Y&R Transcript Friday 10/16/15


Episode # 10777 ~ Neil rolls the dice to save Hilary's life; Marisa shares her secret with Noah; Lily makes a shocking discovery.

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Dr. Neville: I have zero tolerance for untrained family members second-guessing me or slamming on the brakes in the middle of treatment. So, if you don't sincerely trust that I know what I'm doing, please say so, that way no one's time is wasted.

Neil: So, once we put Hilary's life in your hands, are you telling us that we have no say?

Dr. Neville: You trust me or you don't. It's that simple.

Gwen: We trust you. We do. It's just --

Neil: It sounds like the treatment you're prescribing is a little too risky.

Dr. Neville: Sir, no one here is a fool. You knew when you asked me to come here that you would be putting Hilary's life in my hands. If you can't accept the terms I've laid out --

Gwen: We can.

Neil: Just don't let Hilary die.

Dylan: All right, thanks, Paul. I'll let Devon know.

Devon: What'd he say?

Dylan: They got the forensic report.

Lily: And?

Dylan: The first note, there's too many fingerprints to I.D. The kidnapper.

Devon: And what about the note that was left at the front desk?

Dylan: Besides yours, there were two sets of prints -- the clerk's... and Cane's.

Luca: Were you ever going to reveal why you really left me?

Marisa: I told you. I couldn't stand the way your family treated me.

Luca: That's what you said, but it's not the truth. At least not all of it.

Marisa: I don't know what you're talking about.

Luca: Noah doesn't know, does he? The real reason you walked out on --

Marisa: It doesn't matter, Luca! What we had is over! It ended a long time ago! There is nothing tying us together.

Luca: Nothing except our child. That's right. I know. You were pregnant with my child when you left me.

Marisa: How did you...

Luca: Did you really think you could keep something like that hidden forever?

Marisa: You need to go.

Luca: You gave birth to my child -- my daughter -- then gave her away like an unwanted pet!

Marisa: No!

Luca: Don't lie! I know it's true. And I know where she is.

Marisa: Oh, my god. You found her? W-where is she? Tell me.

Luca: Of course I'll tell you. Once you come back to me.

Dr. Anderson: Can I help you?

Noah: Yeah. Uh, I'm Noah Newman.

Dr. Anderson: Oh. Nice to meet you, Noah. I'm dr. Anderson. I'm your mother's doctor.

Noah: Oh, great. Uh, I'm here to see her.

Dr. Anderson: I'm afraid that won't be possible.

Noah: Uh, why is that?

Dr. Anderson: Sharon's requested no visitors.

Noah: Okay, well, I'm family, so...

Dr. Anderson: I understand. But she's adjusting to some new meds, and she's requested that she does not want to see anyone during this transition, including her family.

Noah: No, that -- that doesn't sound like my mom.

Dr. Anderson: She was very clear about her wishes.

Noah: Okay, uh, well, doctor, no offense, but I'd really love to hear it from my mom herself.

Sharon: [Weakly] Noah?

Dr. Anderson: The law requires me to protect my patients.

Sharon: Is that you?

Dr. Anderson: So, unfortunately, that won't be possible. Now, I'm gonna have to ask you to leave.

Noah: I'm not going anywhere until my mother tells me herself that she doesn't want to see me.

Cane: Of course, my fingerprints were on the note.

Lily: Yeah, the clerk handed it to him.

Cane: All right, we're anxious to find Hilary, so I ripped it open. I didn't stop to think about putting on gloves.

Dylan: No one's accusing you of anything.

Cane: Well, it sure sounds like you are.

Dylan: This kidnapper's got us all going a little crazy right now.

Devon: I gave him the freakin' money, and he's still messing with me.

Lily: Yeah, but why?

Devon: 'Cause he's sick! [Scoffs]

Dylan: Just doesn't -- it doesn't make sense. It doesn't. This guy is smart. He smuggled Hilary into town without anybody knowing. He took supplies from the hospital. He found the trackers. And then when he decides to demand ransom, he wears gloves and uses a burner phone.

Cane: Okay, so why would he risk getting caught after all of that? Why wouldn't he just take the ransom money and run?

Dylan: For some reason, he wants to torture Devon.

