Y&R Transcript Monday 11/2/15


Episode # 10788 ~ Danger looms large at the Delia Project gala; Stitch puts his life on the line; Devon is reunited with Hilary.

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Paul: All right. Keep it up and -- and keep me

Mariah: Okay, you guys, let's get up for the parade. Come on. Line up. No? Okay, hi, Mr. Robot, do you mind getting your head out of your laptop so you can help me out here?

Kevin: Give me just a second.

Mariah: Really?

Billy: Hey. So is this the drop-off for the parade?

Mariah: Oh. More -- more kids. That's -- that's great.

Kevin: Way to inspire confidence in the people trusting us with their children.

Mariah: [Scoffs]

Billy: You sure about this?

Victoria: Nick says Mariah's tough act is just a cover.

Billy: Good cover.

Victoria: Well, Kevin's here. They'll be fine.

Billy: [Chuckles] So Kevin is the grown-up? Okay.

Victoria: Okay, yeah, we're here now.

Kevin: Hi.

Victoria: Hi.

Kevin: Hey, Johnny. Sorry. Simba. How's it going? And who are you, Katherine?

Mariah: A ladybug.

Kevin: I was talking to her.

Mariah: She can't talk.

Kevin: Yeah, but it's part of what you do with kids. You talk to them.

Mariah: Do you?

Billy: [Chuckles] Yeah, you sure you're sure about this?

Victoria: I'm sure. They'll be fine.

Billy: Right.

Lily: Wow. This is gorgeous. I love it.

Abby: I know. I can't stop looking at it.

Ashley: It is beautiful, isn't it?

Lily: Aww. Well, this calls for a toast, definitely.

Lauren: Oh, my god. Is that what I think it is?!

Abby: Yes.

Lily: Yes, Abby's engaged.

Lauren: Oh, okay, let me look. It's absolutely beautiful.

Abby: Thank you. [Chuckles]

Phyllis: Is it working?

Jack: Is what working?

Phyllis: Focusing on your bewitching wife? I'm supposed to get you to forget about everything outside of this room, including Adam.

Jack: Yeah, it's working.

Phyllis: I think you're lying.

Jack: You know what? I would worry about anyone who has Victor Newman for a father. Do you know he tried to convince Adam to run?

Phyllis: Does that surprise you?

Jack: No, frankly, nothing Victor does anymore surprises me.

Sage: I want to say thank you for accepting me into your family. I gave you a really hard time when we first met, and I said some awful things.

Victor: But you have made up for it.

Sage: I have?

Victor: Yes.

Sage: How?

Victor: You gave your son, my grandson, my name. And that means a hell of a lot to me.

Sage: Well, I never really had a family, and I know how important yours is to you, so having a son named after his grandfather means a lot to me, too.

Victor: I appreciate it. Cheers.

Sage: Cheers.

Noah: That seems to be going well.

Nick: Yeah.

Noah: And, uh, you being here, does that mean things are looking up for my brother, too?

Nick: You know, Christian's come a long way. He's got a lot longer to go, though. After the parade, we're gonna head back over there and be with him.

Noah: There's Marisa.

Nick: Wow. Who's that dude she's with?

Noah: Her husband.

Nick: Her what?

Noah: She's not "with" him.

Nikki: How you doing, Chelsea?

Chelsea: You mean for someone trying to get used to the idea of living her life alone?

Nikki: You are not alone. You have Connor, and you have the entire Newman family behind you.

Chelsea: I appreciate that, Nikki, and I know Adam does, too.

[Knock on door]

Michael: Hey.

Adam: What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be at the benefit with the rest of Genoa city?

Michael: I wanted to check on you before I headed out to join Lauren.

Adam: Nice of you. Nice costume.

Michael: Yeah. It's in the car.

[Door opens]

Christine: May I come in?

Adam: Great.

[Door closes]

Christine: I just wanted you both to know that I just spoke with the warden at Walworth, and I told him to expect you tonight.

