Y&R Transcript Friday 9/18/15


Episode # 10757 ~ Victor wants Marisa out of Noah's life; Adam tries to help Phyllis. Elizabeth Bogush debuts as Dr. Anderson.

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Ian: With you as my muse, my story can't help but have a happy ending.

Phyllis: Well, you know, there is a sky full of stars tonight, so I am gonna wish on one just to guarantee it.

Ian: You're a dear person, Phyllis.

Phyllis: Well, I know a few people would disagree with you.

Ian: Well, they're wrong. I'm blessed that you came into my life when you did. It's perfect timing.

Phyllis: Must have been in the stars.

Victor: Send him in. Hello, Jack. What do you want?

Jack: Oh, I wondered if you had any news for me, say, about our old friend Marco Annicelli.

Victor: Old friend Marco Annicelli. As far as I know, he's still in prison.

Jack: He is. Evidently, though, he has not been cut off from the rest of the world as you promised he would be.

Victor: What's your point?

Jack: We just got a message from Marco delivered by Marisa's husband.

Victor: Marisa's husband?

Jack: Luca Santori?

Victor: He's here in Genoa city?

Jack: He heard from Marco where his long-lost wife was, which is kind of curious. But since he was supposed to be kept away from phones and computers, makes me think that maybe Marco's got somebody helping him work from inside the prison.

Victor: And you're suggesting that is me?

Jack: You denying it? You know what? Never mind. Why would you be honest with me about this when you've been lying regarding what you know about paragon?

Victor: Jack, you're not making sense anymore.

Jack: The other day, I asked you if you have any information regarding the paragon project. You looked me in the eye and you said you knew nothing, knowing full well that there had been an attempt to hack Newman's computer system. So what is the truth? Are you working with Marco behind my back?

Noah: Wow, Luca. Your wife must be somebody very special if after all these years, you still haven't given up on her.

Luca: You wouldn't, either. But it's not gonna be easy to win her back. Something you'll learn one day, Noah -- women can be stubborn.

Noah: Oh, yeah.

Luca: [Chuckles]

Noah: But they can so be won over. You know, a little wine, candles, flowers. Tends to put them in a more receptive mood.

Luca: Noah, you're a romantic.

Noah: Look who's back

Marisa: [Clears throat] I, uh, I didn't expect to see you tonight.

Luca: I wanted to thank you for putting me in touch with my wife, although I was just telling Noah things didn't turn out the way I'd hoped.

Marisa: Hmm. She, uh, she didn't tell you what you wanted to hear.

Luca: She couldn't explain why she left me so abruptly.

Noah: Sounds like she might be having second thoughts.

Luca: I agree, Noah. In fact, I'm certain deep down she wants me back.

Victoria: Hey, Ben. Hey. Do you have a minute?

Stitch: Yeah, what's going on?

Victoria: Uh, you know, I've just been thinking about you and just wondering if you're okay.

Stitch: Why wouldn't I be?

Victoria: I mean, things can't really be easy at home with Abby.

Stitch: Is there something going on I should know about?

Victoria: [Sighs] Haven't you noticed how completely consumed by work she is?

Stitch: Yeah, she's putting a lot of hours in, but seems to be paying off.

Victoria: The success has completely gone to her head. She's changed, Ben. She's... I don't know. She's different. She used to be so happy and fun-loving, and now all she thinks about is her job and her career. And I'm afraid if things keep going like this, that...I'm just afraid you're gonna get your heart broken.

Abby: If I heard one more negative comment from Victoria about Chelsea 2.0, my head was gonna explode.

Nick: Is that why we're meeting here?

Abby: She sucks the life out of every room she enters. I can't be around her.

Nick: Abby, I really hate it that you two are fighting.

Abby: I'm not fighting. I'm crushing it as COO and Victoria's just jealous.

[Cell phone rings]

Abby: [Sighs] Hmm. Marketing. Again. At least they're excited about how well Chelsea's line's doing. Abby Newman.

Sharon: Nick. Hey. You're back already. I was gonna call you.

Nick: Did you make a decision about treatment?

Sharon: I did. I've decided to take your advice and check myself into a facility tonight.

Nick: Tonight?

Dylan: Sooner, the better, I guess.

Sharon: Just time alone to regroup and get stronger is all I need

Nick: You sure? You seem a little hesitant.

