Y&R Transcript Wednesday 9/23/15


Episode # 10760 ~ The feud between the Newmans & Abbotts heats back up; Jack asks Phyllis about Fred; Kevin delivers bad news to Adam & Chelsea.

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Nick: Numbers don't lie, Vick. Brash & sassy's numbers are -- they're way up. Chelsea 2.0's numbers are way down.

Victoria: And you think that this is due to the computer virus, the paragon project?

Nick: It's more than a glitch.

Victoria: So paragon is more dangerous and unpredictable than we thought.

Nick: Maybe. But there isn't anything we can do about it tonight. Let's get out of here. I want to get back to Sage anyway.

Victoria: Is she okay?

Nick: Yeah, she's just going a little stir-crazy since the doctor put her on bed rest. She'll be all right.

[Computer chimes]

Nick: Transaction alert?

Victoria: Did dad ask you to put in a buy/sell order?

Nick: No. You?

Victoria: No, I didn't put one in, either.

Nick: What the hell?

Victoria: What?

Ian: Let the bidding begin. Come on, Abbotts! [Laughs]

Billy: Can you believe this?

Ashley: No, actually, I can't. Victor would never offload his shipping line, not in the middle of the night without notice, and especially not at this price. This is one of his most prized divisions.

Billy: Who knows why Victor does anything? And who cares? The company's in play. Somebody's gonna get a great deal. Why not jabot?

Ashley: Because something's not right.

Billy: Yeah, something's not right. You're not clicking "buy."

Ashley: Shh! I just need to think about this for a second.

Billy: No, no time for that.

Ashley: Billy!

Billy: Too late. We bought it.

Nick: Sold?

Victoria: No. No! The whole shipping line? This can't be! It has to be a mistake!

[Computer keys clacking]

Ian: [Chuckles] The soothing sound of chaos. [Laughs] Yes!

Jack: Phyllis! We're gonna be late for our reservati-- wow. Worth the wait.

Phyllis: Thank you.

Jack: I thought you were gonna wear the necklace I gave you.

Phyllis: I'm sorry. I forgot to put that on.

Jack: Wait, wait, wait. Come here. What is going on? And don't tell me "nothing."

Phyllis: It's just this Fred thing.

Jack: I'm sorry I scared you when I found you out at his trailer, but what if Gabe is right? What if Marco actually sent --

Phyllis: You are right to be worried.

Jack: I am?

Phyllis: I do not think it's a coincidence that Fred out of the blue befriended me. That's why I...

Jack: Why what? Phyllis, what's going on?

Phyllis: I have a confession to make.

Chelsea: You're good, you know.

Adam: Yeah? Thank you. At so many things, right? What in particular are we talking about right now?

Chelsea: Knowing what to say to make me feel better.

Adam: And those weren't just words, you know. I meant that. I'm never taking you for granted ever again.

Chelsea: See? Perfect. Now, about those...other things that you're good at?

Adam: Yeah? Like, uh, like what? If you're hungry, I can grill you a steak. I sear that sucker to perfection.

Chelsea: Maybe later.

Adam: Yeah? Want me to knit you a sweater? Hmm? You know I knit.

Chelsea: You don't knit.

Adam: I do not knit, no. But I do like to keep in touch with my feminine side.

Chelsea: Hmm. I was hoping you could maybe take care of mine.

Adam: Well, now you're talking my language.

[Knock on door]

Chelsea: [Groans]

Adam: Are you serious?

Chelsea: Maybe it's the new neighbor?

Adam: Don't move, all right? I will get that. I will be right back.

Abby: Ohh! It never fails! You think you know someone! You think you can trust them, and then they -- and then they -- [Sobs]

Chelsea: Abby, Abby, what is wrong? Who's upset you like this?

Adam: I can think of one person.

Abby: Ugh! [Sniffles]

Victor: Sage?

Sage: I can do it. I'm fine.

Victor: Let me help you.

Sage: I don't need your help, Victor. Please just get away from me.

Victor: You're not --

Sage: Stay away from me, Victor!

Victor: Sage, I won't hurt you. I just want to help you and the baby. Please.

Sage: No. No! You can't have my baby! I won't let you!

