Y&R Transcript Wednesday 10/28/15


Episode # 10785 ~ Chelsea defends her relationship with Adam; Cane surprises Lily; Neil's plan for Hilary backfires.

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Stitch: Abby Carlton Newman, I am asking you to let me love you, let me look out for you, let me be the one you can count on for the rest of your life. Abby, will you marry me?

Abby: [Sighs] [Laughs]

Stitch: Okay, just to be clear, that's -- that's yes, right?

Abby: Yes! Yes! Yes! I will marry you! [Laughs]

Stitch: Oh, my god.

Abby: [Laughs] [Sighs]

[Both laugh]

Abby: Oh, my god! [Laughs] Oh, my god. [Laughs] [Sighs]

Ashley: Let me be the first to congratulate you.

Abby: [Sighs]

[Computer keys clacking]

Billy: Look, either way, he's wrong, ash. You have been waiting for years for the chance to take this company to another level. Victor's empire crumbling into bits is kind of like a -- it's like an early Christmas present, isn't it?

Ashley: Yeah. I mean, it is for us. We have to keep acquiring as much as we can as long as we can, even if it means going up against jack.

Victoria: Well, I guess it's back to business as usual. Scooping up all the bargains that paragon's spinning off from Newman, feeding off the demise of our company.

Billy: Just the opposite.

Paul: Set up a perimeter. Get patrolmen knocking on doors, talking to people in the area. I am sure someone has seen Chloe Mitchell.

Kevin: Paul, can you please make sure that the guys don't overreact? I don't want Chloe getting hurt trying to get away from them.

Mariah: Kevin, we all know you care about her, but she mowed down Adam and then she came over here and clocked me in the head.

Kevin: She's scared.

Mariah: No, scared is a frightened, little bunny hiding in a bush, not some chick grabbing a bottle off a countertop and cracking me over the head.

Kevin: She's just acting from a place of fear.

Paul: Kevin, Mariah's right. Chloe is more than scared. She's dangerous.

Chelsea: Adam is in the hospital. He almost died because of you.

Chloe: Then I should have driven faster.

Chelsea: Chloe...

Chloe: Adam almost died. My daughter did die. He ran her down and he left her on the side of the road.

Chelsea: So you just go and do the same thing to him? That's...

Chloe: That's justice.

Chelsea: No. That's insane.

Lily: Hey. What are you doing? Why do you have a bag?

Cane: Oh, you don't have to worry. There's no ransom money in it. If you want, I can give it to you and you can have a look. Or better yet, you can just take it straight to Dylan if that's what you want to do.

Lily: Cane, I already apologized for that. When I found the money, I didn't know what to think.

Cane: So instead you thought the worst possible thing, which is I'm some lowlife that wants to take money from my family, right?

Lily: Cane, come on, that's not --

Cane: Listen, this isn't gonna get us anywhere. I have clothes in the bag 'cause I'm moving out.

Neil: Gwen. Hi.

Gwen: Hilary's the same.

Neil: Yeah.

Gwen: No change. I keep hoping I had better news to report.

Neil: Yeah. Are you holding up?

Gwen: [Sighs] This will all be worth it once Hilary, once she wakes -- oh, my god. Did you see that? Did I just imagine?

Neil: Hey. No, no, you're not imagining it. I really think her fingers moved. I think so. Whatever that doctor's giving her, I-I think it's working.

Gwen: I'm gonna get him on the phone.

Neil: Good. Do that. Hey. Hilary. You can do this. Come back to me. Come back to us.

Chloe: You want to know what's insane? You having any sympathy for Adam. I mean, how many more lives does he need to destroy for you to realize that he's not worth your time?

Chelsea: I cannot believe that you are actually trying to justify what you did.

Chloe: The way that I've been acting? What about you? You are not rational. You are delusional. And what happened to my best friend? You used to be smart and strong and independent. You never needed a man to make you feel complete. I mean, what happened to your -- to your self-respect? You actually stood on the stand and you pleaded for leniency after you swore that you had washed your hands of that monster. You told Michael. You told him that you would never say anything good about him.

Chelsea: Adam is being punished, Chloe. You didn't need to do this!

Chloe: 10 years, Chelsea. 10 years. How is that fair? With good behavior, he's gonna be out in five. That's a blink of an eye.

