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Episode # 10758 ~ Sharon & Patty Williams cross paths; Devon approaches the truth about Hilary; Adam's plan starts to go wrong.

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Paul: So, what did Kevin find when he hacked into Colin's bank records?

Dylan: Uh, there was a payment to an escort service.

Paul: Okay. So, Colin's a sleaze. We knew that. What else?

Dylan: Well, it turns out that Colin paid the escort to spend the night with Devon at his bachelor party. I tracked the, uh, the escort down, and she admitted that she'd lied to Devon the next morning.

Paul: She lied? About what?

Dylan: She lied about saying that they had sex, and they really didn't 'cause Devon passed out and didn't remember, and he had to take her word for it.

Paul: Oh. Nice. Anything else?

Dylan: Well, Colin strolls into the coffeehouse. So I ask him, and he insists that I'm looking in the wrong direction, that he set the deal up with somebody else.

Paul: Who?

Dylan: A person who does not want to see Devon and Hilary live happily ever after. And who is that one person? That's Neil. So, when I confronted Neil --

Paul: Wait. You what?

Gwen: Stop me if this is too personal.

Neil: What? I'm -- I'm an open book.

Gwen: I was just wondering how your meetings were going. How you been holding up?

Neil: I'm good. Yeah, I nipped it in the bud. No more cravings.

Gwen: Really?

Neil: Yeah, really. Talked to my sponsor. I went to a meeting last night. You know, talking things through, that -- that really helps a lot.

Gwen: And that's all it took to get back on track?

Neil: Hey. I'm not 100%. That's true. And I deal with this addiction struggle every single day. I already told you I slipped. But I'm taking the necessary steps, you know, to resolve that. I'm feeling a lot better, Gwen. I am.

Devon: That's good to hear you say that, 'cause I have some news about Hilary.

Patty: Hey there, stranger! Hi!

Sharon: Patty?

Patty: Yeah.

Sharon: What are you doing here?

Patty: I got transferred back. Paulie arranged it.

Sharon: Oh. How long ago was this?

Patty: Uh, a few weeks. My mind is so much clearer than when I was sent to that awful prison. Here I get more freedom. Well, some, anyway. But the better I get, the more privileges they're giving me. Isn't that great?

Sharon: Uh, yeah, that's great.

Patty: And Paul comes to visit quite a bit, but I haven't heard a peep out of Jack. What's he up to these days?

Sharon: Uh, you know, I have to go. I have an appointment with my doctor.

Patty: Oh. Okay. We'll catch up later, then.

Dr. Anderson: Oh, good morning, Sharon. Oh, right on time. How'd you sleep?

Sharon: Um, good, actually.

Dr. Anderson: Wonderful. Are you ready for your first therapy session? We can go into the conference room, if you'd like.

Sharon: No, here's fine. I don't, uh -- you know, no one's here. I don't need formal therapy.

Dr. Anderson: You don't?

Sharon: No, as you know, I'm here voluntarily. I just want to get back on track with my meds in a safe environment and do what's best for my baby.

Dr. Anderson: Okay. Well, let's talk about that. How do you feel about being a mother again?

Phyllis: Let's go with the fish. I know that's something Fred would like. I think it'd be kind of awkward if we served a roast to find out he doesn't like meat. I tell you, though, Mrs. Martinez, she would have such a tough time --

Jack: I know you're excited about having this guy over, about introducing us, but I'm starting to think this is not such a hot idea.

Phyllis: Since when?

Jack: Since I've had a chance to think about it. You don't even know this guy.

Phyllis: So?

Jack: So why are you so excited about this dinner?

Phyllis: Is this -- I'm sorry. You were all for this last night.

Jack: I'm just a little surprised. You don't take to strangers this quickly.

Phyllis: You talking or Gabe Bingham talking?

Jack: No, don't do that.

Phyllis: No, don't tell me that you are feeding into this paranoia about this paragon drivel.

Jack: "A," it is not drivel.

Phyllis: If you say so.

