Y&R Transcript Thursday 10/29/15


Episode # 10786 ~ Nikki & Phyllis prepare for a big event; the Paragon Project continues to wreak havoc in Genoa City.

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Neil: Hey. Hey, hey, hey.

Gwen: Oh, I was hoping you were Dr. Neville.

Neil: You still haven't heard from him?

Gwen: Not since this afternoon.

Neil: [Sighs]

Gwen: Hilary's been gone, lost, for almost 24 hours now.

Neil: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Gwen: What do we do?

Neil: I don't know. Where the hell's he searching?

Gwen: The woods and any roads within walking distance.

Neil: Gwen, we should have heard something by now.

Gwen: And how much luck could he have searching in the dark?

Neil: I don't know, but I'm gonna try callin' him right now.

Gwen: What about Hilary?

Neil: Maybe he found Hilary, and he's giving her some medical attention. Or you know what? Maybe he's somewhere sleeping. How could he do this? Come on, answer the ph-- [Groans] Still no answer. Uh, Doc Ne-- you know who it is. It's me. It's Gwen. Just call right away, please. Right away! Unbelievable. He knows that she -- that she has the ability to wake up, and he's out there somewhere taking a nap!

Gwen: You can't exactly blame him. I mean, Hilary's been lying in this bed for weeks, not responding to us at all.

Neil: You saw -- you saw her fingers. I saw them, right? The doc - he acknowledged that.

Gwen: None of us expected her to hop out of bed and walk out of her immediately.

Neil: Okay. Calm me down for a second, all right? Doc did his job. He woke her up. We have to be thankful.

Gwen: You should be thankful and relieved. But what if she goes straight to the police? We could all be in jail by the night's end.

Neil: Don't say that.

Dr. Neville: I am not going to jail.

Neil: I don't see Hilary. You didn't find Hilary, did you?

Dr. Neville: No, no. I-- I'm sorry, I didn't.

Neil: I can't believe you. Why did you let us know? You--you dropped the ball.

Dr. Neville: Because my phone died. I just came back here to charge it.

Neil: Oh, wow.

Gwen: Do you think she would have gone straight to the police?

Dr. Neville: It's possible. Providing she's still alive.

Devon: You know what? Maybe it's for the best.

Lily: What, for the best that my husband packed up and left me?

Devon: Well, if he can lie about Hilary, take my money, and then send us on a wild goose chase to find her, who knows what else Cane is capable of?

Lily: Look, Devon, I know the evidence looks bad, but I--

Devon: Lily, are you sure Cane doesn't know where Hilary is?

Lily: What I know is that he's still my husband and he left me.

Devon: Well, at least you know that he's safe, all right? 'Cause I'd give anything in the world just for a shred of proof that Hilary is okay.

Hilary: [Panting] [Whimpers] Somebody... somebody h-help me. [Panting] Help me, please.

Adam: [Sighs]

Chelsea: Hey. Hey, you're okay. You're okay. It's okay. They took out your breathing tube. So you should be able to breathe on your own. Can you? Can you breathe? The doctor said your -- your throat might be a little sore, but you should be able to talk now, too. Can you? Can you say something to me?

Adam: You're so beautiful.

Chelsea: Words well worth waiting for.

Adam: Chelsea, what the hell happened to me?

Jack: If you had bothered to share the information that you had --

Victor: The inner workings of my company are none of your business.

Jack: Oh, it is my business when a virus that sicced on you winds up at jabot.

Victor: Blame your own greed.

Jack: My greed?

Victor: You kept that virus alive when you allowed your siblings to take advantage of paragon and steal Newman entities.

Jack: Jabot bought those companies.

Victor: You knew it was wrong, jack! Yet you allowed Billy and Ashley to continue doing what they were doing!

Kevin: Would you both like to put an end to this thing?

Victor: Why the hell do you think you're here?

Kevin: Then we're gonna have to kill the virus from both companies.

Victor: Then do it!

Kevin: I can't unless the two of you can manage to work together. You think you can do that?

Phyllis: I certainly hope jack and Victor don't kill each other before the big event tonight.

Nikki: Yeah. If they can hold their tempers for a few mores hours, we're good.

Phyllis: What was that?

