Y&R Transcript Thursday 9/17/15


Episode # 10756 ~ Sharon confides in Nick; the walls close in on Neil; Adam warns Ian to stay away from Chelsea.

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Abby: Where's Chelsea? She has to see this. Chelsea?! The first European online sales figures on the rebranding of Chelsea's line are in, and they are through the roof. We're gonna have to --

Adam: Listen, she's not -- she's not here right now, but I'm glad you stopped by, 'cause I need to talk to you about something.

Abby: Okay...maybe later. I'm a little busy.

Adam: No, no, listen. It's about the huge mistake you're making.

Chelsea: My line is this successful in Europe, too?

Victoria: Right out of the box. Actually, even faster than that. It's a huge hit before we've even made anything to put in the box.

Chelsea: It's Abby's strategy, though. I mean, this is crazy, these online sales. Chelsea 2.0 -- she's brilliant.

Victoria: "Brilliant" is a little strong. Lucky, maybe. "Naive" is the word that I would use. But you know what? "Naive" is not a word that I would use to describe you, Chelsea.

Chelsea: Thanks, Victoria, I think.

Victoria: So why can you not see what is so crystal clear to me?

Chelsea: What are you getting at?

Victoria: This whole thing is gonna blow up in your face.

Dylan: I had a very interesting conversation with Colin.

Neil: About what?

Dylan: About Hilary. And how you might be involved in her disappearance.

Neil: Why would he say something like that?

Dylan: I don't know. Maybe he's trying to defend himself, you know? I confronted him about paying an escort to make it look like she slept with Devon. Then, get this. This guy -- he made a video with the escort and Devon, obviously designed to cause trouble with the newlyweds.

Neil: Obviously, right.

Dylan: Yeah.

Neil: That sounds exactly like Colin, so let me ask you. What does this have to do with me?

Dylan: Well, he implied that he set this whole thing up for somebody who wanted to see Devon and Hilary not so happy.

Neil: Right, and you think he meant that I did it.

Dylan: Do you know anybody else with more reason?

Neil: You're barking up the wrong tree, man. Wasn't me.

Dylan: Oh, you didn't seem too surprised when I mentioned the video.

Neil: Okay. Yeah. You got me. I know all about that hooker and the video and the attempt to use it against my son.

Sharon: If I voluntarily commit myself, then I would be free to leave whenever I want? And there would be no restrictions on visitors? And, of course, there would be the strictest confidentiality. Right. Okay. No, I'm -- I'm not ready yet. Committing myself to a mental health facility is a very big decision, and I just need some more time to think about it. But thank you.

Nicholas: Everything okay?

Noah: Uh, sorry, we're not open yet.

Marisa: [Kissing]

Luca: That's okay. I'm here to see my wife. Hello, Marisa.

Marisa: Right. His wife. This is, uh...Luca. His wife is a friend of mine.

Noah: Oh.

Marisa: Oh, I haven't seen her in a long time.

Luca: A mutual friend seemed to think you were still close.

Marisa: You know what? I, uh, I might actually have her number. This is a new phone, but...

Noah: Where did you and Marisa know each other from?

Luca: It was so long ago. Who can remember? But we were close then, back when we were younger, back when my wife...

Marisa: Left him.

Luca: Sadly, it's true. I've been looking for her ever since.

[Paper tears]

Marisa: Here's her number.

[Paper rustles]

Luca: Thank you, Marisa. This is very helpful.

Noah: Didn't seem too happy to see an old friend.

Marisa: I, uh, I never really knew Luca all that well. My...friend -- she never should have married him.

Noah: What was wrong with him?

Marisa: Well, first, he was everything she ever wanted -- handsome and charming. Luca comes from a lot of money.

Noah: [Scoffs] Hate guys like that.

Marisa: No, not like you, Noah, not at all. Almost immediately after the wedding, he became possessive and jealous, and my friend -- she was... she was afraid of him.

Noah: Well, then she did the right thing by leaving him.

Marisa: Yeah, she -- she did.

Noah: So, uh, why did you give him her number?

Marisa: Um...their marriage. Their problem. Yeah. They should sort it out.

