Y&R Transcript Friday 10/2/15


Episode # 10767 ~ The jig is up for Adam Newman; Paul visits Patty; Billy receives shocking news.

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Phyllis: There she is.

Jack: Where? Oh.

Phyllis: Summer?

Summer: Yeah? Hey, what's wrong? Mom, did you see Ian again?

Phyllis: She doesn't know.

Summer: I don't know what?

Jack: Ian managed to sneak back into the prison after you saw him with your mom.

Phyllis: I went to confront him.

Summer: Mom, why would you do that?

Phyllis: Because I didn't want him to get away with what he did. Your grandfather beat me to it, by the way. And this Fred or Ian, whatever he's calling himself, acted like he didn't know me.

Summer: Well, he's back in prison, so that's a relief, right?

Phyllis: Not anymore. We just got the call. He is back out.

Summer: [Scoffs] Great, so we're back where we started.

Jack: No, the difference is this time we know he's out. So does the warden. Ian's taking a big risk here. This is a man making his final move.

Phyllis: Ian could be anywhere doing anything.

Ian: [Humming "Waltz of the Flowers"]

They grow up so fast my precious paragon you were just a glimmer in your daddy's eye a dream, a dream so long ago and look at you now

[Laughs] Ah, chewing a hole in Newman Enterprises from the inside out, my little, sweet paragon. Oh, wait till they get a load of what you can really do. [Laughs] [Gasps] Just wait. [Laughs]

Kyle: Please tell me you're not.

Billy: Not what? Buying up Newman's assets at well below market value? Okay, I won't tell you that.

Kyle: Billy, those assets aren't actually for sale. It's the damn paragon virus making them available. Okay, don't you see it's like buying stolen car parts from some back-alley chop shop?

Billy: Now, see, somebody with limited vision... might see it that way, but I have this whole alternate theory. Follow along. Newman enterprises is actually in the toilet and they're having this fire sale to generate capital, but Victor's too embarrassed to admit that, so they cooked up the whole paragon thing as a ruse, a cover-up. At least if any cop or fed comes asking me about it, that's what I'll tell them.

Kyle: Shut it down, Billy.

Billy: Shut it down. No, you know, I think I'm good, and you don't need to worry, nephew, because your hands are clean.

Kyle: Billy, I'm not worried about me. I'm just looking out for you, uncle, because Victor's gonna have your head.

Billy: And just when I thought this day couldn't get any better. Let him try.

Victor: You find a way, damn it! I want this virus stopped before these vultures pick off every last bit of my company!

[Telephone slams]

Victoria: How is this happening? If this is a virus, then there must be a code to shut it down, dad.

Abby: Until then, what can we do to help?

Victor: What can you do to help? After you two were arrested protecting my enemy?

Victoria: Dad! We're here now.

Victor: Too late! My company is being brought down to its knees!

Paul: So you made this yourself?

Patty: Yeah.

Paul: It's really pretty. It is. So, you've been eating and taking your meds, right?

Patty: Yep, I'm looking after myself, I promise, while you're looking after an entire city.

[Both laugh]

Paul: Yeah.

Patty: I am so proud of you! Are you proud of me?

Paul: Oh, yeah, I'm very proud of you, Pattycakes. Always. I mean, look at you. You're doing well. Wasn't that long ago when we couldn't even have a conversation like this.

Patty: Yeah.

Paul: Right?

Patty: Yeah. It's just so --

Paul: That makes me happy.

Patty: I know, but it just -- it's hard work.

Paul: Okay, it's worth it.

Patty: I want to be good, make the doctors see how hard I'm trying, but it's so unfair.

Paul: What is?

Patty: Well, when they can't see that another patient is lying through her teeth. How come they let her get away with it?

Dr. Anderson: Just another second. You okay?

Sharon: [Winces] What kind of tests will you run?

Dr. Anderson: Oh, just standard blood panels. Want to make sure your system is absorbing the medication, make sure your levels are consistent during your pregnancy. All done. You can relax now. No more needles.

Chelsea: And that's not the end of it. I'm gonna make you pay for everything you've done, all the rotten, rotten things you've done, starting with Delia. [Gasps]

Adam: You are right about one thing. This isn't the end.

Chelsea: Go away.

Adam: Chelsea.

Chelsea: I'll call the police. I will. I swear.