Sharon: Am a little.

Nick: Why? What's the problem?

Dylan: Well, there are a few facilities in the area, but there's only one that can take her right away.

Sharon: Fairview.

Stitch: I appreciate your concern, but Abby and I are doing just fine. When we manage to have time, that is.

Victoria: Which isn't too often since she got her promotion.

Stitch: This new project of hers, Chelsea 2.0, it's taking up a lot of her time.

Victoria: Too much of her time. And you might be the only one that can do something about that.

Stitch: Now, why do I get the feeling there's more to your visit than concern for me?

Victoria: What do you mean?

Stitch: Abby told me how competitive things have gotten with you. Maybe you're hoping I distract her, make the competition a little less intense.

Victoria: I am not trying to sabotage my sister. I care about her. But she and Newman enterprises are both gonna suffer if she doesn't slow down.

Stitch: What do you want me to do about it?

Victoria: I don't know. Take her on a vacation or something. Look, I don't know. I know you think that I'm jealous of my sister, but I'm not. I'm very worried about her.

Sharon: I know what you're gonna say about Fairview.

Nick: It's where faith was taken from you.

Sharon: Faith was stolen from me, from us.

Nick: More disgusting things Adam ever did. Are you sure about going back there?

Sharon: If I felt like I could wait for an opening at another hospital, I would. But I really feel like I need immediate in-patient care.

Nick: Okay. If you're sure about Fairview, then okay.

Sharon: But I was thinking that maybe we don't have to tell the kids about it because I don't want them to worry. Maybe you tell them I went away to a spa or something.

Nick: [Sighs] Look, I get it that you want to protect the kids, but I really think we should tell them the truth.

Dylan: Yeah, nick's right. Lying's never a good idea. There's nothing worse than being lied to.

Noah: You know, Luca, maybe you should speak to your wife in person.

Marisa: That's a very good idea.

Noah: Yeah. Where is she?

Marisa: New York.

Noah: New York. That's -- that's not too far.

Marisa: Yeah, you, uh, could catch a flight out tonight.

Luca: This is a delicate matter. Handling it correctly is important.

Noah: Hey, look, what do I know? But you know what? Showing up at her doorstep with some champagne, flowers, seems like the right move to me.

Luca: If my wife and I are gonna work things out, I want it to be her decision. That's the only way I'll know for sure if she wants to be with me.

[Cell phone rings]

Noah: Sorry. It's my dad. Uh, I better take this. Hey, dad, what's up?

Nick: Hey, bud. Uh, your mom and I are at crimson lights. Could you come over here? There's something we need to talk to you about.

Noah: Yeah, yeah, sure. Everything okay?

Nick: Yeah, everything's fine. There's just something we need to tell you.

Noah: Okay, I'll be right there. Uh, sorry. Family meeting. Can you hold the place down?

Marisa: Of course.

Noah: Okay. Luca, best of luck.

Marisa: You have to go.

Luca: I haven't finished my drink.

Marisa: I meant you have to leave Genoa city. Now.

Luca: I like it here.

Marisa: If you don't go, people are gonna get hurt, and I don't want it to be Noah.

Luca: That's sweet.

Marisa: I mean it! I don't want him involved in any of this.

Luca: You don't honestly have feelings for him, do you?

Marisa: [Sighs]

Luca: I mean, he seems like a nice guy, but he's a boy. He's got no charm, no style, obviously no bins. He serves drinks for a living.

Marisa: [Chuckles] Shows how much you know. Noah actually comes from a very powerful family, and he's a good N. Smart, strong. And he's honorable.

Luca: Then what's he doing with a low-rent piece of trash like you?

Victor: Since when have you become so paranoid?

Jack: Oh, I don't know. Maybe since you had me kidnapped and replaced by a murderous drug lord.

Victor: Well, for your information, I'm not in contact with Annicelli. For all I know, he's rotting in some prison.

Jack: Call me a skeptic. I wish I had more than your word.

Victor: Well, you don't.

Jack: Okay, let's say for argument's sake you're telling me the truth. Someone is helping Marco.

Victor: I'll look into it.

Jack: Gee, I feel so much better knowing that.

Victor: I'm much more concerned about Marisa's husband. Luca what?

Jack: Santori.

