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Episode # 10771 ~ Chelsea deals with heartbreak, while Michael & Lauren's reconciliation hits a road block.

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Nick: Hey. How are you feeling?

Sage: What time is it?

Nick: It's morning.

Sage: Is the baby okay?

Nick: He's fine. And he is beautiful

[Door opens]

Jack: Thank you.

Adam: If you came here to tell me you hope I rot in prison, you're gonna have to stand in line.

Jack: Heard you had quite a night.

Adam: Yeah, I managed to squeeze in a baby, delivering a baby between having your brother kiss my ass and getting arrested.

Jack: You had to know eventually, your identity was going to be discovered.

Adam: Right now I'm just concerned about Sage and the baby. Have you heard anything?

Jack: I spoke to Abby. Mother and child are both hanging in there.

Adam: Good. That's a relief. The last time I saw him, he wasn't doing so hot.

Jack: Well, he's in a neonatal unit. He'll probably be there for a while.

Adam: No, no, that's doubtful. He's a Newman. It won't be long until my father has him riding horses and running board meetings like the rest of the prize Newman heirs.

Jack: All the heirs except you. That's why you did this, isn't it? Why you teamed up with Ian to make sure that Victor pays.

Adam: Paragon wasn't supposed to hurt anybody, but Victor certainly hurt you, Jack. You've always stood by my side, and you have always been the person who understood me the best.

Jack: More than Chelsea.

Adam: She's not speaking to me, actually.

Jack: I'm sorry to hear that.

Adam: I've really done it, you know. I've managed to hurt every single person who ever gave a damn about me.

[Door closes]

Paul: So, looks like this is a, uh, open-and-shut case for you.

Christine: Once the jury sees Adam's videotaped confession, I doubt he'll get much sympathy from them.

Paul: [Sighs] I don't think he wants any. I mean, he's not doing anything to defend himself against the charges. He's not even asking for his one phone call.

Lauren: Oh. What a coward. Hiding out for nearly two years after he killed Delia.

Michael: Hmm.

Lauren: How was Kevin when you talked to him?

Michael: Huh? Uh, furious. As much with himself as with Adam.

Lauren: Why himself?

Michael: For not seeing through "Gabe's" lies.

Lauren: Well, none of us did. I mean, now Adam's finally gonna get what's coming to him.

Michael: He can't be serious!

Lauren: What?

Michael: It says here that Adam is [Chuckles] -- Adam is planning to defend himself.

Lauren: So what?

Michael: Christine will rip him apart.

Lauren: Good.

Michael: No, everybody deserves proper representation in court. Everybody, including Adam Newman.

Lauren: Don't even tell me you're thinking about representing him.

Billy: Thank you again for letting me stay last night. And you were right. I needed reminding of what's important.

Victoria: Yeah. It feels good having our family together like this.

Billy: Yeah, it does. Just feels like there's always gonna be somebody missing, you know?

Victoria: Yeah, I understand.

Billy: [Sighs] I don't know, Vick. I feel like I was finally learning to live without her, I mean, thinking happy thoughts. And then I found out that Adam's alive and it's like I'm starting all over again. I'm just -- I'm filled with rage.

Chelsea: Let me have it. Tell me what an awful, terrible person I am for not coming forward about Adam.

Abby: I'm not here to judge.

Chelsea: I wouldn't blame you.

Abby: I got sucked in by "Gabe," too. I let the flattery go to my head. I thought that I was actually qualified to be COO.

Chelsea: Just because you misjudged Adam doesn't mean you're not qualified.

Abby: [Chuckles] No, I thought my brilliant marketing plan was behind the jump in sales at Chelsea 2.0. No, Adam manufactured the numbers and my success.

Chelsea: [Sighs] I'm -- I'm sorry that Adam has caused so much trouble for you.

Abby: Me? I can only imagine the head games he played on you. And the important thing is, is that you spoke up. That took courage.

Chelsea: I'm not -- I'm not feeling very brave.

Abby: Billy knows the truth because of you, and we all know who's behind the computer virus that might destroy Newman Enterprises.

Chelsea: But I'm afraid it's a little too late to stop it.

[Door opens]

Victor: So you've heard of the news?

Kevin: I want to kill your son.

Victor: Stand in line.

Lauren: How could you even consider defending Adam?