Noah: Yeah. Well, not everybody can be as happy as we are.

Noah: I'm gonna finish setting up the place.

Marisa: [Exhales sharply]

Jack: I remember all too well what it was like to lose the love of my life. When you were in a coma, I... I didn't allow myself to dream of this... my Phyllis coming back to me, agreeing to spend the rest of your life with me.

Phyllis: Well, you didn't exactly build me a shrine, now did you?

Jack: I might as well have. You were constantly in my heart, constantly in my thoughts.

Phyllis: Not quite all the time.

Jack: Well...yes, I... I found company. I found comfort. Look, what I had with Kelly was not love. That was...me burying my sadness in another relationship.

Phyllis: Then a beautiful, sexy blonde. Must have been awful for you.

Jack: It was awful. It was. Every minute, I was thinking of you, and when I looked in the future, all I could see was endless sadness.

Phyllis: I would never want that for you. I was just teasing.

Jack: Were you? I mean, do you still feel like I cheated on you?

Phyllis: Honey, I don't like when I think like that, so...

Jack: If you think that my choosing Kelly was turning my back on you, it wasn't? I... I was turning my back, all right, but on something else entirely.

Phyllis: I don't understand.

Jack: I wanted to escape.

Phyllis: Back to the painkillers?

Jack: My choosing Kelly, that relationship... was a healthy way of my dealing with your loss, rather than numbing my pain in a way that I knew was gonna eventually kill me.

Neil: I found out that Colin was blackmailing my son, that he was threatening to show Hilary the video if -- if he didn't pay up cash, you know?

Dylan: How'd you find out?

Neil: All I remember was that I was furious about it. You know, I confronted Colin. I told him to stay the hell away.

Dylan: Did he?

Neil: I assume so, since he's accusing me now. I mean, he's pointing the finger at me, right?

Dylan: Mm-hmm.

Neil: That's probably because I got between him and a big pile of cash. Come on, man. He's just trying to get even with me, get it?

Dylan: Yeah, yeah, no, I get it. So Devon knows you know about the video?

Neil: I'm not sure.

Dylan: You didn't tell him? That you had his back with Colin?

Neil: Why are you investigating me? You're not a cop.

Dylan: Devon asked for my help.

Neil: I see. So that cash reward got your head spun now, is that it?

Dylan: Seeing your son suffer is what did it for me. Devon deserves to know what happened to his wife. I intend to find out.

Sharon: Yeah, everything's fine, nick.

Nicholas: You sure?

Sharon: Why would you think, uh...

Nicholas: Well, you opted out of your weekly overnight with faith. That kinda surprised me.

Sharon: Oh. That. Yeah. Well, um, you know, Sage -- I figured she could use the company. You were at work, and faith was, well, anxious to help Sage out while she on bed rest.

Nicholas: Oh, that's nice of you.

Sharon: Yeah. I mean, it made faith happy, so figured she'd have more fun at your house than hanging out here with me and doing inventory.

Nicholas: You sure that's -- that's all it is?

Sharon: You know me so well. There is something else going on with me.

Jack: How could this conversation turn to talk of loss and death? We're supposed to be happy.

Phyllis: According to me, we are happy.

Jack: Okay, I concur.

Phyllis: In fact, I could not be happier.

Jack: Oh. Then maybe I should take this back.

Phyllis: What's that?

Jack: See for yourself.

Phyllis: [Giggles] [Gasps] Jack. This is stunning. This stone.

Jack: It's called alexandrite from Sri Lanka, and it's supposed to change color as the day goes on and the light changes. Very rare and very beautiful, just like you, red.

Phyllis: It's not my birthday or Christmas. Why would you do this? [Laughs]

Jack: Because there doesn't have to be a special day for me to tell you how much I love you.

Abby: What mistake do you think I'm making?

Adam: This sudden increase in Chelsea's business has been extremely fast.

Abby: Oh, thank you, Gabriel. Yeah, I think the boost started when we initiated a push on Chelsea's line using my ideas.

Adam: Your ideas -- that's great. Have you ever stopped to think, though, that a business that grows that fast might sort of fall apart just as fast?

