Y&R Transcript Tuesday 10/20/15


Episode # 10779 ~ Nikki reaches out to Neil; Devon clashes with Lily; Victoria opens up to Victor.

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Victoria: Breaking news?

Billy: No. Just...reading the public's reaction to Michael Baldwin's latest salvo that Adam Newman can't get a fair trial here in Genoa city.

Victoria: Well, the trial starts today, so obviously that motion was denied. So, you can ease up on that obsession.

Billy: Vick, this is our one shot at getting justice for Delia. I'm not gonna let anything jeopardize that.

Victoria: Billy, it's not gonna change anything. All right? You know how trials can go. What?

Billy: That. That. It sounds like you're prepping me for the worst, like maybe your dad's pulling some strings so that Adam doesn't do hard time.

Victoria: I didn't say that. All I was saying --

Billy: Oh, I heard what you said, so why don't you tell me what you know?

Chelsea: I wonder what's gonna happen next.

Adam: This could be the last time I hold you like this.

Chelsea: You sound worried.

Adam: Well, I'm about to go to trial for a horrible crime. Babe, I think I should be worried.

Chelsea: No, that's not what I mean. You -- before this, you -- you seemed resigned, like you had accepted your fate.

Adam: I'm gonna be found guilty. Chelsea, I'm gonna get a long sentence.

Chelsea: You sound different. You sound worried, and -- and scared. Something's changed. Adam.

Adam: There might be another option.

Chelsea: What are you talking about?

Adam: What if I run?

Victoria: Do you really think that I have some private knowledge about my father keeping Adam out of jail?

Billy: I-I don't know. Vick, I don't know. Maybe -- maybe he hinted at something.

Victoria: First of all... I have every reason to believe that Adam will be convicted. And secondly, I would never keep something like that from you. Never.

Billy: I know you wouldn't.

Victoria: And the fact that you even said that to me makes me worried about you and what you might do if something goes wrong.

Billy: Goes wro-- nothing's gonna go wrong. Nothing is going wrong, and I will see to that.

Victoria: How can you, Billy? You can't stop things. Things happen. Things happen that you can't change, like what happened to Delia.

Billy: Adam happened to Delia.

Victoria: [Sighs] You have got to stop making everything you think, say, and do about getting back at Adam. Otherwise, I'm scared about what's gonna happen to you.

Victor: Well, I'll be damned. Seems that Adam's unexpected return from the grave has brought our beautiful daughter and that obnoxious Billy boy closer together.

Nikki: Well, you can pat yourself on the back for that.

Victor: What do you mean by that? You're blaming me for it?

Nikki: I'm just reminding you you're the one who pulled strings to get that judge to set bail for Adam, and you're the one who spent millions getting him released.

Victor: What does that have to do with anything?

Nikki: Sometimes, actions have unexpected consequences. You can set things in motion that you never intended.

Victor: Really?

Devon: I want you to direct all resources to following this lead.

Neil: Any word on Hilary yet?

Devon: Yeah. We, uh -- we found out who's behind the ransom.

Neil: You're kidding me. Wh-who?

Devon: No. [Scoffs]

Neil: Who, Devon?

Devon: Cane.

Neil: No, it's not.

Devon: Yeah. The evidence is overwhelming. And I'm thinking that -- I'm hoping that it's only a matter of time before he gives up who kidnapped Hilary.

Cane: So, who posted my bail? [Sighs] Thank you. Thank you for realizing this is insane. I'd never extort money from Devon, and anyone who thinks I had anything to do with Hilary's kidnapping is insane. Thank you for believing me, baby.

Billy: You know what? I'm good. I'm good. I'm just gonna chill here and wait for due process to do its thing. You're the one who's acting like I'm packing heat, itching to take Adam out.

Victoria: Because you are.

Billy: [Sighs] Look, Victoria, I'm -- I'm not saying that --

Victoria: I love you. I love you. And I want to grow together with you and our family.

Billy: Then what is stopping us?

Victoria: You are, Billy. You've got to let go of all of this hate and this need to see Adam suffer.

Billy: What is so wrong with me wanting them to find this guy guilty?