Nikki: I don't know. I'm gonna find out. Uh, excuse me. You're an electrician, right?

Yes, ma'am.

Nikki: Could you find out why the lights were flickering? 'Cause we're gonna have half the town here tonight, and if there's a power failure, it's gonna be a disaster.

Of course.

Nikki: Thank you.

Phyllis: Well, I had no idea that Victor was reopening top of the tower.

Nikki: Well, he hasn't made a big deal about it with everything that's been going on, but reopening the restaurant is something's that been in the back of his mind for a while.

Phyllis: Well, I think it's a smart move...to relaunch now. I think it's a real sign of power.

Nikki: What do you mean?

Phyllis: Well, the spin, you know? To combat the bad press from the paragon virus.

Nikki: Uh, Phyllis, there is no spin.

Phyllis: Nikki. There's always spin, you know? I can see how that headline would write itself -- "Newman enterprises bankrolling charity gala despite the crisis." It's great P.R.

Nikki: I am sorry to disappoint you, but as far as Victor is concerned, this night is for the children. It's for the Delia project and to honor the memory of that precious little girl.

Adam: Chloe tried to kill me.

Chelsea: She wanted to get back at you.

Adam: Run me over, like what happened to Delia.

Chelsea: No. No, Delia was an accident. Chloe staging her own hit-and-run -- that's completely different.

Adam: So I take it that means she got caught, right?

Chelsea: H-how's your throat? Can I get you something?

Adam: Where'd they catch her?

Chelsea: It's -- I mean, it really doesn't matter. I'm gonna get you some ice chips, and then --

Adam: It matters to me. Where did they catch her? She come after you?

Chelsea: No. No, Chloe wouldn't do that. I, um -- I was able to find her at the coffeehouse.

Adam: She blame you?

Chelsea: Yeah, I mean, she's -- you know, she's angry at me for being with you, and I was furious at her for what she did, for hurting you.

Adam: Come here. Let me hold you.

Chelsea: I don't want to hurt you.

Adam: No, you're -- [Sighs]

Chelsea: [Sighs]

Adam: You fought with her? You were defending me?

Chelsea: Yeah, of course. It was really horrible. It was awful. By the end, she just started to really lose it and she started talking about her daughter like she was still alive. I know you must be angry with her.

Adam: Angry with her? I caused this whole thing. It's my fault. Did you think I wouldn't empathize with her? Chelsea, we love our son, too. I don't blame her for wanting revenge.

Chelsea: Things have to get better now, right?

Adam: I don't know. The good news is I'm not dead. [Sighs] The bad news is I'm still going to prison.

Chelsea: [Sighs]

Neil: There's no reason to assume that Hilary's dead.

Dr. Neville: Nor is there any reason for us to delude ourselves, not to consider every possibility. I mean, she's certainly in no condition to go traipsing around unattended.

Gwen: Well, there's no word that Hilary's been found, so that would be big news.

Neil: Yeah, and no one's called me, right? Someone, my family -- my family would have called me.

Dr. Neville: Good. It means she's still out there.

Gwen: So, maybe we should split up, keep looking.

Neil: Hey. You -- you -- you got to be exhausted here.

Dr. Neville: We're all exhausted. Considering the nature of our problem, we can hardly call in reinforcements.

Gwen: And where do we look? I mean, there's already an A.P.B. Out for her. If the police find her and then she says that she's been held here --

Neil: It doesn't hurt any of us if she tells the truth, okay? I helped her. Wait a minute. We helped her. I had nothing to do with Hilary's fall on that island. Nothing.

Dr. Neville: You're working under the assumption she'll remember what happened on the island or understand it.

Neil: Really? So what do you mean by that?

Dr. Neville: Mr. Winters, the woman has a severe brain injury. She's heavily medicated. She woke up next to a canoe. She could easily misinterpret why she's here or who we are.

Gwen: Which is why we need to find her, you know, and make sure she's okay and that she fully understands that our intentions were all aboveboard.

Dr. Neville: Agreed. Precise about where each of us has been and where we're going. We make sure that we're the ones who track her down because I, for one, will not do well in prison.

Hilary: Excuse me. Can you help me? [Whimpers] [Panting]

Cane: Oh, my god. Hilary?