Adam: You do whatever you want. That's my son in there.

Chelsea: Your son?

Your son?

Adam: That's right. Stop. You want to hate me, Chelsea? Hate me. That's fine. You can't cut me out of my son's life. You understand?

Chelsea: You cut yourself out of your son's life. You got a new face and a new name and a new life, remember? Gabriel Bingham doesn't have a son. He has no rights to Connor Newman. So walk away, Adam. Unless you're willing to tell the whole world who you really are.

Victor: This paragon virus is out of control. There's nothing my IT. People can do to stop it. Meanwhile, Billy Abbott is cackling and whooping it up, telling the world that he beat me.

Victoria: That's not true, dad. We all know that Ian ward is behind this. The Abbotts had nothing to do with it.

Victor: That punk is buying up every subsidiary, every asset with Ashley Abbott -- your mother's knowledge, by the way.

Abby: [Sighs]

Victor: Telling the world he beat me. I should have had your mother's ass hauled back by Interpol when I had a chance.

Abby: I haven't spoken to mom yet, but I'm sure she wouldn't be thrilled that Billy has gone rogue.

Victor: Are you serious? She's the head of jabot, for heaven's sake. She's the C.E.O. She knows everything that goes on! She turned a blind eye when Billy boy Abbott bought our shipping line!

Abby: Okay, what if I spoke to uncle Billy and made him see that this is a mistake?

Victor: You think that'll help?!

Victoria: Dad, we're all here to stand behind you and make --

Victor: Wait a minute. You two were arrested helping that man. This is how he thanks you.

Victoria: The real enemy here is Ian ward.

Victor: How naive can you be? You think the real enemy is only Ian ward? It's the Abbotts, as well! They'll be treated as such!

Billy: Victor might want my head. He might even dream at night about hanging it over his mantel. But here it is still firmly affixed to the rest of me.

Kyle: Billy, this is Newman enterprises we're talking about here. Do you really think that Victor won't come after you for taking advantage of what's basically stolen property?!

Billy: Contrary to Victor's ego, he doesn't control everything. And if something is for sale for dirt cheap, I'm buying it. Which, by the way, is exactly what he would do with jabot if he had the chance.

Kyle: So the fact that he got you and my father out of jail means nothing to you?

Billy: Kyle, he's the one who had us arrested in the first place!

Kyle: Okay, does Ashley know that you're spending jabot's money on assets that shouldn't even be up for sale?

Billy: All right, look, nephew, if this has to do with summer, then buy her some flowers, take her to dinner, and tell her that I'm the big meanie and that you had nothing to do with this dirty business. But don't sit here and tell me how to run my father's company.

Kyle: Your father. You know, from everything that I've heard about john Abbott, he would never approve of any of this. So you know what, Billy? Yeah, go ahead and you use his name if that's what makes you feel better. But you and I both know that you're dragging his company through the mud.

[Door opens]

[Door slams]

Jack: Now that we know where you are, I have arranged a guard for you. You will have protection when you go home tonight, when you go to class tomorrow, anywhere you go.

Phyllis: We don't want you scared, baby. Just aware. You live your life.

[Cell phone rings]

Jack: Yeah, we will take care of the rest. Oh, sorry, I have to take this. Hey, Kyle, what's up?

Kyle: You need to get back to the office, dad. Now.

Jack: Why? What happened?

Kyle: Billy's buying up more Newman assets, and he doesn't even care that it's just fallout from the paragon virus. I mean, you know and I know how Victor is gonna react to this. I mean, he may as well have drawn a target on his forehead and on all of jabot.

Jack: All right, I'm on my way.

Phyllis: What's going on?

Jack: More of the paragon plague. Um, I have to get to jabot. Listen, both of you, I am not gonna let Ian ward get anywhere near either of you. I promise you that.

Summer: Thank you, jack.

Phyllis: Go. I'll see you soon.

Summer: [Sighs]

Phyllis: Are you okay, honey? I mean, jack can double security.

Summer: No, it's fine. I already spotted my new bodyguard.

Phyllis: Really?

Summer: Yep. I got pretty good at spotting them after grandpa put some guards on everybody.

Phyllis: Well, it might not make you feel any better, but it gives me some relief.

Summer: Mom, it's you that I'm worried about. You're the one that Ian's been stalking.

