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Episode # 10776 ~ Ashley wants revenge; Dylan questions Dr. Anderson about Sharon's condition. Michael E. Knight debuts as Dr. Simon Neville.

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Neil: Hilary, not too much longer, okay? You keep hangin' in there. We're gonna get you the help that you need. Hey.

Gwen: It wasn't easy, but I tracked down a private number for Dr. Neville.

Neil: Okay.

Gwen: Say the word, and I'll make the call.

Neil: Gwen, you listen to me, okay? You give me that number, and then I want you to walk out that door and don't look book.

Gwen: I'm here with you now because we're gonna be together in the future.  I'm not leaving you, Neil. So just get used to it.

Neil: Come here. Okay. [Sighs] Let's do this. Make the call.

Gwen: Dr. Neville, please. Hi, this is Gwen. You've been recommended to me as the exact sort of physician I'm looking for.

Phyllis: We can go somewhere else.

Jack: No, no, no, Billy and I have to deal with our issues sooner or later.

Phyllis: Maybe he's had a chance to simmer down by now.

Jack: Only one way to find out. Hey, little brother, I'd like to talk to you.

Billy: Sure. About what? The weather, how the Packers are playing, your decision to betray the family... because if it's not about that last one, I really have nothing to say to you.

Jack: Billy... [Sighs]

Billy: You covered for Adam Newman.

Jack: Please, just listen to what I have to say.

Billy: You know, I really don't care to listen to anything you have to say right now.

Ashley: I sure do. I'm back. What did I miss?

Nick: Doctor said he's doing very well.

Noah: Hey.

Nick: Hey, bud.

Noah: Congratulations.

Sage: Are you here to see your brother?

Noah: Oh, are you kidding me? I-I-I couldn't be more excited. [Chuckles] And I-I brought pictures of faith and, uh, summer and myself so you can put them where the baby can see them.

Nick: So he can get to know your mugs. I like it.

Noah: Yeah, I like it, too. Unfortunately, it wasn't my idea. It was Sage's.

Sage: Yeah, I wanted them all to be a part of Christian's life from the start.

Noah: Yeah. Hey there, little guy. Hi. I'm your big brother, Noah. Oh, man. How are you doing in there? I'm so glad to finally meet you. And finally I got another guy to be on my side with all these sisters of ours. Hey, buddy. I can't wait till you're out of here, you know? 'Cause I-I've, uh -- I have a lot to teach you, you know? I got to teach you, uh, how to wakeboard on the lake in the summer and how to drive the snowmobile in the winter, how to act unsurprised about, uh, Grandpa's latest activities. Oh, hey, uh, I'm gonna be the one to teach you all about women, okay? Who am I kidding? You probably know more than me already, huh?

Marisa: Ever hear of knocking?

Luca: You're my wife.

Marisa: A technicality.

Luca: Ever since I heard you were attacked, I've been so worried. I had to see for myself that you were all right.

Marisa: Well, the doctors are releasing me today, so I must be.

Luca: Have the police found the person who put you in here?

Marisa: No.

Luca: You think my family had something to do with it.

Marisa: Don't you? You suggested as much to Noah. They did everything they could to get me out of your life. They can't be pleased that you found me after all this time.

Luca: They're not happy about it.

Marisa: How not happy? Enough to send me a warning?

Luca: I can protect you, Marisa.

Marisa: How?

Luca: Come back to me. Move in with me. Then I'll be able to keep you safe.

Dr. Anderson: Good morning, Sharon. How are you feeling?

Sharon: Tired. It's weird. I slept so much last night.

Dr. Anderson: Well, it's to be expected during this stage of your pregnancy. How's your anxiety level?

Sharon: Much less. I mean, now that I know for sure that I'M... I'm on the right medication. Even if Patty doesn't seem to agree.

Dylan: Good morning.

Sharon: Hi.

Dylan: Hi. [Smooches]

Dr. Anderson: I'll give you some time alone.

Dylan: Okay. Are you okay?

Sharon: Fine. Just...fine.

Dylan: Are you just -- I don't know. You seem a little out of it. That's all.

Sharon: I do?

Dylan: Yeah. Has anything happened since I was here last?

Sharon: Well, what do you mean? What could have happened?

Dylan: Uh, I don't know. Just the last time I visited, you seemed so clear-headed, and now you seem...