Chelsea: It was an accident, Chloe. Adam did not mean to hit Delia with that car, and you know that. Tell me you know that!

Chloe: Okay, I know it! I know that he didn't mean it! I know that he didn't intentionally try to run down a 7-year-old. So what? So, good for him. Model citizen. He's just gonna pay for it for a few years. But what about me? Come on. What about me?

[Voice breaking] I'm the one who lost my child. I'm the one who's paying the life sentence.

Billy: I'm not going after Newman anymore.

Victoria: Wait a second. What?

Billy: I'm canceling the orders in the pipeline and selling off all the assets at zero profit. I'm undoing the damage that paragon has done to your family's business as -- as much as I can.

Victoria: Billy, I... I honestly have no idea what to say. What made you come to this decision?

Billy: I guess it's all part of finding forgiveness, isn't it? When we were standing there at Delia's tree, I felt so much like she was there with us, and it felt so good just to let go. And this trying to put one over on Victor, it feels like so much more of the same. I hated living like that. I hated the guy that I was becoming, and I-I don't want to go back to that.

Victoria: Well, then I guess something good came out of this disaster if it got you to this place.

Billy: Yeah. That was you. I have you to thank for that.

Lily: You're moving out?

Cane: I can't stay in the house with you if you don't believe a word that's coming out of my mouth.

Lily: I have said I'm sorry over and over. I know what I did was wrong. I'll say it as many times as I need to.

Cane: It's too late, 'cause what is done is done.

Lily: [Sighs] Okay. So, instead of working on our marriage like a committed couple -- with children, by the way -- you're gonna sneak off to a hotel room.

Cane: [Sighs]

Lily: You are only hurting the kids. It was bad enough explaining to them why their dad spent a night in jail.

Cane: We would not be in this situation if you came to me instead of going straight to Dylan.

Lily: Oh, so it's my fault, even though every day the police are finding more evidence?

Cane: I don't care about the evidence. What I care about is the fact that at the first sign of trouble, you went to another man. You didn't come to me with it. This does not concern you! It doesn't concern you!

Joe: This isn't the time or the place, all right? And fighting about this isn't gonna solve the problem at all.

Cane: Of course that's directed to me, because all you want to do is suck up to her.

Joe: No, actually, it was directed towards lily. Cut the guy a break.

Abby: Isn't it beautiful?

Ashley: It's breathtaking.

Abby: [Chuckles]

Stitch: I did my best.

Abby: You did great. This is the most gorgeous ring I have ever seen in my whole life, and that means something coming from me.

Stitch: I guess it does.

Abby: [Laughs]

Ashley: I'm gonna throw you guys the most amazing wedding ever. So happy for the both of you.

Abby: Thank you. I'm kind of happy for us, too.

Stitch: Hey, uh, now that my tour duty here is done for the night, I want to take my brand-new fiancée out for a romantic celebration, so let me wrap some things up and then we can scram, all right?

Abby: All right. Mwah. Sounds like a plan.

Stitch: All right.

Ashley: Congratulations.

Stitch: Yeah.

Abby: Are you really happy for me? I need to know.

Ashley: Are you happy for you? Are you positive Ben's the one? I'm only saying that because, I mean, in all the excitement and everything, you know, maybe you're not giving yourself a chance to weigh everything properly. Have you thought this through?

Abby: [Chuckles] I mean, this isn't sudden. It wasn't love at first anything. Ben and I have been through a lot. We even walked away from each other, but we couldn't stay apart. I have had my doubts. I'm sure he's had his. But Ben has seen me at my worst. I know about his past. I know everything I need to know, and I don't need to think about this anymore. I love him, he loves me. We want to be together forever. And we will be. [Chuckles]

Ashley: Of course, I'm happy for you. I take that back. I'm thrilled for you.

Abby: Thank you.

Neil: Well?

Gwen: Her hand moving -- it wasn't some involuntary spasm, was it? I mean, she's getting better, right?

Dr. Neville: The patient is responding to my custom course of treatment very nicely. Better than expected, actually.

Gwen: That's fantastic.

Dr. Neville: No, miss Randall. No, it's science. Neurochemistry, more precise. It's fascinating, actually. The receptors in the brain are like --

Neil: Hey, come on. When's she gonna wake up?

