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Episode # 10781 ~ Tensions run high at Adam's trial; Billy makes a shocking confession; Luca pushes Marisa's buttons.

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Adam: I was sort of hoping to spend my last few hours of freedom with my wife and son.

Michael: We have something to discuss.

Adam: Michael, you're a brilliant attorney. We both know that, but even you can't stop the damage that Billy's gonna cause my case today.

Michael: You're right. All those wonderful things Chelsea said about you being a good husband and father are going to go right out of the jury's head once they hear what Billy will testify to.

Adam: Yeah, well, if I was on the jury, I'd probably feel the same way.

Michael: That's why we can't let them hear what Billy has to say.

Adam: What? You-- you know a guy who knows a guy...

Michael: I know the legal system and how it works.

Adam: What are you proposing?

Michael: [Clears throat] A deal. I tell Christine that you will plead to a lesser charge.  The jury doesn't get to hear Billy. You avoid a maximum sentence. Billy avoids a great deal of pain.

Adam: No.

Michael: Look, if you don't want to spend 25 years of your life behind bars, you'll do this.  All right, you know what, Adam? You don't want to do it for yourself, do it for your wife and your kid.

Chelsea: Your daddy really wanted to come to the park with us this morning. He did. He just, uh-- he had some important things to take care of. He is... doing everything he can to [Sighs] take responsibility for a bad mistake he made. Hey. Your daddy is a good man. You know that?  And he-- he loves you. And he's fighting. He's fighting so he can stay with us and not be taken away from us.  Your daddy deserves a second chance, and I really hope he gets one.

Billy: I don't.

Noah: So, I need someone with your computer background who can operate while avoiding detection.

Kevin: Well, that is in my wheelhouse, but why not ask Victor? He's got at least a dozen cloak-and-dagger guys on his payroll.

Noah: Yeah, my grandfather's more interested in running Marisa out of my life right now than helping her.

Kevin: Marisa? What does this have to do with her?

Noah: I need you to help me find Marisa's daughter.

Mariah: Marisa has a kid?

Luca: Good morning.

Marisa: What are you, uh -- what are you doing here?

Luca: I heard you through the door. You cried out for someone.

Marisa: [Sighs] I must have been dreaming.

Luca: Sweet dreams, I hope.

Marisa: Now that you know I'm okay, you can go now.

Luca: Is that any way to talk to your husband?

Marisa: [Chuckles] I'm...grumpy. I haven't had my coffee. [Gasps]

Luca: Maybe this will cheer you up. I thought you'd like it.

Ashley: You reading what the experts are saying about Newman? I hope you don't take it personally.

Victor: Hello, Ashley. Business is the last thing on my mind today.

Ashley: Of course it is.

Victor: Yep.

Ashley: The trial. I'm heading to court myself, actually. But I'm curious. If you're not worried about business, have you found a way to stop the paragon virus?

Victor: The day will come when you will regret feeding on the misfortunes of my company. I suggest you better stop while you're ahead.

Ashley: What would you have done? Uh, don't answer that, because I already know. You would have kept feeding off of jabot until there was absolutely nothing left. So, maybe, just maybe, I'm gonna do the same to you.

Ashley: What are you smiling about?

Victor: All those companies you've acquired because of the paragon virus may be infected by the virus themselves. You've heard of the Trojan horse, haven't you?

Ashley: Of course. And our IT. Team is in full defense mode. So far, no deadly viruses have penetrated jabot's walls. In fact, our revenues are skyrocketing.

Victor: Yeah. Chelsea 2.0 and brash & sassy! My god, the sales figures were enormous. Except they were an illusion created by paragon. Now, that fate might befall all the companies that you have pillaged from Newman.

Ashley: I haven't pillaged anything and you know it. Everything was purchased legally and aboveboard.

Victor: Now, you know if I can't stop the damn virus, it'll soon be on your doorstep.

Ashley: I don't know. When that virus was unleashed, Newman was the only target.

Victor: You know what happens with some arrows? They miss their target. But on the way to the target, they destroy everything in its path. Hopefully, that doesn't happen with jabot.

Ashley: I think you need to stop worrying about us so much. I'll see you at court.

Victor: Ashley. It's nice to see you.

Ashley: You too.

Michael: Jack.

