Y&R Transcript Tuesday 9/22/15


Episode # 10759 ~ Victor forces Marisa to make a decision; Abby & Stitch must decide how to move forward; Nick learns about the Paragon Project.

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Victoria: The quarterly reports are out.

Victor: Uh-huh.

Victoria: Uh-huh.

Victor: Let me take a look.

Victoria: Please do.

Victor: So, let's see. Uh-huh. [Chuckles]

Victor: Well, that looks good. There's a spike, a rather dramatic spike, for brash & sassy's sales.

Victoria: Yes, which is why I have this ginormous smile on my face right now.

Victor: Yes, you do.

Victoria: [Chuckles]

Victor: Yep. Wait a minute. What is this?

Victoria: [Sighs]

Victor: While brash & sassy went up in sales, there's a precipitous drop for Chelsea 2.0.

Victoria: Yeah, I know. There was nowhere for it to go but down.

Victor: Hmm.

Victoria: I tried to tell Abby that, but she was just too green and too stubborn to listen to me.

Victor: But this precipitous of a drop?

Victoria: Well, I would ask Abby what she thinks, although she tends to ignore what's right in front of her face.

Victor: I tried to reach her, and she didn't answer the phone, so what do you think about all this?

Victoria: About my division going up or hers going down?

Victor: Both.

Abby: I should check the time.

Stitch: Or not.

Abby: Ah, but the office needs me.

Stitch: Yeah, and they can survive without you. Me, on the other hand, I'm like a thirsty man in the desert. We should order another bottle of champagne. What do you say?

Abby: Oh, my God. The quarterly report comes out today.

Stitch: Wow, you got that from champagne?

Abby: [Sighs] "Order another bottle." I'm the genius who got more orders for Chelsea 2.0. I can't wait to rub Victoria's nose in the expanded line. The proof will be in the quarterly report, and the quarterly report comes out today.

Stitch: [Laughs] Wow. Your mind works fast.

Abby: Hello.

Stitch: Yeah?

Abby: Genius. But the office needs me. Now.

Stitch: Hey, hey. I can't let you do that. Not until you guarantee you'll go to Europe with me -- today.

Ian: Psst! Hey, neighbor. [Laughs] Did you know you can do real-estate transactions over the internet? Presto, you wire some funds and you, too, can be the resident of a lovely penthouse apartment.

Adam: Have you lost your mind?

Chelsea: Babe? Is that you?

Adam: Uh, yeah, sweetheart, I'll be right there! Is this your idea of keeping a low profile? Get out of here. Hey.

Chelsea: Hi! Did you forget your key?

Adam: Uh, no. I have my key.

Chelsea: Who were you talking to?

Adam: Just now?

Nick: Whoa! What are you doing?

Sage: What? I'm just getting the laptop!

Nick: No, no. Sit down.

Sage: Oh, stop it.

Nick: Sit -- hey, sit down. Come on.

Sage: I'm pregnant. I'm not an invalid.

Nick: You're a pregnant woman who had some dizziness and pain, so sit back down on the couch. End of discussion.

Sage: You're very sweet. You're very caring. Thank you. But can I ask you for a favor?

Nick: Name it.

Sage: Can you back off and let me do something for you for once?

Noah: Hey. Where you at?

Marisa: I'm right here.

Noah: You sure? You seem like you're a million miles away.

Marisa: Oh. No. No place special. Here with you is much, much better.

Luca: Aww. Just who I was hoping to see.

Neil: How'd you know I'd be here?

Devon: You mean in the same house that you were planning on turning into Hilary's dream home? Dad, it seems like you've been lying to a lot of people lately. Why are you here? Will you tell me the truth?

Neil: Okay, here's what I want you to do. I want you to turn around and go. Let me do what I need to do without dragging you into it, okay?

Devon: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait a second. Hold on a second. I'm your son. I'm already dragged into whatever this is. Just tell me what's going on.

Neil: Yeah, believe it or not, it's all for you. So you know, son, this house had a real purpose. To make Hilary happy. To be the home that she always wanted. That's what I'm doing here. I'm keeping her dream alive, man. I thought it was high time to, you know, put it back together.

