Y&R Transcript Friday 10/30/15


Episode # 10787 ~ Unexpected danger looms at the Delia Project's Halloween gala; Devon and Neil's search for Hilary takes a shocking turn.

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Lily: Let's fix these wings, 'cause the candy fairy can't fly if they're crooked, right?

Mattie: [Giggles]

Lily: And you are the scariest werewolf ever! Rowr!

Charlie: [Growls]

Cane: All I did was tell the reporter the truth -- that I saw Hilary, and then she was gone. [Sighs] Listen, I know how it sounds. Oh, this is great. So my own attorney thinks I'm lying. You know, the only person who believes me is my father-in-law, and I don't know if I can trust him. I'm gonna call you tomorrow. I have to go. [Sighs] Wow! And wow!

Both: Daddy!

Cane: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

Mattie: Can I sign your cast?

Cane: Aw, sweetheart, it's not that sort of cast. Look at you, huh? You guys look great. Are you ready for some mad trick-or-treating?

Both: Yeah!

Lily: Oh, uh, we're -- we're going to the Delia project Halloween party.

Cane: Yeah, yeah, I know. It's in the top of the tower. Thanks, little buddy.

Lily: Yeah, there's a kids parade, so they're really excited about it.

Cane: Can you guys go and practice your mad trick-or-treating skills with the front desk for me for a second while I talk to mom?

Both: Yeah.

Cane: Thank you. You know, I would like to spend some of Halloween with them, if that's okay.

Lily: Well, we have plans.

Cane: I can come along.

Lily: It's a costume party.

Cane: I can go as an extortionist with a broken elbow.

Lily: Cane, don't.

Cane: Are you trying to keep my kids away from me? Is that what you're trying to do?

Lily: Because you're out of control.

Cane: So you think that they have to be protected from me? Really?

Devon: It's a lie after lie after lie. This two-faced son of a bitch has been doing nothing but lying to me for months! We find the ransom in his gym bag in his house, but he claims he's being set up. Then we find the hoodie in his locker. He doesn't remember putting it there. And now he's claiming that he saw Hilary in the park, and then she just up and disappeared. He's playing with us all, all right? He's wasting our time. You guys don't --

Dylan: Or... Cane could be telling the truth.

Gwen: Hilary was right in front of me, and I lost her.

Neil: Well, at -- at least she was at the hospital, right? So, how was she? Did -- did you talk to her?

Gwen: She was disoriented, upset. But she recognized me, said she wanted to call her husband.

Neil: Okay, that's good. That's good. Let's hope that she stays at that hospital. She's getting the care that she needs, right? Maybe somebody recognized her.

Dr. Neville: Someone did. Me.

Neil: Well, thank god, man. Where is she?

Dr. Neville: Sadly, Mrs. Hamilton is still at that village idiots convention some ironically call a hospital. But not to worry. I took care of our problem. She's not about to wander off or go anywhere.

Neil: What have you done?

Jack: Very impressive.

Victor: Well, now. What appropriate attire. Considering you've been trying to suck the lifeblood out of Newman enterprises.

Jack: Ashley has ordered that all of those buys be undone. She's the C.E.O.

Ashley: That's right. I have to admit, it was slightly entertaining, making all those purchases.

Victor: Yes, well, it all went all right for your company until the virus started attacking you, as well.

Ashley: Yes, well, hopefully, that's under control now.

Victor: Yeah, well, I certainly hope so. I don't want anything to interfere with tonight's festivities in memory of Delia. And, of course, this is also for Newman enterprises.

Jack: Well, good of you to give Delia top billing.

Victor: Well, I think we were all terribly affected by her tragic death. Now, this is also an opportunity, though, to show the business community that Newman enterprises is as strong as ever, if not stronger.

Jack: Until paragon strikes again.

Victor: Well, that won't happen, because Kevin just arrived, and he's gonna see to it that that won't happen.

Ashley: Are there any updates, Kevin?

Kevin: Uh, the power outage -- the elevator twigged me, but that was not paragon-related. I'm gonna monitor the Newman and the Jabot system from Victor's office. I'm also gonna introduce an advanced ASLR to attack the worm.