Victor: My daughter-in-law seems to be delirious. She was writhing on the floor. Um, yes. I would appreciate that. And when you come to my property, tell them to drive to the back of the property. That's where my son's house is, all right? I'll be here. Thank you.

Sage: Who was that, Victor? [Voice breaking] What are you planning on doing with me and my baby?

Victor: I just called an ambulance.

Sage: No, you did not. You're lying.

Victor: Please, I'm not --

Sage: Don't touch me, Victor!

Victor: Please. Please, Sage. Calm down. The ambulance is on the way. Help is on the way now, okay? Please. Just sit down. Just sit down, please. Just relax. Come on. It's all right. It's okay. It's all right.

Sage: Why should I trust you, Victor?

Victor: Because you're carrying my grandchild, okay? I love my grandchildren. Just relax.

Sage: Faith. You are so good with faith.

Victor: I adore faith. I adore all my grandchildren, as I will adore the child that you are carrying now, okay? You just relax now. Take some deep breaths. Yes. That's good. Help is on the way, okay?

Victoria: I thought you were supposed to be some sort of computer genius. What's taking so long?

Nick: We're just very anxious to figure out how something like this could happen. No one at Newman enterprises would ever approve this sale. This is an extremely valuable asset.

Victoria: So how did it happen? We need answers, Kevin.

Kevin: Then stop your yammering and let me work! Even a genius needs a little time to problem-solve, and quiet.

Victoria: [Sighs]

Nick: We have got to call dad and tell him about this.

Victoria: No, no, no. We have to wait.

Nick: Wait for what?

Victoria: Look, maybe we're wrong. Maybe Kevin will find out that it's some sort of a computer glitch.

Nick: A billion-dollar glitch? Dad has to know about this.

Victoria: We can't go running to dad every time there's a problem. He'll never hand the company over to us. Or worse yet, he'll put Abby in control.

Nick: Dad has to be informed. We just lost a major subsidiary.

Kevin: You didn't lose it. I know exactly where it is.

Nick: Where?

Kevin: Jabot.

Abby: Ugh! Dr. Rayburn. He's been calling and texting me nonstop. [Blows nose] I'm surprised that he even has time since he's so devoted to his job. [Sniffles]

Chelsea: Uh, well, Abby, isn't that a good thing that he cares about his patients?

Abby: Yeah, sure, but I just don't get how he can be so caring with people that he hardly knows and so clueless when it comes to the woman that he loves. You have no idea how lucky you are to have Gabe.

Chelsea: [Chuckles]

Abby: I'm sorry.

Adam: No, no, it's... it's yours. Keep it.

Abby: You know what? I-I...I guess I should go.

[Cell phone vibrates]

Abby: [Sighs]

Chelsea: Are you sure you don't want to answer that? I mean, maybe stitch wants to apologize.

Abby: After what he did? Forget it.

Adam: What'd he do? He didn't cheat on you, did he?

Abby: No. He wanted to take me to Europe.

Adam: For a romantic getaway? Bastard.

Abby: You know what? I'm just gonna turn this off. Oh. This last one was from nick.

Adam: What's wrong?

Abby: Oh, my god. This -- this has to be some sort of mistake.

Chelsea: What?

Abby: Someone randomly approved the sale of one of Newman enterprises' satellite companies.

Chelsea: Wait, it wasn't Chelsea 2.0, was it?

Abby: No, I don't know. Nick didn't say which one. Look, I have to go, but I'll call you when I find out.

Chelsea: I can't believe this. I mean, who would make this kind of a mistake?

Adam: I don't think it was a mistake.

Chelsea: How do you know?

Jack: Fred left this for you?

Phyllis: I found it in the trailer after he disappeared.

Jack: "We will see each other again. I'll explain more then. This isn't goodbye. Fred." Did you call him?

Phyllis: I was tempted. But I wanted to prove you wrong, that I am a good judge of character and that I don't need your approval when it comes to choosing my friends.

Jack: But you didn't call him?

Phyllis: You show up, and then when you told me about Marco trying to get a message to Marisa from prison, how it might be connected to Fred, with him disappearing the way he did, I couldn't deny you might be right. I should have said something then, and I didn't. I have been acting incredibly foolish and gullible lately. Let's, uh, get rid of this and let's forget about Fred, please, all right?