Dr. Neville: Soon. When exactly, I can't say. Could be a few hours or a few days. The good news is that the patient is on her way back to you.

Joe: I know what it's like to be in your situation, Cane, all right? To have your reputation thrown in the gutter, especially when there's no proof.

Lily: Oh, actually, in this case, there's a lot of proof. And I was still willing to stand by my husband.

Cane: You were willing to stand by me? Do you realize how different that is to actually believing in me?

Lily: Well, you know what? You're making it really hard for me to believe in you.

Cane: What? You expect me to say thank you?

Kevin: Chloe is not a danger to anyone. She's not some violent criminal.

Mariah: Tell that to Adam.

Kevin: Well, after she heard about the way he was practically canonized in that courtroom, people pleading for him to go free, as if he was the victim, it got to her! How could it not?! She's a grieving mother!

Paul: Right, and now she's a would-be executioner.

Kevin: [Sighs] That's not fair. She was in a panic.

Paul: Exactly. So listen, Kevin, we don't know how she's gonna react. We don't know what she's gonna do when she's cornered. Trust me.

Kevin: Paul, please --

Paul: It would be a mistake to protect her. I'm telling you. Odds are, she's gonna reach out to you, and I want you to help me put an end to this now, before someone else gets hurt, okay?

Kevin: Yes.

Paul: Okay?

Kevin: Okay.

Paul: Okay.

[Cell phone vibrates] Yeah.

Mariah: Hey. I hope I didn't upset you with what I said to Paul.

Kevin: No. Um... Chloe's not herself. I realize that. She's crossed a bunch of lines. And I'm sorry that she hurt you.

Mariah: No, it's not your fault she's a quick, little minx, but thank you.

Kevin: How's your head?

Mariah: Starting to throb, actually. I'm gonna go get more ice.

Chelsea: Chloe, you've come so far. You have worked so hard to put your life back together --

Chloe: Don't! Don't -- don't act like you know anything about me or what my life is like now, okay? You are not my friend. Friends don't treat each other like this.

Chelsea: You kidnapped my son! I had every reason to hate you, to turn my back on you, but I didn't. I couldn't, because we don't have that kind of relationship. [Sighs] Do you remember the day you were leaving town? Remember, I brought Connor by to see you, but not to say goodbye, because I wouldn't do that. I wouldn't say goodbye to you. You were the best friend I've ever had. I told you that day, I told you that we would always stay connected, we would have more time, we would have more dreams because that's who we are with each other. We're not enemies! We're not strangers! I care about you too much to let that happen, Chloe!

Chloe: [Voice breaking] The only person you care about is Adam. The only person that you're dreaming dreams with is Adam, protecting him.

Chelsea: I am so sorry you're in so much pain. I really am. But pulling a gun on my husband, running him over with your car, it's not gonna make things better, and it's not bringing Delia back.

Chloe: [Sighs]

Chelsea: No, you're not leaving, Chloe! No! Not like this.

Chloe: Let -- let go! I need to get out of here!

Chelsea: There's no point in running. The police are already looking for the driver. They will figure out it was you if they haven't already, Chloe. You're not gonna get away with trying to kill Adam. Stop it! Stop! Calm down and think! This is gonna end! Don't you want it to be on your terms?

Chloe: Will you just get out of my way? I need to go.

Chelsea: Go where?

Chloe: I need to be with my daughter, okay?

Billy: You've been there the whole time, patiently nudging me in the right direction, putting up with my toxic attitude.

Victoria: I knew that you'd be ready when you were ready. And not one minute sooner. It's how it is with someone that's unhappy. They think that they want revenge, but what they really want is peace. Nobody wants to feel something that's fundamentally wrong.

Ashley: That sounds like me right about now.

Abby: I love champagne.

Stitch: Yeah?

Abby: I love the suite.

Stitch: [Chuckles]

Abby: And I love you.

Stitch: Yeah?

Abby: Mm-hmm.

Stitch: I thought you'd want some bubbly.

Abby: Hmm. What I want right now, it doesn't come in a bottle. Mnh-mnh.

Stitch: It'll keep.

Abby: [Chuckles] I won't. [Chuckles]

Neil: So, when can you give us a realistic estimate when Hilary will regain consciousness?

