound felon in restraints is certainly standard procedure.

Michael: Meaning you would like your department included in the lawsuit I plan to --

Adam: Michael, please. Please. I appreciate you trying to fight the good fight, but... I'm content, okay?

Michael: What?!

Adam: Yeah, you know, thanks to you and Lauren, I got to see my little boy at the costume parade tonight at the benefit. And if the chief of police and the DA wanting me manacled like king Kong, then so be it. I tell you what you can do, though, is get me something for the pain that I'm in. I wouldn't mind that.

Michael: I'll find a nurse.

Adam: Thank you.

Christine: Don't think for a second you're not being transferred to the prison hospital.

Adam: I'm pretty tired.

Paul: We'll let you get some rest.

Adam: Thank you.

Dylan: So, I just got a call from patty. She said she's in town and she wants to speak to me.

Paul: Patty's in town? What? Is she making crank calls again?

Dylan: [Chuckles] What? From Fairview?

Paul: Patty has a history of, uh, fantasies and hallucinations. You can take your pick. Last time she called me from Paris, outside the Louvre.

Dylan: I don't know her as well as you guys do, but on the phone she sounded normal and she said it was important.

Paul: Well, it always is. I'll call her doctor just to see what --

[Cell phone rings]

Paul: Headquarters. Yeah. Williams. I'll be right over. Newman towers is on fire.

Christine: What?

Dylan: Oh, my god.

Christine: The benefit's there. The restaurant's on the top floor.

Dylan: The top of the tower. That's where patty said she wanted to meet me.

Christine: I'm gonna call Fairview right now.

Paul: Okay. I hope to god she's still in her room. I'm headed to Newman.

Dylan: I'm going with you.

Adam: Officer! Officer! Officer, get these cuffs off me. I got to get out of here. My family needs me.

Nick: We got to get these kids out of here.

Sage: The smoke is getting worse.

Nick: We can get them down to the lobby.

Kevin: That's 20 flights.

Nick: If we stick together, we can make it.

Mariah: Without freaking them out? I mean, what if they panic? We'll get caught in the stairwell.

Kevin: Okay. Hey, guys, guys, guys, guys, guys, has anybody, uh, been to Bentley's corn maze on the outside of town, where they set up the corn field to look like a puzzle?

Faith: Dad took me there last Halloween. It was scary at first, but then fun.

Kevin: Exactly, okay. That's the kind of game we're gonna play now, except instead of a corn field, we're gonna play it here. Is everybody ready?

Children: Yeah!

Mattie: What are the rules?

Mariah: The rules are everybody grab a jack o' lantern and a buddy and line up, 'cause that's the only way we're gonna get out of the maze.

Nick: Let's go, let's go, let's go. Okay, now listen, the most important part of this is no matter what happens, we stick together. Hold someone's hand. Ready? Okay, let's go.

Sage: Here we go!

Mariah: Here we go!

Chelsea: Why aren't you listening to me? I need to find my son.

Jack: Everybody, wait! Everybody, wait! We can't leave! It isn't safe! We have to wait for help to come!

Victoria: Johnny and Katherine are down there.

Lily: Yeah, and Mattie and Charlie.

Chelsea: We have to find them, jack.

[All shouting]

Jack: Listen, listen to me! We can't panic right now! We can't all just walk down the stairs! This is a high-rise building! The rules are different. We don't know where the flames have spread. We could all get stuck between floors, overcome with smoke.

Victor: My son Nicholas and his wife are looking out for the children and grandchildren, all right?

Stitch: I'll head down to the kids party room, make sure everyone's good.

Jack: I'm gonna go with you.

Billy: I'm going with you.

Jack: No, no, no. Wait, wait. Listen to me. I will look out for the kids. I promise. You have to be here for Victoria, and you have to look after Phyllis for me. I don't know if I'm gonna make it back here. Please? Everybody's counting on you.

Billy: If you're not back in 20 minutes, all bets are off. 20 minutes.

Jack: It's a deal.

Phyllis: Be careful.

Abby: Don't do anything stupid.

Stitch: What? Like leave without a kiss?

Adam: Please, if it were your wife and your kid, would you let anyone keep you away from them? Anything at all? I'm asking you, please.

The only place you're going is the state pen.

Adam: Wait, hold on a second. Come on. O-officer. Damn it! What is the matter with you?! Hey! Get back here!

