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Episode # 10752 ~ A surprising alliance is formed; Sharon obscures her tracks; Neil feels as though the walls are closing in.

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Dylan: Mom's gonna be having to take it a lot easier soon.

Sharon: Not too soon, I hope, because I'll miss our breaks.

Dylan: Well, look at Sage and Nick. You know, she's on bed rest now. If something like that happens, you're gonna have to take it easy.

Sharon: If it does, then I will. Sort of.

[Footsteps approach]

Mariah: Whoa! Is the health department okay with all of this activity around the cupcakes?

Dylan: Hello, Mariah.

Sharon: [Chuckles]

Mariah: Have you been to the doctor? Are you pregnant yet?

Sage: Hey, what's this?

Faith: It's my favorite. Hot cider.

Sage: Did you make this just for me?

Faith: Daddy helped.

Sage: [Chuckles]

Faith: I thought the doctor prescribed bed rest.

Sage: She did, but couch rest is just as good.

Faith: You need a blanket.

Sage: Oh, that's very sweet, faith, but I'm not cool.

Faith: And we have to tuck you in.

Nick: Faith, Sage said she isn't cold.

Faith: What if the baby's cold?

Nick: Well...

Faith: You wouldn't know, and something bad could happen again.

Nick: Don't worry about that, okay? Everyone is safe. Nothing bad is gonna happen to Sage or the baby.

[Knock on door]

Victor: Kevin. Kindly close the door behind you.

Kevin: Okay. We gonna be sharing secrets?

Victor: Please have a seat. Want your opinion on something.

Kevin: Sure. What is it?

Victor: That strange incident during Katherine's memorial.

Kevin: The blackout.

Victor: The phones went down, systems went down. What do you think happened?

Kevin: I don't know. That phone thing was weird, though.

Victor: And you can't think of what caused it?

Kevin: Uh, well, there is a bunch of speculation that it was Mrs. C pranking us from the great beyond.

Victor: [Laughs] That's a funny thought. She could have done that, yes.

Kevin: If anybody could do it, it would be her.

Victor: [Laughs] Yeah, yeah, yeah. I miss her, you know? Anyway, as entertaining as that thought might be, um, I think it was a serious attack on me and on Newman enterprises.

Kevin: You think someone's out to get you?

Victor: And I want to find out who.

Gwen: If I had known that would happen, I would have called last week.

Neil: Yeah? Why didn't you?

Gwen: Why didn't I call?

Neil: Hmm.

Gwen: I don't know. Um, nerves, I guess. What if you turned me down?

Neil: Turn you down? Come on. I'm not crazy. I mean, what guy would -- what guy would you turn you down for a dinner date, huh?

Gwen: Devon did.

Neil: He did, huh? Well, that's because he's never had your -- your pasta primavera. [Chuckles]

Gwen: [Laughing] Right.

Neil: Yeah.

Gwen: And then suddenly I'm walking through the hospital with my sister, and there you are. Hey. Where'd you go?

Hilary: [Groans] [Groans] H-hello? Is anyone there? Where...am I?

Sharon: It's too soon to take a pregnancy test.

Mariah: Then go to the doctor and get a blood test. Then you'll know for sure.

Sharon: I already know for sure. I know that I'm pregnant. I've been pregnant before, Mariah. I know what it feels like.

Mariah: If you say so. It just seems like you're making yourself crazy. Sorry. I didn't mean crazy. It seems like you're making yourself nervous hoping that everything times out right, that Dylan doesn't find out that the baby that you lost is not the baby that you're having.

Sharon: The hard part is lying to him.

Mariah: Then stop. Please won't you just go and tell him?

Sharon: I cannot tell him the truth. We've already been through this.

Mariah: You really think he's gonna leave you?

Sharon: There are reasons. There are things that Dylan has been through, and I know that you're just trying to be a really good daughter worrying about me like this.

Mariah: Then would you try listening to me? It just seems like you're putting yourself through all of this hell for nothing.

Dylan: Esther, I just want to check on you, make sure that things is good and that you're okay.

Esther: Oh, oh, my coffee's fine, but I'm definitely not okay. Anything but.

Dylan: W-what's wrong?

Esther: Well, I-I agreed to stay on as housekeeper after Mrs. C died. But then when Jill's louse of a husband started chasing me around the house...

