Y&R Transcript Monday 10/19/15


Episode # 10778 ~ Victor presses Adam for answers; Michael forces Chelsea to face the truth about her feelings; Cane finds himself in a compromising position.

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Victor: You made progress on stopping the virus?

Adam: No, not yet. But I'm feeling a breakthrough coming on real soon.

Victor: Oh, yeah?

Adam: Yeah, absolutely.

Victor: You know, our deal was that I paid your bail and then you would stop the virus.

Adam: I mean, I'm honoring the deal.

Victor: Really?

Adam: Yeah.

Victor: Or you're lying to me because you can't really stop the damn virus. You can't stop the monster that you and Ian ward created.

Kevin: I came to make sure Chloe was okay, and she's checked out. Have you seen her?

Chelsea: Oh, I'm so sorry, Kevin. I think this is my fault.

Kevin: You stopped Chloe from putting a bullet in Adam even though he deserved it, so you have nothing to apologize for.

Chelsea: Well, she showed up here last night. She was so angry. All she sees is that I betrayed her. I tried to talk her down and explain things, and I started to make some progress, but then Adam showed up.

Kevin: Is there anything he can't ruin with just his mere presence? Great. So at that point, Chloe is thinking she's got two options -- grab something sharp and go after Adam or skip out of town.

Chelsea: Yeah. I'm sorry she didn't say goodbye, Kevin.

Kevin: She's Chloe. She'll show up again mysteriously, remind us why we all love her, and then slip out the back door when no one's looking.

Chelsea: Like you said, she's Chloe.

Kevin: And the sad part is, I'm... I'm getting used to it. Listen, I have to run. Can I, uh, talk to you later?

Chelsea: Okay.

Lauren: Adam showing up at the ceremony to remember Delia was just unconscionable. But, of course, the man has no conscience. I don't know why that should surprise me.

Michael: I'm his attorney, not his babysitter.

Lauren: Really? That's an excuse?

Kevin: Chloe's gone.

Lauren: I'm so sorry.

Kevin: Because Adam showed up at Delia's memorial, because you helped him post bail. Nice job, mike. Thanks to you, Delia's killer is ruining our lives all over again.

Marisa: Look, I know it's a lot to ask, but it's the only way.

Noah: So I, um, I look for your daughter while you play house with Luca for a month. You live with him, sleep with him.

Marisa: I understand if you want nothing more to do with me, but I have to do as Luca asks.

Noah: Any man who would use his child to blackmail a woman into his bed is filth. I'll bet you that Luca doesn't even know where your daughter is.

Luca: But I do. And I look forward to the day my family is reunited. But first I'm looking forward to our reunion as husband and wife. Shall we?

Devon: Paul, where are we? What's the next move to find Hilary?

Paul: [Sighs] Status is the same, Devon. All available officers. We're doing everything we can.

Devon: Okay, I need more than a sound bite, though.

Paul: I understand your frustration. But getting sore with me is not gonna help us find your wife faster.

Devon: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. It's just -- it's all these delays we're running into with the ransom and the fake address, you know. What if we looked at this from a different angle?

Paul: [Chuckles] Sure. I'm open to anything at this point.

Devon: Okay, 'cause it's something that Dylan said. We've been assuming that the kidnapper and the person who demanded the ransom are the same person. But what if there's two people involved? The guy who's just out to get his hands on my wife, and someone who is taking advantage of the kidnapping to get their my money?

Cane: The kids are down for the... lily? What are you guys doing? No, no, no. The story portion is done. Cookies you have to go back to bed.

Mattie: But I want Mommy to read another one.

Cane: Sweetheart, we're done with stories for the night.

Charlie: [Moans]

Cane: All right, I'll tell you what I'll do. When mommy comes home, she can tuck you in.

Charlie: Where'd she go?

Dylan: Does Cane know you have this?

Lily: He was putting the kids to bed when I found it.

Dylan: Where did you find it, exactly?

Lily: In the closet.

Dylan: Well, if he didn't want it to be found, in the closet isn't the smartest choice.

Lily: This is not what it seems. There is no way that Cane had anything to do with kidnapping Hilary or writing some ransom note to get money out of Devon.

