Y&R Transcript Monday 10/5/15


Episode # 10768 ~ Phyllis drops a bomb on Victor & Jack about Adam; a shocking confession creates havoc in Genoa City!

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Victor: Did you just say Adam is alive? Is this some kind of joke or what?

Jack: Where did you hear this?

Phyllis: I was just as skeptical as you two, especially considering my source, Ian ward.

Jack: You've been in contact with that man?

Victor: Oh. Well, that explains it. If you were in contact with Ian ward, then he is playing head games with you.

Phyllis: Do you think I would take anything from that man at face value? I looked in to it. Adam is alive.

Victor: How'd you verify this?

Phyllis: Ian told me things only Adam could know. They've been in this together from the very beginning.

Victor: That just means that Ian ward did good research.

Phyllis: Victor...

Victor: You don't think I'd know if my son were alive?

Phyllis: Not if he changed his name...and his face.

Adam: Chelsea, listen. I really wish you'd pick up so we could talk this out. Okay, look -- you and Connor... you are the most important things to me in my entire life, okay? And that includes getting revenge on my father. It's not even close. Just...you got to believe me. That's why I'm out here tonight, you know? I'm trying to shut this whole paragon thing down. I'm trying to fix it, and when I do... I want to come back to you and I want to talk it out, okay? And we can -- we can get away from here. We can get away from my father, and you, me, and Connor -- we can all be together, the way it should be. Baby, I just need you to believe in me one more time, okay? Please.

Chelsea: He's alive. Adam didn't die in that car crash.

Billy: Is this some kind of sick joke, Chelsea?

Victoria: Are you delusional?

Chelsea: He's alive... and in town... and calling himself "Gabriel Bingham."

Billy: Gabe?

Victoria: Maybe you should sit down. Do you want to sit down?

Chelsea: [Sighs]

Victoria: Are you okay?

Chelsea: I'm fine. No, actually, I'm not fine. I'm -- look, I'm not drunk or delusional or working some angle. I know it seems impossible to comprehend or accept, but it's the truth.

Billy: It's not true. Chelsea, I-I was there. I saw his car. It was --

Chelsea: He's Adam. He was -- he was very hurt, and he was very badly burned. But the real Gabriel Bingham is the person who died there at the accident site.

Victoria: The real Gabriel?

Chelsea: He wanted to... help Adam. He was trying to save him.

Billy: All right, look... I was there, you weren't, and it didn't happen that way. Chelsea, there's -- there's no way anybody was making it out of that.

Chelsea: Nobody... except for someone like Adam.

Victoria: That's just not possible.

Chelsea: Don't you guys see? Look past the plastic surgery, the new look. Peel away the cover story, and you will see what has literally been staring you straight in the face... underneath it all. You know it's Adam.

Nick: Just give it up, mom. I'm not letting you out of my sight till Ian is caught.

Nikki: Honey, you have a bar to run and a wife to look after.

Sage: And he's done well with both. The wife is happy. The bar is closed for the night. Please stay, Nikki.

Nikki: It's truly unnecessary. Your father has people guarding me.

Nick: Ian managed to slip past his prison guards. I'm done underestimating how obsesses and unpredictable he is.

Sage: You're safe here. You know how your son worries, Nikki.

Nikki: All right. All right. I will stay, but I promise you there is no need to --

[Cell phone rings]

Nikki: Hold on. Paul. What's going on?

Nick: What is it?

Nikki: Ohh. Ian's been arrested. He's back in prison.

Nick: Okay. Now we can celebrate.

Kevin: [Sighs] They got Ian ward.

Adam: They got Ian ward? Dead?

Kevin: Caught -- back in prison.

Adam: Damn it.

Kevin: Isn't that a good thing?

Adam: Yeah. No, it is. I'm just, you know, thinking of all the time and the money that we've spent now cleaning this whole thing up.

Kevin: I'm on that. I can have Paul send me to the prison.

Adam: What good is that gonna do?

Kevin: Maybe I can convince ward to tell me how to shut down the paragon virus. He knows all the secrets.