Ashley: What's an ASLR?

Kevin: Address space layout randomization.

Victor: Mm.

Ashley: I'm so happy I asked.

Kevin: All right. I'm gonna get on that.

Jack: Hang on, Kevin.

Kevin: Yep.

Jack: Tonight is about Delia. If you want to be more a part of things, you can.

Kevin: I think the best way I can honor my stepdaughter is to make sure that nothing spoils tonight.

Phyllis: No more business. No more paragon virus. Tonight is about a celebration.

Victor: That's right.

Nikki: Well, aren't you the prettiest pirate I have ever seen.

Faith: Grandma, you're pretty, too. What are you?

Nikki: I am Mae west. Little ahead of your time, kid. Listen. How would you like to lead the children's parade and show these little ones how it's done?

Faith: Okay! Can we take a picture to show Christian?

Nick: [Scoffs] Yeah, we're doing that.

Faith: [Chuckles]

Nick: Looks like you're gonna have your hands full.

Nikki: Yeah, well, the drakes offered to manage the parade and get the kids upstairs, but they just canceled.

Nick: Mom, you're a genius at this stuff. You'll figure something out.

Nikki: I was hoping you would bring sage with you.

Nick: You know, I asked. Uh, she didn't want to leave Christian at the hospital, so I'm gonna meet up with her there later.

Nikki: Could you talk to her again? I mean, I understand that she doesn't want to let Christian out of her sight, but it'd be good for her to get out of the hospital, clear her head, get a glimpse of what she has to come with your son.

Nick: [Chuckles] You are a wise woman, miss west.

Nikki: Well, as Mae said, "too much of a good thing can be wonderful."

Nick: [Chuckles]

Nikki: And that's what I want for you and sage and the baby -- wonderful. Mwah. See you later.

Nick: Thanks, Mom. [Sighs] [Grunts]

Chelsea: Hey.

Nick: Hey! Best costume ever. Bat boy!

[Both chuckle]

Nick: I'm glad to see you. I didn't think you'd come.

Chelsea: It was Adam's idea. He wants me to honor Delia. Plus, he wants Connor to be able to enjoy Halloween.

Nick: That's good thinking on his part.

Faith: Look, it's the devil.

Nick: Devil? Who is that masked man?

Nick: Trick or treat.

Sage: Hey.

Nick: How's our boy?

Sage: He's hanging in there. I should be happy, right?

Nick: Hey, no news is definitely a good thing.

Sage: [Sighs] I just hate seeing him like this.

Nick: Well, you know what I hate? Seeing his mother unhappy. So Christian and I both think that you should join faith and me here -- a little laughter, some sugar rush. What do you think?

Sage: [Chuckles] That's what Christian would want?

Nick: Uh, it's -- it's more me, probably. Definitely more me.

Sage: I don't think I can get a costume together in time.

Nick: Is that a yes?

Sage: I don't know.

Nick: Well, think about it. I love you.

Sage: I love you, too.

Chelsea: She, uh -- she didn't want to leave Christian?

Nick: [Sighs]

Chelsea: Yeah, I get it. Adam had to practically throw me out of his hospital room. I'm just greedy for every second I can spend with him before he, you know, goes away.

Nick: His medical condition doesn't change anything?

Chelsea: He goes to jail the second he's well enough. Christine would've practically scooped him up off the operating table if she could've. [Sighs] How am I gonna do this, nick? Adam keeps telling me he wants me to give Connor a normal life. 10 years. That's 10 birthdays, 10 Christmases, a million soccer games... [Voice breaking] I mean, I know Adam needs to be punished for what he did, but now Connor's gonna be punished, as well. I mean, it's not right.

Nick: It'll be all right.

Chelsea: [Sighs]

Dylan: Look, it doesn't make sense that Cane would lie about seeing Hilary. Why would he set himself up for more scrutiny?

Devon: To cover his tracks? To make himself look like the hero? To confuse us? I mean, pick one. He's guilty as hell. He's doing everything he can to distract us from finding Hilary. If you don't see this, get off the case.

