Y&R Transcript Monday 9/28/15


Episode # 10763 ~ Victor prepares his family for battle; Noah demands answers from Marisa; Dylan makes an important discovery about Hilary.

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Devon: You don't know the whole story, all right?!

Michael: Devon, quiet. We will speak...

Devon: I'm not gonna be quiet, Michael! This is the guy you ought to be arresting! Why aren't you doing your damn job?!

Michael: Devon, listen.

Paul: Hold on a second. What's going on?

Mr. Hamilton decked this guy in the park.

Really, it's fine. I don't want to press charges. I just want to go.

Dylan: No, don't let him go.

Paul: Dylan, back off.

Dylan: You can't let him leave. He knows where Hilary is.

Neil: You know, Hilary, you have no idea how scared I was when I opened my front door and found Devon just standing there. [Exhales sharply] I can't have him coming back here ever again. I mean, he and lily are -- they're totally worried about me. They're always asking questions. And Gwen... ah, Gwen. I'd love to spend some more time with you, but I can't. I have to keep my distance right now. That's why I need to fly under the radar... let people think I'm out of town for the next few days. Yeah. [Sighs] Ah, Hilary. I'm not sure why you're not waking up. But I need you... to wake up so that you can tell everyone what happened on that island -- that I never hurt you, that I helped you and saved you. And that right there is gonna clear my name. So many lies. [Sighs] So much shame and guilt. I just want it all to stop. Hilary, do you hear me? I just want it all to stop. I need you to wake up... and make it stop.

Noah: You want to tell me everything?

Marisa: I do.

Noah: Now? Now, when we're breaking up? Now is when you want to be honest with me?

Marisa: Noah.

Noah: I mean, how much more can you be keeping from me? How many more lies can you have? You know what? Forget it. I don't even want to hear it anymore. I'm done.

Marisa: Noah, please! Listen, I love you. Okay? I want to earn back your trust. I swore I'd keep the secret, but not if it means losing you. Just -- just give me a chance.

Noah: What is this? What is so important, you had to swear to keep it quiet?

Marisa: It's about Marco and Victor and jack Abbott.

Noah: What about them?

Marisa: I know you won't want to believe the story that I'm about to tell you, but I promise on my soul... every word of it is true.

Ian: Patience. Patience. Waiting... and waiting for that glorious day when I can send Victor crashing into oblivion and reap my reward. [Chuckles] Ohh. Hello, Phyllis.

Phyllis: I am very impressed with Kyle, that he sided with you on the board vote.

Jack: Even though sanity didn't prevail?

Phyllis: Ashley and Billy taking advantage of that computer glitch, scooping up a company that Newman never intended to sell? I mean, Victor is not gonna stand for that.

Jack: I don't know what my sister Ashley is thinking.

Summer: I mean, at least you and Kyle tried to convince her to do the right thing.

Jack: Hey, we did all we could, but Billy, Ashley, and Traci voted against Kyle and me, and...this is a problem, 'cause we have just unleashed the devil. Victor is coming after the Abbott family, and I'd feel a whole lot better if we were a united front.

Billy: Jack put you in an awkward position. You had to vote with him. I don't hold it against you.

Kyle: Gee, uh, thanks, Billy. But the thing is I actually wanted to vote with dad. We should have rescinded that deal when we had the chance.

Billy: And that is why you are not running things.

Kyle: Well, same goes for you.

Billy: Actually, I am. See, Ashley put me in charge when she went to take care of those contracts in Europe.

Kyle: Well, that's insane. You can't run things. I mean, you -- you act too rashly. Sometimes you don't even think at all.

Billy: That is not true! You're fired!

Kyle: What?

Billy: Just kidding.

Kyle: Look, Billy, think about this for a moment, okay? You in charge -- is that really what's best for this company?

Billy: Actually, yes. For the time being, it is, Kyle, and if you don't like it, you can follow Abby over to Newman.

Victor: I want the Abbotts who are in charge of jabot arrested immediately.

There will have to be an investigation.

Victor: You'll have full access to everything you'll need, all right? And -- hello. My daughters Abby and Victoria. They will show you all the pertinent files having to do with the pillaging of my shipping line.

Then if it's all right with you, we'll, uh, get started.

Victor: You go right ahead.

Victoria: Hi.