Devon: You're renovating this house for Hilary?

Neil: I'm renovating this house for both of you, so you can live here together.

Devon: Dad... you lost your eyesight in this house. This is the same house that you planned on spending your life with Hilary.

Neil: Yeah, that's right. This house. If I make this house right again, I heal myself, man. I heal us. And prayers up for your wife that she comes back safely. And when she does, I hope both of you accept this house as a gift from me. Together you can make this house yours.

Devon: You're really doing this for us?

Neil: Yeah.

Abby: Europe would be amazing with you. I could show you all my old haunts in London.

Stitch: All right, so let's do it.

Abby: But neither of us have jobs that we can just blow off. Can you imagine what Victoria would say?

Stitch: [Scoffs] She'd be happy for us. I know it.

Abby: You know?

Stitch: We could go on a business trip, arrange some meetings. We can be front row during Paris fashion week.

Abby: How do you know when fashion week is?

Stitch: And after all the champagne and air kisses, we can find a secluded chateau where I could have you all to myself for hours and hours...and hours.

Abby: You really want this?

Stitch: Oh, I really want this right now.

Abby: Sipping wine, driving up the coast, not at the same time.

Stitch: No, of course not. Look, I'll book it and we're out of here, okay?

Abby: Not until I go check the numbers and give work a heads up.

Sage: So, you're working at Newman, you're checking in on Noah at the club, you're parenting faith -- thank you -- and you are supporting Sharon as she checks into Fairview, and I'm sitting here like a lump on the couch.

Nick: But you're a hot lump.

Sage: [Laughs]

Nick: Look, you're following doctor's orders for the sake of our baby and for me, because now I don't have to worry as much and my head won't explode.

Sage: But I'm going stir-crazy, and I don't want to go back to those dreams where Victor takes our baby, which I know he's not going to. He's just a caring grandfather who wants to buy our kid a pony. But I want to be productive, you know? I want to do the books for the club.

Nick: Just let Noah deal with it and save yourself the stress and aggravation.

Sage: What's stressful is that you treat me like a delicate flower, nick. It's like that ob who thinks that all my pains are in my head.

Nick: It's just one person's opinion, but stitch is on it now, so if there is a medical reason, he's gonna find it. Meanwhile --

Sage: Meanwhile I will sit here if you let me do the books.

Nick: Is that really what you want? Profit and loss and spreadsheets?

Sage: Yes!

Nick: 'Cause, you know, big daddy can think of other ways you could be spending your time.

Sage: [Laughs] Really? Like, um, hot sex in between shifts in the office?

Nick: Well, you said it, not me, but yes.

Sage: [Laughs] [Sighs] Okay, okay. All right. Listen. [Sighs] You do your job. I'm gonna do my job. And then, baby, I will couch-surf with you all night long.

Nick: All right.

Sage: Yeah.

Nick: Cool.

Sage: Cool. I just need last week's receipts.

Nick: Oh, my gosh. Seriously? That's --

Sage: Yes. Receipts.

Nick: Okay. I'm on it.

Sage: Nick. Thank you.

Nick: Sure.

Sage: I love you.

Nick: Love you, too.

[Door closes]

Sage: [Sighs] Ooh. Okay.

Luca: The food is good here. Like the tapas place in Madrid. You remember, Marisa?

Marisa: I'm sorry. Uh, no.

Luca: Well, the one with the bulldog out front. He tried to follow you down the street whenever we left. [Chuckles] Well, you, me, and my wife. How soon they forget, eh?

Marisa: We hold on to what matters, I suppose. The rest just slips away.

Noah: Hey, Luca, uh, what are you still doing here, man? I mean, Marisa said that your wife's in new York. Thought you'd be on a plane by now trying to win her back.

Luca: It's her turn to wonder about me. To remember the spark, to think about what she's missing.

[Cell phone chimes]

Noah: [Sighs]

Marisa: Everything okay?

Noah: Uh, yeah. Dad needs me to get something to Sage at their place. I'll be just a minute.

Luca: Oh, good. More time for us to catch up. You don't remember the bulldog? He adored you.

