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Episode # 10782 ~ Judgment day arrives for Adam Newman.

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Bailiff: The jury's reached a verdict.

Adam: How long?

Bailiff: About five minutes.

Billy: So, I guess this is it.

Adam: There's something I got to say to you.

Billy: I don't want to hear it.

Adam: Just... just give me a moment of your time, please.

Billy: I need to go let Victoria know.

Adam: I'm not gonna get another chance to say this to you. When you were on the stand, testifying... [Sighs] When you said you forgave me, I didn't expect --

Billy: I did what I needed to do. It wasn't for you and it wasn't a favor, and I don't want your gratitude. It was for me and my daughter.

Victoria: There you are. I've been looking everywhere.

Chelsea: Billy, I-I wanted to thank you.

Billy: Look, we just heard that the jury's headed back in.

Jack: Already?

Ashley: Maybe we should head back in to the courtroom.

Phyllis: Do you think Billy might be in there?

Ashley: I don't know, but if he is, I don't want him and jack to get into it yet again.

Phyllis: That is not gonna happen. Jack has made his mistakes, but he's gonna stand by his brother.

Ashley: I hope so. You know, I couldn't wait for this trial to be over, but now, even if the jury comes back with a guilty plea...

Phyllis: I know. There are still a lot of wounds to be healed.

Michael: How did you know?

Lauren: What?

Michael: Uh... I was wishing you were here.

Lauren: I'm glad. But you also know I'm not a fan of Adam, and I believe he deserves the most severe punishment for what he did.

Michael: Duly noted.

Lauren: Mm-hmm. But I happen to be a huge fan of yours, and that's why I'm here.

Jack: The verdict is in.

Esther: Oh, wow.

Nikki: Hi. I'm sorry. I got hung up at my charity meeting. What's going on?

Victor: The jury has come back in.

Nikki: You're kidding. So soon? Doesn't that mean --

Victor: That usually is not a very good sign for the defendant. If Adam has a fighting chance, he owes it to Billy. Let's go.

Nikki: Ohh.

Christine: Paul, the jury's back. I'll see you soon.

Chelsea: Whatever happens, just don't forget I love you.

Bailiff: All rise!

Cane: Thank you for sticking through this with me, guys -- both of you. I mean it. Thank you.

Lily: Yeah. Where else would I be?

Cane: Yeah.

Neil: I'm glad to help.

Cane: Well, that makes us a party of three, doesn't it? 'Cause everybody else in the city seems to think I took advantage of Hilary's situation so I could get a bag of cash.

Neil: What are you gonna do about that?

Cane: I'm gonna prove the cops wrong. I'm gonna clear my name. That is what I'm going to do.

[Knock on door]

Neil: Want me to get that?

Cane: No. I'll get it. Were we expecting somebody?

Lily: No. Cindy's not bringing the kids back until after dinner.

Paul: Cane.

Cane: Well, you've already arrested me, Paul. What do you want now? What's that?

Paul: A search warrant for the premises.

Devon: This is a search warrant for Cane's gym locker. Did you know anything about this?

Dylan: No. I'm not surprised. Paul's been all over this.

Devon: Well, good for him. I'm more than willing to cooperate. Just follow me.

Dylan: [Sighs]

Joe: Hey. That about Cane?

Dylan: Why would you think that, Joe?

Joe: Well, I heard on the news he was arrested for extortion. Figured it had something to do with Hilary's disappearance. So, did he do it?

Dylan: I'm not gonna discuss it with you.

Joe: [Chuckles softly] Wow. You're taking this a little too seriously, don't you think, Dylan? It's not like you're a cop on official business.

Dylan: I don't think you're directly involved in any of this.

Joe: But Cane's a friend of mine, or at least he was. And lily -- well, they're good people, and I just want to make sure they're okay.

Dylan: They're having a tough time, but lily's standing by her husband. Do them a favor -- stay out of it.

Joe: Let's get something clear, Dylan -- you don't get to tell me what to do.

Judge DeSantos: Will the defendant please stand? Mr. Newman, you have been found guilty of felony hit-and-run resulting in the death of a child -- Cordelia Abbott.

Cane: This search is bull.

Neil: Cane, the police are just doing their job.