Abby: Hi. Dad, what's going on? Who are those guys?

Victor: They were from the FBI.

Victoria: You're trying to have the Abbotts arrested?

Victor: All of them... including your mother.

Abby: I know that we all hate that they bought Lancelot out from under us, but the person to blame is whoever is behind the paragon hack.

Victoria: Abby's right. That's who we should be going after.

Victor: The Abbott family is behind paragon.

Devon: Paul better get the truth out of that guy. The damn kidnapper hired him to fly the plane. Does that not count for anything?

Michael: He might be charged as an accessory.

Devon: He knows where Hilary is!

Dylan: Devon, ease up. Let Michael talk. You're running out of time.

Michael: Thank you. Right now I care more about what's happening to you, Devon. The public already sees you as a murder suspect, and now you go punching some guy in the middle of the park? You're not exactly helping me to build a strong defense for you. You get me?

They're ready for your client down in booking.

Michael: All right. Devon...

Devon: Yeah, I know -- don't say anything.

Michael: Don't say any-- make that your mantra.

Devon: [Speaks indistinctly]

Michael: Son of A... listen, I warned you and Devon about investigating Hilary's disappearance on your own.

Dylan: I was trying to help.

Michael: Well, I guess we'll see soon enough whether you did or not. Meantime, I have to figure out a way to get Devon out of here.

Paul: So, you're claiming you have no knowledge of the missing woman?

I don't know this Hilary person -- never even heard about the case before. I have no clue why those guys think I flew out of virgin Gorda. Suppose the husband's got to be out of his mind, worrying, so he's grabbing at every straw, or he wants to make it look that way.

Paul: That's very understanding of you.

Like I said, chief Williams, I'm not looking to make a stink. But I also don't appreciate being treated like a criminal. So unless you've got some reason to hold me here, I'd like to be on my way.

[Cell phone rings]

Neil: Hey. I was just thinking about you.

Gwen: I don't have much time, but I just wanted to wish you good luck on your job interview.

Neil: Oh, yeah. Job interview. Thanks. My meeting's not for a few hours, so I'm about to head out of the hotel, maybe stroll through central park, maybe breeze through the met -- you know, see my favorite Rembrandt.

Gwen: That sounds nice.

Neil: Sorry I wasn't available for dinner tonight.

Gwen: Oh, no worries. Even if you would have said yes, I would have wound up canceling. Work just got crazy all of a sudden.

Neil: Yeah. Um... as soon as our schedules free up, I promise to collect on that rain check, okay?

Gwen: I look forward to it. Now I really got to go. Okay. You too. [Sighs]

Billy: Come in.

Gwen: Am I interrupting?

Billy: Uh, no. It's...fine, Gwen. What brings you by?

Gwen: I was hoping to speak with Ashley.

Billy: She's in Europe. What can I help you with?

Gwen: I just got a call from the I.R.S. Jabot's being audited.

Billy: This is clearly all Victor's doing.

Gwen: How do you want me to respond?

Billy: Mm...stall and don't give them anything yet.

Victoria: Billy has nothing to do with paragon, and if jack was behind it, why did he call a special board meeting to fight with Billy and Ashley? He wanted our company sold back to us.

Abby: Seriously, dad, no one wants another war.

Victor: Sweetheart, if you believe that, you're naive.

Victoria: Excuse me?

Victor: You both know how close that family is. Do you think if one of them was involved in the hacking of our system, the rest of the family didn't know about it? Are you kidding? Your mother, Ashley, tipped her hand by not voiding the purchase of our company for pennies on a dollar. She proves that Abbott is behind paragon.

Abby: Yeah. That's a stretch.

Victor: Oh, yeah? She didn't do anything to stop the purchase of the company, did she, knowing full well what a financial blow that will be to us?

Abby: Seriously, dad, I cannot believe that you're accusing mom of trying to ruin you.

Victor: Your mother would love to see me go down in flames! I am absolutely certain that the Abbotts are behind paragon. By the way, have you spoken to your mother?

Abby: Briefly. She called this morning to let me know that she's on her way to Europe for business.

Victor: Really? How convenient! I left her all kinds of messages, all kinds of text messages -- never got an answer. Now she left for Europe? How convenient. That, to me, proves they are behind this whole paragon project!

Abby: Dad, no. You are wrong. And I will not let you go after her.

