Y&R Transcript Wednesday 10/21/15


Episode # 10780 ~ Ashley questions Jack's loyalties; Colin tries to help Cane; Patty pushes Sharon too far.

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Jack: Thank you. It's time.

Phyllis: Ashley.

Ashley: Hey.

Phyllis: Are you going where I think you're going?

Ashley: Of course. I wouldn't miss it for the world. I was just wondering, who are you gonna be sitting beside, jack -- your brother or that scum that killed your niece?

Phyllis: I sense some hostility. Did you pick up on that?

Jack: Subtle, isn't she? Listen, I am going to be there for Billy, but Adam deserves his day in court.

Phyllis: Well, as long as he gets convicted and Billy finally gets some justice for Delia.

Billy: I knew it. Adam's on the run.

Victor: You don't know anything.

Billy: I'm sure he's on one of your cushy private jets, getting the hell out of dodge.

Chelsea: Well, that's what he wanted Adam to believe, but Victor had no intention of really helping him. This was just a trap to get Adam in deeper.

Victor: Excuse me. Where do you get this from?

Chelsea: From Adam. Victor offered to help him jump bail. He encouraged him.

Christine: Victor, if this is true --

Victor: Why would I post bail and have him run?

Billy: I knew it. That bastard is going to get away yet again.

Christine: No, not if I can help it. I'm gonna go take care of this.

Paul: Me, too.

Michael: Is the bailiff here yet? We've got to set some ropes up out there. The press are animals. What's going on?

Paul: That's what we'd like to know.

Billy: Where the hell is Adam?

Dr. Anderson: Well, I think we accomplished a lot today. Do you agree?

Sharon: Mm, I guess. I'm just so tired.

Dr. Anderson: Really? Well, you'd never know it to look at you. You're positively glowing.

Sharon: Really?

Dr. Anderson: And you're starting to show. It won't be long now.

Dylan: I just want the nursery furniture delivered before my fiancée gets home. I don't know when that date is. Can you just deliver it as soon as possible, please? Thank you.

Lily: Damn it, Dylan. I trusted you, and you made Cane seem like a criminal.

Dylan: Wait. Lily, it was the evidence. It wasn't -- wasn't me.

Lily: You didn't have to turn in that bag of cash. I came to you, asking for help, and instead, you go straight to the police.

Dylan: [Sighs]

Colin: Well, you look like hell.

Cane: [Chuckles] Well, a night in jail, dad, will do that. But, then again, you know all about that, don't you?

Colin: I heard you got yourself into a spot of trouble -- something about taking ransom money from Devon?

Cane: Well, I didn't do it. And unless I can find someone who actually believes me, I'm gonna spend a lot more nights in jail, so...

Michael: To the best of my knowledge, Adam is on his way.

Billy: Right -- on his way out of the country.

Michael: What are you talking about?

Nikki: Is Adam with you?

Michael: No.

Paul: All right. I'll issue an APB.

Christine: Good idea.

Michael: Why?

Christine: So your client won't disappear.

Michael: Disappear?! What's got you all in such an uproar? Look, the court doesn't convene for 12 minutes. Adam's not even late yet.

Billy: Michael, he's the defendant. He should be here.

Paul: According to Chelsea, he could be in another state right now. I'll make that call.

Michael: Oh. Will someone please tell me what's going on?

Chelsea: Victor tried to convince Adam to jump bail.

Michael: What?

Christine: Victor, if Adam skips out on this trial and there is a shred of evidence that you were behind it...

Victor: For your information, I stand to lose $10 million if he doesn't show. In case you haven't heard, my empire's crumbling. I don't have that kind of money to throw around.

Billy: Oh, please. You have that much cash shoved under the mattress in Segundo's dog house.

Victor: You are ridiculous.

Chelsea: Stop lying. You were on a mission to make things as bad as possible for Adam. Can't you must admit that?

Victoria: I'm not surprised Adam ran.

Billy: Neither am I. The man is a coward.

Michael: Well, the man is here.

Judge DeSantos: Has the state prepared opening remarks?