Sharon: Um, I'm tired. I'm just tired. You know, and that's to be expected at this point in my pregnancy.

Dylan: I guess so. At least, that's what they say.

Dr. Anderson: Patty, where are you going?

Patty: I wa-- I was just gonna go see my nephew. We have a lot of catching up to do.

Dr. Anderson: No, it's more important for Dylan and Sharon to spend some time alone. But there is something I'd like to discuss with you. Let's go to your room.

Dylan: So, I'm hoping to see, uh, nick's baby this morning.

Sharon: Yeah, faith.

Dylan: No, his baby with Sage. Noah said he called to let you know that Sage went into early labor. The baby's in an incubator in the hospital.

Sharon: Oh, yeah. That baby. Yeah. Their baby. A boy, right?

Dylan: [Sighs] Yeah, right.

Sharon: I'm sorry. Like I said, I'm -- I'm a little groggy. I'm just tired.

Noah: So, do you know when you can take Christian home with you?

Sage: No, we don't know yet. He's still so tiny.

Nick: You know, you were about that size when you were born.

Noah: [Chuckles] Seriously? I was, like, that small?

Nick: Yeah.

Noah: Wow.

Nick: Look at you now.

Noah: Well, you know what? If I made it, so will he.

Nick: You and Christian are both fighters. He knows there's a great, big world out there for him. He's gonna go after it with everything he's got.

Sage: Amen.

Noah: Yeah. I'm gonna get going, okay? Got a busy day. But, hey, kid. Listen, you got it pretty good. I happen to know from experience that, uh, you got a pretty great dad... and a very special mom.

Sage: Thank you. [Smooches]

Noah: He'll be okay.

Nick: Thanks, bud.

Noah: Yeah. All right.

Sage: You have an incredible son.

Nick: Yeah. He's not bad.

Sage: Noah's right. Christian's very lucky.

[Door opens]

Susan: Good news. Dr. Greene said she's releasing you. Once the paperwork's ready, you can go home.

Sage: So soon?

Nick: That is great news. Thank you, Susan.

[Door opens, closes]

Nick: All right. I know what that look is. After I found out you knew about Adam, you told me you were gonna get all your things and move them out of our place.

Sage: Well, I didn't make it that far. I went into labor instead. [Chuckles]

Nick: A lot's changed since then. We became parents. Together.

Sage: What are you saying?

Nick: I'm saying when that nurse comes back with your release papers, Sage, I want to take you home. To our home.

Sage: I can't do that, nick.

Marisa: Go back to you? Please. I wouldn't even be in this position if it weren't for you or your family, so no. The last thing I'll be needing is your so-called protection.

Luca: How will you take care of yourself?

Marisa: The same way I always have -- on my own. I'll leave this city, and you will never find me.

Luca: I found you once. Granted, it took some time.

Marisa: And Marco telling you my exact location.

Luca: Marisa, you can't run away.

Marisa: [Sighs]

Luca: I'll just find you again.

Noah: What's going on?

Marisa: I'm being released today. Luca was just leaving.

[Door closes]

Noah: [Sighs] What about you? Are you just leaving, too?

Billy: I don't think I can sit through another round of Jack's lame explanations. Ash, welcome back.

Ashley: Thank you.

Phyllis: I take it you heard about Adam.

Ashley: Oh, yeah. Abby filled me in on the basics, including the fact that you knew about Adam's masquerade from the very beginning.

Jack: I kept quiet to protect Billy.

Ashley: This ought to be good.

Jack: Adam led me to believe that Billy shot him in cold blood the night of their car wreck. I didn't want our brother to wind up in prison.

Phyllis: Adam conveniently omitted the fact that they were both struggling over the gun.

Ashley: So, the shooting was an accident?

Phyllis: Which Adam was decent enough to admit to the police. Billy is off the hook.

Jack: I thought, though, at the time, that Adam held something significant over Billy's head. It's possible I misunderstood what Adam said, that I misinter--

Phyllis: It is more possible that Adam was lying. You let yourself be persuaded because you thought you were doing the right thing by keeping a secret, period.

Jack: I realize Billy is emotionally unprepared to deal with this right now.

Ashley: Well, for good reason, Jack. You've made some really questionable choices, don't you think?

Jack: I'm not the only one. Do you have any idea what Billy's been doing while you've been gone?

Nick: Why can't you go home with me?