Jack: Hey. I thought Adam could use a friend about now.

Michael: He'll be glad you came to see him.

Christine: I doubt your brother would feel the same way.

Jack: I'll be with Adam.

Michael: Can we talk?

Christine: If this is to propose a deal for your client, you'll be wasting your time and mine.

Michael: My job is to give my client the best representation possible, and your job is to let me do it.

Adam: How am I doing? Fantastic. Fantastic. Other than, you know, the fact that I'm gonna be spending the next many, many years of my life in prison. That sucks.

Jack: We don't know that you're gonna be found guilty.

Adam: [Sighs] Jack, I appreciate your optimism, really, I do, but I think it's time to get a little more realistic about things. You know, once Billy testifies, there's -- there's nothing you or Michael or anyone can say or do to stop the legal system from having its way with me.

Billy: Hey, buddy. How you doing? I miss you. Yeah.

Connor: Doggy.

Billy: Mm-hmm.

Chelsea: [Chuckles] I didn't hear you come over.

Billy: I heard you.

Chelsea: Stay here. Play with your doggy.

Connor: Bark.

Chelsea: Yeah. Bark. Stay here one second.

Connor: Bark.

Chelsea: I know today must be...a really terrible day for you. I'm sorry. I-I can't imagine how painful it will be having to recall the day Delia died.

Billy: It'll be worth it.

Chelsea: Look, Billy, I know that you just want to see Adam pay.

Billy: He deserves to pay. I don't know how you could get on that stand and defend him the way that you did.

Chelsea: I was just telling the truth.

Billy: The truth is he killed my daughter. But then you -- you get up on the stand and make him look like some misunderstood saint. How could you do that knowing what he did to Delia, knowing what kind of person he is?

Chelsea: He's flawed, like the rest of us. But there is a lot of good to Adam. I have seen it when he is with Connor. Connor -- that is who I was thinking of when I was on that stand. And if it were up to you, you would have Connor grow up without ever knowing his father.

Billy: He'd be better off.

Chelsea: How dare you? I feel for you Billy. I always have. You know that. But for you to just intentionally want to hurt a little boy, one that you used to say that you loved? You can spend the rest of your life filled with hate, but I don't want any part of it, certainly not regarding Connor. Come on, baby. Let's go. Oh, my god. Connor? Connor!

Billy: Connor! that she's getting back together with her husband. Doesn't make sense because she hates this guy. I finally get her to admit that Luca is blackmailing her.

Mariah: With this baby she put up for adoption.

Noah: So, he says that if Marisa stays with him for a month, he'll bring the girl to her.

Kevin: And she believes that?

Noah: She's afraid that if she doesn't go along with it, Luca's gonna run off with her daughter.

Kevin: And Victor refused to help you find the girl?

Noah: He tried to convince me that she's trying to use me, and, uh, unfortunately, I let him get to me.

Kevin: Okay. You may not hear these words come out of my mouth again, so listen closely. I agree with Victor. Marisa is trouble. Stay away from her.

Noah: She's made mistakes. Who hasn't?

Kevin: Mistakes?! She lied about being married and about having a kid and, oh, yeah, about the drug-dealer boyfriend putting the kid up for adoption.

Noah: Look, you don't know the kind of life that she's had to lead. Okay? She has literally had to fight, claw, and scrape to get by. And now she's just trying to break free from her past.

Kevin: By sleeping with the guy she claims she wants nothing to do with.

Marisa: You can't keep giving me gifts.

Luca: I'm trying to make you happy. That's all I want.

Marisa: If that were true, you would tell me where my daughter is instead of showering me with gifts, expecting I'll sleep with you.

Luca: Let me put them on you. See how they feel against your skin, how they compliment your beauty.

Marisa: [Sighs] This isn't gonna work, Luca.

Luca: If you don't want them, you can take them off.

Marisa: Okay. Okay. Um, I'll try them on.

Luca: I've missed spoiling you.

Marisa: [Clears throat] One month. And then you tell me where my daughter is.

Luca: I'm going down to breakfast. Get dressed and join me.

[Door closes]

Kevin: Look, Noah. I get it. Beautiful woman like Marisa -- she's got that wild side that guys love. She's hot, sexy. My point is you're not the first guy to be sucked in by her charm. She used it on Marco and Luca.