Stitch: Devon.

Devon: Hey. Have you gotten Hilary's test results back in?

Stitch: They're backed up in the lab.

Devon: All right. Um, stitch, can you explain something to me? You said when you found her, she had had an iv in her arm and she was out of it, right?

Stitch: Yeah, that's right.

Devon: Is that why she's so confused right now? 'Cause someone's been feeding her drugs or something?

Stitch: Hey, like I told you, I'll know more once I see the tox screen. In the meantime, you got your wife back. It's got to be a huge relief.

Devon: Yeah, of course it is. It absolutely is. I just -- I wish that I was the one comforting her.

Dylan: Why is she so afraid of you?

Hilary: What's going on, Neil? Why am I in the hospital?

Neil: Hilary, you had an accident.

Hilary: An accident?

Neil: Yeah, you did. You went on a hike, and you fell.

Hilary: Okay. And why are the police here?

Paul: Hilary, uh, there was a witness that saw you arguing with someone before the fall. Do you remember who it was?

Adam: You're moving me to prison tonight?

Christine: Yes.

Michael: No! He's recovering from major surgery! Less than 24 hours ago, he couldn't breathe on his own!

Christine: And I realize that, but he seems to be doing a lot better.

Michael: Here in the hospital.

Christine: And there's a hospital ward at Walworth.

Michael: What is the rush to have Adam transferred? No matter when you move him, he'd still be serving 10 years.

Christine: Michael, your client postponed going to prison for two years. I am not about to let him use his injuries to delay his punishment for one more day.

Billy: Good evening, everyone, and welcome. I want to take a second to thank you all for being here tonight, for honoring my daughter and giving so generously on behalf of the Delia project. Dee Dee would have been really happy to know that because of her, there is gonna be a lot of kids out there who may not have ever had the opportunity that are gonna get to learn about music and dance and theater and the visual arts, and she would have loved that the money was being raised on Halloween, because this was her favorite night of the year. In fact, if she were here, I think she'd proclaim this the best night ever.

[Light laughter]

Billy: And I would have agreed with her. You guys have made this a really special night, and on behalf of the Delia project, I'm very grateful. I want to extend a special thanks to Nikki Newman and to Phyllis Abbott for organizing this evening and also to Victor Newman for clearing out the cobwebs on this ballroom and letting us use it for the event. So, thank you all very much. Speech over. Get back to partying.


Jack: Well, I guess I owe you a thank you for helping us honor Delia this way.

Victor: I adored that little girl. No one is more deserving of this honor.

Jack: Thank god it's all gone off without a hitch. No sign of the paragon project raising its ugly head.

Victor: So far.

Joe: Is it hot in here, or is it just me?

Lily: Hey. I was looking for you earlier.

Joe: Yeah? Were you?

Lily: Yeah, I wanted to say thank you for helping with Mattie and Charlie.

Joe: My pleasure.

[Cell phone rings]

Lily: Cane, hey, I'm at the Delia project event.

Cane: All right, um, I have news.

Lily: If it has to do with Hilary...

Cane: They found her.

Lily: What? Where? Is she okay?

Cane: Apparently she was heavily sedated, but she's okay. But until she wakes up, we won't know what happened to her or where she was. Uh, Paul and Dylan are trying to put together loose pieces right now.

Lily: Did they question you?

Cane: Wait. You still think I had something to do with this, after I call you to tell you how relieved and happy I am that Hilary's been found?

Lily: Cane, I didn't say that.

Joe: No, no, no, what is he saying? Why is he talking to you like that?

Cane: Hang on a sec. Is that Joe? Is Joe there? Is Joe with you?

Lily: Yes, he -- [Sighs] It's not what you think. I mean, he's just -- he's just here.

Cane: Okay, well, then I'm gonna be there soon.

Lily: No, I told you not to come.

Cane: Listen, if he's there with my kids, I'm going to be there, as well. I will see you soon.

Devon: Hilary is obviously confused and disoriented. I'm assuming now that that's common for people who have gone through something like this.