Adam: No. Listen, Kevin, he's not gonna help you. He's trying to inflict as much pain and damage as possible. He's not gonna help you. But there might be another way.

Kevin: You found something?

Adam: Possibly found something, but I'm gonna need your help pulling this off.

Phyllis: We should go -- give you some time to process this.

Victor: You know... all this time, I wondered about Bingham's hatred of me. Never really bought that story that he told about the father he lost. He spent all this time trying to destroy his real father.

Phyllis: You thought jack was after you when, actually, it was your son.

Victor: Yeah. Jack... you are conspicuously silent.

Jack: This is a lot for you to deal with. Phyllis is right. We should leave.

Victor: You're not at all surprised... that Adam is alive, are you?

Phyllis: Of course he's surprised. Who would have suspected something like this? Jack...

Jack: We should go.

Phyllis: Victor's implying that you knew something about this.

Jack: I know what Victor's implying.

Phyllis: Well, did you? Did you know?

Victor: Of course he did. That is why Gabriel Bingham, when he came to town a virtual stranger, got a job at jabot -- a very impressive position.

Phyllis: Why aren't you saying anything?

Victor: Why, jack? Because it's easier to lie to me than to Phyllis? All this time, you knew... that you could deny knowledge of the paragon project. The Abbotts were clean, weren't they, because you knew Adam was behind it?

Jack: I had no idea Adam was working with Ian ward.

Phyllis: But you knew about Adam -- that he was living right here in Genoa city, for months.

Kevin: What have you got?

Adam: So, ward was working with a hacker, okay? I figure this guy's the key. If we can track him down, we can shut this whole thing down.

Kevin: What's his name?

Adam: I don't know his name. If I knew his name, I wouldn't be looking for him, right?

Kevin: That's not helpful. Do you have an online handle? That could be even better.

Adam: Antigone93.

Kevin: Antigone?

Adam: Antigone, spelled "anti-gone."

Kevin: I know how to spell "antigone."

Adam: Well, it's not exactly subtle.

Kevin: It's Greek. Antigone is the daughter of Oedipus -- also an anarchist. What? I read.

Adam: Hmm.

Kevin: This is gonna take a while.

Adam: Yeah? Well, we don't have a while, all right? We got to find this wannabe anarchist tonight, before paragon destroys everything.

Chelsea: This is what Adam does. His whole life, I mean, he pushes to extremes. He doesn't stop until he wins. He always -- he always has to win.

Victoria: Like Gabriel... when he does his take-no-prisoners thing. I thought so many times how he's reminded me of my brother, but... it's really hard for me to believe that Adam's alive.

Chelsea: It's him, Victoria.

Billy: So, who pumped you full of lead, and why'd they do it?

Adam: Someone who hated me... with good reason.

Billy: You know, I never trusted Gabriel -- not from the minute I laid eyes on the guy -- and I would tell anybody who would listen to me that he's not who he says he is. You know, there's just something about him, you know -- something I couldn't put my finger on... like the way he was so focused on you and on Connor, always manipulating his way into our lives. And then...he goes and he gets that job at jabot, buys the apartment across the hall, finds a million excuses to knock on your door. And I don't know what it was, but every time I saw him -- I mean every time I saw him -- I was just filled with this -- this rage. And it was irrational, right? I mean, it had to be. It was just -- it was just jealousy. But I hated him. And there's only one other person... that I've ever felt that way about, and that's Adam. Son of a bitch. It's him. It's him.

Victoria: Billy...

Billy: How long have you known?

Chelsea: That's not important.

Billy: Chelsea, how long have you known?! Was -- was it when you cheated on me, huh? Was it when you slept with him?

Chelsea: No, no, no. I did not know then. I swear I didn't know then.

Victoria: You're his wife. I mean, his face may have been different, but there must have been something familiar. How could you not know?!

Chelsea: Because my husband was dead, Victoria! So, if something happened that reminded me of Adam, I-I dismissed it as being grief or wishful thinking. It would have been crazy to think otherwise. I mean, I-I knew my husband was dead.