Cane: Oh, my god. It's really you. Are you all right? Are you okay? Hey, hey, hey, it's okay. It's -- it's me. It's Cane. You don't have to be afraid, all right? Just -- [Sighs] You're safe. We have a lot of people that are looking for you. Just -- just sit there. I'm gonna call for help.

Dr. Neville: Let me just say again, I strongly suggest that we find Mrs. Hamilton before she has the chance to tell the police that she was kidnapped.

Neil: You're forgetting one thing. This is important. You, my friend, you have succeeded here. She's recovered. Obviously she woke up.

Gwen: You're the expert, dr. Neville. Where would she head to next?

Dr. Neville: I -- I don't know. She's an intelligent woman. She'll -- she'll realize that she has no identification, she has no cash, and she won't be felling well. There's a chance that she could go to an emergency room.

Gwen: I'll check in with my sister at the hospital.

Dr. Neville: Now, just do it discreetly.

Gwen: Of course.

Neil: Whoa, wait. Wait a minute. Her first thoughts should be of Devon. She would seek out her husband. She'd go to the G.C.A.C., Which is exactly where I'm gonna go. You -- you should go back in the woods and really search, okay?

Dr. Neville: No, Mr. Winters. You should be aware. Even though Hilary is awake, her heart, her mind has been severely taxed. She's in a fragile state. She's not out of danger yet. If we don't find her soon, there's a chance --

Neil: Don't even say that. She's not gonna die, okay? We haven't come this far only to lose her. Come on.

Lily: I have to believe in Cane's innocence.

Devon: Even with all the evidence?

Lily: Well, someone could be setting him up.

Devon: Lily, with the way he's been acting, everything he's been doing, and having a $1 million of my money in his possession, it's very hard for me to believe that he is innocent.

Colin: Well, you should believe he's innocent because he is.

Devon: Well, sure, I should listen to you 'cause you're such an upstanding citizen. You wouldn't lie to cover up a crime.

Colin: That's my point. I would. But Cane? Not a chance.

Devon: Well, there's more than just a chance that Cane is involved in Hilary's disappearance. The evidence shows that there's a very, very good chance.

Colin: Lily, tell him, will you? Tell your brother that -- that Cane couldn't have done this.

Lily: Well, I-I don't think that Cane did this, but I do think his behavior has been strange lately.

Colin: Well, maybe that's because there's a whole bunch of people accusing him of a heinous crime that he always thought loved and supported him.

Lily: Okay, maybe we should wait until the facts are in because none of us know anything right now.

Colin: Okay. He's on his way here. He can clear this mess up himself.

Lily: Wait, Cane's coming here?

Colin: Yeah, he's on his way. He should be --

Paul: Hilary's been found.

Devon: What?! Where?! Where is she?! Is she all right?!

Paul: She's alive.

Devon: Where is she?!

Lily: Wait, are they sure it's Hilary this time?

Paul: There's no mistake. Cane found her in the park.

Victor: You think the flickering of lights had to do with paragon?

Kevin: I'm not finding anything to indicate that.

Jack: Sometimes a power surge is just a power surge.

Kevin: I still would like to check the hardware that controls the power to the building, though.

Victor: So you suspect something?

Kevin: [Sighs] The virus seems to be biding its time, laying low. Or maybe it's finally run its course and this was simply just a hardware issue.

Jack: Yeah, I know you're worried about Chloe, Kevin. If you need to be with her right now --

Kevin: They won't let me see her, so I either focus on paragon or I go crazy.

Victor: Why don't you go check the electrical system, okay?

Kevin: I assume everything's locked up down there?

Victor: Someone from my staff will meet you there. Let's just hope that paragon will give us reprieve for at least the duration of the night.

Jack: Kevin. Nothing can go wrong with this benefit tonight.

Kevin: I'm with you on that. I will do whatever I can to make sure this is a special night for Delia.

Victor: No reason for you to be here.

[Cell phone rings]

Victor: Excuse me. Yes. Oh, really? Well, that's excellent news. All right, thank you.

Jack: Well, that seemed like some good information.

Victor: Yeah.

Jack: Is that about the paragon project?

Victor: No, this was good news about my son.

Chelsea: Your injury's only postponed your transfer.