Dr. Neville: Mr. Winters, I can't. You're asking the impossible. We're talking about systematically stimulating and then stabilizing the very fabric of the human anatomy, the seat of consciousness. This isn't a tune-up in some auto-body shop.

Neil: Right, right, right. But you're sure? You're sure that she's gonna wake up?

Dr. Neville: You're either calling me a liar or you doubt my abilities.

Neil: Absolutely not.

Gwen: We just want to make sure that she's getting the best care possible.

Neil: That's right.

Gwen: That's all.

Neil: And as much as I want Hilary to wake up and exonerate me, I need to know that she's gonna be okay. So come on. Give me something.

Dr. Neville: We had an agreement, didn't we? You said that you would not question my methods, no matter how unorthodox. Now, apparently you would like to revisit the terms of that agreement.

Neil: No! I need some answers. Please.

Gwen: This whole process has been very difficult for us. We've both been under a lot of stress.

Neil: Now this nightmare is almost over, man. I-I guess -- I'm -- I'm sorry. I'm just -- I'm anxious.

Dr. Neville: Oh. Of course.

Gwen: Why don't we, um...

Neil: What?

Gwen: Take a walk and get some fresh air? Maybe get something to eat and leave the doctor to his work?

Dr. Neville: Well, that would be appreciated.

Neil: Okay. You're gonna call us, right? You're gonna call us the minute there's a change?

Dr. Neville: Of course.

Neil: Come on.

Joe: I don't need your gratitude, Cane.

Cane: Good, 'cause you won't get any from me.

Cane: You know, a little bit of free advice? Why don't you give lily some space? She'll come around, realize she made a mistake for doubting you.

Cane: You finished? 'Cause I don't need you sticking up for my marriage, and I don't need you giving me any advice about lily.

Joe: I was just trying to help.

Cane: Okay. Well, you know where you can stick your help, right?

Joe: Yeah, that's fine. I don't even know why I bothered.

Cane: Oh, you know why you bothered? 'Cause you can't get your nose out of my marriage. That's why.

Joe: You know, I admire lily for the tolerance that she's displayed here, the love and the devotion she's given you, because god knows you sure as hell don't deserve it, and that's for damn su--

Kevin: Chloe?

Chloe: Oh, Kevin. Kevin. Thank god you're here.

Kevin: I heard you were looking for me.

Chloe: Yeah, Chelsea won't let me leave. I just need to get home to my daughter.

Kevin: Your daughter?

Chloe: Ours. [Chuckles] Delia. Delia needs me. Will you take me to her?

Kevin: Um, Delia's not home right now.

Chloe: What do you -- what do you mean? Where -- where is she?

Billy: I didn't go to Delia's tree expecting to have some life-changing experience.

Ashley: But obviously you did.

Billy: I want to undo the damage.

Ashley: What are you saying? You want to reverse the acquisitions we made?

Billy: Look, you can yell at me all you want, but I just need to do this for my own peace of mind.

Ashley: Believe it or not, that's exactly why I'm here. I want to unwind the deals we made. I want to return everything to Newman. All the companies.

Billy: You're kidding me.

Victoria: She doesn't seem like she's kidding.

Ashley: I'm not kidding. This ordeal that we've all been through got me thinking about right and wrong and where a person draws the line, even when something is just business. And clearly I was very excited about jabot becoming a multi-national especially for just pennies on the dollar. And if it was legal, then why not run with it, right?

Billy: Because it was wrong.

Victoria: I'm really surprised right now. But I'm extremely grateful, and I know my father will be, too. Oh, you know, I ordered a pizza. I was starving on my way over here, so I'm gonna go check on the eta for that. And there's plenty if you want to join us.

Ashley: No, I'm good. Thank you, though.

Victoria: All right, I'll be back in a second.

Billy: So, what else is on your mind?

Ashley: Oh, Ben just proposed to Abby.

Billy: Whoa. Well, good for them, right? Except you don't look too tickled about it.

Ashley: Well, could you blame me? I mean, what Abbott that you know of has ever had a successful relationship? I mean, think about that one for a second.

Billy: Oh, come on, ash. It's not like there's some family curse or something.

Ashley: Well, honestly, I think Ben can be a little fickle.