Victoria: Until...?

Chelsea: Until he -- until... Adam told me the truth.

Billy: And when was that? When was it, Chelsea?

Chelsea: It was... it was a few months ago.

Billy: [Chuckles softly] So, you have known for months that the man who killed my daughter is alive... and you said nothing?

Nikki: I am so relieved. The thought of Ian being free to manipulate innocent people out there is very unsettling.

Sage: I can imagine.

Nikki: [Chuckles]

Nick: Okay. Round of club sodas for everyone.

Sage: Ah! Ohh! Honey, that's so sweet. I would have gotten those.

Nick: Ah, just 'cause you're not on bedrest anymore doesn't mean I can't pamper you.

Nikki: Well, then, what shall we toast to?

Sage: Ahh. That Ian ward cannot cause any more trouble for you or your family.

Nick: And gratitude that my mom is safe and that you and my baby are 100% healthy.

Nikki: Oh, yes, that awful scare.

Nick: Well, let's just thank god it was a simple, easily managed problem.

Sage: Yeah, I'll drink to that. How 'bout you, Nikki? What do you want to toast to?

Nikki: Well, of course, to your good news. But I have to say I can't help but feel responsible for bringing Ian into our lives from the very beginning.

Nick: Mom, don't do that.

Nikki: Well, it is my fault.

Nick: You had every right to try and find the child that you gave up for adoption. I mean, do you ever regret being reunited with Dylan or finding out that Paul is really his father?

Nikki: Of course I could never regret that.

Sage: I know that I would move heaven and earth to be with my child.

Adam: Come on, Kevin. Where are you with this hacker thing? This is taking forever.

Kevin: What do you expect, Gabe? But I have traced the hacker.

Adam: That's good, right?

Kevin: Not exactly. This guy is good -- covering his tracks with deep encryption and passwords so that people like me can't undo all the damage that this malcontent is trying to inflict on the world.

Adam: You need a password?

Kevin: Yeah, amongst other things.

Adam: Okay. Here. Here's the password. Try that.

Kevin: How did you get this?

Adam: I paid a lot of money for it. I talked to a lot of wannabe anarchists. Don't worry about it. Just see if it works. See if it works.

Kevin: I know that it works. I discovered this password a few days ago, and as soon as I gained access, the hacker changed it again, shutting me out.

Adam: Discovered this a few days ago, but yet you didn't share that lead with me.

Kevin: Apparently, I'm not the only one who's been withholding information, like the fact that you've been working with Ian.

Adam: Working with Ian? What the hell are you talking about?

Kevin: I can't believe I didn't figure this out. The I.P. Address -- your old apartment.

Adam: Hold on a second. I explained all that to you!

Kevin: Oh, yeah. I saw the look on Chelsea's face when I told you guys that the signal was coming from your building. You've been behind paragon this whole time.

Phyllis: How could you do this? How could you possibly justify keeping quiet about Adam being alive?

Jack: Adam was not the only one with something to lose.

Victor: Oh, really? So, you're admitting having worked with Adam all along?

Jack: No. I didn't say that.

Victor: Wouldn't be the first time that you used my son to steal my company from me.

Jack: I am not out to get Newman enterprises. I did not know Adam had anything to do with paragon. Would you forget about the company?

Victor: That's easy for you to say, jack! You didn't build that company from the ground up! Your father did! There's no virus running amok at your company, destroying everything you built, destroying the legacy for your children!

Jack: You always manage to forget that Adam is one of your children, even though you've pushed him away, made it clear you didn't care if he existed.

Victor: That is simply not true! That is your version!

Jack: Is it really any wonder that Adam came to me for friendship, that he asked me to be guardian to his son, to protect Connor from you? You really are surprised that he didn't think he could trust you with the truth?

Phyllis: Okay, he trusts no one with the truth. Everybody knows that.

Jack: Phyllis, sweetheart --

Phyllis: But you -- you've not only been lying to me... what about your brother? What about Billy?

Billy: After everything I told you, Chelsea, you more than anyone knows how much Delia's death still haunts me. Why would you do this to me?