Michael: What's all the yelling about?

Ask your client. And tell him to pipe down, while you're at it.

Adam: Hey!

Michael: I can hear you at the other end of the hall.

Adam: Listen, even if it breaks all the rules, you got to do something for me.

Michael: The nurse is gonna be here with your meds any second.

Adam: You don't understand. Hell with that. Who cares? You got to get me out of here.

Michael: I'll see if I can speed it up.

Adam: You're not understanding what I'm saying. Paul got a phone call, all right? Newman tower is on fire. Chelsea and Connor are at Newman tower.

Michael: I just talked to Lauren.

Adam: You got to get me out of here, Michael, please.

Michael: They've got -- look, I'll get to the bottom of this.

Adam: No, take me with you!

Michael: Not a chance!

Adam: Listen, hold on a second! I'm begging you! As a father, listen to me. I'm not trying to avoid punishment. I'm not trying to escape, all right? I'm trying to make sure my wife and my son are okay. Please. And once I get back here, I don't give a damn what the cops do to me. You got to help me get out of here, please.

Michael: What if you -- what if you collapse, you drop dead?

Adam: Where's Lauren right now, Michael?! Where is Lauren? She at Newman tower? Huh? Look at me. Look at me. Now, I may be slow, but I know that building like the back of my hand. You take me with you and I can help you. We can do this together, okay? Please. Think about Lauren.

Nick: Okay, everyone, you're doing great.

Sage: Nick, it's getting smokier.

Nick: Okay, we're not gonna run, but we're gonna try and get down the steps a little quicker, okay?

Sage: Come on, guys.

Kevin: Let's go, let's go, let's go.

Sage: [Coughs]

Kevin: Okay, guys, part of the game we're gonna play is pretend like we're being chased by a pterodactyl. Who knows what a pterodactyl is?

Faith: I know! It's a dinosaur bird.

Kevin: [Coughs] That's right. It's a dinosaur bird. So we're being chased by flying dinosaurs, so everybody stay low and move fast.

Nick: Yeah, stay low or the pterodactyl's gonna get you.

[All gasp]

What's wrong?

What's happening?

Mariah: Um, nothing, nothing, you guys. Guys, turn your pumpkin lights on now. Yeah. There you go. Good job, you guys. And let's keep it moving, okay?

Nick: Don't let the dinosaur bird get you! Come on!

[All coughing]

Mariah: Yeah, let's go, let's go.

Stitch: The good news is, is they're out of here.

Jack: Yeah, the bad news is we don't know where they went.

Stitch: Let's clear this floor, make sure no one's here.

Jack: Okay, I'm going in this direction. You go in that. We meet back here.

Stitch: You got it.

Jack: Nick!

Stitch: Still not working.

Jack: [Coughs] Nick! Nick!

Stitch: Kevin! Nick! Anyone here?!

[Pounding on door]

Stitch: Anyone in there?! Oh, damn it.

Cane: [Groans] [Coughing] Hey! I'm trapped in here! Hey!

Victor: Stay back, stay back. Stay back! Everyone, listen very carefully. Do not use those stairwells to try to get out of the building. Is that clear? It's filled with smoke. The lights are out. It's completely dark. You stay here. Calm down. Help is on the way.

Billy: I can't just stand here twiddling my thumbs --

Victor: Billy, I don't want to listen to you right now. Quiet.

Victoria: Billy, wait. Hold on. Look, I'm worried about them, too, but if anything happens to you, how's that gonna help? We just have to trust that jack and Ben are gonna be back and they'll let us know that everything's okay with the kids.

Billy: [Sighs] Okay, fine, look, if they are not back by that deadline, I'm going down to the break room no matter what.

Nikki: Okay, I found some more candles. I'm gonna start lighting them.

Lily: All right, I'll look for flashlights in the kitchen.

Joe: I'll go with you.

Lily: No, I don't need an escort.

Abby: There's got to be some flashlights up here.

Noah: I already got one.

Luca: Me, too. With this, I can see everything.

Ashley: What are you doing?

Phyllis: I'm getting out of here. I'm gonna go find jack.

Ashley: I'm going with you. I can't just stand here and do nothing.

Phyllis: Makes two of us.

Ashley: Let's go.