Devon: Why the hell doesn't he just tell me where to find my damn wife?!

Lily: Hey, we're gonna find Hilary and we're gonna bring her home safe, right?

Devon: Well, don't everybody jump in at once.

Dylan: Cane and I discussed something earlier, and I'm starting to think it's a real possibility.

Cane: There could be more than one kidnapper.

Neil: So what do you think?

Dr. Neville: Conventional wisdom says get her to memorial immediately.

Neil: The hosp-- is that what you're suggesting we do?

Dr. Neville: Oh, god, no. Fortunately for you and Mrs. Hamilton, I've never exactly been a fan of conventional wisdom.

Gwen: Then you can help Hilary?

Dr. Neville: If some of my colleagues think me unorthodox, it's simply because they haven't the intellect or the talent to grasp, much less appreciate, the efficacies of certain protocols. My protocols.

Gwen: That sounds like a fancy way of saying they're not as smart as you.

Dr. Neville: [Scoffs] Some are morons. Others too stubborn to accept a new perspective. Sad, really. Given half a chance, I could show them all, prove my methods of treating patients exactly like Mrs. Hamilton are light-years ahead of anything they fumble with. I simply haven't got the time or the patients to sanction it -- only simplistic, less effective approach. What do you say, hmm? You could be my crowning achievement.

Gwen: Sounds like he's using Hilary to prove something.

Neil: Hmm. He's got one hell of an ego. Didn't you tell me that his critics said he was genius?

Dr. Neville: A unique mind is often unnerving, especially to a mediocre one. Unless, the fact is, you need me. More importantly, she needs me. So, do we do this or not?

Neil: Yeah. Yeah. Let's -- let's do this.

Marisa: You're lying. You don't know where my daughter is.

Luca: Our daughter.

Marisa: I made sure she's somewhere you and your family can't find her.

Luca: Now who's lying? You didn't find a home for our baby. You had Annicelli do it. You chose a life with him over your own child, and this is what it cost you. I'm the one who should be shedding tears, for the child I never knew I had.

Marisa: [Voice breaking] I gave her up so she could be raised by good people [Sniffles] In a loving home.

Luca: Is that what your drug lord boyfriend told you? That he found a good home for her? He sold her to the highest bidder. You trusted a criminal with our daughter's well-being, and now her life is miserable.

Marisa: You're just saying that to hurt me.

Luca: Look in her eyes. There is sadness. You can see it.

Marisa: Oh, my baby. [Sniffles]

Luca: But you can still change things for that sweet girl.

Marisa: How?

Luca: The three of us can be a family.

Marisa: No.

Luca: I love you, Marisa. I've never stopped loving you. If you come back to me, you'll see you still love me, too. Then we can claim our daughter.

Marisa: Then what? Live happily ever after?

Luca: Why not? Unless Noah Newman means more to you than your own daughter.

Dr. Anderson: This is your mother's signature. See? It says right there -- no visitors.

Noah: This is my mother's signature? You sure she signed this?

Dr. Anderson: I witnessed it myself. Look, she's just trying to do what's best for her and her baby.

Noah: Yeah, I know. That's why she checked herself here in the first place.

Dr. Anderson: Once she adjusts to her new meds and she feels like she's ready to see people, I'm sure her family will be the first ones she contacts.

Noah: Well, will you at least tell her that I was here and that I'm thinking about her, please?

Dr. Anderson: Of course.

Noah: Okay. I'll check back tomorrow.

Dr. Anderson: Sharon, what are you doing out of bed?

Sharon: I-I thought I heard my son's voice.

Dr. Anderson: Noah was here. He left.

Sharon: You sent him away? Why would you do that?

Dr. Anderson: Because you told me to.

Sharon: No, I would never tell my son I don't want to see him.

Dr. Anderson: But you did. You signed this form saying that you didn't want any visitors. Don't you remember?

Sharon: No, I don't. Dr. Anderson, what's wrong with me?

Dr. Anderson: Sharon, treating your disorder is a process with ups and downs.

Sharon: But why would I cut myself off from my family? That doesn't make sense.

Dr. Anderson: You're adjusting to the new drug regimen we agreed on. You felt visits from your family would interfere with your progress.

Sharon: I did?