Dylan: Wait. Uh, Colin's been hitting on you? Are you sure? Maybe --

Esther: Oh, misunderstood? Oh, yeah, that's what Jill said, too. She said that it's been so long since I've had any, you know, passion that I wouldn't be able to accurately identify leering and grabbing. But with that guy, it's ready, set, grope.

Dylan: After you talked to Jill, what -- what happened?

Esther: Well, I-I stuck to my guns. I packed my bag and I walked out of the house. Gosh, it was great. I felt so powerful. I was in control. Then I realized I need a job.

Dylan: Another housekeeping job?

Esther: I don't know. I haven't really decided yet. But I do know I am through being an indentured servant. You know, maybe I should look over these want ads again. Do you mind if I --

Dylan: No, no, no, no. No problem at all.

Esther: Okay. Thank you. Oh, boy.

Dylan: You know what? Uh... I'm actually gonna need some help here.

Esther: What? [Chuckles] You're -- you're just being nice.

Dylan: No, no, no, really. Sharon's pregnant. She's gonna have to stop working soon. And, well, it's not gonna be as exciting as working at the chancellor mansion. But what do you think?

Esther: I would love to help you and the mother-to-be.

Victor: I was warned about a possible attack on me and on Newman enterprises. I think this was a cyber attack.

Kevin: Have there been any sinister pop-ups in any documents or e-mails? Hackers tend to have a sense of humor.

Victor: If you were a hacker, would you do that kind of thing?

Kevin: If I were gonna attack your company?

Victor: Uh-huh.

Kevin: Probably, but it wouldn't be me.

Victor: [Laughs] Of course it wouldn't be you, Kevin. You're on the straight and narrow, aren't you?

Kevin: No.

Victor: [Laughs]

Kevin: It wouldn't be me because you are a scary man, Victor. If I were gonna attack somebody, I would choose an easier target, thank you.

Victor: [Laughs] Yeah, yeah, yeah. You are something. So, uh, if this were a cyber attack, what are your thoughts?

Kevin: My thoughts are that your attacker would have left behind some clues.

Victor: A calling card?

Kevin: Exactly. Because it's never just about the attack, not with the good ones. They want you to know that they were there. They want to sign their work. I know that you have a team of really talented tech guys who have probably told you all this, right?

Victor: Yeah, but, you know, they have never worked outside the bounds of the law as you have. And you have just once again demonstrated to me that you have, uh, you have a hacker's instinct. I think you and I could work well together. We have in the past.

Kevin: When Chloe kidnapped Connor? I was very grateful that you didn't push Chelsea to press charges.

Victor: Well, I did that to protect my family, and now I have to protect my family again.

Kevin: Well, everybody knows how willing you are to protect your...family.

Victor: What are you thinking?

Kevin: That everybody knows that. A hacker would know that, how important your friends and your family are to you, and they would know that you would have been at Katherine chancellor's memorial. That's how I would have done it. What a perfect night for a cover. You, Nick, Victoria all out of the office.

Victor: So, you think someone broke into my office?

Kevin: Perhaps. And if I could take a look at... if I were you, I would have your guys take a look at your system since I already have a job.

Victor: Uh-huh. Well... I'm offering you another.

Kevin: [Sighs] I-I'm not looking to leave the GCPD.

Victor: Oh, of course not. And I would not want you to abandon fighting bad guys. But... this could be a side job. Very lucrative.

Gwen: I want you to know that I feel for you. You know, I mean, it's terrible what happened -- Hilary going missing on her honeymoon.

Neil: No, it's -- it's actually more -- more than terrible.

Gwen: And what they're saying about Devon in the press, I mean, I just -- I can only imagine what you're going through.

Neil: [Sighs] I am doing everything I can to help bring that nightmare to an end, Gwen.

Hilary: Someone? Anyone? [Breathing heavily] Where...where am I? Where am I? Where...

Neil: And this right here is the boat house.

Hilary: Okay.

Neil: You know, I had this crazy idea of renovating this place first, that way we would live on the property while the house is, uh, is being remodeled. [Clears throat] You know, but I decided -- I decided against it, though. I might be blind, but even if I can see that this place, it's not the right place for us to live.

Hilary: I don't know. You know, I-I've lived in smaller, dingier places in all of my travels.

Neil: Yeah. But that time is over. Baby, nothing but the best for you.

Hilary: My dream house.

Gwen: Well, I think it's amazing that you've forgiven Hilary and Devon completely.

