Y&R Transcript Wednesday 10/14/15


Episode # 10775 ~ Chelsea turns her back on Adam; Victor is determined to shut down the Paragon Project; the search for Hilary takes a surprising turn.

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Devon: No. No.

Neil: Gwen, what -- what are you doing back here?! I told you to -- get out of here while you got a chance!

Lily: Why hasn't Devon checked in yet? The location wasn't that far away.

Cane: Will you stop worrying about the time? If the chief walks in and sees us stressing, he's gonna think we're keeping something behind his back.

Lily: Maybe this is a trap. Maybe they're really after Devon and that's why they're using Hilary to get to him. I mean, it's no secret how much money he inherited from Katherine.

Cane: If they wanted Devon, they would have got him.

Lily: Then maybe they hurt Hilary or something. I mean, it's been two months. God knows what they've done to keep her quiet. What -- what if Devon walks in there and she's been hurt or tortured or something?

Cane: All right, Devon is not gonna find her. He's not gonna -- she's not there.

Lily: How could you know that?

Christine: Why even have faith in the system when someone like Victor can buy off a judge and get what he wants?

Paul: Hello, sweetheart. You know, this is a fight you're not gonna win.

Christine: Against the judge or against Victor?

Paul: You have no proof of collusion.

Christine: Why would Victor even want Adam out on bail? So Adam can leave town and he never sees him again? Or maybe he doesn't want to have the stigma of having a son in prison. Either way, I need a plainclothes officer on Adam at all times.

Paul: [Sighs] I can't do that.

Christine: What? Why not? We both know what Adam is capable of, especially when he feels cornered.

Victor: Paragon is beating up on brash & sassy. They've hijacked all of our social media accounts. The public knows that we're selling off all of our assets, and they know that the sales are not going well. If we don't do something to control this -- you know, you should get out of here before I throw this computer at your head.

Victor: Sweetheart, Adam is here to help us fix the computer problem, all right?

Victoria: Really? Did you escort him in here? You gonna set him behind your desk and ask him to pull back on all of the destruction that he's caused?

Adam: Are we gonna do this, or should I grab a stale bagel from the -- from the break room?

Victoria: You know, you had some nerve showing up to Delia's ceremony. But this is completely ridiculous.

Victor: I vouched for Adam and put up his bail so that he could stop what he and Ian ward started.

Victoria: You can't possibly trust him to do anything to help us.

Adam: Actually, you know what? He does, and that's why I'm here. Listen, I can't get any work done with big sis standing over my shoulder giving me the stink eye death stare, so, I mean, can you choose which one of us stays and which one of us goes, please? It's burning a hole in the back of my head.

Chelsea: This has been an awful day.

Michael: Good to see you, too, Chelsea.

Chelsea: And I'm pretty sure whatever you're about to say is gonna make it even worse.

Michael: That is a distinct possibility, but... [Sighs] It is my duty to my client to inform you that I need you to testify at Adam's trial, or more accurately, Adam needs you.

Chloe: Hi. Is everything okay? Um, yeah, listen, um, I need to stick around here. Uh, do you think that you could keep her for a few more days? Great. Thanks.

Billy: Keep who?

Chloe: Who? Uh, oh! [Chuckles] Uh, my dog. Yeah. I got a dog. Yeah, a little bundle of fur. You know, it's really nice, you know. She doesn't talk back. She doesn't judge me. That's key.

Billy: Huh.

Chloe: What?

Billy: Well, I mean, I'm just surprised, after dash.

Chloe: Wasn't the poor dog's fault what happened to Delia, and it wasn't your fault, no matter how many times I said it. It was Adam's fault. No one else's.

Billy: So, what's the dog's name?

Chloe: Hazelnut. I call her nut for short.

Billy: [Chuckles]

Chloe: Yeah, it's really nice to have a little bundle of fur. My shrink suggested it.

Billy: So you're still seeing someone, then?

Chloe: Oh, yeah. Yeah, this is me getting well. I'm doing great, don't you think?

Billy: Yeah, I mean, only one felony since you've been back in town. That's pretty good for you.