Marisa: Would you stop giving Noah bad advice? You're not exactly an expert on women.

Kevin: Excuse me. I'm just trying to help.

Mariah: Then stick to something you know -- tracking people on your fancy computer machine.

Noah: What do you say, Kevin? Help me find Marisa's daughter?

Kevin: Okay.

Noah: Thank you. Thank you. I'll let -- I'll let Marisa know.

Mariah: He'll get on it right away. I promise.

Kevin: Actually, first, I'm going to do something very important for my well-being and for the future, as well.

Noah: What's that?

Kevin: I'm gonna see Adam convicted for killing Delia.

Chelsea: Connor! Oh, my god. Oh, my god. Excuse me. Have you seen this little boy? He's -- he's about, um, this tall, and he was wearing a navy-blue puffy jacket.

No. I-I haven't.

Chelsea: Are you sure?

I'm sorry. I haven't seen him.

Chelsea: Oh, my god.

Billy: Chelsea. Chelsea, I got him.

Chelsea: Oh, my god.

Billy: I got him.

Chelsea: Oh, my god. [Crying] Where was he? What were you doing?

Billy: At the duck pond.

Chelsea: By the duck pond? He could have -- oh, my god. We -- we talked about feeding the ducks before. He could have -- oh, my god, Connor. Don't you ever scare mommy like that again. Do you understand?

[Connor babbles]

Billy: It was my fault. It was all my fault.

Chelsea: What? No, it's not your fault.

Billy: Yes, it is. I started in on Adam. I distracted you. God, if anything had happened to that boy --

Chelsea: No. I'm his mother. [Sighs] Billy, it's my responsibility. I should have never taken my eyes off him. [Sighs] Oh, god. It's a parent's job to look out for their child. It was my responsibility. You let your guard down for one second, and it's your fault, no one else's. Oh, my god. Billy, I'm so sorry. That's not what I meant to --

Billy: You're right. [Sighs]

Adam: I carried this guilt for two years. Telling everyone the truth at Delia's memorial was -- was a relief, actually.

Jack: I'm glad you came clean.

Adam: Me, too. Me, too. It doesn't mean I'll be free of what I did. Because I won't.

Jack: For what it's worth, I don't think you should have to pay for the rest of your life.

Adam: I think Billy would disagree with you.

Jack: Billy is blinded by grief.

Adam: A funny expression, isn't it -- blinded by grief? I'm sure Billy wishes it were true. He'd never have to lay eyes on me again.

Jack: I wish things were different.

Adam: Well, they're not different. I killed Delia, jack. I killed that little girl. And now it's time for me to pay.

Jack: I thought you were gonna fight this thing.

Adam: I did fight this thing. I fought with everything I had. I got what I wanted. I got one more night with my family.

Jack: And that's enough for you?

Adam: It has to be.

Victor: Well... Luca. ¿Como estas? Bien?

Luca: Bien.

Victor: Good.

Luca: [Chuckles]

Victor: You and your wife were supposed to be gone by now.

Luca: I'm playing her just right. She's already crushed your grandson's heart.

Victor: My grandson came to me, asking if I could have my investigators find Marisa's daughter.

Luca: Better make sure he doesn't go off on his own.

Victor: You'd better make sure to look after your wife, okay? I'll take care of Noah. All right?

[Cell phone chimes]

Victor: My driver's waiting for me. Excuse me. Oh. Um... [Chuckles] Be careful with my grandson, okay? He's a Newman. Just remember that.

Michael: Negligence, Christine, at best.

Christine: [Sighs] Dead at worst.

Michael: A point you keep making, loudly and repeatedly. But an accident isn't the same as murder, and that's what you keep making this into.

Christine: Because it is.

Michael: A confluence of tragic events led to Delia's death, not all of them my client's fault.

Christine: Are you seriously trying to absolve Adam from his responsibility?

Michael: No. I'm trying to be reasonable, and I was hoping you would be, too.

Christine: What do you propose?

Michael: Homicide by negligent operation. Five year mandatory sentence.

Christine: You call that reasonable?

Michael: And fair.

Christine: To who? Delia? Her parents? Billy and Chloe lost a child. Do you have any idea what that does to a person?

Michael: No, I don't. But Adam is a father, and he didn't come forward because of Connor.