Michael: I'm a lawyer. It's my job to defend people.

Lauren: He killed Delia.

Michael: I know.

Lauren: Are you forgetting how destroyed your brother was by her death? How about Chloe, who almost lost her mind from the grief?

Michael: I hate -- I hate what Adam did, not just running down Delia that night, but not coming forward, letting Chloe and Billy suffer with not knowing who killed their child. That was unconscionable. It was.

Lauren: And yet you're still willing to help him.

Michael: We don't know the whole story. We never heard Adam's half.

Lauren: What could he possibly say that would justify his actions?

Michael: Maybe nothing. But everybody deserves their day in court. And if it's a one-sided affair, Delia doesn't get the justice she deserves.

Lauren: My God. You're really thinking about doing this.

Michael: You know me. The least I have to do is offer Adam my legal services.

Lauren: [Sighs] Well, I really hope he turns you down.

Victor: I understand how you feel, Kevin.

Kevin: No, you don't. You don't understand what it was like watching Chloe go through months of agonizing grief, watching pieces of her disappear until there was nothing left but a shell of the woman I loved. Adam took Delia from me in an instant, and he took Chloe bit by bit. When he hit Delia and left her on the side of the road like the coward that he is, he took both of them from me, and Chloe... Chloe lost everything, so please don't tell me you understand how I feel.

Victor: Okay. Sorry.

Kevin: No, I'm sorry. I shouldn't talk to you like that.

Victor: No, that's all right. You have every right to be angry. The question is, what are you gonna do with that anger?

Kevin: As much as I would like to kill your son, I think I should focus that energy into a positive direction.

Victor: Stopping paragon?

Kevin: Mm-hmm. I used the information you got for me on ward's tech nerd.

Victor: And?

Kevin: [Sighs] I think he's right. I don't think it can be stopped.

Victor: What do you mean, it can't be stopped?

Kevin: Well, according to him, the original architect may have left a back door in there. If we can find that, retrace his steps...

Victor: [Sighs] The original architect.

Kevin: Adam.

Victor: [Sighs]

Chelsea: I had to stop making excuses for Adam. I can't get caught up in the fantasy of this life that we could have together.

Abby: What does life without Adam look like for you and Connor?

Chelsea: That is a very good question. I mean, it's not like I can just cut him out of my life entirely. I mean, he's Connor's father. He's got legal rights.

Abby: Which he will hopefully lose when he's convicted of killing Delia.

Chelsea: Yeah, I guess so. Uh, and then financially, I, um, I got a lot of money when Adam "died," but then a lot of that is gonna potentially get caught up in court proceedings, so I might lose this place, and... [Sighs] I don't know. I'm just feeling very, very trapped right now.

Abby: You know what? Um, I forgot. There's something that I have to do. Um, so I have to go. But, um, I'll talk to you soon?

Chelsea: Okay.

Abby: Okay.

Chelsea: Um, and thank you for stopping by.

Abby: Hang in there.

Victoria: Hey. Have you thought about what you want to do tomorrow?

Billy: Uh, I can't spend the day at the memorial. Not this year.

Victoria: Yeah. I understand.

Billy: It's just -- it doesn't feel like a loving tribute. Now I can only see it as the place that Adam took her from me, you know?

Victoria: Well, if the site makes you sad, then I don't think Delia would want you to be there. I have an idea. Why don't we go away, you and me and the kids? We'll just all go somewhere. I think Dee Dee would like the idea of us all being together. I do.

Billy: Yeah. I do, too. She'd love it.

Victoria: All right. Well, then we can leave today. Right now if you want.

Billy: Yeah, yeah, okay. Great. Let's do it.

Victoria: Yeah?

Billy: I'm all for it. Let's just let the authorities handle Adam.

Christine: If Adam is insisting on representing himself, let's just see what we can get out of him.

Michael: What are you hoping to get out of him?

Christine: Michael, what are you doing here?

Michael: I came to see Adam.

Paul: What? Are you representing him?

Michael: I'd like to speak to him.

Adam: You don't have to worry about me. Jack, I'm ready. I'm ready to accept my punishment.

Jack: What about Chelsea and Connor? Have you given up on the idea of the three of you being a family?

Adam: You really think I deserve happily ever after?

Jack: If everybody got what they deserved, I'm not sure this would be a whole lot better world.