Adam: That what the guard's all about?

Chelsea: He's -- he's ready to take you to the penitentiary as soon as you've fully recovered.

Adam: [Sighs] Well, that's adorable. That's -- that's really sweet of them. I don't even get a little bit of time off after getting run over by a car, huh?

Chelsea: Don't joke. Do you remember what I said to you last night? When you first woke up? Adam.

Adam: Yeah. You said you'd stand by me.

Chelsea: Yeah, and I will. I'm going to. And I'm gonna fight to get you out of there. I'm not talking about 10 years. I'm talking about way sooner than 10 years. We will get you out.

Adam: I think we have bigger problems, sweetheart.

Chelsea: Like what?

Adam: Chelsea, I can't feel my legs.

Colin: Uh, mm -- looking for someone?

Neil: Yeah, I am. My son.

Colin: Oh. Well, Devon and lily took off out of here with chief Williams.

Neil: With Paul?

Colin: Mm.

Neil: What's going on?

Colin: Well, it's good news. They found Hilary.

Devon: Hey. Where is she? Where's Hilary? Did someone take her to the hospital? Is she all right?

Lily: You must have been so relieved to see her finally.

Cane: Devon, I'm sorry. Sh-she took off.

Devon: What do you mean?

Cane: She was sitting right there and I-I took out my phone to call 911. I just turned my back for one second. When I turned back around, she was gone.

Devon: Why would she take off if she just got free?

Cane: I don't know. I don't know.

Lily: Well, was she okay? Was she hurt?

Cane: No, no, it was like she was confused or she was drugged or something, I just --

Lily: Then she couldn't have gotten that far.

Paul: Okay. Did you report this to the first officer on the scene?

Cane: Yeah, I-I told them. They're looking for her. I don't know what happened. I don't know where she's went.

Paul: Okay, tell me what else you can about Hilary.

Devon: Don't waste your time. Don't waste your time, Paul. She was never here. Cane is lying to get himself off the hook.

Cane: [Sighs]

Phyllis: Dare I say this is actually all coming together?

Nikki: Yeah. Aside from that electrical glitch, we're doing all right.

Phyllis: And we have not heard one -- one battle cry from downstairs.

Nikki: [Chuckles] Yeah, how about that? Took a lot for Victor to thank jack for helping Adam.

Phyllis: [Sighs] Well, it took a lot for jack to join forces with Victor to fight that paragon assault.

Nikki: Well, it's good to hear you talk like that. It's really kind of nice that, uh, we're getting along.

Phyllis: Tell me about it.

Nikki: And seeing as we have set aside our personal differences...

Phyllis: For tonight.

Nikki: Yes, for tonight. I was hoping that you could do me a favor.

Phyllis: Really, what kind of favor?

Nikki: I just would love if you could have a little talk with jack.

Phyllis: About?

Nikki: Maybe you could ask him to please not grandstand tonight.

Phyllis: Grandstand?

Nikki: Well, come on, you know -- you know how he gets. He puffs out his chest and juts out his jaw and he just -- he can't help it. He wants to steal Victor's thunder.

Phyllis: Nikki, Nikki, the only person who needs to be reigned in tonight is Victor.

Adam: So...what's, you know, the verdict?

Chelsea: Doctor, is Adam paralyzed?

He is for now.

Adam: "For now" -- what the hell does that mean?

We gave you intensive nerve blocks for the surgery to facilitate repairing internal bleeding around your spine, okay?

Chelsea: Is that what's causing the paralysis?

The feeling in your legs will probably return very soon.

Chelsea: Probably?

Adam: "Probably." Probably, you know, is... better than never. We'll take it. Okay. Thanks. "Probably."

[Door closes]

Adam: I mean, he said not to worry, so --

Chelsea: Well, he was probably just saying that to shut us up.

Adam: Babe.

Chelsea: Well, I mean, that couldn't give us any information. I'm gonna go find the chief of staff, okay, and make sure we have all the facts.

Adam: Look at you, fighting for me already.

Chelsea: Of course. Now and always. I'll be right back, okay?

Adam: Okay.

[Door opens]

Jack: Hey.

Adam: Hey.

Jack: Good to see you awake.

Adam: Yeah. I must have been pretty close to death to have you two roll in here together.