Marisa: [Sighs] Hurry back.

Noah: I will.

Marisa: [Sighs]

Chelsea: I was certain I heard you talking to someone.

Adam: Yeah, yeah, I was. I was talking to Jack. I know you're not thrilled about us working together on this whole virus hunt thing.

Chelsea: That's okay. We've moved past that. But I really thought I heard two voices out here.

Adam: Two voi-- oh, I was on speakerphone with Jack on the -- on the speakerphone. Come on in. Stay awhile.

Chelsea: Oh, someone moved in, by the way.

Adam: Really? Did you see him?

Chelsea: No, I just saw the delivery guys. But it's weird, someone else in your old place.

Adam: Yeah? Remember when you came by and you asked me to dinner? I wanted to tell you everything then. Come on. Let's go.

Chelsea: Well, let's go introduce ourselves.

Adam: No, don't do that.

Chelsea: What's wrong with knocking? This is someone we're gonna see in the elevator, bump into in the parking garage.

Adam: Yeah, no, that's, um, that's what I was gonna tell you. He's not home. He was getting in the elevator as I was getting off.

Chelsea: Well, how did you know it was the new neighbor?

Adam: He was putting his key away.

Chelsea: Did you say hi?

Adam: I mean, he did one of these, I did one of these.

Chelsea: Okay, that's really neighborly of you.

Adam: Well, it's enough, you know. I mean, look, you invited me over for dinner. Look where we're at now.

Chelsea: So, uh, what did he look like? Was he older? Younger?

Adam: Chelsea, you're gonna have plenty of time to meet this guy when he comes banging on our door here because Connor is laughing too loud.

Chelsea: Well, right now Connor's laughing too loud in the park with the nanny, remember? He's gone.

Adam: Give us a little mommy and daddy alone time.

Chelsea: [Chuckles] I would love that, but I have to get to the office for quarterly reports.

Adam: You do?

Chelsea: Mm-hmm.

Adam: Okay. Speaking of that, just remember what I said about the Chelsea 2.0, all right? Those numbers could start coming down.

Chelsea: Yeah, or we could ride this wave. Maybe it's not over yet. So, chill a bottle of wine for us. I'll see you soon. Bye.

Adam: Hmm.

Chelsea: Come on.

Adam: Have fun.

Chelsea: Bye.

Ian: Oh, to think that I would ever shush a laughing child. What kind of a person would do that?

Adam: Stop talking.

Ian: [Chuckles] What are you so afraid of? This is a very exclusive building. Nobody's ever gonna hear anything they shouldn't.

Adam: What the hell are you doing here? In this town? In this building? You think Chelsea hasn't seen your mug shot plastered all over the internet? Are you trying to go back to prison?

Ian: No, no, not at all. Not at all. I intend to be very cautious. Maybe I'll buy a pair of those eyeglasses that has the fake nose and mustache.

Adam: Shut up. If anyone finds out that you're out of prison, you know they're gonna find out who got you out of prison.

Ian: I think it's wonderful that you're right across the hall from me. Now we don't have to meet in public places.

Adam: Or you could just get the hell out of town, right? We could use the damn telephone.

Ian: You know, I worry about you, Adam. You have everything a man could want -- a delectably beautiful woman, a healthy young son, and yet you want more. Retribution, vengeance, Victor broken and bowed. My friend, you have to make up your mind what you want more. Vengeance or your picture-perfect family.

Luca: Leave town now? I just got here, mi amor.

Marisa: I...I am not your love. Victor Newman wants you gone, and Victor Newman always gets what he wants.

Luca: He was very clear about that when we met. I was flattered he considered me such a threat.

Marisa: [Chuckles] Not a threat. A nuisance. He would happily crush you under his heel.

Luca: You'd never let that happen. The last thing you want is to lose me again.

Marisa: Luca, I am in love with Noah.

Luca: If you love him so much, why haven't you told him the truth about us?

Noah: Are you sure you want these?

Sage: Yes! Receipts! Thank you.

Noah: You know, nobody gets this excited about spreadsheets, right?

Sage: I do. I really do, at least right now.