Dylan: Okay, well, if you really think that's sole, then why didn't you go to Cane for the truth? Why'd you come to me?

Noah: You're a son of a --

Luca: Whoa. Name calling? Is this a playground?

Noah: You're using a child to force Marisa to come back to you! Who the hell does that? That is low.

Marisa: Don't do this.

Luca: There is so much you don't understand.

Noah: I don't understand? I understand that you disgust me. You hide behind your family's money and power. You think that it's okay to coerce a woman to come back to you with her child?

Luca: Back off.

Noah: Get out of here! I want you to leave! Now!

Luca: Not without my wife.

Noah: Your wife doesn't want you anymore, Luca!

Luca: It's her decision.

Marisa: Luca's right. It's my decision. Noah understands what I need him to do.

Luca: I know it won't be easy. Believe me. I understand. But it's time to let Marisa go. Come, my love.

Noah: You have a check in the back office.

Marisa: I'll get it --

Noah: Get it now.

Marisa: I'll be just a minute. Please. Peace.

Luca: You want to call me more names?

Noah: Oh, I'll do more than that. If you hurt Marisa, I will find you.

Luca: I intend to love her.

Noah: Do it. Go for it. She will hate you every minute.

Luca: You heard my wife. She wants this.

Noah: She just wants her child back.

Luca: Marisa and I had something very special. That kind of love never goes away.

Marisa: Thank you.

Luca: Don't worry about your American boy. He'll be smart. He'll move on.

Noah: [Slams bar]

Kevin: Chloe would still be here if Adam hadn't crashed Delia's memorial.

Michael: Sadly, I can't keep my clients on a leash.

Kevin: Of course not. Too busy making sure justice is being served.

Michael: Never thought he'd actually make bail.

Kevin: So that makes it okay? He left Delia on the side of a road.

Michael: I know what Adam did. He needs justice, just like anybody else, maybe more so.

Kevin: [Scoffs] We're not talking about a jaywalking ticket. A little girl is dead. Lives were ruined. And you're good with this.

Michael: I'm truly sorry you're hurting, but I can't sit here and argue. I've got someplace to be.

Kevin: Great. Go. Polish up your defense. Get a baby killer off.

Michael: I am sorry that Chloe left. I know how much she means to you.

Lauren: [Sighs]

Kevin: How -- how could he be okay with this?

Lauren: I-I do not know. But he believes in the law.

Kevin: Well, it's not working out too well for Chloe, is it?

Lauren: Thank God she didn't shoot Adam because she would be having very different problems with the law right now. How -- how was she, you know, afterward?

Kevin: Something's going on with her. I was trying to figure out what it was, but now she's gone.

[Cell phone rings]

Lauren: Oh, sweetie, it's work. Hold on one second. Hello? What -- whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, wait. Slow down. There has to be some sort of mistake. When did this happen? Who authorized that?! Okay, you've got to get me as much information as you possibly can.

Kevin: Not good news, apparently.

Lauren: No. Somebody authorized some crazy cash-up-front deal with Creedon industries, who happens to be the worst manufacturer in the industry, so we put up the money, Creedon failed to produce, we take the hit. We are out millions of dollars, and... when I find out who is responsible for this...

Kevin: Maybe it's not a who. Maybe it's paragon.

Lauren: Isn't that the virus that's affecting Newman?

Kevin: Yeah, more of Adam's magic. First it went after Chelsea's line, then brash & sassy.

Lauren: All right, but we're not under the Newman umbrella.

Kevin: Yeah, but this worm, it has a mind it's spreading like wildfire. You could be its latest victim.

Lauren: [Sighs]

Adam: You got me, all right? Paragon's gone rogue. I can't fix it. I can't stop it. I can't do anything. So what do you want to do? You want to revoke my bail? You want to send me back to prison? You want to hit me again? Hmm? I mean, you're taking this awfully well.

Victor: Maybe it's because I'm not the least bit surprised. Maybe I knew in spite of posting your bail that you couldn't fix the problem.

Adam: You knew? You know I couldn't fix the -- so you put $10 million down on a losing horse?

