Y&R Transcript Monday 9/14/15


Episode # 10753 ~ Victoria & Abby face off at Newman Enterprises; Dylan questions Colin about blackmailing Devon; Ian Ward moves in on Phyllis.

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Adam: It's not what you think.

Ian: This is not how a productive partnership works, Adam. Backstabbing and double dealing. I suppose I should be grateful to Chelsea for grabbing the phone, huh? Without her little outburst, I would've had no indication that maybe you'd thrown in with Jack and Victor.

Adam: Thrown in with Jack and Victor?

Ian: Yeah.

Adam: Okay. I understand how prison might've piqued your paranoia. There's no double dealing going on here, okay? At least not from me. Of course I have to pretend to work with Jack, and Victor by association. They're both aware of the paragon project. They're both aware of the threat out there. Knowledge is power. And whatever those two learn, I'm gonna learn right alongside with them. I'll be able to steer them in any direction I so choose. So -- so I would prefer you just say "thank you" to me. Thank you, Adam, for keeping Jack and Victor off my back.

Ian: Well, Jack is irrelevant to my intentions. But Victor... he needs a lesson in humanity. And retribution.

Adam: And that will come, okay? It's all part of the process. I can take care of the Newmans and the Abbotts, okay?

Ian: Oh, because, um, you're so intelligent and powerful, huh? Well, news flash, genius -- Victor has his own watchdog.

Victor: Well, nothing yet from this end. My team's working diligently to find out if someone's trying to break into my cyber security. Nothing from your end, either?

Jack: Nothing at jabot, either. If anyone reports anything wonky in our system, I'll give you a heads up -- per our agreement.

[Locks door]

Phyllis: I'm prancing through the woods like a wood nymph, and here you are, breakin' the rules.

Jack: No, it was -- it was just, uh, a short one. I've got Victor confirming that he's keeping his end of the bargain, which, of course, he isn't. I can tell he's holding back.

Phyllis: He's not the only one.

Sharon: Mariah, thank you for coming in today to help. I know it's Esther's first day, but I have an appointment that I have to get to.

Dylan: Yes. Yes, we do. Are you ready? Heading to the O.B., Hoping to get a snapshot of the wee McAvoy baby.

Sharon: Um... this is not one of the more exciting appointments. You know, it's just blood pressure, weight. There's no sonogram. I'll just be in and out.

Dylan: Oh. Oh, that's cool. Then I'll just hang out with all the other nervous dads.

Sharon: No, I-I wouldn't even waste your time with this appointment. You know, we'll make an event out of the next one, sonogram and all. Okay, I'll be back before you know it.

Dylan: Okay.

Esther: [Sighs] This frother is cranky.

Dylan: Trial by fire, Esther. Gotta talk to Mariah for a second, all right?

Mariah: Um, you know, as much as I'd like to talk, I really can't leave Esther alone.

Dylan: Hey, wait a second. Hold on. That -- that look that you and Sharon had back there? How come I get the feeling you know something that I don't?

Chelsea: There was supposed to be transparency when I agreed to stay at Newman enterprises. You swore you'd be hands off.

Victoria: I have been.

Chelsea: Then what's this?

Victoria: [Sighs] Wow.

Chelsea: "Wow" is right. What's going on?

Victoria: You know, you seem upset. I would think that you'd be happy about a huge uptick in sales like that.

Chelsea: Uh, normally, I would be, but this can't be real. So what have you done?

Victoria: You know, I'm not sure I like your tone, Chelsea. What are you accusing me of?

Chelsea: Well, sales are steady for months. And then my line becomes a subsidiary of Newman enterprises, and suddenly, the numbers skyrocket. We're getting orders from new York to Milan to Tokyo. I'm starting to think maybe you manipulated sales.

Victoria: Okay, so you think I cooked the books. Why would I do that?

Chelsea: I don't know. To impress me? To show me that sticking with this company was the best decision I could've made?

Victoria: First of all, I want your line to do well here, but I think you're completely overestimating how much I value your approval. I'm not trying to impress you. And secondly, if you got these numbers from sales and marketing, then they must be correct because it's impossible to manipulate figures like this.