Phyllis: We just all have to be cautious, that's all.

Summer: Mom, what is it? Mom, if you want me to protect myself, I need to know what I'm up against.

Phyllis: What we're up against is a guy who loves to play head games, evidently.

Summer: Did he -- did he say something that I should know?

Phyllis: The pig just -- he lit up when he heard your name. And he mentioned he'd like to see you.

Summer: Good.

Phyllis: "Good"?

Summer: Yeah, good that you told me, because I can handle this. I'm not a kid anymore.

Phyllis: No. You're not a kid anymore. But you're my kid, so tough luck, baby. That's not gonna change.

[Cell phone chimes]

Summer: What is it? More news?

Phyllis: No, no, it's nothing to worry about.

Summer: Okay, if it's Ian or paragon, you should tell me.

Phyllis: Well, amazingly, I have other fish to fry. Listen, I want you to stick by el sluggo over there, okay? Do not go anywhere without him. You hear me?

Summer: Yeah.

Phyllis: Okay. I love you.

Summer: Love you.

Adam: You want me to suffer? You want to punish me? You find another way to do it, 'cause you can't keep me from my son.

Chelsea: So now you're the victim here?

Adam: He loves me. You understand? He loves me, and I love him. Now you tell me right now that I can see Connor, and you and I will work this out, okay?

Chelsea: Who gets to see Connor? Uncle Gabe, mommy's boyfriend?

Adam: He deserves to know that he's got a father that loves him, Chelsea!

Chelsea: So you really want to tell him the truth and let him live in that lie forever?

Adam: Am I going -- that's what we agreed to, right? You and I, we agreed that we were gonna tell him who I was when the timing was right! Do you remember that?

Chelsea: God, we really make some great decisions together as parents, don't we? I was deluding myself, thinking that we could have a life together.

Adam: We can!

Chelsea: Be a family. It's all lies.

Adam: What is a lie, exactly? What's a lie?

Chelsea: You're the lie. Everything about you. You talk this talk about love, but really every fiber of you is consumed in hate, hating Victor, destroying Newman. I can't have my son around that. You are not a good role model for him. He can't be around you when you just have all this hatred pouring out of you. Connor needs to grow up knowing that there are kind people in the world, that there are loving people like Delia and the gift that she --

Adam: Just forget about Delia, will you please?

Chelsea: "Forget Delia"? You are disgusting!

Adam: Hold on!

Chelsea: Get off me!

Adam: That is not what I meant.

Chelsea: A child died. Billy will never be the same! Chloe is broken! You say "forget Delia"?!

Adam: That is not what I meant, okay?! Listen, you think I don't have regret?! You think every day of my life I don't wake up with regret?! I am riddled with regret every day!

Chelsea: What do you do with that regret? Do you try to be a better person? Do you try to be a better man?

Adam: Yeah, I do.

Chelsea: No. You're just focused on revenge and hate and lying. It's who you are, Adam, and you are never gonna change, and I see that now. You are never gonna change, because the truth is, inside -- inside your soul, you are the one who's dead.

[Knock on door]

Sharon: Dr. Anderson?

Paul: Oh, no, it's just me. Are you up for a visitor?

Sharon: Paul, yeah, of course. Come on in.

Paul: Okay. Thanks. I was just checking up on my sister, so, uh, I thought I'd stop in. I hope you don't mind.

Sharon: No, that's sweet of you to think of me.

Paul: Oh, Sharon, you're part of the family now. Both of you. So I thought I'd check in and make sure that you and that little hitchhiker are doing fine.

Sharon: Well, um...

Paul: Thanks.

Sharon: I'm feeling pretty good these days.

Paul: That's good news.

Sharon: Yeah. Uh, how's Dylan? Have you seen him?

Paul: I have. I've been keeping him pretty busy, I'm afraid, but, uh, you and the baby are his priority. Dylan knows what matters in life. And he's gonna make a great father.

Sharon: Well, I miss him and the kids.

Paul: I bet.

Sharon: This place has been restful, and it was what I needed. Um, I've seen Patty a few times. She seems better.

Paul: Yeah, I think so. I hope so.

Sharon: You don't know?