Dr. Anderson: Well, it was your idea, but you said you wanted it in writing. That's why you signed this form. You kept saying that I was the only person you needed to see.

Sharon: I said that? Hmm. If you think that's best...

Dr. Anderson: I do. For you and your baby.

Sharon: Oh, my baby. I was so afraid that I would never... thank you. Thank you for taking such good care of both of us.

Dr. Anderson: Sharon, you know what's best for you and your baby. That's why you checked yourself in here -- so that you'd be strong enough to give this precious child you're carrying everything it'll need.

Sharon: Yeah, I want to be ready when my baby arrives. So I'm going to listen to you and to whatever you tell me to do.

Marisa: She has my eyes.

Luca: Too bad she never had you.

Marisa: I did what I thought was best for her.

Luca: You got rid of her so you could continue your life with Annicelli.

Marisa: No.

Luca: Now you're faced with the same choice. Your daughter or a man. What's it going to be, Marisa? Noah...or your little girl? You can't have both.

Marisa: You said you could bring her back. Do it. Luca, bring her back to me. And I promise I will give her a good home.

Luca: You think I'm gonna let you raise her in the Newman family? She's a Santori, and she'll take her rightful place in our family. If you can't accept that --

Marisa: [Sighs] One month? [Inhales sharply] I will live with you for one month.

Luca: Then what?

Marisa: Then you tell me where my daughter is.

Luca: I won't need a month. I will convince you we belong together in one night. But if those are your terms... it's a deal.

Devon: So what exactly do you mean by there could be more than one kidnapper?

Dylan: I think somebody's holding Hilary and somebody else is sending the notes.

Devon: So the person that took the money and who sent us to the abandoned house has no idea where Hilary is?

Dylan: I'm just saying it's a possibility.

Devon: Well, if that possibility is right, then we're no closer to finding Hilary than we were before we gave him the ransom money. And now we've just been played by someone who's out for a pay day.

Cane: Okay, all right, listen, it is just a theory. There's no way of knowing if it's, you know, if it's accurate.

Lily: It does make sense, though.

Cane: All right, let's, uh, let's just go home, all right? Let's recharge our batteries, take some time, all right? None of this is making any sense, and we need to see our kids. Come on.

Lily: Look, why don't you come with us, all right? Come see the twins. I'm sure it'll help you, too.

Devon: No, I'm gonna -- I'm gonna stop by the police station, see if there's been any progress on their end, and then I'm gonna take myself home.

Dylan: You want me to go with you?

Devon: No, I can handle it.

Lily: All right, well, let's get home to our kids.

Cane: Let's do it. Uh, maybe tomorrow we'll get something that can help us out. Come on.

Noah: Hi, guys. Hey, Dylan, you got a minute? Can I talk to you about something?

Dylan: Yeah, sure. What's going on?

Noah: So, I just came from Fairview.

Dylan: Yeah, I was there earlier today.

Noah: Yeah, how did mom seem?

Dylan: Uh, not like herself at all. And she just said it was because she was tired, but...

Noah: But you didn't believe her?

Dylan: No, it seems like it's more than that. She was -- she was pretty out of it. Doctor said it was just her adjusting to her meds.

Noah: Yeah, that's what she told me, too.

Dylan: What's -- what's going on?

Noah: [Sighs] Well, dr. Anderson showed me a form that says that mom can't have any visitors.

Dylan: Who signed an order like that?

Noah: Mom did.

Neil: This is an awful lot of medicine.

Dr. Neville: Second-guessing me already?

Neil: No, I'm not. I'm just concerned that the pharmacy's gonna ask me questions about all these.

Dr. Neville: Good point. Choose one out of town. Or split them up. Just avoid anywhere near memorial. My name might send up some red flags.

Gwen: Why are you on the outs at the hospital, anyway?

Dr. Neville: 'Cause the people in charge are stuck in their ways and completely lacking imagination, therefore incapable of recognizing newer, more effective ways of treating critical conditions.

Gwen: Well, newer isn't always better.

Dr. Neville: Simple minds. They stifle creativity and limit possibilities. Get them filled, please. All of them.

Neil: Yes. Come here. Okay, I want you to keep a real close eye on doctor who. I'm gonna be right back.