Neil: What makes you think I've forgiven them?

Gwen: Well, you seem determined to find her and to clear Devon's name.

Neil: Yeah, well, that's my son. I have to do that for him, don't I?

Gwen: Yeah. But the affair... they just hurt you so badly.

Neil: You know what? They, uh, they didn't do it out of malice. They didn't. They were in love, and I understand that. But yes, they did hurt me a lot. And they were gonna tell me about the affair, but then, you know, my accident happened. And you don't mean to hurt someone. And then things happen.

Gwen: Neil --

Neil: Things you couldn't foresee. You know, it k keeps -- it keeps spiraling further and further out of control.

Gwen: I'm sorry I brought it up. I-I just made it worse. Neil, being here with you tonight was so wonderful.

Neil: [Chuckles] Yeah, it's all right. I have to make a few phone calls. You think I'll disturb your sister if I go out in the other room?

Gwen: I don't think she's home yet. Are you getting dressed?

Neil: Huh? Yeah, I don't want your sister coming home and finding a half-naked man in her living room. You know what I mean? So, why don't you get some sleep? These phone calls of mine might take a little while, so...

Gwen: Are you sure you're not mad about...

Neil: No, it's all right. Gwen, really. Get some sleep.

Sharon: Dylan would be heartbroken if he had to suffer the loss of another child.

Mariah: You're suffering! You two are in this together. Look, Sharon, I don't understand why --

Sharon: This child, this idea of creating a family, it's the reason he decided to take our relationship to the next level. With that gone --

Mariah: That is not all that you have with Dylan. I think you are way underestimating how much this guy loves you. I've seen the way that he is with you, the way that he treats you. Like when you confessed to cover up how weird you were acting and told Dylan that you went off your meds. He wasn't mad at you. He just wished that you'd gone and talked to him about it.

Sharon: Going off my meds isn't the same thing as having to tell him I lost his child.

Mariah: He asked you to marry him. He loves you, baby or no baby.

Sharon: Well, I'm not about to put that to the test.

Dylan: Hey. Like to introduce our new hire.

Mariah: I thought that you had a job at the chancellor estate.

Esther: Well, I'd rather work here any day with decent, honest people.

Sharon: Okay, this is a surprise.

Esther: Well, Dylan said that you would need some help as it starts getting closer to baby time.

Sharon: Oh, right, yeah. We -- we were just talking about that. Okay, well, um, welcome aboard.

Esther: Thank you.

Dylan: Do you mind showing her around?

Sharon: Yeah, sure! Let's, uh, let's go outside.

Esther: Oh, Sharon, this is so exciting.

Dylan: What?

Mariah: I was just wondering...

Dylan: About?

Mariah: The man brain.

Nick: Dad! What brings you by?

Victor: Well, I came to check on Sage.

Faith: Sage is getting couch rest because it's as good as bed rest.

Victor: Well...

Faith: And I'm helping.

Victor: You're in good hands, you know.

Sage: The very best.

Nick: It was nice of you, dad. I know you're a busy guy.

Victor: Never too busy for my family. Uh-oh. Nothing there.

Faith: Then where is it?

Victor: I don't know. Nothing there. Oh, my God. Look what I found behind your ear.

Faith: [Laughs]

Victor: You put that in the piggy bank, okay?

Faith: Thanks, Grandpa.

Victor: You're gonna have to teach the baby our tricks.

Faith: That's what big sisters do.

Victor: [Laughs] Yes. And you'll be wonderful at it.

Faith: For two babies. Sage's and Mommy's.

Victor: Oh, yeah? Whoa.

Faith: Daddy, will you help me put this in my bank?

Nick: She knows she's gonna get a little extra change if I go with her.

Victor: I think she's a very smart girl.

Nick: I'll be back.

Victor: Okay, sweetheart. Nice to see you. Well, if there's anything you need, you let me know.

Sage: There's nothing. I'm just tired. Thank you for stopping by.

Victor: There's something I meant to say to you. I have a feeling you've heard some rather uncomplimentary things said about me.

Sage: I've heard some rumors.

Victor: [Laughing] Yeah, I bet you have. They're all vastly exaggerated, you know. What is true is that I love my children and grandchildren. I love to have them all around me probably because I grew up without a family. So, I'm obviously very concerned about their safety and their future and will do anything in my power to protect them. I have a feeling you'll understand that when your baby grows up.