Paul: Patty has her moments of being very lucid, and I think, "wow, you know, she's on her way back." And then in a [Snaps fingers] Blink of an eye, it's like I can see I'm totally wrong. I just wish I knew how her mind works, you know, how her thought patterns flow. I mean, just now, for instance, um, I could see that there was something she wanted to tell me, and the words just didn't come out.

Sharon: Well, maybe next time. You know, if you're patient, maybe she'll eventually open up.

Patty: Dr. Anderson? I need some reassurance and advice.

Dr. Anderson: Of course, Patty.

Patty: My brother Paulie was here, and I didn't tell him what I heard about Sharon not being pregnant. But it's his son's baby, Paulie's grandchild. Yes, I know I learned the information by eavesdropping, and I know that was wrong, but telling my brother would be right, wouldn't it?

Dr. Anderson: Patty, I don't --

Patty: Okay, wait. There's another part of my question. Um... if I do tell him the truth, he may think I'm fibbing or worse. Mentally unwell or paranoid. And I'm not. Am I? I heard what I heard.

Dr. Anderson: Patty, I'm gonna share some information with you. I'm taking a risk here, but I think you need to understand the situation so that you can work through this issue with confidence and clarity.

Patty: What's the information?

Dr. Anderson: I had a pregnancy test run on Sharon.

Adam: We got through the worst of this, right? You know who I am. This time, you know, we can get through this.

Chelsea: Who you are is a compulsive liar. You chose attacking your father over being with your son. You're an awful son, Adam, and now an awful father.

Adam: I really wish you wouldn't have said that.

Chelsea: And apparently a really bad human being. I mean, "forget Delia"?

Adam: Baby, I didn't -- that's not --

Chelsea: I'm so sick of your words and your lies and your excuses. You have to leave me alone, or I swear I will be the one to take Connor and run somewhere, and you won't be able to find us.

Adam: I'm gonna -- I'm gonna go and I'm gonna shut down paragon, okay? I'm gonna find a way. I'm gonna do that, I'm gonna come back here, and we're gonna talk. Listen to me. Hey. We're gonna talk, and we're gonna work this out, okay?

Chelsea: The virus is unstoppable. You said so yourself.

Adam: I don't care what I said, Chelsea. I'm gonna go fix it. And then I'm gonna come back here and I'm gonna show you that we deserve this chance. We can work this out, okay? Okay?

Chelsea: We never had a chance, Adam. Never. There was always something in our way because you put it there. Victor, Sharon, Delia, the lies. So many lies. We never had a chance. I see that now. And I... I accept it.

Adam: What are you doing?

Chelsea: I don't want this anymore.

Adam: What are you doing?

Chelsea: [Sobs]

Ian: I'm so glad you could make it. Please. Join me?

Patty: Sharon!

Sharon: [Gasps]

Patty: Oh! I'm sorry! I'm sorry. I should have knocked, right? That's appropriate behavior. Next time, I promise.

Sharon: Um, you just missed Paul. If you hurry, you can find him.

Patty: Oh, no. Uh, we need to talk. I did something bad, and it was wrong. But now I'm right, and so are you.

Sharon: I don't understand.

Patty: I thought that you were lying about giving Paulie a grandchild. But you weren't. You're having a little one after all.

Sharon: W-- I --

Patty: The blood test, the blood test. It -- it's a secret, but families don't keep secrets. And we're family, and the tests proved that you were pregnant.

Sharon: How did you -- no, never mind. It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. Nothing matters.

Patty: You -- you're not mad at me, are you?

Sharon: Mad? Patty, no! We're family!

Patty: [Laughs]

Sharon: Dylan and I are gonna have a baby!

Patty: Yay! [Laughs]

Billy: Eh. Of course you're here.

Jack: What's wrong, Billy? You don't want any witnesses?

Billy: Nice of Kyle to rat me out to daddy. Look, it's like I told him. His vote doesn't count. Newman assets went up for sale. I bought them. End of story. You abdicated the throne, so...

Jack: And I'm still on the board, and I will always protect this family.

Billy: Protect this family from what, jack? From me? Certainly not the enemy, right? Look, I'm the hero tonight.

Jack: You're making knee-jerk decisions 'cause it's fun to antagonize Victor. That's not leadership. That's carelessness.

Billy: Thanks, jack.

Jack: I know you think it feels good. It might even feel good right now. It's a cheap fix. It won't last. Billy, I know you've had a tough couple of years.