Chloe: Ah, one that you know of. And don't act like you're not jealous of what I did. You know that you would have packed heat if you knew that Adam was gonna show up.

Billy: Bring a gun? No. I've been there. But I'll admit that I got a little bit of a thrill watching you quick-draw on the maggot. But trust me, plugging the guy, it would have cost you too much. And you've lost enough already.

Chloe: Well, there is a solution, you know. We could team up. The Delia justice team. We could figure out a way to kill Adam and not get caught.

Neil: He's gonna be here any minute. No one can know that you covered for me.

Gwen: No, Devon's not coming.

Neil: What?

Gwen: Listen to me. I heard lily and Cane talking about Devon and Dylan going to the address that the fake kidnapper gave them. So I raced back here because I was afraid that they would find you. But they would have been here by now, and we know that the kidnapper was lying about having Hilary. So I'm convinced that -- that they don't know about us at all.

Neil: A bluff?

Gwen: We're safe now.

Neil: It's not "we." It's me, okay? It's me. It's my fault. It's my crime. This thing can't go on forever.

Gwen: It can't for your sake and for Hilary's. She's not getting better, Neil. We need to get her help.

Devon: Nobody's here! Nobody's been here!

Dylan: You calling the kidnapper?

Devon: The line is disconnected. The guy has my money! What else does he want from me?! How am I supposed to get Hilary back now?!

Dylan: Look, we can't wait anymore. It's time to bring in the police.

Billy: I've been there, Chloe. I have. I mean, I can totally get on board with the idea, that heat-of-the-moment rage where you just can't control your actions. But premeditated cold-blooded murder, I-I can't go anywhere near it, and I won't let you do it, either.

Chloe: [Laughs] Would you lighten up? I-I was making a joke, okay? Yeah, I was kidding.

Billy: Yeah, I mean, that's -- that's -- that's a good one. Murder's always good, solid comedic material, especially after you showed up to a tree-planting ceremony wielding a gun.

Chloe: It was a heat-of-the-moment thing, Billy, just like you said. Now the moment's gone and Adam still exists.

Billy: Look, if you need me for anything, kid, I'm here, especially with the trial coming up, so...

Chloe: I'm not gonna stick around for the trial.

Billy: You're not? I mean, that's not such a bad idea, but come on, Chloe. You got to be there for the sentencing when they slap the cuffs on him and you get to see that look in his eye when he knows it's all over.

Chloe: Watch it, tiger. Now you have the crazy eyes.

Billy: I don't know. Maybe -- maybe I just need it, Chloe. I need to hear the jury foreman declare Victor Adam Newman Jr. Guilty and watch the bailiff lead him off in cuffs, and maybe, I don't know, maybe then I can sleep through the night again.

Chloe: Yeah, I'm -- I'm good.

Billy: You're what?

Chloe: Okay, I'm not good, but I got what I wanted. I came here and I pointed a gun at this chest, and I watched his eyes and I watched how he was fearing for his life, and I told him to his face what a piece of garbage he is.

Billy: Yeah, but didn't you just ask somebody to watch your dog for the next few days? If you're not gonna be at the sentencing, you're not gonna be at the trial, where you gonna be?

Chloe: I have other things that I need to do, Billy. I have a life. I have other friends that I need to see.

Chelsea: If you think I'm going to help you by being on the stand, then sure, I'll be glad to tell the jury that Adam is a liar and that he's obsessed with destroying his father and that he betrays anybody that cares about him.

Michael: You know, I'm not looking for a glowing endorsement of his character. The facts, Chelsea. You can testify to the facts.

Chelsea: I just listed the facts.

Michael: Uh, well, I was thinking more along the lines of his state of mind at the time of the accident, his emotional upheaval upon learning that Connor might be blind.

Chelsea: So you want to exploit my son's medical condition to gain support for Adam?

Michael: The facts, Chelsea. The facts.

Chelsea: I can't, Michael. I'm sorry. I'm taking Connor and we're moving far, very, very far away. I won't even be here when the trial starts.

Michael: He's Connor's father.

Chelsea: Yes. And one day he will learn what his father did. He will learn that people are held accountable for their crimes, including Adam.

