Y&R Transcript Tuesday 9/29/15


Episode # 10764 ~ Adam orders Ian to put a stop to the Paragon Project; Neil loses control; Jack & Billy find themselves in hot water.

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Devon: So she's alive? Hilary is alive?

Dylan: And she's here in town.

Devon: [Sighs]

Paul: Listen, we don't know that for sure. We don't know anything for sure. But you think the pilot was telling the truth?

Dylan: No doubt in my mind that he was.

Devon: If Hilary was on a gurney, then she's injured or sick.

Michael: Who arranged the flight?

Dylan: Pilot says he doesn't know. He met with EMTs on the island, got paid in cash.

Devon: Then where was she taken? Is she at a hospital or a clinic?

Dylan: The EMTs picked her up at the airport, so she's gotten help. At least it's something.

Michael: The pilot just went on his way? That's blatant negligence.

Paul: Well, if that's what happened, I want every word, every detail double-checked.

Michael: There's another thing to consider. Perhaps Hilary woke up on her own and arranged her own return to Genoa city.

Devon: She wouldn't have done that without contacting me.

Michael: Then we need to find out who knew Hilary was from Genoa City and Virgin Gorda and why they would return her home without telling anybody.

Devon: Because they're trying to keep me away from my wife. And whoever is doing that, when I find them, I'm gonna tear them apart.

Neil: What did I pay you to do? To fly a plane and keep your mouth shut!

Pilot: And I told you that McAvoy guy was in my face. Everybody and their brother wants to know where the billionaire's wife is. It's all over the news. They're eyeing the guy for murder charges, and his wife is alive. I'm not going down for any of this.

Neil: Which is why you need to leave town right now.

Pilot: And look like I've got something to hide? No way.

Neil: You do have something to hide. You took the money. You did the job. There was no registered flight plan. So you need to leave town until this thing blows over. Do you hear me?

Pilot: Or I cut a deal with the cops and cover my backside.

Neil: Now, that would be a very bad idea. That's right. You're wasting my time and yours. Leave now. People think I'm in new York. If this thing unravels, you're gonna get a slap on the wrist. You know what's gonna happen to me? I'm gonna lose my freedom, and I'm not gonna allow that to happen.

Victoria: This is outrageous. You can't lead him away like a criminal. Where's your warrant?

Officer: FBI ordered you picked up on federal cyber charges.

Billy: What do we got? Yadda, yadda, yadda. "Computer fraud, economic espionage, trespassing against Newman enterprises." Of course.

Abby: Okay, listen, my sister and I are Newman enterprises, and this is ridiculous. Call the FBI and tell them it was a mistake.

Billy: Guys, this isn't your fault. You got sucked into the Victor Newman vortex of destruction.

Officer: We're bringing you in.

Abby: No, stop! This isn't right. I protest. If you take him, you have to take me, too, and you do not want to do that.

Victor: You're my family. But I will not allow you to call me or anyone else a liar. Do you understand that?

Noah: As if that's the worst part. Not that you hired a man that looks just like jack to impersonate him, left jack stranded on a damn island. Those aren't bad enough?

Jack: Wait, wait. Where did you get all this from?

Noah: You know exactly where I got it from. Same woman who saved you on that freighter.

Jack: I don't know what Marisa told you.

Noah: What are you gonna say? You gonna say she made it up, jack?

Jack: No, there are different perspectives, Noah.

Noah: That's right. Yeah, I know your perspective. Your perspective is to pretend like nothing happened. But there were two jack Abbotts in this town, and people deserve to know. They need to know that my grandfather is responsible for putting every single person that I care about in danger.

Phyllis: Fred's a friend. He's a widower.

Summer: Mom, that guy is not Fred. His name is Ian ward. He is a cult leader.

Phyllis: What are you talking about?

Summer: It all happened last year when you were -- when you were gone.

Phyllis: When I was in a coma? Baby, it's okay to say I was in a coma. What happened?

Summer: I met him here, here in this park.

Phyllis: Fred?

Summer: Yes.

Phyllis: What do you mean, you met him here? Did he try to hurt you?

Summer: No, no, it wasn't physical. You know how lost I was after your accident. And Ian seemed to have all the answers for me. He was easy to talk to, he was kind, he was understanding, he was supportive.

Phyllis: He was an instant friend. Oh, my god.

Summer: Mom, Mom, Ian used to run a cult called the path. He used me by getting close to me so he could blackmail grandma.