Victor: Luca Santori. You mean from the Santori family in Spain?

Jack: I didn't check out his family tree.

Victor: If Annicelli sent him, that means trouble.

Jack: Oh, you mean if he mentions to Anne that you bribed an official in Peru to get Marco out of jail to bring him here to replace me?

Victor: Or if he mentions that you're responsible for the death of 12 sailors and Kelly Andrews.

Jack: Things I had to do to survive.

Victor: Jack, let's stop the B.S. You and I both committed crimes.

Jack: Okay, if this Luca knows anything about our connection with Marco, he's a threat to both of us.

Victor: That's right. And he needs to be contained.

Phyllis: [Laughs] [Sighs] [Chuckles]

Ian: Uh, well, if I'm gonna finish my book, I-I better get back to work.

Phyllis: Oh, I'm sorry. I have interrupted your creative process.

Ian: No, it was a great break. I enjoy spending time with you.

Phyllis: Oh, me, too. And good luck with the rest of your book.

Ian: Yeah, well, I'm anxious to see how it turns out myself.

Phyllis: So am I.

Ian: [Chuckles]

Phyllis: Okay, see you soon.

Ian: Yes, mon chéri. I look forward to it.

Phyllis: Okay. Bye-bye.

Ian: Bye-bye.

Adam: What the hell was Jack's wife doing here?

Noah: Fairview? Mom, are you sure you want to go there?

Nick: I hope you don't think I was butting in by encouraging Sharon to take this step.

Dylan: No, we all want what's best for her.

Nick: Then we're on the same page?

Dylan: Yeah, makes me wonder why Sharon would ask if I was okay with her going to Fairview.

Nick: She's scared.

Dylan: Scared of what?

Nick: That her bipolar disorder could be too much for you, that she could end up losing you.

Dylan: I told her that would never happen.

Sharon: Do you understand now why I need to do this?

Noah: You're being proactive.

Sharon: Yeah. You know, I have been under a lot of stress lately, and Dylan has been great, but I really feel like I need professional help on this level.

Noah: Does Mariah know?

Sharon: I tried calling her, but I got her voicemail.

Noah: I'll explain everything to her.

Sharon: Okay.

Dylan: It's, uh, it's time. They're expecting us.

Noah: [Sighs] Take care, mom.

Sharon: I'll be back before you know it, stronger and better than ever.

Noah: Listen to me. Hey. I'm proud of you for facing your problems head-on, okay?

Sharon: Okay.

Marisa: You goaded me intentionally.

Luca: [Chuckles] I wanted to see if I could still get to you. Now I know. Nothing's changed.

Marisa: You're wrong. I've changed. I've moved on, Luca. From you and your family.

Luca: I wasn't happy with the way they treated you.

Marisa: [Scoffs] You could have stood up to them. Have you ever stood up to them, Luca? Did you ever tell your parents off the way you said you would?

Luca: So much has happened since we last saw each other. But I don't want to discuss it here. Come back to my suite. We can talk over champagne and caviar. You didn't like my mother and father, but you loved the things the Santori name could buy. If you want to know everything that has happened, if you want answers, I'll give them to you.

Victor: I told you it was a mistake to let that girl stay in Genoa city.

Jack: You can't blame Marisa for this Luca showing up in town.

Victor: She is nothing but trouble, Jack.

Jack: She saved my life, and I owe her -- frankly, you owe her.

Victor: I owe her for what?

Jack: If she hadn't gotten me off that ship, you would be blamed for my death today.

Victor: That's pure conjecture on your part.

Jack: Okay, you can't deny that Marco would still be a threat to both our families if it hadn't been for Marisa.

Victor: Oh, my goodness. You make her sound like Florence nightingale.

Jack: Single-handedly she got him up to the cabin and held him there for us.

Victor: You know how she got him to the cabin? With sex. She lured him into a trap.

Jack: And you have a problem with that be-- oh, that's right. Because she's now dating your grandson. That's what's really bothering you here. She's now sleeping with Noah.

Victor: Let me ask you a question. How would you feel if your son Kyle was seduced by her? That's what I thought.

Jack: Lay off Marisa. Let's focus on getting her husband out of town.

Victor: You leave that to me.

Adam: Have you lost your damn mind? No one's supposed to know you're out of prison.