Sage: You know why.

Nick: Look, that was an emotional argument. And I said some terrible things to you.

Sage: Well, you were in shock, nick, because of what I kept from you. And I apologize, but I can't keep doing that to you.

Nick: Sage, I love you. You're my wife. And you are my son's mother, and we need you. And I want us to be together, all of us, the way we dreamed about. That is, if you can forgive me.

Sage: [Sighs] [Voice breaking] You had every right to be angry, Nick. And the fact that you're willing to forgive me right now is not something that I take lightly. I was so afraid of losing you, and that's why I didn't tell you the truth about Adam. Because I wanted us to stay together and raise our child and be married. That means everything to me. Which is why it's very difficult for me to tell you this.

Nick: Tell me what?

Sage: I can't go home with you now. I know you should be there, because faith needs you, especially when Sharon's away. But I need to be here. I need to be with Christian, and wild horses could not drag me away from this.

Nick: I understand.

Jack: Billy snatched up almost every company this paragon virus cut loose from Newman. Cosmetics is not the only industry we're involved in anymore. And I'm not too pleased about that.

Ashley: Well, I'm very pleased. Which was why I gave him the green light for every single acquisition that he made.

Both: What?

Phyllis: You knew?

Ashley: Of course I knew, Phyllis. I'm the C.E.O. Of the company. And at least Billy understands that I'm in charge, even if you don't, Jack.

Jack: You were aware of all of this?

Ashley: You know what? This is a plum opportunity for us to become a multinational, Jack. It puts jabot on the map with multiple industries virtually overnight.

Jack: So, now you think you can out-Victor Victor?

Ashley: I know I can, even if you don't. And, Billy, you should be commended. He knew exactly which companies should be cherry-picked.

Billy: Well, nice to know at least one of my siblings trusts me.

Jack: This isn't about trust. This is about business judgment, or lack thereof, and I seriously question whether what was best for jabot was your prime motivation in these acquisitions.

Ashley: And now you're questioning my judgment. Why am I not surprised? But guess what. Now that I'm back, I'm going to happily keep scooping up every single one of those juicy paragon windfalls.

Jack: No, ash, that is the biggest mistake you could make right now.

Marisa: I was headed out of town and out of your life when I was...hit over the head, so... [Sighs] I would be leaving Genoa city right now, but the doctors have forbidden me to travel just yet.

Noah: So, when will you be ready to go?

Marisa: [Clears throat] As soon as I pass my follow-up exam. If the doctor says I'm well enough, I'll be gone. Then you can...forget all about me.

Noah: I really don't think that's possible.

Marisa: You should try, Noah.

Noah: Who are you calling?

Marisa: A taxi to take me to the hotel.

Noah: Don't worry about it. I'll take you back to my place.

Marisa: To the hotel?

Noah: Right. To the hotel.

Gwen: Neil.

Neil: Yeah?

Dr. Neville: Uh, I'm dr. Neville.

Neil: Call me Neil, please.

Dr. Neville: Neil, uh, yes. Well, Gwen has described your need for discretion. I understand. Obviously privacy is a concern. I can respect that.

Neil: Well, thank you. Uh, I appreciate you coming all the way down here. I do. But let me make something very clear to you. I'm willing to pay you whatever you want.

Dr. Neville: Well, that's good to know. Although I've always been more interested in the challenge of medicine than the size of my paycheck. So, uh, what seems to be the trouble?

Neil: No, I-I'm not the one who needs the help.

Dr. Neville: Well, then, I don't understand.

Gwen: When I said my boyfriend was dealing with some medical issues, um, I didn't mean his issues.

Neil: This is the patient.

Dr. Neville: My God. That woman's been all over the news. Whatever the hell is going on here, I think I need to call the police.

Neil: Hold on a minute, doc. Doc, no. You can't call the police.

Dr. Neville: This woman has been all over the news. A man has been accused of her murder.

Neil: And that man is my son.

Dr. Neville: Your -- well, I don't think I want any part of this.

Gwen: Doctor, please. Before you go, just let Neil explain.

Neil: This lady -- her name is Hilary Hamilton. She fell. She was knocked unconscious. That's how I found her, and I know this sounds crazy, but I-I brought her back here. I thought I could nurse her back to health. I thought that this would all end very quickly. But it hasn't. You see, I need this woman to wake up because unless she can speak for herself, everyone's gonna think that I'm responsible for this. And I am praying that she's not beyond hope.