Noah: So, you're saying that Marco Annicelli looks exactly like jack and my grandfather brought him here to take his place?

Marisa: Yes.

Noah: So, all those months jack was being held captive and this stranger was here in town, pretending to be him -- living his life, fooling everybody he knew? No. [Chuckles] No. This is insane.

Marisa: I know how it sounds.

Noah: Say what you will about my grandfather, okay? But he's not gonna play god with another man's life that way -- not even jack's. Look... this is crazy, all right? You have to be wrong.

Marisa: I wish I were, Noah. When I met jack on that boat, I couldn't believe at first that he wasn't Marco. When I heard his story and we escaped that ship together, all I wanted was to help him get home.

Noah: So, all this time, you've just been keeping what you know quiet?

Marisa: It wasn't my story to tell. It was jack's.

Noah: Oh. Well, that's another thing. Why hasn't jack told anybody? I mean, if my grandfather really did this to him, to Phyllis -- I mean, my god. Does Phyllis know?

Marisa: She does. They decided to keep the secret together.

Noah: Keep the secret?! Why?!

Marisa: Victor pointed out that if the truth about how jack got home ever came out, the crimes that were committed, people that were killed, that jack would be arrested. He would be sent overseas to stand trial. Their lives would be ripped to shreds. Jack and Phyllis -- they love each other so much. They spent so much time apart. Nothing was more important to them than -- than staying together.

Noah: Staying together? I see. Oh. So, we're talking about you and me now. So, if I really love you... I have to find a way to live with this?

Marisa: I'm praying that you will.

Jack: Well, Victor's already come out swinging.

Summer: What happened?

Jack: "Jabot is being audited by the I.R.S. Details coming later."

Phyllis: That sounds about right -- "let's punish the Abbotts instead of focusing on finding the real enemy."

Jack: Oh, no. Victor's decided it's us, no matter how many times I have tried to convince him otherwise.

Summer: This is exactly what Kyle and I were afraid of -- that our families were gonna turn against each other. I mean, jack, isn't there something that you can do to stop it?

Kyle: This audit is your fault, Billy -- yours and Ashley's. You should have listened to my dad.

Billy: You know why we're being audited, Kyle? Because Victor is throwing a tantrum. He called one of his buddies in Washington and had them harass us, and that is all that this is.

Gwen: Regardless, Billy, it's a serious matter. I can't just stall the I.R.S. I mean, if we don't cooperate, our company will be in serious hot water, and so will I.

Billy: You work for jabot. You don't work for them.

Gwen: As V.P. Of accounting, I have to follow the rules set forth by the I.R.S. If I break those rules, I could be charged with a crime -- me personally, Billy. I could go to jail. And that's in addition to whatever they sock the company for noncompliance.

Billy: Okay. Okay. Relax. It's okay, all right? We're not asking you to take the fall for anything here, so why don't you take the next few days and just -- you know what? Just take the next few days off, all right?

Gwen: Now?

Billy: Yeah. Just go hang out on a beach somewhere, and I'll take care of the I.R.S. -- And Victor Newman.

Victor: People have to be held accountable, all right? Your mother, Ashley Abbott, is C.E.O. Of that company. Therefore, the buck stops with her.

Abby: What? No. Victoria, you have to tell him that he's wrong, that my mom would never do this.

Victoria: Look, you want me to vouch for Ashley, and I'm just not sure I can do that.

Abby: What? Victoria!

Victoria: When I confronted Ashley and Billy about the sale of this company, she was defiant. She refused to undo it, almost like she was trying to get back at us for taking Chelsea's line.

Abby: Okay. Okay. So, Billy, who hates dad, gets a free pass, but my mom doesn't?

Victoria: No one is getting a free pass, Abigail.

Victor: Please stop bickering now. We can't afford it. I understand your loyalty toward your mother. Your mother does not like me particularly, ever since the merger, and think what she thought of you. She didn't think much of your abilities. I did. I put you in a position of power. You've done very well. That's why you chose to stay at Newman. Now you must fight for Newman. And as for you, I understand how one puts on blinders when it comes to the people one loves.

Victoria: [Sighs]

Victor: You make no mistake. I'm perfectly aware that Billy boy Abbott has turned against me completely. I will not stand for it.

Paul: All right. You're free to go.

Dylan: What? No, Paul. You can't let him walk out of here.