Phyllis: Why? Did he want her money?

Summer: No, they used to know each other. Grandma was in his cult when she was about my age.

Phyllis: They have a history?

Summer: Yes, and not a good one. He came to town so he could pretend to be Dylan's father, and then he tried to drug Mariah and try to get her to marry him!

Phyllis: What?!

Summer: It was disgusting, Mom! They finally locked that psycho up! I don't know how he got out! Oh, my God, Grandpa is gonna freak out when he finds out. [Sighs]

Phyllis: Victor. That's exactly why Ian's here.

Adam: Hey-ey! Boy, you are really something, you know, just rolling around town like someone who's not supposed to be incarcerated.

Ian: Indeed I am.

Adam: Let me tell you something. If you have some sick desire to go back to three hots and a cot a day, be my guest.

Ian: [Chuckles]

Adam: But you're not bringing me down with you, okay?

Ian: Adam, breathe, all right, as I did. I simply went out to get some of that glorious, fresh, autumnal air.

Adam: Autumnal?

Ian: Uh-huh.

Adam: Ah. Okay. You saw Phyllis, didn't you?

Ian: I thought it would be cruel to abandon her without saying a word. And suspicious, too, don't you think? There's been enough of that going around.

Adam: Meaning what?

Ian: Somebody poured poison in her ear. They tipped her off that maybe I was behind paragon. You have any idea who would betray me in such an underhanded manner?

Neil: Hey, go on. Get out of here. You'll know when it's the right time to come back.

Pilot: The billionaire's wife better recover, because if she doesn't, I am not going down as an accessory to murder.

Neil: Hey, hey, hey. You don't say that word. She's not gonna die. I'm not gonna allow that. Now go on. Get out of here. [Sighs]

Paul: Okay, job one. We need to find the pilot before he snakes out of town.

Dylan: Okay, Paul, I'm sorry. I had a shot, and I took it. At least we know that Hilary was alive when she landed in Genoa city.

Paul: You know what, Dylan? I hope you're right, but we do not know that. That's just speculation. We need confirmation. We need proof.

Devon: Well, then get it. 'Cause Dylan has gotten us this far. We know she's here. We know she's alive. We have to find her now.

Paul: That's really hard to do until we find the pilot.

Michael: If you'll excuse me. Uh, because of the new information about the pilot, Christine has informed me that the D.A.'S office will not be pressing assault charges.

Devon: Does that mean I'm free to go look for Hilary?

Paul: Yeah, go. Get out of here.

Michael: It does not mean you're free to take the law into your own hands! And he's not listening to me.

Dylan: What do you expect him to do? Sit around and wait for somebody to find his wife? I couldn't do it. Could either of you?

Paul: Okay, I'm gonna get an APB out on Hilary right away, very quietly. No radio broadcasts. I don't want to tip anyone off and risk Hilary's life.

Michael: If Devon finds Hilary, who knows what condition she'll be in. I can just feel this whole thing spiraling out of control as we speak. If we're finished here, excuse me.

Paul: Michael, you're not going anywhere. We have another crisis we have to deal with now.

Michael: What?!

Billy: Abs, thank you. Now please shut up.

Abby: And just let them haul you in? Never! It's a miscarriage of justice.

Victoria: Okay, hold on. Listen, it's not the first time that one of us has been arrested. We'll just get in our car and we'll follow Billy down to the station. We'll deal with it there, all right?

Abby: Why? Why should we just accept the status quo? Justice demands us not to sit idly by.

Billy: Where is she getting this from?

Victoria: Her naked heiress days. She spent a lot of time being indignant, as well as a lot of time being naked.

Officer: Excuse me, ma'am.

Victoria: Do not touch her!

Abby: And don't call me ma'am!

Billy: Hey, hey, how about we all just settle down here, okay?

Victoria: Take your hands off of her!

Officer: You can't do that, lady! Now all of you are under arrest.

Victoria: What?

Billy: Nice. Fantastic.

Victoria: That's great.

Jack: Victor went over the line with Marco. No one is questioning this. But it happened to me, Noah. To me. No one else. I get to decide who knows this and who doesn't.

Noah: You're not the only victim here, jack, so stop pretending like you are, okay? The only reason why you don't want everybody to know is because the things that you did to stay alive could put you in jail, all right?

Jack: We are talking about extradition. We are talking about totally unreliable foreign court systems. I am not about to subject myself to that.