Victoria: Not one thing. But what happens after that?

Billy: Adam goes to prison.

Victoria: And that'll be enough for you?

Billy: Well, I don't know. A life sentence would be nice.

Victoria: Well, what if it's only 20 years? Or five years or one year? If a life sentence is the only thing that's gonna satisfy you --

Billy: Look, I know that no verdict is going to bring back my little girl. But maybe it'll give me some closure.

Victoria: Oh, my -- that is such bull. What if he gets off?

Billy: Then he gets off. Okay?

Victoria: Well, then you and me and the kids will have a life sentence of your bitterness. [Sighs] [Sighs]

Billy: I'm angry. Okay, yeah, I'm angry. But I'm -- I'm dealing with it the best I know how.

Victoria: Until you can't anymore and until you explode.

Billy: If you start on me needing to forgive Adam again --

Victoria: Look, Billy, I'm not asking you for anything. I'm not expecting you to be filled with light and love and warm feelings for Adam. He lied to all of us, and -- and he covered up his part in a hit-and-run, and it was disgusting and I'll never forgive him for that.

Billy: Then what do you want from me?

Victoria: I want you to accept it. Just accept that this...terrible thing happened and that Adam had a lot to do with it. And then I just want you to let go of all of the bitterness in your heart so that it doesn't consume you.

Billy: Like it did before.

Victoria: Like it did before.

Christine: Hold up. From what I just heard, you could actually help Adam's case.

Victor: I helped Adam to save my company from paragon.

Nikki: So you keep saying.

Victor: Well, I didn't want anyone else to suffer the collateral damage of his actions.

Nikki: You have the world's most brilliant computer engineers working to stop that virus. Has Adam been able to come up with anything they haven't?

Victor: Not really. Mnh-mnh.

Nikki: There's another answer you were hoping he would provide.

Victor: You mean an answer to the question as to why he hates me as much as he does? Why he would do this kind of thing to me, destroy my company?

Chelsea: I know it must be terrifying facing this trial.

Adam: No, I was ready, you know? I was ready -- ready and willing.

Chelsea: Then why are you talking about jumping bail?

Adam: I had a conversation with my father.

Chelsea: [Sighs] Victor suggested this.

Adam: Chelsea, he knew that I couldn't help him with paragon.

Chelsea: But he bailed you out anyway.

Adam: He said he wanted answers.

Chelsea: $10 million for a chat?

Adam: I guess so.

Chelsea: And how did that turn out for you?

Adam: He offered to, uh, help get me out of the country, if I wanted.

Chelsea: Wha-what about the money he posted?

Adam: Just said he'd let it go.

Chelsea: Just like that, and you bought this?!

Adam: No, no. I know. I know, and -- and I'm not saying that I accepted his offer.

Chelsea: Okay, so -- so now, we're -- we're about to leave for the courthouse, and you're changing your mind about sticking around?

Adam: Chelsea, this could be our last chance to be a family. Look at me. Think about it, okay? I leave. We wait a little bit, all right? And when it's safe, I send for you and Connor. We could all be together, all right? The family that we deserve, that we always wanted. This could be perfect.

Chelsea: Stop deluding yourself, Adam. This is a scam. Your father is never going to help you.

Cane: Yeah, where's this guy with my stuff? I want my stuff so I can get out of here and start clearing this up.

Lily: Yeah, that's what we all want.

Cane: Have you spoken to Devon?

Lily: No, mostly I've just been trying to figure out who would set you up like this.

Cane: Yeah, that's what I want to know, too.

Lily: Cane, I'm thinking that someone must have lifted your gym bag, you know, maybe at the club. Can you remember when it went missing?

Cane: What? My gym bag? No, no, no, no. Where is this guy with my stuff? I want my stuff!

Lily: Whoa. This is important. If we can figure out who took your bag, then we can answer other questions.

Cane: Wh-what -- wait. What other questions?

Lily: Well, the police theory is that you needed the ransom money for the deal that went south at Fenmore's.

Cane: No, no, no. That makes no sense, 'cause I had nothing to do with that deal.

Lily: Okay, well, whoever set you up, they knew about you taking time off. They knew about the Fenmore deal. They had your access codes.