Abby: Tell that to the software giants and whoever created sugar-free chocolate.

Adam: Okay. Here's the thing, though, all right? I know a little bit about business. I know what I'm talking about here. These numbers, this inflation, this spike -- it can't be trusted.

Abby: Have you been talking to my sister?

Adam: Victoria? No. Why would I talk to Victoria?

Abby: Because you're starting to sound like my sister and my mother and all the other naysayers who refuse to believe that I know what I'm doing.

Adam: I do believe that you know what you're doing. Okay? I'm the one that gave you your job. And unlike Ashley, I'm not competing with you, okay? And unlike Victoria, I'm not a Newman. I'm not involved in your family conflict, Abby.

Abby: Then why are you on my case?

Adam: Because I'm looking out for Chelsea, that's why.

Abby: Well, don't you want her to succeed?

Adam: Yeah, of course I want her to succeed. I just -- I'm afraid that this sudden...increase in business will just as suddenly implode, you know?

Abby: Enough. I am surrounded by pessimists. I am so glad that I am doing business with your girlfriend and not you. At least she understands and appreciates my optimism.

Adam: Okay.

Abby: Now where is she?

Adam: She's not here. She's, uh, she's at a business meeting.

Abby: Wait. I didn't have anything on my calendar. Who is she meeting?

Adam: Meeting one of the pessimists.

Chelsea: Do you ever think your lack of confidence in Abby maybe has something to do with jealousy?

Victoria: You think I'm jealous of my little sister.

Chelsea: Hey, I don't blame you, Victoria. I blame Victor for constantly pitting his children against each other.

Victoria: I do not begrudge Abby her success. I just feel that, like...

Chelsea: Feel that your father's throwing his support behind his inexperienced daughter over his experienced one? You don't like it, do you?

Victoria: Maybe that hurt me a little in the beginning, but that's not what I'm concerned about, Chelsea.

Chelsea: Then why are you worried right now when Abby's making us all this money? What are you worried about?

Victoria: Look, Abby's excitement never lasts. All right, yeah, she's very passionate about the business right now. But I have seen her throw herself into one passion after the other her whole life. And when she gets bored, she's gonna bail.

Chelsea: I don't see that happening with my line.

Victoria: You haven't known my little sister as long as I have. Okay, let's just say for some reason, the huge, sudden success of Chelsea 2.0 is because of Abby's amazing, brilliant ideas. Typical Abby -- the minute some shiny, new object gets dangled in front of her face, she's gonna go running after that. She's gonna leave your fashion line in the dust. I don't wanna see you go down in the fallout, that's all. I know. I know I'm the only one saying this.

Chelsea: No, actually, you're not. And maybe it's time I start listening.

Sharon: I left faith with Sage because I didn't want our daughter to notice if my behavior seemed a little odd.

Nicholas: Odd?

Sharon: Yeah. I've been under a lot of stress lately with my job and the pregnancy, and I just felt a little off.

Nicholas: Your meds?

Sharon: I went off my meds briefly.

Nicholas: Why would you do that?

Sharon: It was right when I found out that I was pregnant, and even though I've been taking them diligently since then, I just feel like maybe they messed with my system a little?

Nicholas: Have you talked to your doctor?

Sharon: Yeah, every time I'm in session, but sometimes talking isn't enough. Now I don't want you to worry, because all of this is gonna get worked out.

Nicholas: Sharon, you could be headed towards another bipolar episode. You need to get the situation under control quickly.

Sharon: I will handle it.

Nicholas: You can't do it alone.

Sharon: I don't know what else I can do. I mean, I'm in touch with my therapist.

Nicholas: Maybe you need to have more closely monitored professional help.

Sharon: Are you saying... I should check myself into a facility?

Nicholas: At least until you get the situation stabilized.

Sharon: Well, I don't know if Dylan would be okay with that.

Dylan: Okay with that?

Nicholas: Look, I really think you and Dylan should talk about this alone. But you know how I feel.

Dylan: What was that all about?

Abby: Guess what I have in my hot, little hands?

Victoria: The European sales figures.