Christine: I have, your honor. A little girl is dead. Yeah. Cordelia Abbott was a bright, funny, vivacious 7-year-old who had just starred in her school play the night she was struck by a vehicle driven by this man, Adam Newman, the defendant in the case -- the same man who left Delia to die by the side of the road. Now, the defense will try and convince you that he is a loving husband and father, that he is a good and decent human being. There are many people here that would argue that point. However, for you, the jury, it only matters that you're interested in the facts that are relevant to the charges in this case, and the one fact that I want you to bear in mind when you listen to the testimony -- the single most important fact that you must never forget -- is that a little girl is dead. And there is evidence to prove that this man was responsible, that he struck her with his car on that October night two years ago. Still, once he realized what he had done, he didn't come forward. Instead, he went to extraordinary lengths to cover up his crimes because he knew he had so much to gain by doing so and so much to lose by turning himself in to the authorities. However, as we will see... the truth always has a way of coming out.

Judge DeSantos: Mr. Baldwin?

Michael: [Sighs softly] No one denies that a terrible tragedy occurred. No one denies that the family's heartbreak is profound. To be honest, the community's heartbreak is profound. But the defense will prove that the events on the night in question were in no way planned, were in no way malicious. Instead... they were the result of an accident -- one my client wasn't even aware of at the time it occurred. He didn't know. He did not know.

Judge DeSantos: Ms. Williams, you may call your first witness.

Christine: The state calls Chelsea Lawson Newman.

Colin: I know you're concerned about Hilary, but still... I don't think you'd soak your brother-in-law for ransom.

Cane: Oh, because that's more your style, isn't it?

Colin: I'm not into framing my own son!

Cane: Yeah, because you want to save all your extortion plots and your blackmailing for people who aren't --

Colin: Cane!

Cane: I know you didn't set me up, Dad. But someone did. And the police don't know who it is, and, worse than that, Lily thinks I'm guilty 'cause she thinks that I'm just a chip off the old block.

Colin: [Sighs softly]

Dylan: If Cane is innocent, it shouldn't be that hard for him to prove it.

Lily: Are you kidding me? Innocent people go to prison all the time, and I know that my husband is innocent.

Dylan: Okay. Then why'd you come to me?

Lily: Because I was scared. But I was wrong. The man that I married would never do that to my brother, he wouldn't do it to me, and he certainly would not do it to our kids.

Dylan: I understand that you're upset, but if you look at the evidence objectively, what does it tell you?

Lily: I know. I get it. I get that it looks bad for Cane. Between the millions of dollars missing from Fenmore's and the ransom money I found --

Dylan: There's a lot of evidence against him. Desperate people do desperate things -- even the people we love the most and feel we know the best.

Dr. Anderson: Time for your medication. I'll see you later. You get some rest.

Sharon: Okay. Thank you.

Patty: Dr. Anderson?!

Dr. Anderson: I-I got this.

Patty: You have to help me. Please don't lock me in my room anymore. I can't stand being alone.

Dr. Anderson: And what did you do with your freedom, Patty? Did you use it wisely, or did you interfere with another patient's treatment? You can't be running around here, dispensing medical advice and alarming patients' loved ones.

Patty: Okay. Don't worry. I've learned my lesson. I-I'll focus on my own treatment, like you suggested, and I-I won't go near Sharon again. I promise. You're an excellent doctor, and as long as you're treating her, I know she's gonna be just fine.

Christine: Ms. Newman, what is your relationship with the defendant?

Chelsea: Adam is my husband.

Christine: The two of you were married and divorced prior to reconciling, correct?

Chelsea: Yes.

Christine: And was he your legal husband on October 11, 2013?

Chelsea: No, but we were living together.

Christine: On that particular night, do you recall seeing Adam after 8:00 P.M., Which was the approximate time that Delia was found by her father, William Abbott, struck fatally, by the side of the road?

Chelsea: Yes.

Christine: And what were the circumstances?

Chelsea: Adam returned home from a doctor's appointment we had attended earlier that evening.

Christine: Can you describe for the jury his demeanor that night?

Michael: Objection. The DA is asking for an opinion.

Christine: What did he say? How did he behave? Did you notice anything unusual?

Chelsea: He was very upset about --

Michael: All right, objection! The witness continues to offer her opinion as to the defendant's state of mind.

Christine: I'll tell you what, judge -- I will withdraw it. In the months following Delia's death, did Adam ever come to you and say that he was the driver that struck Delia that night?

Chelsea: Uh, no. He -- he never told me about the accident.

Christine: And on what date did you and Adam get married for the second time?

Chelsea: January 23, 2014.

Christine: So, you weren't married when the crime occurred?

Michael: Objection!

Christine: The alleged crime.

Chelsea: Um, no.

Christine: Therefore, spousal privilege -- that is, the right of a wife not to feel compelled to testify against her husband -- doesn't apply in this case.