Christine: No. Adam didn't come forward because he is Adam Newman.

Adam: Can't hide from my mistakes anymore. Speaking of which, you know, I really wish I wasn't so hell-bent on getting revenge against my father.

Jack: Some part of you wish you'd stayed in Paris with Chelsea and Connor?

Adam: I had it. I was this close to having everything I ever wanted, and then I... I had to unleash paragon. Sort of ruined my -- my chances at a happy ending, didn't I?

Michael: [Sighs]

Adam: Christine rejected your offer.

Michael: I'm sorry.

Adam: Thank you for trying.

Jack: [Sighs]

Michael: We should head over to court.

Jack: Hey. Good luck.

Adam: Thank you. I feel like I'm probably gonna need it today.

Luca: Do you remember the first necklace I gave you?

Marisa: Uh, I-I don't.

Luca: Sure you do. It was pearls, like this one, but with a diamond pendant attached. It was stunning, like you.

Marisa: I have a vague memory of it.

Luca: I bought it for you to wear at a lavish party my father was throwing for some important business associates and dignitaries. He didn't like the dress you planned to wear.

Marisa: Mm. He bought me a gown that was appropriate for the occasion. [Chuckles] Appropriate for a nun, maybe.

Luca: He ordered you to wear it.

Marisa: Yeah. "You'll wear what I chose for you or nothing at all."

Luca: [Chuckles] I'll never forget the moment you appeared in the ballroom wearing nothing but the necklace I gave you.

Marisa: I thought your father was gonna have a stroke. I swear he turned three shades of purple. By the end, he looked like a giant eggplant.

[Both laughing]

Paul: 'Scuse us. Let us through please. Thank you.

Ashley: Where's jack?

Phyllis: He's on his way.

Ashley: He went to go see Adam, didn't he?

Phyllis: Ashley, this is not easy for him.

Ashley: It's a hell of a lot harder on Billy.

Victoria: Billy. Hi. It's me. Um, look, I know you said you needed some time before court but, uh, I haven't heard from you. Anyway, I'm here at the courthouse. Just call me or I'll see you when you get here.

Victor: You know... a crisis like this can define a person for years to come. Unfortunately, Billy boy will be defined solely by his rage.

Jack: [Sighs]

Phyllis: Hi.

Jack: Hi.

Ashley: How's Adam? Bet he was happy to see you.

Jack: He was. He doesn't have many people in his corner.

Kevin: Huh. Imagine that. A cowardly child killer unable to recruit supporters. With the exception of you and my brother, of course.

Jack: Adam is not quite the villain you make him out to be.

Kevin: Just a misunderstood soul who leaves little girls on the side of the road to die? I can see why you protected someone like that for months.

Jack: He deserves a fair --

Kevin: He deserves to rot in hell, but I'll settle for him spending the next 20 years in prison.

Jack: Why don't we sit down?

Victoria: Hey. You okay?

Billy: Yeah, I'm fine.

Christine: You ready to do this?

Billy: I'm ready.


Mariah: Whoa. Easy on the glassware.

Noah: I'll pay for what I break.

[Cell phone ringing]

Mariah: Who are you ignoring?

Noah: None of your business.

Mariah: Marisa? I thought you were excited to tell her that Kevin could help her find her kid.

Noah: Yeah, well, Kevin was right. I'm just another guy that she's using to service her needs.

Mariah: [Chuckles] You're not actually gonna listen to what he says, right?

Noah: No, I'm gonna go off what I know.

Mariah: Which is?

Noah: Which is Marisa and Luca are at the club right now, laughing it up, while I'm out here busting my ass trying to track down her daughter.

Mariah: Okay, I-I see what happened. You went to tell her you could help her, and you saw her there with her hubby.

Noah: Wearing expensive jewelry, sipping champagne like they hadn't skipped a beat.

Mariah: You are so dumb. It was an act.

Noah: How do you know?

Mariah: You just told Kevin and I that he slime bag husband threatened to run off with her kid if she didn't stay with him.

Noah: She was supposed to pretend to be his wife. Didn't look like pretend to me, okay?

Mariah: You and Marisa have something good. Don't throw it away over a stupid misunderstanding. I guarantee you she is just as miserable as you are right now.