Jack: And "b," Gabe makes some good points.

Phyllis: [Scoffs] Please! Fred is totally harmless.

Jack: You don't know that.

Phyllis: Are you telling me that you think he's involved in some conspiracy theory to topple jabot? The man is a fisherman!

Jack: He could be a lot of other things that we don't know about.

Phyllis: True or false -- I am a good judge of character and have excellent instincts about people.

Jack: Not always.

Phyllis: Jack. If you actually met the man, you would see how silly it is to consider that he's any kind of threat. He is a lost soul out there without a wife. And after everything you and I have been through, I was compelled by that. I want him to see that life goes on beyond this tragedy and that help and support can come from unlikely sources. So can we please put aside this paragon talk and focus on showing a little bit of compassion toward a fellow human being?

Adam: What the hell do you think you're doing accepting a dinner invitation from Phyllis?

Ian: Manners. The social contract. That which separates us from the animals, dear boy. It would have been rude to decline. I am many things, but I'm not rude.

Adam: Guess what? This isn't a game.

Ian: Really? But I'm having so much fun. [Laughs]

Adam: Your friendship with Phyllis, it ends now, okay? I'm not gonna let you blow up my carefully laid plan on a whim.

Ian: Oh, that's what you think this is? A whim?

Adam: No, actually, I think that Phyllis has a very enchanting smile and I think you get a thrill from being around her.

Ian: I can't argue with that.

Adam: You're jeopardizing everything, the whole damn project.

Ian: Stop worrying. I'm not gonna break bread with Jack Abbott. But in future, we have to be open to the tantalizing possibilities that may arise. We have to be able to adapt.

Adam: No more improvising, okay? I mean it.

Ian: Even if it enhances a plan? I mean, after all, revenge...

Adam: ...Is a dish best served cold. Yeah, I've heard that before.

Ian: Oh, that aphorism is woefully inadequate. Revenge is like making love to a beautiful woman.

Adam: Oh.

Ian: I mean, if you're simply trying to get it over with, why bother? It should be savored. Every shift and nuance.

Adam: Now I got just a bunch of pictures in my head that I wish I didn't have. Listen, how about [Sighs] A little less savoring, okay, and a lot more security? How about that?

Ian: We can have both, and we will. In the meantime, I'll figure out some way to bow out gracefully so that I don't offend Phyllis. I wouldn't want her to stop visiting. It's so lonely out here in the woods.

Adam: No more visits from Phyllis. You're gonna do what you're told. You're gonna grab all your stuff and you're gonna leave. You're gonna do it immediately. You're gonna set up shop somewhere else. Is that clear?

Ian: "Is that clear?" Lo, the tyrant deems how I ought behave. Perhaps he first stumbles into the grave.

Adam: [Chuckles] What the hell is that? A threat?

Ian: It just came to me.

Adam: Shakespeare?

Ian: Maybe. There's a good chance I made it up. What you should know is, I'm not comfortable with you ordering me around.

Adam: What you should know, Ian, is that I'm very comfortable with you being uncomfortable. Maybe it'll remind you who got you out of prison in the first place.

Ian: How could I ever forget?

Adam: Yeah, well, you don't forget, all right? You keep your eye on the prize. That's taking down Victor. Otherwise you're gonna end up at the mercy of a bunch of people who won't be showing you any. Do you understand me?

Gwen: So, this witness in virgin Gorda.

Devon: Yeah, they said that they saw a woman on a gurney being loaded onto a plane right after Hilary went missing.

Neil: So you said you have new information.

Devon: Well, we know now that that plane landed in Dallas.

Neil: That's huge. That means that Hilary could be in Texas. Have you talked to the pilot?

Devon: No, not yet, but we're just -- we're still trying to piece things together.

Gwen: Have you learned anything else?

Devon: [Sighs] Yeah. That the plane refueled and then took off. But this time, the pilot didn't file a flight plan, so we don't know where it was headed. And then 24 hours later, the plane returned to Dallas. So if Hilary was on the flight when it left Dallas...