Chelsea: Sales don't just spike for no reason, Victoria. Something is going on, and I wanna know who is responsible for it.

Abby: I am.

Adam: You have proof that Victor's got his own tech team investigating?

Ian: Well, my IT., The colleague who created the virus, he's been monitoring the progress of the worm. The night of the power outage, you neglected to cover your tracks, buddy. Victor discovered there was an attempt made to penetrate the firewall.

Adam: Whoa, hold on a second. An attempt? Your guy said the virus got through.

Ian: It did, but Victor didn't know that because "my guy," as you put it, corrected your error. He and I both covered up your missteps. So now it's your turn to say thank you.

Adam: You know, for a guy who hid in this trailer, uh while I risked my neck, you're suddenly awfully brave.

Ian: My IT also told me that Victor's man is more than competent. He's intuitive. He has an unusual approach. He's just the kind of a tech who could maybe discover the paragon virus in the system if he's given more time.

Adam: All right, well, that's not gonna happen, okay? I'll get to him first. It's a nonissue. For now, you and your sidekick just continue to monitor Newman's system, okay?

Ian: Oh, it's my favorite pastime, man. You know, peering at all the data, watching the Newman business soar. It's a perfect smokescreen.

Adam: The bigger they are, the harder they fall, right?

Abby: That ginormous spike in sales is what happens when an executive makes a deal with a major online search engine to guarantee that the first hit that pops up for fashion purchases is... ta-da! Chelsea 2.0.

Chelsea: Ex-- excuse me? That's the new name of my line?

Abby: Well, it's not just a line. It's a presence. Chelsea 2.0 -- it connotes evolution. It's digital. It's progressive.

And get this -- Chelsea 2.0 rhymes with Chelsea by jabot.

Victoria: Okay. So you picked a name because it rhymes.

Abby: Well, that along with the other 20 reasons I already mentioned.

Chelsea: Why did we have to change the name at all?

Abby: Firstly, you're no longer with jabot. And also, the name -- it was so 2012. And it was so long. I mean, "Chelsea Lawson by jabot"? I am bored before I even get the words out. So we streamlined it and... voilā! Chelsea 2.0!

Abby: I know it's overwhelming and exciting, but, you know, feel free to crack open some champagne and toast to theses numbers.

Chelsea: [Whispers] You are out of your mind.

Kevin: What's new, boss? [Sighs] Nothing, right? That's what you told Jack, your partner in the search for the evil tech invader.

Victor: I told you, whatever you find out about paragon is confidential, not to be shared with anyone.

Kevin: True, and I love a good secret, but you didn't mention that Jack would be telling you stuff, and you'd return the favor by holding out on him.

Victor: That's irrelevant. I hired you to do a job.

Kevin: Also true. And I worked my magic and discovered that someone tried to bash in your computer firewall because I'm very good at my job.

Victor: You know you'll be paid handsomely for it.

Kevin: Yes, I do. And I love money. Don't get me wrong. But I thought I was gonna be preventing some cyber war so that no one would end up getting shot in the park again, or that no one would lose a job or that no one would get hurt in general. Nowhere in the fine print of our contract did it say I'd be smack in the middle of some Newman/Abbott battle.

Victor: You're not in the middle of anything, Kevin. You know, you're on the sidelines. I assure you that Jack Abbott has his own tech guy who's doing some researching right now. His name is Gabriel Bingham. And whatever Gabriel Bingham finds out, I assure you, Jack is not gonna share with me.

Jack: Our little wood nymph has been productive.

Phyllis: Yeah, well, we'll see if I yanked any poison oak.

Jack: You know what? A little itch will be worth all of our time alone.

Phyllis: Except every time I'm leaving the cabin, you're making phone calls. Now it was you who decided to step down from jabot. I mean, you do remember that, right?

Jack: Of my own volition. I still stand behind my decision. Jabot is Ashley. She's running it. It's her baby.

Phyllis: Okay, but you just admitted to calling Victor. You know why? Because your brain, it's hardwired that way. "Must beat Victor."