Dylan: Something like what?

Devon: Well, everything that she's been through. She's been held and drugged for months. And if she did fall from the cliff like people are saying, she could have had a head injury.

Stitch: That all can contribute to her current state.

Dylan: Yeah, but that still doesn't explain why she's scared of Devon. And she doesn't seem to be afraid of Neil.

Devon: And what are you implying with that, Dylan? Do you think I had something to do with her fall?

Dylan: [Sighs] Did you?

Devon: Hilary is everything to me. There is no way in the world I would hurt my wife.

Paul: Hilary, do you have any memory of being on a hiking trail?

Hilary: No, I don't.

Paul: What about arguing with someone or the fall or --

Hilary: I'm sorry.

Neil: Do you have to do this right now? Obviously the woman is overwhelmed. She's exhausted.

Paul: Okay, just a few more questions. Can you tell me where you were being held, where you were kept, who was holding you?

Hilary: Kept? I-I thought I was on a hike. I --

Neil: You were on a hike, but after, you went missing. The authorities, everyone -- everyone's been looking for you for the past couple of months.

Hilary: A couple of months? How is that even possible? Why don't I remember anything?

Neil: Because you had a head injury and lost your memory.

Hilary: Okay, this doesn't make any sense. I mean, I was on a hike alone? Why? Where?

Paul: No, you weren't alone. You were on your honeymoon.

Hilary: My honeymoon? No. Neil and I, we -- we were too busy with work. We never went on a honeymoon. We had a hot dog and cake in bed, remember? Okay, Neil, what -- what is going on?

Neil: You -- you and I didn't go on a honeymoon.

Hilary: Okay, so then why is Paul saying that that's when I fell?

Neil: Because... you and Devon did.

Hilary: What?

Neil: Yeah. That's right. You and Devon -- Hilary, you got married to Devon.

Hilary: No, why are you saying these things? I'm married to you! I-I love you! I would never marry Devon! through this together.

Paul: Devon, really, I think maybe you should wait outside.

Devon: I really think that Neil and I can help Hilary sort through this together.

Neil: Yeah, I-I agree. That's a good idea. What do you say?

Hilary: If that's what you want.

Paul: Okay, I, uh, I'll wait in the hall.

Devon: Thanks.

Neil: [Sighs] All right, look, I-I know that this is overwhelming for you, realizing that you lost so much time of your life.

Hilary: I don't care how much time I lost. I know who my husband is, Neil. It's you.

Devon: I understand that you're confused, and I don't blame you. But you -- you have to know that we're married.

Hilary: No, that's not possible.

Devon: Maybe if I tell you about our wedding day, that might help you remember things.

Hilary: I can't remember something that didn't happen!

Devon: Just can you -- can you just hear me out about it?

Neil: It's okay.

Hilary: [Sighs]

Devon: We got married on the rooftop of the GCAC, which is where we live together. All of our friends and family were there. Mattie and Charlie were the flower girl and the ring bearer. And you looked so beautiful that day. We both couldn't wait to marry each other. You even cut off the minister mid-ceremony. We said our vows, and we exchanged these rings, these rings that we're wearing right now. We gave those to each other and promised to love each other forever. And then I took you on our honeymoon to the virgin islands.

Hilary: The virgin islands?

Devon: You remember something?

Paul: No, no, I was just surprised. I thought you were going to be at the benefit for the Delia project.

Christine: I had some business to take care of.

Paul: Adam Newman business?

Christine: Yeah, he's awake, he's talking. He's healthy enough to be transferred to prison.

Paul: Oh.

Stitch: What? Says who?

Christine: The state of Wisconsin.

Stitch: Adam may be a convicted felon, but he's my patient, who was just hit by a car and underwent major surgery.

Christine: And he's recovering from that.

Stitch: He could still have underlying issues that haven't surfaced yet.

Christine: And the prison doctor will tend to him.

Stitch: It's too soon.