Chelsea: Are you asking me or telling me?

Judge DeSantos: You've made your point, Ms. Williams.

Christine: After you and Adam were married for the second time, were you planning on living in Genoa city?

Chelsea: Uh, no.

Christine: Where were you planning on living?

Chelsea: Paris, France.

Christine: And when were you planning on moving there?

Chelsea: Right away.

Christine: Immediately after the wedding?

Chelsea: Yes.

Christine: And did Adam show you a video where he finally did discuss Delia's death?

Chelsea: Yes.

Christine: When did he give you that video?

Chelsea: Uh, it was the same night Adam and Billy got in the car crash.

Christine: After the two of you were remarried, after the ceremony, correct -- when any personal discussion between the two of you would be subject to spousal privilege, right?

Chelsea: Adam left me the video after the wedding, yes, but I-I don't believe there's any way he felt --

Christine: But did he confess on that video that he was responsible for killing Delia?

Michael: Objection! Your honor, the DA has already stated that the video is privileged spousal communication. She can't have it both ways.

Christine: Your honor, the witness turned over the video of her own free will, waiving her spousal privilege, which she is doing right now by testifying.

Judge DeSantos: Objection overruled.

Christine: Okay. At this time, we would like to offer state's exhibit "A" as evidence. The video is on a thumb drive. Are we ready to show it to the jury?

Bailiff: Yes.

Christine: Okay. However, first, I would like an answer to my question. Did Adam confess on that video that he was the one responsible for Delia's death?

Chelsea: He planned to turn himself --

Christine: It is a yes-or-no question.

Chelsea: Yes.

Christine: He confessed?

Chelsea: Yes. He confessed.

Michael: On the night of Delia's accident, you mentioned that you and Adam had a doctor's appointment.

Chelsea: Correct, with a pediatric eye specialist for our son, Connor. He was just a baby then.

Michael: Please tell the jury what was at stake for your family.

Chelsea: The doctors told Adam and me that... that Connor was probably going to go blind.

Michael: Permanently?

Chelsea: Yes. Adam's mother was blind her whole life, and Adam himself had suffered severe eye problems. So...the thought of our sweet little boy living in darkness...

Michael: How'd that make you feel?

Chelsea: I was crushed. And Adam was very distraught. It broke my heart to see him like that. I-I could tell he wasn't thinking clearly.

Christine: Your honor, the witness was warned.

Michael: What made you believe... from what you saw and heard that Adam wasn't thinking clearly?

Chelsea: When he came home, he was completely absorbed in our son. He didn't know what happened. He didn't even know Delia had been hit.

Christine: Judge, please.

Chelsea: I'm sorry. I'm sorry, your honor. It's just... despite what people think, Adam is a deeply sensitive man. He adores children, and he was so devastated by Connor's diagnosis, I just... I can't imagine -- there's no way he knew about Delia and was able to keep that inside. I just don't think he would be able to bear that.

Judge DeSantos: Counsel?

Michael: I only have one further question, your honor. Do you still love the defendant?

Chelsea: Do I still love Adam?

Christine: Objection. Irrelevant.

Michael: Opposing counsel is trying to paint a very one-sided portrait of my client. I would like to create a more multidimensional picture. Ms. Newman can speak to Adam's character in ways few others can.

Billy: His character, as if he had any.

Judge DeSantos: Order! I'll allow Mr. Baldwin's question.

Michael: What did you love about your husband?

Chelsea: Adam is a very complicated man, but at his core, he's a really good person. A few years ago, I was pregnant with Billy's child, and I fell through some ice into a frozen lake, and Adam risked his life to save me. And then he -- he delivered my baby in a deserted cabin. He just did the same for his sister-in-law, sage Newman.

Michael: Under very perilous circumstances.

Chelsea: Yeah. The baby wasn't breathing, and Adam did CPR and saved his life. Adam values one thing above all else, and that is being an amazing father to our son. He didn't experience a lot of bonding growing up, so... but Adam's more than just a good father. He's strong and... vulnerable and... warm and tender, and he has an enormous capacity to love.

Michael: So, if I were to ask you again....

Chelsea: Yes. Yes, I still love him.

Michael: No further questions, your honor.

Colin: I believe you're innocent. However, that and 5 bucks will get you a good cup of coffee. Still, I find it difficult to believe that Lily thinks that you're an extortionist.

Cane: Yeah. Well, you should have seen the doubt in her eyes.