Jack: Stepping down as C.E.O. Is not the same as not caring about my father's legacy. Yes, I have to keep an eye on Victor. Just...just one eye, and just my peripheral vision.

Phyllis: Yeah? What if I want both eyes and both hands and your entire brain? You know, it's very difficult when you're thinking of Genoa city.

Jack: Actually, I'm only thinking of one thing right now. Mmm. Mmm.

Doctor: I know the results aren't what you hoped for, Sharon, but please, be kind to yourself. Let your body recover from the miscarriage. You know you can get pregnant and carry to term. It'll happen again, if that's what you want. Just give it time.

Sharon: I don't have time. I need to be pregnant now.

Doctor: It might be time to get some help.

Sharon: What? Like a fertility doctor? Maybe I can get some shots.

Doctor: I-I meant your psychiatrist. A shift in hormones and the grief are a lot for anyone to handle. Let me see if your doctor has time to talk now, okay? Sit tight?

Mariah: I really hate leaving Esther alone because one false move --

[Loud clattering]

Dylan: Uh, Esther will be fine. I think. Just -- just -- let's talk.

Mariah: Do I have to?

Dylan: Yeah, the talk that we had yesterday, about how me and your mom got together and what keeps us together. Remember?

Mariah: Yeah. I was touched. I was moved. Really, it was -- it was wonderful. Can I go?

Dylan: No. No, you said it was more about you and Kevin than Sharon and me.

Mariah: [Blows air] Apples and oranges, really, since you and my mom are in love, and Kevin and I are just in between.

Dylan: Mm, well, it stuck with me, especially how the question about it the baby was what brought me and your mom together. Are you and Kevin...

Mariah: What?

Dylan: Okay, are you two...

Mariah: Oh, my God! Oh, my God. You think I'm knocked up?

Dylan: Well, I guess that's a no.

Mariah: No, no, I mean, that would be, uh, amazing and frightening and kind of impossible since, uh, we haven't --

Dylan: No, no, enough -- enough said. Uh, I'm gonna go back to running the coffeehouse and preparing to be a father.

[Metal clanks]

[Utensil clatters]

[Register beeps]

Esther: [Grunts]

[Register beeps]

Esther: What?

[Register beeps]

Esther: Oh.

[Register beeps, till opens]

Esther: Oh!

Colin: Always happy to lend a hand.

Esther: Thank you. Oh, my God! Get away from me!

Colin: Esther, look, you made your point, okay? You went out on your own. You got a job... [Sighs] Here, probably that some poor student needs during a summer break.

Esther: I am a productive member of the American workforce.

Colin: Good. Then come back to the mansion, sit around, earn $20,000 a month, and do nothing like you always did.

Esther: Yeah. Well, my nest egg is padded, you creep.

Colin: Then come back just because the house is an empty shell without you. Jill's favorite pastime was always sniping at you. Now that you're not there, well, she takes it out on me.

Esther: Well, you can blame me all you want, but maybe Jill is finally on to you, Colin.

Colin: Esther, in your dreams. I am not hitting on you.

Esther: I am talking about your other dark deeds. Everyone knows that you are blackmailing Devon. And I know it's still going on. When Hilary went missing, you were sneaking around, making phone calls.

Colin: Okay. Well, you enjoy a full life here, making coffee. But you spout any of this gibberish out around Jill, and I am...

Dylan: Go ahead. Finish. I'd love to hear it.

[Cell phone ringing]

Phyllis: You are gonna check that ID. I know it.

Jack: [Sighs]

Phyllis: Go! Do it!

Jack: [Groans]

Phyllis: Just do it. I'm gonna pose here provocatively.

Jack: [Grunts] Make it good, buddy.

Adam: You said you wanted me to let you know when I got a hit on anything important.

Jack: I'm listening.

Adam: Seems like we're not alone in our mission to figure out who's behind the paragon project. Victor's hired his own guy to investigate. He managed to uncover an attempted hack into the Newman system. And that attack was failed. But the question, Jack, is did he mention any of this to you?

Jack: No, he didn't. You know what to do next?

Adam: Figure out who the guy is and figure out what he knows.