Billy: No, no, no. No. You don't do that. You don't use Delia to try and slap me down. Look, I made good financial decisions. This is exactly what Victor would do if the tables were turned.

Jack: That's where this is wrong. See, any time you can say "that's what Victor would do," do the opposite. We're better than he is.

Billy: Yes! Yes, we are! We are better than Victor, which is why we're gonna take him down and make sure he doesn't get back up.

Victoria: Right now, stopping the virus is a priority for all of us, dad.

Abby: Granted, I'm no tech geek, but what if we shut down the server? All the laptops, computers?

Victor: Sweetheart, with all due respect, the virus has deeply penetrated the system, okay? It can't just be turned on and off. It's in remote servers that have already stolen the necessary data from all the memory banks.

Abby: Okay, okay. That's -- that's very complicated. So while we wait for the new experts, what if we distract the media with an announcement or a publicity stunt?

Victoria: A stunt? Oh, that's a great idea. What are you gonna do? Ride around on your horsey naked while the rest of the world focuses on that and not a multi-national freefall?

Abby: Well, Victoria, it's called brainstorming.

Victor: Please stop all the babble right now! Damn it! Don't have time for this!

Abby: Sorry. I'm sorry. You need me to be more practical and logical.

Victor: Will you stop it, sweetheart? You were the first victim of that virus. You thought the uptick in Chelsea's sales had to do with your genius? Are you kidding me or what?

Abby: Are you saying this is my fault?

Victor: Stop it! I don't want to deal with your moods or your hurt feelings!

Abby: There's the answer. [Scoffs] Thanks.

Victor: Someone is ruining my company! Damn it! You want to follow her, too?!

Victoria: What do you need me to do, dad?

Ian: Phyllis, please. Sit down.

Phyllis: You know me now. That's lovely. Awhile ago, you lied right to my face.

Ian: My deception pained you, that I would deny our friendship. You know, it touched me that our connection means so much to you.

Phyllis: Yeah, do you have anything that you want to say to me before I call the cops and have you hauled off to prison?

Ian: Our connection means a lot to me, too, Phyllis. I loved our talks and the time that we spent together. Believe me, in another universe, I might have taught you how to make trout almondine.

Phyllis: I don't understand how I didn't notice you're completely off your rocker.

Ian: Wait. Wait. If my deception wounded you, this next bit of news is going to break your heart.

Phyllis: You open your mouth and garbage spews right out of it. All that time and attention to weasel information out of me about my husband and the paragon project.

Ian: No, no, no. Not at all. It was a sincere effort to know you. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Victor's my enemy. And he's jack's enemy, too. Especially after the way he took jack away from you.

Phyllis: What is it you think you know?

Ian: Oh, I know a lot of marvelous things. I'd love to share them all with you.

[Knock on door]

Sharon: Come in!

[Door opens]

Dr. Anderson: You look much better than earlier, Sharon.

Sharon: Yes, you know, I feel better. Actually, I feel wonderful.

Dr. Anderson: Am I correct that you've had a mood shift from earlier? I sensed a tense anxiety before, but you seem almost ebullient now.

Sharon: Oh, just needles kind of, you know, scare me a little. But, um, makes me nervous. I really do feel wonderful right now, though, dr. Anderson, and I think my time here has done exactly what I needed it to do, and I'm ready to sign out and go home.

Dr. Anderson: I understand your feeling, but we can't make that sort of decision based solely on your mood at any given moment. That would be irresponsible.

Sharon: Oh, okay. No, I get it.

Dr. Anderson: My bigger concern is that your blood work indicates it's too soon to leave.

Sharon: But I just said --

Dr. Anderson: Sharon, look, you deserve to fully understand your condition and your treatment. I'm afraid you're in the middle of a bipolar episode.

Victor: I want every member of the legal team to negate any sales instigated by this virus.

Victoria: No, listen, our internal security is handling the issue, and Newman enterprises will work as quickly as we can to resolve this issue. Yes, your business is...

Victor: Do it now!

Victoria: ...As safe as it ever has been. You have my word. Thank you.

Victor: What the hell are you doing here? Security didn't let you in.

Jack: Calm down.

Victor: Well, that way, I can throw you out.