Noah: Sure, of course. To hell with accountability, right? Because the lie is always the fallback for both of you.

Victor: Noah, hold your horses. You do not know the whole story.

Noah: I know enough. Like when you bribed Marisa to stay away from me, you didn't do that to protect me. You did it to protect you and all these secrets.

Victor: Listen to me. Marisa should never have told you what she knows. You being involved with Marco Annicelli puts you at risk. That's enough reason for you to not feel any affection or love for that woman.

Jack: Whoa, whoa, whoa. There your grandfather and I disagree.

Victor: Well, we do.

Jack: Look, I don't like that Marisa told you this, but she's a good woman and she saved my life.

Noah: There was a crime lord in town, jack, pretending to be summer's stepfather. He was using your face, your name. And you don't have the courage to stand up and let it be known?

Jack: Wait, wait, wait a minute. I was kept from my wife and my family for months. I'm not doing that again, not for Marco, not for Victor, not for you, not for anyone! This is my call! This happened to me! And keeping it close to the vest keeps us free and everyone else safer. That includes Marisa.

Noah: Well, unfortunately, that argument doesn't work for me because here's the thing, jack. I don't give a damn about Marisa or anybody else anymore. The only thing that I care about is the truth coming out. And if you're not gonna make that happen, I am.

Victor: Noah, slow down. You're not going anywhere.

Adam: What are you asking me? If I gave Phyllis the heads up?

Ian: Hmm.

Adam: Yeah. Yeah, I did. Because you went off script, "Fred." I didn't get you out of prison so you could expand your social circle.

Ian: Oh. And it was a lovely perk, too. And no thanks to you, I quashed her concerns handily.

Adam: Hmm. Well, maybe for now. But you know what, Fred? Phyllis is smart. She's smart and she's stubborn.

Ian: Yes, she is. And full of life and fire.

Adam: Okay, listen to me. Maybe she doesn't know who you are, all right? But did you ever stop to think, you know, her friends, her family, they know your face,

Fred. They know your face, and they hate your guts.

Ian: That's a toxic emotion, hatred, a prison of the mind.

Adam: A prison of the mind, yeah. Let's talk about who got you out of actual prison, paid off the right guard, right, got the right inmate to go to your prison hospital bed. Who did that? That was me. I made that happen.

Ian: Didn't I send a thank-you note? Huh? My bad.

Adam: Listen to me. Listen. If the wrong person walks into that hospital, you and I get busted, so here's what you're gonna do, all right? You're gonna follow this to the "T." You're gonna go back into that apartment, all right? You're gonna go back into that apartment. You're gonna stay there. And you're not gonna open the door, not even for takeout. Do you understand me?

Ian: This is my path to justice and vengeance, all right? I am the paragon of retribution.

Adam: Yeah, we've heard all this before, and I've been listening to it, and I need you to ease up.

Ian: No, I'm not gonna ease up! I sat in that cell, and the one thing that kept me going was the visions of Victor suffering, all right? I want all those visions made real, and I want to watch.

Adam: Okay. We're pulling the plug on paragon. That's happening right now.

Ian: Or we could do something else entirely. [Chuckles]

Victor: I know all of this is a shock to you, okay? I'm sorry you're to learn all this. But let me tell you something. As head of this family, I'm always concerned about everyone's security. If you share this information that you learned today with anyone, you will cause more damage than has already been done.

Noah: Damage to who?

Victor: All of us.

Noah: This lie protects you and Jack. That's it.

Jack: Listen to me, Noah. I know how you feel. There were many times I wanted everyone to know. That was my pride and my ego talking. To keep the people safe that we love, we have to keep quiet.

Noah: Because lying equates to love?

Jack: No! Because danger still exists. It's contained, yes, but it still exists. We have to stay quiet. Look, your grandfather and I agree on this. That should tell you how important it is.

[Knock on door]

Noah: I really hope that that's summer right now, so the both of you can look her in the eye and explain to her exactly why her husband is really dead.

Victor: This is not summer. It's the authorities. Jack and I may agree on the whole Marco Annicelli situation, but we disagree about almost everything else.

Jack: Wait a minute. Who is at that door?

Victor: They're here to arrest your ass.

Neil: Here we are again. You lay in this bed and me sitting right here begging you to wake up. Hey. Just open your eyes, and this whole nightmare will end. Please. Come on.

[Cell phone rings]

Neil: Hello?

Gwen: Hey. I just wanted to see how your meeting went.