Gwen: She could be anywhere.

Neil: Are you using your own people in all this, or do you have the police involved?

Devon: I took this to Paul Williams, and Michael's doing everything he can. And meanwhile, the island cops are fighting a ruling trying to get me extradited back there, so I have to stay hands off or else the prosecutor will accuse me of trying to manipulate evidence.

Neil: Yeah, man, man, this has got to be so frustrating.

Devon: It's extremely frustrating 'cause there's literally nothing that I can do right now to help find my wife.

Neil: Has to give you hope. I mean, it gives me hope that Hilary could have survived and that this whole thing could be over very soon.

Devon: Yeah.

Paul: I think it was a real mistake to accuse someone like Neil winters solely based on the word of a convicted felon like Colin. I mean, especially now that we know he was trying to blackmail Devon with the video.

Dylan: Was Neil gonna use that video to wreck Devon's marriage?

Paul: According to Colin. Really? I mean, we have no other corroborating evidence.

Dylan: But given how Devon betrayed his father...

Paul: Look, I've suspected Neil from the very beginning. Being involved in the disappearance of his ex-wife, the jilted husband, he was a person of interest. And I didn't want anybody to accuse me of any impropriety in the investigation, so I hired a third party to check out his alibi.

Dylan: On account of the accident?

Paul: Correct.

Dylan: So what'd you find out?

Paul: Well, according to them, Neil was exactly where he said he was supposed to be -- in the Canadian Rockies.

Dylan: Were there any witnesses to place him there?

Paul: There were credit-card charges for airline tickets, meals, hotel rooms.

Dylan: Right, but no witnesses. All those things are great ways to cover your track if you're planning something.

Paul: Yes. But knowing Neil as I do, he -- he takes the high road. I mean, usually.

Dylan: Paul, I get that you're trying to stay objective, and I love that about you. I love that you give everybody the benefit of the doubt, but you're giving Neil the benefit of too many doubts.

Paul: [Chuckles] You know, for someone who turned down a job at the police department, you seem to put a lot of effort and energy into this case. Does Sharon know about this?

Dylan: [Sighs] Sharon checked herself into Fairview.

Sharon: I'm thrilled to be having a child with Dylan, sharing that beautiful experience with him. And that's why I checked myself in. I just want to be as healthy and serene as possible when the baby arrives.

Dr. Anderson: That's laudable, Sharon. When Dylan brought you here yesterday, he struck me as a kind, caring man.

Sharon: He really is. Well, I'm glad that you agree with my decision to come here.

Dr. Anderson: Well, I think it's a great chance for you to reflect on where you've been and what you want this next phase of your life to look like.

Sharon: My thoughts exactly.

Dr. Anderson: You know, I've been looking over your file, reading up on your previous stays. Now, last time you were here, you were involved with a man named Nick.

Sharon: Nick Newman, yes. That's my ex-husband. He's the father of my two children. And he and Dylan are half-brothers.

Dr. Anderson: And how long have you and Dylan been together?

Sharon: Not that long. When he moved to town two years ago, we became very good friends, and my daughter faith just adores him.

Dr. Anderson: Sounds lovely.

Sharon: And then this past spring, I found myself in this terrible situation. I was being accused of something I didn't do, and Dylan, he really fought for me. He stood by me. He's done so much for me, dr. Anderson. I really just -- I don't want to disappoint him.

Dr. Anderson: Well, how do you think you could disappoint him?

Sharon: You know, I-I don't know why I said that. That was a poor choice of words.

Dr. Anderson: Do you think your illness put too much strain on your marriage with Nick? Are you worried the same thing will happen with Dylan?

Sharon: It's not the same at all. Um, I made mistakes with Nick, mistakes that he could not forgive. And this relationship, it's different. Dylan understands me in a way that Nick never could, and he loves and accepts me for who I am.

Dr. Anderson: Sharon, your words are strong and confident, but I'm sensing a lot of concern underneath. Is there a reason for you to be this anxious?