Christine: So patty's not in her room? Well, did you check the entire facility? [Sighs] Okay, thank you for the information.

Michael: I've done everything I can for my client tonight. I'm headed to Newman towers to see if my wife is okay.

Christine: Michael, hold up. I need you to stay here. Officer Foley, stop him!

Sir, stop. Now!

Christine: [Sighs]

Nick: Okay, we're almost there!

Faith: Daddy, I'm tired. Can we rest?

Nick: No, sweetheart, I'm sorry. We can't stop.

Faith: Why?

Kevin: Because, um --

Faith: Don't say dinosaur birds!

Nick: We just -- we have to get out of this building. It's not safe.

[All coughing]

Charlie: It's not safe for kids?

Nick: It's not safe for anyone. But don't worry -- I'm gonna keep you safe, okay? I made a promise to all your mommies and daddies that I would protect you, 'cause that's what daddies do. We keep everyone safe, all right? Now, let's just keep going. We're almost there, all right? Let's go, let's go, let's go.

Mariah: Out this way.

Nick: There we go. Nice and easy.

Mariah: Good job.

[All coughing]

Mariah: Good job, you guys.

Nikki: Victor.

Victor: Yes?

Nikki: I know that you're putting on a brave face, but I can tell that you're very concerned.

Victor: Sweetheart, of course I'm concerned, okay? Everything I've built is going up in flames right now. Let's just make sure no one panics.

Nikki: Will you make me a promise?

Victor: What's that?

Nikki: Please don't do anything rash or reckless. You can't put yourself in danger just because you're concerned.

Victor: Sweetheart, I can't promise that right now, okay?

Nikki: Victor.

Victor: What are these people doing here?

Nikki: Please be careful.

Noah: If smoke comes in through the ventilation system, we're gonna have to break one of these windows.

Luca: I'll be sure to shield you from any broken glass.

Marisa: It's lovely of you to make me feel safer.

Luca: What are husbands for?

Chelsea: Hey. I'm so scared. I don't know where Connor is, how he's doing, if he's safe.

Victoria: I'm sure that nick and the others are taking very good care of our kids.

Chelsea: Including Katie and Johnny. I mean, you must be freaking out, too, right?

Abby: Ben and uncle jack should have been back by now.

Billy: You're right. Time's up. I'm going to find my kids.

Victor: Billy, you be careful.

Abby: Where's mom? I haven't seen her.

Nikki: Well, she appears to have left. Along with Phyllis.

[Both coughing]

Stitch: Nick and sage must have gotten the kids out.

Jack: Okay, let's get back upstairs and tell everyone the good news.

Ashley: [Coughs] Oh, my god.

Jack: Hey.

Phyllis: We thought the kids were gonna be here.

Jack: What the hell are you doing?

Ashley: Same thing you are -- making sure the kids are okay.

Stitch: You shouldn't be here.

Ashley: Why? I mean, why not? Is this room any less dangerous than any other room in this building?

Phyllis: Should we go upstairs to the ballroom and tell the parents about the kids?

Jack: Yeah, that was the plan.

Ashley: Wait, should we go downstairs and send help for the people that are trapped in the ballroom?

Phyllis: I don't know, but that smoke out there is getting nasty. We have got to make a decision now.

[Siren wails]

Ashley: Oh. Okay, that means help's coming.

Jack: That is the sound of things getting better, folks.

Stitch: Okay, so how about Ashley and I head back to the ballroom, you two head downstairs and make sure the kids got out all right?

Jack: That's a good plan. I'll let everyone know where to find you, and we'll get word to you somehow.

Ashley: Okay. Let's go.


Phyllis: What was that?

Jack: Oh, god. Ashley?!

Ashley: [Gasps, shouts]

Stitch: Come on! Look out!

Dylan: Can we get a chopper on the roof?

Paul: All right, Jim, what's the status?

There was just an explosion on 19 -- cut off access to the top floors.

Paul: Well, there's got to be a way up.

Not unless you can fly.

Dylan: Can we get a chopper on the roof?

Paul: There's a helipad. There's got to be access to the ballroom somehow. Hold on. Yeah, this is chief Williams. How quickly can you get a rescue helicopter on the roof over here to start evacuating people?

Nick: Okay, hooray! We made it!

Sage: Come on. Let's go.

Dylan: Is this everybody? You okay?