Jack: No, actually... I have a better idea.

Ian: [Laughs] "How bad is it?" Oh-ho. It's about to get a lot worse.

[Cell phone rings]

Ian: [Chuckles] I knew you'd call.

Jack: Hello, Fred. It's jack Abbott.

Ian: Oh, well, um... um, hello. Nice to meet you. Not face to face, but it's still a pleasure, Mr. Abbott.

Jack: Call me jack.

Ian: All right. Jack.

Jack: I'm sorry you couldn't make it for dinner tonight. Uh, Phyllis was terribly disappointed. So was I.

Ian: Well, uh, there was no one as disappointed as I when I had to cancel, believe me. Um, unfortunately, I was called out of town.

Jack: Sounds like a fish tale.

Ian: Excuse me?

Jack: Well, I know you're a fisherman. I guess you probably heard that fish are biting somewhere and you couldn't pass up the opportunity to land a big one.

Ian: [Chuckles] Phyllis was right. You're a smart man. You saw right through me.

Jack: I know something about living with a real passion.

Ian: Yes, well, you won't tell Phyllis about my little white lie, will you? I mean, she's become such a dear friend, and, uh, I wouldn't want to hurt her feelings in any way.

Jack: No, your secret's safe with me.

Ian: Oh, good. Well, I'll be in touch with her soon. Until then, uh...

Jack: Uh, before you go, uh, where is this new fishing place you found?

Ian: Oh, a fisherman never tells. Oh, goodness, my -- my plane's boarding. Um, give Phyllis my best.

Phyllis: What?

Jack: I don't know. Something about that voice.

Ian: Let's not do that again.

Chelsea: I asked why you thought the sale of one of Newman's divisions wasn't a mistake.

Adam: Right. Um, well, jack hired me to figure out what kind of damage the paragon project could inflict, right? And this sudden sale of a Newman subsidiary, it's -- it's a red flag, Chelsea.

Chelsea: Well, what else can this virus do?

Adam: We don't know yet. But we're working on it. I can tell you're nervous. Listen, why don't you go upstairs, okay, run a hot bath, and try to relax, all right?

Chelsea: Speaking of red flags, why do I need to relax? Is Chelsea 2.0 in trouble? Is this the division that they sold?

Adam: Babe, slow down, okay? We don't know that. Let's just wait for Abby, okay? She's gonna come back here. She's gonna give us some information. In the meantime, why don't you go upstairs, try to relax, stop thinking about business, okay? I'll stay down here. I'll try to figure out what's going on.

Chelsea: The second you know something, you have to tell me, okay?

Adam: I know where to find you, all right? Relax.

[Knock on door]

Adam: What the hell are you doing coming around here?

Ian: Not very neighborly.

Adam: Someone could see you! What are you doing?!

Ian: We better move it along, then, huh?

Adam: I was just calling you!

Ian: Well, don't bother. My phone broke. Do you have any red wine, by the way? I just ran out.

Adam: You're like an insane person. You've lost your mind.

Ian: No. And in prison, they ran a lot of tests on me to make sure.

Adam: So -- so why don't you share with me -- what division of Newman did you sell out from under Victor's nose tonight?

Ian: Just relax. It's not your precious Chelsea's company. It's Lancelot shipping. [Laughs]

Adam: What?

Ian: Go ahead. Congratulate me. I just deprived your daddy of one of his most profitable operations.

Adam: You didn't do that. You didn't.

Ian: Oh, yes, I did. But not to worry. Newman enterprises' loss is someone else's gain.

Adam: Okay. Someone else's gain. Who?

Billy: Jabot cosmetics is now the proud owner of Lancelot shipping.

Ashley: I cannot believe you just did that.

Billy: Well, sure you can. It's me. Look, we just bought a hugely profitable company at a rock-bottom price.

Ashley: There's something called due diligence, Billy.

Billy: I'm sure that when you investigate our new acquisition, you will see that this was a smart move.

Ashley: You know what? Crazy me -- I choose to investigate things before I lay out that much cash.

Billy: And if we had waited, somebody else would have grabbed it.

Ashley: And they'd be getting burned and not us.

Billy: Ever since you became C.E.O., You've become a little cautious, sis.