Sharon: Actually...there is.

Paul: So Sharon went off her meds again?

Dylan: She read something online that spooked her, you know, and how the medication she's taking could affect her pregnancy.

Paul: Yeah, well... I can understand why she would be concerned. It's scary.

Dylan: Yeah, of course, but, you know, she should have talked to the doctor about it and not acted impulsively. It was actually Mariah who figured out she was acting a little off and confronted her. Sharon admitted she went off her medication. Well, she went back on her medication, but she's still feeling fragile and decided that she needs to focus on her health.

Paul: By checking into a place like Fairview?

Dylan: [Sighs]

Paul: I can understand how difficult this decision must have been for her. But I also can see... her commitment to you and your child. That's -- that's admirable.

Dylan: I just want her to get the help she needs.

Paul: Fairview's an excellent place. I mean, the people there are first rate. My sister, you know, your aunt Patty has been a patient there for some time now.

Dylan: I know. You mentioned that.

Paul: Yeah.

Dylan: And if you chose the facility, then it has credibility in my eyes.

Paul: The fact that Sharon felt she needed to go there shows how far she's come.

Sharon: If I seem anxious, it's because I ran into someone I know here, another patient. Patty Williams.

Dr. Anderson: Well, why did running into Patty make you feel anxious?

Sharon: She -- she hurt some people I know. And I don't mean to stand in judgment. I know I'm in no position to do that, but it's just -- it's a painful reminder of how wrong things have gone in my life in the past.

Dr. Anderson: You're in a completely different place now, Sharon. Your choice to come here to Fairview demonstrates how committed you are to being healthy and stable, and in turn building a healthier relationship with Dylan in which to raise a child.

Sharon: You're right. Nothing's more important to me than that.

Adam: I've got information about paragon for you.

Phyllis: Gabe, could you please just give us a second? We were in the middle of something.

Adam: Tell her it's important.

Jack: Honey, can you just give us a second, please?

Phyllis: Fine.

[Cell phone rings]

Phyllis: Hello, Fred.

Adam: So, I looked into this Fred character.

Jack: And?

Adam: And he bugged out. The trailer in the woods is empty.

Jack: Oh, wow. There's nothing shady about that.

Adam: No, no, not at all. I don't suspect he'll be coming around here looking for a free meal anytime soon.

Jack: Any sign that this guy is more than just fisherman Fred, a lonely widower who's writing his memoirs?

Adam: No, not exactly. But still --

Jack: Still we have to be careful. I understand that. You don't have to sell it. I heard everything you said, and I've decided you're right.

Adam: Thank you, Jack.

Jack: Frankly I'm glad he's gotten out of here. Ever since we talked, I've had a bad feeling about this whole thing.

Adam: Phyllis suddenly befriending this guy?

Jack: It's just out of character. She doesn't make friends easily.

Adam: Well, I got a theory on that.

Jack: I'm talking about Fred. I wonder about this guy, what kind of magical pixie dust is he spreading. Phyllis doesn't open herself up to strangers that way.

Phyllis: You're canceling for dinner?

Ian: I am dreadfully sorry for the late notice.

Phyllis: Oh, well, I'm sorry, too. I was looking forward to it.

Ian: As was I, dear lady. [Chuckles]

Phyllis: Are you okay?

Ian: I'm all right physically, but, uh, you know, it's this book deadline that I have. [Sighs] I'm probably gonna have to pull a few all-nighters and...

Phyllis: Wow, I thought you said that you had a whole month to turn something in.

Ian: Publishers can be fickle, and so can the muse. And you fulfill that role admirably for me. You gave me so much fresh inspiration.

Phyllis: I'm flattered. Why does it sound like I lost the job?

Ian: Oh, look at the time. I really must go. Sorry, Phyllis. Thank you again for that lovely invitation.

Phyllis: Well, Fred just ditched us for dinner.

Adam: Huh.

Phyllis: Why do I get the feeling this is not a surprise to you?