Nick: Uh, mom, dad, Victoria, and Noah -- they're still upstairs with a bunch of other people.

Dylan: Hey, Paul, what's ETA on the helicopter?

Paul: It's on its way. All right, come on, kids, right this way.

Faith: I don't feel good.

Nick: Listen, we breathed in a lot of smoke.

Kevin: We need to get these kids checked at memorial pronto.

Paul: All right, that's a good idea. Soon as we get their parents out, we'll make memorial the central meeting place.

Sage: Excuse me. Is there an ambulance or other vehicle we can take these kids to memorial?

They're on the way.

Sage: Thank you. [Sighs]

Adam: Connor. Hey, come here. Hey, man, how are you? Oh, my gosh, look at you. You're beautiful. I'm so glad you're okay. Look at this, huh? Fancy, little costume. Fireman, right? That's kind of cool, isn't it? You okay? Yeah? My gosh, you're wonderful.

Kevin: Where's Connor? Has anybody seen Connor?

Sage: Connor!

Kevin: What is he doing here?!

Sage: Adam?!

Nick: Why aren't you at the hospital?

Mariah: Or in prison.

Adam: I heard about the fire. What'd you expect me to do? Sit there and do nothing?

Paul: You know what? That's not up to you. Tanner! Escort Mr. Newman back to the hospital before he runs off again.

Adam: The only place I'm running is upstairs to get my wife.

Paul: Listen, you are a prisoner. There was an explosion. The kids were lucky to get out.


Paul: What?

Sage: I'll take him.

Adam: You're gonna go with sage, okay? All right? I'm gonna run upstairs. I'm gonna grab your mom and bring her back to you safe and sound, okay? I love you. Take care of him for me? All right?

Sage: Hi. I'm so sorry I left you.

Ambulances are here. Let's get these kids to the hospital.

Paul: All right, so -- tanner! What the hell are you doing? Where's Newman?!

Nick: Victor, what could have caused an explosion like that?

Noah: Could this building collapse?

Victor: Highly unlikely, son.

Luca: Meaning it could? It's a possibility?

Victor: Don't start a panic now.

Billy: To hell with that. I'm going after my kids.

Lily: Yeah, I'm going with you.

Joe: All right, wait for me.

Lauren: Listen, can you hear that?!

[Helicopter blades whirring]

Nikki: Victor, be careful!

[Wind whistling]

Dylan: All right, folks, listen up! Give me your attention! We're gonna evacuate everyone here, a few people at a time. There's a ladder that goes up to the helipad right through that exit.

Lily: Where are the kids?

Victoria: Did they make it out okay?

Chelsea: Is Connor safe?

Dylan: Yes, the kids at the party downstairs made it to the lobby. I saw them with my own eyes. Actually, they're on the way to memorial right now to get checked out.

Billy: Wait, wait, memorial?

Dylan: Yeah.

Abby: Was anyone hurt?

Dylan: Just a precaution. I can promise you they're all okay.

Abby: What about my mom and Ben?

Dylan: What do you mean?

Victor: Ben and jack went down the stairwell to help with the children.

Nikki: Ashley and Phyllis followed them.

Dylan: There was an explosion down there. Look, I know some people made it to the lobby. I just don't know who. I'm sorry.

Abby: Oh, my god. An explosion. That -- that means...

Victor: Sweetheart.

[Both coughing]

Phyllis: Oh, my god. What was that? What was that?

Jack: I don't know, I don't know. I don't know. Clearly it is not a little fire with a couple flames. This is a serious problem. I'm gonna see what I can find out. Stay down, okay? Okay?

Phyllis: I'm okay, I'm okay.

Jack: [Grunts] The door's jammed.

Phyllis: Okay, the building shifted. The doorframe's got to be off.

Jack: Something's holding on the other side. [Grunts] We're gonna have to pray someone comes and rescues us.

Phyllis: [Hyperventilating]

Jack: Hey, hey, hey. Hey, we're safe right now. There's very little smoke in here.

Phyllis: I keep thinking of the people upstairs that are trapped in the ballroom. What about Ashley and stitch? They could be laying out there dead.

Jack: No, no. Ashley and stitch are strong. They're gonna be okay. They got to be okay. They got to be.

Stitch: [Groans]

Ashley: [Gasping]

Stitch: You okay?

Ashley: [Winces] I think I'm okay. Are you okay?