Adam: I'm tired, man. I am beat down. I'm tired of lying. I'm tired of hiding. I'm tired of running. I've been holding on to this guilt for two years, just running around pretending to be somebody that I'm not. It's over, and I got to tell you, it's the first time in a long time I feel I can... [Exhales deeply] Actually breathe.

Jack: I can only imagine. I hated keeping your secret even for that short time.

Adam: I'm sorry I put you in that position.

Jack: Hey, I made a choice.

Adam: No, I screwed things up for you, didn't I?

Jack: Right now, I'm concerned about how this is gonna affect my little brother.

Adam: I'm sure thinking that I was dead made it easier for him to handle Delia's death.

Jack: Especially since no one was around to refute Billy's version of what happened between the two of you in the car that night before it blew up.

Adam: The police are gonna want to question both of us, you know.

Jack: What are you gonna tell them, Adam?

[Door opens]

Michael: Thank you. Jack.

Jack: You called Michael?

Michael: Would you mind if I spoke with Adam privately?

Jack: If he wants to help you...

Adam: Appreciate you coming by, Jack. Thank you. Is that why you're here, counselor?

Michael: You need a lawyer. I happen to be available.

Adam: Well, I appreciate that, but, um, I really feel like I got this one.

Michael: Hmm. I know you're bright and very learned, but do you have a law degree I don't know about?

Adam: I don't need one. Just, you know, "guilty, your honor." Done.

Michael: It's not quite that simple.

Adam: Does your brother know you're here?

Michael: You want to make this right? You'll need an attorney.

Adam: And you want to be my lawyer?

Michael: Yes.

Adam: Okay, well, as my legal counsel, I'm gonna need something from you.

Michael: When you're done, Paul and Christine would like to question you.

Adam: I'll be ready.

Michael: I'll be there with you.

[Door closes]

Chelsea: Hello?

Adam: Chelsea, it's me. Please don't hang up. I'm being arraigned. I don't expect you to come down here. I don't expect to ever see you or Connor ever again. But I want to tell you something. I want to tell you that I'm sorry. Truly sorry for all the lies. I'm sorry for, u sorry for every rotten thing I ever did to you. And I'm sorry that I couldn't be the man that I promised you I would be. You and Connor deserve better. And that's why I want you t just pretend I really did die in that car crash that night and just move on with your life. Tell Connor I love him, and, uh... and I love you, too.

Victor: So you think I should talk to Adam?

Kevin: Yes. This is the survival of your company we're talking about.

Victor: Kevin, I'm paying you to get inside his head, figure it out.

Kevin: The inside of Adam's head is the last place I want to be unless I have a power drill, and I've already tried that.

Victor: Well, then try harder.

Kevin: There must be something you can leverage to get your son to give us what we need.

Victor: [Sighs] Yeah, there is.

Kevin: Well, whatever it is, please use it.

[Knock on door]

Victor: Come in.

Abby: Dad, hi. Do you have a second?

Victor: Hi, sweetheart. Yes.

Kevin: I'll just, um...

Victor: Kevin, you don't have to leave. What is it, my darling?

Abby: I know that you've made it very clear that you no longer respect my opinion as far as business is concerned, but I would like to run something by you.

Victor: Okay. Let me hear it.

Abby: The past few months have been very difficult for everyone, both personally and professionally, and now finding out that Adam is still alive has brought a lot of pain to everyone who loved Delia.

Kevin: Well, that's Adam's specialty -- pain.

Abby: But you can turn that negativity into a positive.

Victor: Oh, yeah? How?

Abby: Chelsea wants to be free to move on with her life. You can give her that freedom.

Victor: So what are you suggesting?

Abby: I think that you should give Chelsea back control of her design business. And thanks to paragon, it's a liability to Newman anyway. And let's be honest -- the only al reason that you wanted the company in the first place is so that you could have re visitation with Connor. But forcing Chelsea into this arrangement has just built a wall between you and her.

Victor: But that's not my doing, sweetheart.

Abby: Dad, you owe this to Chelsea. If she hadn't revealed the truth about Adam, we still wouldn't know who's trying to destroy Newman enterprises. She didn't want you or your company to suffer anymore, so please don't make her suffer. Give her the independence that she needs. Make Adam pay for what he did, but let Chelsea go.