Paul: O-okay. Devon, hold on a second here. I mean, I-I completely understand your frustration. I'm with you there. But there is a definite advantage to staying at the top of the funnel here and looking at this with fresh, clean eyes. Dylan is only throwing out some options.

Devon: You want an option? Cane is guilty. Lily, his own wife, has stopped defending him. Is there just too much evidence for you guys to see, or what?

Dylan: Devon, we -- we all want the same thing.

Devon: Then why are we standing here making up excuses for Cane? No more "what if's. No more theories. No more defending the guy who's obviously guilty! No more wasting time! I mean, what is it gonna take for you guys to do your damn job -- Hilary turning up dead?!

Dylan: [Exhales sharply] I'd like to speak to Cane. With your permission.

Paul: So you really think he's innocent?

Dylan: I'm just going with my gut. And if it turns out that -- that Cane is telling the truth, I mean, we owe it to Devon, we owe it to everybody, to find out.

Neil: What did you do to Hilary?

Dr. Neville: What any rational person would do.

Neil: What did you do?

Dr. Neville: She was upset. She was starting to make a scene, so I gave her a small injection.

Neil: You -- you sedated her?

Dr. Neville: For her own good. Well, I could hardly afford to carry her out of memorial draped over my shoulder, could I? Mr. Winters, please. I'm telling you, she's fine. She's resting comfortably in a private room. Someone will find her.

Gwen: But when? That could be hours.

Dr. Neville: Exactly, therein lying the beauty of the situation. I, for one, intend to use that time to make a head start out of town.

Neil: A head start? What are you doing? What -- what -- what? What are you doing? You're running away?

Dr. Neville: No, absolutely not. I'm relocating. And I strongly suggest that we all take full advantage of this very serendipitous opportunity.

Gwen: I don't understand. I mean, you've done nothing wrong. Your methods might be unconventional, but you brought a woman back to life. You brought her out of a coma.

Dr. Neville: If that's a thank-you, then you're welcome. I bid you adieu,

Neil: No, no, no, no. No, no. You stay right there. I-I need to know why you're trying to get out of town so fast.

Dr. Neville: Because it happened too quickly. I wasn't in control. The patient was supposed to be restored to a fully cognitive state gradually over time. She wasn't supposed to stampede for the exit. [Sighs] I'm amazed she was able to stand, much less go AWOL.

Neil: Maybe she woke up, and she saw this strange man -- that would be you -- asleep in the chair. And she got scared.

Dr. Neville: I don't know. But because of her actions, I wasn't able to do my job. I wasn't able to analyze systemic responses. I wasn't able to diagnose theta patterns. I wasn't able to run endocrine or gastrointestinal panels. This is the lifeblood of my work. It's what I'm here for. I can't publish without that data. I haven't got the data because she made a mess of everything.

Gwen: You're blaming Hilary?

Dr. Neville: No. No. No, it wasn't supposed to happen like this. There was a protocol in place. None of this was supposed to happen.

Neil: But it did. You see, and now you're flying out of here like a bat out of hell, aren't you? Why?

Dr. Neville: [Sighs] It was always a long shot. The fact is, I was willing to do things that others wouldn't do. I saturated the woman's body with medications, drugs, and combinations those chimps over at memorial would never dream of -- of trying. My protocol is years ahead of the curve. I even warned you there was no guarantee.

Neil: You call yourself a creative genius, right? But you may have created some permanent fatal damage in this woman. Let me ask you something. Did you revive her just so we could lose her all over again?

Emma: Oh, my god. The whole world's looking for you.

Lily: I don't think the kids need protecting from you.

Cane: Okay, great. Then let me spend time with them and come to the benefit with you.

Lily: And what are you gonna do -- bring the circus with you? You're all over the news. You're getting in fights at the drop of a hat.

Cane: I was provoked.

Lily: Just let Mattie and Charlie have fun and forget about the drama surrounding their dad. If you come, you're gonna bring the drama with you. The best thing you can do for them is just stay away.