Paul: Dylan, this is my call. Do not interfere with this gentleman's departure.

Dylan: Just hear me out, please.

Paul: All right. Wait here.

You just said I could --

Paul: Sit! So, what is it?

Dylan: This guy is the key to finding Hilary.

Paul: He denied knowing anything about her. I can't arrest him without probable cause.

Dylan: Yeah, but he's lying.

Paul: Where's your proof?

Dylan: Kevin traced him to the flight that brought Hilary back. That's why he set up the meeting.

Paul: Okay. Dylan, I need more information than the information that Kevin illegally obtained... or how you tried to entrap the man.

Dylan: Well, I'm not a cop.

Paul: Precisely.

Dylan: Look, I'm just trying to help Devon out, okay? He feels like he's running out of time tracking Hilary down.

Paul: I understand that. But you, too, have to work within the confines of the law.

Dylan: [Sighs]

Paul: You're free to go. I hope we have an understanding.

[Cell phone rings]

Paul: Yeah, Frank. What is it? All right. Hold on a second. Let me grab the file.

Michael: I'm trying to get you out of here. I was hoping that judge gates would be sympathetic, but he is not in a lenient mood.

Dylan: Well, he blocked the extradition.

Michael: Yeah. True that. But, having done you that favor, he is none too thrilled that you have used your newfound freedom to beat people up.

Devon: Hey. What happened to the pilot?

Paul: I released him.

Devon: Why did you release him? He should have been arrested, Paul!

Paul: Well, he might have been if you had let Dylan get the information we needed and not punched the guy in the face!

Michael: Where is Dylan, anyway?

Look, I don't care where I go. I just need a seat on the first available flight. Yeah. Put that on hold. I'll pay at the airport. [Sighs]

Dylan: You're not going anywhere.

You can't stop me. The chief of police made that clear.

Dylan: Oh. Yeah. The chief can't do anything, but the feds can. They're the one heading up the search for Hilary. So, I'll notify them, and they'll pull your passport since you're ready to flee the country.

I'm taking a trip, not fleeing.

Dylan: Why commercial?

Is that a crime?

Dylan: Some reason you want your plane off the grid?

It was used without my consent.

Dylan: Oh, really?

Mm. That's probably why you and that Hamilton guy mistakenly ID'd me. Like I said, I didn't fly his wife anywhere.

Dylan: You flew a woman on a gurney from BVI. To Dallas, and then you took off again.

Why do you keep saying that?

Dylan: You know what? I'm through playing around. I'm gonna call the feds right now, and you know they're gonna ask you a lot of questions. I have one question. If you answer it truthfully, we can go our separate ways. You can fly off to wherever the hell you want. Or you can sit in a federal holding room, being interviewed for hours on end about your involvement in a young woman's disappearance. Yeah, agent Klein, please. It's urgent.

All right, all right, all right. What do you want to know?

Dylan: Where did the plane go after Dallas?

Noah: You ask me to forgive you for keeping a secret. Marisa, this isn't a secret. This is a conspiracy -- lies on top of lies. When the police asked you what Marco looked like, you gave them a false description.

Marisa: I was in over my head. I didn't know what else to do. Marco was still out there, and jack and Victor -- they didn't want the truth coming out --

Noah: I don't care about any of that, okay?! The police were investigating murders. They said that they thought that Marco could be responsible. You even told me yourself that you thought he was responsible. You know what Courtney's death did to me, and even still, you lied to me.

Marisa: Noah, please, try to understand.

Noah: Oh, I understand. I understand that you protected that murderer. You protected jack and Victor and yourself. But you still couldn't bring yourself to be honest with me.

Marisa: I was praying that Marco would leave town, never to be found, so that no one would ever have to find out.

Noah: You said that you knew for sure that Marco was gone for good. H-how do you know that?

Marisa: I was th-there when Victor and his men came to take him back to prison.

Noah: Why were you there?

Marisa: I figured out where Marco was hiding. I was able to capture him and keep him there until jack and Victor -- they decided how they wanted to handle things.

Noah: Just you against Marco? You're not strong enough to overpower him. What did you do? Did you drug him, trick him? Marisa? Did you --

Marisa: [Crying] I did what I had to do...

Noah: Oh. Oh.

Marisa: ...To get rid of that bastard forever.