Ian: Well, no one's supposed to know you're Adam Newman, but by my count, there's three or four or a dozen --

Adam: I have my situation under control, thank you very much.

Ian: So do I. Phyllis has no idea who I am. She thinks I'm a kindly widower who's writing a book about his dear, departed wife.

Adam: Really?

Ian: Yeah.

Adam: That's sweet. That's sweet. Of course, that could all change with a click of a mouse.

Ian: All she knows is my name is Fred. What kind of an internet search can she do with that?

Adam: You don't know Phyllis.

Ian: Oh, but I'm getting to. And it's refreshing, actually, to meet somebody who doesn't know anything about my past.

Adam: Here's the thing. I'm gonna talk slowly for you. Uh, Phyllis isn't just someone, okay?

Ian: Hmm.

Adam: Phyllis is Jack's wife. That's the last person you should be sitting around here having coffee with.

Ian: Hey, you're getting upset here now, Adam. Just breathe, all right? Follow the path of peace and tranquility.

Adam: Just stop, okay, with the whole enlightenment thing. Save that for your weak-minded followers. That's not for me.

Ian: Why are you here?

Adam: I'm here to finish our conversation about Chelsea's line at Newman.

Ian: Oh, yeah. Sales are through the roof. She ought to be thrilled.

Adam: Yeah. Yeah, she's thrilled because she has no idea that it's not real.

Ian: Sad, but true. And all thanks to the paragon project.

Adam: Yeah. There's gonna be a change of plans, okay? I'm not gonna let Chelsea's hopes and dreams just disappear like that, so I'm taking her out of the equation. Newman enterprises goes up in flames minus Chelsea's line. That's the way it's gonna be.

Ian: Hmm. Is that an order or a request?

Adam: Do it.

Ian: All right. I'll spare your beloved's business. I'll work my magic... since you asked me so nicely.

Adam: I appreciate that.

Ian: Yeah.

Adam: Thank you. And you can end this silly, little friendship you have with Phyllis, too.

Ian: Now you're pushing it too far.

Adam: What if she finds out the truth? What are you gonna do then?

Ian: Make her disappear.

Phyllis: After you gave me this and said all those sweet things about how much you love me, I couldn't stop thinking about Fred's situation, how he lost his wife. He's out there all alone in the woods grieving for her. So I went back to see him.

Jack: That's nice.

Phyllis: You will never believe what he is doing.

Jack: Hmm?

Phyllis: He is writing a book, a love story about he and his wife. How romantic is that?

Jack: Yeah.

Phyllis: I just -- I don't know. I think it is so good to work through his loss that way, you know, at the same time he's recording the memories he shared with his wife. He's getting it down on paper before they slip away from him.

Jack: Uh-huh.

Phyllis: He also said that he wanted me to act out the steamier passages. He thought it'd be real cathartic for him.

Jack: Yeah, that would be good. Uh -- wait, what -- what did you just say?

Phyllis: [Gasps] He does listen.

Jack: Yeah, of course I'm listening to you. You're talking about your friend, Fred. Just strange I haven't met him.

Phyllis: I think you'd like him.

Jack: Why don't we have him to dinner?

Phyllis: I think that's an excellent idea.

Adam: Let's just pump the brakes here for a second, all right? You can't just make Phyllis disappear if she becomes a problem. Unfortunately, people will actually miss her.

Ian: It's a joke, Adam. You know what that is, don't you?

Adam: It's murder you're talking about, and it's not exactly on my short list of party jokes.

Ian: No, no, I know. I mean, look what happened to that little girl you hit with your car. That was tragic.

Adam: You bring that up again and you're gonna be the one that disappears. You understand me?

Ian: Will you relax? Nothing's gonna happen to Phyllis.

Adam: It better not.

Ian: It won't. She's not gonna become a problem.

Adam: Listen to me, you charlatan. Whatever you do affects me. This is not a one-man show.

Ian: And vice versa. We're in this together, you and me. All the way.

Abby: Hi.

Stitch: Hey.

Abby: Hey.

Stitch: I ordered drinks, got you a mojito, extra mint.

Abby: Oh. Thank you.

Stitch: I am really looking forward to tonight.

Abby: [Chuckles] Actually, um, I have some bad news. It's actually great news but bad news for our dinner plans.