Neil: Yeah, it was fine. It was productive. I wasn't sure that I would hear from you today, so, I mean, with the time difference between Wisconsin and new York.

Gwen: Yeah. The time difference.

Neil: Yeah, I-I have to run. I'll be in touch when I get back to town, all right?

Gwen: Okay. Sounds good.

Lily: Hey. What's wrong?

Gwen: It's Neil. The lies just keep piling up, and now it's about where he is and what he's doing.

Lily: Where he is? What do you mean? He's not in new York?

Gwen: Lily, he's hiding out here in Genoa city.

Ian: Your weakness and capitulation is a shame, Adam. But paragon cannot be contained.

Adam: Sure it can. Ian, it's a bunch of code. It's numbers on a screen. You hit delete, and the thing is gone.

Ian: You know, the fear of Victor runs so deep in you. If only you and I had met before that infection took root.

Adam: I'm not afraid of anyone, let alone Victor Newman.

Ian: Hmm.

Adam: I'll find a way to get to him. I'll do it without you.

Ian: You gonna dissolve our alliance?

Adam: Let me just put it to you in your speak, if I could, okay? This plan...

Ian: Yeah?

Adam: ...Is enabling this rage monster inside of you, this thing that wants to destroy Victor Newman and everyone and everything around him. What we need to do, 'Kay, is breathe. Just go ahead and breathe through that. You know what I mean? So we can adapt and we can transform that rage monster into a beautiful, little butterfly that just flutters in and shuts this thing down, man!

Ian: Revenge comes at a cost, and deep down, you know that. You got the fear virus got ahold of you, man.

Adam: Let me tell you something. We're gonna shut down the paragon virus right now.

Ian: I'm afraid that's not possible. Along with your fear, the paragon has become its own beast. It wiggles and it weaves of its own accord. I couldn't stop it now if I wanted to. And I don't want to. Not one little bit. It's gonna be a hell of a show, folks. [Laughs] A hell of a show.

Jack: I know you think you're doing your job, but this is Victor Newman yanking this department's chain.

Billy: Told them. Didn't matter.

Jack: Victor had you arrested, too?

Abby: All of us.

Jack: What the hell is going on here?

Billy: Well, technically the mustache only had me arrested, but Victoria and Abby decided to tag along for fun.

Abby: We were defending his honor.

Jack: And they said chivalry was dead.

Victoria: It's just all a misunderstanding.

Jack: Of course it is. Now, we will all walk out of here together the moment the investigator realizes jabot had nothing to do with this paragon virus.

Billy: Yeah, I wonder where they got the idea of our guilt to begin with.

Paul: Oh, Victor tipped off the feds. And believe me, if they ordered all these arrests, they have supporting evidence to link the virus to jabot.

Abby: That can't be.

Billy: No, no, of course not, because Victor would never plant evidence or bribe someone or manipulate a situation like this. No. Never.

Dylan: I'm not a lawyer, but you guys should stop talking.

Michael: I am a lawyer, and I agree entirely.

Victoria: Michael, can you please get us out of here?

Michael: It depends on what you did and who you did it to.

Abby: There's a slight possibility that we may have interfered with an officer making an arrest.

Michael: All right, please, please stop talking. [Chuckling] You know, for a relatively intelligent family, you're being very dim.

Billy: They thought they were helping me.

Abby: And this is the thanks we get.

Michael: All right, I might be able to help you two, but federal charges are a separate issue.

Abby: But we're his alibi.

Victoria: We're his character witnesses.

Jack: Who is getting me out of here? No one? Oh, this is great.

Dylan: You guys keep talking like it's a good idea.

Michael: The paragon virus came from somewhere, and if the FBI has evidence, it points here. This is where they're gonna be --

Phyllis: You get these cuffs off my husband right now. He is not behind the paragon project. It is all Ian ward.

Lily: Wait, my dad didn't go out of town? So he really is drinking again, then.

Gwen: I just saw him in the park with another man, and I couldn't hear what they were saying, but it was intense.

Lily: Yeah, but you didn't talk to him, so maybe there's a reason. Maybe -- maybe someone canceled or he missed his flight.

Gwen: I just called him. I gave him a chance to come clean, and he pretended to be in new York.

Lily: Look, I...I told you to move forward with my dad 'cause I thought he could use the support, but maybe he can't handle it. That's why he lied about being in new York.