Jack: You're in your element, no doubt about it. Keep me posted.

Ian: Oh, ho. What a marvel. Heart rate steady. No telltale flush around the ears indicating stress. You're a born deceiver. [Chuckles] Uh, just to be clear, Adam, you do realize that when we do sink the good ship Newman, all the other divisions in the company are gonna go glug, glug, glug as well. Oh, you're a marvel and a wonder. Never change. Never change.

Adam: [Sighs]

Phyllis: Playtime's over, isn't it?

Jack: Not over, just... just on pause, just till I can get back to town and handle this.

Jack: You're not saying anything.

Phyllis: You need to go.

Jack: Are you telling me to get lost or giving me your blessing?

Phyllis: Honey, it worked, spending time together like this. Do I love your ongoing war you have with Victor? No, I don't love that. But I love you. So go.

Jack: This is reverse psychology, right? I'll be so attracted I won't be able to drag myself away.

Phyllis: Then maybe I should put more effort into not being sexy. I think it's working.

Jack: Come on. Let's get out of here. The sooner we get packed, the sooner I can find out if this paragon threat really is real or not.

Phyllis: No, no, no, no. You are on your own there, slick.

Jack: Wait. You're staying?

Phyllis: Yes, just for one night. I have more flowers to pick and birds to talk to like a cartoon princess.

Jack: I'm not sure I love the idea of you being up here alone.

Phyllis: Honey, I'm gonna be fine. All right, I need some time to clear my head, reboot my spiritual button.

Jack: How enlightened of you.

Phyllis: Yeah, well, I don't know about that, but I am gonna give it a shot. Now give me a kiss and scram.

Phyllis: You go do what you have to do.

[Door closes]

Chelsea: You just randomly changed the name of my line?

Abby: Our line, and not just randomly. We -- we just went over that.

Chelsea: And then you threw it all over the internet, so now we have no control over how many orders come in.

Abby: And that's how that pretty little line on the graph went up, up, up.

Victoria: Which you should be thrilled about, by the way.

Chelsea: I would be thrilled if I had any control over what is happening with my own fashion line.

Abby: See, that's the great thing about being here -- you don't have to worry about any of the boring stuff. Marketing, sales, distribution -- we deal with all of that. You just have to take care of your clothes.

Chelsea: Okay, how am I supposed to make all these clothes, Abby? How am I supposed to fill this demand while also maintaining quality?

Abby: Okay, would you like to explain to her how this all works?

Victoria: Oh, well, you know, considering that I promised Chelsea I wouldn't dictate terms to her -- no, sorry, I can't do that.

Abby: [Scoffs] Wow. You hate the idea of me being right so much that you'll just throw your hands up and say, "sorry, not my problem"?

Victoria: You can't make unilateral decisions about sales like that, Abby. That's not how it works.

Abby: It did work. See the aforementioned sales figures!

Chelsea: We'll turn out poorly -- poorly made clothes. I'm -- I'm gonna be a hack.

Abby: No, not if we amp up overseas productions, with a living wage and adequate work safety. Yeah, we could be a success story for international workers rights!

Chelsea: Our labels say "made in the USA," Abby.

Abby: Perfect. You've heard of outsourcing. What if we insource skilled labor by working with state and local government? We offer incentives to foreign investors and manufacturers to relocate their business stateside. More foreign money means more state factors, which means more all-American jobs. Yes, Chelsea 2.0 -- it is gonna reignite the American dream and look good doing so. My dad always said, "fortune favors the bold."

Victor: What else do I say?

Adam: Mind if I have a seat?

Kevin: That's weird.

Adam: Me sitting?

Kevin: I was just thinking about you, and here you are.

Adam: That is weird, that you were thinking about me.

Kevin: You're the one Jack hired to look into paragon, aren't you?

Adam: Paragon. Like the -- like the bird?

Kevin: No. It's something that involves computer hacking, Trojan horses, digital worms.

Adam: Sounds like a nerd party.

Kevin: Which is why I agreed to help Victor find the source.

Adam: Yeah, you did.

Kevin: What? What's that? What are you doing?