Billy: Are you questioning his loyalty for some reason?

Ashley: No.

Billy: And Abby does love the guy, right?

Ashley: She claims he's the one.

Billy: I think I understand your hesitation.

Ashley: You do?

Billy: Yeah, I mean, let's face it. Abby's pretty flighty. But you got to give her credit. I mean, this whole last year, she's grown up. She's got a career. She's making good decisions. You ought to be happy for her.

Ashley: I know.

Victoria: Are we talking about Abby?

Billy: Yeah. Stitch popped the question.

Victoria: Seriously?

Billy: My nephew, the doctor. Gonna have to practice that one.

Victoria: You know, I think they're really good for each other. I mean, it's obvious that Ben cares very much about Abby, and she's crazy about him.

Billy: Uh, something is really weird with the connection here. I'm gonna run down to the server room, check this out.

Victoria: Oh, um, the pizza guy is gonna be in the lobby in five minutes. I don't have any cash on me. Would you pay him, please?

Billy: Sure. Love to be your errand boy.

Victoria: [Chuckles] Okay. This is really big news about Abby.

Ashley: Yeah, it is.

Victoria: You don't seem very thrilled.

Ashley: No, I just -- you know, I'm her mother. I don't want to see her make a mistake.

Victoria: Yeah, I know you -- I know you had a thing for Ben.

Ashley: I don't want to talk about this.

Victoria: Why not? Does it make you uncomfortable?

Ashley: Yeah. Frankly, it does. I mean, I don't want you to think there was anything more between Ben and me, because there wasn't.

Victoria: I promise that I won't say anything about what I saw happening between the two of you if you're honest with me.

Ashley: About what?

Victoria: I don't know. I'm just curious about your lack of enthusiasm over this engagement. Is it because you're jealous?

Gwen: Whoa. What happened?

Lily: You know what? I feel like we should just put swinging doors on this place, because it just turned to the wild, wild rest. You know what? Make it a gladiator pit. They could just bash each others' heads in. [Sighs]

Gwen: What are you talking about?

Lily: Cane and Joe were just in here fighting.

Gwen: Oh, no. Is anyone hurt?

Lily: Honestly, I don't care. I really don't. I want this entire thing to end.

Gwen: What thing? The Hilary thing?

Lily: Yes. It has ruined our lives. I don't know what to do anymore. My marriage is in shambles, and Cane moved out.

Gwen: What? Why?

Lily: Because I'm not being a good wife by going along and ignoring all the evidence piling up against him.

Gwen: I'm so sorry, lily.

Lily: I am, too. Because if Cane did this... there's only so much I can do in the name of love.

Gwen: I understand. Where's Neil? Uh, I was supposed to meet him here for dinner.

Lily: He left with Cane.

Gwen: Left? Where'd they go?

Neil: What is wrong with you?

Cane: I am fed up. The whole town has me tried and convicted, including my wife, and I'm just done with it.

Neil: Really? So you risk everything by fighting with Joe Clark? Your freedom, your family? All because you want to take a swing at that idiot? So I'm gonna ask you one more time -- what is wrong with you?

Cane: He had it coming. He had it coming.

Neil: Oh, he did?

Cane: Yeah.

Neil: Right, so all Joe Clark has to do is go to the police and they're gonna come and arrest you, and they're gonna revoke your bail.

Cane: [Sighs]

Neil: And look at you -- you got a broken elbow. That's the least of your problems now. So when that doctor comes in and he says you're free to go, I'm gonna put you in my car, I'm gonna take you home, and you're gonna put your kids to bed.

Cane: I can't do that, can I, 'cause I don't live at home anymore. I'm staying at the club.

Neil: Why? You left lily?

Cane: How can I stay with her? I mean, she actually thinks that I'm capable of some plot to hurt Hilary. She thinks that I have her stashed away somewhere. I mean, who would do that? What sort of monster would do that to another human being, Neil?

Lily: Where does it hurt? Does it hurt really bad?

Joe: Well, it's certainly felt better. [Groans]

Lily: Good. I'm glad it hurts, because what were you doing fighting in my hotel?

Joe: Your husband threw the first punch.

Lily: I really don't get you.

Joe: Yeah, well, join the club.