Victoria: Isn't it obvious? She's gotten pulled back into her twisted relationship with Adam. And the two of them have spent the last few months devising an exit plan so that Adam can just waltz out of this.

Billy: Well? Is it true?

Chelsea: No.

Victoria: Yeah! Of course it's true! You're here to make some sort of a plea on my brother's behalf. You think your history with Billy --

Chelsea: That is not what I'm doing!

Billy: Then what are you doing?

Chelsea: I didn't ever want you to find out, okay... Billy? You finally have some peace. You finally are getting your life back together. You're finally happy again with Victoria and your family. I thought dredging all this up for you would just cause more pain.

Victoria: Oh, please don't pretend like you're doing this on Billy's behalf.

Chelsea: So that's why I -- Adam and I -- we were gonna move to Europe together.

Billy: Why -- so you could protect him? So he wouldn't end up in jail for what he's done?

Chelsea: Look, look, I-I thought I'd lost him forever, and it was an opportunity to finally start a new life again with him.

Billy: Do you hear what you're saying? Start a new life with him, with the man who took my little girl from me? You want to reward this guy with a new life?!

Chelsea: No! Not anymore! That's why I came here! That's why I'm telling you all this, Billy!

Victoria: To ease your conscience...

Chelsea: Look --

Victoria: ...Before we found out on our own. That's why.

Chelsea: Look, I'm sorry, okay? I'm so sorry.

Billy: Whatever.

Victoria: Billy, no! Don't go! Please don't go. Don't go. Think about our children. They need you. I need you. Please don't do this. Please let the police handle this. Don't go.

Billy: I love you.

Victoria: Billy, no! Where's Adam?

Chelsea: I have no idea.

Victoria: Well, think! The first place that Billy is gonna go is back to your place. Is Adam there?

Chelsea: No. We got in a fight, and -- no.

Victoria: You know... you said you didn't want to hurt Billy, but that's exactly what you did.

Chelsea: Billy deserves to know the truth.

Victoria: Why now? Why? Adam has been impersonating Gabriel for months, so why would you tell him now?

Chelsea: I explained why.

Victoria: You got everything that you wanted! Adam survived! He willed himself back, sustained by his -- his great love for you.

Chelsea: Adam is sustained by one thing only, and that's his hatred of his father. That's all he cares about. He swore to me he had stopped, he would focus on us, but I, uh -- I just found out today that he is the mastermind behind paragon.

Victoria: That's why Newman was targeted. Adam would do anything to get back at my father, to get back at all of us. He finally found a way to bring us all down.

Chelsea: I mean, he -- he told me he regretted it and he wanted to stop the virus, but he said he can't. He said there's no way.

Victoria: After everything you've told me... you actually believe him?

Phyllis: Adam killed Billy's daughter, and you are protecting him! That is robbing Delia of the justice she deserves! That is robbing Billy!

Jack: No, I am protecting Billy.

Phyllis: How does any of this protect your brother?!

Jack: None of this came easily to me. This is not anything that I wanted, believe me.

Victor: Jack, in the end, you chose Adam over your brother, Billy boy, didn't you?

Jack: You don't know what you're talking about!

Victor: You bet I do! It is clear to me what you have in common with Adam. What you have in common is that you're trying desperately to best me!

Jack: Well, your ego has finally overtaken the space once occupied by your brain.

Victor: Jack, stop denying it! You loved sharing this little secret with Adam, didn't you? And you want to deny that you knew Adam was behind paragon?

Jack: I didn't know. I didn't.

Victor: Oh, really? You didn't even suspect it, did you?

Jack: I don't care what you believe. I really don't.

Victor: Listen to me! You stood by and watched that guy try to destroy me and my company! And you want to judge me as a parent -- you?!

Nikki: I don't ever want you worrying about being a good mommy.

Nick: That's what I keep telling her.

Sage: [Chuckles]

Nikki: You have nothing to worry about. The most important thing is that you and the baby are healthy.