Sage: Probably.

Victor: And one other thing you should know -- I love spoiling my grandchildren.

[Footsteps approach]

Nick: How's it going down here?

Sage: Your father was just telling me --

Victor: I was just about to leave. So, you remember what I said. If there's anything you need, you let me know, all right?

Sage: Thank you, Victor.

Victor: My boy, there's something I need to discuss with you.

[Door closes]

Nick: What's up?

Victor: Sage seems to be doing well.

Nick: Yeah. Yeah, the pains scared us, but she's fine.

Victor: Well, the reason I wanted to talk to you is I wish I could the say the same about Newman.

Nick: What's going on?

Victor: You know the threat I was talking about?

Nick: Yeah, the paragon project?

Victor: Right. It's about to be set in motion.

Nick: What does that mean for Newman?

Victor: Well, it means if they crack our network, it could be disastrous.

Nick: [Sighs] What do the IT. Guys think?

Victor: The ones I have working on it right now don't seem to be worried too much, but I'm gonna put someone else onto it. But it all means that I need all hands on deck. That means I want you at the office if possible.

Nick: Well, dad, I-I can't do it.

Victor: Why not?

Nick: Sage needs me. My family comes first. You know that.

Victor: Son, we can hire a nurse. I mean, that's easily done. Our business is family, too. I'm family, too.

Nick: I know. And you've always taught me to respect that. But right now, I have to focus on my wife and my children. I know you appreciate that.

Victor: Okay. I understand. You take care of that, okay?

Dylan: The man brain?

Mariah: Yeah. I'm trying to better understand these creatures that call themselves men. [Chuckles] Like Kevin. We're slowly taking our relationship to the next level.

Dylan: What's the holdup?

Mariah: Well, we've both been through things that make us a little gun-shy, but Kevin's had it worse. He's been through real painful relationships. So, if we get close and something goes wrong...

Dylan: Like what?

Mariah: Like if I unintentionally let him down in some big way, is it gonna remind him of his bad times with his ex? Is he gonna bail on me?

Dylan: Hmm, I would just be --

Mariah: What would you do?

Dylan: Okay. Um, well, after going through something that breaks your heart like Kevin did with Chloe, sometimes you got to just walk away and regroup.

Mariah: For how long?

Dylan: You think you're gonna hurt like that forever, but then someone comes into your life, someone you click with.

Mariah: And then?

Dylan: And then there just comes a point where you're in or you're not. And look, Kevin doesn't seem like the type of guy to have one foot out the door, so maybe the doubts are coming from the woman brain.

Mariah: Um, so at what point does a woman know, I mean, if her man is all-in or not?

Dylan: Well, gradually, as bad days and hard times come and go, you realize that, uh, he's sticking around, he's not running.

Mariah: Kevin and I have been through some of those. So have you and Sharon.

Dylan: Yeah, that's what brought me and your mom together.

Mariah: I thought the baby did that.

Dylan: Well, you know, when she was facing the murder charges and I was trying to clear her name, I got to know her and understand her in ways few people do. I mean, that's what really brought us together long before the baby.

Sharon: What about the baby?

Sage: What did he pull you out there for?

Nick: He seems to think there's some big attack coming at Newman enterprises. He says he needs me and wants me to come back to work.

Sage: You should go.

Nick: What? You just had this scare with the baby. I'm not going anywhere.

Sage: Dr. Greene said it was just psychosomatic.

Nick: Stitch disagreed with dr. Greene.

Sage: Well, that doesn't mean that dr. Greene's not right.

Nick: Until stitch figures out what's going on, I'm not leaving your side.

Sage: Well, I don't think the hospital would have released me if it was a big deal. I think you should talk to your dad.

Nick: Like now?

Sage: Well, yeah. Listen, if I needed you right now, I wouldn't be saying this.

Nick: [Chuckles] Well, if you don't need me, I can go play golf.

Sage: [Laughs] I need you, but it's okay. You can go. I mean, the real thing here is stress, right? So if you're back at work...

Nick: Then dad has fewer reasons to drop in and see us.

Sage: Yes. That's right. And the less that I see your father, the less stress I'll be in. And, you know, what if there really is something threatening your company?

Victor: Find anything?

Kevin: I sure did.

Victor: Oh, yeah?

Kevin: You were right. There was a hacker at the gate of the Newman system.