Jack: Calm down. I didn't want your damn shipping company, and I don't want any of your other subsidiaries, not --

Victoria: Well, then, who is buying them?

Jack: You know exactly who is hitting the buy button. Look, Billy isn't listening to me. I'm counting on you to talk him down.

Victor: Look, your punk brother's getting his kicks buying up my companies. You honestly think Victoria can stop him?

Victoria: I have to try, dad.

Victor: Don't waste your breath.

Victoria: Let me try. I'll keep you posted.

Jack: Thank you.

Victor: Did I ask you to stay?

Jack: I'm waiting for you to say thank you. I just did you a favor.

Adam: Where the hell are you, Ian? Kill the virus. Do it now.

Phyllis: You got a secret that's worth my time, lay it on me. Or I can call chief Williams.

Ian: Paul? Oh, gosh. Say hi to him for me, would you?

Phyllis: If you really annoy me, I can call Victor instead.

Ian: Victor? Why would you rat me out to that cretin? Why? After what he did to you?

Phyllis: You don't ask questions. That's not how this game works. Therefore, you lose.

Ian: All right. I didn't work on the paragon project alone. I had a partner.

Phyllis: Who were you working with?

Ian: Someone who hates Victor as much as I do, as much as you should, maybe more.

Phyllis: Well, that narrows it down to a few thousand people. Victor has lots of enemies.

Ian: Well, how about this? Let's narrow it down to Victor's

dead enemies.

Phyllis: I told you, I am not playing your game.

Ian: Oh, but you will, 'cause it's so good. Go ahead and make a guess. Who do you think it is?

Phyllis: Ian, I'm not playing. Tell me who your partner is.

Ian: My brother-in-arms is none other than Victor's not-so-dearly-departed son Adam Newman, as I live and breathe.

Sharon: I honestly feel happy and healthy, but if I'm having an episode...

Dr. Anderson: This is why you checked into Fairview. Given the surge of pregnancy hormones and the fact that you were off your medications for a while, there were bound to be some issues.

Sharon: But is happiness a bad thing?

Dr. Anderson: It's neither good nor bad. I was already concerned because your blood work indicated your levels are not where they need to be.

Sharon: I didn't realize.

Dr. Anderson: It's nothing we can't handle.

Sharon: Do you think we could treat me as an outpatient? Because I'd really like to get home to Dylan and our life.

Dr. Anderson: Sharon, you feel checking into Fairview helped, right?

Sharon: Yes, so much.

Dr. Anderson: Well, then staying a little while longer just in case can't hurt.

Sharon: You're right, you're right. Um... I have to be healthy for the sake of the baby.

Dr. Anderson: Exactly. Now, look, I want you to get some rest. I have a new protocol that should help with your symptoms.

Sharon: Um, is this safe for the baby?

Dr. Anderson: Oh, absolutely. No risk whatsoever. We just want to keep your levels even.

Sharon: Oh.

Dr. Anderson: You still scared of needles?

Sharon: Um, no, I'll be fine. No, I just want to do whatever's best for the baby.

Dr. Anderson: There we go. You're a good mother, Sharon. Now, look, I want you to get some rest. This medication works quickly, so you're gonna feel it soon.

Sharon: Oh. I do feel it.

Dr. Anderson: That's good. That's good. Well, that's progress. Come here. Let's get you down. There you go. Just rest, okay, Sharon? Just rest.

[Door opens]

[Door closes]

Victor: What? Are you gonna wait for me to say thank you? Ain't gonna happen.

Jack: Well, maybe an apology is in order. Paragon was Ian's little project, not mine, not the Abbotts, this looming threat that you had to fight right away by leaving me to die on an island while you replaced me with Marco. You were wrong, Victor. Completely, totally, dead wrong. And I paid a terrible price for it.

Victor: And now you want to watch my company fail. Is that it?

Jack: No! I want to stop this virus! Hell, I want to end all this insanity for the sake of us, for the sake of our families, our companies, our children, our grandchildren. Enough, already!

Victor: There will never be peace between us. Never! Because it's not only Ian ward who is involved in this, but someone close to your family or close to you! I feel it in my gut!

Adam: Come on, come on.

[Cell phone rings]

Ian: Hello, my friend.

Adam: Ian, where the hell are you? I told you this virus dies tonight. Now, I don't care how you do it. You make it happen. You understand?