Noah: How's bed rest treating you? Not getting cabin fever?

Sage: [Laughs] Uh, well, it's nothing I can't handle. I don't want to take my chances, you know.

Noah: Yeah. You know, it's kind of like what my mom is doing in her own way. Um, she's not completely off the rails, but she checked herself into Fairview to get control of her meds.

Sage: She's a wonderful mother. It takes a lot of bravery to do what she's doing.

Noah: Yeah. Takes guts to ask for help.

Sage: It really does. I didn't know how to ask for help until nick. I think Marisa's the same way. But now she's met someone that she can finally let herself trust.

Noah: Well, maybe she just lets me think that.

Victoria: Abby has earned some time away from her phone and the office. Her being here is not gonna change what's in the quarterly report. What's done is done. For now.

Victor: But with all due respect, my sweetheart, you haven't explained to me why there was such a precipitous drop in sales for Chelsea 2.0.

Nick: Dad, did you already forget Vick has been saying all along that Chelsea 2.0 would have a major correction after inflated numbers?

Victor: You're right. You did predict that, didn't you?

Victoria: There's an accusation in there.

Victor: Mnh-mnh. But Abby has been gone for 24 hours ensconced in some hotel suite with stitch. And, uh, I just wondered if you had anything to do with her being gone from her job.

Victoria: Yes, dad, I talked to Ben. He wanted to spend some more time with her, and she needed a break from the office.

Victor: According to you, you mean?

Nick: Dad, if you know where Abby is, you can get her in here right this second.

Victor: Well, it is good that she isn't here because we all realize how important Abby is for the success for Newman enterprises.

Abby: Which is why I'm here. Not a moment too soon. I apologize for my brief absence from the building. I was advised to take some time to recharge. But according to this, Chelsea 2.0 hit a wall.

Chelsea: Or the wall hit us right in the face. I'm trying not to panic, but Gabriel warned that this could happen.

Nick: Ah, Gabriel, the voice of doom.

Chelsea: Well, Victoria said the same thing. Was she the voice of doom?

Nick: It was an opinion, Chelsea, one I didn't happen to share at the time, but it turns out Vick was right.

Abby: And isn't it just uncanny that as soon as Chelsea 2.0 slowed down, brash & sassy picked right up?

Nick: Different divisions. No overlap. There was no reason to jump to conclusions on that one.

Victor: Well, it seems that according to these numbers, Chelsea 2.0 is still out-performing the competition and brash & sassy is hitting its stride. So I would like you to all take a look at these numbers and do what's best for Newman enterprises, all right?

Abby: Admit it, dear sister. You tried to sabotage my company.

Adam: Don't you ever mention my family again. You understand me?

Ian: There's such an agitation in you and an abrasiveness that is unfair to me. Did I not give you my word that Chelsea 2.0 would not be destroyed along with the rest of Victor's empire? And I have honored that promise.

Adam: Yeah. Except now you're going after Victoria's division. The idea was to bring down Victor, okay? Victor alone. No one else.

Ian: Well, Newman enterprises is more than Victor Newman. What? Did you think the paragon worm would be selective? Aim only at your father and ignore everyone else?

Adam: Newman enterprises is a multinational conglomerate, okay? Surely there's a way to bring it down without going after Victoria or Chelsea or anyone else.

Ian: Chelsea 2.0, brash & sassy -- that name is so '80s. All it needs is shoulder pads.

Adam: Yeah, well, you know, it's a legacy brand.

Ian: That's history. And once it's dead and buried, Victoria can rise up out of the ashes and be free of the past, be free of her father. It's a gift -- freedom. The same gift you gave me. And I'm so grateful.

Adam: You grateful? Is that why you're out and about just begging to be noticed? Taking up residence here in my damn building, harassing my family?

Ian: And a lovely family it is. I would very much like to get to know them.

Adam: You're gonna stay away from both of them.

Ian: Your pulse is racing now, isn't it? Come on. You can practically hear your heart beat thumping in your ears. Come on. Relax, Adam. Embrace the journey. I'm gonna give you a chance to calm down, man. Come on. Come on. All right. If you need me, I'm right across the hall. Come anytime.