Cane: Yeah. If they're doing their job, they'd find out why I was framed. They wouldn't be harassing me. Hey. Hey! Hey!

Lily: Hey! You cannot interfere with the search!

Cane: Yeah? Watch me.

Neil: Hey! Stop it! Cane! Stay here. You go in that room, what's gonna happen? They can accuse you of tampering with or concealing the evidence.

Cane: This is humiliating! Could you imagine if our children were here now to see this?

Neil: But they're not here.

Lily: Cindy can keep them overnight if we need her to.

Cane: She's going through our stuff, through our kids' toys, our drawers in our bedroom -- our personal things!

Lily: We cannot do anything about it! What's the point in getting angry?

Cane: I am angry 'cause they're trying to build a case to stick me behind bars! That's why I'm angry!

Neil: Cane, I know exactly how you feel. You need to calm down right now. Take a breath. Relax, all right? You -- you look very agitated and defensive. You know what that's gonna look like to them? You're guilty.

Cane: I don't care how it looks. The police have got it wrong! I didn't do this!

Devon: [Sighs]

Dylan: They found a hoodie, just like the one the guy was wearing who took the ransom?

Joe: So what? I know a lot of people with hoodies.

Devon: I've never seen him wear one in my life. There's a whole lot of evidence against Cane, and it just keeps piling up.

Dylan: Okay. All right. That doesn't necessarily mean --

Devon: Necessarily mean what? He had $1 million of my money in his house, and now this. And, you know, the worst thing is what he's putting my sister through. Lily and Cane just got their marriage back together after this guy, and now Cane's risking everything for a bag of cash.

Judge DeSantos: I see no reason to delay the penalty phase. Mr. Baldwin, district attorney Williams, you'll probably need a few minutes to make sure that those intending to make impact statements are present and ready.

Michael: We appreciate that, your honor.

Christine: Thank you, your honor.

Judge DeSantos: The jury is released with our thanks for your service. We'll proceed after a brief recess.

Adam: I'm going to prison. That's it. I'll get 10 years, 15 years.

Michael: No, not necessarily. The judge has a great deal of discretion when it comes to sentencing.

Chelsea: The -- the, uh, im-impact statements?

Michael: They make a big difference. The fight is far from over. Excuse me.

Chelsea: [Sighs]

Billy: I want to get out of here.

Ashley: Give me a hug.

Billy: Okay. Thanks.

Ashley: We'll talk later.

Billy: Yeah, we will.

Kevin: Billy! You cannot walk out now!

Billy: There is no reason for me to stick around for the penalty phase, Kevin. I said everything that I had to say.

Kevin: You forgave him! How could you do that?!

Victoria: Kevin...

Kevin: I'm gonna assume that you were overrun with grief and that you didn't mean what you said, because I cannot believe for one second you'd be all right with Adam getting off with a slap on the wrist!

Billy: Whatever happens happens.

Kevin: You cannot say that -- not after what he did! Chloe's not here. You have to be the parent that speaks up.

Billy: It's out of my control, Kevin.

Kevin: What is wrong with you, Billy?! Can you talk to him?

Victoria: He's made his decision. We're leaving.

Kevin: Fine. Go. But someone needs to make sure that Adam gets what's coming to him. If you won't speak to the judge and tell him that he needs to suffer, then I will. that you said they wouldn't find[

Cane: The whole thing keeps snowballing. First they come and arrest me. Now they search my house.

Neil: Yeah. I know, man. Pretty disturbing.

Lily: Well, the good news is that you said they wouldn't find anything, and they didn't.

Devon: No, they did find something.

Cane: What did they find?

Devon: In your locker in the gym here, they found a hoodie.

Lily: A hoodie? Like --

Devon: Yeah, like the one the guy wore who picked up the ransom.

Cane: [Sighs]

Devon: So, would you like to explain yourself, Cane?

Cane: I don't know how to explain myself. I haven't even been to the gym because all I do is spend my time helping you find Hilary.

Neil: Okay. I don't really think any of that matters, because everyone that I know owns a hoodie, don't they?

Cane: You really think I did this? And if you did, do you think I'm stupid enough to take incriminating evidence and leave it in my house and then go and put it in the locker in the gym? You really think I'm that stupid?