Adam: Like I mentioned last night, uh, you know, making friends with strangers -- probably never a good idea, especially right --

Phyllis: You're not gonna get away with this, Gabe.

Adam: I don't know what you're talking a

Phyllis: What did you do? How did you get to Fred? What did you threaten him with so that he would cancel dinner?

Adam: Phyllis, I don't know what you're talking about.

Phyllis: No, see, that's bull. You coerced him somehow. This man is lonely and has lost his wife!

Jack: Before you go off on him you need to know I agree with him 100%. I'm sorry you're disappointed. I'm glad this evening was called off.

Phyllis: This was your idea!

Jack: I have reconsidered.

Phyllis: See, I don't even believe what I'm hearing. I invited this man to eat with us, to share a meal with us. What did you think he was gonna do? Stab you with his fork?

Jack: I am not going to apologize for wanting to keep my family safe. Out of nowhere, this Fred shows up in our lives at the same time we're dealing with this paragon threat.

Adam: At the risk of sounding like I'm repeating myself, we don't know where this threat's gonna come from. We don't know what form it's gonna take, okay? It could be somebody taking a family member, kidnapping them, holding them for ransom.

Phyllis: Kidnapping? You guys are off your rails. Do you really think he's involved in some conspiracy theory?

Jack: It seems like too much of a coincidence.

Phyllis: I approached him, not the other way around!

Jack: Red, listen to me.

Phyllis: Okay, this is out of control. You're both out of control. I'm out.

[Door opens]

Jack: Okay, I don't know what else you learned about this guy. Whatever it is, tell me now.

Paul: You know, I would like to think that somebody as smart as Neil would walk away from a tragedy having learned something, that he wouldn't waste his life obsessing over revenge.

Dylan: But you're thinking logically. Neil may not be. He's definitely capable of acting out.

Paul: [Sighs] You mean like when he grabbed the wheel of Nikki's car.

Dylan: Right. Then you agree that it's possible Colin is right. Neil could have set up Devon despite that nice speech he made at his wedding.

Paul: Yeah, I could see where Neil would have plans of his own that no one else knew about. Including Colin.

Gwen: When Hilary's back home safe, hopefully she can tell us what happened. You know, but for someone to fly her out of the island and not report it to anybody -- who would do that?

Devon: Whoever pushed her off the trail.

Gwen: But it doesn't make any sense. If someone wanted to hurt her, or worse...

Neil: We're getting way ahead of ourselves. We're gonna drive each other crazy speculating. You know what? I have an appointment that I have to attend to, so how about I check in with you both later?

Devon: Sure. Thanks.

Neil: Yeah. Okay.

Devon: What is it?

Gwen: Something's not right.

Paul: Hey, Neil. Hold on a second.

Neil: Yeah? Oh, hey, Paul. Um, I'm -- I'm sorry. I would talk, but I'm -- I'm in a rush.

Paul: I just want to ask you how things are going.

Neil: How do you think things are going, Paul? I am desperate to find the person who did this to Hilary.

Neil: Devon told me about the plane from BVI landing at Dallas.

Paul: Right, I-I wish I had something to add. But there is something else I want to talk to you about.

Neil: Oh, yeah? Really? What -- what's that?

Paul: Well, I just found out that Dylan confronted you. And, uh, I had no idea he was planning to do that. I think he overstepped. And I told him so.

Neil: Well, Paul, you know, you have a very specific reason for wanting me to pay a price of some kind.

Paul: Listen, Neil, not for something you didn't do.

Neil: It must seem very obvious to Dylan, right, the blind guy who gets his sight back at the very moment that his wife is cheating on him with his son. I got to admit, it feels okay that I'm being accused instead of my son. You know, I know that Devon is putting up a brave front, but I can tell that it's taking a toll on him. The report of that plane, it's gotten his hopes up.

Paul: Right, well, now that we have a decent lead, this case could break wide open very soon.

Neil: I can't even imagine anyone getting away with this, you know? Even the best criminals can make a critical mistake.