Dr. Neville: Oh, and, Mr. Winters, if you're caught, I'll say you stole my prescription pad.

Neil: I know that I just dropped the prescriptions off. I need them filled as soon as humanly possible. You hear me? Of course I -- you don't think I know what compounding means? Okay, listen closely, I appreciate you taking the time here, but I need this, uh, this order -- I need it as soon as possible, okay? What is your name? No, never mind. I'm -- I'm headed there now, and I'm gonna talk to your supervisor. Thank you. Hey.

Devon: Hey. You think you could put some of that pressure on the GCPD for me?

Neil: Still no word on Hilary?

Devon: No. But they're up to date on everything now.

Neil: Yeah?

Devon: Yeah.

Neil: You told them about the notes from the kidnapper?

Devon: I had to do that. I was warned not to go to the police, but after Dylan and I went to that fake address to find Hilary, um, we realized that the guy's just been jerking us around.

Neil: Who we talking about here? The kidnapper?

Devon: Now we're not sure if the person who's writing the notes is the same person that's holding Hilary.

Neil: What do you mean?

Devon: Well, Paul had his team do a sweep of the abandoned house that Dylan and I went to, and there was no sign that Hilary was even there.

Neil: Whoa. So Paul thinks he's dealing with two people at the same time?

Devon: Yeah, I mean, it's Dylan's theory, but it seems like one person has Hilary and someone else is just taking advantage of the situation. I just want this to end. I just want to find my wife.

Lily: Okay. Chocolate chip cookies, fresh from the oven.

Cane: This one is for all the cookies! Go, mommy! Spin it!

Lily: Okay, everyone ready?

Cane: Yeah, yeah, let's go.

Lily: All right. Okay, left hand red. Ooh, Mattie, behind you!

Cane: I got it, I got it. I want it, I want it, I got it!

Mattie: Ahh!

Cane: Ohh! Daddy wins! I win!

Lily: [Laughs]

Cane: I got it.

Lily: It's a tie. Everyone gets cookies.

Mattie: Yay!

Charlie: Yay!

Cane: Huh? Is this not the best day ever?

Mattie: It would be if Devon and Hilary were here.

Charlie: Hilary's kidnapped, dummy.

Lily: Hey, don't call your sister a dummy. And where did you hear about Hilary?

Charlie: On the news, at Justin's house, and at school.

Cane: [Sighs]

Lily: Well, you're right. Hilary is missing, but uncle Devon is doing everything he can to find her and bring her home safe. We all are.

Mattie: You, too, daddy?

Cane: Of course, sweetie. Hey, why don't you guys go and get your jammies and I'll read you an extra story, okay?

Mattie: [Groans]

Cane: Take your cookies. Let's go. Come on. You can take your cookies. Hey, but make sure you clean your teeth after you eat the cookies. You got me? Uh-huh.

Lily: Why do you always change the subject when Hilary's name comes up?

Marisa: Hey.

Noah: What are you doing here? You're supposed to be back at the hotel resting.

Marisa: I, uh, couldn't sleep. And I need to speak with you about something.

Noah: [Sighs] Look, if this is about us or our future, really, it can wait till you're stronger, okay?

Marisa: No, I-I need to discuss it now.

Noah: I wish you just called me. I-I would have just driven back to the hotel. I don't like you out there at night by yourself right now. It's not safe.

Marisa: See, that's exactly why I'm here. I will not live in fear.

Noah: Well, I admire your courage, okay? But until we find out exactly who attacked you, you need to be careful.

Marisa: There's no question about that. It was -- it was Luca's family.

Noah: You sure about that? How do you know?

Marisa: They would do whatever it takes to keep me from coming back into their son's life.

Noah: Okay. So steer clear of the guy.

Marisa: I'm afraid I can't do that.

Noah: Why is that?

Marisa: [Sighs] Luca's the only one who can protect me. It's why I've decided to move back in with him.

Dr. Anderson: Feeling better?

Sharon: I always do after our sessions.

Dr. Anderson: I'm doing my job, then.

Sharon: I don't know how to thank you for everything you've done for me and my baby. And I'm very grateful.

Dr. Anderson: Just knowing the two of you are happy and healthy is all the thanks I need.

Sharon: We are.

Dr. Anderson: Well, get some rest. I'll check in with you tomorrow.