Neil: When your mind is racing with thoughts of fear, doubt, confusion, I want you to remember all the good things that you have in your life, like this house. You're gonna live in this house. You're gonna make it your house. And your kids are gonna grow up here. My grandkids.

Devon: It's empty right now, dad. It's just you and me here.

Neil: Not forever, son. I promise you. So, uh, how did you -- how did you find out that I was here?

Devon: People been worried about you.

Neil: Yeah? You followed me out here?

Gwen: Devon didn't trail you here. I did.

Neil: Well, look at y, thinking you can come here and invade my privacy.

Gwen: I care about you, Neil. I mean, you said you had an appointment, and then you left the hospital so quickly.

Neil: Wait a minute. You followed me to the hospital? Wow. My appointment is none of your business.

Gwen: I just wanted to make sure that you're okay. That's all.

Devon: He's been here fixing this place up as a gift to Hilary and me. All right, dad, she had no way of knowing. When I got here, thought you were dwelling in the past, but now we can both see what's going on.

Neil: Yeah, okay. We both know what's coming next. Gwen, we are done. I suggest you accept that and move on before there's a problem here.

Gwen: Romance is not my top priority. Ur well-being is. And I'm not gonna apologize for that.

Neil: Sure. Smart move dragging Devon into all this and make sure that he can see that golden halo around your head.

Devon: Hey.

Neil: And I'll just bet u that you don't want Hilary to return. See, that way you can make your move on him and pick up the pieces. Am I right about that, Gwen?

Devon: Neil, Neil.

Gwen: All this time and you don't know me at all.

Devon: Dad, what the hell was that? She's not trying to make a play on me. This is all about you.

Neil: Hey, do me a favor. You just concentrate on finding your wife, all right? Let me do what I need to do. Oh, hey, for once, just give me my dignity. Can you all do that for once? [Sighs]

Marisa: Noah deserves to know everything. My past, you, all of it.

Luca: And yet you stay quiet like a mouse.

Marisa: What do you want? And don't say me, because that's not an option.

Luca: Because of your little friend? Marco didn't last. Neither will this one.

Marisa: Yes, I was with Marco, and now I'm with Noah. And I despise you.

Luca: Love and hate. Two sides of the same coin. The coin will flip back over. I know how to make that happen.

Marisa: [Sighs] [Sighs]

Victoria: The market fluctuates, Abby. I didn't find some way to sabotage Chelsea 2.0. And I didn't find some magical way to boost the numbers for brash & sassy.

Abby: No, no, my line just happened to go down while yours just happened to go up.

Nick: Just hang on. What we need is hard numbers, not speculation. And you two need to stop with all this.

Chelsea: Thank you. There's a lot more at stake here than which sister gets to gloat, okay? Chelsea 2.0 is my line.

Abby: Well, Victoria doesn't mind if you're a casualty in her sibling wars. Tell them. Tell them how you insisted stitch get me away from the office.

Victoria: I didn't insist anything. I just suggested that you take a breather.

Abby: God, you are so threatened by me being here. Newman enterprises is supposed to be all about you, isn't it? Well, congratulations. You tried to hurt me, but instead you hurt the whole damn company. What a great leader you are.

Chelsea: Stop her.

Victoria: Let her go sit in a corner and sulk!

Chelsea: You know, when I agreed to work at Newman, I expected some respect and some support, not this ridiculous sibling rivalry blowing up my business.

Victoria: Abby thinks that somehow she's responsible for the Chelsea 2.0 sales uptick. Now, there's no proof of that any more than there's proof that I'm responsible for the downturn.

Nick: You know, Vick's right. The uptick in brash & sassy does mirror the decrease in Chelsea 2.0's numbers. I mean, there's a distinct pattern. It's not anything we're generating at Newman.

Victoria: Someone altered our sales figures?

Nick: Not someone.

Something. A computer. Maybe this is that cyber attack dad's been warning us about.

Stitch: You can cover my shifts for those days, I cover you for your next vacation and the holiday after that. And the next one after that. Come on, man. This is so I can go to Europe with Abby. I know. Poor me. Ooh! Awesome. Thanks. Okay, once I book the flight, I'll let you know. Yeah. Sweet.