Jack: I'm sorry you two have had to deal with this whole Newman-Abbott mayhem.

Kyle: Well, now with Ashley out of town, guess who's in charge -- Billy, who told me that he'll "handle" the audit and Victor, whatever that means.

Summer: Nothing good.

Kyle: No. And Gwen in accounting is freaking out, and Billy's like, "what, me, worry?"

Phyllis: Maybe you should take Billy's lead.

Kyle: What, you're joking, right?

Phyllis: No, I'm not joking. It's a gorgeous day outside. Get out there, forget your worries, and relax. Let jack and me figure out how to deal with this.

Jack: She's right.

Kyle: [Sighs]

Summer: I -- it...does sound kind of nice.

Kyle: Fine by me. I've had enough for one day.

Summer: Yeah. Okay.

Jack: See you.

Summer: Bye.

Phyllis: Okay.

Jack: Okay. I know that look. Woe unto anybody that causes pain in Phyllis' backside.

Phyllis: Okay. It is Victor this time. Look, if he wants a head on a platter, then we have to give him one.

Jack: You have someone in mind?

Phyllis: Gabe thinks my new friend is a suspect.

Jack: Fred?

Phyllis: Yes. As you pointed out, he slid into my life out of nowhere, and he left just as -- I don't know -- quickly.

Jack: You think Fred is the mastermind behind paragon?

Phyllis: Probably not. I don't think he has a malicious bone in his body.

Jack: Or maybe he just wants you to feel that way.

Phyllis: Well, he'd be a master manipulator if he could pull that off.

Jack: Who else could it be? Ashley?

Phyllis: I always have thought her computer skills are marginal, at best, but she could have hired somebody.

Jack: You know what? All this speculating is getting us nowhere. Victor has decided it's the Abbotts, and he is not going to give up until he has extracted his pound of flesh. Now, there is only one way to deal with this, and that is to face the man myself.

Phyllis: Right into the lion's den. Good luck.

Jack: Thanks.

[Cell phone rings]

Phyllis: Hello?

Ian: I told you I'd be in touch.

Phyllis: Fred! So nice to hear from you. How's your trip going?

Ian: Uh, not too well, I'm afraid.

Phyllis: The fish aren't biting?

Ian: How did you --

Phyllis: It's a cure for writer's block, I hear.

Ian: [Chuckles] Right you are. Well, yes, I'm back here in Genoa city, and I find myself at loose ends. Ah. Would you possibly be free?

Phyllis: Just say when and where.

Neil: Gwen, my life has been really messy lately, and you have been such a shining star throughout. I hope I didn't blow anything by, you know, walking out of here without telling you.

Gwen: You didn't blow anything.

Neil: This is good, being with you. This is the first good thing in my life in a long time, and I don't want to do anything to ruin it, you know?

[Cell phone rings]

Neil: Hey. I'm surprised to hear from you. What's up? I thought you were swamped.

Gwen: Change in plans. I just got a vacation. So, I was hoping maybe we could keep that dinner date... in new York. I know this amazing steakhouse on 7th avenue, and we could see the sights for a few days after your interview?

Neil: Um, yeah. Th-that one meeting could turn in to two or three, you know. I don't want you to get bored.

Gwen: I won't. I promise. I'm very good at entertaining myself.

Neil: Gwen, look, um, we will plan a weekend away soon, all right? New York isn't gonna work this time.

[Cell phone beeps]

Neil: Hey. Um, this is the hiring manager on the phone, all right? I'll talk to you a little later.

[Cell phone beeps]

Neil: I thought I told you never to call me again. Our association is over.

We need to meet. It's urgent.

Billy: Victor is on a rampage against the Abbotts. [Sarcastically] That is a shock.

Victoria: You know, I wouldn't be so complacent if I were you.

Billy: Well, I really do appreciate the heads up, guys, but Victor has already made his intentions very clear to us.

Abby: How?

Billy: He sicced the I.R.S. On us.

Abby: The I.R.S.?

Victoria: He's having you audited?

Billy: Yeah, not that he's gonna get anywhere with it. I'll see to that myself.

Victoria: You know, that's not gonna be the end to it, Billy. I hope you know that.

Abby: Dad brought in the FBI. Yeah. They're investigating now. He's determined to have you, uncle jack, my mom -- all of you -- arrested.