Sharon: Okay.

[Cell phone rings]

Dr. Anderson: Dylan, what can I do for you?

Dylan: I just, uh, want to know what's going on with Sharon. Noah just told me that he wasn't allowed to see her.

Dr. Anderson: I'm just following my patient's wishes.

Dylan: Yeah, that's, uh, what Noah told me, but that doesn't make any sense at all because Sharon would never refuse to see one of her kids.

Dr. Anderson: I'm afraid she did.

Dylan: Well, I'd like to speak to her.

Dr. Anderson: I'm sorry, Dylan. Phone calls are out, so that's not possible.

Sharon: Is that Dylan?

Dr. Anderson: Yes, it is. What should I tell him?

Cane: I'm gonna hide these from the kids and myself.

Lily: See? You're doing it again.

Cane: [Sighs] What am I doing again?

Lily: You're avoiding talking about Hilary. I thought you wanted to find her as badly as the rest of us.

Cane: Of course I want to find her. Why would I not want to find her?

Lily: Well, at the club, when we were trying to figure out what the kidnappers were up to, you just cut off the conversation.

Cane: Right, because it was getting us nowhere. We can't just stand around and theorize about where Hilary is. It's not gonna help us.

Lily: So what? We should just give up then?

Cane: All right, listen. You and I need some time together. We need family time. We need to spend time with the kids, and we can't spend every second of every day helping Devon look for Hilary. We just can't keep doing it.

Lily: We should have talked to them about it. I hate the fact that Charlie heard about it from someone else.

Cane: And you don't think I hate that?

Lily: We need to have a family discussion.

Cane: [Sighs]

Charlie: It's time for a story!

Mattie: Something with a happy ending!

Cane: Ah. Mommy loves happy endings.

Lily: Hey, you guys, look, before you guys go to bed, there's something I want to talk to you guys about.

Cane: All right, come on, let's give mommy a big hug. Come on. All right.

Lily: Good night, you guys. Love you.

Cane: Let's go. It is time to go to the world of sleep and stories. Aaaahhhh!

[Mattie and Charlie laughing]

Neil: Interesting theory that you're dealing with two people at the same time.

Devon: I mean, if the kidnapper's motivation was just money, then why wouldn't they lead us to Hilary after I paid the ransom?

Neil: Because it's probably about money, want some more money.

Devon: Why risk getting caught? Especially after he barely got away the first time, you know? I don't think this person has Hilary at all. I think it's just someone that heard about, you know, the kidnapping and is trying to cash in.

Neil: Yeah, this is sick, man. Capitalizing on someone's misery. Who would do that? Someone without a soul.

Devon: And meanwhile, Hilary's probably being held by a person whose motive isn't money at all.

Neil: If it's not money, what else do you think it could be?

Devon: Maybe somebody that likes to watch people suffer or, you know, they don't like rich guys. Maybe they saw Hilary and I on our honeymoon and how happy we were and they just wanted to ruin that.

Neil: That's a lot of maybes, son. I think you're reaching.

Devon: I have to believe that the person that took Hilary isn't interesting in money, 'cause the only other explanation for why they wouldn't lead us to Hilary when I paid them is that Hilary is...

Neil: Is what? Is dead? No, don't go there.

Devon: I don't know where else to go, 'cause nothing else makes sense.

Neil: Hilary's alive. She's alive, Devon. I know this.

Marisa: Noah, I'm sorry.

Noah: What are you sorry for, Marisa?

Marisa: For ever coming into your life. All I've done is hurt you.

Noah: So what is this, then, huh? Insult to injury? You want to add a little more pain at the end?

Marisa: I want to end the pain.

Noah: By going back to a man who you so clearly cannot stand?

Marisa: Luca and I share...

Noah: What? You share what? Love? Is that what you're gonna say, Marisa?

Marisa: No, no. He'll keep me safe. He's the only one who can protect me --

Noah: I can protect you! I can!

Marisa: You'll be better off without me.

Noah: What are you talking about? Why don't you let me decide that?

Marisa: Luca's waiting.

Noah: He's threatening you! He's threatening you!

Marisa: Noah, this is -- Noah, it's my choice.