Dr. Neville: Well, I'm cured more than my share of hopeless cases.

Neil: She doesn't just need medical attention. She needs the best medical attention. Now, can you help us?

Nick: Sharon was pretty adamant about not leaving Noah when he was in the NICU, but... you got to get your rest, Sage.

[Door opens]

Susan: Sign these papers and you can be on your way.

Nick: Look...the hospital cannot keep you here if you're well enough to leave.

Sage: I understand that, but I'm not going to leave my child overnight by himself.

Nick: He's not gonna be by himself. He's got Susan and -- and the rest of the nurses and doctors. This is the best place in the world for him.

Sage: Can't I just sit in this chair day and night? I'm not going to leave my baby.

Susan: We do have family quarters. For a few nights, anyway.

Nick: That sounds like it would be perfect. How does that sound to you?

Sage: I would really appreciate it if you'd arrange that for me.

Susan: I'll go see what's available.

Sage: Thank you.

Nick: Thank you.

[Door opens, closes]

Sage: I know you think I'm nuts.

Nick: No. You're just doing what any mother would do. Besides, it'll give me more time to get everything ready.

Sage: [Sighs] All we have is the crib assembled. We have so much to do.

Nick: It'll get done. And when our little guy comes home, everything will be ready.

Sage: How did I get so lucky?

Nick: We're all lucky. And that's gonna stay that way.

Dr. Anderson: I understand you've been questioning the medication I've prescribed for Sharon Newman.

Patty: I just thought -- well, she hasn't really seemed the same since you started her on it, that's all.

Dr. Anderson: Patty, you should know from personal experience that patients have good days and bad days. Now, it's lovely that you care about your fellow patients. But I want you to concentrate on your own recovery and trust that Sharon and all the other patients here at Fairview are in good hands. Can you do that?

Patty: Yeah. Of course.

Dr. Anderson: Good. I'm glad we talked.

[Door opens, closes]

Dylan: If you're this tired, maybe you should go lie down for a while or, I don't know, tell the doctor.

Sharon: No, I'm fine. I'm fine. I-I want to hear about your search for, um -- um... Hilary.

Dylan: Are you sure you're okay?

Sharon: Yes, I'm fine. I'm just tired. Tell me. I want to -- I want to hear about Hilary.

Dylan: Uh, things really haven't worked out the way we've hoped, at least not yet.

Sharon: Hmm.

Dylan: Sharon.

Sharon: My mouth's dry.

Dylan: Okay. I'll -- I'll get you some water. [Sighs] Oh, excuse me. I just wanted to talk to you for a second.

Dr. Anderson: Sure. What about?

Dylan: Um...last time I was here, Sharon seemed so clear-headed, and she was talking about coming home. And now she's confused, she's out of it, and she seems a lot worse than before. What happened? Is there something I should know?

Dr. Anderson: I'm afraid your fiancée hasn't been honest with you, Dylan.

Dr. Anderson: Sharon's been telling you and the rest of her family that she's coming home soon because she knows that's what you want to hear. But I'm afraid that's not accurate.

Dylan: What? I don't understand. The only reason she checked herself into this place is to get her medication straightened out.

Dr. Anderson: And that's what we're doing.

Dylan: Is it working or not?

Dr. Anderson: Finding the right combination can take some patience, and we have to be especially careful because of her condition.

Dylan: Her pregnancy, you mean.

Dr. Anderson: I believe we're on the right track here. Now, there are some side effects. Fatigue is one of them. It may just take some time for Sharon to get used to her new prescription. But she will. I'm confident of that. Everything is going exactly as it should.

Dylan: [Sighs] Okay. Well, thank you for explaining that.

Dr. Anderson: You're welcome.

Dylan: Hey. Here's your water.

Sharon: Oh, thank you. Maybe I will just go lay down for a while.

Dylan: Okay. That's a good idea. I'll check in with you later.

Sharon: Okay.

Marisa: [Sighs]

Noah: Do you have everything you need?

Marisa: I'm supposed to rest, and I have a bed, so yeah. You don't have to stay.

Noah: What if I want to stay?

Marisa: I-I don't think that's a good idea, Noah.