Victor: Maybe I wanted answers.

Adam: I don't have your answers, okay? So once again, I'm useless to you, 'cause I got nothing.

Victor: I gave you everything.

Adam: Everything? Everything you ever gave me set me up for failure. Do you realize that? And when I did succeed, you never acknowledged it!

Victor: What is going on in your mind?

Adam: You never acknowledged me! I have just as much right in this company as my brother and my sister!

Victor: I gave you everything when you came!

Adam: Yeah.

Victor: I want my children to succeed! Y am I the only child you have that has to prove --

Victor: I don't know! Why are you?! You got something in your head, son! You see things entirely differently from the way I see them!

Adam: Well, it doesn't ma anymore, 'cause you know what? I gave up on that a long time ago. I figured to hell with it. Who cares? It's a losing battle. I'm never gonna win! So I did something. I did. I took my son with me when I went to Paris, all right? I took my family with me, but you had to ruin that for me, to you had to interfere 'cause you need to control everything!

Victor: You're my flesh and blood. Now, the wife you love is gone. She's gonna take off with your son.

Adam: Yeah.

Victor: So was it worth it?

Adam: Yeah, no. Yeah, no, you're right. You know, you won again, Victor. Congratulations, d you won again. Now I got nothing. My wife is gonna take off with my son. She's gonna disappear, and they're gonna take my future with them.

Victor: Maybe not.

Chelsea: What are you thinking about?

Adam: I'm thinking about the day this gorgeous woman walked into my life.

Chelsea: [Chuckles] Pregnant.

Adam: Yeah.

Chelsea: On the con.

Adam: It's like a fairytale, really.

Chelsea: [Laughing] Yeah, a fairytale. I was scamming Billy. Sharon had a restraining order against you. And the whole town hated us.

Adam: Hmm. What I wouldn't give to go back to the good, ol' days.

Chelsea: [Laughs] Yeah. Really.

Adam: You know, I wonder what would have happened if you and I would have met in a more conventional way, you know? Like maybe passing each other on the street or, um, maybe at the grocery store, you know? Meet you in the produce aisle.

Chelsea: [Laughs] Face it. We don't do normal.

Adam: No.

Chelsea: We don't make picket-fence choices. But we did make a beautiful little boy. So grateful for that.

Adam: You know, Connor is everything that's good about us, isn't he?

Chelsea: Hmm.

Adam: I want to make sure he has everything that we never did. Mom and a dad that love him, they're there for him, teach him things, catch him when he falls. So no more fighting with Victor, okay?

Chelsea: Can I get that in writing?

Adam: I'm serious. I mean it, you know. It's important to me. It's our chance at a new start. Do everything I can to make sure we get it.

[Knock on door]

Michael: So, you ready to prep for tomorrow's trial?


Lauren: Anything?

Kevin: The good news is, you haven't been hacked.

Lauren: But if that paragon worm isn't responsible, how on earth did such a destructive deal get through w approval?

Kevin: A worm of a different kind? It was Cane.

Lily: I didn't go to Cane because he's with the kids, and I came to you because I wanted your opinion. I trust your judgment.

Dylan: Or you're afraid of what your husband might say.

Lily: Okay. [Chuckles] This was a mistake. Okay, there's no way that Cane had anything to do with any of this.

Dylan: Okay, maybe he didn't. Maybe he saw an opportunity.

Lily: And wrote a ransom note? That's ridiculous.

Dylan: Cane let the guy who delivered it get away.

Lily: That doesn't prove anything.

Dylan: Okay, no, it doesn't, but it raises a lot of questions, but not as many as this.

Lily: My husband is a good man. He wouldn't do this. He has no motive. We don't need the money.

Dylan: [Sighs] I got to take this to Paul.

Lily: What? No! I came to you as a f

Dylan: Do me a favor. Don't call Cane. Don't go home. Just go to the club and let the cops handle this.

Lily: Don't, Dylan. Cane is innocent! [Sighs] Oh, God.

[Cell phone rings]

Lily: [Sighs] Hello?

Cane: Hey. Where'd you go?

Lily: Uh, I-I went for a walk. Is everything okay?