Jack: Well, good luck with that. Look, he can cry all he wants, but we didn't do anything wrong.

Victoria: Billy, these are not empty threats. My dad thinks that your family is behind the paragon project, with Ashley leading the charge.

Billy: Fine. Let your old man take his best shot. But we are not going down just because he can't stand to lose to us.

Victor: Expiate your sins? You're out of luck. I'm out of mercy.

Jack: You made a big mistake, calling the feds on us.

Victor: I doubt that very much.

Jack: I'm gonna say this one more time. I hope you listen. No one in my family enabled paragon. We are not out to get you. We are not, any of us, interested in going down a path that's going to lead to total annihilation. You are taking retaliation out on the wrong enemy! It's gonna cost you more in the long run. So, call of the dogs. Do it now, before it's too late.

Victor: The hell I will!

Summer: Well, that walk in the park was a great idea. Excellent suggestion.

Kyle: Yeah, well, they've been known to happen.

Summer: Gosh, it's this stupid war spinning out of control again, and here we are, caught in the middle, feeling like we're forced to choose between our families and each other, and [Sighs] Gosh, I hate it.

Kyle: I know. Babe, I hate that this upsets you so much.

Summer: And my grandpa really likes you. That's why he's left us alone so far. But when he gets this fired up about jack, I get scared that that could change.

Kyle: No. Hey, look... if that happens... summer, we've just got to -- we've just got to keep holding on... remembering how much we love each other. I mean, look at how much we've already overcome. I've got to believe that we can overcome this, too. Yeah?

Summer: Yeah.

Ian: Delightful to see you again. Though absent, her voice remained in my soul, and I must, must see her before I grow old.

Phyllis: Is that from a sonnet?

Ian: Could be. [Chuckles]

Phyllis: You know, when I found your note saying that you were gone, I was...pretty upset.

Ian: Ah.

Phyllis: I've enjoyed our talks, Fred. It's been a real stressful time for me.

Ian: I'm sorry to hear that, Phyllis. How so? Where's all the stress coming from?

Phyllis: Jack's company's in turmoil.

Ian: Mm.

Phyllis: He and Victor are mortal enemies, and they are at each other's throat again.

Ian: Yeah. You mentioned that Victor and your husband made some sort of a bargain.

Phyllis: What a memory you have.

Ian: Mm.

Phyllis: Yeah, well, that was true. All of a sudden, though, it has fallen all by the wayside.

Ian: What happened?

Phyllis: There has been a cyberattack on Newman enterprises.

Ian: Ah.

Phyllis: Yeah. And, of course, the Abbotts are worried that they're being targeted, and Victor's accusing them of being the instigators, so the whole thing is just escalating out of control.

Ian: Yeah. It sounds like "turmoil" is an understatement, huh?

Phyllis: Yeah. It's just funny how life works, you know?

Ian: Yeah.

Phyllis: Full of coincidences, the two of us meeting out in the woods.

Ian: I thought we were talking about your family's issues.

Phyllis: Oh, we are. I just -- I can't stop wondering about our timing, you know? Right after the first hack into the Newman system, the cause of all this trouble, you walked into my life.

Jack: If there is an investigation, it will turn up nothing, because no one at jabot did anything wrong.

Victor: Except hack my system so you could buy my shipping line for pennies on the dollar!

Jack: Read my lips -- it...never...happened.

Victor: Even if you personally weren't involved, and there's only a remote chance that was the case, your sister Ashley allowed the purchase of my company, although she knew fraud was involved. Now she left the country! Do you think she'll come back once all of you have been arrested?

Jack: What are you doing now?

Victor: I'm informing the FBI. That you're here. It'll make it easier for them to arrest you.

Noah: Everything you told me -- I-I just -- I can't...

Marisa: I know it's hard to comprehend. I know.

Noah: No. You don't know. You don't know anything about what I'm feeling right now, okay? The lengths that you went through to cover all this up, to get Marco out of our lives...

Marisa: At least I can promise that he's really gone. Focus on that, Noah -- the good outcome.

Noah: Yeah. So, the end justifies the means, then, right, and I'm supposed to forget about the rest of it? I'm supposed to forget about the choice that you made to lie to me every single day, to -- to sleep with Marco after we were together?

