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Episode # 10769 ~ Victor & Adam have the ultimate showdown; Nick & Sage's relationship cracks under pressure; Billy is pushed to the limit.

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Chelsea: I could be at the police station right now. I could be handing them a photo of Gabriel Bingham and telling them to put an APB out on Adam Newman, vehicular manslaughter, covering it up, playing dead, being a son of a bitch. But I didn't.

Jack: No, you went straight to Billy, near the anniversary of Delia's death, when he's raw and angry, and hatred is right at the surface.

Phyllis: Anything could happen right now. Billy could destroy Adam with his own hands. Is that why you told him, Chelsea?

Adam: Uh, I feel like that right cross should be on our family crest. Guess I should've just stayed dead, huh?

Victor: You're damn right you should have. Do you think it does any good for you to show up here?

Adam: Let me tell you something. As long as I have breath in my lungs, I won't abandon my son.

Victor: What's that gonna do to your son if you go to prison? You will go to prison for what you have done. You know that?! You're gonna mess up your son's life as you've messed up so many lives around here!

Adam: What you trying to say? You want me dead? You're gonna kill me now? You're gonna do it?

Victor: I don't have to touch you. Someone else will have the pleasure of doing that.

Billy: Get up.

Adam: You know something, Dad? [Chuckles] If I ever needed a reminder of how sick and twisted you really are, allowing Billy here to murder your own son -- that says plenty.

Billy: Well, who would blame me, huh? You're worried about abandoning your son. What about the little girl that you took from me? No one would blame me.

Adam: I suppose you're right. I mean, who would blame you? No one up here would blame you, that's for certain. I certainly wouldn't. What do you want to do, hmm? You want to use your bare hands, put them around my throat, choke the life out of me, just toss me over the edge? Make it nice and clean. You want to go get a gun? You want to shoot me like you did last time? I'll stand here, and I'll wait for you to come back. I don't give a damn. I'm a ghost anyway. I have been since that night. So at least I wouldn't be in limbo anymore, right? I'd be where I belong -- in hell? So don't just stand there and talk about it, Billy. Say something. Do it. Make your move. Make your move! Let's go! Do it!

Nick: Has one thing you ever told me turned out to be the truth, Sage? I mean, is that even your name, 'cause I don't know.

Nikki: Sweetheart, you don't need to do this.

Victoria: No, no, no. He has a right to know. We all have a right to know. She allowed Adam to walk back into our lives.

Nick: That snake was living here the whole time, and you never said a word.

Sage: And now you want to know if the baby is his. Is that right? Well, here's your answer, nick. I switched the paternity results. You're not the father. This is all a trap, this baby. It's just a way for me to bind myself to you for life. Every word, every kiss, every moment that we had was a lie. Is that what you want me to say?

Victoria: You're playing head games? Is the baby nick's or not?

Nikki: Victoria, please stop. Let your brother handle this on his own.

Sage: You know damn well whose baby this belongs to, nick. Please don't do this.

Nick: What else am I supposed to think? You kept the secret that Adam's alive.

Sage: So what? What -- now I'm just a-a liar, then? I'm just an opportunist? That your father's right? Is that what you think? I just want to be a part of your family, of the Newman wealth? I just want to make my child in the Newman fold. Is that what you think of me? Well, you know what, babe? Doesn't matter anyway, does it? Because whether this baby's yours or Adam's, it's a Newman. So lucky me.

Phyllis: You think we've forgotten, Chelsea? How you came to town to ruin Billy's life? Then you were redeemed. Bad girl gone straight. And after all that redemption, you kicked Billy in the head by sleeping with Gabe -- or Adam. And now you're telling us that Adam's alive. So it's like you can't stop ruining Billy's life.

Chelsea: Billy deserves to know the truth. And Adam needs to pay for his -- his crimes.

Phyllis: Because of what he did to you, or because of what he did to Delia? I'd like to know, are you looking for Billy to get your revenge? Is that --

Chelsea: Delia is gone. What are you talking about?

Phyllis: But you didn't tell anybody about Adam. You waited until now. So I don't really think all of this has to do with Delia at all. You see, jack -- he kept quiet to protect his brother. But you -- you just threw your ex-fiancé under the bus so you could watch Adam go down.

Chelsea: Adam is a liar. He is broken and... and hurting and sad inside. He let me grieve for him. And then he -- he put cameras to watch me in my home. And then he -- he called himself Gabe, and he moved across the hall from me and -- and started talking about things like love at first sight. [Chuckles] And then I actually -- I actually almost had a-a future with -- with Billy, but then Adam ruined that, too. And then he swooped in and played the hero at my wedding when Billy was calling me a slut. You remember that?