Adam: Well, I made a bet with myself that you were Victor's expert on this. I just won the bet.

Kevin: So you're jack's guy, I'm Victor's. Wow, it's like we're practically twins.

Adam: Well, just, you know, pump the brakes there for a second, okay. Other than the fact that you and I occupy the same position on opposite ends of the battlefield, we have nothing in common.

Kevin: Knowing what I do know about you, I take comfort in that.

Adam: Well, I tell you one thing for certain, I don't think either one of our bosses would appreciate this little conversation we're having right now.

Kevin: Agreed, but I don't really care.

Adam: You don't care? You're unhappy with the arrangement?

Kevin: Here's the thing -- a lot of people depend on jabot and Newman for things like jobs, mortgages, products. Half the town is on the payroll of one company or the other. And it's a domino effect. Of those companies go down, a lot of people's lives go down with them. But all Jack and Victor care about is this game of one-upsmanship. They have information. They're not willing to share it. They're part of the problem, not the solution.

Adam: You know, I tend to agree with you, actually. [Sighs] But... you know, there's a way around that. I mean, Jack and Victor may wanna play keepaway with the information. That doesn't mean that

we have to, right? But you and I... we can make some kind of deal. You know, whatever information either one of us uncovers about paragon...

Kevin: The bird?

Adam: We pool. We share it. We build on it. All right? We figure out who's behind it and we cut it off before this whole thing spins out of control. We do that for the sake of the poor suckers who have no idea what's coming.

Mariah: Are you okay?

Sharon: I think I... just need to sit down.

Mariah: Sharon... please, no more. You need love and support and understanding to get you through this miscarriage. No more trying to get pregnant without do Dylan knowing, please.

Sharon: It worked, Mariah. I'm pregnant. Dylan and I are having a baby!

Victor: Well, with a substantial rise in incoming orders, we have a choice. We can either issue refunds or ramp up production. Now, Chelsea, I told you when we acquired your brand that you would continue to make decisions, okay? It's up to you what we do now.

Chelsea: Well, when I sat in the penthouse with Chloe, sewing a pair of pants here and a jacket there, all I wanted was for one person to wear my clothes and feel strong and confident and powerful and beautiful. [Sighs deeply] So if you think we can meet demands...

Victoria: In theory.

Abby: In reality.

Chelsea: [Sighs] Okay, then let's do it.

Abby: Oh, my God. Yes! [Laughs]

Chelsea: I'll go tell the design team the news. Fortune favors the bold. Thank you.

Victor: You have a nice day, Chelsea.

Abby: That is how you handle nervous talent.

Victoria: Yes, with a great speech that completely ignores logistical nightmares.

Abby: [Sighs]

Victoria: We're gonna have products backed up for months. Customers are gonna get angry. We're gonna lose money and good faith. And -- and who knows if we'll even be able to deliver the goods?

Abby: We have capital and we have demand. And with those two things, we can always generate supply. So stop with your negativity, sister, and let me do my work.

Victoria: Will somebody please tell Abby that good business requires more than a rah-rah halftime speech?

Abby: Is that what you want to tell me, dad?

Victor: Mnh-mnh. Not at all.

Colin: Private conversation, pal.

Dylan: Except that you're talking to one of my staff while she's on the clock, and you're wasting her time.

Esther: Excuse me while I show the frother who's boss.

Colin: Hey. Pay no mind to it. It's sour grapes ever since she and my missus had a falling out. I mean, Jill regards her as family, you know.

Dylan: Mm. That's interesting, because, uh, when Esther and I talked, it sounded like nobody knew she was even around. Maybe that's why you didn't try hard enough to cover up the phone calls or all that money you came into when Hilary went missing.

Colin: She said that?

Dylan: Sure did.

Colin: Poor ol' Esther. I mean, she's got a lot of miles on, you know? She needs a bit of help. Maybe you need a bit of help, too. That machine definitely needs help. It's leaving a terrible taste in my mouth.

Kevin: So is this a deal? You and I are in league together?

Adam: In league together? Well, look, I mean, it's an agreement to share information. I don't know if you have to get all cloak and dagger on me.