Cane: Well, the kids can't sleep, and they want to know when you're coming home.

Both: Mommy, Mommy, where are you? Come home!

Michael: I understand your reluctance to take the stand in Adam's defense. I do.

Chelsea: So you subpoenaed me because that makes me so much happier to help.

Michael: You know, that attitude doesn't help. You will be under oath. It's not the time to vent or to show the world how angry you are at Adam.

Chelsea: So I give this white-washed version of the man he is and then Christine cross-examines me and she tears me apart?

Michael: No, I will protect you from Christine.

Chelsea: You can' that, Michael.

Michael: I will do whatever I need to do to ensure that you help me paint a portrait of Adam as a man madly in love with his wife, devoted to his son, and who did what he did after the accident with Delia not out of malice but because he was afraid to lose the family he cherished. Good, huh? And true. Isn't it?

Chelsea: It's true.

Victor: The option, you know. You can leave town before the trial starts.

Adam: Just...pack up and leave town before the trial starts? You'll be out $10 million. You realize that, right?

Victor: I can make it happen.

Adam: Right. So that's it. Just -- just leave, right? Make a run for a border somewhere, right? Spend the rest of my life in prison after I get caught, of course. That's your -- that's your plan?

Victor: If you go to trial, you may end up in prison for years, okay? You won't see your son grow up. You won't spend a life with a wife that you love.

Adam: See, I know what you're doing. You forget that I know you. I know exactly what you're doing. Paragon is destroying everything that you've worked for, turning it into rubble. That's all because of me, right? This is when you start to hit harder. So you'll excuse me if I don't fall for the whole, you know, "father knows best" thing that you're doing right now.

Victor: You don't really know me, Adam, do you? You think you had it tough growing up? I was left on the doorsteps of an orphanage when I was 7 years old in the middle of winter. My father wasn't around. He was a drunk, an abusive drunk. I didn't see him for 40 years. When I took your brother Nicholas to meet with him, I was hoping to, you know, bridge the gap. I left with more bitterness and anger than you can imagine. He was a son of a bitch. That's all there is to it. I don't want you to have the same terrible relationship with your son.

Adam: That's it, then, huh? Just all from the heart right there, no strings attached, no fine print?

Victor: No. I've seen you with your son. You love him. I know that. You're devoted to him. And I was hoping, as strange as it may seem, that maybe, you know, by you having a whole family with your son and with your wife that that might eventually lead to us bridging our gap, the hatred that you obviously feel for me.

Adam: I don't -- I don't... [Sighs] Look, here's the truth. If I needed to disappear, I can do that on my own, okay? I don't need your help.

Victor: You let me know. You want to leave town before the trial... give me the word.

Paul: So if we're looking for two suspects, the real kidnapper isn't motivated by money.

Devon: Then what, then? Just a random psychopath? Someone with a grudge against me?

Paul: Maybe someone with a grudge against Hilary. I mean, let's face it. The Hilary you married is not ame to Genoa city. She has made a lot of enemies, maybe someone that wants payback, right? I mean --

Devon: Yeah.

Dylan: It's the ransom.

Paul: Where did you get this?

Dylan: Lily found closet. It's Cane's bag.

Devon: That's impossible.

Dylan: No, serial numbers match.

Devon: Wait, there has to be an explanation for that.

Dylan: There may Cane's fingerprints were on the note.

Paul: Okay. Maybe we should talk to Cane about this.

Devon: Yeah, let's do that.

Paul: No, not you.

Devon: He's my brother-in-law.

Paul: Exactly. Let us handle it. Let's go.

Lily: I'm so sorry I worried you guys and I wasn't here. But just so you know, mommies always come home to their babies.

Cane: And to the daddies. Thank you. Don't forget the daddies.

Charlie: Yeah, you should never forget the daddies.

Cane: Uh-huh.

Lily: Okay, I'm gonna tuck you guys in, okay? Come on.

Cane: Hey, I love you guys. Good night, sweetheart. Sweet dreams. Come here, big boy. Oh! Love you, little man.

[Knock on door]

Cane: You just missed the best bedtime story.

Lauren: What the hell, Cane?