Gwen: I don't think this was a little lie to avoid seeing me. And between this and him admitting he's drinking and then secretly working on the lake house?

Lily: I know. I think he's just been really stressed out since Hilary went missing. And I thought he was handling it, but obviously he's not. I just wish that he would help us --

Devon: Lily, Hilary is alive, and she's here in town.

Lily: What?

Devon: Somebody flew her from virgin Gorda to Dallas to here. She was unconscious, but she's alive.

Gwen: Where is she?

Devon: We don't know. She's close by. Somebody brought her home. We just have to find her.

Gwen: Wait, when was she flown back to Genoa city?

Devon: It was the same day she went missing. Why? Do you know something?

Paul: You know what? Ian ward is in prison.

Summer: He was strolling through the park right now.

Paul: You saw him?

Summer: Yes, I just saw him. I promise you I wouldn't forget what he looks like.

Jack: Ward contacted you?

Phyllis: Jack --

Jack: I swear, if he said -- as so much as said your name --

Phyllis: You were right about Fred. He is not some innocent widower fisherman. It was Ian trying to fake me out.

Abby: Wait. So he was pretending to be some guy named Fred? How could you not know who he was?

Summer: Well, my mom was in the coma. We didn't fill her in on what had happened, so she had no idea who she was dealing with.

Phyllis: Yeah, he was completely friendly, tossing wisdom around like it was manure on rose bushes.

Dylan: Well, that's his game. How'd he get out of prison?

Phyllis: Who knows? But let's think about the timing. It's the same night that jack and Billy were hauled in for that paragon virus.

Dylan: So ward is behind the attack on Victor.

Phyllis: Yeah. And he's all too happy to see the Abbotts go down for it.

Paul: You know what? I would throttle the predator myself if I saw him. But I can't release all of you just based on summer's word.

Michael: Then prepare for me to file brief after brief, because jack and Billy Abbott are now my clients.

Paul: Michael, hold on to your briefs. I will contact the prison and find out if Ian ward is on the loose. And the rest of you, stay put and try not to rack up any more charges while I make the call.

Jack: We should have told you. I know. You were gone. It was a dark time.

Summer: It was embarrassing, and it was awful, and I really thought that we were past all of it.

Phyllis: Whether I knew about him or not, when am I such a sucker? Actually fell for the poor guy's sob story about his late wife.

Summer: Well, Ian is an expert at making people trust him. This is not your fault that this happened.

Jack: He was in our cabin. He's in our town. He's free. And I'm handcuffed and can't get out of here.

Phyllis: Look, I don't know what else I could do to get you out of these charges, honey. I'm sorry.

Jack: There's only one person who can make this end sooner rather than later.

Noah: One minute you two are on the same side, and the next you're having the guy hauled off in handcuffs.

Victor: What the police do is not under my control.

Noah: And yet you're probably the reason why jack's behind a cell right now.

Victor: You have to understand that jack and the Abbotts brought this onto themselves. They introduced a virus into the Newman enterprises' computer system to bring us down.

Noah: And that's all that matters, isn't it, is just profit and loss. To hell with human lives.

Victor: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. You bet I paid attention to profit and loss when I built this company from the ground up. That's why you were born into the riches you were born into!

Noah: I need to know what happened. I need to know the story, okay? Please. What happened? Harding confessed to killing Courtney and Austin.

Victor: And he did.

Noah: Why? For himself? Or was it because him and Marco were working together?

Victor: Noah, I'm very sorry about all that you know now about all this. Wish you didn't. Not because it reflects badly on me, but because it puts you in danger. Marco Annicelli is a bad dude. Very, very deeply sorry about what happened to summer's husband and to your fiancée, Courtney. She was a beautiful girl. I wish I could undo it all. But I can't. What's done is done. And I want you to know... that I regret it deeply.

Adam: We created the virus. We can kill it. Now go get your guy and get it done.

Ian: You know, it's magical the way computer technology works. Yes, my colleague mapped out all of the ones and the zeroes for the program. But now it's become a living creature with a mind of its own. We cut it in half, and like a worm, the two halves just keep on moving. It's twice the chaos. It's indestructible, really. It's marvelous.

Adam: Okay, I've heard about enough of this, all right? I'm gonna get my laptop. You're gonna get yours. We're gonna put them together, and we're gonna figure this out. [Grunts]

Ian: I told you, Adam. I don't take orders. [Chuckles]

Lily: Look, we don't have answers. What we should be asking is who brought Hilary home and why didn't they tell anyone?