Paul: You know what? It's only a matter of time.

Neil: Yeah. It's only A... matter of time.

Devon: What do you think is not right with Neil?

Gwen: It's the way he's acting, or not acting, rather. I mean, he says he's drinking again. And then he's so nonchalant and calm about it. He says he's not struggling in the least.

Devon: Well, Gwen, I just think he doesn't want you to worry.

Gwen: But if he really backslid, wouldn't we notice? I mean, he says everything's fine and everything's wrapped up in a nice, neat bow, but does that sound real to you?

Devon: I talked to him the other day, and he sounded sincere.

Gwen: Really?

Devon: To be honest, I just think that he's ashamed of what he did, and that's why he's covering up what he's going through. And on top of all that, he's blaming himself for everything that's happened.

Gwen: To Hilary, you mean?

Devon: Well, yeah, and to me. He said it's stuck in his head that he's cursed our marriage, and I just think he started feeling guilty about it and his demons took over and, you know, here we are now.

Gwen: Yeah, I picked up on that, too. Something's weighing on him. Well, I told him that he can't put this on himself. He's not responsible for Hilary disappearing. She disappeared for a whole 'nother reason that we don't know yet, and I'm not gonna rest until I find out what that reason is.

[Cell phone rings]

Gwen: Excuse me. I have to take this.

Gwen: Of course.

Dr. Anderson: You're not falling into old patterns. In the grand scheme of things, you're just dealing with a minor problem. That's cause for celebration.

Sharon: I'll remember that.

Dr. Anderson: Well, this has been very productive. Let's meet again tomorrow. Same time?

Sharon: Sounds good.

Patty: How was your session?

Sharon: That's really none of your business.

Patty: You don't have to be that way.

Sharon: Let me by, please, Patty.

Patty: Why are you being so mean? I mean, we're in the same boat. We can help each other.

Sharon: I don't need your help.

Patty: Why are you being so nasty?

Sharon: I'm here by choice. You're not. I didn't come here to make friends, okay? I just want to get healthy so I can get back to my own life. Now if you'll excuse me...

Patty: Dr. Anderson.

Dr. Anderson: What is it, Patty?

Patty: [Sighs] There's a problem with another patient. Sharon Newman.

Ian: I am not available.

Please leave a message.

Adam: You better have done what I told you to do -- cleared out of that trailer. Get back to me.

Phyllis: Fred? Fred?

Phyllis: Fred?

Ian: "We will see each other again. I'll explain more then. This isn't goodbye. Fred."

Jack: Phyllis? Phyllis! I thought I might find you here. Wh-- where's Fred?

Phyllis: Well, he's gone. He's obviously taken everything with him. You did this, didn't you?

Jack: I had nothing to do with Fred packing his things and taking off.

Phyllis: Okay, don't do that, playing semantics. That is very Victor. And even if you got Gabe to do this, it's the same thing.

Jack: I didn't. I swear. I did, however, ask Gabe to investigate the security threat against our family, which becomes all the more important now that we know Victor is gonna be no help at all. If the worst thing that came of this is some random fisherman had his feelings hurt, I can live with that. This -- this is suspicious! I don't like this! Maybe Fred is up to something. Maybe that's why he decided not to come to our house. Maybe we were thwarting some plan of his.

Phyllis: Oh, damn it. Not everything is a plot. You cannot trample on people's lives and mess with their heads just because Gabe's got you freaking out.

Jack: If I am freaking out, it's for very good reason.

Phyllis: Prove it.

Jack: Okay. Marco got a message out to someone to tell him where he could find Marisa. That person is in Genoa City right now looking for her.

Phyllis: That is why I'm taking this all so seriously.

Neil: Hilary, if Paul were to find you here, you know what he'd do, right? You know what anyone would do. They would freak out. They would -- they would say that I'm responsible for your fall -- me. And I'm not. And...I know I'm not. And you know I'm not. But you need to wake up. And you need to be able to tell everybody that I'm a good guy. Maybe... maybe I'm not a good guy. Maybe I'm folding. [Sighs] Enough is enough here. I... I got to do something here.