Cane: Right, so they had a lot of inside information. You know, this reminds me of the time that Hilary tried to screw with our lives. I shouldn't have said that. I shouldn't have said that.

Lily: Why did you say that?

Cane: Because I am upset. That's why I said it. 'Cause I'm upset 'cause I didn't take money from Devon. I wouldn't do that. If I needed money, I would ask him for it. I would go to him and ask him for the money.

Lily: Well, the police think that you were embarrassed by causing such a huge loss at Fenmore's, and --

Cane: All right, just -- just stop for a second. That's the second time you've said, "the police think." The police aren't the only people who thinks this. You think this, too, don't you? You actually think that I did this.

Billy: Why would I do anything to help Adam?

Christine: I know how hard it is to dredge up anything resembling forgiveness when...

Paul: When you lose a child because of someone else's actions.

Billy: No. It's impossible.

Christine: Okay, but from my experience, Billy, that kind of anger -- it can be corrosive to your personal life.

Billy: Thanks. I'll -- I'll keep that in mind.

Christine: And it can distort things you say without you even being aware of it.

Billy: You mean like on a witness stand. I got it. I won't...make Adam look any more sympathetic.

Victoria: Or like he's the target of a vengeful father.

Billy: But the guilty verdict is clinched, right? This guy admitted what he did on video tape and again in public at the anniversary of Delia's death. I mean, what -- what more does a jury need?

Paul: Okay, admittedly, it's a strong case.

Christine: It's a very strong case.

Billy: And...?

Christine: And I want you to be prepared. Michael is gonna paint Adam out to be a loving father and a good husband who acted out of fear of losing his family. And with Chelsea as a witness --

Billy: Wait, wait, wait, wait. Are you suggesting that Chelsea's testimony could actually sway a jury that much that they would let him off?

Christine: You let me worry about that. You tell the truth simply and clearly without any underlying bitterness.

Billy: You bet. I'm ready.

Christine: [Scoffs] Okay.

Victoria: What is it?

Billy: It's Chelsea. She could ruin everything.

Victoria: We don't know that.

Billy: [Sighs] I need to go talk to her.

Victoria: Now?

Billy: Yeah. I need to make sure that she knows defending Adam is a really bad idea.

Victoria: Trying to influence the testimony of a witness is also a really bad idea, Billy.

Billy: I've got to try.

Victoria: Please, Billy. You could jeopardize everything. Besides that, you and I both know that Chelsea is a hostile witness. She's the one that exposed the whole Gabriel Bingham lie. She's done defending Adam.

Billy: Well, then I will just go make sure of that.

Chelsea: Can't you see that Victor is manipulating you? He's playing on your need for his approval.

Adam: By offering to help me get out of this?

Chelsea: That's not what he's doing.

Adam: Why can't you understand, sweetheart?

Chelsea: Because it hurts me. It hurts me to see you go through this again. You so want to believe that your father loves you that you're willing to put your life in Victor's hands? Why would you want to risk --

Adam: Because this is our last chance. I'm trying to take it. Our -- our -- our chance to have a life together. This is it, babe.

Chelsea: What kind of a life would we have? Living on the run under assumed names?

Adam: Well, you know, I mean, this is what we agreed to before Billy found out the truth, remember? I'm not blaming you for telling him, okay?

Chelsea: You said you were relieved that the truth was out.

Adam: I am. But now that that's over, I've got a promise to keep to my family, to you and Connor. I told you I would -- I would move to Paris with you guys, right? We'd live under the assumed name of -- who really gives a damn what our last name is? 'Cause we would be together. This is what you wanted. And I'm telling you you can still have it. Last night -- last night was a new beginning for us, wasn't it?

Chelsea: Last night wasn't a beginning, Adam. It was goodbye.

Victor: Adam must have known that pursuing this course with paragon would cost him his wife and his son, the people that he loves the most.

Nikki: Yeah, but he tried to destroy your company.

Victor: I know. Well, his -- his hatred of me was more important, you know?

Nikki: What reason did he give you?

Victor: None, really. Nothing -- nothing cogent. Just hates my guts.