Devon: I don't know. And it's driving me crazy, though, that she's so close and I can't get to her.

Gwen: I hope more than anything that she's back home safe with you as soon as possible. My thoughts are with both of you.

Lily: Thank you.

Dylan: Thank you.

Gwen: I'll let you be alone.

Lily: Thanks.

Devon: Oh, my gosh. I can't believe all the time that I've wasted going back and forth to virgin Gorda and sending Cane and accusing the cops down there of not doing enough, and she's been here the whole damn time.

Lily: Listen to me. The important thing is, is that you didn't lose hope. You said that you would know if she was gone, and you're right. She's not.

Devon: I've always known she's alive. And she's here, and I'm going to find her.

Dylan: After what Ian ward did to Nikki and summer...

Abby: And Mariah, "here comes the bride." No wonder she's such a freak.

Victoria: Humiliating mom with diaries from when she was young and confused.

Dylan: And all those claims he was my father.

Jack: He managed just to get that close to Phyllis after nearly brainwashing summer.

Michael: He's a menace and conniving enough to execute an elaborate revenge plan, but to get out of prison?

Jack: Oh, I wouldn't put anything past him. I'm sure he convinced that guard that releasing him was part of his path.

Billy: And launch a sneak attack on Newman enterprises, conveniently letting us look like the hacker.

Paul: Okay, whoever summer saw, we can't confirm it was Ian ward.

Jack: No, if summer said she saw him, that's who she saw.

Paul: Well, according to the warden, Ian is presently in a prison hospital room being treated for a chronic condition, and he has no computer access.

Abby: Wait, then who was in the park with Phyllis?

Paul: Well, I intend to find out. But I think it's safe to assume whoever initiated the virus didn't do it from a prison hospital room.

Summer: He's back.

Noah: Marco?

Summer: No. Ian ward. I just saw him.

Noah: I thought he was in jail.

Summer: Yeah, well, he escaped. Noah, that's how much he hates us. He escapes from prison, and instead of running away and laying low, he comes here -- to destroy us and to hurt grandpa.

Noah: Well, you know what? There's a lot of people that want to hurt grandpa. You know why? Because he doesn't give a damn about anyone or anything.

Summer: What -- what happened? Why are you so mad right now?

Victor: So jack Abbott and his punk brother are finally arrested? I'll be damned. And Interpol is doing everything they can to make sure that Ashley comes back to America? Good. So the Abbotts are about to pay for their crimes. Excuse me.

Phyllis: You need to put the phone down, and you need to hear this.

Victor: Don't you ever barge into my office and give me orders! Get the hell out of here!

Phyllis: I have information about paragon. I have information. You need to hear this.

Victor: Excuse me for a moment. I need to deal with a nuisance here, all right? I'll get back to you later. Yep. Keep me updated on Ashley. What is it?

Phyllis: Ian ward is behind the paragon project.

Victor: What do you mean, Ian ward? Ian ward is in prison.

Phyllis: Ian ward was at chancellor park. My daughter identified him. Your granddaughter, who you adore, swore she saw him. From what I hear about this guy, weaseling out of prison is part of his skill set.

Victor: She saw Ian ward?

Phyllis: He is behind the virus, Victor. He is behind the market fluctuations, the shipping company, not the Abbotts. Not jack.

Victor: Are you serious? This is true?

Phyllis: It is. And you need to find him. And after what he did to my daughter, however you want to handle him, it works for me.

Neil: They know you're here, right here in town. Devon and Paul, they have enough resources and manpower to look for you house to house if they want to. Dylan's asking questions. Everybody's asking questions. Everybody -- everybody wants to find you, understandably so. But they can't. They can't find you until you wake up. There's too much, way too much to misinterpret. I have to make a move. I have to make a move. God help us if it's the wrong one.

Gwen: Emma.

Emma: Hey.

Gwen: Hi. Sorry I couldn't ask on the phone.

Emma: Oh, it's okay, but we do need to talk fast because I'm on break from my shift.

Gwen: Okay. Do you remember when your hospital badge went missing?

Emma: Yeah, and we thought Neil did it.

Gwen: Um, did any supplies go missing? Any drugs or painkillers?

Emma: Some random stuff -- supplies, some TPN.

Gwen: What's that?

Emma: Uh, total parenteral nutrition. It's iv nutrition for when a patient can't eat. But there's no way to get high off that, so if Neil did steal my badge, it was for nothing.