Abby: Which you two have already seen.

Chelsea: Yes.

Abby: And discussed.

Chelsea: Yes.

Abby: Without me?

Chelsea: Abby, I think --

Abby: You brought Chelsea here to somehow convince her that these astronomical sales and success is doomed.

Victoria: I was advising Chelsea.

Abby: Just because you're my sister doesn't mean I am gonna let you turn monumental sales into a catastrophe. I already got an earful from Gabriel.

Chelsea: Gabriel?

Abby: I went over to your apartment to strategize with you, but instead I got a lecture from the currently unemployed Gabriel Bingham about how I am going to take Chelsea 2.0. So sorry, your boyfriend isn't as supportive as you thought.

Chelsea: That's not news to me. Gabriel already gave me the same speech. He's concerned that our rapid success will lead to our rapid failure.

Victoria: I never thought I'd say this, but I completely agree with Gabriel.

Abby: I am sick of everyone thinking that this is gonna crash and burn just because it's my idea. Why can't anyone be happy for me?

Victoria: Happy that you are blithely advertising products that we haven't produced yet.

Abby: You just can't admit that my business model for this fashion line is brilliant. Ha. Well, I guess it's just you and me, Chelsea. At least you see the potential. Don't tell me you don't see the potential.

Chelsea: I did. I really did, okay? But what Gabe said -- it really makes sense.

Abby: Gabriel Bingham has nothing to do with this company. Why would he know better about what's gonna happen than I do?

Jack: Got it.

Jack: Hey, this is not exactly the reaction I was going for.

Phyllis: [Sighs] The conversation that we had -- the...the idea if I... if I lost you, if I ever really lost you, the way that Fred lost his wife, I don't know what I would do.

Jack: I would like to think you would live a happy and fulfilling life. Because I love you, and I think Fred's wife probably felt the same way.

Phyllis: Yeah. You're probably right, you know? And I just don't know if he knows that. Maybe he needs permission to do that.

Adam: I'm sorry to interrupt, but I just need a -- I need a moment with Jack, if you don't mind. Real quick.

Jack: Actually, I need to speak to you as well, Gabe, but right now I'm with my wife. This will have to wait, okay?

Adam: Okay. Yeah, no. How long you think you guys are gonna need? Like a half-hour? It looks like maybe you're well on your way. Maybe just 15.

Jack: Gabe --

Phyllis: It's okay. It's okay. It's enough to know that you make me your priority.

Jack: Well, wait. You're leaving?

Phyllis: Yes, I have things to do. I will meet you for dessert later?

Jack: It's a date.

Phyllis: Thank you for my beautiful necklace. You'll have to wonder what color I return with. Gabe.

Adam: It's pretty, Phyllis.

[Footsteps depart]

Adam: I'm sorry to interrupt. It's about the paragon project. I need to talk --

Jack: You were right about Victor. The moustache never had any intention of sticking with our deal. I gave him every opportunity to tell me what he learned.

Adam: He didn't tell you anything, did he?

Jack: He lied to my face. Thank god you and Kevin had this deal worked out that he shares with you any information he has about this cyber attack.

Adam: Yeah, that's actually what I wanted to talk to you about. I'm starting to think that the paragon project isn't cyber-related at all. We need to start looking in another direction.

Marisa: What are you doing in Genoa city?

Luca: Like I said. Looking for my wife, and here you are.

Marisa: Luca, I left you... a long time ago.

Luca: But you didn't bother divorcing me, which is why I never stopped searching for you, or hoping. Ever since Marco took you away from me.

Marisa: We are done.

Luca: Now it's Marco who's led me back to you.

Marisa: What do you mean?

Luca: Marco contacted me and told me where you were.

Marisa: When did this happen?

Luca: Very recently. Marco was calling me from a prison. It sounded like things ended badly between you and him. Telling me where to find you was probably Marco's way of exacting some kind of revenge against you.

Marisa: Maybe, but you finding me changes enough things between us, Luca. I'm in love with a man here.

Luca: What man?

Marisa: I've left my past behind.

Luca: Have you left behind everything from your past?