Colin: You sure that's what it was? You sure you weren't looking at your own fear reflected in her face? I think you've got to sit down and start to talk to your wife, and let's get away from the mind-reading.

Cane: I don't want to sit down and start talking to my wife, dad, about this.

Colin: You know one of the big problems in modern-day marriages?

Cane: What's that?

Colin: Lack of communication. Now, I think it's time you sat down and talked to Lily.

Dylan: Paul had no choice but to arrest Cane. They found the ransom money in Cane's gym bag, and he didn't want to talk about it. But there is hope, okay? It was just an arrest. It wasn't a conviction.

Lily: What if Cane can't prove that he's innocent? And what if it's not as easy as you make it sound?

Dylan: [Sighs] Dr. Anderson. I'm surprised to see you, especially since I've been barred from visiting Sharon.

Dr. Anderson: I thought I owed you a personal explanation.

Dylan: I'm listening.

Dr. Anderson: Dylan, I'd like you to see this as a positive step. Sharon is making tremendous progress, and to avoid any setbacks, she wants to focus on her treatment and avoid any distractions. As you can see, she's signed the paperwork. It was strictly her decision.

Dylan: Yeah. Yeah. Sharon said the same thing. But why, all of a sudden, does she feel like her fiancé is a distraction? We're having a baby. Why would she cut me out of an experience that we should be sharing together?

Sharon: "'Little nightingale,' cried the girl, raising her voice, 'our most gracious emperor wishes you to sing before him.' 'With the greatest pleasure,' said the nightingale, and began to sing most delightfully."

Patty: Hi. I just wanted to come by and see how you're doing.

Sharon: Oh. Well, I'm -- I'm reading to my baby. You know, it's never too soon to start communicating with your baby.

Patty: So, you're doing okay, then?

Sharon: This new medication Dr. Anderson put me on is really helping me and the baby. Look. I'm starting to show!

Patty: Uh, yeah. Sharon, um... you don't look like you're showing. And, in fact, you don't look pregnant at all.

Dr. Anderson: Sharon is making wonderful progress.

Dylan: Yeah, you keep saying that. But last time I saw her, she was exhausted and confused, and now she's isolating herself. How is this good?

Dr. Anderson: I'm sure by now you've dealt with your fiancée's extreme mood swings. They're a hallmark of her condition. We are trying to restore the balance that Sharon upset when she went off her meds without supervision.

Dylan: Yeah, I know. If would have only known --

Dr. Anderson: Look, Dylan, Dylan, no one is blaming you, truly, and I know how rough the separation has been on you. But if you want to help Sharon, the thing you have to do is be patient. I'm confident that in time, things will work out exactly as they should.

Sharon: Well, I carry well. But I'm definitely showing. I mean, look! I'm gonna have to get my maternity clothes out of storage soon.

Patty: Well, maybe Dylan or Paulie could bring some outfits when they come to visit.

Sharon: No, that won't work. I'll have to find another way. I signed a paper saying that I can have no visitors.

Patty: Is it because you're uncomfortable?

Sharon: What do you mean?

Patty: You know, with the symptoms -- your back aching or, uh, your ankles swelling. Has the baby moved yet or kicking?

Sharon: Well, you know, every pregnancy's different.

Patty: Maybe there's another explanation. Maybe dr. Anderson misread the tests or mixed things up.

Sharon: What are you implying -- that there's something wrong with my baby?

Colin: I think you've got to sit down and convince your wife that you're the same man that she married -- a man who's nothing like me. Now...that can't be too difficult, can it? [Chuckles]

Cane: Hey.

Lily: Hi. Listen, about --

Cane: Look --

[Both chuckle]

Cane: Got here first.

Lily: Sure.

Cane: I, um -- I'm an idiot. You came down and you bailed me out, and then I threw Joe in your face and then I stormed out like some child, and I'm sorry.

Lily: I understand. You were upset.

Cane: Look, being in jail was hard enough, but just having you think that I was guilty was just too much, and I --

Lily: No, I didn't -- no. I didn't think that you were guilty. I just was trying to find an answer that made sense.

Cane: Well, in that case, I owe you an apology. I jumped to a conclusion. What I should have done -- I should have sat down with you, and we should have just... talked.

Lily: Thank you for saying that. And, yeah, I think we should talk, because there's something I want to say to you right now.

Victoria: Are you doing okay?

Billy: It was hard watching Chelsea sit there and sanctify Adam like that.

Ashley: The jury's gonna see through it, Billy, especially after all the evidence is heard.