Phyllis: Yeah, I do remember that. I was there. But then when you figured out who Gabe was, you sided with him. You slept with him. You flew off to France with him. You made your decision, Chelsea. But oops. You changed your mind. Now you want Adam to rot in hell, and you want Billy to rot in a cell for putting him there.

Chelsea: This had to end somewhere. Somebody was gonna tell the truth.

[Cell phone rings]

Jack: Oh, it's my security guy. Hey, what's up? Okay. Yeah. Well, they found Billy.

Adam: What are you waiting for? Use your hands. Get it over with.

Victor: He's goading you, Billy-boy.

Billy: You're goading me. Everybody wants me to kill him... including you. Why is that? What, do you -- do you think this is gonna give you absolution? Is that what this is? She's gone. And I can turn you into a bloody mess. But my Dee Dee is still dead. What, you -- you can't hear it, can you? Yeah, I-I couldn't say it for a while, either. It was always, uh, you know, "Delia's gone." "She's been taken from me." "She's an angel now." But it all means the same thing. My daughter is dead. And she deserves justice.

Adam: What is that, then, hmm? What is justice, Billy? Isn't justice better served with me in a grave, six feet under, face-down, buried?

Billy: Come on! Come on, Adam.

[Both grunting]

Sage: A blessed Newman baby. I assume that Victor still wants to get it a pony? This baby is yours.

Victoria: Well, good. Then I guess Sage won't mind taking another test.

Sage: Sure. Yeah, why don't you put it to a family vote, since you think this is your business?

Victoria: Adam took my stepdaughter and broke my husband's heart. This is my business.

Nikki: Victoria, this is between Sage and Nicholas. I wish you would stop this, because the stress is bad for the baby.

Sage: That's right. That's the only thing that's important now, right, Nikki? The baby. But you don't have to worry about that anymore, nick. I certainly don't want to make it your problem for the rest of your life. God forbid.

Phyllis: You lived with Adam under your roof and didn't tell anyone. And you know exactly who and what Adam is. And I'm not just talking about his name. I'm talking about that little black hole in his heart that keeps him constantly looking for revenge and destruction. Then you aided and abetted him. You know, maybe you're gonna be able to. Maybe you're gonna be able to compartmentalize with the very best of them. You know, months, years from now, you'll forget your role in how you helped a man mow down a little girl. But you don't need to worry about that, 'cause I'm gonna be here to remind you of it.

Chelsea: No, keep going. Keep going, Phyllis. This is really, really good, because I think you're forgetting your husband knew. Your husband knew before any one of us, Phyllis. Your husband knew first. So before you lay down the blame, you might want to make sure you're spreading it around to the right people.

Adam: [Grunts]

Jack: Hey! Hey!

Billy: Get up!

Jack: The hell is wrong with you?

Victor: It's a long time in coming, jack.

Jack: Billy, no, no, no, no, no, no. Listen. Wait. Wait, wait, wait, wait. I know. Billy, I know. You can't do this.

Billy: He walked away, jack. He just walked away, and that is not happening again!

Jack: How does this end? How does this end? You're gonna take his life?

Billy: I don't know. Why don't you stand aside like Victor and let's find out?

Jack: Victor's standing there with his hands in his pockets for a reason. He wants you to do his dirty work for him. He wants you in a cell and his son in a grave. Get out of here, now. Get out of here! What -- do you want him to kill you? Go!

Victor: You blew it again, jack.

Jack: I am keeping more blood off of your hands, you pathetic excuse for a father.

Victor: Billy-boy, use your brains if you have any left. Why do you think he is so adamant about stopping this fight? Do you think he might have something to compensate for?

Jack: Victor...

Victor: Ask him.

Billy: What's that, jack? Huh? What's he talking about?

Victor: Billy is still upstairs. Maybe you should leave. You know, he could come after you with a weapon.

Adam: Yeah, or, you know, I mean, you could just finish the job off yourself instead of standing there like a damn spectator.

Victor: Adam...

Adam: It's hard for you to say, right -- my name? Sort of sits there in your throat like a lump?

Victor: [Sighs]

Adam: You know, I -- I can't even imagine how disappointed you must be, knowing that you were, uh... you were dancing on my grave the whole time I was never even in it.

Victor: You resented me even at the very end because you knew I knew the secret about Delia. A lot of people were very upset because of the bargain you and I made. But you know, you wanted to protect your family, and that I respected. In that regard, you were just like me. I'd do anything to protect my family. But am I sad... that you and I never really bonded? Yeah. Leaves a deep hole in my heart. Rest in my peace, my boy.