Cane: Whoa. Excuse me?

Lauren: Creedon industries? You know I refuse to do business with them, yet you authorized a huge deal behind my back!

Cane: Slow down, slow down. I don't know what you're talking about.

Lauren: Oh, your paper trail says otherwise.

Cane: Okay, my paper trail can say otherwise, but there is obviously some mistake going on here.

Lauren: Yeah, your mistake. You just cost Fenmore's millions!

Cane: All right, listen, you must have got your wires crossed, okay? I'm not responsible for this. I stepped back -- remember? I stepped back from the company.

Lauren: Yes, I do.

Lily: From the company?

Cane: Yeah. I-I took a pay cut, half salary, and I'm taking time off.

Lily: Why didn't you tell me that?

Cane: How do you think I got the time to spend looking for Hilary?

Lily: That's no excuse!

Michael: Would you characterize Adam Newman as a good father?

Chelsea: Yes.

Michael: He loves his son? Okay, that's not helping. Um, I need a picture, adjectives, better, good adjectives.

Chelsea: Adam killed a little girl and ran. He's a coward and a ball of lies. How's that?

Michael: I'm simply trying to show the jury that Adam is a man, not a monster, not a headline. So, again, is Adam Newman a good father?

Chelsea: If your definition of a good father is someone who spies on his child and me --

Michael: All right, please, Chelsea, Chelsea! Good things. Daddy things.

Chelsea: [Sighs] Adam loves tucking Connor in at night. He takes him to the park all the time, and they feed the ducks together. He will play dinosaurs for hours. Are these the things you want to hear? Am I saying what you want to hear, or...?

Michael: You could lose the anger.

Chelsea: Are we done?

Michael: No. We're not. I have one more question. Do you love your husband?

Chelsea: I don't want to answer that.

Michael: Look, this entire case hinges on us showing that Adam is a man, flawed like all of us, but one who loves and is loved. Do you understand how important that is?

Chelsea: I do. Are we through?

Michael: I think we were through before we started. Get some rest. You've got a big day tomorrow. Listen to me. Whatever you think of Adam, he deserves a fair trial. And only you can help him with that. No, no, no. Perfect. You can't be here.

Adam: Pretend you didn't see me. The only thing that matters to me right now is seeing my wife.

Luca: I understand that a great deal has happened. You're not comfortable with the situation. But I want to show you how happy I am that you've given me this chance.

Marisa: [Clears throat] It's...it's lovely. But you know jewelry isn't -- it's not important to me.

Luca: You never cared about my money, my name. You preferred to dance by the light of the moon and make love on the beach. That's why you are the only woman for me.

Noah: So, this Luca is forcing Marisa to be with him, and he's using their little girl as bait.

Victor: Whoa. Marisa is full of surprises. She has a daughter?

Noah: One month she has to stay with him before that degenerate will tell her where her own kid is. I mean, Marisa's desperate to see her little girl, and he's playing these games. I'm gonna find her little girl for her. Will you help me?

Victor: Of course.

Noah: Thank you, grandpa.

Victor: Just one caveat, Noah. You make sure that Marisa, after she finds her daughter, leaves town and never comes back here. I want her to be out of your life.

Adam: Still packing, huh?

Chelsea: Yep.

Adam: I hate packing. You, um, you need any help with anything?

Chelsea: What I need is for you to go.

Adam: Yeah. You know, listen, I just -- I came by to tell you, I don't want you to feel like you have to defend me tomorrow on the stand, okay?

Chelsea: Well, I guess the subpoena took care of that for you.

Adam: No, no, just -- just be honest, you know, and say what's on your mind. I want you to speak from the heart.

Chelsea: I can't speak from the heart, Adam. If I do that, they'll know.

Adam: Know what?

Chelsea: That I still love you.

Kevin: Hey, Devon. Any leads?

Devon: Yeah, we found the ransom money.

Kevin: That's huge. And shouldn't you look happier?

Devon: They found it in Cane's gym bag at Cane's house.

Kevin: Oh.

Devon: Yeah. It has to be a setup. It has to be. But Paul's all over it, treating him like a suspect. I think he's wasting his time.