Kevin: What's in it for you?

Adam: Well, you know, you wanna save the Genoa city economy, right? That's fantastic. Good for you. I just -- I feel like Jack needs someone looking out for him. You know? I mean, Victor shot him in the park, right? Now he's trusting him to share information with him? We both know Victor's not the sharing type.

Kevin: So we're backup on this. We find out who's behind paragon, we save a lot of businesses and a lot of people's lives from going up in flames. We protect those who can't protect themselves.

Adam: Wow. I like it.

[Cell phone alert chimes]

Adam: You, uh, you a nerd or a poet?

Kevin: Can't I be both?

Adam: What? Can you what?

Kevin: We have a deal or what?

Adam: Yeah. Of course.

Kevin: Cool. All right, well, since we can't, uh, have a written contract, uh...

Adam: Yep.

Mariah: You're already pregnant? But yesterday, you said it was to soon to...

Sharon: Well, the doctor's test is more accurate than a home pregnancy test. So when she confirmed that it was true...

Mariah: Wow.

Sharon: It was wonderful. And now you don't have to worry because we're not keeping any more secrets from Dylan.

Mariah: I mean, but what about the math? The, I mean, the timing is not gonna add up. When you go to your appointment with Dylan...

Sharon: It's a whole new beginning for our family. It's okay to be happy, Mariah, for all of us.

Mariah: I am happy, but that doesn't mean you can't be honest with Dylan.

Dylan: Be honest about what?

Mariah: I just think Sharon should've been honest with you about the doctor visit. About, uh, wanting you there.

Dylan: What happened? Is the baby okay?

Sharon: Everything is fine. Um, but I got to hear the baby's heart beating after I told you not to bother coming.

Dylan: Aw. That would've been awesome. I guess maybe next time.

Sharon: Yes, it's a date. Next time, you, me, and the baby.

Dylan: [Sighs deeply]

Mariah: I'm gonna go check on Esther.

Dylan: Sit down. Tell me everything. Come on.

Sharon: Um, everything's fine. Everything's wonderful. Um, tell me about what's going on here. How's Esther doing?

Dylan: She's good with the customers. She likes to talk. A lot. Uh, Colin showed up.

Sharon: Uh, wasn't it in the deal that she wouldn't have to serve him?

Dylan: He wasn't here for coffee. He was kinda giving her a hard time. And I-I think some of it is, you know, old business between those two. But... [Inhales deeply] There's definitely something else in the mix.

Sharon: Like what?

Dylan: Devon and Hilary, and, uh, money Jill doesn't know about. And I can't figure out if -- if Devon gave Colin a loan, or Colin sold something behind Jill's back. And how any of this has to do with Hilary disappearing. Wow, that was way too cop-sounding. Come on,. Let me get you something to eat.

Sharon: Wait. No.

Dylan: What?

Sharon: This is wrong. I can't do this.

Dylan: Do what?

Sharon: I can't keep you with me like this.

Mariah: Congratulations, honey. We're not having a baby.

Kevin: Oh! Thank God! Since that would be a miracle, and I'm not ready to have my understanding of the universe shaken like that.

Mariah: I think there's a disease in this town. Baby fever. I need a hazmat suit and a gas mask. I don't intend on catching it.

Kevin: Are you day drunk? No judgment. I'm just asking.

Mariah: Why don't you tell me about your day? Did you ignore Victor's dire warnings and tell Jack about the evil threat to the Newman empire?

Kevin: Per your suggestion, I politely asked Victor to share his information with Jack.

Mariah: Oh, that's cute. Did he punch you in the face?

Kevin: No, he told me to shut my trap and cash my check.

Mariah: Wise words.

Kevin: Absolutely.

Mariah: But what did you actually do, Kevin?

Kevin: Well, since Jack and Victor can't, in any universe, share information or be honest with each other, we decided to delegate ourselves to that job.

Mariah: "We"?

Kevin: Gabe Bingham and I. He works for Jack, I work for Victor, so we're gonna share the information that our bosses won't share. Pretty genius, right?