Victor: And summer is certain this was Ian ward?

Phyllis: Yep. She was practically shaking after she told me.

Victor: Wow. Well, he obviously came back into town to wreak havoc. But he's not gonna do damage to me and my family.

Phyllis: I think that revenge and justice are awesome, but you know what? You need to get jack out of jail first.

Victor: Well, how will I do that?

Phyllis: Because you have to drop the charges, Victor. Come on.

Victor: Phyllis, if Ian ward is indeed roaming the streets, why do I think that he may not be working with the Abbotts? They're not absolved of any crimes.

Phyllis: You wouldn't know about Ian ward if I hadn't told you. You think it's just a coincidence he's walking around now? No. Victor, you owe me. Let Jack go.

Adam: [Groans] [Sighs] [Sniffs] Hey, Ian. You got a choice. You can either help me put an end to this paragon virus, I give you a free pass on the cheap shot, or you can be looking over your shoulder for the rest of your life. But you can't run from me. I'll find you.

Paul: I've got some good news for you. That was my contact at the FBI. The computer-fraud charges are being dropped.

Jack: Oh.

Billy: Finally, somebody gets it right.

Victoria: What happened? Did they find Ian ward?

Michael: Victor had jack and Billy arrested. We can assume he had them unarrested, as well.

Billy: Lurch does not get brownie points for this.

Jack: Phyllis forced him to do this. Speaking of that, I have to get to Phyllis. Can we get these off of me?

Michael: You heard the chief. My client can walk.

Jack: Thank you. Listen, if Ian knows we're on to him, he could panic. I got to get to Phyllis.

Abby: Okay, great. So us next? [Clears throat] Hello?

Michael: The federal charges regarding cyber crime have been dropped. What you two tried to pull, that comes under another category. Excuse me.

Billy: Those two are the trouble makers. I was trying to go peacefully.

Abby: Seriously? So you're just gonna leave us here after we tried to help you?

Paul: So Ian ward has an unknown chronic condition that gets him sent to the prison hospital.

Dylan: That's pretty convenient, huh?

Paul: Yeah.

Michael: Lots of things can happen during a prisoner transfer. Papers can be misfiled, ids switched.

Paul: We have no idea how long Ian has had to, say, brainwash a guard or an orderly. We know that he plays mind games all the time.

Dylan: And all this going down the same time Hilary is missing. Ian ward preys on women.

Michael: That's his MO.

Dylan: Man, I wish I knew he was a possibility when I got the pilot to talk.

Paul: Hilary is not part of Victor's universe. We all know that Victor is the primary target for Ian ward.

Dylan: I know this is a stretch, but we learned Hilary is in town the same day we find out Ian ward is here. Coincidence?

Summer: Look, I get that you're still upset with grandpa about trying to scare off Marisa, but that doesn't mean that he deserves to be attacked.

Noah: Look, that's not it, okay? It's not all of it.

Summer: Okay, so then tell me the rest.

[Cell phone chimes]

Summer: What -- what -- what's wrong?

Noah: Marisa left town. Said she's not coming back.

Adam: Hey, listen, uh, it's not really a great time.

Jack: What's wrong? Are you okay?

Adam: Yeah. Yeah, I'll be okay.

Jack: We know who's behind paragon.

Adam: Who?

Jack: Fisherman Fred? Turns out he's really Ian ward.

Adam: Ian ward? The cult leader guy? He's behind bars.

Jack: Apparently not.

Adam: He escaped? He went after Victor and Nikki. Of course. That makes sense.

Jack: We have to find a way to shut him down before this destroys the Newmans and the Abbotts.

Victor: Warden, I really don't care about your regulations, but you're allowing a known pervert to roam the streets of Genoa City and slip through the cracks. He left your prison to endanger everyone in town, including me and my wife.

Warden: All due respect, Mr. Newman, you're wrong. I'll prove it myself. Bring him in here.

Ian: Victor, my friend. To what do I owe the pleasure?

Neil: I understand that you're not based in Genoa City, but my wife needs medical transport. Her condition requires attention that the doctors here can't give her. Okay, wait a minute. Let me explain something to you. We are private people, all right? We want her moved with discretion, and we will pay you well. Within the hour? Okay. Great. [Sighs] She'll be ready.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Paul: Experience tells me that if this person feels as though they're backed up against the wall, they just might do something even more desperate than they already have.

Adam: Baby, I made a big mistake.

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