Lily: Whose side are you on, anyway?

Joe: I'm not trying to take sides! I was trying to be a friend to both of you!

Lily: Cane is not your friend.

Joe: Yeah, well, he was, until I decided to sleep with his very attractive wife.

Lily: Thank you for the painful reminder.

Joe: Yeah, I-I can't help it. None of this would have happened if it weren't for my horrible impulse control. I ripped your marriage apart, and I feel terrible about it.

Lily: Look, I wanted to blame you because it made me feel less responsible, but it takes two. And if there is infidelity, then it's a sign that something is seriously wrong in a marriage.

Neil: You know that this is just a bump in the road for you and lily, right?

Cane: Yeah, right. You know what? Over the last 12 months, there's been so many bumps, I don't even think I'm on the road anymore.

Neil: Of course, you are. You and lily are gonna sort things out.

Cane: No. Not until Hilary is found and then she can come back and tell everybody the truth, that I had nothing to do with her disappearance.

Neil: Yeah, that's -- that's gonna solve a lot of things.

Cane: You know what, Neil? And then she can explain to everybody where she's been and who has had her, and then finally lily and I can sit down and talk, but until then, I'm just gonna stay at the club. That's all I can do.

Neil: That's where I'm going right now. I'm gonna have dinner with Gwen. Come on. I'll give you a ride.

Cane: You go. I got to see the doctor. He's gonna tell me if I got to stay in this thing for two months or three months.

Neil: Okay. Not gonna say you deserve this. I'm on your team. I am. But I'm not gonna say you didn't deserve this, okay? Hey, just be cool.

Cane: Okay. All right, listen, I'm gonna go walk through the park, all right, and see if I can clear my head.

Neil: Yeah, I'm gonna go see Gwen and have some dinner. I'll check you out later, all right? Yeah.

Cane: Hey. Thanks for bringing me, man. I appreciate it.

Neil: Don't worry about it. Lily's gonna forgive you. Guaranteed.

Cane: I just don't know if I can forgive her.

Stitch: [Sighs] After missing dinner and spending the whole shift in the ER with Adam, I could eat a horse. How about you? I can call room service, unless you'd rather get dressed, go downstairs, and show off your new bling. [Chuckles] Abby?

Abby: Hmm?

Stitch: Hey. What's wrong?

Abby: Sorry. I was -- I was just, um, I was thinking about something my mom said earlier about our engagement. I didn't want to bring it up.

Stitch: What'd she say?

Abby: She just asked if I had thought it through for real. I guess she's worried I got caught up in the ring, the excitement, the idea of getting married.

Stitch: Is that what happened?

Ashley: I am not jealous of my daughter and what she has with Ben, okay?

Victoria: Okay. My mistake.

Ashley: Yes, your mistake.

Victoria: Or maybe I'm right and you just don't want to admit it.

Ashley: Okay. That's enough. I don't have to stay and listen to this.

Victoria: Ashley, how long have we known each other? You're really not that good at hiding your feelings. But I could understand why you'd want to. It's not like we're best friends. We don't have to be enemies, though. I've seen it with my own eyes, the way that you look at Ben and the way that he looks at you.

Ashley: What does that mean? I mean, okay, we have a connection. This is so utterly ridiculous. I can't tell you.

Victoria: Why? Why is it ridiculous?

Ashley: Because my daughter loves him, Victoria, and I'm happy for her, okay? I'm not gonna talk about this anymore with you.

Victoria: All right. Well, maybe if you had somebody else to focus on.

Ashley: I don't need anybody to focus on, thank you. That's just another complication. I'm okay.

Victoria: Totally fine, then. If you say so.

Ashley: Yeah, I say so.

Victoria: Good.

Billy: Uh, we got a problem.

Chloe: Kevin, why won't you answer me? W-what do you mean that Delia's not at home? Why would you say that? Where is she?

Kevin: Sweetheart, it's okay. Everything's gonna be just fine. I'm gonna help you.

Chloe: Okay, well, if you want to help me, you just -- you just need to take me to Delia. I-I promised that I was gonna tuck her in and we were gonna read her a book. I-I promised that I was going to be there. I mean, I can't break my promise.

Kevin: Um... Paul is gonna make sure that you get home to Delia in plenty of time to tuck her in. Isn't that right, Paul?