Mariah: No. You're an idiot. I mean, really, truly. You wanna talk kingdom come? You have two power-hungry, ego-driven knights on horseback with huge lances, and you're the idiot that's stuck in the middle, about to get skewered.

Kevin: Aw. You care.

Adam: Got your text. What's the news?

Chelsea: [Sighs] Well, first, I want a do-over from last night. Hey, going to bed angry is not allowed.

Adam: Okay. Yeah, that's sweet. Absolutely. And, um... I think I overreacted, you know, when you grabbed the phone and you said, uh... said that name. I shouldn't have, uh...

Chelsea: But I-I shouldn't have gone off on you about working with Jack. Look, it's a -- it's a job with someone that you can trust. It's not a sign that you're obsessing over Victor.

Adam: Okay. So this is, uh, this is a mutual apology with forgiveness all around, right?

Chelsea: Yes, please.

Adam: Okay, well, cheers to that.

Chelsea: Oh, wait. Hold on. First I have to tell you my news, and then we'll cheers.

Adam: Ah! Yes. Of course. Sorry. What happened?

Chelsea: You're looking at the hottest thing on the internet right now.

Adam: What did you do?

Chelsea: Abby worked her loopy, Abby marketing magic...

Adam: Uh-huh?

Chelsea: And Chelsea 2.0 -- that's the new name of my line -- is hauling in orders like crazy. I mean, we're gonna have to work overtime to fulfill all the orders. But, you know, I'm starting to realize maybe my line being a part of Newman enterprises is blessing, not a curse. I mean, Newman is turning me into a fashion rock star. [Laughs] Who knew?

Adam: That's, uh, wow. That's good. So these numbers, these -- these, uh, sales numbers, they were generated by Newman's system?

Chelsea: Yeah. Yeah, of course.

Adam: Ah.

Chelsea: Why don't you seem happy for me?

Victor: That's the Newman in you. You have guts. You're fearless. You know, when I built this company, my accountants and lawyers always advised caution.

Abby: Yeah, like you'd listen to that.

Victor: You bet. But this feeling of pride, enjoy what you do. This feeling of fearlessness and confidence -- you carry that with you every day you come to work. You got that? 'Cause that is responsible for being innovative, fearless. Your instincts will do very well for this company.

Victoria: Dad is right. There is absolutely no feeling like success. But that doesn't mean that every idea is a genius idea. That doesn't mean that every bold move is a good move. It requires planning and picturing your next step, and the next 12 after that.

Victor: Abby, remember what Victoria just said. And that is why I need both of you, to balance the risk-taking with being rational. I want you to deal with this production issue. I'm sure you'll do very well. All right? You two have a nice day.

Abby: Wow. [Chuckles] What a great day. Innovation, leadership. Oh, and, um, I have some thoughts about brash and sassy, if you want some help boosting your numbers.

Victoria: Really? You have some ideas for my division.

Abby: Oh, I'm sorry. Did I insult you?

Victoria: Abby, you went online and you sold clothing that doesn't exist. It's not sitting in a warehouse, waiting to be shipped. It does not exist. Now maybe that impresses dad, but it's not gonna impress the customers.

Abby: I solved the problem.

Victoria: Yeah, in your mind.

Abby: No matter how much it ticks you off, my plan will work. It is working.

Victoria: Oh, your plan?

Abby: Mm-hmm.

Victoria: Those sales were dumb luck.

Abby: No, those sales were the results of brilliant marketing. And if you're gonna be mad every time that I'm successful, well, then you're gonna be made for pretty much forever.

Phyllis: Oh! [Laughs]

Ian: Hello again.

Sharon: I know you said you didn't wanna go to virgin Gorda.

Dylan: Oh. Okay, this is about helping Devon. Look, I'm just one guy. Devon's got a lot of money. He's got a lot of people who will help him. I-I don't know what I can add by going down there.

Sharon: You're smart and you're brave and you're insightful. And what if you're exactly what Devon and Hilary need right now?

Dylan: [Sighs deeply]

Sharon: Dylan, we're gonna have a long and amazing life together. Everyone should have a shot at having a life like us.