Jack: I'm glad you made it.

Adam: Thank you. Why are you two together?

Victor: I just couldn't get rid of him.

Adam: Couldn't get rid of him -- right. Plus, you know, if you rolled in here on your own, people might assume that you actually gave a damn about me. Wouldn't want that, right?

Jack: I can give you two some time together, if you --

Adam: No, no, no. No, it's okay. I'm just curious to know -- you still expect me to run? Dad, is that why you're here? You're gonna help break me out of here?

Kevin: Victor sent you here?

Mrs. Newman asked me to check out the electrical system.

Kevin: Funny -- Mr. Newman asked me to do the same thing. Let's get to it. [Sighs] Unlocked.

It shouldn't be.

Kevin: Anything look out of place to you?

I'll checking the wiring.

Jack: We're -- we're not here to stage a jailbreak or anything like that. I -- I want you to know I'm sorry about your sentence.

Adam: Thank you, jack. Well, why are you here? What is this -- an "I told you so"? You here to tell me I should have taken off when I had the chance? Is that what this is?

Victor: Maybe you should have.

Adam: Okay.

Jack: Adam, I don't know if anyone has filled you in, but Victor has been here day and night moving mountains to see that you get the best medical care possible. He has gone up against Paul and the entire police department to see to it that Chelsea can sit vigil by your bedside. I know he hasn't been there in the past, but he has really come through this time.

Victor: Jack, please, no backhanded compliments, okay?

Adam: You did all that?

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Adam: May I ask why?

Victor: I'll tell you why. I think a 10-year prison sentence is excessive. It will be appealed. This is not the end.

Gwen: Hey.

Emma: Hey! What are you doing here?

Gwen: Just checking in. Busy?

Emma: Um, I've got a couple more minutes. How's work?

Gwen: Things at jabot have been a little tense.

Emma: Yeah, it sounds scary, the way that virus just shut down the phones and the power grids.

Gwen: Right?

Emma: Yeah.

Gwen: Well, not nearly as scary as what you deal with here.

Emma: [Scoffs]

Gwen: Slow night?

Emma: It's actually been pretty crazy.

Gwen: Really? Why?

Emma: Okay, this patient came in a few minutes ago, and you'll never guess -- [Sighs] I shouldn't be telling you this.

Cane: Hilary was here. I'm telling you the truth, and you have to believe me.

Devon: Do you still believe that someone is really setting Cane up? By letting Hilary go free and then somehow making her run away from him?

Cane: Lily, please tell me you believe me.

Lily: Cane, I want to believe you.

Cane: But you don't.

Lily: Your story doesn't make any sense. Hilary was here and then she ran away? Why would she do that?

Cane: I don't know why she would do that. I have no idea, but it happened. I am telling you the truth.

We got word that your wife has been found, Mr. Hamilton.

Devon: Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Tell us about the happy reunion.

Devon: It was a false alarm.

Paul: That's enough. Give the family some privacy, please.

Devon: Actually, can I make a statement?

Please do.

Devon: My wife, Hilary, is still out there and now more than ever I need the help of the public to bring her home, so just call with any leads 'cause the reward still stands.

And what is the chief of the police doing here?

Paul: I'm just following up on a case. And as you know, the department can make no comment on an open case.

Cane: All right, I made the 911 call.

Paul: Now is the not the time.

Cane: All right, Hilary was there. I know what I saw. She was there.

Gwen: Hilary. My god, are you okay? I'm so glad to see you.

Hilary: Gwen?

Gwen: Yeah.

Hilary: Oh, my -- it's -- it's so good to see you, too, again. I need your help. Can -- I need to call my husband. Can -- can I use your phone?

Gwen: Yeah, yeah. Why don't you come with me first and we'll talk and we'll get you cleaned up?

Emma: Gwen!

Gwen: Okay.

Emma: There was something I forgot to tell you.

So, you've actually seen the missing woman?

Cane: Yes, yes, I did.

Paul: You need to back down. Officer, escort this woman out of the premises.

Devon: You have done absolutely nothing but sabotage every attempt to find Hilary. Now they're gonna be looking in this park instead of where she really is.

Cane: That is not true. I'm telling you, she was sitting there, she was right there!