Ashley: You're too reckless. And I'm gonna tell you right now, if you ever try to pull something like that again without my approval, I cannot guarantee your future in this company. Are we clear?

Billy: Okay, but let me reiterate. We just bought Lancelot shipping at well-below market value, and the deal was completely legitimate.

Ashley: Yeah. Just seems a little bit too good to be true, and usually that means it is.

Abby: Jabot bought Lancelot shipping? That's not a mistake. That's a disaster. How did that happen?

Kevin: Well, I traced the source of the sale order. It was placed from Victoria's computer. Or at least somebody using your log-in.

Abby: You.

Victoria: What?

Abby: This was all part of your plan to try and make me look bad in dad's eyes. But guess what? Dad knows how loyal I am to this company.

Victoria: I am not the one with divided loyalties, Abigail.

Nick: That's not completely true, Vick.

Victoria: What are you talking about?

Nick: You are devoted to Newman enterprises, but you're equally devoted to Billy.

Victoria: Billy had nothing to do with this.

Abby: No, just like you didn't try to use Ben to get my mind off of business. Was that part of your plan, too?

Victoria: Stop being ridiculous.

Nick: Look, this has got to stop, this arguing between the two of you.

Kevin: You know, getting you guys at each other's throats could be part of the plan to bring down Newman.

[Cell phone rings]

Nick: It's dad.

Abby: He knows.

Victoria: Well, we can't avoid him forever.

Nick: Hey, dad. Uh, I was just about to call you.

Victor: Son, whatever it is, it can wait, okay? You need to come to the hospital.

Nick: Why? What happened?

Victor: Sage collapsed.

Victoria: Is it true? Have you been using me?

Billy: Vicki, are we gonna do this again?

Victoria: I'm asking you straight up. Has everything that we shared lately been just one huge lie?

Billy: I'm going to tell you the exact same thing that you told me. I would never do that to you. What we have is separate from business. And it's way more important. I thought you knew that.

Victoria: I do. I'm just trying to figure out how jabot got their hands on one of Newman's most valuable assets.

Ashley: We purchased it, Victoria. Legally.

Victoria: Lancelot shipping was not supposed to be on the market.

Ashley: And yet there it was.

Victoria: Well, it was a mistake. And if you meant what you said about me meaning more to you than business, you'll rectify this before my dad gets involved and things get messy.

Ashley: News flash -- they've been messy for quite some time. And we didn't start this.

Victoria: I knew it. This wasn't your doing. It was yours.

Adam: The plan was very simple. It was to bring down Victor, not reignite the war between the Newmans and the Abbotts.

Ian: I'm trying to dismantle your father's company. Now, I have no control over who benefits from that.

Adam: Some things are off limits, all right?

Ian: The plan is to hurt your father. There are only so many ways you can do that. Now, your darling wife's fashion line is already off the table, so you can't keep everything off limits.

Adam: I don't want jack dragged into this. That's all I'm saying.

Ian: Well, sorry. Jack Abbott is fair game.

Adam: Jack Abbott is my friend, all right? I don't want to see him hurt.

Ian: You know, your tender heart is starting to get in the way, all right? You need to do something about that.

Chelsea: Adam!

Adam: Just pl-- go. Will you please go?

Ian: Hey.

Adam: What?!

Ian: You remember what I said. [Sighs] Man.

Chelsea: Oh. You are down here.

Adam: Hey. Uh, how was your bath? You feeling better at all?

Chelsea: You don't have to pretend. I know what you've been up to.

Nick: Where's Sage? What happened?

Stitch: She's in with dr. Greene. It's the same symptoms as before, nick. She spiked a fever. We're working to get it under control.

Victor: You know, she was delirious when I found her.

Nick: What were you doing at my place?

Victor: I was taking a walk, seeing if she needed anything. Thank god I did.

Nick: Can I see her?

Stitch: Excuse me.

Sage: I'm so sorry I scared everyone.

Nick: [Scoffs] I'm not scared. Do I look scared to you?

Sage: Terrified.

Nick: Nope. I'm cool. Everything's cool. Will you tell her everything's cool?

Dr. Greene: We have a few more tests to run. So, if you wouldn't mind waiting outside, nick...

Nick: Yeah, sure. Stop giving the doctor a hard time, okay?