Marisa: [Sighs]

Noah: How am I supposed to forget that? I can't forget that. I can't even look at you right now. And I'm sure as hell not gonna let my grandfather get away with this.

Marisa: Noah. Noah, stop! Noah, you can't! [Sighs] Ugh!

Dylan: Hey. Paul.

Paul: Where have you been?

Michael: Well, someone's got to know something.

Dylan: Hey. Paul.

Paul: Where have you been?

Dylan: I went after the pilot.

Paul: Dylan...

Dylan: Wait till you hear what I found out.

Devon: Did you get the truth out of him?

Dylan: He confirmed that the woman on the gurney was Hilary, and he told me where he brought her after the plane left Dallas.

Devon: I knew Hilary was alive!

Michael: Well, where is she?

Dylan: She's right here in Genoa city.

Neil: All right. I'm not even supposed to be in town. What's the emergency?

That McAvoy guy got to me.

Neil: What?! I warned you to stay away from him.

I didn't know who he was at first. He gave me a fake name.

Neil: Okay. Did -- did you keep your mouth shut?

At first, till he threatened to call the feds.

Neil: What did you tell him?

Nothing about you. I swear. I told him I didn't know who hired me -- just got an envelope with cash instructing me to have my plane ready, and an EMT showed up with Hilary on a gurney.

Neil: Say anything else? [Sighs] McAvoy knows she's in town somewhere.

Neil: [Sighs]

Victoria: Are you always this cavalier, or is it just an act?

Billy: This is not an act. Victor's the one saber-rattling.

Victoria: What if you're wrong and what if my father does win? What about the thousands of jabot employees whose livelihood depends on your staying in business?

Billy: Look, I'm not planning --

[Knock on door]

Billy: Abby, would you grab that? I'm sure it's somebody here to harass me about the audit.

Abby: Sure thing...boss. [Sighs] We're looking for William Abbott.

Billy: Uh, you've found him. What can I do for you, officers?

We're acting on behalf of the FBI. We've received orders to place you under arrest.

Jack: Go ahead. Call the I.R.S. Call the FBI. Hell, call the national guard. I don't care. I'm not running anywhere because I'm innocent, as is everyone else in my family, only you can't see that because you're blinded by hate. What do I have to do, after everything we have been through? I have looked the other way. I have given you the benefit of the doubt. I have made deals with you. I've tried to be a peacemaker, but you always succumb to your chief addiction -- trying to destroy the Abbotts.

Victor: You and your family always fire the first shot.

Jack: That is a load, and you know it.

Victor: Paragon is a perfect example of that.

Noah: Grandpa! I see. Oh, you're both here, conspiring behind closed doors again.

Victor: Excuse me, boy. What are you talking about?

Noah: I know what you did, grandpa. You lied to me. You lied to everybody.

Ian: I've never lied to you, Phyllis. That's what you're accusing me of, isn't it -- that I've been doing something on my computer besides writing a novel?

Phyllis: Is that all you've been doing?

Ian: You know, it hurts that you would think that about me. I thought we were friends. I don't know where this is coming from.

Phyllis: Well, there's just been a lot of talk, Fred. There's been a lot of pointing of fingers in different directions.

Ian: Yeah, well, who put the idea in your head -- your husband?

Phyllis: No. I can't help wondering. There's just a lot of suspicion floating around lately.

Ian: So why not cast some of it on me? Is that it? Huh?

Phyllis: Fred, look... you have been nothing but kind to me. I shouldn't have said anything.

Ian: That's all right. I-I understand. You're under stress. Next time we meet, we'll have forgotten all about it.

Phyllis: You're leaving so soon?

Ian: Yeah. You know, I have that, uh, deadline with my book, and I can't afford to leave it alone for too long.

Phyllis: Yeah. Of course. We'll talk soon, I hope.

Ian: You have a lovely day, Phyllis.

Summer: Oh, my god. Oh, my god. Mom, Mom. Oh, my god! That man -- what were you doing with him?!

Phyllis: Fred? He's a friend of mine. Why?

Summer: Mom, that is Ian ward. That psycho was supposed to be locked up in prison right now.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Adam: [Groans]

Ian: Told you, Adam -- I don't take orders.

Lily: What do you mean? He's not in new York?

Gwen: Lily, he's hiding out here in Genoa city.

Jack: Who was at that door?

Victor: They're here to arrest your ass.

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