Devon: So, what -- you're claiming that you were set up?

Cane: I've already told you I was set up and I didn't do it!

Neil: You know, whoever's doing this is doing a damn good job of throwing suspicion on this man. The last time I checked, you're family. Family doesn't do this kind of stuff. He wouldn't be that two-faced, would you?

Lily: Wait. Had the locker been tampered with?

Devon: The cops had to break it open, so my guess is no. Does someone have your combination, Cane, or what?

Cane: It's a 3-digit combination lock. I mean, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out how to open it. It's not like it's fort Knox, for god's sake.

Dylan: Just, uh, finished watching the security video.

Devon: Of the gym?

Dylan: Yeah. It shows you, Cane, heading in to the locker room the day after the ransom drop, carrying something under your arm. You went in. A short time later, you came out empty-handed. You care to explain?

Cane: [Sighs]

Billy: This is where I wanted to be, not in that courtroom. I just wanted to talk to my daughter.

Kevin: She was still alive when we got to the hospital. Things were looking bad, but they kept her on life support in case her parents wanted to donate her organs. I was Delia's parent, too. I was her stepdad. And since Chloe was so distraught by the trial that she left town and since Billy has left the building, that leaves me to say... she was my daughter. And you killed her. I've committed crimes, so I understand telling yourself it's over, it's done. What could a confession change? How could that possibly make things any better? I'll tell you. [Voice breaking] We all wouldn't have spent the last year thinking... asking... crying... and bleeding... the same two words over and over again... "why?" And "how?" That is your crime, Adam, and that is what I cannot forgive. And you had the answers to those questions, and you hid them. Now you're asking for compassion from us when you showed none. [Sighs] So, your honor, that's why I am asking that you punish Adam Newman to the fullest extent of the law. [Sighs]

Jack: My wife, my sister, my brother, my friends do not understand how I could defend a man responsible for my niece's death. Maybe they never made a mistake so monumental, so unforgivable, that it haunts their every waking moment. I have. My brother, Delia's father, asked for forgiveness for Adam. I'm doing the same thing. I honestly believe this tragedy has made him a better person. And, your honor, I don't think that leniency besmirches my niece's memory. Rather, I think it memorializes her kindness.

Victor: My son Adam has shown... grief and remorse for his actions. He has taken full responsibility for what he has done. Delia's death was due to an accident -- a terribly tragic accident. Adam's actions subsequent to that tragedy... were the result of fear and grief. Under no circumstances were they the result of malicious intent. And they should not and must not be construed as such.

Esther: [Sniffles] [Crying] Oh, I'm sorry. I can't seem to talk about Delia without crying today, so [Sighs] I'll just talk about her scarf -- the one she was wearing that night. She was all dressed up in her witch's costume. [Chuckles] After that night, when that scarf wasn't with her, I went back to that place where Adam -- where our little Delia died, and I looked everywhere for that scarf, because finding it, holding it -- it would have been like holding her again. But you burned it... to cover up what you did. You burned my baby's scarf, like it was nothing... like she was nothing. How could you do that? How?

Chelsea: I can't sit here and defend Adam's actions. I can't [Sighs] Justify his hiding what happened to Delia. I can't. But I can tell you that at his core, my husband is a good person who loves and is loved, which is why, in the end, he confessed... despite the cost. [Sighs] Your honor, what you decide -- it doesn't just affect Adam. It affects all of us who are left living without him. So, I'm -- I'm begging you for mercy, for Adam and for our family.

Judge DeSantos: You may step down, Mrs. Newman. Mr. Newman, would you care to say anything at this phase of the trial?

Adam: Uh... yes, your honor, I would.