Sage: And that's all thanks to Victor, you know. He helped me that night I was sick, after I screamed at him to get away from me. Did he tell you about that?

Nikki: He did.

Sage: I'm so embarrassed, Nikki. The things that I said to him, the way I treated him...

Nikki: There is no fiercer force than a mother trying to protect her child.

Sage: I know, but I don't think I'll ever be able to apologize enough for freaking out on him like that.

Nikki: Honey, you have nothing to apologize for. You are about to experience the greatest bond between mother and child. I mean, there's nothing else like it in the world -- no greater joy.

Sage: I can't wait.

Nick: [Chuckles]

Victoria: Have you seen your ex-husband today?

Sage: Gabe? No.

Victoria: [Sighs]

Nikki: Honey, what has you so upset?

Victoria: I've got to find Billy. And there's something that you and nick need to know right now.

Nikki: Now, wait a minute. If this is about Ian, everything is okay. Paul called. He's been arrested.

Victoria: Good. That's good. But Ian wasn't working alone.

Nick: Did they find the hacker?

Victoria: He had a partner -- somebody that wanted to hurt us as much as Ian did... someone closer.

Nick: What are you talking about?

Nikki: Who do we know that would want to conspire with Ian ward?

Victoria: Adam.

Adam: Let's just settle down here. Hold on a second. I'm not working with Ian ward.

Kevin: Oh, come on. It was you and Ian behind all of this. It's why you convinced jack to let you head up the investigation for jabot. It's why you made the side deal with me, so that you can monitor how close I was getting to the truth, feeding me a bunch of bad information.

Adam: No. Okay, hey, hey. Okay, Kevin, you got me, okay? You got me. I was working with Ian --

was, okay? And when this whole thing started to spiral out of control --

Kevin: You know what? Save it. Save it for the jury.

Adam: Just hold on a second. I was trying to shut this whole thing down. I-I was trying to stop Ian, okay? But I need your help on this. You've got to help me.

Kevin: No, actually, I don't.

Adam: Kevin? Hey!

[Footsteps approach]

Adam: What the hell do you want?

Billy: I know. I know all of it.

Adam: Chelsea told you?

Billy: I don't know why I didn't kill you when I had the chance.

Adam: Gave it your best shot, though, didn't you? And I got the bullethole to prove it.

Billy: You know, when I saw that scar...

Adam: You couldn't let yourself believe it, right? "It can't be Adam. How could he be alive?" How could I be alive, Billy, after you gunned me down and you left me in a fiery crash? How could that happen?

Billy: And, somehow, you're still not dead.

Adam: I managed to screw up your plans, didn't I?

Billy: Yeah, you did. You screwed up my plans -- the ones I had for my little girl, you son of a bitch, after you ran her down and you left her there.

Adam: That is not what happened.

Billy: No?

Adam: No.

Billy: Tell me.

Adam: I didn't even know. I didn't know that I had hit her -- okay? -- Until after...

Billy: Until after? Adam, why don't we talk about what happened after? What did you do?

Adam: Billy, there were a lot of things going on with Connor at the time.

Billy: You are unbelievable. You haven't changed. You haven't learned. You still can't own up to it. You should have turned yourself in.

Adam: I was on my way to turn myself in when you pulled a gun on me!

Billy: And you got exactly what you deserved!

Adam: You're probably right! I did! And what did you do after you shot me, huh? Did you turn yourself in? Did you go to the police? Is that what you did?

Billy: I didn't murder an innocent little girl. No. I went after the lowlife who took her from me.

Adam: It wasn't murder. And you moved in on my wife and my kid.

Billy: Well, that just burns you, doesn't it, that I slept with Chelsea, that your little boy calls me "daddy"?

Adam: You used them.

Billy: I love them.

Adam: Do you love them as much as you love Victoria and your own kids? I didn't think so. No. You're stringing Chelsea along. You're trying to make my sister jealous. That was your plan.

Billy: No. What I felt for Chelsea --

Adam: Was convenient, Billy. It was convenient and it was satisfying. It was your way of dancing on my grave, killing me over and over and over again.