Paul: Whatever happened, I need to interview you alone.

Cane: She was right there.

Paul: Fine. You can tell me up here, please.

Neil: Hey, hey, I-I-I heard that Hilary was found, right? That's not the case?

Devon: No, it's not the case. Cane's just playing more games to keep us from finding Hilary.

Neil: How can you be so sure of that, Devon?

Devon: Because it's damn obvious. He conveniently loses the guy that delivered the ransom note. Now he loses Hilary? I mean, come on. I need to get to the club before I lose it. Do you want to come with me?

Lily: Yeah.

Nikki: Phyllis, need I remind you that Victor is generously hosting this event.

Phyllis: And he has generously arranged a nice tax write-off for himself.

Nikki: Oh, my god. He is doing this out of the kindness of his heart.

Phyllis: Okay.

Nikki: And I don't think he should have to put up with jack trying to do outdo him with some grandiose gesture.

Phyllis: Jack is on the board of the Delia project. If he wants to make a speech, if he wants to make a generous donation, he has every right to do that.

Nikki: Fine.

Phyllis: Tonight is about a little girl's memory. It is not about our husbands battling. It is not about our families battling. It's not even about us.

Nikki: Okay. I shouldn't have said anything. Maybe we can learn something about forgiveness from Billy.

Phyllis: We can certainly try, but the truth is, peace between our husbands never lasts very long.

Nikki: Well, you are right about that. They always seem to go back to their comfort zone.

Phyllis: Hating each other with a passion.

Victor: We need to discuss paragon.

Jack: It has now infiltrated jabot.

Adam: How the hell did that happen?

Victor: Because of Abbotts' corporate pillaging of Newman.

Jack: That is one theory. Perhaps you could help us with this latest development.

Adam: Which is what?

Victor: Seems the virus has gone dormant. Do you think it can stop on its own?

Jack: Could it have burned itself out or self-destructed?

Adam: I don't know. I --

Jack: You don't know.

Adam: Well, I mean, there is one thing.

Victor: Which is what?

Adam: Well, allegedly, paragon has the ability to take on a life of its own. Now, whether that's true or Ian's normal pomposity talking, I have no idea.

Victor: Oh, wait a minute. Does that mean that the virus could burrow itself more deeply into the system?

Adam: If it can fix prices and it can sell off companies...

Victor: It could do other thing, as well. Is that what you're saying?

Jack: There must be some way to stop that. There's got to be something you can tell us that would help.

Chelsea: He won't be telling you anything tonight.

Jack: Look, we were just --

Chelsea: I-I heard. Adam is trying to recover. I don't think he needs this added stress. Thank you.

Jack: Okay, we'll, uh -- we'll get out of here.

Victor: I'll be back.

Adam: Well, I'll, you know, be here.

Jack: Feel better.

Adam: Thank you.

Chelsea: Seriously? They come to talk to you and harass you about paragon when you're dealing with everything with your legs?

Adam: Yeah. I don't know. Maybe I should run after them and thank them, you know?

Chelsea: Wait, what -- the paralysis?

Adam: Gone, like it never happened.

Chelsea: Oh, my god. Really? Just like that?

Adam: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I mean, I think that's what I needed, you know?

Chelsea: Oh, thank god.

Adam: Those two guys rolling in here, you know, getting me all riled up got the blood pumping. I feel like I could get up and run after them, you know? Go a few rounds with the old man. I feel great.

Chelsea: Oh, my god. I'm -- I'm so relieved.

Adam: Yeah.

Chelsea: [Sighs] Okay.

Adam: So are you relieved enough to do something special for me?

[Door opens]

[Door opens]

Chelsea: This what you had in mind?

Adam: [Laughs] All right, all right, yes. Absolutely. Now onto the second part of my request.

Chelsea: Yes?

Adam: I really want you to go to the benefit tonight with Connor.

Chelsea: No -- no way. I'm not leaving you.

Adam: Chelsea, the Delia project is something that I started. It's very important to me. I want to make sure it continues to thrive.

Chelsea: Well, I mean, even if it reminds people of --

Adam: My crime? Thought about that. Yeah, you know? As long as it reminds them of Delia, too, and inspires them to give generous donations, make then aware of that.