Sage: Have you been watching him all night? Our son?

Nick: Yeah, yeah. I was with him the entire night in the neonatal unit. Except when I was here checking on you.

Sage: I should have told you. I should have you that Gabe is Adam. Can you ever forgive me?

Nick: Listen, no. Let's not talk about that right now.

Sage: I didn't want to lose you, Nick. I didn't want to lose our family. That's why I kept Adam's secret. But you're furious with me, and our baby's fighting for its life, and any minute now, the cops are gonna come in here and arrest me for helping Adam become Gabe, and then everything --

Nick: Sage, please. Don't do this. You getting upset is not good for you.

Sage: I need you to understand why.

Nick: Okay, I don't want you to think about Adam or the police or anything right now. You just need to focus on getting better. Sage, our little boy needs you.

Sage: You said that he's beautiful, but you haven't said if he's going to make it.

Michael: My client has agreed to speak with you even though I've advised him against it.

Christine: Noted. We have most of the facts we need from Adam's videotaped confession from Chelsea. I just want to confirm a few things.

Michael: Adam was under extreme emotional duress when he made that recording --

Adam: I did it. I was driving the car that killed Delia Abbott. I killed her.

Michael: Can we speak privately for a moment?

Adam: I was, um... I was driving home from the hospital that night. Chelsea and I had just got devastating news about Connor and his eyesight. I was distracted. I didn't see her. Uh, I hit her with the car. I didn't -- I didn't even know what happened until I got home. Chelsea told me [Sniffs] What happened, and when I realized I was the one that struck her...

Christine: Why didn't you come forward?

Adam: Chloe offered to donate Delia's corneas to Connor. And I was afraid if they found out that I was the one that killed their daughter, they would... change their mind.

Christine: So why didn't you come forward after Connor's surgery?

Adam: I got caught up in self-preservation, and I didn't do what I knew was the right thing to do, which is what I'm doing now. I'm not just doing it for Delia and her parents. I'm doing it for Connor and for my wife. They all deserve better. And now I deserve whatever it is that I have coming to me.

Doctor: Your little boy's a fighter.

Sage: Is he going to be all right?

Doctor: We're doing everything we can to make sure he is.

Nick: I think we should let the doctor get back to work.

Doctor: I have some, uh, papers outside I need for you to sign.

Nick: Yeah, sure. Be right back. You didn't tell us everything in there, did you?

Doctor: I didn't want to upset your wife.

Nick: Okay, listen, I know Sage is weak. Um... but if there's a chance our son doesn't make it, then she needs to see him.

Doctor: I think that's a good idea, Nick.

Sage: That was quick.

Nick: Yeah.

Sage: The doctor wanted to talk about more than papers, didn't he?

Nick: You know what? I think -- I think it's time you meet your little boy.

Adam: That's everything. Delia's accident, my involvement in it, everything.

Paul: Well, that's not quite everything. We want to ask you about, uh, another incident that happened the night you "supposedly" died.

Michael: Is there any point in telling you that it is not in your best interest to comment on that, either?

Adam: What do you want to know?

Michael: Didn't think so.

Paul: Tell us what happened that night.

Adam: I'm sure you can get the story from Billy.

Paul: No. We want to hear your side of the story.

Adam: Billy came to my apartment. He had put all the pieces together, and he [Sniffs] -- He demanded that I go with him.

Paul: Where did he take you?

Adam: He took me to Delia's memorial, wanted me to see the spot where she died. Then he took me to her school, last place she was alive, happy. He wanted me to know how much I had hurt everyone who cared about her.

Paul: Then what happened?

Adam: And he was gonna turn me in to the police.

Paul: But he didn't do that.

Adam: We were on our way to the police station. Things got...pretty emotional, pretty heated in the car. And I... I lost control of the car, drove it off the road.

Christine: That's it? Nothing else to add?

Adam: I don't have anything else to add, no.

Paul: [Scoffs] E you sure?

Michael: What are you getting at, Paul?

Paul: Well, um, Adam forgot to tell us about this.

Billy: I thought we were only going away for a couple of days.

Victoria: Well, it's in door county. It's cool there. We need sweaters and jackets and boots, and we --

Billy: Lots of them, apparently.

Victoria: Oh, come on. Don't be such a party pooper. It's gonna be fun. Us, the kids, beautiful fall leaves. It's the perfect getaway.