Noah: No, no, you're lying to me. There's no way after what you told me about trying to get away from that marriage that you all of a sudden had this change of heart.

Marisa: I-I had time to think in the hospital. This is what I want.

Noah: What are you ta-- this is what you want? What -- what is it? What does he have on you?

Marisa: Nothing!

Noah: I'm not letting you leave here until you tell me the truth. Why are you doing this, Marisa?

Marisa: Noah, please.

Noah: No, you don't want to tell me the truth? Fine. I'll go ask him myself. I'm sure Luca --

Marisa: No, no, no, no, no, no, no! No, don't.

Noah: Then just tell me the truth, damn it! Why? Why do you want to go back to a man who you hate?!

Marisa: Because he knows where my child is!

Dr. Anderson: Sharon, what would you like me to tell Dylan?

Sharon: Tell him that I'm not available.

Dr. Anderson: Did you hear that?

Dylan: Yeah, I heard that.

Dr. Anderson: You can check back tomorrow.

Dylan: Dr. Anderson, wait.

Dr. Anderson: Yes?

Dylan: Look, I know that you have Sharon's best interests at heart, okay? So do I. So if she doesn't want to speak to me on the phone, I'm gonna have to come out there and find out why, so why don't you do your best to get her on the phone to talk to me?

Dr. Anderson: Hold on. Dylan wants to hear from you that you don't want any visitors right now.

Sharon: Hi.

Dylan: Hey. Are you okay?

Sharon: Yeah, I'm fine. I'm just a little tired.

Dylan: Okay, I'm not gonna keep you too long. I just want to know what's going on with you not wanting to see any visitors, even your family. Whose idea was that?

Sharon: Mine.

Dylan: Are you sure?

Sharon: I know you mean well, but your visits here are a distraction for me. That's why it would be best if you would stay away for a little while so I can focus on getting well without any distractions.

Dylan: Is that -- is that what I am? A distraction?

Sharon: Dylan, if you love me and the baby...

Dylan: Of course I do. I didn't mean to upset you.

Sharon: Then just give me this time.

Dylan: I mean, if that's what you really want...

Sharon: It is. I love you.

Dylan: Yeah, I love you --

Noah: You know, I never thought that you would go so far to keep us apart. Making up a kid?

Marisa: It's the truth.

Noah: Marisa.

Marisa: See for yourself. You can't deny she has my eyes. She's my daughter, Noah.

Noah: When?

Marisa: Shortly after Luca and I got married, I found out I was pregnant. We weren't planning it. It just happened.

Noah: You were young and in love. So what was the problem?

Marisa: I told you. His parents hated me. If they found out I was carrying their grandchild, they would have taken her from me, turned her against me. I couldn't bear the thought of that.

Noah: So you just left?

Marisa: I had nowhere to go, no one to turn to.

Noah: And that's when you met Annicelli.

Marisa: Marco gave me a place to stay. He helped me until the baby was born, and I was so grateful to him, but his world was no place for a child, and I couldn't go back to Luca.

Noah: There must have been other options. There must -- there must have been somebody.

Marisa: There was no one. I grew up on the streets. I didn't want that for my daughter.

Noah: So what did you do?

Marisa: The only thing I could. Gave her up for adoption. Nearly killed me. But Marco told me he found a good home for her with two parents, loving parents that would give her a life that I couldn't. [Sighs] Luca says it was a lie. He says that Marco sold my baby to the highest bidder.

Noah: And how do you know that Luca isn't lying to you right now? The man would say anything to get you back.

Marisa: The only one who could have told Luca about my daughter is Marco, and I have no doubt that he would brag to Luca about selling his child.

Noah: Okay, fine. I understand that. That is no reason to move back in with Luca.

Marisa: He says that if I stay with him for a month that he'll tell me where my daughter is.

Noah: A month? Really? Okay, one month. So what happens in a month when he changes his mind?

Marisa: No. He -- he -- he --

Noah: He could hold this against you forever and never tell you where your daughter is.

Marisa: Then you have to help me, Noah, please. Help me find my daughter.

Luca: Victor Newman, please. Tell him it's Luca Santori calling. Mr. Newman, good news. I closed the deal.

Devon: Why are you so sure that Hilary's alive? Do you know something?