Noah: Look, the person who attacked you -- if they were targeting you specifically --

Marisa: I was alone at night outside. I'll be fine here. I promise to double-lock the doors. I, um -- I appreciate you giving me a ride here, but you should go now.

Noah: Why are you so eager to get rid of me?

Marisa: Because the longer you stay, the harder it will be for me to say goodbye to you.

Jack: Watching Victor's empire crumble should be reward enough for all of us. Why do we have to kick a man while he's down?

Billy: You're taking the moral high ground? That is hilarious coming from you, considering the fact that if you had just told us about Adam to begin with, he never would have been able to destroy Newman.

Phyllis: We're not gonna do this here, all right?

Jack: How do you think dad would feel about this? You think he would want to antagonize Victor? Ha-haven't we had enough of this?

Ashley: We're not doing anything illegal, Jack. And you know damn well if the shoe was on the other foot, Victor wouldn't hesitate. Since when did you become such a softie?

Jack: Since I saw how out of control this war can get, ash.

Billy: Yadda, yadda, yadda. Heard all this before.

Ashley: Yeah, you're right, Billy. We're just going around in circles, aren't we? Would you mind coming with me? I'd like you to show me something.

Billy: Gladly. Jack. Phyllis.

Phyllis: That went well.

Jack: I-I hate that we are at sword points about this. Thank god you understand.

Phyllis: Frankly, Jack, I'm not so sure I do.

Dr. Neville: This is a far more complex situation than I was led to believe.

Neil: I am in over my head. I told you once -- I'll pay you whatever you want.

Dr. Neville: As I said before, it's not about the money.

Gwen: It's about the challenge.

Dr. Neville: That's exactly right. I'll do whatever's necessary to help a patient, even if it means bending the rules.

Neil: That's exactly what I'm asking you to do. Doctor, you're in the business of saving people. This woman needs saving. I'm desperate to have that happen. So is the rest of my family. So, the question is can you help my daughter-in-law? Will you help her?

Marisa: Why are you still here? You were so mad at me for lying, you walked out on me. Nothing's changed.

Noah: I'm still upset about Marco... and the fact that you neglected to tell me that you have a husband. But it just doesn't change the way that I feel about you. I can't stop thinking about you.

Marisa: Well, you should try. I'll be gone soon. I was on my way out of town.

Noah: I wish that you hadn't gotten hurt. But I'm not sorry that you stayed in Genoa city.

Marisa: Noah, you should leave.

Noah: I can't.

Billy: It's a ginkgo tree. It symbolizes beauty, remembrance, strength, and, um, surviving hardship.

Ashley: It's beautiful. I'm sorry I couldn't make it back in time for the dedication.

Billy: Well, that's okay. It was an impromptu thing that mom put together. Besides, things got a little dicey when Adam decided to show up.

Ashley: I heard about that. Chloe showed up and threatened to kill him and you tried to talk her out of it.

Billy: I didn't want Chloe throwing her life away over that piece of human garbage.

Ashley: [Sighs] You know, Billy, that's the same rationale Jack has for covering for Adam. He didn't want you to go to prison. Maybe we have to allow for the possibility that Jack thought he was doing the right thing.

Billy: Maybe you do. I'm not that forgiving.

Dylan: How's the little guy doing?

Nick: He's holding his own.

Dylan: That's good to hear. It's scary when they're this early.

Nick: Oh, you're telling me.

Dylan: [Sighs] I just, uh -- I just came from seeing Sharon. She seemed happy about the baby.

Nick: Seemed?

Dylan: I mean, to tell you the truth, she was -- she was kind of out of it.

Nick: What do you mean?

Dylan: Well, when I was talking to her, she was definitely not herself. You know, kind of vague and, like I said, she was just out of it.

Nick: Really?

Dylan: Yeah, and I-I spoke to her therapist, dr. Anderson.

Nick: What did she say?

Dylan: Well, she said that, you know, Sharon's on new drugs, and it could take a while to get used to.

Nick: [Sighs] Well, it sounds like Sharon's in good hands. Dr. Anderson stopped by here yesterday.

Dylan: Why would she do that?

Sharon: I feel a little odd.

Dr. Anderson: Well, it's to be expected. There's nothing to worry about. Although I am a little concerned about all these visitors you've been having. You expend so much energy trying to engage with them.

Sharon: Is that bad?

Dr. Anderson: I just want you to focus on yourself, your own health, and your baby's. Remember, everything you do now is for the baby.