Kevin: Or not.

Devon: Why would you say that?

Kevin: I just found out that Cane okayed a bad business deal behind Lauren's back. Cost Fenmore's a ton of money. Maybe he thought he could use the ransom money to pay it back before Lauren found out.

Devon: This is Cane we're talking about.

Kevin: Sorry to drop that on you, but do the math.

Paul: I would like to ask you some questions about the ransom money that was found in your gym bag here at the house.

Cane: [Chuckles] There's no ransom money in my gym bag. My gym bag's here in the closet. All right. There has -- is that where you've been? You found something in my gym bag and you went to the police? You didn't want to come to me -- wait. What's going on here?

Lily: Yeah, I just -- I-I was in shock. You know, I went to Dylan. I thought maybe he would help.

Cane: Wait, wait. You went behind my back to them?

Paul: Listen, don't blame lily. She did the right thing. So if you have an explanation as to how you came into possession of the money, now would be a good time.

Cane: I don't have an explanation, okay, 'cause I don't know what you're talking about. I had nothing to do with this.

Lauren: Just like you can't explain why you secretly authorized a deal that cost Fenmore's a fortune? Or you couldn't bother to tell your wife that you took a leave from work and a pay cut?

Cane: [Sighs]

Paul: Wait a minute. You lied to Lauren and lily about money matters?

Dylan: It sounds like motive to me.

Cane: Hang on a second. You're not even a cop, all right? Please just --

Paul: Okay, but I'm a cop, and it sounds like a motive to me, as well.

Cane: This is crap. I've spent all my time and energy trying to find Hilary, all right? And if you were doing your job instead of listening to your son, who thinks he's a cop, you would have found the guy who's already taken her and he'd be in jail by now!

Lily: Okay, Cane, calm down.

Cane: No, no! I'm not calming down about this!

Paul: Why don't we go downtown and we can finish the conversation?

Cane: No! No! I'm not going anywhere with you! I've done nothing wrong, and you're not gonna treat me like I'm a criminal!

Paul: Okay. Then we can do this the hard way. You're under arrest.

Noah: You don't approve of my relationship with Marisa. It's fine. Can you just put that aside just this once to help her?

Victor: I can't do that. For your sake, I can't do that.

Noah: This isn't about me. This is about reuniting a mother with her child. You have the power to do that.

Victor: Please sit down. Look, I brought Marisa into your life. I feel very badly about that. I want to make it right.

Noah: By ordering me not to see her?

Victor: I want her to start a new life somewhere else with her child. Not here.

Noah: I love her, grandpa.

Victor: [Sighs] Noah. I'm going to have to tell you the truth now, okay? This is very difficult as a grandfather and as a father. I know that woman. She has lied to you. She has lied to you about Marco. She has lied to you about Luca. She has lied to you about the child.

Noah: I trust her. She'll come around.

Victor: I wish I didn't have to do this. I know women like her.

Noah: You don't. You don't know her.

Victor: Yes, I do. Let me tell you something about them. They manipulate you. She's a manipulator. You deserve better than that.

Noah: You couldn't buy Marisa off to stay away from me, so, uh, this is how you're gonna play it? Why did I think that you were gonna help me? It's always about what you want every time.

Victor: Noah --

Noah: Grandpa, just this once, please.

Victor: That woman is no good for you. [Sighs]

Luca: I don't want you to be sad.

Marisa: You ask too much.

Luca: I don't expect you to just fall back in love with me.

Marisa: [Sighs]

Luca: We will go as slowly as you like. One day you'll remember.

Marisa: And our daughter? She needs us. She needs me.

Luca: She will have her parents.

Marisa: But not now?

Luca: Everything in its time, Marisa.

Marisa: I-I need some air.

Luca: Enjoy your walk. I'll be waiting.

Adam: You still love me?

Chelsea: It doesn't change anything.

Adam: It changes everything.

Chelsea: I hate that I love you. Loving someone, it's supposed to make them better. Isn't that what people say? Loving you, it doesn't make me better. I mean, how many times have I -- have I covered for you and -- and kept your secrets and hurt people I care about? I mean, the look on Chloe's face when she saw you here yesterday?