Nikki: People fall into patterns, even when they're self-defeating.

Victor: [Sighs] Yeah, they certainly do, don't they? But then, you know, his contentious relationship with me, I think, has made him stronger.

Nikki: I doubt he'd see it that way.

Victor: Probably not. Anyway, after all has been said and done, he is my son.

Victoria: Mom. Dad.

Victor: Sweetheart.

Nikki: Hi, darling.

Victoria: Hi. [Smooches]

Nikki: So, you'll be at the trial today with Billy?

Victoria: [Sighs] Definitely.

Victor: Billy just left. Everything all right?

Victoria: Well, understandably, today's a very...difficult day for him. I just wish that he wasn't so...

Victor: Vindictive?

Nikki: Look, he is being asked to relive the most difficult part of his life, the most painful. And I know that he's so happy that you are there for him. I'm sure the two of you will come out of this exactly the same way you always have -- together.

Victoria: Thanks, mom.

Nikki: Now, darling, do you mind handing me my purse?

Victor: Sure.

Nikki: I think that I left my dark glasses up on the roof deck, so I better go retrieve them.

Victoria: [Chuckles]

Nikki: See you soon.

Victor: [Smooches] Join me?

Victoria: I'm really not in the mood for you to bash Billy. I already had to defend you to him.

Victor: Oh?

Victoria: He thinks that you're gonna try to find some way to help Adam beat these charges.

Victor: Huh.

Victoria: Dad?

Victor: Let's talk, sweetheart.

Cane: Thank you.

Lily: Cane, I wasn't accusing you of being behind the --

Cane: You know what? I thought that you had time to reconsider this. I thought you would have realized who I am, that this is me, that I am the man that you married. But instead, you went and ran to Dylan straight away. You didn't even think of coming to me.

Lily: No, Cane, I --

Cane: Instead of saying, "you know what? There could be some explanation for this," instead of trusting me like I have trusted you, like I trust you even though you went and slept with another man.

Devon: So, lily found the ransom -- $1 million in sequential bills -- in Cane's gym bag.

Neil: Doesn't make sense for Cane to do something like this. I mean, it's not like he needs the money, son.

Devon: Well, we also found out that Cane is responsible for a disastrous business deal that happened at Fenmore's that cost the company a ton of money. And that pushed the police to make the arrest.

[Cell phone chimes]

Devon: How is Cane out on bail? I'm gonna talk to Paul and Christine about this.

Neil: Mm-hmm.

Nikki: Does that have something to do with Hilary's disappearance? Are they any closer to finding out who's responsible?

Christine: This is my clerk about Adam's case. Excuse me for a minute.

Devon: Oh, sure. Paul, what's the explanation for Cane being out on bail? Did something come up to clear him or what?

Paul: Uh...no. He's still our prime suspect.

Devon: Then why aren't you questioning him, finding out what he knows?

Paul: Devon, we did question him.

Devon: But you didn't find anything out. What about the drugs that went missing at the hospital? Or Hilary being transported on a gurney from the islands here?

Paul: There's nothing connecting Cane to the pilot or transferring Hilary here.

Devon: But --

Paul: The only possible conclusion we can draw from the evidence is that Cane might have been involved in a bad business deal and took advantage of your situation, but we -- we're gonna need a lot more proof. Okay?

Devon: I feel like I'm letting her down, Paul. All right? Hilary is counting on me to keep her safe, but everything that I try, you guys -- you just --

Paul: Okay, listen to me. I understand your frustration, and I'm going to warn you not to take matters into your own hands. You need to stay away from Cane.

Nikki: Cane would never intentionally cause Devon pain like that. I can't fathom it.

Neil: I totally understand, because, you know, I'm just as shocked. But you know something? Given the right circumstances, we can do things that we never imagined.

Cane: [Sighs]

Victor: I don't know how this will turn out for your brother.

Victoria: So, you're not gonna help Adam run off?

Victor: Why should he run?

Victoria: He killed Delia.

Victor: Sweetheart, it was dark at night. He didn't see Delia. I mean, this is a driver's worst nightmare -- to hit someone that you didn't see at night. I mean... don't you understand? He's --

Victoria: When he became aware of what he did, dad, he hid.