Victor: What's his name?

[Computer keys clacking]

Kevin: "Improper escaping"? Oh. This guy's good.

Victor: Who hacked my system?

Kevin: Attempted to hack your system. I haven't located an I.D. Yet, but he or she, possibly they, is -- sorry, are -- very sophisticated. This line of code is so simple, it's genius.

Victor: Kevin, kindly dispense with waxing poetic about those people's abilities. Was any damage done to my system?

Kevin: There's been none. Yet. The firewall that's in place prevented the hack.

Victor: But they wouldn't give up that easily.

Kevin: It looks like they might've.

Victor: What if they planted a Trojan horse?

Kevin: That's what I'm looking for -- clones, anomalies, any bits of code that would set off a kernel panic.

Victor: And you've found nothing so far?

Kevin: No, the only breadcrumbs I found keep sending me back to the attempted hack. But your security has not been breached. What about jabot?

Victor: What about it?

Kevin: Well, how did you handle cyber security when the companies split?

Victor: Jabot and Newman are two distinct entities now, separate from each other. I'm sure jack has his own IT. People who are working on his system.

Kevin: I understand that, but the companies were together when all this started, so this is information we should probably share with jack.

Victor: Oh, no. You share nothing with his IT. People. You share nothing with jack Abbott.

Kevin: Victor, this is very important --

Victor: I mean nothing. Not a word of what you and I have discussed leave these four walls. Is that clear?

Kevin: Yeah.

Mariah: I was just asking Dylan for advice about Kevin.

Dylan: Yeah, Mariah's trying to figure out how a man's brain works.

Sharon: Oh. Well, good luck with that.

Mariah: Yeah, I'm just trying to figure out how things work, like how you know he's not gonna bolt at the first sign of trouble, like if he's all-in or not.

Sharon: And how did that bring you around to the subject of our baby?

Dylan: I was just telling Mariah how it was for you and me in the beginning of our relationship.

Sharon: Oh, yes, I remember it well. One day I saw you in an entirely new light, and I knew that you understand me and you accept me for who I really am.

Dylan: That's right. And now... we are making a life together and having a family.

Mariah: And you can tell each other everything, right?

Dylan: Anything and everything. That's right. Hey, shouldn't you be on your way to pick up faith?

Sharon: Yeah, I was just going. Um, but I'm coming back.

Dylan: Okay.

Gwen: Neil? Neil?

Neil: [Sighs]


Neil: Okay. Yeah.

Hilary: Neil?

Neil: Two stories, right? Just like you always wanted. And this gorgeous lake that the kids can go swimming during the summer. Hmm. We can water-ski with the boat that we're gonna dock right here, right? And then -- and then the big, old oak tree up near the house. You know what's gonna go up there?

Hilary: A swing?

Neil: Uh-huh. Baby, just like you always dreamed about. I still want to make that come true.

Hilary: I can't -- I can't do this.

Neil: Hey, wait, no, no, no. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Just because I had an accident here, it shouldn't --

Hilary: It's because you were doing all of this for me. And now you've lost your sight.

Neil: Hey, you listen to me. I had no business messing with that electrical in the house there. Hilary, I want this for you. I want to make all these dreams come true, everything that I promised you. You hear me?

Hilary: It's -- it's not the same dream, Neil. [Sighs]

Hilary: Not like this. [Sighing] [Groans] Ah! [Breathing heavily]

Esther: I can start right away. I'm so grateful, Dylan.

Dylan: No, you're helping me out. Good thing you came in to look at your want ads.

Esther: [Chuckles] But there's just one condition. I reserve the right to refuse service to that snake Colin.

Dylan: Hmm. Well, Colin doesn't come in here much, so I don't think that's gonna be an issue.

Esther: Well, it isn't just that he was trying to palm me all the time. He's a sneak and a conniver, like the way he was with Devon. I see things.

Dylan: What kind of things?

Kevin: So, I got a very interesting proposition today. Not that kind of proposition, though I can be amenable if you have any ideas.

Mariah: So, what was this interesting proposition?

Kevin: Victor hired me to troubleshoot the Newman computer system.

Mariah: But you already have a job.

Kevin: Yeah, this is just a part-time thing on the side. And get this. You remember that power glitch that happened during Katherine's memorial? Victor thinks that was caused by somebody trying to hack into his company's network.

Mariah: But that took out like practically the entire town.