Gwen: Hey, Devon, it's Gwen. I've had a bad feeling ever since we saw Neil this morning.

Devon: I've known Neil a lot longer than you have, and I really just think that he's on edge because of everything that's going on with Hilary.

Gwen: Yeah, but that bad feeling I had -- it's worse.

Devon: Why is it worse? Where did you take off to?

Gwen: I followed him.

Devon: Gwen, that's not necessary.

Gwen: But he went to the hospital.

Devon: Well, there you go. That's where his appointment was.

Gwen: He came out after 10 minutes. What kind of appointment is that short?

Devon: I don't know. Maybe the doctor canceled on him.

Gwen: He was in a real hurry when he came out.

Devon: I don't know what you want me to say to you. If you really want to know where Neil is, call him.

Gwen: I know where he is. I followed him to this house outside of town.

Devon: What house?

Gwen: Well, I'm parked down the road out of sight, so I can't actually see the house, but it's 1233 lakeside.

Devon: The lake house.

Gwen: You know it?

Devon: Yeah. When Neil and Hilary got married, he bought it for her as a surprise. It was supposed to be her dream home.

Phyllis: But Marco's in prison.

Jack: Victor and I are each seeing what we can find out about this. In the meantime, that happens at the same time that this paragon threat is breaking, and then this stranger walks into our lives? Phyllis, I can't ignore that. I-I know this sounds crazy, but what if Marco sent Fred to draw you in, to let your guard down?

Phyllis: Oh, my God. Marco. Is this ever gonna end?

[Cell phone rings]

Adam: Well, it took you long enough. You out of that trailer yet?

Ian: Breathe, my friend. Breathe in, breathe out. In, out.

Adam: Tell you something. I'm gonna start breathing fire if you don't start talking, okay? Where are you?

Ian: Relax, dear boy. I've left the great outdoors behind.

Adam: Let me rephrase the question. Where are you right now?

Ian: Not far. Not far at all, in fact.

Adam: I'm gonna call you back when you're done jerking me around.

Ian: Psst! Howdy, neighbor. [Chuckles]

Neil: All of our futures are on the line. Yours, mine, and Devon's. Hey. Hey, if you can hear me... you've got to wake up. You've got to wake up!

[Tires screech]

Patty: Sharon and I have known each other for a long time. I tried to be nice, but she doesn't want to be my friend.

Dr. Anderson: Remember when you first came here, Patty? There were a lot of changes, new rules to follow. Now, I'm sure it took you some time to get used to things. That's what Sharon's going through right now. She's just focusing on her own issues. Now, if she wants to keep to herself for a while, you should not take it personally.

Patty: But I do.

Dr. Anderson: Remember when we talked about empathy? Try putting yourself in Sharon's place. She feels lonely, just like you do. But eventually she's gonna need someone to talk to and to trust.

Sharon: I miss you so much.

Dylan: I miss you, too. How are things going?

Sharon: Well, I spent most of the morning in therapy.

Dylan: With the doctor we met last night?

Sharon: Dr. Anderson. I like her. She really listens.

Dylan: Well, that's great.

Sharon: Yeah, I feel encouraged after talking to her. I know I made the right decision coming here.

Dylan: Good, just, uh, stay focused on why you're doing this. For yourself and our little one.

Sharon: For us, Dylan. For our future.

[Pounding on door]

Neil: Hey! Look who it is. Um... how'd you know that I was here?

Devon: You mean in the house that you were planning on turning into Hilary's dream home?

Neil: Yeah.

Devon: Dad, it seems like you've been lying to a lot of people lately. What are you doing here? Are you ready to tell me the truth?

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Marisa: You want me to sleep with Luca even though I'm in love with your grandson?

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Abby: Victoria confirmed that you two teamed up to try and keep me out of the Newman loop.

Sage: [Groans]

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