Cane: So you're trying to keep me away from my kids? Is that what you're doing?

Lily: Don't make this worse. Let them have this night.

Cane: It can't get any worse. You've already turned your back on me.

Lily: Oh, I'm sorry. You're the one who moved out.

Cane: But you're the one who doesn't believe me.

Lily: I want to believe in you, but you're making it impossible.

Cane: So you don't believe me when I tell you I saw Hilary in the park? You don't believe me?

Lily: Cane, what I know is that you seem desperate. You will do or say anything right now, and I don't think that man should be around our children.

Cane: I am their father. And what you're doing is not right. You can't do this.

Lily: I'm sorry. We're -- we're gonna be late. We have to go.

Cane: Lily, lily, lily.

Lily: Guys, come on. Let's go.

Both: Bye, daddy!

Cane: Bye. I love you. Have fun.

Charlie: We will.

Cane: Okay. [Sighs] [Chuckles] This is great. So, what did I do now? Oh, I know. I stole candy from a baby, didn't I?

Dylan: What if I told you I don't think you're lying about Hilary?

Emma: I'm sure it's her -- Hilary Hamilton. Her picture's been everywhere for months. She's got I.V. Marks. Seems like she's been drugged.

Stitch: Yeah, it's her. Call the police.

Emma: Okay.

Stitch: Hilary? Hilary. Hey. You're in the hospital. I'm dr. Rayburn, okay? I'm gonna take care of you. Everything's gonna be okay. Hey.

Mariah: Hey! You obviously did not get the memo.

Kevin: Did you? Sorry, I've got work to do.

Mariah: Hey. Paragon?

Kevin: Yeah, another gift from Adam Newman. [Sighs]

Nikki: Well, I need someone to organize the children and lead the parade.

Phyllis: Well, I can't help you. I have to wrangle my very handsome vampire husband.

Nikki: Well -- [Sighs]

Mariah: I'll do it.

We'll do it.

Nikki: Really?

Mariah: Yeah.

Nikki: Oh, Mariah, thank you so much. And you, too, Kevin.

Kevin: But --

Nikki: It really does take a village. Well, have fun.

Mariah: Thanks.

Kevin: You, me, and a room full of children? What were you thinking?

Mariah: It'll be fun?

Kevin: I have to babysit paragon. You're on your own.

Mariah: You're the only one with actual kid experience. None of these people are gonna turn their little monsters loose into my care.

Kevin: So then why would you volunteer to do this?

Mariah: What's the alternative? Hanging out with the masters of the universe, making small talk about bags of money and portfolios? No, uh, I would rather take a room full of kids any day. So are you in?

Kevin: No. Have fun.

Mariah: Hey, please. You c-- you can work. Bring your laptop. Just give me some guidance.

Kevin: Because you're known for listening to advice?

Mariah: Tonight is for a good cause, Delia's project. You have to make an appearance. Why not be at the head of the parade?

Kevin: Is -- is tonight about Delia, or is it about Victor making Newman enterprises look good? Because his son killed Delia and broke Chloe and still hasn't seen the inside of a prison cell.

Mariah: I'm so sorry, Kevin.

Kevin: [Sighs] She would've loved this party. The parade, all this candy. [Sighs]

Mariah: Does that mean you'll help me out?

Abby: Hey, guys.

Victor: Well, my goodness.

Jack: Hey! Look at you.

Abby: Hi! Mwah.

Victor: Don't you look pretty?

Abby: Thank you.

Victor: My goodness.

Ashley: Abby. Where's your fiancé?

Victor: What do you mean, "where's your fiancé?"

Abby: [Chuckles]

Victor: What's she talking about? Whoa! Stitch should've asked me for permission, don't you think?

Ashley: Well, actually, he asked me.

Mariah: You are not gonna regret this.

Kevin: I already do.

Mariah: All right. We have got this covered. You're free to go.

Nick: You're in charge? This should be good.

Chelsea: I can stay and help you guys if you want.