Christine: [Sighs] I disagree.

Stitch: Well, with all due respect, it's not your call.

[Cell phone chimes]

Stitch: [Sighs] I got to go. And I won't be signing Adam Newman's release papers, okay?

Paul: Look, there is an officer on Adam Newman's door.

Christine: Okay, and we both know that's not enough to keep Adam from bolting. I will do whatever I have to to make sure he stays right where he is.

Michael: Christine cannot do anything without your doctor's authorization.

Adam: I know it seems kind of selfish, but I was hoping to get a little more time before they hauled me off, you know? Hoping Chelsea can bring Connor by one last time. I'd like to see him in his Halloween costume, you know. I'm already gonna miss so much of his life anyway.

[Cell phone rings]

Michael: Oh. Sorry. Hey, baby, what's up?

Lauren: Hi. I was wondering if you were on your way. The children's costume parade is about to start.

Michael: Look, uh, sweetie, do me a favor. Hang up, and I will call you right back on viewchat, okay?

Lauren: Okay. Hi. What's going on?

Michael: [Chuckles] I'm with Adam.

Lauren: Michael.

Michael: He just wants to see his son in his Halloween costume.

Lauren: Okay.

Billy: And now, ladies and gentlemen, we present the Halloween costume parade.


[Cheers and applause]

Nick: Oh, yeah.

Michael: Got to be there somewhere.

Adam: Yeah.


Michael: Yes!

Adam: Oh, look, he's a bat.

Michael: [Laughs]

Adam: Oh, he's cute.

Michael: Adorable.

Adam: Oh, that's great.

Michael: [Laughs]

Adam: That's great.

Michael: Oh, look at them all.

Lauren: Chelsea! Chelsea, come here.

Chelsea: What's up?

Lauren: Michael's with Adam. Your husband wanted to see your son in the parade.

Chelsea: Thank you. Hi. What'd you think of our boy?

Adam: Yeah. Yeah, he's, um...

Chelsea: Yeah. He is.

[Cheers and applause]

Victor: Kevin. Thank you very much for helping with the children, but do me a favor. Keep an eye on the security system, all right?

Kevin: I have been. I'll check again when I get back to the break room.

Victor: Anything wrong, you let me know.

Kevin: Will do.

Victor: Okay. Well?

Chelsea: Hi. Uh, Lauren showed Adam the parade on her phone.

Victor: How nice. How nice of you.

Lauren: Thank you.

Victor: Yeah.

Lauren: You want to say goodbye? It looks like they want you.

Chelsea: Sure. Well, um, I'm really glad you convinced me to bring Connor to the party.

Adam: I'm glad I got to see him in his costume. That's something I'll hold on to for a really long time. Looks like a good time. You should get back to the party, okay? Do me a favor -- give Connor a big hug for me, please.

Chelsea: I will. Thanks.

Victor: Thank you, Lauren.

Chelsea: [Sighs]

Devon: Sweetheart, we took a helicopter ride over the entire island. You thought it was stunning.

Hilary: No, stop it! Stop it, all right?! Stop saying these things! They're not true!

Devon: They are true. They're very, very true, okay? Neil, can you please? Can you -- can you tell her?

Neil: Yeah. Listen, Hilary, everything he's saying is true. You and I were married, but we got divorced months ago.

Hilary: I'm not listening to this.

Neil: You're gonna have to listen to this. We got divorced because you fell in love with this guy. I found out that the two of you were having an affair behind my back.

Hilary: Neil, I would never cheat on you, okay, especially not with your son!

Neil: Yes, you -- you did. I caught you red-handed in bed together.

Hilary: Why? Why would I do that?

Marisa: [Sighs] Seeing all the children makes me miss my daughter more than ever. Has Kevin had any luck finding her?

Noah: Not yet. I'm sorry.

Marisa: I knew -- I knew it would take time. But I just... I want her with me so badly.

Noah: I know.

Luca: There you are. Are you crying?