Abby: Call him back. Tell him you don't need the time off.

Stitch: What's wrong?

Abby: Well, I don't generally take intercontinental trips with people who conspire against me.

Stitch: [Scoffs] I don't even know what that means.

Abby: Victoria confirmed that you two teamed up to try and keep me out of the Newman loop.

Stitch: Why do I care what happens at Newman? I wanted to be with you, and you're making it sound like it was a crime.

Abby: It is a crime. You stole my time away from work. You stole my focus and my attention, all because your ex whispered in your ear and told you to, which makes you pathetic. Or you're just that selfish, which makes you a jerk.

Stitch: Oh, now I'm a jerk?

Abby: I blinked because of you, and my whole division went down the toilet.

Stitch: Oh, and that's all that matters, huh?

Abby: Yes!

Stitch: More than you and me?

Chelsea: It's bad, Adam, like you said. Chelsea 2.0 has taken a dive. As quickly as the sales went up, it's as quickly as they went down.

Adam: Not below previous levels, right?

Chelsea: Uh, no. They plateaued. How did you know that?

Adam: Well, it's, you know, basic market behavior, right? Your key demo hasn't changed, so you keep supplying them. Manufacturing distribution hasn't changed thanks to Abby's in-source program, right? You maintain capital, so you maintain quality control.

Chelsea: Yeah, everything you're saying is making sense. I just wish I had listened to you sooner.

Adam: Babe, there's nothing you could have done about this, nothing you could have done to prevent it, okay? The worst is behind you.

Chelsea: Maybe it's not, though.

Adam: Sweetheart, these numbers are not gonna dip lower than they already have, okay? It's basic business.

Chelsea: Well, nick says there's nothing basic about this.

Adam: Well, nick's brain is pretty basic, sweetheart. He should stick to cutting fruit and zesting limes.

Chelsea: Well, I didn't tell you the other part. Brash & sassy is up a similar percentage to Chelsea 2.0's decline, so nick is thinking maybe this has something to do with this virus that Victor's been talking about. If someone is trying to take down Victor, they're gonna take us all down with him.

Victor: You missed a great opportunity. Your husband was trying to be affectionate with you. You should have used your talents as you did with Marco to get him the hell out of here.

Marisa: You want me to sleep with Luca even though I'm in love with your grandson?

Victor: Mm-hmm. You're responsible for him coming to this town. Now, you get him out of here.

Marisa: The only way to get him out is if I go with him.

Victor: Well, it shouldn't take you very long to pack your things, now should it?

Marisa: And tell Noah what? That I don't want to be with him? He lost his fiancée. You want me to add to that pain?

Victor: You tell him the truth. You tell him that you were married or are married to Luca Santori. Do you think he'll forgive you?

Marisa: Either way, I'll hurt him.

Victor: Oh, you make me almost teary-eyed. I give you exactly 48 hours to make sure that your husband leaves town with or without you. If you don't, I will take matters into my hand.

Victoria: So you think that the increase in brash & sassy is due to the paragon attack. But why wouldn't paragon just tank all of Newman and be done with it?

Nick: A program doesn't have a brain. A person or people created this virus. The motivation for that could be any number of reasons -- jealousy, revenge, entertainment. We're gonna get this paragon nerd think he's got us up against a wall. Well lull him into a false sense of security. Soon as he lets his guard down... don't say I sound like dad again.

Victoria: No, not at all. No, you're the anti-dad. And one day soon, you'll be bouncing your new son or daughter on your knee, and you'll warn them to not go work for dad, not get sucked in.

Nick: Words to live by.

Victoria: Good luck with that.

Nick: I'm gonna need it.

Sage: Ah! [Sighs] If you're hungry, just say so. [Sighs] Okay. I think we should call daddy. [Sighs] Okay [Groans] [Breathing heavily] [Groans]

Abby: I get it. Yeah, I needed protection, a bodyguard. It was your chance to play hero. Maybe that's why you jumped so quickly from Victoria to me -- because she wasn't pathetic, but I was. [Chuckles] Yeah. But now that I have my own life and no one's trying to kill me, maybe the thrill's gone for you.