Mariah: It's just a few kids. How hard could it be? Go! Go! Hang with the grownups! It's fine!

Chelsea: Okay.

Nick: Let's go.

Chelsea: Have fun!

Mariah: Oh. Oh, hi.

Nick: Yeah.

Chelsea: Okay. Here. Say hi.

Mariah: Okay. Hi, there.

Kevin: Hey, guys.

Mariah: Oh, my. Hi. Um... uh, you're on bat patrol.

Kevin: Oh, okay. Hey, bud. Listen, we're gonna do a little, uh, Halloween 101, okay? I'm gonna teach you all about trick-or-treating, 'cause I learned from the best. Her name was Delia.

Dr. Neville: Be happy with the medical miracle I've handed you. What I was able to accomplish -- what we were able to accomplish, it's revolutionary. Unfortunately, it will most probably be misinterpreted, so if you don't mind, I'm gonna get out of Genoa city ahead of the tar and feathers. [Sighs] If I was a-a superstitious man, I would bid you both good luck. But I'm not, so...

Gwen: Just a few hours ago, we were so hopeful.

Neil: Hilary's gonna get the help that she needs now, and, you know, that's what counts.

Gwen: What about you? Us? I mean, if Hilary can't explain what happened and she can't back you up -- I hear there's no extradition in the Maldives.

Neil: Oh, no. No, Gwen. I'm not gonna run. I knew this day was coming. I'm gonna stand right here, right here, and I'm gonna be a man.

Gwen: What if she can't explain what happened? What if nobody believes you?

Neil: That's a risk that I'm gonna have to take. 'Cause I'm gonna do the right thing. Do you realize what I've done to Cane's life, to the family? His life has been destroyed. It's in rubble. I-I have to clear his name. I have to.

Gwen: You're a good man.

Neil: I have made a mess out of so many lives here. I have. And it ends right now. Okay, here's what I want you to do, all right, pretty girl? I want you to pack a bag, and I want you to get out of town until all this blows over. Can you do that for me?

Gwen: I'm already in deep. And the only place I'm going is to the hospital, with you. We're gonna find Hilary before the police do and make sure that she can tell them the truth.

Devon: I just have to be honest with myself. All the empty searches and the false leads... you know? She died. Maybe here or maybe in virgin Gorda...on the beach... on those rocks. I was kidding myself to think that she could've survived that.

Paul: You know, I-I-I wish you would listen to me. There is absolutely no reason to talk like this. If Cane is telling the truth, Hilary is alive.

Devon: She's not alive, though, Paul. She's not alive. Just to even say that is... Cane has no idea what I've been through. And what I've done. And that I'd give anything to take it back and do things over again.

Cane: If you want to know what happened, it is all in the police report. You can just go and read it.

Dylan: Cane, I'm -- I'm on your side.

Cane: Until you don't believe me.

Dylan: Well, if you're telling the truth, which I think you are, then I'm on your side. I just need some details.

Cane: All right. Okay. Um... I was cutting through the park, and I saw her. She was sitting on the bench. Uh, she had, like, a-a sweatshirt on. It was torn. It was -- it was dirty. I said, "you're okay? You're safe? Just don't be afraid. I'm gonna call 911." I turned my back for one second. And when I looked back, she was gone.

Dylan: Well, if she escaped, she'd be desperate for help. I mean, why would she run away from you?

Cane: And there you go. Don't believe me again.

Dylan: What? No, no. A question doesn't mean I-I doubt you. I'm just trying to figure this thing out.

Cane: You want answers? Go and talk to Devon and Paul.

Dylan: You need to tell me, because I may be the only hope that you have at this point. Please, Cane. Anything. It doesn't matter how insignificant.

Cane: Her sweatshirt was rolled up. You know what? There was blood on her arm. It's strange. It was like -- maybe it was caused from a needle or...

Dylan: It was the I.V. She was getting medical attention.

Cane: That makes sense, because we know when she was taken out of virgin Gorda, whoever put her on the plane took her off a gurney. And we know the same person was stealing medical supplies from the hospital.