Stitch: Where are we?

Ashley: Looks like an employee kitchen. A kitchen. Oh, my god! Your leg!

Stitch: It's okay.

Ashley: Don't lie to me!

Stitch: No, it's -- it's all right.

Ashley: It's not okay!

Stitch: It's --

Ashley: Can you move? I mean, did you break it?

Stitch: Hey, it's fine. Who's the doctor here?

Ashley: Are you sure?

Stitch: Yeah.

Ashley: Can you move?

Stitch: Look, you should -- you should get out of here, okay? The smoke's getting dense.

Ashley: I'm not gonna leave.

Stitch: Look, it's not gonna get any better, all right? You need to go now.

Ashley: I'm not leaving. I'm not leaving without you.

Stitch: Ashley, if you don't go now, you may never get out, and we both die here.

Ashley: That's not gonna happen, okay? It's not gonna happen 'cause I'm not gonna let it happen.

Dylan: The chopper can only hold four people at a time.

Joe: Let's go, lily.

Dylan: Women first, Joe.

Joe: Obviously, Dylan. I want her to get reunited with her children.

Lily: Lauren, come with me.

Lauren: But what if Michael's on his way up?

Lily: He's waiting for you on the ground. I'm sure of it.

Lauren: Okay, let's go.

Dylan: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! No, hold on! Wait, wait, wait!

Victor: No panic, please!

Dylan: Stop! Stop! We have to keep this orderly! We're gonna get everybody out of here as long as you do exactly what we say, please!

Nikki: I'm not going without Victor.

Victoria: Take some of the other people first.

Dylan: Okay, you and you, let's go. First four, let's go, let's go, let's go. Okay, come on, come on. Come on.

Victor: Victoria, darling, please come here for a minute. I want all of you to get on the helicopter now.

Nikki: Victor, no, not without you.

Victor: Sweetheart, I'll be fine. And what will it take to get you to go?

Abby: Seeing Ben and my mom safe and sound.

Chelsea: And Phyllis and jack.

Victor: I will find them now.

Billy: Not without me, you're not.

Nikki: Please be careful.

Billy: Hey. Now that I know the kids are safe, I'm going after Ashley and jack. But you listen to me. When Dylan comes back, I want you to go. I want you to get out of here and be with our kids.

Victoria: Okay. Just come back in one piece.

Victor: Here. [Sighs]

Christine: How can you think

Christine: How can you think for a minute that helping Adam get away was a good thing?

Michael: Can we just please deal with this later? I've got to find my wife. I have to make sure my brother is okay. I don't know -- Lauren.

Lauren: [Gasps] Oh, my god! Oh, my god! You're here! I was so worried!

Michael: You were worried? What about me? I heard that Newman towers is going up in flames. What am I supposed to think?

Lauren: I was on the helicopter, and I'm being rescued and you're trapped somewhere...

Michael: No, I was here. I was here the whole time.

Lauren: Oh, my god. Oh, my god.

Michael: You're safe, baby.

Lily: Oh, my god. Cane was in the building.

Christine: Wait. You didn't see him there?

Lily: No, he left me a message, but the service was all messed up, so I'm just now getting it. I have to find my kids.

Christine: How did you get here?

Lily: There was a helicopter that evacuated people four at a time from the roof.

Lauren: Dylan is in charge. He's doing an excellent job.

Christine: Do you know if people have been injured?

Lily: Ben Rayburn was caught in a fireball or something. He hurt his arm. I have to find my kids.

Both: Mommy!

Lily: Oh, my god, you guys, come here. Come here. Oh, my god. Are you okay?

Kevin: Everybody checked out just fine.

Michael: Hey! Including you?

Kevin: Including me.

Lily: How did you get out of the building?

Mattie: Kevin and Mariah made it fun.

Lily: Fun?

Charlie: Yeah, we were chased by dinosaur birds.

Faith: Yeah, like this.


Mattie: Where's daddy?

Cane: [Coughs] [Pounding] Help! Help. [Coughs] [Groans] [Breathing heavily]

Jack: [Grunting]

Phyllis: [Laughing]

Jack: Hey. What's going on?

Phyllis: I just keep thinking of the fact that, you know, we've made it out of tougher situations than this, but that's incredibly stupid because I really don't know what is really tougher than this.