Jack: Well, I'm sure that wasn't easy.

Billy: Just like it's not going to be easy watching your good buddy Adam go to prison for a long, long time.

Nikki: So, Victor, is it true? Were you going to help Adam skip out on his trial?

Victor: He is destroying what I spent a lifetime building. Why would I want to protect him?

Nikki: Because he's your son. Despite everything else, that's important to you.

Chelsea: Hey, Esther. Do you know if Kevin's gonna make it?

Esther: Uh, no. Kevin chose to stay away. He's gonna try to catch up with Chloe later because he knows what a difficult day this will be for her. But it would have been a thousand times worse if she'd been here to see you testify -- her best friend, singing the praises of that monster that took Delia from us.

Michael: No. Forget it. I won't allow it.

Adam: It's not your choice, Michael.

Michael: Oh, the hell it is. I'm your attorney.

Adam: Listen, you either do this for me or you're fired, okay? I got to do what I got to do.

Michael: You listen to me, Adam. You pull a stunt like this right now, it's suicide.

Adam: Well, you're forgetting, I was ready to represent myself. So do this for me.

Bailiff: All rise!

Judge DeSantos: Be seated. Ms. Williams, call your next witness.

Michael: May I approach, your honor?

Judge DeSantos: Make it quick. What is it, Mr. Baldwin?

Michael: My client would like to waive his 5th amendment right against self-incrimination.

Judge DeSantos: Fine. As soon as the state rests --

Michael: He'd like to testify now, judge, so the jury can hear the truth as soon as possible.

Christine: His version of the truth.

Michael: He'll be under oath, Christine.

Judge DeSantos: Are you angling for a mistrial?

Michael: [Chuckles] No, not at all. I have advised my client in the strongest possible terms not to do this, but... his mind is made up.

Judge DeSantos: Up to you, Ms. Williams.

Christine: He wants to testify? Christmas in October? I have no objection.

Judge DeSantos: This is highly irregular, but if your client is sure...

Michael: He's sure.

Christine: In that case, the state calls Adam Newman to the stand.

Adam: My name is Victor Adam Newman, but I go by "Adam."

Christine: We'll get back to your identity in a moment. Where do you reside?

Adam: I've been living with my wife, Chelsea Newman.

Christine: Here in Genoa City?

Adam: Yes.

Colin: Say, how's it going?

Jill: Adam's about to put the last nail in his own coffin.

Christine: Did you hit Delia with your car the night she died?

Adam: Yes.

Christine: Did you call the police after the incident?

Adam: No.

Christine: Did you call an ambulance? Did you summon any medical help for the child?

Adam: No, I did not.

Christine: Did you, in fact, destroy evidence that might link you to the incident?

Adam: Yes, I did.

Christine: And what evidence did you destroy?

Adam: I had a... cracked turn signal that I had repaired, and I found a scarf in my wheel well.

Christine: A scarf that you later found out was the one she wore in the school play, a scarf that her mother had given her, correct?

Adam: That's correct, yes.

Christine: And how did you dispose of it?

Adam: How did I dispose -- I, uh -- I burned the scarf.

Christine: Did you then return to Genoa City a year later, sporting a new face, going by the name of Gabriel Bingham, all in the attempt to fly under the radar of the authorities who were already presuming you were dead?

Michael: Objection! Your honor, the DA is attempting to try my client for crimes he's not accused of.

Christine: I'm establishing a pattern of evasion.

Judge DeSantos: Sustained. Please stick to the details of this case.

Christine: Yes, Judge. Were you solely responsible for the death of Delia Abbott?

Adam: Yes. Ash.

[Crowd murmuring]

Judge DeSantos: Right. Order. Order!

Christine: Your witness.

Michael: How were you feeling... after returning from Connor's eye doctor?

Adam: Um... everything my wife said is true. I was, um -- I was very upset.

Michael: So, as you drove yourself home that night, were you distracted?

Adam: I was preoccupied -- not so much that I didn't know what I was doing.

Michael: Well, how would you describe that stretch of road where Delia was hit?

Adam: I would say, uh, it was a curvy, windy road, wooded area, not a lot of traffic through there, not a lot of homes or businesses.

Michael: Street lamps?

Adam: No. No, it was pretty dark, actually.

Michael: So, as you drove through this dark and secluded area... did anything happen out of the ordinary?

Adam: Yeah. Uh, yeah. At one point, there was a-a shadow that darted across the front of my car. I-I assumed it was an animal.