Victor: That was bad, but he's not a murderer, for heaven's sake. I'm just worried now about Billy boy's trigger temper. What is he gonna do? Aren't you?

Victoria: [Sighs] I don't want to talk about Billy.

Victor: I'm just trying to protect you.

Victoria: Dad, at a certain point as a parent, you have to accept that you've done your job and you have to let your children make their own choices, even their own mistakes.

Victor: Well, I'll be damned. Okay. When all of my children reach that point, then I'll inform them. How's that?

Victoria: [Sighs]

Adam: Last night was not goodbye.

Chelsea: I-I don't regret last night. It -- it was an important step towards me...moving forward.

Adam: Chelsea...

Chelsea: Just like, you know, Billy and Chloe -- they deserve [Sighs] A step. They deserve to move forward. They deserve this trial, so you have to take responsibility.

Adam: I have taken responsibility. Okay? I-I've taken responsibility. I-I-I will carry that guilt with me for the rest of my life, even though I didn't mean to hurt that little girl.

Chelsea: But you're running.

Adam: I'm holding on to what matters to me. Hear me out. My whole life, I didn't think I deserved to be happy, but then I met you. Right? You understand me, you get me, Chelsea, just like I understand you, just like I understand why you're saying the things that you're saying right now.

Chelsea: Because I mean them.

Adam: Because you're scared. You're scared how much you love me. You told me that you couldn't imagine your life without me. How are you gonna move on without me?

[Knock on door]

Chelsea: [Sighs]

Adam: Just don't get it.

Billy: Hey, Chelsea. I just wanted --

Chelsea: Uh, I --

Billy: Well, I was going to ask what you were planning to say on the stand.

Victoria: You know, being your child and coming into this world with the burden of all of those expectations --

Victor: Oh, sweetheart, and all those advantages.

Victoria: [Chuckles] I know.

Victor: Yeah.

Victoria: I'm grateful for them.

Victor: Okay.

Victoria: But the battles, dad, especially for Nick and Adam, constantly being torn between wanting your respect and wanting to be their own men...

Victor: Well, what's wrong with that?

Victoria: [Chuckles]

Victor: That's a natural course of events. I mean, sons battle their fathers to prove themselves. That's natural. What does that have to do with you?

Victoria: Mostly, dad, I've just shown up to do the work. Because all I ever really wanted was your respect.

Victor: And you have it, my sweet love. You have it.

Victoria: But, dad, it's kind of become a joke.

Victor: What do you mean a joke?

Victoria: Everyone says I'm like you.

Victor: Great.

Victoria: More like you than any of your other children.

Victor: I love that.

Victoria: Sometimes, it's said tongue-in-cheek. But secretly, it means a lot to me because it's true, because I earned it.

Victor: Yes.

Victoria: So, imagine how I felt the other day when I overheard you talking to Nick.

Victor: Oh.

Victoria: Nick, who swore that he would never again have anything to do with the family business.

Victor: So, what's -- I don't even know what I said to him.

Victoria: You were talking to him about his future. You were praising his ability to run things.

Victor: Okay. Probably did. I don't know.

Victoria: Dad, I was at the hospital after sage collapsed. The implications were very clear, that one day, Nick would most likely be running everything.

Victor: [Sighs]

Victoria: My sweet girl, I have never, ever thought of you as less capable than any of your brothers, never. And the proof is in the pudding. I mean, look at all the positions you have held at my company and are holding now.

Victoria: I know that intellectually. Dad...

Victor: Yeah?

Victoria: I know that.

Victor: Okay.

Victoria: But when I thought about it and thought about how much you wanted Nick back in the fold and knowing how, as a parent, sometimes you can play favorites, even though you're not supposed to, I know it's not right and I know it's not rational, but for a moment, it gave me a taste, just for a moment, of what Adam has been feeling for a very long time.

Victor: I don't quite follow any of this, but, you know, if that's how you feel, then -- then I'm sorry. I've always thought you were very capable. Okay? I love you. I adore you. If people call you... Victor Newman, I mean, so what? I love that. Okay?

Victoria: Okay.