Billy: You finally got your day in court, Dee Dee. It took over two years for it to happen, but... it did happen. And Adam Newman is on trial. When I found out that they arrested him, I couldn't wait for that pompous jerk to face a judge and a jury and finally tell the world what he did to you. But, like so many things in life, it didn't turn out like I thought it would... except for the part that was about you. 'Cause they found Adam guilty, so, uh... [Sighs] It's over now. And you can rest now. I love you, sweetheart. [Sighs]

Adam: Your honor, I won't dispute the guilty verdict. I can't. I'm ready to take on the weight of the world. It's something that I will... carry for the rest of my life. Along with the... the profound regret for all the pain that I've caused everyone. And, truth is, I deserve to be punished. But I got a little boy... who doesn't. Unlike me, he's innocent in all of this, you know? He's just a little kid. He -- he loves cars and robots and hugs -- big hugs. He's funny and he's smart and he's kind, and he deserves to have a real family... with a mom and a dad front and center that just love him unconditionally, no matter what. I... I never had that. And I want to give that to him. I guess what I'm asking you, your honor, is to just, um... please let me be a father to my son.

Judge DeSantos: Thank you, Mr. Newman.

Adam: Thank you.

Judge DeSantos: We'll take a brief recess while I deliberate.

Bailiff: All rise!

Devon: Cane, can you just admit that you did it?!

Cane: Oh, I see how this works, okay? 'Cause you have me on videotape going to my locker, all of a sudden, I'm an extortionist. You know what? I don't know when the last time I went to my locker was. I don't know. I like to go there and put extra gym clothes in there. Can you please tell him that?

Lily: Yeah, I mean, he does. Do you remember what you dropped off that day?

Cane: You know, you say that to me like you're doubting me.

Lily: No. I'm asking you a question.

Cane: You don't believe me, do you? You believe him and you believe him and you believe the cops.

Lily: No.

Cane: Wow. All right.

Lily: Cane, listen, I'm sorry, okay? I know it sounded --

Cane: No, it sounds like you think I took money from your brother. That is how it sounds.

Lily: Okay. You know what? I haven't had a chance to breathe, let alone think. Right when I think I have this figured out, something else happens, like you getting arrested or cops showing up at our door or...

Cane: Or what? Say it to me. Say it. You want to say, "or they find incriminating evidence in your locker." Is that what you want to say to me?

Lily: You have to understand, this would seem suspicious to anybody, and the way that you're handling these questions --

Cane: Just aren't living up to your level of satisfaction. That is the problem here, isn't it?

Lily: You are twisting my words.

Cane: And you are letting me down. For someone who claims they love me so much...

Lily: I do love you!

Cane: ...Your faith is so easily rattled, isn't it?

Lily: What, because I'm asking you to explain?

Cane: I've already ex-- I've already explained it to you.

Lily: No. All you have done is say that it's not you. Look, I want to be behind you 100%, but I need you to help me understand.

Cane: I've already explained myself to you, okay? And I'm done.

Lily: Hey, stop. Why can't you just talk to me?

Cane: 'Cause I'm being questioned by the one person on this planet I shouldn't have to prove myself to. I took you back after you slept with Joe.

Lily: How many times am I gonna have to apologize for that?

Cane: Zero. You don't have to apologize anymore, 'cause I forgave you. I gave you back my trust. I sucked it up and gave you my trust, but to ask you for some trust -- that's just too difficult, isn't it?

Devon: All right. All right. Stop it. Knock it off.

Cane: No. You need to stay out of it!

Devon: Hey! Stop doing this to her! Because of the crap that you've pulled, Cane, the cops have been wasting their time on this ransom case instead of focusing their attention and their energy into finding Hilary!

Joe: Hey, hey, hey! Back it up!

Dylan: Come on. Come on.

Cane: You stay out of it, too! You stay out of it!

Dylan: Hey, hey, hey, hey. Go take a walk.

Cane: You giving me orders?

Dylan: Okay.

Cane: Are you giving me orders?

Dylan: Just -- just -- just go clear your head before you do something you're gonna regret.

Lily: Cane, please.

Dylan: Listen to your wife. Just go take a walk.

Cane: Oh, you can all go to hell.

Lily: [Sighs]

Mariah: I didn't know Delia, but from the way that you guys talk about her... I wanted to know that kid. Made me think of faith. I couldn't imagine if anything happened to her. Anyway, I'm just kind of here, not helping, but I'm trying.

Esther: Just being here really helps, sweetie.

Mariah: I hope.

Lauren: After everything you two have been through, I cannot believe you had to go through it again on the stand.

Michael: You okay?

Kevin: I don't want any sympathy from you.