Michael: What did you do?

Adam: I s-- uh, I swerved to avoid hitting...it. And I pulled over on the side of the road, and, um -- on the shoulder -- put the car in "park," and I got out and I-I looked in back of my car. I could see the -- the dog that I -- that I mentioned to you.

Michael: Oh. It wasn't a hit-and-run after all.

Christine: Objection!

Michael: He stopped the vehicle, he got out, he made sure he hadn't hit anything, and he did it all before he left the scene.

Adam: Yeah, but I stood stationary there by the driver's-side door. I-I-I-I should have walked around the car, you know? I-I... it would have changed everything. I could have called for help. But I -- you know, I saw the dog was okay, and I just assumed -- I-I-I got in my car, and I-I left.

Michael: So, as you drove off, you had no idea?

Adam: No, I had no idea. I-I didn't know Delia had been struck until later that night, and then when I did find out that she had been hit, I couldn't believe that I was responsible.

Michael: Well, why didn't you come forward right away, after you realized what had happened?

Adam: Well, I should have... come forward right away. I should have, and I...tried to many, many times, but... you know, the truth is me coming forward wasn't gonna bring that little girl back, and the truth, as horrible as this sounds -- the truth... is I had too much to lose. I finally had the life that I had always dreamed of having. I had my wonderful wife. I had my -- I had my perfect son, who gave me everything... made me want to be a better man, and I just -- I felt like if I came forward and I told everyone my story, no one would believe that it was an accident, and then the longer I waited, the more impossible it became, the more sinister I knew I would look... and the more certain I was that I would lose my son.

Billy: Connor would still be alive!

Judge DeSantos: Order!

Billy: I lost my little girl!

Judge DeSantos: Order!

Billy: How dare you sit there and talk about what you stood to lose?!

Judge DeSantos: [Bangs gavel] Order! That's enough! Now, one more outburst from you, Mr. Abbott, and you'll be removed!

Billy: [Sighs] [Crying]

Michael: So... Adam... you didn't come forward out of fear of losing your son.

Adam: I love him. And I would do anything for him. And I would do anything to keep him, and yet it appears... that I've lost him anyway.

Lily: I should have come straight to you instead of running to Dylan. But in my panic, I thought he was gonna help, and instead, the opposite happened. Now the police are looking at you like you're some sort of criminal.

Cane: Yeah. Yeah. Looks like all my good deeds to help Devon have backfired. And then you throw in my gym bag full of that cash, and I look guilty as hell. And the cops don't want to lift a finger to help prove I've been framed, so I just don't know --

Lily: No, no, no, no. I will. We are gonna figure out together who's doing this to you.

Cane: Thanks.

Dylan: Thank you for stopping by. I know you're doing what you can for Sharon. I know that you stopped by to see Nick's new baby to reassure Sharon that he's doing okay.

Dr. Anderson: I just want to do all I can to get the right result for my patient.

Dylan: Dr. Anderson... tell Sharon I love her, please.

Dr. Anderson: I'll be sure to give her that message.

Dr. Anderson: Hi. This is Dr. Anderson. I'd like to check on a patient -- Sage Newman. Oh, she's been released? Excellent. And the baby -- how's he doing?

Sharon: You listen to me, Patty. There is nothing wrong with my baby.

Patty: All I'm saying is you might want to question the drug regimen that Dr. Anderson put you on.

Sharon: I trust her. She knows what she's doing.

Patty: Sharon, I have been around a lot of psychiatrists, and there are good ones and bad ones, and, frankly, this one scares me. I've got a really, really bad feeling about her.

Sharon: You don't even know what you're talking about.

Patty: You don't think there's something a little off with her?

Sharon: Shut up.

Patty: No!

Sharon: Yes. Shut up. In fact, I want you out of here.

Patty: No. No. No! I want you to listen to me right now. Aaah!

Sharon: [Gasps]

Michael: One last question, Adam. Do you regret what happened?

Adam: I regret every single thing I've ever done... since that car swerved. And if I could go back and redo the whole thing, I would. I would -- I would have come forward right away, and I would have confessed. I would do whatever I could do to spare Delia's family one more ounce of pain. And I-I realize that in my need to hold on to my son, I wasn't being a man that he could look up to. I am... I'm ashamed, and I am full of sorrow and remorse for all the pain that I caused everyone in this room. And I am sorry for the life that I took. It was my fault. I'm sorry, Chelsea. And, Billy... I am so sorry.

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