Marisa: Noah's way of paying me back for leaving him is to be cruel.

Luca: This is a charity event, Noah. We don't want things to get ugly, do we?

Noah: Too late.

Ashley: Hi.

Abby: Hi.

Ashley: Wasn't that parade just so adorable?

Abby: So adorable. It's crazy to think that in a couple years, Ben and I could have a little one in the parade. [Chuckles]

Ashley: Have you seen him?

Abby: Uh, no. He should be here any time, though.

Ashley: Oh.

Stitch: [Sighs] Hey, Walt.

Evening, dr. Rayburn. Gonna have to wait for the elevator. Out of service.

Stitch: Out of service? Man, how long is it gonna be down for?

Well, could be awhile. Long way up, but you could take the stairs.

Stitch: [Laughs] God. All right, well, I guess I better do it. I don't want to keep Abby waiting any longer than I already have. All right, see you, man.

All right, have a nice night.

Stitch: You, too. Ugh.

Charlie: Mariah, did you talk to our daddy?

Mattie: We thought he would be here, but we never saw him.

Mariah: Well, you know, I'm sure he's on his way. He's probably in the building right now. He just can't get up because of the elevators. Know what? He's probably running up the stairs right now. He's huffing and he's puffing. He's trying to get to you guys. Don't worry about it, okay? Um, did you figure out why the elevators aren't working?

Kevin: No, not yet. Hey, guys, I'll tell you what. I'm gonna run down the hall for a minute, and if I see your dad, I'm gonna send him in here to see you, okay?

Charlie: Okay, Kevin.

Kevin: Cool. Um, I'm gonna go check on the elevators again. Just keep an eye on the kids.

Mariah: You're -- you're leaving me with these maniacs.

Kevin: I'll be right back. You're doing great.

Mariah: Um, okay, everybody. Uh, since you guys did so great in the parade, I am gonna give you guys a reward before you go home with your parents! More candy!

[Children cheer]

Mariah: One for you and you and you.

Cane: Hey, I'm here. Um, I hope I haven't missed the parade. I just had to walk up the stairs 'cause the elevators are down. I'll see you soon.

Kevin: Hey.

Cane: Hey.

Kevin: Your kids were just asking about you.

Cane: Did I miss the parade?

Kevin: You did, yeah.

Cane: [Sighs]

Kevin: They were adorable, but lots of people were taking photos and videos, so you'll get to see the whole thing.

Cane: Is this why the elevators are down?

Kevin: Uh, it's not unrelated. I just can't figure out why it's happening. Whatever the reason, though, it's not good.

Cane: I know it's not good. I just almost walked up 20 flights of stairs.

Kevin: No, it's more than that. There's an override on the system that I can't crack, and if it's on the elevators and the communications system, it could also be on the sprinklers and the alarm, which could be a real disaster for everybody upstairs.

Cane: Okay, do you want me to go back down and get security?

Kevin: I don't think there's time. Go upstairs and warn everyone. I'm gonna see if I can crack this code. We have to get people down the stairs, out of the building. Whatever's going on, it's dangerous.

Cane: [Breathing heavily]

Victor: I think it's a damn successful party, don't you?

Nikki: Well, thank you very much, kind sir. And thank you for staving off anything that could have stopped it from being a big success.

Victor: Well... talking about that, I think we might have had a reprieve so far, but I don't think it's the last we've heard of paragon.

Nick: Ah, the paragon project, my favorite subject. Thank god we are leaving.

Nikki: Oh, yeah? What? You going back to the hospital?

Nick: Yeah, as soon as we say goodbye to Noah and faith.

Nikki: All right, well, you give that baby a big kiss for me and let me know if there's anything either one of us can do for you, okay?

Nick: All right.

Sage: Thank you, Nikki.

Nikki: Oh, you're welcome, my precious.

Victor: Sage, nice to see you.

Nick: Good night, mom, dad. Love you.

Nikki: Bye, sweetheart.

Nick: Hey, dude. Uh, you all right?