Kevin: But if you recall, there's one building in all of Genoa city that didn't lose power.

Mariah: Newman enterprises.

Kevin: Pretty cool, huh?

Mariah: Also kind of creepy. So, who are these hackers? What do they want?

Kevin: Victor swore me to secrecy, said I couldn't tell anyone.

Mariah: And?

Nick: Dad.

Victor: Hi, my boy. Come in.

Nick: I wanted to apologize for being a little dismissive earlier.

Victor: Well, you were concerned about Sage and the baby. That's understandable.

Nick: Yeah, I'm very concerned. But hovering over her isn't gonna do any good. And you were right. You are my family. So I'll be here to work tomorrow morning.

Victor: Well, that's a rather stunning reversal of your thinking. What brought that about?

Nick: Honestly? Sage.

Faith: Hi, Mommy.

Sharon: Hi. Hey, have you been having fun?

Faith: I'm helping Sage rest.

Sage: She's been doing an excellent job.

Faith: Can we stay here for a while so I can keep helping Sage?

Sharon: Um, you know, I'm actually in kind of a hurry tonight. I was hoping that you could come back to crimson lights with me for a little while. That'd be fun, right?

Sage: It's all right, faith. I'll be all right till your daddy comes back. Besides, you've been looking so forward to staying with your mom tonight.

Faith: I know, but...

Sharon: Oh, go on upstairs and get your bags. So, how are you feeling?

Sage: Much better. Thank you. The doctors have decided to put me on bed rest for a while.

Sharon: Where's Nick?

Sage: Oh, he just did a quick run to the office.

Sharon: Well, I hope faith hasn't been too much trouble while you're trying to rest.

Sage: She's the best. I just love how she's been pampering me.

Sharon: That's good to hear.

Sage: Yeah. I think my hospital visit scared her, though. I'm just glad she's been here firsthand to see the baby and I are okay.

Faith: Bye, baby.

Sage: [Chuckles]

Faith: I'll be talking to you again soon. I've been talking to Sage's stomach so the baby would get to know me. The first time I did it, it moved.

Sage: [Chuckles]

Faith: I can do it with your baby, too, mommy. Hmm. I don't feel anything.

Kevin: So, I found evidence of an attempted hack. But the thing is, Victor doesn't want me sharing any of this information with jack Abbott.

Mariah: Because Victor would have no problem if jabot got hit with a cyber attack.

Kevin: Yeah, and that bugs the hell out of me. He's leaving jack out there hanging wide open. I don't know what to do.

Mariah: You do the only thing that you can do. You do what Victor told you to do, and you stay out of it. I have worked for the man once, and I know from experience. Victor does not like it when you go rogue.

Kevin: Yeah, but jack is sharing --

Mariah: Kevin, seriously. Stay out of it. You do not want to get on the wrong side of Victor Newman.

Nick: Sage doesn't want to be seen as an obstacle that you have to work around.

Victor: She thinks I view her as an obstacle?

Nick: She just wants us to go on living our lives the way we did before.

Victor: Wow. Well, that's very nice. She's encouraging you to consider your work and the rest of your family priority instead of making you feel guilty about your obligations. That's nice.

Nick: She wouldn't do that.

Victor: Well, that definitely raises my estimation of her.

Nick: Well, I'm glad you approve.

Victor: And I'm glad you've decided to stay with the company, old boy.

Sharon: It's still a little early to feel anything.

Faith: But why?

Sharon: You know, Sage was just telling me what a big help you've been, faith.

Faith: I like helping.

Sharon: I know. And I'm proud of you. And since Nick has to work tonight, why don't you stay here with Sage?

Faith: I can?

Sage: Sharon, what about your time tonight?

Sharon: Oh, it'll be okay. We'll work it out. Nick and I have been really flexible lately. I'll just come by in the morning and pick faith up for school. Is that okay?

Faith: I'm a good helper.

Sharon: I know you are.

[Door closes]

Dylan: So, what kind of things did you hear?

Esther: Remember back when Devon was sneaking around with Hilary when she was still married to Neil? Well, Colin suddenly came into large sums of money and secrets from Jill and whispery phone calls. And then it came out that he was blackmailing Devon.

Dylan: Yeah, that was a little while ago.

Esther: Okay. But he's still up to something. He always is. Let me take this.

[Cell phone chimes]

Neil: I am so sorry.

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