Victor: You'll never understand. You never did understand, did you?

Chelsea: Jack let Adam back into our lives. Jack covered for Adam with you, with Victor, with his own brother.

Phyllis: What do you want, Chelsea? What do you want? Do you want this to be jack's fault, for protecting his brother? You protected Adam, the love of your life, which I think is a little sad that you let yourself love a man who mowed down a little girl.

Chelsea: Am I disgusting for keeping Adam's secret, or am I disgusting for exposing the truth to the world?

Phyllis: You did this for yourself, your own selfish reasons. You didn't think about anybody else.

Chelsea: Yes, actually, I did. I thought about Connor. And I thought about Billy. I made a mistake, okay? I could've -- [Sighs] I could've stopped Adam sooner, but so could've jack.

Phyllis: [Scoffs softly]

Chelsea: Jack and I both made the same horrible mistake. We both loved Adam too much to tell the truth.

Jack: Put this on your hand.

Billy: So, what's Victor talking about, jack? Huh? What are you -- what are you compensating for?

Jack: I knew Gabriel was Adam. He told me when he came to town, December, maybe.

Billy: You knew. That was -- that was almost a year ago, jack.

Jack: There was a reason I kept his identity hidden. I made a choice, Billy -- to keep you safe, to keep you with your family, with your kids.

Billy: Oh, you just keep telling yourself that, jack, if it makes you feel better. But the truth is, you loved him like a son. And you chose him over me.

Adam: You know what I did when I was away? Actually, I thought about when I was in prison. Thought about that, and I thought about when you came to visit me. And I thought for a minute, you know, that you came to visit me 'cause you missed me. Uh, and I'm wondering right now, why -- why did you even come? Why did you even bother? I was never a man in your eyes, was I, hmm? I can't win. It doesn't matter what I do. I save your life, it's not good enough, right? I build a company to run with you so that I can be with you, and it's not good enough. I confide in you. I tell you every single thing that happened with Delia, with that sweet, little girl. And what do you do? You use it against me so that you can get my son.

Victor: You could've stayed in Paris with Connor and Chelsea. You chose to come back. Why? To ruin me. To give it to the old man. To ruin everything he has built up.

Adam: [Sighs]

Victor: Did I miss you? I missed my son. Many times, I've thought about it. Many times, I thought about what I might've done wrong. Don't you sit there and just accuse me of being this bad father. You take responsibility. You want to be a man, you take responsibility for what you did.

Nikki: All right. I mean it. We're leaving. This is between the two of them. They need to talk alone.

Sage: Do we, nick? You don't want me to explain anything, 'cause it's not gonna change anything for you, is it? I'll have my things moved out of your house when you're gone. I'll get the divorce papers ready, and I'll make sure I tell your lawyers I don't want a damn thing.

Victoria: Whatever you need me to do, I'll do. I'll call Michael. I'll have somebody box up Sage's things. You can file for an annulment, citing fraud.

Nikki: Victoria, no more.

Victoria: Mom, they haven't been married that long.

Nikki: I know you're trying to be helpful, but please stop this.

Nick: I'm fine.

Nikki: No, you're not.

Nick: There's no point in talking about it, mom.

Nikki: You're right. Your face says it all. You're in love with a woman who has hurt you. But the hardest question is... are you gonna let her just go?

Nick: [Sighs]

Nikki: There is only one way to heal, and that is to forgive.

Nick: I have spent a lifetime forgiving Sharon and Phyllis and now Sage. You know, when I met Sage, I was done. No more women. No more drama. No -- no more "who hurt who." No more "it's your turn to forgive." I -- I should've just left it alone, because I'm tired. I'm so -- I'm tired.

Victoria: I'm sorry. I know that you need time. But, um, I can't find Billy. He took off after Chelsea told us about Adam. I'm really worried about him.

Nikki: Honey, you go find him, and whatever he has planned, talk him out of it, for his own sake.

Victoria: I hate leaving you.

Nick: No, it's -- it's all right, Vick. Go find Billy.

Victoria: Okay.

Nick: You think dad knows about Adam?

Nikki: I don't know. I'd like to be the one to break it to him, but I'm probably too late. I just can't believe that this has happened. [Sighs] I didn't think that Adam could give us any more pain, but I obviously underestimated him. There is always more. You said that you can't take it anymore. And I really worry if that's the same for your father.

Adam: Dad, you sued Chelsea for visitation to Connor. What the hell is that?

Victor: That was my desire to be able to see my grandson, your son.

Adam: No, no, no! That was you proving that you had all the power. That's what you do!