Billy: Maybe you've forgotten, Adam, but until you slept with Chelsea, I was going to marry her.

Adam: You were gonna marry my wife? Chelsea's my wife! You didn't marry her anyway, did you, huh? Had this big plan. You humiliated her in public, and then you beat a path back to Victoria, where you belong. You were playing house with my wife and my son.

Billy: Your son, who can see because of my daughter. I love how you just sat there silently, waiting for me and Chloe to sign off on that transplant, using my daughter to your advantage. You just saw my little girl as body parts.

Adam: What do you want to do, Billy?

Billy: You want to find out?

Victor: What if it was your son, jack?

Jack: Don't try to spin this.

Victor: What if it was Kyle who was presumed dead and missing, I knew otherwise but didn't tell you?! How would you feel about that?!

Jack: Here's the difference -- when Kyle walked through my door, he would know that he was welcome... that he was loved unconditionally, no matter what he did. Are you gonna offer that to Adam?

Victor: You know nothing about what Adam has done to my family, the damage he has done to my family, including to your sister when I was married to her!

Jack: No, I didn't think so. What was I thinking? No. You're only happy when you're pitting your children against each other!

Phyllis: Okay. Why don't you stop? I don't think you're in the position to take a moral high ground right now.

Victor: He certainly isn't! You supplied Adam with the means to destroy my family and my business!

Jack: You know what? Adam left. Adam left the country. He walked away from you. He walked away from this vendetta. You're the one that pulled the strings to get Chelsea and Connor back here!

Victor: Because he is my grandson!

Jack: To tie them to you, and for what? It wasn't enough you ruined Adam's life -- you had to inflict yourself on his son?

Victor: He's better off with me than with that man.

Chelsea: Well, now you can stop suing for visitation, Victor. You don't need to fight for access to your dead son's child anymore.

Victor: Why -- because he isn't dead?

Chelsea: I --

Victor: How long have you known?!

Chelsea: How did you --

Victor: How long have you known, Chelsea?

Chelsea: Long enough to know that Adam hasn't changed. He's still obsessed with punishing you and -- and proving himself to you, and I want no part of it.

Jack: Wait, wait. Wait. Where are you going?

Victor: To find my son.

Jack: [Sighs]

Victoria: It's so typical of Adam's twisted mind that he would try to pass himself off as Gabriel Bingham.

Nikki: So... Adam created this paragon virus with Ian... to bring your father down?

Victoria: I'm sure that was his plan as soon as he took over Gabriel's identity, but you would have the answer to that, wouldn't you?

Nick: My brother can fool anyone. I mean, look how long he's been fooling us. Sage, you didn't know about this, right?

Victoria: She had to have known about this.

Nikki: Honey, not necessarily.

Victoria: No! She either helped Adam, or she flat-out... agreed to keep her mouth shut.

Nikki: Victoria, come on.

Victoria: I am so tired of being polite. Billy went after Adam, and I need to know if Adam has been in contact with you.

Nick: Sage? Tell me you didn't know about this. Tell me you didn't know that Adam was alive.

Sage: I knew. I helped Adam before I knew you, nick, or any of your family -- before I even knew who Adam Newman was.

Victoria: Where is Adam?

Sage: I don't know. Victoria, he would never come to me.

Nick: Even after you got to know me, you continued to help him. You knew what kind of person he was.

Sage: Nick, I'm telling you --

Nick: You knew he would set out to destroy this family, a family you're now a part of.

Sage: He said that he was just trying to get back to Chelsea and his son.

Nikki: Nicholas, please try to remember who Sage was dealing with -- the kind of manipulation that Adam is capable of.

Nick: You help me understand how you could do something like this.

Sage: The real Gabriel Bingham died saving Adam in a river, and I hated Adam for that.

Victoria: Well, why would you help him, then?

Sage: Because of his grandmother Constance. He was the only thing left in her life, and it would have killed her if she knew she lost him in the accident.

Victoria: After Constance died, then why didn't you just do something?