[Both laughing]

Phyllis: We're trapped. People don't know that we're here. And I think it's only gonna go downhill from here.

Jack: Well, you know, they could let a tiger loose in the building. [Laughs]

Phyllis: [Sighs] [Chuckles]

Jack: We're gonna be all right. We're gonna be okay. I know everything's stacked against us right now. We're gonna be all right. Trust me, okay? Do you trust me?

Phyllis: I trust you. I trust you.

Jack: Good. Good. [Sighs]

[Helicopter blades whirring]

Phyllis: What was that?

Jack: What?

Phyllis: I heard something. I think I heard a helicopter. They're coming to get us. It's a helicopter. They're probably on top of the roof right now. They're rescuing people. They're gonna save us. It's gonna be okay.

Jack: Okay.

Phyllis: It's gonna be okay.

Jack: Now we just have to find out how to get to the roof.

Paul: Yeah, Chris, what's up?

Christine: Adam escaped, thanks to his attorney, who will be up before the bar on charges if I have my way.

Paul: Yeah, I know all about it. Adam is here.

Christine: Well, that's what I figured. Do you have him in custody?

Paul: Not exactly.

Christine: What does that mean?

Paul: Well, as soon as he found out that Connor was okay, he tore up the stairs to find his wife.

Christine: Why wasn't he arrested?

Paul: That's a very good question, but listen, I-I got bigger fish to fry right now.

Christine: [Sighs] Yeah, you do. I talked to Fairview, and that phone call from patty wasn't a hoax. Somehow she slipped out.

Paul: Oh, god, no. That means she could be in this building. Okay, l-let me think about this. Uh, uh, I'll keep you posted.

Sage: [Coughs]

Paul: Oh, what are you guys still doing here? You should be at memorial getting checked out.

Sage: Paul's right. We need to go to the hospital to be with Christian.

Nick: I'll get you a ride to the hospital. I can't leave. My family's still up there.

Sage: Then I'm staying with you.

Nick: No, it's not safe, sage. I want you to go.

Sage: I know you're not gonna stand around and wait for good news, nick. The second I leave, you're gonna run up those stairs and try to get your family out. I'm not gonna lose you, okay? So I'm staying with you.

Adam: [Breathing heavily] Chelsea! Chelsea! Chelsea! Chelsea! Ch-- Chelsea. [Coughs] [Groans]

[Wind whistling]

Dylan: [Coughs] Nikki, Chelsea, come on. We're gonna get you -- no arguments. We're gonna get you on the chopper.

Nikki: No, I'm not going without the girls.

Abby: I'm not leaving here without Ben.

Dylan: Victoria, go with your mom. We have time to get everybody out. Come on. Let's go. Chelsea, let's go.

Luca: Dylan! Do you have room for one more? You need to get out of here. Now.

Marisa: There are others.

Noah: Marisa, I agree with Luca. You can't fight us both. You need to go. Now.

Luca: I promise we'll be together again soon, my love.

Marisa: [Breathing heavily]

Dylan: Marisa, let's go, let's go! Up the ladder. We'll get you buckled in. Come on. Let's go.

[Wind whistling]

Luca: Don't worry. She'll be safe. And I'll make sure she stays that way. I hope you two enjoyed yourselves. It won't happen again. I'll make sure of it.

[Both groaning]

Ashley: Oh. What? What? It's not just your leg, is it? What's wrong?

Stitch: There's a lot of pain. It's my, um, my ribs. They're either, uh, broken or p-punctured lung. [Breathing heavily] Can't tell if it's an injury or if it's -- it's the air. [Breathing heavily] It's getting thinner, right? Should -- should have got out of here when you had a chance.

Ashley: They're coming for us. I know they are. I'll bet they're on their way right now.

Stitch: And if they don't?

Phyllis: Oh, my god, jack, there's got to be a way out of here. Come on. Ow!

Jack: Hey, hey. You all right?

Phyllis: It's hot.

Jack: You all right? Honey, the door is jammed. Even if it wasn't, we don't know what's right outside the door. Could be more flames. We're safer in here.


Phyllis: [Gasps]

Jack: Oh, thank god.

Patty: [Grunts]

Jack: Patty?

Billy: [Coughs]

[Fire extinguisher hisses]

Victor: Stitch, is that you?

Billy: God, it's Adam.

Victor: Adam?

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