Adam: I know, I know, and I'm so sorry about that.

Chelsea: You're always sorry, but it's always too late. I can't love you.

Adam: You do love me, Chelsea. You love me because you know me and you know my heart and you know that I will spend every minute of the rest of my life trying to prove to you that what we have is real and it's worth fighting for.

Chelsea: See, it's like that right there. You look at me like that, and I want to believe you. I want to believe everything you say. I want that to be true. I want that to be our lives. I want to have that kind of love.

Adam: Well, baby, I don't know how else to look at you. And we do have that kind of --

Chelsea: You know what? You know what I hate the most? I hate that I can't imagine my life without you. I tell Connor all of these stories about -- [Voice breaking] About our future and how amazing our life is gonna be, but it's not gonna be amazing because you won't be there. [Sniffles] I-I wish you'd never come back. I wish you had never told me who you really are.

Adam: You don't mean that.

Chelsea: I had learned to move on without you. I had learned to just love your memory because that was safe and that was neat and then no one got hurt. But now you're here, and you're standing in front of me, and we still don't have a happy ending and we still don't have forever. I feel like -- I feel like I'm losing you all over again.

Adam: You are not losing me.

Chelsea: You're going to prison, Adam! You're guilty! [Sniffles] I mean, you're going away!

Adam: Not tonight. I'm not going anywhere tonight.

Paul: You want to do this the hard way? We'll do it the hard way.

Devon: Is this true?!

Cane: I didn't do it, Devon! I didn't! I swear to you! I swear to it!

Devon: We're family!

Cane: I swear to you!

Paul: Sit down!

[Door slams]

Devon: He has been by my side every step of the way, ever since this went down! If Cane had anything to do with Hilary's disappearance, I swear!

Dylan: Devon, just relax.

Lily: Okay, you had enough for one night. And, Devon, listen to me, Cane would never do something so horrible. He is family!

Kevin: Everyone knows being family doesn't stop them from stabbing you in the back.

Lily: Kevin, just shut up, okay?! Look, I'm sorry, but you don't know what you're talking about.

Devon: If Paul didn't reason to arrest him, Cane wouldn't be here right now, so stop trying to defend your husband.

Cane: I don't know where the money came from. I don't know how the money got in my gym bag. And I don't know how the bag got in my house.

Paul: It wasn't lily.

Cane: I was in Genoa city --

Paul: Sit down. Sit down.

Cane: I was in Genoa city --

Paul: Calm down and sit down.

Cane: ...When Hilary went missing. And I was with Devon when the kidnapper called, working 24/7 to try and find her. That must prove something to you.

Paul: Cane, unfortunately, it doesn't prove anything where the money is concerned. You're being charged with extortion.

Cane: [Sighs]

Marisa: What are you doing here?

Noah: Aren't you supposed to be back upstairs...with Luca?

Marisa: You know I don't want to be with Luca.

Noah: Right. You're just honoring your part of the deal. 'Cause you're honorable. It's the kind of woman you are.

Marisa: You know why I'm doing this.

Noah: The bling?

Marisa: Stop it. The month I spend with him gives us the time we need to find my daughter.

Noah: "Us"? Oh, right, I think you mean me. But as it turns out, I can't help you find your daughter, so...you're on your own. But at least you have Luca.

Marisa: Noah, please. I need you. I love you.

Noah: You love me? Take your new bracelet, go back upstairs, put a smile on his face.

Marisa: Noah.

Victor: You never mentioned Marisa had a daughter.

Luca: You never asked.

Victor: And now you're using that little girl to make a deal with Marisa?

Luca: The hope of being reunited with her daughter will make Marisa realize she still loves me.

Victor: Listen to me carefully. I don't give a damn about your love life, all right? My grandson came to me hoping that I'd help find that little girl. But he refused my terms. Now he and I are at odds. So your job is to get that Marisa Sierras the hell out of town. You got it?

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Cane: You actually think that I did this?

Billy: You can't go into court and defend this guy.

Christine: I've had such a bad feeling about this ever since he sprang from lockup. I think Adam ran.

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