Sharon: Yes. Everything I do now is for the baby.

Dr. Anderson: Including... keeping up with your medication.

Patty: Oh, hey, hey. Would -- would you do me a big favor?

What kind of favor?

Patty: Um, I need this to be delivered to my brother Paul Williams. He's the chief of police. It's his birthday, and it's a card for him.

I'll take care of it.

Patty: Oh, thank you so much.

Dr. Neville: Before I proceed, there is something you need to understand. I evaluate each patient very carefully because each case is unique, and head injuries are especially tricky. There's no slapdash, one-size-fits-all diagnosis or treatment regimen. If I decide on a course of action, then I insist it be given a chance to work because sometimes a patient will appear to take a turn for the worse before experiencing a dramatic turnaround. And while I understand this may be frightening for the patient's loved ones, something of an emotional roller coaster, I have absolutely zero tolerance for untrained family members second-guessing me or slamming on the brakes in the middle of treatment. So...if you don't sincerely trust that I know what I'm doing, please say so. That way, no one's time is wasted.

Neil: So, once we place Hilary's care, life in your hands, are you telling us that we have no say?

Ashley: Out of curiosity, what would you have done if you'd found out that Adam was actually alive?

Billy: Ash, I honestly don't know, but thanks to Jack, I'm never going to get the chance to find out, now am I?

Ashley: Are you bitter about that or is because you've always looked up to Jack but he doesn't trust you?

Billy: Oh, you mean the way he doesn't trust you? Look, either way, he's wrong, ash. You have been waiting for years for the chance to take this company to another level. And then Victor's empire crumbling into bits is kind of like a -- it's like an early Christmas present, isn't it?

Ashley: Well, yeah. I mean, it is for us. We have to keep acquiring as much as we can as long as we can, even if it means going up against Jack.

Phyllis: I have never been happy about Victor getting away with what he did, but why would you want to protect him after all of that?

Jack: Wait, so -- so, the Abbotts steal Newman, piece by piece -- and that's what this is. This is theft, even if, technically, it's legal. And then Victor retaliates and then things escalate more and more after that and then what?

Phyllis: If we do not make Victor vulnerable, if we do not go after him, we are leaving him free and angry and powerful enough to go after you again and again. And that, I will not tolerate.

Marisa: Please. Go. Now. G-go home and think.

Noah: [Sighs]

Marisa: [Sighs] My bedroom is not the place to be making decisions.

Noah: I know. I know that you're right, okay? I... I still want you to call me if you need anything.

Marisa: Goodbye, Noah. [Sighs]

[Knock on door]

Luca: I know the real reason you left our marriage. You thought I'd never find out, didn't you?

Nick: Sharon's been worried about Sage and the baby.

Dylan: Mm-hmm.

Nick: You know, 'cause he's premature. Dr. Anderson just wanted to be able to give Sharon some good news.

Dylan: Mm. And that's why she came to see the baby.

Nick: Yeah. It makes sense. Now that she's seen Christian with her own eyes, she'll be in a better position to reassure Sharon.

Dylan: Then that's, uh, pretty amazing.

Nick: What?

Dylan: That a busy doctor in a facility like that would take a personal interest in one of her patients.

Patty: Hi. Did you deliver the note?

Sure did.

Patty: Oh. Thank you. I owe you one. My brother Paul will be thrilled to get it.

I delivered your note to Dr. Anderson.

Patty: What? Wait! Wait, I just -- I-I -- no, I -- why is the door locked? No. The door's never been locked in the day before! Hello? Let me out of here! I got to get out of here! Hello!

Dr. Anderson: Sharon?

Sharon: Mm?

Dr. Anderson: Sharon, I'm concerned that all these visitors you've been having have been interfering with the progress you've been making. You seem so disoriented when Dylan and your other family members leave. Do you agree?

Sharon: I guess so. Yeah.

Dr. Anderson: I think it would be best if you didn't have any visitors for a while. Do you agree with that, too? You want what's best for your baby, right? Excellent. Here you go. Please sign your name at the bottom. Right there. Go ahead. The only person you need to see while you're in here is me.

Sharon: You. You're the only person I need.

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Dr. Neville: You need me. More importantly, she needs me. Do we do this?

Dr. Anderson: Sharon's requested no visitors.

Noah: I'm not going anywhere until my mother tells me herself.

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