Noah: Fantastic.

Nick: I just haven't seen you around.

Noah: Well, you know, no need to worry about me. I'm a big boy.

Nick: Okay, well, let's catch up later, okay?

Noah: Yeah, of course. Sounds good. Go. Go be with Christian. He needs you.

Nick: Okay.

Noah: All right. I can't keep watching you with this pretentious jerk.

Marisa: It won't be much longer.

Noah: It's been long enough already.

Marisa: Noah.

Noah: I want you. You want me, too. You can't deny it.

Marisa: Luca --

Noah: Forget him. Come with me.

Luca: Have you seen Marisa?

Victor: Yes, she just left with my grandson.

Joe: Hey.

Lily: Hey. Still no message from my dad or Devon.

Joe: Yeah? Why don't you just give them a call?

Lily: Because they're with Hilary, and I'm sure they'll call once they know what's going on.

Joe: That call with cane really stressed you out, huh? I hate seeing you like this.

Lily: [Sighs] Yeah, I mean, he said he was gonna come here tonight, and I'm really glad he didn't. I know the kids would have loved it, but I don't think I could have handled it.

Joe: Well, maybe now you can relax and enjoy the evening now that you know cane won't be a problem.

Stitch: [Breathing heavily] Oh, man. [Sighs] [Sniffs]

Adam: It was above -- above and beyond your duties as my attorney. I appreciate that.

Michael: Well, before you give up all hope, listen, I still got a few legal tricks up my sleeve.

Adam: You know, I appreciate your optimism, but I think it's time we start living in reality, Michael, which is me not seeing my son for the next 10 years.

Michael: Hmm. Well, will you at least give me permission to file an appeal before you throw in the towel?

Adam: Why are you willing to risk all the wrath from your friends and family just to help me? What -- what are you doing?

Michael: Avery bailey Clark. She taught me what it means to do what you feel is right. She also taught me that it's never easy.

Adam: You know, I've been over that night in my head a million times. [Sighs] And I'm... I don't know why I didn't just calm down before I got in the car, you know? Or -- or why did I have to take that route? What -- I'd give anything to take that back... give Billy and Chloe their daughter back. I'd give anything.

Michael: Stop. Stop it. No matter what Christine says, what happened to Delia, it was an accident. And I'm never gonna stop trying to prove that.

Victoria: How's Adam doing?

Chelsea: He's getting better. Which is kind of good news and bad news. I mean, of course I want Adam well, but...

Phyllis: Well, I'm sure Christine has all the paperwork done, all the I's dotted and the T's crossed.

Victoria: She's just doing her job.

Phyllis: Well, she doesn't need to enjoy it so much.

Chelsea: Adam is ready to accept his punishment, and he's very grateful that you forgave him, Billy.

Jack: That was very brave of you, Billy. Dad would have been very proud of you.

Billy: I did what I needed to do for myself.

Chelsea: Well, it meant a lot to Adam, and one day, it will mean a lot to Connor.

Billy: Listen, can I talk to you alone for a minute?

Chelsea: Sure.

Billy: Excuse us.

Jack: Well, it's true what they say.

Phyllis: Which is what?

Jack: After a tragedy, things split between before and after. The old Billy is gone.

Victoria: Yes, but the man he's become is better, stronger. He's more responsible. Those are good things.

Jack: Yeah, they are, but... you're right. They are.

Billy: So I was wondering what happens next for you, after Adam goes to prison.

Chelsea: I just want Connor to have the best life possible. So I'm gonna do whatever it takes to make that happen. It's just gonna be so hard to do without Adam.

Billy: Well, you know, if there's anything I can do -- sports, father-son stuff...

Chelsea: Thank you.

Billy: I'd like to be able to do something for you, too, but...

Chelsea: Billy.

Billy: No, it's okay. You never got over Adam even when you thought he was dead, so...

Chelsea: I never meant to hurt you. It's just...