Victor: Oh, that's what this is about. That's what paragon is about, isn't it? You wanted to show your power with me. And you didn't set that virus in motion until I asked for visitation rights with Connor. Isn't that it?

Adam: I had every single move plotted out. I schemed for your countermoves. I had the whole thing figured out before I was even healed up.

Victor: And then you came to town with one intent -- to destroy your old man.

Adam: No, you're wrong about that. Paragon didn't have to happen. When you killed my chance at happiness to be with my family in Paris, that's when I pulled the trigger. You couldn't let go of Connor Newman, right? Well, now you've lost Connor. And soon, you're gonna lose Newman, because paragon is gonna take your entire company. It's gonna swallow it whole. It's gonna spit out the bones. And then you and I will finally have something in common, dad. We'll both be left with absolutely nothing.

Victor: You will not destroy my company. I won't let you. I will fight you to the death.

Chelsea: Adam didn't die.

Anita: What?

Chelsea: He's alive.

Anita: How? I mean, the -- the car accident. Uh, Chelsea, where -- where did you hear this?

Chelsea: Adam told me.

Anita: What?

Chelsea: Just let me -- let me finish, okay? The night of the car accident, a man died trying to help him, and his name was Gabriel Bingham.

Anita: Well, if he died, then who the hell is the -- the -- oh, my god.

Chelsea: Yeah.

Anita: That's Adam? That's Adam! Oh, my -- how long have you known?

Chelsea: Uh... long enough to [Chuckles] Think we could make things okay. [Chuckles, sniffles]

Anita: O-okay, for a man to run across a little girl and kill her, and then -- and never tell a soul? That's okay?

Chelsea: Mom, mom, it was an accident! Stop!

Anita: [Sighs] Your son is sleeping. And you -- you don't yell at me. [Sighs] Okay, look. I know it was an accident. Of course it was an accident. But there are some accidents you can get past, and then there are some you just can't.

Chelsea: Adam hates what he did. He hates how he handled it. Adam is a lot more than just one, big, terrible mistake.

Anita: Okay, okay. [Sighs] Now what? I mean, where is he?

Chelsea: I don't know. And I don't care. We're over. I worked so hard to finally forgive him. I believed him when he told me he had changed. He gave me hope, and he -- he made me trust. And... that is the lie I will never be able to forgive.

Jack: I knew what Adam being alive would mean to you. And yes, I lied to protect you. I was going to tell the police, but Adam threatened to tell them you left a bullet in him when your car went off the road.

Billy: Yeah, jack. I had a gun, and -- and it went off in the car. Maybe the bullet found its way into that piece of filth, but I would've taken care of the cops.

Jack: It would've looked premeditated.

Billy: Is this my big brother here to save my ass? I don't need your help. Adam should be in jail. He should've been there for the last year.

Jack: You'd be right there with him.

Billy: And that wasn't your call! Adam got in your head, and you did exactly what he wanted you to do.

Jack: I couldn't risk it, Billy. You went to such a dark place when Delia died. I couldn't let you go there again. B-Billy, look, I'm sorry.

Billy: Don't. Don't.

Phyllis: You found Billy?

Jack: My brother hates me.

Phyllis: He hates Adam.

Jack: You didn't hear him.

Phyllis: Billy feels betrayed. That's not the same thing as hating you.

Jack: But you understand, right? I did what I had to do to protect my brother.

Phyllis: You love your brother. But after listening to Chelsea... there were so many chances to stop this, jack. It didn't have to happen this way. Adam came to you. He confessed to you. But you protected him.

Jack: No, I protected my brother.

Phyllis: You didn't turn Adam in, so he was free to start this damn paragon project, which set off Victor. And he sent Kelly into your life and Marco into mine. He got Ian out of prison. Just one thing after another.

Jack: Listen to yourself.

Victor faked Kelly's death.

Victor hired Marco and dropped him into our lives. Victor tortured his son so badly, Adam thought his only choice was revenge. That wasn't me. That was Victor.

Phyllis: It didn't have to happen this way.

Jack: No, but it did. And now you're blaming me. You think I wanted to be trapped on that island, that I'd want to lose all those months, that I'd want to get shot in the park?

Phyllis: Oh, excuse me. Do you think I wanted Marco in my life, in my bed, in my brain? I can't stop thinking about it. Every day, I wake up, and I get sick to my stomach. I want it to be gone!

Jack: Okay, I know. I know that. And if I could fix it, if I could take it away --

Phyllis: You can't fix it, okay? Done. Done.

Jack: Adam destroyed his chance with Chelsea. He never had a chance with his father. And now he's destroying Newman enterprises.

Phyllis: That's what he does. He destroys.