[Cell phone rings]

Dylan: Hello? Yeah, we'll be right there. It looks like you get to put your story to the test. They found Hilary.

Devon: Hey.

Emma: Oh. I'm sorry, Devon. You can't go inside.

Devon: Emma, that's my wife. I have to see her.

Emma: I know. Dr. Rayburn's with her.

Devon: I don't care about that.

Paul: W-we'll figure it out. We'll -- we'll take care of it.

Devon: Hey. Listen. Talk to me. Tell me something. Is she okay? Is she awake? Can I please actually see her?

Stitch: Hilary is asleep, okay? She's been receiving some sort of I.V. Treatment, so we're running a tox screen.

Devon: And that's it?

Stitch: We don't know what drugs are in her system. We can't proceed with treatment until we do.

Devon: [Sighs] Has she said anything? Did she say what happened or who did this to her?

Stitch: She's pretty out of it. She hasn't been able to communicate.

Devon: And when will that happen?

Stitch: I couldn't tell you, okay? Look, we'll -- we'll wait for the tox results and keep her under observation. The safest way to deal with this is to bring her back slowly and carefully, okay?

Paul: All right. It's all right. Let them do their job. Come on.

Abby: I am an adult. I do not need your permission to marry stitch. Did Billy ask you for Victoria's hand?

Victor: Well, you know, Billy-boy Abbott knew better.

Abby: You are so cute when you're old-fashioned and stuffy. [Chuckles] But I'm not property. You don't have to give up a dowry. You don't have to say, "thank you, stitch, for marrying my daughter. Here are two chickens and a cow."

Victor: [Laughs] "Two chickens and --" I love that.

Abby: [Laughs]

Victor: But, anyway, I think there's a proper way to have asked me for permission.

Abby: Uh, maybe, but you didn't care about that when you kept me as COO. But it was a good decision, 'cause I'm good at my job, and I make good decisions. Marrying stitch is a good decision.

Victor: Okay.

Abby: I'm very happy, and that's all you should care about.

Victor: Are you really happy?

Abby: Very happy. Ecstatic, mad, crazy happy. And not in an impulsive, "swept up in the moment," "oh, so Abby" kind of way. This is real. It's solid. And we promise to never let things go unsaid. Complete honesty. I love him.

Victor: As long as you're happy, my darling. Congratulations.

Abby: Thank you. Thank you very much.

Nick: Congratulations for what?

Jack: Abby and stitch are engaged.

Chelsea: Oh, my gosh.

Abby: Yeah!

Chelsea: Congratulations.

Abby: Thank you.

Nick: Oh, he is such a lucky guy.

Phyllis: And in way over his head.

Sage: Oh!

Nikki: Oh, sage!

Sage: Look at you! Oh, my gosh.

Nikki: I'm so glad you came. Everybody's gonna be so happy to see you.

Sage: Oh, you look amazing.

Nikki: Thank you.

Sage: This is pretty much the best I could do on such short notice.

Nikki: Oh, you look great.

Chelsea: Um, excuse me.

Sage: Uh -- [Laughter] What?

Chelsea: Unbelievable.

Sage: Well, you look lovely.

Chelsea: So do you.

[Kids shrieking]

Kevin: Guys, guys, guys, guys, guys, guys, guys, remember what I said? We're -- we're lining up, and we're marching! Faith? Faith? Where's faith? Come here. Come here. Come here. You're gonna take Connor and hang out on the couch, okay?

Mariah: All right.

Kevin: Hey, thank you. Ah, that actually worked.

Mariah: All right. One for you and two for me.

Kevin: Whoa, whoa, whoa. What are you doing? What are you doing?

Mariah: It's Halloween.

Kevin: I know, but they're bouncing off the walls.

Mariah: They're happy!

Kevin: All right, kids, no more candy until after the parade, okay?

All: Boo!


Kevin: How old are you? Ah! Lily, I'm so glad you're here. Will you say something maternal where you tell them not to eat any more candy?

Lily: Oh, yeah. Um, okay. Guys, gather 'round. All right. No more candy. Understand?

All: Aw.