Billy: No, you're absolutely right. It's -- it's just what I needed.

Paul: So, did you forget that Billy had this in the car?

Michael: Not a word.

Paul: This was found at the site of your car accident. And we know it belongs to Billy. We also know that he held you at gunpoint when he "asked" you to go for a ride with him. And we know it was discharged once.

Adam: He was upset, all right? And I think understandably so.

Christine: So he didn't just plan to drive you around and then turn you over to the police.

Adam: He did. He had the gun, okay? It made me nervous. I got nervous. I panicked. I went for the gun, and it discharged. That's what happened.

Michael: You said enough, Adam. You said enough.

Adam: The important thing is, Billy should not be held responsible or punished for anything that happened that night, okay?

Billy: Okay, I got the bikes, the trike, I got safety helmets, backpacks all loaded up.

Victoria: Okay, good. Let's hit the road.

[Cell phone rings]

Billy: Okay uh, hang on. Hello? Now? Uh, yeah, yeah, ay. I'll -- I'll be there soon.

Victoria: What's wrong?

Billy: The cops want to talk to me.

Victoria: About what?

Billy: The night I confronted Adam about Delia. [Sigh]

Victor: Well, you obviously feel very strongly about this.

Abby: Unloading Chelsea 2.0 is good business, and it'll give Chelsea a chance to make a life for her and Connor. Plus she'll be very grateful to you.

Victor: That could be beneficial on several levels.

Abby: So you'll do it?

Victor: Yes.

Abby: Yes, yes! Thank you! Thank you so much! You are gonna solve -- mwah! -- All of Chelsea's problems.

Kevin: Awesome. Yay for Chelsea. We still have to stop the paragon virus.

Victor: I think I may have a way to do that.

Kevin: Care to share?

Victor: I need to iron out a few things first. Bye, my sweetheart.

Abby: Bye. Mwah.

Kevin: He just walks away, leaves? Who does that?

Abby: Victor Newman.

Kevin: What is he up to?

Abby: I don't know. But I know that look, and I would not want to be the person in his sights.

Jack: Ash, I know you're still upset with me over the Lancelot shipping business, but I really need to talk to you. Call me, please.

Billy: Should have known you'd be here.

Jack: Billy, listen --

Billy: Save it, Jack. That your handiwork? Hiring Michael to represent Adam? I don't know why I'd be surprised.

Jack: Billy, let's not do this here.

Billy: Let's not do what? Talk about the fact that you've known for months that your good buddy Gabe is actually Adam Newman?

Victoria: Jack's right. Let's talk about this later.

Billy: I don't care who knows that you've been hiding Delia's killer in plain sight. You're no better than Victor, covering for that bastard.

Paul: Okay, Billy. In my office.

Billy: Aye, aye, captain.

Victoria: I'll wait for you here.

Christine: We'll need to speak with you later.

Jack: This is exactly why I kept Adam's secret.

Victoria: What are you talking about?

Jack: I was afraid if it came out that Adam was alive, the police would come after Billy for attempted murder.

Billy: I don't know why we're in here talking when you should be across the hall beating a confession out of that piece of crap that ran down my daughter.

Paul: We're dealing with Adam.

Christine: We need to clarify a few things about what happened the night he supposedly died.

Paul: When we, um, talked to you after the accident, you said that the gun must have fired when Adam's car went off the road, right? So tell me -- has your memory gotten any clearer since you made that statement?

Billy: Yeah, I guess it has.

Christine: Can you tell us what you remember now?

Billy: I was planning on bringing him here to the station. I was gonna turn him over to you guys. He wasn't having any of that, and we struggled over the gun. I guess it went off accidentally.

Paul: And was that your intention when you had the gun pointed at him? To bring him in?

Billy: No, I intended to kill him.

Abby: Burying yourself in work isn't gonna help.

Kevin: How do you know?

Abby: I tried it when colleen died, the whole naked heiress thing. It didn't make me feel any better.

Kevin: Well, the only thing that's gonna make me feel better is putting my fist through Adam's face, so this seems like a better alternative.

Abby: You could try talking to me.

Kevin: [Sighs] I should have known it was him.

Abby: His own father didn't know. Chelsea didn't know.

Kevin: Yeah, but I should have recognized it. That smug, arrogant way that he talked to me was so Adam. I should have sensed it.