Ian: Apologies for being so unreachable earlier. I just had a lovely tęte-ŕ-tęte with a redhead.

Adam: Ian, you listen to me. I swear to god, if you hurt Phyllis...

Ian: Relax. I wouldn't dream of doing that. No, we had a very open and frank discussion. I didn't cause any injuries... to Phyllis.

Billy: Oh, wow. They really sent in the cavalry, didn't they? Go ahead. Take your best shot. Show me the error of my ways.

Victoria: I don't have to, Billy. You know this is wrong. Newman enterprises is being attacked from inside its own computer system.

Billy: Vicki, somebody's going to buy what Newman is selling. It might as well be me instead of some stranger.

Victoria: This is not like the shipping company! You can't plead ignorance! Look, these deals are not legit, and you know it.

Billy: Actually, our legal team disagrees with you. They think that if Victor sued us that we'd win, and that's good enough for me.

Victoria: Really? You know what? I see that glow in your eye like when you're gambling. You get a high off of this, off of beating my father, but it makes you no better than that slimeball Ian ward. You're an accessory to his crime, Billy!

Billy: Okay, okay. So let's just say this is happening to jabot. And Victor goes on a buying spree. What then?

Victoria: I would tell him to stop! I would tell him it was wrong, is what I would do.

Billy: You would?

Victoria: Yeah, I would.

Billy: You know what I think? I think you'd come up with a million explanations and reasons. You'd say Victor's Victor and he does what he does. Well, guess what? I'm me. And I do what I do.

Chelsea: I have to talk to Billy.

Victoria: Chelsea, now is not the time. Please.

Chelsea: It is the time. This can't wait. It's about Adam.

Patty: Sharon. Little mother-to-be. Did the baby make you tired? Okay, you need your rest.

Sharon: Medicine...

Patty: Doc broke out the hard stuff? Well, look what I made you. I made you booties for your baby. Have you thought about any names? Paulie and I have "p" names, and I was thinking maybe Penelope or Patrick, piper.

[Door opens]

Dr. Anderson: Patty! What are you doing in here?

[Door closes]

Adam: What did you do to Phyllis?

Ian: Oh, she is a hell of a woman. I would never do anything to hurt her. As for you, my friend...

Adam: Me? You threatening me?

Ian: [Chuckles] It's too late for that, I'm afraid.

Adam: Put paragon out of commission, and do it now.

Ian: You have some sort of resistance to reality, don't you? I've told you a million times paragon can't be stopped. Them's the breaks, bud, right? So goodbye, Gabriel Bingham. Rest in peace. [Chuckles] You are punctual and efficient, Paul. You certainly changed since your misspent youth. [Chuckles] Can we move this along, please? It's pasta night at the prison hospital.

Paul: Well, Ian ward, I have the pleasure to inform you that due to your obvious good health, you've been released from the prison hospital. Not to worry. We have a cell in maximum security for you. Get him out of here.

Ian: Does this mean no pasta?

Victoria: Okay, what is there to say about Adam? We don't really have time to deal with this. We're handling a crisis right now.

Billy: Disagree there's a crisis. Agree not talking about Adam.

Chelsea: This is something you need to hear, Billy. Please.

Victoria: Did you not hear me? We don't have time for this. Go. Now.

Chelsea: Adam's alive. He didn't die in that car crash.

Billy: Is -- is this some kind of sick joke or something, Chelsea?

Chelsea: He's alive. And in town. And calling himself Gabriel Bingham.

Jack: That's right, Victor. Keep finding enemies everywhere you look. The whole world's against you.

Phyllis: There are enemies everywhere he looks.

Jack: Hey. What are you doing here? Is it summer?

Phyllis: This has been a very big puzzle, and I think I have the last piece. Things that didn't make sense are starting to.

Victor: What the hell are you talking about?

Phyllis: I wish that there was another way I could say this to you.

Victor: Spit it out or get out.

Phyllis: Adam isn't dead, Victor.

Victor: What do you mean, Adam isn't dead? That's absurd.

Phyllis: I know how it sounds. It sounds impossible. But your son is alive.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Nick: Tell me you didn't know that Adam was alive.

Phyllis: You've not only been lying to me. What about your brother?

Billy: You know what, Adam?

Victor: Enough!

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