Paul: Absolutely. I can take you right now.

Chelsea: That's -- that's very -- it's so nice of you to offer.

Chloe: Okay, aren't you coming?

Esther: Oh, honey, uh, Kevin has some work to do, but we'll make sure that he gets there as quick as he can, okay, honey?

Kevin: Can you do me a favor? Uh, when you see Delia, will you give her a big kiss for me?

Chloe: Yeah, of course.

Paul: Okay, shall we?

Chelsea: Let's go. Let's go to the car.

Esther: Let's go.

Paul: It's fine. We'll go downtown.

Kevin: This is all my fault.

Mariah: How? Chloe is a mess. How is that your fault?

Kevin: In the park, she pulled a gun on Adam. I never should have let her walk away.

Esther: Kevin, you were just trying to help.

Kevin: Yeah, and I made things worse.

Esther: Look, I-I thought she was getting better. We all thought she was getting better. Okay, I'm going down to the police station.

Chelsea: Do you need a lift?

Esther: Um, no, thank you, Chelsea, but I have my own car. Kevin, don't worry. I'll be fine. Chloe's the one I'm worried about.

Mariah: You did help Chloe, just now by -- by letting her go with Paul.

Chelsea: She'll go back into treatment and she'll get the help she needs.

Kevin: She's so broken. She's never gonna get over this loss.

Victoria: Yeah, we have a problem. Where's the pizza?

Billy: I never made it down there. I went to the server room, and our system is going crazy.

Ashley: What do you mean, it's going crazy?

Billy: I was able to stop some of the Newman transactions we had in process, even reverse some of the earlier ones, but now look at this. Jabot's assets are being sold at way below market value just like Newman's were.

Ashley: Wait a second. Which assets?

Billy: Jabot Classic went to Staunton Cosmetics out of New Jersey. The kids line was snapped up by some argentine outfit.

Ashley: Oh, my god, no.

Billy: Yeah. And more of them are hitting the block.

Victoria: It's paragon. Now it's attacking jabot, too.

Ashley: Oh, my god. This cannot be happening.

Billy: It is.

Abby: I know this for sure. Nothing has ever felt more right. I think my mom's just being protective since she knows my track record isn't that great.

Stitch: [Chuckles]

Abby: She doesn't want me to get hurt again or to screw things up. My history with guys...

Stitch: Okay, look, hold on. You're not the only one with a past, Abby. Everyone makes mistakes.

Abby: And my mom -- she wants me to be happy. She means well.

Stitch: Ashley's had a lot of heartbreak in her own life. She just doesn't want that for you.

Abby: This is for life, right? This isn't like some starter marriage.

Stitch: I wouldn't have proposed to you if I had any doubts. This is the real thing, Abby. You're the woman I've been waiting for, the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. So don't you listen to your mom or anyone else. Just listen to what your heart is telling you, okay?

Joe: Yeah, you're right. When someone cheats, it's never one person's fault.

Lily: I was as much to blame as you were. Sleeping with you was a huge mistake.

Joe: Yeah. Huge mistake. But I'll let you in on a little secret.

Lily: What's that?

Joe: Well, as much as I should regret our night together... I don't. All the trouble it caused, people despising me, the, uh, bruised rib... it was worth it.

Cane: [Sighs] [Sniffs]

Neil: How beautiful is the snow, huh?

Gwen: I love it.

Neil: Yeah, me too. It's gorgeous.

Gwen: Are you feeling better?

Neil: Am I feeling...? Yeah, much.

Gwen: Good. You just needed some food in your belly.

Neil: Yeah. That and I'm really starting to believe that this will all be over soon. You know what I mean?

Dr. Neville: Ah! [Groaning] Oh, my god. Oh, my god. Oh, no. Oh, no. [High-pitched voice] Missus -- [Clears throat] [Normal voice] Mrs. Hamilton?! Mrs. Hamilton! Where are you? Oh.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Kevin: We're gonna have to kill the virus from both companies.

Victor: Then do it.

Kevin: I can't, unless the two of you can manage to work together. You think you can do that?

Nikki: Could you find out why the lights were flickering?

Of course.

Nikki: Thank you.

Adam: Chelsea, I can't feel my legs.

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