Mariah: Can we not talk about feelings?

Kevin: Does it embarrass you to admit that you care about me and my well-being?

Mariah: Slowly die.

Kevin: You care. You feel things for me, emotional things.

Mariah: If you say "care" one more time, I'm literally gonna throw up on you.

Kevin: It's called exposure therapy. Facing your fears. Now tell me more about how much you care about me.

Mariah: Why? Because I don't want you to catch a bullet the next time Victor and Jack decide to duel at 10 paces?

Kevin: Because you would

care if I was mortally wounded.

Mariah: Oh, my God. Would you shut up already and promise me you will be careful?

Kevin: But if I shut up, how can I say anything? I'll be careful. Look, it's cyber town. I'm practically the mayor. Nothing bad is gonna happen.

Mariah: Except in the real world, you're just a guy with good hair and pretty eyes. And you can't control a maniac with a keyboard and a track pad.

Kevin: [Sighs]

Phyllis: Fancy meetin' you here.

Ian: [Chuckles] Oh, if you want some privacy, I can move it along.

Phyllis: No. I was hoping to run into you. I wanted to thank you for your advice.

Ian: Oh. I just ramble on. Pay me no mind.

Phyllis: What you said made a lot of sense. If I'm gonna love my husband for who he is, I have to accept all of him. Once I got that through my thick skull, we actually had a very nice night. We clicked again.

Ian: Oh, that's terrific news. Will he be joining you on your walk?

Phyllis: His name's Jack, by the way. But no, no, no. He had to go back into town for some business.

Ian: And you were okay with that?

Phyllis: Not at first. No, it was the usual. It just all bubbled up.

Ian: Mm.

Phyllis: You know, "why now? Stay with me." But...but I realized, these are his decisions, and I am going to accept them.

Ian: It's a fine line, respecting your partner's decisions and fighting for your own needs and wants. And I don't think you're the kind of person who shoves her own needs aside, huh?

Phyllis: Yeah, no, I'm not that girl.

Ian: Precisely. [Chuckles] So you can love... uh, Jack is his name?

Phyllis: Uh-huh.

Ian: You can love Jack for the man he is, and you have to love yourself for who you are -- someone who doesn't back down and doesn't give in.

Phyllis: You know, I'd love to invite you to dinner, to show my gratitude for your advice. Here's the thing -- I can't cook.

Ian: [Laughs] Well... if you wouldn't mind my puttering around your kitchen, I have some lovely trout that deserves to be appreciated.

Phyllis: That sounds perfect. I don't think we've officially met. I'm Phyllis.

Ian: Hi, Phyllis. Pleasure to meet you. Call me Fred.

Jack: Victor, good timing.

Victor: Jack, what are you doing back here? I thought you were frolicking in green meadows with your lovely wife somewhere.

Jack: I got a call from my tech expert. Evidently, there has been an attempt on the mainframe. You were right about this paragon attack.

Victor: Ah. Which mainframe?

Jack: Jabot. The attempt failed, but there was an attack nonetheless. What about Newman? Did you guys get hit as well?

Victor: No. Not that I know of. Not yet.

Jack: Well, maybe they'll just give up since they couldn't get into jabot's system.

Victor: But maybe this is the end of it.

Jack: If anything happens at Newman --

Victor: Oh, I will be the first one to let you know, all right? Have a nice day.

Adam: I am happy for you, really. I am. I love you. I just, uh... you're working with Victor.

Chelsea: But this isn't about Victor. Newman enterprises is a huge corporation with, like, a million divisions. My line is going bananas because of Abby, not because of Victor. Chelsea 2.0 is going to change my life, and I'm really excited about it. So why can't you be excited for me?

Adam: [Clicks tongue] I worry.

Chelsea: Don't worry. It's all working out. It's you and me and Connor, here in Genoa city. Staying here was -- was the right thing to do.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Mariah: Maybe we could spend the night here.

Kevin: Oh.

Ashley: The paragon project isn't real.

Jack: It is real, it is happening, and we have to be ready.

Ian: You clever paragon project. Unleash your fury.

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