Noah: I doubt it.

Mariah: Talk to her.

[Cell phone ringing]

Noah: [Sighs]

Mariah: Answer it.

Noah: I have work to do.

[Cell phone chimes]

Christine: I'd like to go back to the night your daughter was killed.

Billy: October 11th, 2013.

Christine: Can you take us through the events that led up to her death?

Billy: Delia was in a play that night -- "the wizard of oz." She was playing the wicked witch. She, um -- she loved to perform. She was -- [Chuckles] She was having a lot of fun that night. In fact, she was, uh, the star of the show. She was really happy and -- and very alive. Uh...afterwards, my wife, Victoria, asked me to pick up some ice cream for a party that she was throwing for Delia. There's this little market that's on the way home, so we stopped off there, and, um... Delia didn't want to get out of the car because she had her new dog, dash, with her. [Voice breaking] And I told her that it would be okay if she locked the doors and she didn't move and that I would be right back. [Sighs] So, I went inside and I got the ice cream. And I came back -- a couple minutes, maybe. It couldn't have been more than a couple of minutes. [Crying] But they were both gone when I got back. I thought maybe the dog had gotten out or...maybe she was playing a game or something, but... she didn't -- she didn't answer me when I called for her. [Crying]

Christine: Whenever you're ready to continue, if you could tell us what happened next.

Billy: I saw her lying on the side of the road and so I raced over to her and I checked her pulse. And I called 911, and later on, they told me that it only took the ambulance, like, five minutes to get there, but...it felt like forever. 'Cause I kept pleading with her. "Hold on, baby. You got so much left to do. Just hold on." But it didn't -- it didn't sound like my voice coming out of me, you know? How -- how could I be telling my little girl not to die? How could that be happening? It's my fault.

Christine: Wh-what was that?

Billy: [Crying] If I had just...made sure she'd stay in that car --

Christine: W-we request a recess, your honor.

Michael: Objection, your honor. The witness is in the middle of testifying.

Christine: Mr. Abbott is obviously overwrought. He doesn't know what he's saying.

Billy: Yes, I do. My little girl is dead because of me. This is my fault.

Adam: No. No, no, no, no. No, Billy. It was an accident. You can't blame yourself for this.

Judge DeSantos: Order! Sit down, Mr. Newman.

Michael: Sit.

Christine: A recess, please, so the witness can compose himself.

Michael: My objection still stands, your honor.

Judge DeSantos: Mr. Abbott, are you able to continue?

Billy: Yes, your honor.

Judge DeSantos: Then we will. Proceed, counsel.

Christine: When you were waiting with your daughter for the ambulance to arrive, did the person that hit Delia offer you any assistance?

Billy: No.

Christine: Did you talk to him? Did you see who it was? This person who was responsible for your daughter lying dead --

Billy: You're not listening to me. This is my fault.

Christine: Billy, did you love your daughter?

Billy: What kind of question is that? Yes, of course I loved my daughter.

Christine: Would you do anything to harm your daughter?

Billy: No. Not intentionally.

Christine: Okay, so on that note --

Billy: Look, I have heard all of this before -- from my support groups, my friends, and my family. "Billy, it's not your fault." "You can't blame yourself." Well, I got to blame somebody, don't I? 'Cause my little girl had her whole life in front of her. And I wanted the person who stole that from me to tell me why. I just want to know why, okay? 'Cause if it wasn't my fault, it had to be Adam's, right? That's what I kept telling myself. Been telling myself that for two years. I've been wrong. And I can't keep blaming Adam. It doesn't make me feel any better. It's not gonna give me the answers that I need. It's just -- I'm so angry and full of rage. I feel numb. And the only way that I'm gonna have any peace or that Delia is gonna have any peace is if I forgive him. We all need to for-- we all need to forgive him. [Sighs] [Crying]

Noah: Mariah... [Sighs]

Mariah: You know, I have to go meet Kevin at the trial, so... I better get going. Don't be dumb.

Noah: She shouldn't have called you.

Marisa: Why weren't you answering my calls?

Noah: I'm busy. Busy guy.

Marisa: Why are you acting like this? Why won't you look at me?

Noah: Because the thought of you sleeping with Luca makes me sick.

Marisa: I'm not sleeping with Luca.