Sage: [Sobbing] What's wrong with me? Why does this keep happening?

Nick: That's what we're gonna find out.

Victor: Were you and Nicholas working late at the office together?

Abby: We were wrapping up some business with Victoria. You know, I told her I would call her and let her know what was going on, so excuse me, dad.

Victor: Sure. How is she?

Nick: They're still running tests.

Victor: Well, I certainly hope they'll be all right.

Nick: Well, if they are, it's no thanks to you.

Victoria: You know, you might consider creating a new product that can compete with Newman enterprises instead of trying to steal one of its more profitable divisions.

Ashley: I think you're confused, Victoria. Stealing is when somebody tries to rig a blind bid to acquire somebody else's top moneymaker, you know, like that time Newman stole Chelsea by jabot from us.

Victoria: We won Chelsea 2.0 fair and square.

Ashley: Right. I mean, if you're playing by Victor's rules, which apparently you are.

Billy: Okay, okay, ladies, why don't we dial down the rhetoric here? Look, if you want to blame somebody, you can blame me. I saw an opportunity for a great bargain, and I grabbed it. And I didn't use you or your log-in to do it.

[Cell phone rings]

Victoria: Hi, Abby. What's going on? Oh, thanks for letting me know. I've, um, I've done all I can do here. Tell nick I'll be there in a few minutes. Okay. Bye.

Billy: Is everything okay?

Victoria: It's just -- it's Sage. She's in the hospital. Um, I should go and be with nick.

Billy: Yeah, sure. I'll come with you.

Victoria: No, no, no, I'm gonna go by myself, but thanks.

Billy: [Sighs] So, you think buying Lancelot was a good idea?

Ashley: Obviously, Billy, it's a good acquisition. But not without its consequences, both personally and professionally.

Adam: You know what I've been up to?

Chelsea: Yeah. I should have known. It's who you are.

Adam: Chelsea --

Chelsea: It's, you know, the man that you've worked so hard to become. I know that you were probably never gonna tell me, but I know you did all of this for me.

Adam: Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Um, what -- what are we -- what are we talking --

Chelsea: I just got a text from Abby.

Adam: From Abby?

Chelsea: You were right. You said Chelsea 2.0 would rebound, and it has.

Adam: Really?

Chelsea: Yeah.

Adam: Well, of course it did. This is good. This is good.

Chelsea: Yeah, yeah, the sales are continuing to rise. Abby didn't tell me what company got sold off tonight, but as of now, Chelsea 2.0 is still under the Newman umbrella.

Adam: It's all great news.

Chelsea: Yeah, it's great news because of you. Jack hired you to protect jabot from cyber attacks by paragon, and the whole time you were also thinking about me and my company. That means a lot. Thank you.

Adam: Yeah, uh, well, I have news, as well.

Chelsea: What?

Adam: Well, um, I found out who bought that, uh, that division of Newman that was inadvertently put up for sale.

Chelsea: Who?

Adam: Jabot.

Chelsea: Oh, my god. Did you tell jack?

Phyllis: People's voices could sound the same.

Jack: No, no, I recognize Fred's. It didn't sound familiar to you?

Phyllis: No. Not at all. Could you have met him while I was in a coma?

Jack: Yeah, maybe. I definitely recognize that voice. I just can't place it.

[Cell phone rings]

Jack: Oh. It's -- it's Gabe. Gabe, can I get back to you? I'm in the middle of something.

Adam: Then you've heard the news.

Jack: The news?

Adam: One of Newman enterprises' most lucrative divisions was sold off tonight.

Jack: Wait. No announcement, no press conference, nothing?

Adam: Well, apparently the Newmans were just as clueless as everyone else, and there's more.

Jack: Tell me.

Adam: Jabot bought the company, jack.

Jack: Paragon is responsible?

Adam: I'd bet on it.

Jack: They want us to destroy each other.

Adam: Yeah. Yeah, which is exactly what they're gonna get unless you can convince your sister to sell the company back to Victor.

Victor: Why are you angry with me?

Nick: You blame me?

Victor: Do I blame you? What's the matter with you? I'm not responsible for Sage being in the hospital! I found her on the floor writhing!

Nick: Then what happened?