Kevin: That goes for you, too.

Mariah: Buzz kill.

Lily: But you know what? Your parents are gonna be so excited to see you in the parade!


Faith: Aah!

[Kids screaming]

Joe: Oh, it's just me. It's just me.

Faith: You're not the real devil. Y

Jack: Hey.

Chelsea: Hey.

Jack: You look like you could use one of these.

Chelsea: Oh. Thank you.

Jack: To the people we're missing tonight, and to the future. I'm real glad you're here.

Chelsea: Adam insisted. He practically kicked me out of his hospital room. He said he wants Connor to be able to enjoy Halloween even though he can't be here.

Jack: I think you and Connor are gonna have to get used to doing quite a few things alone.

Chelsea: I know. I just -- I don't even want to think about it.

Phyllis: Well, you know what? Adam is going to prison.

Jack: Phyllis...

Phyllis: What? We can't sugar-coat this.

Jack: Y-you know what we can do? We can do what you originally suggested and treat this evening for what it is -- a celebration.

Phyllis: Chelsea, you have to face this head-on. And we both know you have the strength to do it, because Connor's gonna need you more than he's ever needed you before.

[Both laugh]

Nick: There we go.

Sage: That looks good. I like it.

Nick: I know. Look at that, the swashbuckler and the sassy girl in scrubs. Someday, we're gonna be with Christian, and we're gonna look back on this and laugh.

Sage: We will, won't we?

Nick: Count on it.

Sage: Thanks for understanding I can't stay here long. I don't want to be away from Christian for a second.

Nick: Hey, I feel the same way. But I'm not gonna lie to you. I'm really glad you're here.

Sage: [Chuckles]

Nick: Faith will be, too.

Sage: Because we're a family. Do you know how much I love saying that -- "my family," "my husband," "my son"? Um, I feel bad for faith that her mom can't be here. And since Sharon can't be, I'm gonna cheer and clap extra loud when our little pink pirate walks through that door, okay?

Nick: Best stepmom ever.

Sage: I know.

[Both chuckle]

Nick: And I promise you, we're not gonna stay here long, okay? As soon as the parade's over, we'll get back to our son.

Victor: Well, I cannot let this evening go by without a dance, pretty lady.

Kevin: [Sighs] This is how it's done.

Mariah: "This" is boring. But I will give you a little credit. Your superpowers are being used for good.

Joe: So, uh, where's Cane?

Lily: I asked him not to come.

Joe: Yeah, he must not be too excited about that.

Lily: Well, it's his own fault. I-I want to believe that he's innocent, but then the lies just keep piling up. And now he's saying that he saw Hilary in the park, and she wandered off? Uh, it's just -- it's ridiculous.

Joe: Yeah, I-I saw the news. I mean, why -- why would he make something like that up?

Mattie: Hey, give me that back!

Mariah: Whoa.

Lily: Hey, Mattie, Charlie, stop.

Joe: You guys want to have some fun?

Charlie: Yeah.

Dylan: Hey, thanks for the call.

Paul: Yeah, you bet.

Cane: How is she?

Paul: She's out of it but, uh, apparently not in any danger.

Cane: [Sighs]

Devon: You did see her in the park.

Cane: Listen, that doesn't matter. All I care about is she's safe. It's okay.

Devon: Somebody drugged my wife, held her hostage. She mysteriously appeared, and the only one to see her was you. So who was it? Who did you hire to babysit my wife while you told the world you're being framed?

Cane: H-hang on. Are you kidding me here?

Devon: I'm not kidding you, no. And you might as well just admit it, because when Hilary wakes up, she's gonna tell everybody the truth.

Dylan: Okay. All right. Not here. Not here. Not here. Not here.

Cane: This is crap, all right? This is crap. I'm not gonna stand here and deal with this. You guys can go to hell.

Neil: Okay, um, I guess we're too late. I'm gonna see what's going on. I'm gonna find you later, and we'll figure out what's next.

Gwen: All right. I believe everything's gonna work out, and we're gonna be okay. We're gonna be together. I love you.