Stitch: Hmm. Maybe I should give you credit for finally talking about us instead of your job. It's your entire life now. It's like nothing else exists. Even your dad finds time to try to manage the rest of the universe. Not just Newman enterprises.

Abby: Okay, okay, so yay, Abby, for being good at her job, but boo, Abby, for not spending every waking moment the way that you think I should.

Stitch: Oh, come on. That's a crock.

Abby: You were gonna whisk me away to Europe not for romance, not for fun, but to try and control me. Well, tough luck, because I am exactly who I want to be. I can say what I want, do what I want. I call the shots, not you.

Stitch: Okay, you are not making this easy. You know that?

Abby: Oh, I can make it very easy for you. Yeah, yeah. Enjoy your trip to Europe. Without me. Or stay here without me. Or do whatever the hell you want to do without me.

Stitch: [Laughs] You know what? Fine! Done! Over!

Abby: Bon voyage!

Stitch: Yeah!

Adam: Sweetheart, I would know if paragon was making any kind of headway, okay? Not nick.

Chelsea: I mean, he doesn't have any proof yet or anything. It's just a gut instinct.

Adam: A gut instinct? Yeah, okay, well, that makes sense, because why use logic and reason when you can make decisions based on my brother's innards? Who else has he shared this feeble plan with?

Chelsea: Just Victoria and me so far. There's also another theory that maybe Victoria's trying to sabotage Abby out of jealousy.

Adam: Well, see, there you go. That's what it is, okay? He's trying to keep the sisters from ripping each other's throats out, so he came up with this plan, this idea to take blame away from everyone. Except the problem is no one is to blame, okay? It's no one's fault. That just happened. Listen, let them freak out. Let them worry about it, okay? You just keep making design magic.

Chelsea: Gladly. But hey, I don't want you getting sucked into this Newman nightmare, okay? No fixating, no dwelling.

Adam: Where am I right now? I'm right here, right? And who am I with?

Chelsea: Me.

Adam: I'm with you, right? That's all that matters -- you and our little man, okay? It's what I hold precious, sacred. It's the only thing I'm gonna take care of. All right?

Devon: I'm glad you came here instead of going home. Everything that Neil said was...

Gwen: He's in pain. You know, he's going through recovery on his own, and he's pushing me away. I can accept that. But I need you to know that I'm not trying to be noble to score points with you.

Devon: I know. I think the fact that you're not angry with Neil after the way he acted is -- seems pretty noble to me.

Gwen: No. I will put up with anything that Neil has to say or do right now because... I'm falling in love with him.

Neil: I dragged you out of that water. I saved your life! I could have left you there. Devon could grieve. And we could all heal and move on at some point. I should have left you there. [Sighs] [Sobs] [Sighs] I... I am so sorry. [Sobbing] I am so sorry.

[Door closes]

Noah: Marisa. Sorry that took so long. So, uh... Luca hassle you anymore about his wife?

Marisa: If she wanted to be with him, she would be. And...he should respect that.

Noah: Respect? Yeah, respect is important. Trust, honesty. 'Cause without those...

Marisa: Why are you so --

Noah: You know, what really gets me is the lie. Right in front of me like I'm just some simple-minded idiot, like I was never gonna catch on.

Marisa: Noah --

Noah: It's you. Yeah. Yeah. You're married to that son of a bitch.

Marisa: No --

Noah: Yeah.

Marisa: Noah. [Sighs]

[Door closes]

Marisa: [Groans] [Sighs]

[Knock on door]

Victor: Hello? Sage? Hello?

Sage: [Groans]

Victor: Sage. My goodness, what happened? I just came to see if you and the baby were okay.

Sage: I'm okay.

Victor: Let me help you up.

Sage: No, I don't need your help, Victor. Just leave me alone.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Victoria: The whole shipping line? This can't be! It has to be a mistake!

Ian: The soothing sound of chaos. [Laughs]

Jack: Phyllis, what's going on?

Phyllis: I have a confession to make.

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