Esther: Kevin, your brother is just --

Kevin: He's on the wrong side, and I couldn't be happier that your child-killing client was found guilty, and I hope that he never sees the light of day again.

Michael: That's not gonna erase the pain you still feel -- not for Chloe, not for Delia.

Kevin: Maybe not. But a harsh sentence will certainly help.

Adam: You made me sound like sort of A... good guy up there.

Chelsea: You are, Adam. You're -- you're a for-real good guy.

Adam: Yeah. I feel like you're just saying that 'cause you think they're gonna send me up the river. You know, if I came home with you tonight, you'd be back to listing all my flaws.

Chelsea: [Voice breaking] I want you home.

Adam: I want to be home, too.

Chelsea: [Sighs]

Nikki: It'll all be over soon.

Victor: [Sighs] But then what? Where do we go from here?

Jack: Well, have it at, sis. I presume you're here to give me an earful about my support of Adam.

Ashley: I think what you said was heartfelt...and sincere. What do you think, Phyllis?

Phyllis: I think maybe for the first time, I agree with Christine. Adam should pay.

Jack: It was an accident.

Phyllis: I don't doubt that. And if you and Billy think that Adam deserves forgiveness, I think that is very kind. But if this happened to my daughter, I wouldn't forgive, and I certainly wouldn't forget.

Billy: When your parents die, they call you an orphan. When your spouse dies, they call you a widower or a widow. But when your child dies, they don't have anything to call you because... there aren't any words to describe that kind of pain. Just...there aren't. Let's go home.

Victoria: You're right. There are no words. But you did seem to find all the right words in court today.

Billy: What does that mean?

Victoria: Well... you just made it seem like you were at peace and that all the problems had been solved since the jury found Adam guilty.

Billy: What else is there to worry about?

Victoria: Us. I'm worried about us and you lying.

Billy: Vicki, everything I said today in court -- it was the truth.

Victoria: You stood right there... and you lied to Delia. You said that all of the scores have been settled and she can finally rest in peace.

Billy: And she can.

Victoria: Billy, how is that possible when her father can't?

Billy: Don't do this again.

Victoria: [Sighs] That's just it, Billy. I realize that it hasn't stopped and this is just how it's been. It's not finished. You haven't let go of any of the anger from what's happened.

Billy: What anger?! D-did you somehow miss it? Because I think everybody else in that room managed to notice that I -- in open court, no less -- forgave Adam.

Victoria: Oh, no, no, no. I was there. I-I heard you. I-I was there.

Billy: Good, because I announced to the entire room that everyone needs to forgive him.

Victoria: It's not enough.

Billy: Well, then what would be enough, huh? You tell me. What the hell else do I have to do?

Victoria: You need to forgive yourself. I'm lf.

Lily: Cane, I know you're angry, but I'm just -- I'm worried about you, so please call me back.

Devon: He's still not picking up?

Neil: He's not responding to my texts, either.

Lily: I'm just worried about what he might do. I mean, he's still out on bail.

Neil: Well, I can go look for him.

Lily: Would you?

Neil: Sure. I'd be glad to.

Lily: And if you find him...?

Neil: If I find him, I'll let you know.

Lily: I'm sorry.

Devon: What are you sorry for?

Lily: [Voice breaking] I'm just sorry that... Hilary's still missing. I'm sorry if I had anything to do with it.

Devon: Hey, hey. Stop it. None of this is your fault.

Billy: You want me to forgive myself?

Victoria: Yes, I do.

Billy: Okay.

Victoria: You can't just say it. You have to mean it.

Billy: I do mean it, okay? I mean, how am I supposed to convince you?

Victoria: You said in court that you wanted to stop blaming yourself... for leaving Delia alone in the car.

Billy: And I do.

Victoria: You're such a liar.

Billy: I'm not lying to you, okay?

Victoria: Then say it.

Billy: Say what?

Victoria: Say that it's not your fault that Delia died. Okay. That's too much? Then just say that it's not your fault that you -- you bought her that dog.

Billy: Vicki, stop it.

Victoria: Say it.

Billy: Don't!