Victor: This is not a contest. I'm not choosing one child over the other. You get back and work on this, okay? This is what I brought you here for -- to save Newman enterprises.

Victoria: Okay, great. So I have to just deal with it, then? Please, Adam, sit down. Sit behind the desk. Take the computer, the chair. It's all yours. But while you're here, try not to kill any children.

Victor: Victoria, please.

Victoria: Dad, he's gonna sit behind that desk and he's gonna gloat. He's gonna watch that virus infect Newman enterprises even more.

Adam: Even more? How could it get any worse? I can't imagine. Well, actually, I-I guess I could disclose all your correspondence, both business and personal.

Victoria: I can't believe you brought him in here. I really just -- I can't believe it. No good is gonna come from this.

Adam: She never liked me. I feel like she liked me better when I was Gabe, though. What do you think?

Victor: Will you just kindly sit down?

Adam: Yeah. Though the problem -- still, I'm curious, you know. I mean, she seems to be taking me being alive rather poorly. What did she wear to the funeral, just out of curiosity? Was it a red dress, maybe a flower behind the ear? Did she bring a cake?

Victor: You don't know when to stop, do you? You're a callous jackass. You know who she is? She was Delia's stepmother! You gonna continue making jokes?

Adam: No, I-I-I'm sincere. I want to know how my funeral went.

Victor: Fix the damn problem!

Adam: How was it? Did you show up? Did you make an appearance?

Victor: Reluctantly! It was a very quiet funeral.

Adam: I see. Low key, right? What was the turnout?

Victor: Oh, huge! Jack Abbott, Chelsea, and myself. All of three people were at your funeral. Now get to work.

Adam: Yeah, I heard you!

Victor: Get to work!

Cane: I don't know where Hilary is, and I don't know how to find her.

Lily: You just said she's not at that location.

Cane: That's because none of this makes any sense. We have a kidnapper who's waited what? Two months to get in contact with us? And when he does, he asks a billionaire for $1 million.

Lily: That doesn't mean she's not there.

Cane: Lily, if she was there, Devon and Dylan would have called us by now.

Lily: So then what? We're never gonna find Hilary? Is that what you're saying?

Cane: I don't know. I don't know.

Lily: Why are you being so negative?

Cane: 'Cause I am tired of this. I'm tired. You and I, we don't spend any time together anymore, and the kids miss us. Sweetheart, when is this going to stop?

Lily: It's gonna stop when Hilary is found. She's being held somewhere injured right now used as a bargaining chip. I mean, what do you want us to do? Just hold hands and drink champagne while she's in danger? Is that what you want?

Neil: I'm not a doctor. I don't know how I could expect her to recover. I mean, it's way too risky and careless here.

Gwen: Well, if I had known what other medications to take from the hospital, I could have helped more.

Neil: No. No, no, no. That's way too risky, especially considering the police put tracking devices on everything.

Gwen: If I can figure out what supplies are tagged and then avoid them...

Neil: No. No. No. That's not gonna happen.

Gwen: We can't just leave her in limbo, Neil.

Neil: Maybe we should tell Devon.

Gwen: There has to be another solution.

Neil: You know, I look at you. I don't know how this happened. Why you stand by me, why I let myself lean on you when I should really be telling you to go.

Gwen: Tried that. Didn't work. And now we're here together with a second chance. A second chance!

Adam: You actually had me fooled. For a second there, I thought -- I thought you might have given a damn about somebody trying to kill me earlier, but per usual, it's just about Newman enterprises, right? "Must save the damn company."

Victor: Let me ask you something. You had a very loving mother. She was a sweet lady. You had a nice stepfather. You grew up in a secure environment on a farm in Kansas. When you came from Harvard business school, came here for the first time back into my life as an adult, I was proud of you. I offered you all the opportunities in the world. Never good enough, was it? Why, Adam?

Adam: You paint your own picture.

[Knock on door]

Victor: Uh, I'm sorry, Michael.

Adam: No, no, no, no. What, uh, what did Chelsea say? Did she agree to testify?

Victor: Why would you want Chelsea, a woman who hates you, testify on your behalf?

Adam: Michael, what'd she say?