Billy: You and Adam have the same kind of love that Victoria and I have. It never dies. No matter what life throws at you.

Stitch: [Groans] [Coughing] [Breathing heavily] [Coughing]

Marisa: No, we shouldn't. We shouldn't.

Noah: We definitely should.

Paul: I know some things that have happened that have cast suspicion on Devon. But I don't believe he's lying about what he knows. The guy was out of his mind with worry.

Dylan: Okay. All right, if Devon's telling the truth and cane is sticking to his story about not being involved in the kidnapping, now what?

Paul: [Sighs] Now we wait for Hilary to remember.

Hilary: Me and Devon? An affair?

Neil: Yeah. Yeah. It's true.

Hilary: Why would I cheat on you? And with your son? And you! You slept with your father's wife?! What is --

Devon: Hilary, Hilary, Hilary. We didn't mean to hurt Neil's feelings, okay? You and I are in love, and we tried to fight it --

Hilary: Okay, stop saying that, okay?! I don't love you! I love Neil. God, I-I am so sorry for betraying you, Neil.

Neil: I was hurt and angry at first, but, Hilary, I moved on from there. I'm just so grateful that you're alive and well now. You hear me?

Devon: We all are. I've been worried like crazy since you've been gone, and now you're back where you belong.

Hilary: Okay, you need to go.

Devon: Why do you want me to go?

Hilary: Because I don't want you here. You need to leave. Now!

Devon: Hilary.

Hilary: You need to go!

Neil: Wait, wait, wait, both of you. Hey, she's gonna need a little bit of time to process.

Devon: But --

Neil: No, no, no. You keep pushing her and it's gonna make things worse. I'm gonna stay with her. You go.

Devon: I'm gonna leave, all right? I will be back.

Neil: [Sighs]

Hilary: Neil.

Christine: So, your doctors say that you're still recovering from your injuries, so you won't go to Walworth tonight. However, as soon as you are physically able, you will be moved.

Adam: Back to the status quo.

Christine: With one adjustment.

Michael: Oh, c-- Christine, is that really necessary?

Christine: I am not taking any chances. Adam escaped justice before. He's not getting away again.

Faith: Daddy, did you see me in the parade?

Nick: How could I miss you? It's the best costume ever!

Faith: [Chuckles]

Mariah: Excuse me.

Faith: Congratulations, Mariah. Second place.

Sage: [Laughs]

Nick: Second.

Mariah: Oh, that's how it is. Okay. Well, can't argue with that.

Nick: All right, listen, kiddo, we really need to get back to Christian, so we'll see you in the morning, okay?

Faith: Mariah's getting ready to tell a scary story. Can you stay for it? Please?

Sage: It's okay.

Nick: All right. One story. But it better be good.

Mariah: It's the best. I am the best. Okay, everybody, why don't you grab a seat and I want you to hold on to your masks, because the Halloween story that I am about to tell you is gonna scare the -- ...is gonna frighten the devil out of you!

All: Oooh!

Mariah: All right. Here it goes. So, one night, a mom and her two kids went on vacation, and they were driving down a long, long, windy road in the dark. Suddenly, their car stops.

Kevin: Paragon's back.

Mariah: But that doesn't make any sense, because the mom just filled up at the last gas station.

Luca: Marisa. I found you. I thought you'd wandered off.

Stitch: [Breathlessly] Abby.

Abby: Hey, babe. Oh, I love the zombie costume. You missed the kiddie parade, but there's plenty of food still.

Stitch: No, no, Abby. Abby, t-there's a fire.

Abby: What?

Stitch: A fire. Everyone! The building is on fire! We have to get out of here now!

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Patty: This is your aunt patty. I'm in town, and I really need to see you. It's important.

Adam: I'm begging you! Newman tower's on fire! You got to help me get out of here, please!

Chelsea: I have to get to Connor.

Jack: Chelsea --

Chelsea: Let me go!

Nikki: Oh, my god. What is happening?

Victor: You stay here. Help is on the way.

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