Stitch: You're ditching me.

Abby: I just found out the head of the biggest fashion house in Europe is in town, and he wants to meet with me.

Stitch: Well, that's exciting.

Abby: Yeah, yeah, he found out about my marketing plan for Chelsea 2.0, and, um, I don't know, I guess I'm kind of a rock star in the fashion world right now. Monsieur le bec, he wants to talk about moving my business model into the European market. [Chuckles]

Stitch: Well, where's the meeting?

Abby: Here in an hour, but I need time to prep.

Stitch: Gotcha.

Abby: Ben, no, I am so sorry.

Stitch: Look, we can do dinner again sometime.

Abby: Right. I'll try not to be too late?

Stitch: Yeah, I'll see you when you get home.

Miss Newman?

Abby: Yes?

Got a message for you at the front desk. Your meeting's been moved to suite 338.

Abby: Okay. Thank you.


Dr. Anderson: I know this isn't your first day here at Fairview, but if there's anything you'd like to ask...

Sharon: No, I think I'm good, dr. Anderson. It doesn't look like much has changed since I was last here.

Dr. Anderson: You and I will have our first session in the morning.

Sharon: Okay, I'm anxious to get started.

Dr. Anderson: We'll work out a schedule that will include group therapy and relaxation classes. We can also discuss medication and anything else that's on your mind.

Sharon: All right, sounds good.

Dr. Anderson: Kathy will help you get settled in, then you can come back and say goodbye.

Sharon: Okay. I'll be back.

Dylan: Okay.

Sharon: Okay.

Dylan: [Sighs]

Dr. Anderson: It was nice meeting you, Dylan. If you have any questions or concerns...

Dylan: Actually, I do.

Nick: Your mom's doing the right thing going back to Fairview.

Noah: Okay. So why can't I stop worrying?

Nick: Because you care. And like me, you will never stop worrying about her. Other than that, everything else is cool?

Noah: Things have been, um, okay with me.

Nick: Hmm. How much of that is because of Marisa?

Noah: [Chuckles] She might have something to do with it.

Nick: Well, where is she? I thought she was working tonight.

Noah: Yeah, she was here when I left. Uh... it's from Marisa. E said she had to leave.

Luca: What should we drink to?

Marisa: How about the truth?

Luca: [Chuckles] Now you want honesty?

Marisa: I've never been dishonest with y.

Luca: You said you loved me. Was that the truth?

Marisa: And you said you would stand up to your father, give up your share of his fortune. Did you ever do it?

Luca: You're the one to talk. Marco Annicelli made millions dealing drugs.

Marisa: But that's not why I chose to be with him.

Luca: That's something I never understood. How you could trade the comfortable life I gave you for one filled with lowlife thugs and crime.

Marisa: Well, there's so much you didn't understand.

Luca: You continue puzzle me. Why would you choose to be with that naive bartender? Is the sex really that good?

[Knock on door]

Victor: I'm looking for Luca Santori.

Phyllis: Is there a better night for you to have Fred over to the house?

Jack: Um...

Adam: Jack, Phyllis. How you guys doing? Who's Fred?

Phyllis: None of your business.

Jack: Uh, it's someone that Phyllis met when we were up at the cabin.

Adam: Someone you met? Uh, so what? Did he just -- he swung by to borrow some bug spray or whatever the hell it is people borrow in the middle of the woods?

Jack: Actually, she was out for a walk and she met him. He was stargazing, am I right?

Phyllis: Yes.

Adam: He was stargazing? People still stargaze-- so now you guys are what? You guys are besties, exchanging dinner invitations, things like that?

Phyllis: I'm sorry. What do you care?

Adam: Well, you know, I just think that, uh, with everything that's happened recently, I'm not sure it's a good idea to invite complete strangers into your house. You know what I mean, Phyllis?

Luca: Victor Newman.

Victor: Are you Marisa's husband?

Luca: Yes.

Victor: Jack Abbott told me about the unexpected visit of your husband. I'd like to have a word with him.

Marisa: I hope Jack explained everything.

Victor: I know everything I need to. You have a nice day. So, if I'm not mistaken, you are out of the Santori family of Spain.

Luca: Hold that thought.

[Bell rings]

Luca: I don't like to talk business alone. That's what we're here to do, isn't it? Talk business?