Marisa: Please, you need to leave right away. You being here could lead to questions.

Luca: From your new love?

Marisa: There are secrets, Luca, and if it would be exposed, people's lives and futures would be in jeopardy. These people -- they don't mess around.

Luca: Marco's in prison. Were you responsible for that, Mari?

Marisa: Marco is in prison because he's tangled with the wrong men. You should leave before you're next.

Luca: I'll leave in due time.

Neil: Listen, I'm glad you're here, because I wanted to talk to you about something.

Gwen: Good, because I wanted to see you, too.

Neil: Yeah. Um... I've been lying to you.

Neil: I deserved that.

Gwen: Yes, you did. You slept with me just to steal my sister's I.D. And get the meds from the hospital, didn't you?

Neil: No, no, no, I didn't do that. I really didn't.

Gwen: Emma found out that there were supplies missing. She could lose her job, Neil.

Neil: I-I understand. I told you that I didn't -- I didn't steal her I.D. It really wasn't me.

Gwen: Then what are you lying about?

Neil: Okay, I told Devon this, right? The reason I've been acting strangely, the reason that you could possibly think that I'm responsible for taking that ID -- I've been drinking again.

Gwen: Are you getting help?

Neil: Yeah. I'm gonna go to some meetings, you know? I'm gonna call my sponsor. I hate that I hurt you, Gwen. I hate that you would even think that I would sleep with you just to get a hospital I.D. Badge. I... listen. I wasn't pretending. I do care for you a lot. I am kicking myself for ruining the one good thing that's happened in my life recently.

Gwen: I don't like being lied to.

Neil: I know. But you can understand me, right?

Gwen: [Sighs deeply] I mean, you've been under a lot of stress lately, with Hilary's disappearance, Devon being accused, I mean, that's enough to make anyone fall off the wagon.

Neil: Listen, um, I do appreciate you being so compassionate, and this is so much more than I deserve, Gwen.

Gwen: I have feelings for you, too, Neil. I...I just -- we can't jump into anything unless... you get help.

Neil: Trust me. I am going to do whatever I have to do.

Sharon: Nick thinks I should check myself into a facility for a while so that I can be more closely monitored.

Dylan: You mean like a psychiatric facility?

Sharon: I told him that I had gone off my meds and that I've been feeling a little shaky.

Dylan: Shaky how?

Sharon: Just not myself, but he thinks it could be a precursor to a bipolar episode.

Dylan: Okay, Sharon, what -- what do you -- what do you think?

Sharon: I don't know. I mean, it could be, and if it is, I'd be better off getting out in front of it.

Dylan: Then, uh, then you should go.

Sharon: You think so?

Dylan: [Sighs] Why would you think I wouldn't be okay with it?

Sharon: Because of the baby. You like being involved with the pregnancy, and I'd have to be away from you.

Dylan: I'm gonna miss you.

Sharon: I'll miss you, too.

Dylan: Look, I want what's best for you. I want what's best for the baby. Healthier mom makes a healthier kid, right?

Sharon: Right.

Chelsea: I'm not rethinking things just because of what Gabe said.

Nicholas: What did Gabe say?

Abby: That my slam dunk, the Chelsea 2.0, is somehow a bad thing, and our sister agrees with him.

Victoria: Hey, you know, I'm just being realistic. I'm really glad you're here, nick. You can be the voice of reason. Would you please tell our baby sister that her lucky bubble is gonna burst, and we're gonna be the ones picking up the pieces?

Abby: You and Gabe can doubt me all you want, but I'm not gonna listen to either one of you.

Nicholas: Good, you shouldn't.

Victoria: What?

Chelsea: What?

Abby: What?

Nicholas: Dad is supporting Abby's decisions, remember? And you should not be listening to a word Gabriel has to say. That dude has done nothing but stab us in the back.

Adam: I'm beginning to think the paragon project might be a plan for a hostile takeover. You know, maybe a tax situation where Newman comes up delinquent.

Jack: What about this recent attempt to hack into Newman enterprises' computer system?