Michael: The answer was no. It was emphatic and impassioned. She even pointed out that she would be gone by the time your trial started. And, uh... since I saw the plane ticket, I can confirm that Chelsea and Connor will be on a new York flight first thing in the morning. Adam, she's done with Genoa city and apparently everything that entails.

[Knock on door]

Chelsea: Chloe. Um, come in. You okay?

Chloe: Well, I'm not armed, if that's what you mean. Here. I came by to give you this.

Chelsea: Key?

Chloe: Yeah, it's a key to this place. I've had it since, you know, we used to work out of here. And I don't think I'll be using it ever again, so...

Chelsea: Oh, um, well, neither will I. I can't be here anymore. Connor and I need a fresh start.

Chloe: Right. Right. Moving again. Yeah, I've heard that before.

Chelsea: For real this time. I need a, uh, new beginning, away from the nightmare.

Chloe: Nightmare. Hmm. I guess you mean Adam, the man that killed my little girl. Yeah, see, the thing is, it's funny, I heard that not only did you protect the nightmare, but you also just hopped right in bed with it.

Victor: Chelsea has made it more than clear that she wants to leave town. Why are you surprised by that?

Adam: Find a way to stop her, okay? Stop her or slow her down, something.

Michael: What am I supposed to do? Sit in front of her door? Cause a disturbance on the plane? What?

Adam: No, of course not. Just, uh... subpoena. Subpoena her. Force her to testify.

Michael: A hostile witness? Is that what you want?

Adam: What I want is her here.

Victor: When I sued to make sure that Chelsea stayed in town so that I could see visit my grandson, you took issue with that.

Adam: Yeah, I did take issue with that. It was totally different. You had no right to interfere. This is my wife and my son we're talking about. And I'm gonna fight for my family.

Cane: I wish for everybody's sake this didn't happen, but this is taking over our lives and our family.

Lily: The kids are not suffering.

Cane: You don't think they hear the tension in your voice every single time the phone rings or see the fear in your eyes? You don't think they see that?

Lily: That is not true.

Cane: Really?

[Cell phone rings]

Lily: That could be Devon. Did you find her? I'm really sorry. We're gonna find her, okay? I don't know how much more he can take.

Cane: Hey. Come here. Let's go home, all right? It's been a long night. Let's go home and get some rest. Come on.

Lily: No, you go ahead.

Cane: Alone?

Lily: Devon is gonna need me when he gets back here.

Paul: Chris, I don't have the manpower to put a tail on Adam Newman 24/7. All my extra bodies are on the Hilary Hamilton case.

Christine: Oh, so if a child killer just jumps bail --

Paul: You know that's not fair. The last thing I want is for a hit-and-run driver to go free.

Christine: Too many have gotten away with it too many times before.

Paul: Adam won't. He's ready to face the consequences.

Christine: Because he's pled not guilty? Oh, 'cause he's so contrite? God, he changed his whole face so he wouldn't have to be brought to justice. That does not sound like someone who understands guilt or remorse, so if you can't put an officer on him, I will make sure Adam doesn't slip away again!

Paul: You know, this is...

[Knock on door]

Paul: What now? Do I even want to know what you vigilantes have been up to?

Dylan: [Sighs]

[Door closes]

Billy: I like that one, too. Shows her, uh, her spark and her spunk.

Victoria: Delia was such a firecracker.

Billy: Hmm. And her mom's a lighted stick of dynamite.

Victoria: Did you see Chloe again?

Billy: Yeah, I did. She's -- she's doing okay. She made a few jokes about wanting to murder Adam, but I don't think her heart's in it. She wants to get out of town. She didn't want to stick around for the trial.

Victoria: Well, maybe it's safer for her that way.

Billy: Maybe, but she wouldn't need to testify. I'm sure my testimony will be enough.

Victoria: Are you sure you want to get up there?

Billy: Absolutely. Yeah, I want to take the stand, I want to look Adam in the eye, and I want to announce to the world how he hurt my daughter, my family, and everybody else who loves Delia. I want to rip the guy to pieces, and I want to grind those pieces into the dirt where they belong.

Chloe: You knew it was Adam.