Victor: So, what's it going to take?

Luca: I beg your pardon?

Victor: What will it take for you to get out of town and take everything you know about Marco Annicelli with you?

Luca: I only want one thing. Marisa.

Noah: One missing girlfriend located. I'm gonna run out of the club and meet her. Sure she'll explain everything.

Nick: All right. Have fun. Try not to worry about your mom too much.

Noah: I'll try. Hi. Aunt Vicki. How are you?

Victoria: I'm good. Try not to worry? Why? What's going on with Sharon?

Nick: She checked herself back into Fairview for some treatment.

Victoria: Hmm. That's surprisingly responsible for her.

Nick: What are you doing here? I know it's not to talk about Sharon.

Victoria: I need you to be honest with me. Why do you keep backing Abby's decisions at work? I mean, I get why Ben supports her.

Nick: You went to see stitch about this?

Victoria: Yeah, we're both worried about Abby.

Nick: And you two bonded over your concern for Abby?

Victoria: You're acting like it's some sort of a conspiracy.

Nick: You want to have an honest conversation? Let's do that. Did you honestly go see Ben because you're worried about Abby or because you're still interested in him?

Abby: [Sighs] Hello? Uh, I think you have the wrong idea.

Stitch: No. I think I have exactly the right idea.

Phyllis: You're constantly interrupting me and my husband.

Adam: Well, I'm sorry. I was just offering some advice.

Phyllis: Well, I got some advice for you. Why don't you chill out?

Jack: Phyllis is right, Gabe. This doesn't concern you.

Adam: Okay, I understand. You know, I just -- I worry, you know, everything that went on with that Annicelli character. I think we need to start using some common sense here. You don't really know this Fred guy very well, do you?

Phyllis: You don't know him at all.

Adam: Well, I'm not inviting him into my home, am I?

Phyllis: No, no, Jack and I are, though. I'm making a phone call. Excuse me.

Adam: Well, I certainly didn't mean to, uh... [Sighs]

Jack: What the hell are you doing?

Adam: What the hell am I doing? What the hell are you doing? You dot think this is at least bit suspicious? This guy Fred, he shows up out of nowhere, and w all of a sudden he's best friends with Phyllis?

Jack: Phyllis has been through hell thanks to Marco and Victor. And this friendship with Fred has made her happy. I didn't want to take that from her.

Adam: That's sweet of you. I mean, that's just downright adorable. Did you ever stop to think that that's his goal? That's what he wants?

Jack: Okay, now you're being paranoid.

Adam: You hired me to be paranoid, didn't you? You like it or not, this paragon threat is still out there, okay? We don't know what form it's gonna come in.

Jack: Earlier you said jabot may not even be a part of this paragon threat.

Adam: And I hope that I'm right. But what if I'm not, Jack? You can't let your guard down. You let your guard down and you become vulnerable.

Abby: You had the clerk give me this note?

Stitch: Guilty.

Abby: [Chuckles] You know, I'm supposed to be at an important meeting.

Stitch: Yeah, you're right.

Abby: What?

Stitch: [French accent] Oui, uh, please tell mademoiselle Newman I am très anxious to meet with her regarding expanding her business concept. [Normal voice] Not a bad French accent. I've been working on it.

Abby: You're the head of the European fashion house.

Stitch: You sound disappointed.

Abby: No, -- [Chuckles] I mean, a little. I was imagining traveling through Europe, being the toast of the town, and, well, no of that was real.

Stitch: It could be.

Abby: What do you mean?

Stitch: I want to take you to Europe. London, Paris, Milan. You can meet with the heads of fashion during the day, and I will wine and dine you at night. It's the perfect mix of business and pleasure.

Abby: You would do that for me?

Stitch: I know how important your work is.

Abby: What about your work?

Stitch: I put in for vacation. And I know your career's at a critical juncture and it'd be impossible to drop everything right now. So this way, you won't have to. What do you say? Come away with me?

Victoria: You do not seriously think that I'm interested in getting back together with Ben? He's with Abby, and I'M...

Nick: Don't say Billy.

Victoria: Why not?

Nick: Because Billy's Billy.

Victoria: Look, I know he's not perfect, but I love him.

Nick: Yeah, it's always like that in the beginning, and the he does something stupid or dangerous or both, and then he breaks your heart and I'm gonna break his face.