Adam: Well, it was an attempted hack, right? Nothing was damaged. Nothing was stolen. Maybe instead of watching some big cyber attack, maybe the hacker was just snooping around, you know? He's looking for information.

Jack: On Newman, not jabot.

Adam: It's possible. It's probable that jabot's not even a target. I mean, think about it. It was my father who caught wind of paragon, not you.

Jack: And Victor has been pretty damn paranoid about this.

Adam: Well, and rightfully so. Newman's got a lot more enemies than jabot.

Jack: Your father was paranoid about paragon before the merger. While the two companies were one, there was not a single attack on either entity.

Adam: And then once you split...

Jack: Newman gets attacked. Now your father is adamant that both companies are being targeted.

Adam: Well, I'll tell you what. I'll keep on top of things with Kevin. I'll relay any information that I get directly to you, okay? In the meantime, honestly, I think this whole threat to jabot is a non-starter, okay? So just relax. Concentrate on other things. All right?

Ian: Phyllis!

Phyllis: Fred! I knew I'd find you.

Ian: Come in, come in. What a pleasant surprise.

Phyllis: Oh, yes.

Ian: How did you manage to find me?

Phyllis: Well, I-I figured you might be in this general area. Not many folks live in these woods.

Ian: [Chuckles] Yeah.

Phyllis: Thought the whole idea was to unplug.

Ian: Oh, you caught me. I guess I better confess why I'm really out here.

Ian: The truth is... I'm writing a book.

Phyllis: A novel?

Ian: Mm-hmm.

Phyllis: [Laughs]

Ian: Please, have a seat. Have a seat.

Phyllis: Thank you.

Ian: It's a roman ā clef, uh, thinly veiled, I'm afraid. It's...sort of a love song to my late wife, based on our story. Follows us through the life that we shared till the end, and... it's taken me rather, uh, longer than I anticipated because, uh, just keeps reminding me of what I've lost. But...the actual writing of it has been very therapeutic for me.

Phyllis: You know, I am... I'm glad to hear you say that, because that is exactly why I sought you out today.

Ian: Oh?

Phyllis: Yeah, Fred, I'm a little concerned about you living out here all alone in the woods. My husband and I were having a conversation --

Ian: Jack?

Phyllis: Yes.

Ian: Yeah.

Phyllis: About our own relationship and that living a happy life does not dishonor the great love of, well, if one of our partners pass on.

Ian: Yeah, perhaps, yeah.

Phyllis: It's none of my business, Fred, but I see an awful lot of heart in you, and I was hoping to encourage you to find that new beginning. And maybe this book, at the end of it, there's a new chapter ready to be written? [Chuckles]

Ian: [Chuckles] Phyllis, you're so considerate, and -- and it's wonderful that you're so concerned and... and interested. But, yeah, I really do think, though, that I'm working my way through this. I'm finding a new path but never, ever forgetting the lessons from the past.

Marisa: [Whispers] We... have a problem.

Jack: What's going on?

Marisa: [Normal voice] I'm scared to death.

Jack: Hey, take a breath. What's the problem?

Marisa: Someone from my past showed up, and not just any someone. My husband, Luca.

Jack: Wait. Your... your husband?

Marisa: I left him before I was with Marco. I never thought I'd see him again, but he is here, Jack.

Jack: Oh, okay, I can see why that would be a problem for you and Noah, but you're reacting to something bigger than that.

Marisa: Marco reached out to Luca.

Jack: What?

Marisa: Yeah. Marco told Luca where to find me. He called him from prison. Now I begged Luca to leave town, but I'm worried that he won't.

Jack: Oh, okay. If he doesn't, you find a way to get along with him. Just keep him quiet and happy until I can find out more.

Marisa: This is a big problem.

Jack: Yes, this is a big problem. And Luca being in town is a very small part of that problem.

Noah: Luca. Marisa isn't in right now, but she'll be working later.

Luca: You're her boss?

Noah: Uh, no, not exactly. But we do work together.

Luca: And you're also... together outside of work?

Noah: Uh... [Chuckles] Were you able to reach your wife, Luca?

Luca: We had quite a talk. She wasn't very forthcoming about what she's been up to recently, though. And it seems she's been up to quite a lot.