Noah: Marisa, don't lie to me, okay? Look, we know you're supposed to pretend, but we both know that doesn't matter.

Marisa: You're right. It doesn't. Which is why I couldn't go through with it. I've been staying in a separate room. Luca and I -- we're not lovers.

Noah: When I saw you two earlier today --

Marisa: What you saw was an act.

Noah: It looked real to me. The way that you were laughing like you're in on some joke or -- or memory.

Marisa: What we were remembering was real. But it happened a long time ago.

Noah: So, your marriage wasn't all that terrible, then.

Marisa: [Sighs] In the beginning, it was like a dream. Luca bought me expensive gifts, took me to the finest restaurants, on extravagant vacations, but... [Sighs] Then he changed. Maybe it was his parents' influence, maybe it's who he always was, but the man you see now, the man who's using my child to blackmail me -- that's the real Luca, and I want him out of my life. Victor won't help us.

Noah: I found somebody.

Marisa: You did?

Noah: Kevin. He's -- he's really good with computers. He's gonna help.

Marisa: Thank you. Thank you. I knew you'd come through for me. I'm sorry. No, I'm not sorry. I love you. You're the only man I want to be with.

Noah: Marisa, let's not get --

Marisa: Make love to me.

Michael: October 11th, 2013. Delia Abbott woke up in her bed. Adam Newman woke up in his. And I am sure that neither of them expected to cross paths that day. But, in a series of events the two of them had no control over -- this series of events resulted in an unfortunate and deadly encounter. In an unimaginable stroke of bad luck, Adam Newman, filled with despair from the news he'd learned about his son's eyesight, was at the exact spot at the exact moment that Delia ran into that road. It was an accident. It was a terrible tragedy, but an accident. You heard Delia's father say as much. You also heard Billy Abbott say that he was responsible for what happened to his daughter -- a man who you would arguably think would want to assign blame to someone else, anyone else. He said it was his fault. Both men are suffering tremendous guilt. Neither of them are guilty. Adam Newman has suffered every single day since Delia's death. What good would it do to punish him further, to destroy a family? Is that what Delia would want? The only people I can think of who could speak on Delia's behalf are her parents, and you heard William Abbott, Delia's father. You heard Delia's father ask you to forgive Adam Newman.

Christine: A little girl is dead. That's where this started and that's where this ends. The defendant's excuses, a father's grief, defense counsel's attempt to try and say that this was nothing more than just a tragic accident -- it doesn't change the fact that a child is dead. And the man that killed her, the man that struck her with his car and left her -- left her to lay by the side of the road to die then tried to cover up his actions has to pay.

Christine: Billy was supposed to be my star witness.

Paul: No, I know. Nobody could have predicted that he was gonna turn the tables on you like that. But trust me -- you handled it well and your closing was perfect.

Christine: Thanks.

[Cell phone chimes]

Paul: Oh. I, uh --

Christine: News on Hilary?

Paul: Uh...no. It's another case. But let me know when the verdict comes in, will you?

Christine: I will. Yeah.

Victoria: Oh, hey. Have you seen Billy?

Paul: Uh, no. I haven't. Sorry.

Victoria: Have any of you seen Billy?

Ashley: No. I thought he needed some time alone after having to relive that horrible night.

Jack: I am so proud of him. He could so easily have laid all the blame for what happened to Delia on Adam.

Kevin: Where it belongs. Billy doesn't know what he was saying. He was out of his mind with grief. Fortunately, the jury wasn't buying any of that crap about forgiving Adam.

Victoria: Right now, I-I just need to find Billy.

Chelsea: Hey, um, have you seen Billy?

Victoria: No.

Chelsea: I'm -- I'm worried about him. Earlier in the park --

Victoria: What happened in the park?

Chelsea: Billy wouldn't let up about Adam, and I started arguing with him and I got distracted. And Connor slipped away from me.

Victoria: Oh, no.

Chelsea: He's perfectly fine. We found him. It was no problem. But Billy felt really guilty. I tried to tell him it was okay, that people make mistakes.

Victoria: That's why he said all that up on the stand. [Sighs] I asked him to forgive Adam.

Chelsea: But not like this. Are you sorry he said what he said?

Victoria: I just hope Billy's not sorry.

Bailiff: The jury has reached a verdict.

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