Victoria: Billy's changed.

Nick: Billy's never gonna change. He's irresponsible and unreliable and an Abbott.

Victoria: Why do you always have to be so negative? Why can't you just be happy for me, huh?

Nick: You're right. I'm so happy for you.

Victoria: Thank you. Now, let's get back to Abby.

Nick: Are we still doing that?

Victoria: Nick, she's completely o of control. The other day she tried pitching some ideas to me about brash & sassy. Now, it's one thing for her to tank Chelsea's division with her unreasonable marketing strategies, but brash & sassy's my baby, and she needs to stay away from it.

Nick: Okay.

Victoria: Okay? She could tank one division after the other with this ego-driven concept of hers.

Nic you're right. She could, unless somebody stops her.

Victoria: Which is exactly what I'm trying to do.

Nick: I'm doing the same thing. I'm just playing it a whole lot smarter than you are.

Dylan: I support Sharon's decision to check in here, and I just -- I want to make sure she's getting the right treatment for her and the baby.

Dr. Anderson: I understand your concerns, Mr. McAvoy. I assure you Sharon and your child are in good hands.

Dylan: I'm probably being a little overprotective. A lot overprotective. But, you know, I've waited a long time for this -- a family. And if anything happened to Sharon or the baby... I just need them to be okay.

Dr. Anderson: I understand. They mean a lot to you.

Dylan: They mean everything.

Sharon: Okay, I'm all checked in.

Dylan: Okay.

Dr. Anderson: I'll see you in the morning.

Sharon: Thank you, dr. Anderson.

Dylan: [Sighs] You know, I could stay. I mean, they could put a cot in your room or I could actually sleep on the floor.

Sharon: Dylan.

Dylan: I know, I know. I'm just -- I'm overprotective. You got pregnant, kicked it into high gear. Can you imagine what I'm gonna be like when the baby actually gets here?

Sharon: Amazing.

Dylan: [Sighs] Well, I should, uh, let you and the baby get some rest. Sleep well, okay? You, too.

Abby: Europe? That is very tempting.

Stitch: So let's do it.

Abby: It's so sudden. I need time.

Stitch: For what?

Abby: To wrap my head around the idea.

Stitch: Yeah? Well, maybe I can help with that.

Abby: How?

Stitch: By giving you a preview of how we'll spend all those nights in all those romantic cities.

Nick: You tell Abby something and she does the exact opposite. You need to make her feel like you're on her side so she listens to you.

Victoria: You're manipulating her.

Nick: Mnh. I like to think of it as more guiding her towards making a sound business decision.

Victoria: I never thought I would see the day.

Nick: What?

Victoria: You're taking a move out of dad's playbook.

Marisa: I'm meeting Noah.

Victor: You think that's wise?

Marisa: I know you think it's my fault that Luca is in Genoa city.

Victor: Mm-hmm. Now it's your responsibility to make sure that he leaves town. The sooner, the better.

Marisa: I can't make him go.

Victor: You make him go the way you made Marco go, all right? I think you have motivation enough. You don't want Noah to find out about your secret life, now do you?

Marisa: I want Luca gone just as much as you do.

Victor: Then do it.

Marisa: How?

Victor: When we needed to get rid of Marco, you came up with a way.

Marisa: Are you suggesting that I...

Victor: I'm suggesting you use your assets. All of them.

Noah: Hey, there you are. Thought we were meeting on the deck. Marisa? You okay?

Marisa: I'm fine.

Phyllis: Please say yes.

Ian: Well, that's a lovely offer. But I-I don't think I can accept. You know, I have a deadline.

Phyllis: It's one night, and Jack would love to meet you. I've told him so much about you. We both would be so disappointed if you say no.

Ian: Well, how can I refuse such an offer?

Phyllis: Then you'll come?

Ian: I'll be there.

Phyllis: I'll see you then. It's all set. He's coming to the house tomorrow night for dinner. [Hums]

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Phyllis: Gabe's got you freaking out!

Jack: If I am freaking out, it's for very good reason.

Phyllis: Prove it.

Ian: Revenge is like making love to a beautiful woman. If you're simply trying to get it over with, why bother?

Patty: Hi!

Sharon: Patty?

Patty: Yeah.

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