Abby: He fooled all of us.

Kevin: I just feel like I let Delia down. Just like the night she died. If I hadn't taken Chloe on that date, Delia would have been with Chloe.

Abby: Stop.

Kevin: No, it's true.

Abby: Stop.

Kevin: It's true!

Abby: Don't do that to yourself.

Kevin: I wanted to be with Chloe, and because of that, I lost both of them.

Abby: No, because of Adam, not because of anything you did.

Jack: I just wanted to see how you were doing.

Chelsea: Surprised you care.

Jack: We were both pretty upset when we last spoke. I think we both said some things we didn't want to.

Chelsea: I don't regret telling Billy, but I am sorry. I should have warned you first.

Jack: It's done. We just have to deal with the fallout now.

Chelsea: Well, the police already arrested Adam.

Jack: Yeah, they were finished interrogating him when I left the police station. Billy was next.

Chelsea: Why were the police questioning Billy?

Jack: They want to know what happened the night that Adam died.

Chelsea: But Billy didn't kill Adam that night.

Jack: No. But you and I both know he wanted to.

Billy: I could have killed the guy. I had him down on his knees begging for his life.

Paul: But you didn't pull the trigger.

Billy: Clearly not. He's sitting across the hall.

Christine: Why not?

Billy: I guess I felt the best way to get justice for Delia was to turn him over to the authorities.

Christine: And do you feel that justice is being served now?

Billy: I don't know. But this is as close as we're gonna get, isn't it? Any more questions?

Paul: No, Billy, you're free to go. Oh, Billy. Don't leave town. We may have some more questions for you.

Sage: You're right. He's beautiful. He's so small. And all these machines...

Nick: They're helping him to get strong. Noah was a preemie just like this. He survived. Our son's gonna survive, too.

Sage: Our son. He needs a name. I was thinking I'd like to name him Christian.

Nick: My dad's birth name.

Sage: And your middle name. What do you think?

Nick: Yeah. Dad will be blown away to have his grandson named after him. Especially one who fought so hard to come into this world. He'll love knowing his namesake is so brave and courageous. He's a fighter. The name I was thinking of also means that. Andrew. What do you think of Andrew for his middle name?

Sage: I love it.

Nick: Welcome to the world, Christian Andrew Newman.

Sage: [Sobs]

Abby: Are you sure you're okay?

Kevin: Yeah. Adam would love for me to fall apart, which is why I'm gonna stay focused on stopping this virus before it corrupts every file in the Newman mainframe.

Abby: It wasn't enough that he took away my sweet, little niece, but now he's trying to ruin my entire family.

Kevin: He's not gonna win this time. I'm gonna make sure he chokes on this virus.

Abby: Do that. Put all of your energy into that, Kevin, and once you stop that virus, we will celebrate knowing that he is rotting away in a cell.

Kevin: Yeah, and he will finally, finally p for what he did to Delia.

Victoria: So did Paul say how long you have to stay in town for?

Billy: No, but we'll have to find another plan for tomorrow.

Victoria: Well, we could talk about it over dinner.

Billy: You want me to stay for dinner?

Victoria: I was kind of hoping that you'd stay tonight again. And again. And again.

Billy: Are you asking me to...

Victoria: I just think that we should -- we should be together. You should move back in.

Billy: I-I just -- I just wasn't expecting for you to...

Victoria: So, no?

Billy: What? Are you kidding me? Yes. Of course. Yes. I... I can't wait.

Victoria: [Sighs] Neither can I.

Billy: It's been two years. Adam is finally arrested. And we make our way back to each other.

Victoria: You know, I think Delia would be really happy knowing that tomorrow you're gonna wake up where you belong.

Billy: Home. Come here.

Jack: Oh, thank God. Billy's not being held on any charges.

Chelsea: Sounds like Adam did the right thing for once.

Jack: It seems to me he wants to make amends for all the pain he's caused.

Chelsea: He called me.

Jack: You spoke to him?

Chelsea: Uh, well, I-I listened. He said he wanted me to know that he was setting me free.

Jack: That had to be difficult to hear and maybe a little bit of a relief.

Chelsea: I don't think I'll ever be free of Adam, any more than he'll be free of his guilt over Delia.

[Door opens]

Victor: Hello, son.

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