Dylan: Look, you do what you need to do, okay? I'm behind you 100%. You know that, don't you?

Sharon: Okay, yes. Thank you. I'm worried about faith.

Dylan: Uh, obviously, nick thinks this is a good idea, so I'm sure he's gonna make it okay for faith. And you're not gonna be gone too long.

Sharon: Then you'll come see me.

Dylan: As much as they let me, of course.

Sharon: Dylan... I'm so sorry. I'm sorry my illness is affecting our relationship and our lives, and I just don't want you to worry or think that I'm crazy.

Dylan: Hey, I don't think that. I know how important it is to get this under control. I know you.

Sharon: And all my struggles.

Dylan: And I love you for who you are. Nothing's gonna change that.

Sharon: I hope that's really true.

Dylan: It is. You're gonna go. You're gonna get what you need. You're gonna come back, and everything's gonna be fine.

Sharon: That's exactly what I'm hoping.

Neil: [Lowered voice] People are asking a lot of questions. They're looking into a private plane that left BVI the same day that Hilary went missing. A guy named Dylan McAvoy. Listen, if he reaches out, keep your mouth shut, okay? No one can known that you were the pilot who flew that plane out of the islands with me onboard and that I wasn't alone.

Sharon: You know, if I'm gonna do this, it should be as soon as possible. Maybe I could even be admitted today.

Dylan: Today? Aren't you scared?

Sharon: A little.

Dylan: Well, I'm proud of you. You're brave. You're doing the right thing.

Sharon: I think it's really my only option. I have a problem, and hopefully time will be the solution.

Chelsea: Gabriel may have gone behind your backs to gain control of the company in the past, but he's done with that now, and trust me, he definitely wants what's best for me and my son.

Nicholas: Even if that is so --

Victoria: Look, who even cares about Gabriel's opinion? I know what I'm talking about, and this is a bubble that's gonna burst.

Abby: Well, that sums it up. You just look down from your ivory tower and judge what I'm doing, but you're all talk, and I'm action.

Nicholas: We are in this together. We're family. We gotta have each other's backs. We can't root for our sister's failure.

Abby: Got that right.

Victoria: So, are we just supposed to ignore Abby's history? You never follow through with anything. And history is destined to repeat itself. I just hope it doesn't bring about the fall of the Newman empire.

Noah: I don't know you. I don't know your wife.

[Bottle clatters]

Noah: Uh, I don't know what happened between you two, but Marisa did tell me that the relationship's been over for a long time, so... maybe you should just leave the past in the past.

Luca: I see. What's your name, again?

Noah: It's Noah. Noah Newman.

Luca: Okay, Noah. I wish I could do that -- move on. I really do. But my wife isn't the kind of woman a man can forget. Moving on is not an option.

Jack: I am less concerned about Luca being in town than I am that a locked-up Marco is the one who tipped him off.

Marisa: If Marco's operating within the prison...

Jack: He's getting help from someone else -- someone who can make people look the other way, who could give him a helping hand. I'm just worried who that might be.

Marisa: Victor? Why? But he agreed to get Marco out of the way. He guaranteed that Marco would never be able to hurt anyone.

Jack: It wouldn't be the first time Victor backed out of an agreement. No, he must find Marco useful somehow. And if Marco has a powerful ally, there's no telling the damage he can do.

Phyllis: I would love to read your book.

Ian: Well, I'm uncomfortable letting anyone see it before it's done, except for my publisher, of course.

Phyllis: Oh, the book's being published?

Ian: Oh, yeah, it will be, if I ever get the manuscript finished.

Phyllis: How long before it's done?

Ian: Uh...it's due in about a month. And frankly, you know, uh... I really don't know how the story's gonna end. Who knows where my life's gonna take me in the next few weeks?

Phyllis: Well, I am rooting for a fantastic ending.

Ian: [Chuckles]

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Luca: Why would you choose to be with that naive bartender? Is the sex really that good?

Nicholas: Did you honestly go see Ben because you're worried about Abby or because you're still interested in him?

Jack: Are you working with Marco behind my back?

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