Chelsea: Chloe, if you let me --

Chloe: He was in your bed. Not that playboy Gabriel McButtons or whatever his name was. You knew that it was Adam. And sure, you could have turned him in to the cops, but no, you know, he just did this thing with his hands. It just felt so good.

Chelsea: No, no, Chloe, it wasn't like that. I had Connor to think about.

Chloe: Do not hide behind that child. I swear that my head will pop off and it will fly around in this room. You did not have sex with him for the sake of that child. You looked deep into his eyes and you said whatever disgusting things that I don't even want to think about, all while knowing that my daughter was dead because of him. You were literally spitting on my child's grave. You understand that, right?

Chelsea: I don't know what I was thinking. Yes, I kept the secret, but I convinced myself I had to for -- for Connor's sake, for Billy's sake, for everyone's sake so people could move on.

Chloe: Shut up. You -- you were not doing anyone any favors. You understand that? The only person that mattered was Adam! The only person that you ever cared about was Adam! You are morally whoring yourself out for Adam!

Chelsea: Everything you're saying -- you're right. All I know is, Chloe, I just -- I desperately wanted my husband to be alive, and then suddenly... he was. But you're right. He didn't change. I thought he could, but he didn't. Adam is who he always was and always will be.

Chloe: The man that you're basically a lying idiot for.

Chelsea: Not anymore. I even told Michael. I won't testify on his behalf.

[Knock on door]

Chelsea: [Sighs] It's probably him again. Not now, Michael!

Chloe: I don't know. I mean, you've forgiven Adam over and over again. This time it's gonna be the same.

Chelsea: No, it's not gonna be the same. It's gonna be different this time because I don't want Connor growing up with a fool as a mother, so -- what -- who -- [Sighs]

Dylan: When we got to the shack, it was empty, and we came right here. And now you know the whole story.

Paul: Oh, now I know! Now! Great! Thanks! Thanks for the update!

Christine: There is protocol for ransom and kidnapping. And since Paul can't speak right now, what the hell were you thinking?

Devon: The kidnapper said no cops, all right? My wife is in danger. She's been at the mercy of some freak for the past two months. I wasn't gonna risk anything happening to her.

Dylan: It's not all on Devon. I went along with everything.

Paul: [Sighs] Do you even think I care who's to blame? You both screwed up. You interfered in a police investigation by not coming to me! And what did you get for it? No contact, no money, no Hilary, no proof that she's even unharmed! You got nothing! Nada! Nil!

Christine: Yeah, and now neither do the police or the D.A.'S office.

Dylan: The ransom was in sequential bills. If the kidnapper uses any, maybe we can track it.

Paul: Okay. Fine. Give me the serial numbers on the bills. And maybe, just maybe, the guy will make a mistake. But that is a very big maybe.

Victor: The deal was that I post Adam's bail and he fix the paragon virus. He was released into my supervision. Now he runs out of here.

Michael: What? You're looking at me like I could have stopped him.

Victor: I want him back behind that desk! I want him to fix the damn problem that's bringing down my company!

Michael: You're his father. You want him to do the right thing for once.

Victor: You're damn right.

Michael: I know you. I know what kind of friend you are, and I know what kind of father. Having a son like Adam, it's not an easy thing for you.

Victor: It's a pain in the ass.

Michael: But still he's here alive with a chance to do the right thing, a chance you gave him. That must feel like a miracle.

Chloe: Oh, you really washed your hands of that disgusting slime. Good job on not being an idiot anymore. I mean, what am I talking about? I chose you as a best friend. I guess that makes me the idiot.

Adam: Chloe, obviously Chelsea didn't know that I was gonna come over here, okay? I let myself in. It's my key.

Chelsea: Give me that. You have no right.

Chloe: You know, you should think about changing the locks.

Adam: Chloe, I didn't know you'd be here, okay? Just like I didn't know you'd be in the park earlier.

Chloe: Well, I knew that you would be there. That's why I brought extra ammunition.

Adam: I understand you wanted me dead.