Neil: Go.

Devon: Neil. Hilary's alive. She's back.

Neil: I knew that she'd come back, son. I knew it. I knew it. Come here.

Stitch: Hey. Hey, I need to check those tox screen results. Hilary's still not quite with us, but you can see her.

Paul: Okay. All right.

Stitch: One at a time. I'll be back in five.

Paul: Devon.

Devon: I'm her husband, Paul.

Paul: I know. But this is still a major police matter. Give me five minutes. Hi, Hilary.

Hilary: Mm.

Paul: I-it's me, Paul Williams. You're safe. W-we're here. We're here to help you, okay?

Hilary: Is my husband here yet?

Paul: Uh, yeah. He's right outside. But I need to ask you a few questions first. Okay?

Hilary: Mm.

Paul: We're glad you're home. Now, can you tell me what happened on the cliff? Do you remember what happened on the cliff?

Hilary: The cliff?

Paul: Right. You were all on the cliff in virgin Gorda. Can you --

Hilary: I want my husband.

Paul: You --

Hilary: I need my husband.

Paul: Okay.

Devon: Hilary, I'm here. I'm right here, baby. Hey.

Hilary: Don't touch me. Get away from me.

[Slow jazz music playing]

Phyllis: [Chuckling]

Jack: You are the most beautiful woman in this room tonight. I am absolutely bewitched.

Phyllis: Oh, I'm sorry I got my broom in a twist over Adam. I didn't need to -- to slam the reality over Chelsea's head. She's gonna experience it soon enough.

Jack: Don't worry about that. Right now, I want to focus on you. I want to think about nothing outside of this room and dance with my favorite witch in the world.

Phyllis: [Chuckles]

Sage: I had no idea you were such an amazing dancer, Victor.

Victor: A lot of things we don't know about each other. I'm looking forward to it.

Nick: Dad's pulling out the Fred Astaire routine tonight.

Nikki: Mm. Sage looks so happy, very relaxed. I'm glad you talked her into coming. I feel like tonight is gonna be a special night for the Newman family.

Mariah: So, I think I was sort of in over my head.

Kevin: Sort of?

Mariah: Thank you for helping me out.

Kevin: "Thank you"? That isn't you. It's the sugar talking.

Mariah: Ah, you're right. [Chuckles]

Joe: Come on, devil busters. Do you want to be in the parade?

Charlie: Yeah.

Joe: All right. Then get in there. [Chuckles]

Mariah: Okay, everybody. Eyes on the pink pirate. Get over here.

Kevin: All right. My little mummy, my witch, the princess, gypsy -- everybody.

Mariah: All right.

Kevin: This is our final run-through, okay? Be bold. Be you. Be scary.

All: Scary!

Mariah: Aah!


Hilary: Get away from me. Get him out of here now.

Paul: You need to go.

Devon: She's my wife.

Paul: I know. You need to go. You're upsetting her.

Dylan: Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on.

Paul: It's okay. You're safe.

Hilary: I need to see Neil, okay? I want to see Neil now!

Neil: I'm right here.

Hilary: [Sighs] Thank god, Neil. Thank god you're here. I was so scared. I was asking for you. I was asking for my husband, and nobody was listening to me. [Crying] Now you're here. [Sighs]

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Christine: I just spoke with the warden at Walworth, and I told him to expect you tonight.

Cane: Is Joe with you?

Lily: It's not what you think. I mean, he's just here.

Cane: Okay, well, then, I'm gonna be there soon. where we don't belong because there's never gonna be enough space so eat the meek savor the taste because there's gonna be a delicacy lick your chops

Paul: Unfortunately, the fire is burning hotter and faster than we anticipated. So you know what we're up against. We've got to get everybody out as quickly and efficiently as possible. I don't want any heroes here. I want efficient workforce. Don't get hurt. Let's get on it.

[Static crackles]

Paul: Yeah, Dylan. What? Is that you? Go ahead.

Dylan: Yeah. Nikki and Victoria were evacuated to memorial. The chopper's on its way back to the tower to pick up some more people.

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