Neil: I know Hilary. And she's a fighter. She's been through a lot, Devon. She survived a lot, and she's gonna make it through this, too.

Devon: I know. It's -- it's getting harder and harder to believe that because we tracked it down, I paid the ransom, and if Hilary were alive, I --

Neil: She is alive, okay? She's gonna make her way back to you. This I am sure. I feel it, man. I feel it in my gut and in my heart.

Devon: You've been telling me since the beginning not to give up, but you seem more sure than ever right now that she is alive. Why?

[Cell phone chimes]

Neil: Excuse me.

Devon: Is that Gwen?

Neil: Yeah.

Devon: Is that why you're being so optimistic? 'Cause you guys are getting more serious? It's giving you hope for me and Hilary?

Neil: Yeah. Yeah, something like that. We just have to keep hanging on to hope, young man, because where there is hope, there is life.

Dr. Neville: Winters should have been back with my prescriptions. Unless he was caught. Police could be on their way here right now.

Gwen: I thought you were a risk-taker.

Dr. Neville: I'm a scientist. I weigh the potential for failure against the possibilities of successful outcome.

Gwen: Well, here's something you can count on -- Neil. When he says he'll do something, he does it. He'll be back with the prescriptions.

Dr. Neville: You love him. It's why you're mixed up in all this mess.

Gwen: I didn't take you for a romantic.

Dr. Neville: [Chuckles] I'm right. Why else would you be involved in something so questionable?

Gwen: Neil's not trying to hurt Hilary. He's been doing everything he can to keep her alive.

Dr. Neville: Except taking her to the hospital, which he could have done. Why didn't he?

Gwen: Hilary will explain everything when she wakes up.

Dr. Neville: And if she doesn't wake up?

Gwen: Well, if you're the brilliant doctor you claim to be, that won't happen.

Lily: Geez. [Sighs] [Grunts] God, what did you do? Steal weights or something? [Sighs] [Exhales] with a powerful family. I'm a Newman. So yes, I can use my family's connections to help you find your daughter.

Marisa: You'd do that?

Noah: It's done. It's already done. So you can go tell Luca deal is off.

Marisa: No, Noah, I can't do that.

Noah: Do you want my help or not?

Marisa: Yes, I do, but if I don't keep up my end of the bargain, Luca and Marco will make sure I never see my little girl!

Noah: So you're gonna go live with him as his wife?

Marisa: Until you find my daughter. It won't be real, Noah. I will just be going through the motions.

Noah: You still have to be with him!

Marisa: [Sighs]

Noah: I can't. I can't. I-I don't know if I can live with that.

Marisa: Then walk away. Because I-I can't. Not until I know my daughter's safe.

Sharon: I feel like I just took my last dose.

Dr. Anderson: You're out of sorts. Your conversation with Dylan was upsetting.

Sharon: But I did the right thing, didn't I?

Dr. Anderson: You're doing what's right for you and your baby. Look, Dylan will thank you one day. And so will your child. He or she will be so lucky to have a parent like you.

Sharon: Not only me, but Dylan is gonna be such a great father.

Dr. Anderson: I have no doubt. Now, get some sleep. I'll see you tomorrow.

Sharon: Thank you for everything, doctor.

Dr. Anderson: You're welcome.

[Door closes]

Devon: Why can't I find you? Where are you?

Dr. Neville: What took you so long?

Neil: I had to reassure someone that Hilary is definitely coming back to the people he loves, doc.

Gwen: Devon?

Neil: Yeah, I told him not to give up hope.

Dr. Neville: [Scoffs] Sentiment. It's a waste of time. And we have precious little of that, so if you excuse me, I'll get to work. You do want me to wake her up, correct?

Cane: All right, the kids are down for the... lily?

Dylan: What's this?

Lily: Look inside.

Dylan: What the...

Lily: Large bills in sequential order.

Dylan: This is the ransom Devon paid. Where'd you get this?

Lily: My house.

Dylan: You recognize the bag?

Lily: It's Cane's.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Dylan: If you really think that's so impossible, then why don't you go to Cane for the truth? Why'd you come to me?

Kevin: Nice job, mike. Thanks to you, Delia's killer is ruining our lives all over again.

Victor: You want to leave town before the trial? Give me the word.

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