Victor: What do you mean, then what happened? I called the ambulance, tried to help her! She then tried to run away!

Nick: Does that surprise you, dad?

Victor: What is this questioning? Of course, that surprises me.

Nick: Sage knows that you threatened to take Chelsea to court so you could get control of Connor.

Victor: That is because I wanted visitation rights with my grandson.

Nick: So you blackmailed Chelsea in order to get it. Well, Sage has been having nightmares you're gonna do the same thing to her once our baby gets here.

Victor: That's ridiculous.

Nick: Her fear is real, and the fact that she's in this hospital is also real.

Victor: It's lucky she's in the hospital, lucky I found her, lucky I called the ambulance!

Nick: Something to consider, dad, that maybe this happened

because you were there.

Victor: You can't possibly think that I'm responsible for what happened to Sage tonight. I brought her to the hospital, for heaven's sake.

Nick: What happened before that? Because Sage is too upset to tell me. I can only take your word.

Victor: That should be enough, son.

Nick: Dad, if you did anything to cause this, I swear to you...

Victor: You swear what? What is the matter with you? What has happened? I thought you and I were getting along again. You came to work for me again. I thought everything was fine.

Nick: I'm just worried about Sage.

Victor: There's more going on than that. Abby has been acting kind of strangely, as well. What's going on? You tell me, and I'll take care of it.

Nick: No, you've done enough.

[Door opens] Stitch, have you figured out what's going on with my wife yet?

Stitch: We're still waiting for the last test results.

Dr. Greene: The lab results will be here soon. We can discuss your options then. In the meantime, I have an emergency c-section to get to. Dr. Rayburn will be here if Sage needs anything.

Nick: Okay, thank you, doctor.

Victor: Thank you.

Nick: Can I see my wife?

Dr. Greene: Your wife is asking for you.

[Door closes]

Victoria: Hi. Any news?

Abby: Um, still waiting to hear. We haven't told him about the computer screw-up yet.

Victoria: I talked to Billy. You and nick were wrong. He did not steal my passcode.

Abby: And you don't think that he would lie about that?

Victoria: No. Not to me.

Abby: I hope not. Listen, Victoria, despite our differences at work, I really want you to be happy.

Victoria: I want you to be happy, too. That's why I talked to Ben. Not because I wanted to undermine you. I just wanted to show you that there's more to life than turning a profit.

Abby: Well, you know what? It doesn't matter because it's over between us.

Victoria: You and Ben? What happened?

Abby: He thinks that I put my job before him, before everything. I messed up.

Victoria: No, it's not your fault. I mean, no more than it's Billy's fault for taking advantage of a great deal.

Abby: Then who's to blame?

Kevin: Hey.

Adam: I've been monitoring things from my end. I'm aware that, uh, jabot scarfed up a piece of the Newman pie tonight.

Kevin: Yeah, well, are you aware that not one Newman executive signed off on that deal? That includes nick, Victoria, Abby.

Adam: Well, I mean, that's what you get when you hire your three incompetent children to run your company.

Kevin: That's what I'm trying to tell you. None of them approved the sale. It was a complete surprise to all of them.

Adam: What are you saying? This was an accident?

Kevin: I'm saying that there's no way this could have happened unless...

Adam: Unless someone outside of Newman wanted it to happen.

Kevin: That's what I'm thinking 'cause...

Adam: Oh, no, she's good. She knows we're working together on the paragon project. It's fine.

Chelsea: I'm not sure I like it, but if it keeps the Newmans and the Abbotts from killing each other, then...

Kevin: I think we're gonna be longing for the days when it was just those two families battling it out.

Chelsea: What are you talking about?

Kevin: There's a third party involved now, and he's more dangerous than both families combined.

Adam: Why don't you just, you know, stop talking in code, tell us what's going on?

Kevin: The virus. I can confirm that paragon launched a virus against Newman enterprises' system.

Chelsea: Wait, why would somebody do something like that?

Kevin: I have no idea, but whoever it is, they must hate the Newmans.

Ashley: You're kidding me. You have to be.

Jack: No, I am quite serious. I am ordering you -- sell Lancelot shipping back to Newman at cost.

Ashley: You're ordering me?