Jack: Please, red... please tell me Adam hasn't destroyed us.

Adam: [Sighs]

Sage: [Sobs]

Adam: Hey.

Sage: [Sobbing]

Adam: Nick found out?

Sage: Victoria told him. [Sniffles] She kept saying, "is that baby even really y-yours, nick?" [Crying]

Adam: I'm sorry.

Sage: You're sorry?

Adam: Yeah.

Sage: I lost Gabriel because of you. He's the only man I ever loved, before nick, and now I lost him, too. So congratulations, Adam. You got revenge on every person on earth.

Victor: I need a drink.

Nick: [Sighs]

Victor: Ah.

Nick: [Sighs] Have you seen him?

Victor: Yeah. He's rather pleased with himself and the destruction he has caused with the paragon project.

Nick: Adam came to town looking for a fight. That itch never died, even though we thought he had.

Victor: You know... his mother was a wonderful woman. Hope was just wonderful. Whatever hatred that boy feels, he could not have inherited that from her.

Nick: That doesn't mean it came from you.

Victor: Nevertheless, I wish he had inherited a bit more from her and less from me.

Nick: You gave him every chance in the world to be a part of this family.

Victor: However he became what he is now -- a man full of hatred -- he needs to be stopped. And I came here not only for the tequila, but I also came here to ask you... if you will help me in stopping him.

Billy: Look, uh... I know last year, I promised you happy thoughts. But... I don't know if I have any of those to muster today, okay? 'Cause, um... today... Gabriel Bingham took his mask off, and... and it was him. It was Adam... walking and talking and ruining the earth just by being alive. And I hate him. I'm sorry, sweetheart. I-I promised you happy thoughts, but, uh... I promised you something else. I promised that would not forget, and I won't forgive. And I know now that that's what I owe you. To make the man who took you from me pay. [Crying] [Sniffles] And I, uh... I promise you. I swear to you, okay? I won't let you down.

Jack: I didn't know. I swear to you. I thought Adam had come back to town... to find Chelsea and Connor and reestablish something with them and take them out of town. If I had any idea what he was up to, I would've stopped it. I would've turned him in. I did what I thought was t right thing... to keep Billy safe, to let him keep the little peace of mind that he'd found. Adam and Ian set out to destroy a lot of things. If they make us doubt each other... Adam and Ian win again. And we lose, red. We lose everything.

Phyllis: They can both go to hell. We didn't let Marco ruin us. I'm sure as hell not gonna let them do it.

Nick: Adam, Ian, the paragon project... they don't get to beat us. Newman enterprises is you. It's us. And we're gonna build it back up. We have the capital, Abby, Vick, and I. We have the know-how. No one is gonna destroy you or Newman enterprises.

Victor: Not too long ago, you didn't care if Newman enterprises survived.

Nick: That was Newman versus Newman. This is from an outside attack.

Victor: Adam is your brother.

Nick: No, he's not. And that's why he hates us so much. Because deep down, he knows... he doesn't deserve our last name.

Sage: It was just a game to you, wasn't it -- sneaking back into their lives, hiding out in plain sight? I warned you. I said that it would be a disaster. Divorcing you couldn't save me. It was already too late. What do you think I did? I sat there in that house. I sat there, and I nursed you back to health, and I took care of Constance. And I grieved the Gabriel that I would never have in my life. And then I had the opportunity at a real life, a real family. What do you do?!

Adam: All right.

Sage: What do you do?

Adam: Okay.

Sage: Look at me.

Adam: Calm down.

Sage: You take it away from me, 'cause every single thing that you do, it turns -- aah! Ohh.

Adam: Sage?

Sage: Oh, no.

Adam: Sage, what's wrong? Hey, Sage?

Sage: Ohh. [Screaming] It's coming. It's coming. [Grunts, whimpers] It's too soon.

Chelsea: Mommy messed up so badly. Oh, I really -- I really wanted things to work out this time, but... I should've known. I should've just kept it you and me. That's all I need, right? Yeah. But then daddy came home, and I... I just really hoped and... I really -- I-I thought that... [Sighs] But I was wrong. And daddy has to go away again, okay? [Voice breaking] Daddy did something bad, and... [Sniffles] We're not gonna see him anymore. [Sniffles] [Sighs]

Victoria: Delia will get justice, Billy. And Adam is gonna stand before a judge and a jury. It's gonna happen. I'm sorry. I know it's not enough. I know it won't ever be enough. I was just hoping that you would find some solace in that.

Billy: Solace? No, Vicki. I don't get any solace out of that, because I want what I had yesterday. I want a world where Adam Newman is dead and gone.

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