Chelsea: Okay, well, but I don't have to be there to make that happen.

Adam: I want you and Connor to have a normal life, sweetheart.

Chelsea: Well, I mean --

Adam: Starting now. Starting tonight, all right? Connor -- he shouldn't be at home with the nanny missing his Halloween party. He should be in that parade, you know, with the rest of the kids. I want him to be part of the community, despite what his father did. You need to give him the life that I can't.

Phyllis: When we are forced to work together, we get an awful lot done.

Nikki: Yeah, I guess so. Let's not make a habit out of it.

Phyllis: Thank you.

Kevin: [Sighs]

Nikki: Hey. It's gonna be a special event, huh?

Kevin: Yeah.

Phyllis: You seem out of breath. Is everything okay?

Kevin: The elevator's out. I had to take the stairs up.

Nikki: What? The elevator's broken?

Kevin: No, it's back on. I discovered it was back on as soon as I got up here, and there's no problem in the power room.

Nikki: Yeah, the electrician that I sent down there called and told me that. You didn't have to come up here.

Kevin: I wanted to. I wanted to see all this before all the movers and shakers from Genoa city descend.

Phyllis: We're gonna raise a lot of money for the kids tonight.

Kevin: She would have liked that. [Sighs] I'm gonna give Victor an update.

Nikki: Okay.

Phyllis: Ooh, I'm gettin' a vibe. I'm gettin' a vibe.

Nikki: What? What do you mean?

Phyllis: I just don't like the idea of taking stairs instead of the elevator. Last time I did that, it nearly cost me a year of my life.

Nikki: [Sighing] Oh, yeah.

Victor: All right, keep me posted.

Jack: Yeah. Okay. No sign of paragon at jabot since it reared its ugly head last night.

Victor: Apparently no news of another attack on Newman, either. And Kevin says there was nothing wrong with the electrical system of Newman towers.

Jack: Well, then I guess there's nothing left to do but get into our costumes. Oh, by the way, don't be scared when you see me in mine tonight.

Victor: Oh, really? Wow. I can hardly wait.

Jack: Hey, it's the most terrifying night of the year. We might actually find out what

does scare Victor Newman.

Victor: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Shiver me timbers.

[Computer beeps]

Devon: I could tear Cane apart for getting my hopes up for nothing.

Colin: So, what's the news on Hilary? Not good by the looks of it.

Devon: Your son is just like you. He's a damn liar. He lied to me about Hilary.

Colin: What? C-come on. He's the one that found her!

Devon: Well, what if I told you he was in on the kidnapping from the beginning, that he probably had someone go to BVI. To grab my wife?

Colin: I'd say that he couldn't have done that, and I would expect his wife to back me up on that. Unless, of course, lily, you're looking for excuses not to stand by your husband.

Lily: What? Of course not.

Colin: Are you in such a hurry to get out of this marriage just to be with that dirtbag Joe Clark?

Lily: How dare you. I'm not defending Cane because I don't believe him anymore.

Cane: I hadn't even hung up the phone and I turned back to her and she was gone. But you don't believe a word I'm saying to you, do you, Paul?

Paul: Look, uh, I-I will follow up on this, Cane. Just don't leave town.

Neil: Hey, uh, what exactly did Hilary say to you? How did she seem? What? What? What's going on?

Cane: No one else believes a word I'm saying, but you do. Why?

Neil: Why wouldn't I believe you? I mean, come on, Cane. What reason would you have to lie about Hilary's disappearance?

Cane: Exactly, 'cause everyone else thinks I'm behind this whole thing, Neil.

Neil: Yeah. But I got you, okay? No one should be blaming you for any of this.

Hilary: [Panting] Excuse me. Excuse me. Ca-can you please help me?

Dr. Neville: Of course, my dear. That's why I'm here.

Hilary: [Screams]

Dr. Neville: Shh. Shh. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Dylan: What if I told you I don't think you're lying about Hilary?

Dr. Neville: I bid you adieu.

Neil: Oh, no. I need to know why you're trying to get out of town so fast.

Nikki: Tonight's gonna be a special night for the Newman family. headsupamerica.us and look it up, because it's for you. It's free for you.

[Cheers and applause]

Seth: Very exciting.

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