Jack: I'm not gonna stand here and quibble over semantics. You bought the company illicitly. Now sell it back and wash your hands of it.

Billy: Actually, I bought it, and the sale was completely legitimate.

Jack: You don't have the authority.

Ashley: But I do. And if Victor wants to buy back that company for above market value, I'll consider it.

Jack: Ashley, you're being unreasonable.

Ashley: I call it being a good businessperson, jack.

Jack: Help me out here, Billy.

Billy: Sorry, brother, you're on your own with this one. Look, guys, I got to get to Victoria, but, jack, you need to ask yourself something. If this situation were reversed, would Victor just hand this division back over to us free of charge?

Jack: Ash, you know me. No one likes sticking it to Victor more than I do. This is different. This is bigger than revenge. What happened tonight is not an accident. It is not a fluke. Someone wanted jabot to buy that company, and you took the bait. Now you have to undo it!

Ashley: The only thing I have to do is remind you that I'm C.E.O. And you're not.

Jack: Don't make this about us.

Ashley: I'm not selling it. And that's final.

Jack: Ash, you know what I'm asking you to do is the right thing. In fact, I'll bet you tried to stop Billy from doing it to begin with.

Ashley: You know what? I should have known how difficult this would be for you to walk away. You just can't stand it that I have the power and you don't.

Jack: I gave you that power!

Ashley: That's right, you did! And I'm in charge, and I make the decisions! If you have a problem with that, you convene the board and you vote me out!

Jack: I don't want to do that, ash.

Ashley: It's your call, jack.

Jack: You're not leaving me any choice.

Ashley: Then go for it! Because that's the only way I'm gonna let you call the shots around here!

Phyllis: "This isn't goodbye." What is it, Fred? What kind of game are you playing with me?

The number you have reached is no longer in service.

Adam: I'm gonna tell you what, Kevin, I appreciate you, man. I mean, you're bringing me a lot of assumptions, a lot of theories, but not a lot of facts. I mean, how do I even know what you're saying is true?

Chelsea: This is what Kevin does -- computers, worms, firewalls. He's a genius.

Adam: A genius, sweetheart? He's a computer nerd.

Chelsea: He can be both.

Kevin: Thank you. I think.

Chelsea: Okay, so there must be someway to stop this -- this thing from taking over the Newman computer service.

Kevin: It's a supervirus.

Chelsea: Well, supervaccinate it or cure it or kill it or something.

Kevin: It's not that simple, Chelsea, not even for a genius like me. It's already in the system. It's multiplying, it's replicating itself. It's like that three-headed monster from Zypton with the poisonous slime oozing out of its pores that attacked the kingdom beyond.

Adam: Nobody knows.

Kevin: Forget what I said about the creature. My point is, there is nothing I can do to stop this virus.

Chelsea: So you're telling me this virus is gonna continue to destroy every company at Newman enterprises? Because eventually that will be Chelsea 2.0. You realize that, right?

Adam: Hold on, it's not gonna get that far, okay?

Chelsea: But if it's as bad as Kevin says it is...

Kevin: It's bad. It's bad.

Chelsea: [Sighs] Okay. So if someone had the power to start this thing, someone must be able to stop it, right?

Kevin: It may be too late. Besides, we don't even know who this person is.

Victoria: You and nick okay?

Victor: Something is going on with him.

Victoria: I think he's just worried about Sage.

Victor: No, I think more than that. What else is going on? You know, don't you? Tell me.

Victoria: Have you checked your phone today, dad?

Victor: No. Been too busy worrying about Sage and taking her to the hospital and arguing with my son. Why?

Victoria: I think your day's gonna get a little bit worse.

Victor: What are you talking about? What? Jabot took over our shipping line? Are you serious?

Abby: Hi.

Stitch: Hey.

Abby: Um...

Stitch: Thank you.

Abby: I got your text. I'm sorry I didn't get back to you sooner.

Stitch: Yeah. I have to speak to Sage and nick.

Nick: Stitch?

Stitch: I have Sage's test results.

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Victor: How the hell did you reconcile with a useless, obnoxious punk like this?

Sharon: You're keeping something from me. You don't need to protect me. Whatever it is, I can handle it.

Jack: Don't push me, ash! I will take this to the board!

Ashley: Bring it on!

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