Sage: Because I grieved, too, Victoria, and seeing his face for a while -- it helped, pretending. But, of course, I knew that the real Gabriel was gone... and everything that I loved about Gabriel was gone, too.

Nick: And then there was the money.

Sage: Nick, the money had nothing to do with anything.

Nick: Then what was it? Did you love Adam? You tell me the truth. I want to know all of it.

Jack: So, you waltz in here to tell Victor about Adam and blow this whole thing wide open?

Phyllis: Chelsea came in here to tell the truth about Adam being alive and how he is wreaking havoc on your family and his. Why do you keep defending him?!

Jack: There is more to this than you know.

Chelsea: I am not protecting Adam anymore -- not after I found out he has been working with Ian ward. I am sick of all the lies! For months, he's been telling me it's all about me and Connor, when, really, it's all about Victor and getting revenge. This vendetta -- it will never end.

Jack: He's still your husband, Chelsea! He needs --

Chelsea: My son needs me, and I refuse to raise him in this war zone.

Phyllis: Jack, Chelsea's right.

Jack: There was a cost, Chelsea.

Chelsea: You and I both know, jack, there comes a point where you have to walk away to save yourself. That is what I've done. Adam -- he has just been telling me what I want to hear, and I am done covering for him. It was time Billy learned the truth.

Jack: You t-- you told Billy?

Adam: Billy... I am haunted... by Delia's death.

Billy: Don't...say her name. You don't get to say her name.

Adam: It was an accident. Billy, it was a horrible accident, and I should have come forward sooner. But it wasn't gonna bring her back. And I...

Billy: And -- and what, Adam? Maybe Chloe and I wouldn't have signed off on the transplant and your little boy would still be blind? Is that it?

Adam: You hate me.

Billy: [Chuckles]

Adam: And you think I'm a coward and you want me dead. That is nothing compared to the punishment and the guilt that I feel every single day, every single time I look into Connor's eyes. And the first thing that I see when I wake up in the morning and the last thing that I see when I go to bed at night... is Delia.

Victor: Enough!

Sage: I didn't keep my mouth shut because of any allegiance to Adam -- certainly not because I was in love with him, nick. I was ready to tell the world who he was and walk out of Genoa city.

Victoria: Then why didn't you?

Sage: Because... I fell in love with you. And it was real and good -- something that I thought I'd never have. And I thought that if I told you the truth, I would lose you. Nick...

Nick: You're damn right you would have lost me.

Nikki: Nicholas... perhaps we should wait until --

Nick: Then you got pregnant. You married me. Was that all part of the plan? Did Adam tell you to make it just look so good? Is that even my baby?

Jack: I can't reach my brother. I got to find Billy and stop him.

Phyllis: Billy has every right to confront Adam. Why are you protecting Delia's killer?

Jack: I am protecting my brother, not Adam.

Phyllis: You keep saying that.

Jack: Billy doesn't want to fight Adam. Billy doesn't want to see him in jail. He wants to kill him, which would ruin Billy's life. He'd end up behind bars.

Phyllis: Even if Billy said that --

Jack: I'm saying this because it could happen. It did happen. That's the leverage that Adam was holding over me.

Phyllis: So, he was blackmailing you?

Jack: Before the car went off the road, Billy shot Adam. Every time I told Adam I was gonna turn him in, he threatened to have Billy arrested.

Phyllis: And Billy thought he killed him.

Jack: And there is no doubt in my mind he wants to finish that job now. And you knew that when you told him, didn't you?

Chelsea: The truth was gonna come out eventually.

Jack: It didn't have to come from you -- not this way. Do you know what you've done?!

Chelsea: I know exactly what I've done.

Billy: This has nothing to do with you, Victor. Walk away. It isn't what you think.

Victor: I know exactly what this is. I know who this is. Hello, Adam.

Adam: [Breathing heavily]

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Sage: I switched the paternity results. You're not the father.

Jack: I knew Gabriel was Adam. He told me when he came to town.

Adam: You want me dead? You're gonna kill me now? You're gonna do it?

Victor: Don't you tempt me.

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