Chloe: Everyone understands that I want you to dead! Don't you understand that?! I mean, you killed my baby girl! And then -- and then you let me give part of her to you? You let me donate her corneas so your child could see! You are disgusting, you are evil, you are selfish, and you are cruel. And you love him.

Chelsea: Just go, please.

Chloe: You know what? Do me a favor and rot in hell. And, you? I don't --

Chelsea: Chloe, just wait one second! Please!

[Door closes]

Chelsea: What are you doing? You can't just be letting yourself in here.

[Key clatters]

Adam: Came to give you that. I intercepted the process server before he got to your door. Open it up.

Chelsea: Don't tell me. A subpoena?

Billy: Adam is just walking around free. This town should be crawling with reporters screaming questions in his face every time he shows himself. You know what? Or better yet, a roving band of vigilantes. Where is one of those when you need them? I just...I want to see the guy in pain.

Victoria: Billy, listen to yourself. I can hear it in your voice. This morning you told me that you were sorry that you shut me out after Dee Dee died. You were so angry back then. You had no room for anything else, and you're starting to sound that way again.

Billy: See, the difference is, this time I don't feel helpless. I have the answers. Adam did this to Delia. He did this to us. And now he gets to be held accountable.

Victoria: By the courts.

Billy: And by the public, the media, me.

Victoria: You see? There you go. You're doing it again.

Billy: Except this time, I don't plan to shoot him. I just plan to watch him suffer.

Victoria: You know what? It's never gonna be enough. Just will never be. There's another way to handle this.

Billy: And what's that?

Victoria: Forgiveness.

Billy: [Scoffs]

Paul: Okay, fine. Keep me posted. No hit on the serial numbers from the bills used in the ransom yet.

Christine: Okay, well, if the kidnapper was smart enough to hide Hilary for two months, he may have figured out the bills were sequential.

Paul: Yeah, may have. I got a billion "may haves" in my head, but, you know, as ticked off as I am about Dylan and Devon handling this whole situation on their own, it is impressive that Dylan had the foresight to plan the bills.

Christine: A bit proud?

Paul: Well... he's thinking like a cop.

Cane: You went to the police after the kidnapper said no cops?

Lily: Yeah, and he also gave a pointless location to find Hilary, so clearly he's not above bluffing.

Cane: Well, now they know everything, so if the kidnapper tries to contact us again...

Devon: What exactly are we supposed to do?

Cane: You're supposed to not put Hilary's life in danger! That's what you're meant to do!

Lily: Cane, stop it! He didn't mean that.

Dylan: Look, we hit a wall, okay? Now it's time to bring the GCPD in to do what we can't. Maybe they can salvage a DNA test on the ransom note. Does that meet your approval?

[Cell phone rings]

Devon: Hey, Neil.

Neil: Any news?

Devon: The only news is that they have my money and now they have my wife, and we don't have anything.

Neil: Okay. What's the next move?

Devon: I just need to see Hilary and know she's okay, dad.

Gwen: So any fallout with that mess on the stolen medication?

Emma: Oh, huge crackdown. Like zero tolerance. Some people think it was just an excuse for the administrators to fire dr. Neville.

Gwen: I remember you talking about him. You said he was kind of a nut, huh?

Emma: Yeah, he's always been kind of a maverick. Um, they fired him because he had several conduct violations.

Gwen: Like what?

Emma: Well, that's the thing. No one really knows. It could have been bad prescriptions or harassment or something. It was all very hush-hush.

Gwen: But you said he was a good doctor, right?

Emma: Yeah. Yeah, dr. Neville's brilliant. Like miracle-worker brilliant. People always cut him slack because that's how good he is. But it caught up to him, and now he's out of a job, so... sucks to be him.

Chelsea: Don't you see it? You're just like your father. Using the law to force me to stay in town? Don't you know what I will say if I get on that stand, Adam? I will tell them that you lied to me every second of every day about that car accident. I will tell them that you lied and told me your name was Gabriel Bingham. I'll tell them that you do whatever you want and you hurt whoever you need to, to get ahead.

Adam: The subpoena was a last resort, okay? I couldn't let you walk out of here.

Chelsea: You don't get a vote! Don't you understand? I don't want you! I don't want to be with you. I don't even want to know you. I don't want Connor to ever see your face again. What more can I say?