Victor: Okay.

Billy: I want you to think about all the times we talked about Adam, how you told me he would never change, that his love is corrosive.

Adam: It's none of your business, Billy.

Billy: Well, I think we both know that's not true. So, what did he tell you, hm? Did he tell you how much he loves you? He's gonna sweep you off your feet, take you and Connor to Paris, have this great life? Make all your dreams come true?

Adam: You don't have to listen to this.

Billy: He is just here to seal the deal, to make sure that when you get up on that stand, you paint this rosy picture of what a great guy he is, a great father. But the truth is this is the guy who ran down my little girl and did nothing, said nothing. Just thinking about himself. Just like right now. You can't go into court and defend this guy.

Adam: Billy, why don't you leave her alone?

Billy: You need to save yourself and save Connor. Don't fall for this again.

[Door opens, closes]

Paul: In the bigger picture, it just doesn't sit with me.

Christine: Cane wouldn't extort that ransom money?

Paul: Right. I mean, the -- the motive doesn't fit. I mean, it would be different if -- if lily and the kids were threatened. I could see Cane then taking advantage of Devon.

Christine: Well, like you --

Paul: But a business deal? It just doesn't make sense.

Christine: You always say this, though.

Paul: What? You mean money through the door, reason out the window? I'm not buying it.

Christine: Okay, but all you can do is follow the evidence, even if it leads to someone you like.

Paul: Yeah, well, this job's a lot easier when you're dealing with scum or career criminals. But, I mean, Cane is a decent family man.

Christine: And then there are those people who think they're immune, who think they can get away with murder.

Paul: But not today?

Christine: [Scoffs] Not on my watch.

Devon: Mostly, Paul talked about the evidence, which leads straight to Cane.

Neil: Yeah. I wonder...

Devon: What? What do you wonder? Does Paul think Cane just used the situation to maybe cover, you know, a bad business deal? Or that Cane actually knows where Hilary is and who's got her?

Cane: All right. Listen.

Devon: No. You listen to me. I just want to know one thing, all right? Do you or did you ever know where Hilary is?

Cane: So, you want to know about Hilary? You want me to tell you who's been keeping her, is that it?

Devon: Of course I do.

Cane: Well, you see, I can't do that, because I'm an extortionist, remember? And I wouldn't tell you that without being paid.

Devon: Cane, I don't care about any amount of money. I just want to know what you know. Please.

Cane: Go to hell.

Devon: Cane, listen to me. Hey. I will cover any losses, whatever you want.

Cane: You know what I want? I want you to get out of my face. That's what I want.

Neil: This is ridiculous. Hey, we are family! Stop!

Cane: What is wrong with you?! I stood by you and Hilary. I kept your affair a secret from your father and my wife, and I nearly destroyed my marriage by doing it. And now the cops think everything I've done for you is part of some mercenary plot. I put my life on hold for you. I stopped my job, I walked away from my kids, my wife, and this is how you're gonna repay me.

Devon: You had $1 million of my money in your house. That's how you repay me?

Neil: Listen, this has got to stop. This -- it ain't worth it. Go. Take a walk. No. Take a walk. This isn't getting us anywhere.

Cane: What? You want to ask me what I know about Hilary, too?

Lily: Hey. What happened?

Devon: I just saw Cane, and he's out on bail.

Lily: Yeah. I'm the one who posted it.

Devon: Why did you do that?

Lily: Do you really have to ask that?

Devon: Well, yeah. I just saw him. He's out of control.

Lily: Because he's angry, like he was when I was asking him how all this happened.

Devon: The police should be questioning him, finding out where Hilary is. Why didn't you leave him in jail?

Lily: Because he's my husband.

Victoria: Did you talk to Chelsea?

Billy: Yeah. And I was right to worry. Adam was with her.

Victoria: You're kidding me.

Billy: No. And he spent the night filling her head with his lies.

Victoria: Well, Chelsea loves Adam. That's not a lie.

Billy: It's also no excuse to jump into bed with him, either.

Victoria: Just because he's responsible for a terrible thing doesn't mean that those feelings aren't there, Billy. It's not that simple. None of this is.