Victoria: Telling your little girl to stay in the car, knowing that she was little and she might not listen to you, knowing there was a chance, however small, that she might get out, she might run into the street --

Billy: It's my fault! Okay?! It's my fault! I'm her dad, and I was supposed to protect her. How am I supposed to just forget about that? How do I forgive myself for that? I ca-- I can't.

Victoria: Can't? Do you think that's a word that you ever said to Delia, ever? I don't think you said that to her once. If she was here right now... she would be rolling her eyes and laughing at you.

Billy: [Sighs]

Victoria: You know, you've already done the impossible. You somehow found the strength -- I don't know how you did it... to bury your child. So now you just need to bury that ball of guilt. Just bury it, for her and for her brother and sister, because they need you. They need you to be there for them.

Billy: Vicki, I'm trying. I'm trying.

Victoria: You stood right there, and you told Delia... that your anger was gone, so don't let this be the first time that you've lied to her. Enough is enough. You've got to forgive yourself. Now is the time to do that -- now.

Billy: [Crying] Oh, my god. Oh, my god.

Judge DeSantos: Mr. Newman, we are in this courtroom for the gravest of reasons -- the death of a child. A little girl was struck by a car and killed. Now, I took your candor into careful consideration, as well as the pleas for leniency and for punishment. I also gave a great deal of weight to the feelings expressed by the father of the victim. Therefore, I'm not imposing the maximum penalty. However, a crime has been committed, and justice must be served. Therefore, Adam Newman, I hereby sentence you to 10 years in the state penitentiary. You are immediately remanded into the custody of the department of corrections. This court is adjourned. [Bangs gavel]

Bailiff: All rise!

Michael: Okay? Wait a minute.

Ashley: Jack, I got to find Abby -- let her know what happened.

Kevin: I'm gonna be physically sick. 10 years? That's nothing for what he did!

Esther: He didn't just kill Delia. He took away our Chloe, too.

Mariah: Okay. Let's get you guys out of here. Come on.

Chelsea: Just wait one s-- just wait one second.

Adam: Tell Connor that I love him, okay? I want you to tell him that every single day, please.

Chelsea: What do I tell myself?

Adam: We'll always have Kansas.

Michael: Hey, wait. Let's make sure we're all good.

Chelsea: [Crying]

Devon: Can I get you anything -- some tea or coffee or something to eat?

Lily: No. I know your phone was ringing and you have a bunch of e-mails and messages to get to, and it's more important than sitting with me, so...

Devon: No, they're not.

Lily: Just -- it's fine. Go take care of it. I'll be fine.

Devon: You sure?

Lily: Yeah.

Devon: Okay. I'll come back in a little bit to check on you.

Lily: Okay.

Lily: Hey. I just -- just wanted to thank you.

Joe: Thank me for...?

Lily: Just for stepping in earlier when things got crazy.

Joe: Yeah. I wish there wasn't a fight to break up. I wish you and Cane were pulling through this. Listen, I-I don't mean to overstep my boundaries, but if you need a friend, just...

Lily: Yeah. I think I need all the friends I can get. I just don't know what I'm gonna do now.

Joe: Yeah.

Dylan: Cane's still denying any involvement in the ransom.

Paul: Okay. I don't know, Dylan. Despite the video you just showed me and what we found in his locker...

Dylan: He could be telling the truth?

Paul: [Sighs] All right. I will have the lab analyze this hoodie. And if there's anything that ties this sweatshirt to Hilary, like hair samples, DNA...

Dylan: That's not gonna be good for Cane, no matter how much he swears he's innocent.

Neil: Cane, what are you doing?

Cane: The police are over me, Neil! They've searched my house. They've searched my locker at the club. You know, if they don't believe me, that is fine.

Neil: The police are just doing their job.

Cane: I said it's fine. They can do their job. But what I can't deal with is my wife not believing me. If that's the case, I'm not gonna stay here anymore.

[Leaves rustling]

Billy: That's Delia sending us a message.

Victoria: That she's finally at peace.

Billy: [Sighs]

Delia: I love you, daddy.

Billy: [Sighs]

Michael: Okay. All right. All right. No statements now, please.

Open up! We're ready to go!

Jack: Michael...

[Engine revs]

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Victor: Your brother Billy boy left the courtroom just before the sentencing, didn't he?!

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