Adam: Nothing, Chelsea. You can't say anything 'cause I know you still love me.

Lily: See? This is why I didn't want to go home. Devon needs me.

Dylan: Hey, man, just give them a little space.

Cane: That's my family.

Dylan: I know that. You just basically implied that Devon and I might have gotten Hilary killed by going to the cops.

Cane: Because we don't know yet what the fallout of your actions are, do we?

Dylan: No, we don't. But this is exactly what Devon doesn't need -- negativity. This kidnapper's playing games. The cops are our best shot at getting to Hilary, whether the person who sent the ransom note has her or not.

Cane: What does that mean?

Dylan: It could be who has Devon's money doesn't even know where Hilary is. You know, someone preying on a man who misses his wife to make an easily $1 million. If that's the case, that person deserves a cell right next to whoever has Hilary.

Neil: My son is dying inside a little bit more every day. I mean, I wanted him to hurt. I wanted him to hurt bad. But not like this. I mean, this is -- this is agony. This is torture. [Sighs] I don't know. I don't know how to make this stop. It's got to stop right now. Today.

Gwen: We can help her, Neil. I know the name of a doctor who can help her.

Victor: How I feel about Adam shouldn't really concern you, Michael. Just do your job in court.

Michael: Adam left a taped confession. He made public statements of responsibility. He did admittedly cause Cordelia Abbott's death, so as I see it, my only real job in court will be mopping up.

Victor: So he'll be convicted and sentenced?

Michael: As you said, emotions are not my concern. But I know what I know. You don't want Adam in prison. Deep down, you are hoping against hope that your son walks free.

Victor: [Sighs]

Billy: Forgiveness? From me to Adam for running down my child?

Victoria: Okay, listen, I know that it sounds completely impossible.

Billy: That's because it is.

Victoria: I'm not saying give him a free pass, and I'm not saying that what Adam did is okay.

Billy: I'm trying not to freak out here, but this -- this isn't helping.

Victoria: Billy, listen to me. The forgiveness is for your soul. It's for your heart. It's for your own happiness. So that you can let it go.

Billy: Let me just say this, okay, Victoria. I am never going to forgive Adam. I'm never gonna let it go.

Chloe: I know. This tree is a little Charlie brownish. I think you'd like that. [Sighs] Bunny, it's okay. You don't need to worry. Mommy's here. And she's gonna make everything right.

Chelsea: You don't get to tell me how I feel about you or anything else ever again.

Adam: You said you were done with me.

Chelsea: Because I am done with you.

Adam: And I believed you at the time.

Chelsea: Well, you should believe me now.

Adam: Then you stood between me and Chloe's gun.

Chelsea: That wasn't for you. I told you. That was because Chloe doesn't deserve to go to prison because you're a selfish bastard.

Adam: Chloe was out of her mind with a gun in her hand, and you risked everything.

Chelsea: Not for you.

Adam: For us. Sweetheart, for us, because you know we're not done.

Chelsea: What is wrong with you?

Adam: What is wrong with me is the idea that I never get to spend any time with you ever again! It makes it hard for me to breathe! The fact that I'm not gonna be able to touch you, to hold you, to comfort you when you hurt!

Chelsea: Stop talking, please.

Adam: I need you in that courtroom. When the verdict comes in, when I accept my punishment, when I get sentenced, I need you there to see that I'm willing to do whatever it takes to make amends for everything that I've done, not just for Billy and Chloe, but for you and Connor. I want to show you that I can be the man that you deserve, the man that I promised you that I would be. Because one day... one day you're gonna forgive me. I know in my heart. And when you do, we're gonna get our second chance. And if I'm wrong about that, baby, if I am wrong about that, then you should have just let Chloe shoot me in the park, because if we don't have hope... well, then I'm dead already.

Chelsea: [Sighs]

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Nick: I want to take you home, to our home.

Sage: I can't do that, Nick.

Jack: You think you can out-Victor Victor.

Ashley: I know I can, even if you don't.

Dr. Neville: That woman's been all over the news. Whatever the hell is going on here, I think I need to call the police.

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