Christine: I know Michael, and normally, he would be here by now, getting ready with his client.

Paul: Maybe something came up.

Christine: Gosh, I've had such a bad feeling about this ever since he was sprung from lockup. I-I think Adam ran.

Paul: Look, if Michael caught wind that his client was going to jump bail, he certainly would have called me. And he -- he certainly wouldn't help Adam get away.

Billy: No, but Victor could have. So, where is he? Where's Adam?

Adam: Got a "good luck" kiss in you?

Chelsea: Don't joke. You have to stay here and face these charges. Promise me.

Adam: And spend years in prison.

Chelsea: It's the right thing to do. Adam, it is -- it's what you were going to do before Victor got all up in your head.

Adam: Billy got all up in your head is what happened.

Chelsea: No, no, he didn't.

Adam: That guy's not gonna be happy with a suspended sentence or a few years in prison. That's not what's gonna happen. He wants me to spend the rest of my life there. You understand? He doesn't want me to ever see you again or Connor. He wants to watch me suffer. That's what he's interested in.

Chelsea: Well, Billy is not on the jury. You have to trust --

Adam: Look, let me ask you a question. Do you believe that I'm sorry about what happened that night?

Chelsea: Of course you are.

Adam: Yeah? Do you believe that I wish I would have come forward sooner than I did?

Chelsea: Yes.

Adam: Then what's the point of me spending years in prison just to satisfy Billy's need for revenge?

Chelsea: This isn't about Billy. You have to go there today for the same reasons I had for protecting you from Chloe. It's for Delia. If you promise me -- if you just go, I will -- I will get on that stand, and I will tell them what an amazing man, what an amazing husband you are, how you are my best friend in the whole world, how -- how you mourned the baby we lost, what an incredible father you are to Connor. I will tell them all of this.

Adam: It's so hard. See, this is what I'm talking about. This life -- I don't want to leave this, you know? This life with you -- I don't want to give that up.

Chelsea: I know, but... if you run, I can't say a word to defend you. And you'll lose us anyway, because I'm not going with you.

Devon: You can't imagine your husband doing something like this. I get that, sis, 'cause I'm having a difficult time believing it myself. But what other explanation is there?

Lily: It had to be somebody else.

Devon: Who? Who put the money in his bag in your house? And who framed him at work?

Lily: I don't know, but in my heart, I just -- I can't believe that Cane did something like this.

Devon: How can you not believe it? All the evidence points towards him.

Lily: I don't believe it because I believe in Cane. I have faith that my husband wouldn't do something like this.

Cane: All I want is for someone to believe me. I know that Devon's hope is slipping, and I don't blame him for feeling the way he does. But my wife? Lily thinks I'm guilty. She actually thinks I'm capable of doing this.

Neil: You know, whoever set you up, they did a real number on you. This was elaborate with a lot of moving parts.

Cane: Yeah. Wait, wait. Do you believe me?

Neil: Cane, these people, whoever they were, they put $1 million in your hands, right? I think they were a little too smart to go after those sequential bills. Maybe they're going for something a little bigger.

Cane: Yeah. But you know what the worst part is, Neil? Whoever's behind this, they might actually know the truth about Hilary.

Victor: I have no knowledge of my son's whereabouts. I assume he's prepping with his lawyer.

Victoria: Billy, let's sit down.

Billy: And he said he was ready to accept his punishment, confessed in front of all of us, so there's no way out of this. Unless he runs.

Victor: Why don't you sit down, Billy boy?

Billy: Adam is your responsibility, and if he runs, this is on you.

Victor: That's right. I stand to lose a lot of money if he runs. That's how bail works. Now, please sit down.

Billy: Something feels off about this. You don't seem worried about your -- your $10 million. It's like you don't even care about the money.

Chelsea: Or Adam. Which is why you played the concerned father and offered to help him run -- so you could screw him over in the end. Isn't that right, Victor?

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Ashley: Who are you gonna be sitting beside, jack -- your brother or that scum that killed your niece?

Dylan: Why, all of sudden, does she feel like her fiancé's a distraction? We're having a baby.

Patty: You don't look like you're showing. You don't look pregnant at all.

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